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Located in the downtown Milwaukee, the Marcus Center for Performing Arts serves is a home to Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, First Stage Children Theater, Florentine Opera and many local art groups and departments. Owned by the Milwaukee County, the center was constructed during 1966-69 as designed in the brutalist style of architecture by the famous architect of Chicago Harry Weese. Formerly known as Performing Arts Center, its name was changed in the honor of its founder, Ben Marcus, by the county in 1994 after the Marcus Corporation funded for the center. Uihlein, Todd Wehr and Vogel are the major theaters of the Marcus Center along with five pavilions naming Bradley, Green Room, Anello Atrium and Magin Lounge. This place is considered as the premier destination of entertainment for the natives of the city.

Discovery World-Milwaukee, WI, US

Regarded as one of the country’s best interactive museums, the Discovery World Museum is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 500 N Harbor drive and managed by the Discovery World Limited. Previously established at James Lovell Street, its name was changed to Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin in 2006. The museum is mainly aimed at the technological innovations. The visitors find an interesting combination of science and education when they visit it. The aquarium of jellyfish and others, focusing on the 19th Great Lakes, and wood-ship and techno-jungle are the worth mentioning exhibits of the Discovery World Museum. Attractive white building of the museum with modern wood and metal interiors add to its supremacy. This beautiful spot is one of the best engaging places for both the visitors and researchers.

Charles Allis Museum- Milwaukee, WI, US

Named after Charles Allis, the first president of the Allis Chalmers Corporation, the Charles Allis Art Museum has been on the list of Register of Historic Places. The museum, actually, was the home of Charles Allis who was also the organizer of Milwaukee Arts Society, chairman of the Milwaukee County Council of Defense and trustee at the Layton Art Gallery. Designed by Alexander Eschweiler, the museum started its life as Art Library. This Tudor-style mansion serves as a vibrant urban center for the local artists by emphasizing over fine arts. The Allis after Hours, a free seasonal music series is also displayed by the museum administration. This museum has now been a division of the Milwaukee County War Memorial Complex.

Brookfield Square Shopping Center- Milwaukee, WI, US

With more than 110 stores and eateries, the Brookfield Square Mall is situated between Moorland and Blue-mound roads in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The shoppers witness a comfortable shopping experience there as a wide variety of products is available in the mall along with the friendly attitude of the shopkeepers. It has been considered as one of the safest places if anyone has to shop. There can be found some of the best restaurants and food courts in the Brookfield Shopping Mall. Because of its remodeling and up-gradation, it would be a handsome shopping destination both for locals and the visitors. Because of being in the vicinity of Mayfair Mall, the products sold here are cost-effective. It has been getting fame for its eateries with each passing day.

Bradley Center- Milwaukee, WI, US

Located in the 4th street of downtown Milwaukee- Wisconsin, the Bradley Center is an indoor arena and a home to the Milwaukee Bucks of NBA, the Marquette University basketball team and Milwaukee Admirals of AHL. With a huge investment of $90 million on it, the stadium was opened on October, 1, 1988 as a replacement of the MECCA-currently the US Cellular Arena. The Bradley Center has been the fourth oldest active NBA sports pitch in the United States. Bradley Center offers first-class parking facilities to the spectators and visitors. Recording devices and cameras are usually not allowed inside but cameras without flash may be permitted. Generally no ticket is needed for the children less than two years of age but for special live events and concerts one has to buy ticket even for a one year old child.

America’s black Holocaust Museum- Milwaukee, WI, US

Dedicated to the victims of the African Enslavement in United States, the America’s black Holocaust Museum- located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was established in 1988 by James Cameron who was the last living survivor of lynching in the country. Two years after Mr. Cameron died in 2006, the museum witnessed a temporary closure due to the scarcity of funds. Though Cameron had to face numerous difficulties in the very young age, he dared to survive them successfully. With a strong knowledge about slavery and the African-American cultures, he had worked for civil rights and written several independent articles. With the help of philanthropist Daniel Bader, he collected materials for his museum. The ABHM serves as a hub for edification and research related to Black Holocaust. It has been a non-partisan forum of discussion about the concerned issues.

Alltel Stadium- Jacksonville, FL, US

Alltel Stadium, known as Jacksonville Municipal Stadium since 2007, has been a football arena located next to the St. Johns River in the downtown Jacksonville, Florida. With a seating up to 76,867, the stadium has been sitting on 40,000 square meters of land. Besides of hosting football matches, it does swarm the Jacksonville population for concerts. Being built by using the portions of the historic Gator Bowl Stadium, the Alltel Stadium took current shape in 1995 with an estimated cost of $134 million. The new design was structured by Bliss and Nyitray, Inc. The stadium is owned by the city of Jacksonville and serves as the home ground for Jacksonville Jaguars NFL franchise. It also hosts matches like Florida versus Georgia Football Classic each year between the Universities of Florida and Georgia.

The Coliseum- Jacksonville, FL, US

A home to the Jacksonville city’s indoor sports activities with 11,000 seating, the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Coliseum used to host multi-purpose events of the city. The stadium was built in 1960 but was demolished and replaced in 2003 with the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. Extreme care was taken to save the Veterans Memorial Wall during the demolition of the Coliseum. The new edifice consists of an addition of an 8,100 square meters walking park. Currently it has been home to Jacksonville Sharks of Arena Football League, funded by the Beaver Street Fisheries.

The Coliseum is said to have hosted many concerts and recreational activities during its 43 year history. It also hosted the Sun Belt Conference of 1981 and Atlantic Sun Conference for two consecutive years of 1999 and 2000.

Tree Hill Nature Center - Jacksonville, FL, US

Situated in the middle of Jacksonville, Florida, Tree Hill Nature Center is the place to connect with the nature for individuals, field trips of school, scout flocks, business groups and many families. The Tree Hill Nature Center gives you each and everything you want from a zoo, park or an arboretum all in one place, and gives you a look at the natural world you simply can not find anywhere else in city. The Tree Hill Nature Center offers up a number of activities for visitors to participate in. One should-see for fans is the turn through the woods, which you take you to a number of beautiful gardens, as well as the Butterfly Garden, having vegetation known to get all the most beautiful in butterfly species, and where you can see the whole life cycle of the beautiful insects.

Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve - Jacksonville, FL, US

One of the most beautiful national parks in the North is also among its most
ecologically and historic important. Surrounding thousands of acres of coastal land in the area of Jacksonville, the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve protects environmentally sensitive wetlands near the mouth of the St. Johns River as well as some of Florida's most important historic sites. Founded in 1985, the Timucuan Preserve includes 45,000 acres and is named for the Timucua, a domestic people who lived in the region when French and Spanish explorers arrived during the 1600s. Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve gets a huge amount of water; July is when you have the most rain here while October is usually the driest month. The Timucuan Ecological and Historical Preserve have within its boundaries state, federal and city park lands, and over 400 private landowners.

Theodore Roosevelt Area - Jacksonville, FL, US

The Theodore Roosevelt Area- Jacksonville, US is part of the Timucuan Ecological and Historical Preserve. A creek and many ponds are in the area. A wildlife considering platform dominates St. Johns Creek and Round Marsh. Shell middens are many along the western edge. This land was presented by Willie Browne to be kept on as a preserve. Wildlife encircles more than five miles of these scenic hiking tracks, including rare birds, raccoons, turtles and foxes. Directed tours take place each Friday afternoon to aid visitors learn about the ecological zones in the park area. Further outdoor activities include bicycling, boating, fishing and picnicking. The preserve is available from the Atlantic Boulevard and Arlington Expressway on the west side of the city. There is no fee for entry.

Theatre Jacksonville - Jacksonville, FL, US

In the late 1930’s, munificent movie “palaces” became a rising trend among main cities of America. All over America this lush architecture buildings were being reared to house the growing film industry. They failed to understand the eventual uselessness of these palaces. Consequently, these one-time elite centers of entertainment dropped from lack of money and use, and eventually destruction. But, thanks to deliberate planning, a few of these architectural gems have survived and been reestablished to their real magnificence. One of the states of Florida’s great examples is the historic Florida Theatre named Theatre Jacksonville. Theatre Jacksonville’s tickets of Florida bring its supporters into an elegantly designed theater with a décor. Planned in the style of a Mediterranean courtyard, the atmosphere is graceful, and it behaves its theater-goers to some of the fine cultural arts entertainment in the Jacksonville area.

River City Playhouse - Jacksonville, FL, US

This non-commercial professional theater company specifies in theater of children with its Tot Theatre, engaged for preschool kids through first or second grade. Hosting a year-round season of many interesting plays based on fairy tales and favorite stories of children, from Rumpelstilt skin to Snow White and Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the River City Playhouse is also home to an Educational Theatre program exhibiting curriculum or issue-related plays for all grade levels of kids. The ages of kids or toddlers that would most enjoy this attraction of River City Playhouse are Toddlers/Infants (0-4yrs), Children (5-8yrs) and Adults. Further more the groups that would most enjoy and delight this attraction of River City Playhouse are Families, Friends and other Groups.

Ritz Theatre & LaVilla Museum - Jacksonville, FL, US

The Ritz Theatre was the essence of ethnic life in LaVilla, between 1921 and 1971. It is an African-American neighborhood called as the Harlem of the South. Still today, the Ritz Theatre blows a variety of musicals and theatrical performances, which the whole family will love, including the popular Amateur Night at the Ritz, the Ritz Voices Youth Choir, and Spoken Word, a monthly assembling of artists, writers and others. Visitors to the Theatre and Museum will assure the original northwest corner of the building, and the original Ritz sign, with a new 426-seat theater. The LaVilla Museum is home to art and artifacts from many African countries, as well as photographs by Aaron Mervin, paintings, art and other visual arts repeating scenes of the everyday life of past times.

Ribault Monument - Jacksonville, FL, US

The Rebault Monument is located on the north side of the city and it is reachable from Spanish Pond, throughout St Johns Creek from Fort Caroline National Memorial Park. It is located on a high bluff commanding the St Johns River, by the French explorer Jean Ribault This Monument is a silent admonisher of the years when France battled Spain for admonisher of Florida. A wheelchair approachable terrace offers visitors a beautiful view of the river and wetlands. In1562, Ribault and his crew landed on the First Coast and raised the original stone monument to immortalize the first-ever landing of Protestants on this foreign land. Trapped by Menendez and his troops, Ribault and his shipwrecked sub sisters surrendered to the Spanish, who quickly put 350 of them to the sword as misbelievers to the Catholic Church. Ribault was among them.

Prime F. Osborn Convention Center - Jacksonville, FL, US

The Jacksonville Convention Center is situated in downtown Jacksonville. It is 14 miles aside from the south of the Jacksonville Airport. Jacksonville. Now it is completely furbished up and renovated. With a space of 265,000 square feet the Prime Osborn Convention Center is big enough and versatile enough to adapt gatherings of almost size, small or large. The center is also ready to handle any food-serving requirements, with a fully equipped, 5,000 square-foot kitchen able of gourmet service for over 3,000 guests.

The Convention Center has been the centre of events such as the Jacksonville Home & Patio Show, the Southern Women's Show, Christmas Made in the South, and an assortment of other community events. Jacksonville is a wonderful place to enjoy with the modest year-round climate and propinquity to the Atlantic Ocean.

Museum of Southern History - Jacksonville, FL, US
It is 25-year old museum. It lionizes both the history and culture of daily life in the South during the 19th century. Its former troubles and difficulties in becoming the Nation it is today. This museum is small but informative. The museum also consists of an abutting historical research library, with genealogical research assistance available. At the Museum of Southern History there are artifacts and record from the Civil War, and from everyday Southern life, politics and fashion. Friendly staff can help visitors who are interested in tracing the deciphering of Southern families. The extensive research library characteristics more than 3,000 volumes. A spectacular classification of original military items is on sale in the museum's shop, called The Florida Depot.

Museum of Science and History - Jacksonville, FL, US

The Museum of Science & History(MOSH) located in Jacksonville, Florida, US houses a wealth of artifacts relating to the birth, development, and enduring growth of Northeast Florida. In addition to boasting dinosaurs and other special interest MOSH can be explained as three types of attraction areas: first off, the major collection of exhibits focus on history and science topics of interest to the nature, early resolutions and recent development of Jacksonville, such as manatees, historic riverboats and the Timucuan Indians and fall off during the Civil War. The second main component of museum is the Alexander Brest Planetarium. Here, you can learn more about the wonders of the night sky, like where to find configurations and planets. The third main component is mainly of interest to children. This is where they can interact with lots of hands-on science experiments.
Mandarin Museum - Jacksonville, FL, US  

Mandarin museum is Located at the southern side of Jacksonville. It is devoted to the promotion of local history. It is situated inside the historic Walter Jones general store. Work of art detailing the life of Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of “Uncle Tom's Cabin” and relics recovered from the Maple Leaf (Union naval ship sunk off Mandarin Point in 1884) are displayed in the museum. The Mandarin Museum is a private and non-profit educational & research institution founded in 1991. Its aim was to preserve buildings, artifacts and sites related to the history of Mandarin people. Mandarin Store and Post Office (the Museum), has been the heart of village life since 1911. The old Mandarin Store and Post Office reminds of the memories of village general stores across America. The Store and Post Office are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This museum is under the care of Mandarin Museum & Historical Society, but has been identified as a museum itself.

Kingsley Plantation - Jacksonville, FL, US  

Kingsley Plantation is also known as the Zephaniah Kingsley Plantation Home and Buildings. It is a site of a former estate in Jacksonville that was named for an early owner, Zephaniah Kingsley. It is situated at the northern side of Fort George Island and is part of the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve.The plantation was originally 1,000 acres, however the structures and grounds of the park now consist of approximately 60 acres. It was taken over by the National Park Service in 1991. The most important features of Kingsley Plantation are the owner's house, kitchen house, barn, and remains of slave cabins that endured beyond the U.S. Civil War. Archeological evidence found in the slave cabins has provided the  researchers with insight into African traditions among slaves who came to North America at that time.

Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum - Jacksonville, FL, US 


"Karpeles Manuscript Library” is the world’s largest private collection of original manuscripts & documents regarding literature, medicine, science, music, and anthropology. David and Marsha Karpeles started this library in 1983. They wanted to trigger off interest in learning, especially in children. Karpeles Manuscript Library provides all its services free of cost. Rare books and documents, which may be as much as a century old, are available to the public in this library museum. The museum frequently revolves its historical exhibits amongst the nine locations before returning them to the archive."The museum is located in a neoclassical building on the outskirts of downtown which was completed in 1921. It also has an antique-book library, with volumes dating from the late 17th century, and a children's center. The Museum is oriented to children under 8 years and presents plays in career-related theme areas, like medical, athletics and performing arts.


Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens - Jacksonville, FL, US 

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is going to celebrate its centenary on 12th May, 2014. The Zoo opened on May 12, 1914, with the gift of one red deer.  Later, several wild animals were added in the collection.  On July 19, 1925, it was relocated to its current site adjacent to Trout River.  The zoo is spread over 89 acres of land.  On 20thOctober, 1993, the name of the zoo was changed from the Jacksonville Zoological Park to the Jacksonville Zoological Gardens. The first most important animal purchase of the Zoo was a female Asian Elephant bought in 1926 with money collected by school children. Outback Steakhouse Australian Adventure, Range of the Jaguar, the Wildlife Carousel, Giraffe Overlook, botanical gardens, Savanna Blooms, Play Park, the Gardens at Trout River Plaza and Komodo dragon exhibit are the main features of the zoo. 


Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra - Jacksonville, FL, US 

The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra is one of the leading orchestras in Florida. It is known for its high artistic quality, the Jacksonville Symphony position among the America’s top 30 orchestras. The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra present live music that is appropriate for today’s audience. One third of its audiences are children, who are benefited from the Symphony’s educational programs, concerts, Jump Start Strings after-school enrichment,Symphony Schools, and the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra. The Jacksonville Symphony was founded in 1949. It is one of most long-standing orchestras in Florida. Its success has been highlighted by the “Palm Beach Post” as criteria for other orchestras. It is led by Music Director Fabio Mechetti since 1999. The Jacksonville Symphony has hosted most renowned artists of the past 100 years. The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra is an outstanding community partner as it is serving four county school districts and work together with a wide range of groups.  More than 2,000 music lovers in the neighborhood are members of symphony volunteer groups. 



Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art - Jacksonville,FL,US


A visit of Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art can take one to an educational and exciting trip down in history. It is suitably named after its permanent collection of artwork, which covers the entire 20th century. It reaches out to all sections of society which includes scholars, students, art lovers and young people. The Jacksonville Museum is the largest modern & contemporary art museum in the Southeast. Its everlasting collection consists of works in a broad range of media, representing famous national and international artists of the 20th and 21st century. Exciting educational programs are offered in the Art Explorium Loft family learning center and adjoining classrooms for a large audience. JMOMA’s film series and lectures are also presented in the theater. Café Nola is open for lunch daily during the week. The Museum Shop offers jewelry, pottery, glass and much more items from local, national and international artists. This contemporary venue is also available for parties, dinners and other events.



Jacksonville Historical Center - Jacksonville, FL, US

The Jacksonville Historical Center has all sorts of fun and interactive exhibits & films, relating to Jacksonville's history. One can explore the past from the Native American to the present as Jacksonville enters a new millennium. This small museum is located at Riverwalk close to downtown. The historical centre is run by a historical society which was formed in 1929 by a small group of Jacksonville. In order to excite the interest, they sent invitations to several hundred Jacksonville residents inviting them to become charter members of the organization. All who joined the Society became the charter members. The invitations were also extended to all interested persons through the local newspapers. As a result, over two hundred members were enrolled by the first meeting and H.H. Buckman was elected as the first president. As part of its promoting role in the community, the organization has organized the publication of six major books about history of Florida.
Friendship Park - Jacksonville, FL, US

Friendship  park and Fountain is one of Jacksonville’s most popular attractions for the  tourists. It is located in St. Johns River Park (aka Friendship Park). It is a meeting point for people and organizations can host their events in the park. The fountain and Friendship Park was designed by Taylor Hardwick. It occupies 14 acres of land and its construction begun in 1963 and was completed with the cost of $1.7 million. Being one of the world's tallest fountains, this impressive piece of architecture is very impressive. It is 200 feet in diameter and discharges water more than 120 feet into the air. The colorful lighting turns the splashing waters into a lively, playful work of art during night time. The fountain is surrounded by lovely green area and becomes complete with picnic tables and seating for comforting and admiring the views of the St Johns River and city skyline.



Edward Waters College - Jacksonville, FL, US  


Edward Waters College is a private college in Jacksonville, Florida. It was founded to educate former slaves in 1866. It is the oldest black college in Florida. It is affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church. The collage is part of the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida. Its current president is Nat Glover. The college was originally named Brown Theological Institute. It went through some financial difficulties and was closed during 1870s. It was reopened in 1883 and then changed its name to “East Florida Scientific and Divinity High School”. During next ten years, the curriculum of the collage was expanded and the school was again renamed for the third bishop of the AME Church, Edward Waters. Edward Waters was recognized as junior college in 1955 and after five years it restored its four-year curriculum. In 1979 the school was declared as a four-year institution) and started awarding bachelor's degrees.

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