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San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco, CA

After a 1906 earthquake tore apart San Francisco City Hall, the city of Francisco got right back on rebuilding another City Hall and re-opened its doors once again in 1915. San Francisco City Hall has the 5th largest dome in the entire world! SFCH has a total of 500,000 plus square feet, covers 2 full city blocks, and cost about 3.4 million dollars to build. This well built building has 4 floors with elevators to take you where you need, all at the push of a button. Many film scenes have been shot from different areas of San Francisco’s City Hall because of its amazing scenery. The interior design on this structure is perfectly done, thanks to the great architect Arthur Brown. San Francisco City Hall is truly an example of a well-designed building with such detail you would be occupied for hours if you really wanted to stop and stare at all the hard work that was put in to creating such a beautiful place. Brown’s blueprints of SFCH are well preserved and stored in the Bancroft Library. If you are ever in the San Francisco area I recommend stopping by

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, in San Francisco to visit!

Randall Museum, San Francisco, CA

Renamed in honor of its founder in 1947, the Josephine D. Randall Junior Museum overlooks the San Francisco Bay and sits on a gorgeous 16-acre park. Wanting to start a museum for children, Ms. Randall opened up a place that to this day still provides exhibits, workshops, special events, and much more for both children and adults. You will discover over 100 different animals while strolling through the animal exhibit. Visit a great part of the museum that lets your children’s imaginations run wild while they climb on a scale model of a caboose. Throw birthday parties, takes classes, or just go for the fun of seeing and learning new things. You can find a number of things to do at this free admission museum located at 199 Museum Way, San Francisco, CA.

Railway Museum, San Francisco, CA

Being one of the fewest places in the world where you can still experience the actual riding of a vintage rail transit is the Railway Museum. The museum is located on 77 Steuart Street in San Francisco, CA and is directly across from the famous Ferry Building. Go back in time and explore the history of San Francisco’s rail transit. Kids of all ages will enjoy this museum that brings 21st century technology to enhance the history of this interesting city. Be a kid again and let loose in this one of a kind Railway Museum. Don’t forget to check out their gift shop for unique items and souvenirs to bring back home to friends and family. The Railway Museum is a great place to really get the feel of past times and discover how far our minds have taken us.

San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

If you’re an artist looking for a degree, or perhaps a better way to make a career out of your talent then San Francisco Art Institute is for you. Founded in 1871, San Francisco Art Institute students are given a great campus life. Providing their students with the finest films, lectures, and exhibitions. SFAI located at 800 Chestnut Street in San Francisco offers BFA, BA, MFA, and even MA degrees. Become a creative professional and move forward with your future while studying at San Francisco Art Institute. Courses are designed to meet everyone’s needs from a beginner level to an advanced level. Not only is SFAI is engaged with your in college life but they also care about your needs outside of college. This is an amazing school and deserves great recognition for all that it provides. This is a place artist can call home away from home.

Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum - Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

The main aim for establishing the Ft. Lauderdale Antique Car Museum is to make sure that the history of the one of the great car manufacturer i.e. Packard Motor Co. should be preserved. Main thing about this incorporation is that it is non- profit foundation and focuses on distributing the education regarding how the American Car Manufacturing engineering progressed and what the developments which has been done till now. People visiting the museum will at the first instance get the glipmses of the great cars which are produced by the Packard Motor Co. and which ruled the world from 1900’s to 1940’s. Besides this the museum possesses the great gallery which is made for the memory of late President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It also has some great pieces of previous engineering of automobile technology.

Cruise Line Terminal - Fort Lauderdale,FL,US

Fort Lauderdale is famous as one of the best tourist places in the world. It is connected through water with its neighbouring places and it has world’s third largest as well as the busiest port in which more than 3 million people use the cruise facilities in order to move in or out of the place. This port has 11 crise terminals associated with it. The cruise terminals are pal, beach to the north and Miami to the south. Fort Lauderdale is one of the mostly visited tourism spot in North America and even people from different countries also visit this place to make their vaccation adventerous and entertaining. Cruise terminals are equiped with all the necessary transport system so that utmost care will taken for the tourist travelling.

Fort Lauderdale Beachfront - Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Fort Lauderdale as we know is one of the best tourist destinations in United States and its impotance as a tourist spot is due to its beautiful beaches. Now-a-days you will find that there are so many developments taking place so that prople should enjoy spending time on beaches with ease and in comfortable manner. These beaches are also famous as many youths all across the North America prefer to celebrate their spring break in these beaches. Beach wavewell of Fort Lauderdale which is a flowing, beach wall, two miles long is one of the main attraction these beaches. These types of projects that are made in order to attract more and more tourists have received recognition from all over the world. Along with beaches Fort Lauderdale, is also known for its business centers, leisure and recreation.

Ripley's Believe It or Not - Orlando,FL,US

Open throughout the year with 27 museums worldwide and more than sufficient media coverage over the years, ‘Ripley's Believe It or Not’ isn’t something you can miss easily. ‘Odditoriums’ as they are called, showcase the unique and the unusual. Obviously the Ripleys at Orlando is no different, with an oddly shaped Bavarian styled building housing oddities like a shrunken head from Ecuador, South America and the statue of a 1069 pound man, to the unusually impressive 1907 replica of a Rolls Royce made completely out of about a million matchsticks. And if you have an appetite for the macabre, torture devices from the Spanish inquisition should be right up your alley. In retrospect you left are with an engaging experience.

SeaWorld Adventure Park - Orlando,FL,US

When you think Seaworld you think sea lions, dolphins and everyone’s favorite the orca, trained to do things that would put humans to shame. The SeaWorld Adventure Park is located in the Orlando city of the Florida state in the United States. Add to all of that, attractions like ‘Kraken’ a roller coaster named after the mythical sea creature, Manta a coaster simulating the movement of manta rays, and a watercoaster called ‘Journey To Atlantis’ that’s unique to SeaWorld Orlando, and you have a thrilling concoction. SeaWorld’s main attraction its Orcas are given the stage name ‘Shamu’ when performing, featuring in a show aptly named Shamu Rocks a part of SeaWorld Orlando’s night program called ‘SeaWorld After Dark’, as a part of this attraction, thrown in is a fireworks display called Reflections.

SkyVenture Orlando - Orlando,FL,US

If skydiving is your thing head for Sky venture located near International Drive, in the city of Orlando in Florida state, you can’t get any closer to skydiving, while staying on the ground. What you get is a gigantic simulator more akin to a spaceship and less to a building. Here age isn’t a barrier in experiencing the thrill of skydiving, and the choice is between a wind tunnel and a free fall simulator. In addition there is experienced staff on hand to soothe your nerves, and let’s not forget there’s all the padding in the world lest your free-fall turns into a fall. So if you think you could never ever jump out of a plane, Sky venture is right up your alley.

Wonderworks - Orlando,FL,US

An upside down house, now that itself is a sight worth beholding, and what raises the stakes is an amusement park modeled after one, and that’s exactly what Wonderworks is. It features over a 100 exhibits spread over two levels, aiming for that complete family experience, with simulations like ‘Land the Space Shuttle’ which as the name suggests tests your hand eye coordination in landing the Discovery Space Shuttle on an airstrip, or the lifelike replicas of an Astronaut Space Suit that can be tried on, or the unusually unique experience of sitting through a simulated earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter, well the list keeps going on and on. In addition to all of the above you have something called ‘The Out of Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show’ involving things like magic, impersonations and improvisational comedy. And last but not the least there is ‘Lazer Tag’ all of 10,000 sq ft in the basement, where technology meets fun. Where you vest up and face off against opponents in a huge maze, a fun battle for all ages. In all an experience true to its name.

Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco:

Built under the architectural design of Hellmuth, Obata, and Kassabaum (HOK), world's fourth largest firm based in the USA, the Moscone Convention Center is a large convention complex located in San Francisco, California. The convention center, built in 1981 bears the name of George Moscone who was a member of Democratic Party, subsequently assumed the positions of Mayorship and a Senator, and finally succumbed to the bullet shots of his rival White, originally consisted of one single hall, the Moscone South. Though named after him, yet, the irony is that Moscone had objected to its construction on the ground that it would displace the middle class residents. After two expansions in 1992 and 2003, it has since then expanded into three halls, comprising of two underground halls within the confines of Yerba Buena Gardens situated between the Third and Fourth Mission and Folsom Streets, downtown San Francisco and a three level exhibition hall spawning across the 4th street. Yerba Buena was the original Mexican Town which subsequently was accessed the United States in 1846 under her fold, thus becoming a part of San Francisco, CA. It was a place where a number of large professional meetings, (a few of which worth mentioning are Macworld Expo, RSA Conference, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, etc.,) were held. Besides, it was the venue for the Democratic National Convention in the year 1984. The final scene of the Movie ‘The Net’, a political thriller was shot there. It possesses a large solar electricity system which signaled the first ever step in obtaining all the pollution free Municipal energy. As one of the largest solar installations within the USA, it delivers power to approximately 8500 homes within the city of San Francisco.

Mission Dolores, San Francisco:

Mission Dolores, also known as Mission San Francisco de Asis, comes in ranking as the sixth Californian Chain of Missions founded in 1776 jointly by Lieutenant Jose Joaquin Moraga and Father Francisco Paou. They were part of de Anza Expedition, the objective of which was to bring the Spanish settlers to Upper California. Besides, they were also charged with the responsibility of preaching to the local Indians and the Native Americans, identified with the name of Costanoan inhabiting at that time in the Californian coast. The significance of the name could be traced to the fact that it is nearer to a creek named Arroyo de Nuestra Senora de los Dolores, which roughly translates to "Our Lady of Sorrows" creek, one of the names attributed to Virgin Mary, to signify the sorrow she was believed to have under gone while leading her life. The seven sorrows as well as joys were considered the part of Roman Catholic Church. Blessed Virgin Mary, for many centuries, has been featuring in several other subjects parts of which are Christian Art, Catholic Art, and Western Art. The Mission Dolores area is famous for the California Gold Rush which brought an estimated 3, 00,000 people to California from both within the USA and abroad. The Mission Dolores area is famous for the California Gold Rush which brought an estimated 3, 00,000 people to California from both within the USA and abroad. A famous synonym to the year 1849 representing the earlier part of the Rush could be found in the term 'Forty-niners' that referred to those who sailed by boat and covered wagons to arrive in to California braving considerable hardships. Perhaps, this contributed to the rapid growth of San Francisco from a simple place of living to a modern city accompanied with infrastructure that is seen in the modern times.

Mexican Museum
Fired by a desire to give expressions to the Mexican or Mexican origin Americans' creativity and artistry, Peter Rodriguez, an artist himself, had established the Mexican Museum in the year 1975. Subsequently, Chicano and Latino artistic expressions found a place in it. Its original place was 'The Mission District' from where it was shifted to the Fort Mason Center and has a collection of about 12,000 artistic creations. Mexican calendars are considered part and parcel of Mexican history. The Mexican Art had subjected itself to controversies by blemishing the lines between the fine and popular art and artistis as Jesus de la Helguera has been cited as responsible in bringing about such a phenomenon through their art productions. They also serve as mirrors in understanding conflicting values and attitudes which are reflected in the imagery. Their value, however, lies in the artful components of the Mexican works. It attracts the visitors for the fact that the Museum reflects a community of Mexicans and their descendants into California who have been subjected to constant change and evolution and hence represents the dynamism. The Museum also stands as a gateway for establishing links with other cultures.
Louise Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco:

Constructing a building within a building is the specialty that one can find in the Louis Davies Symphony Hall whose construction was a joint effort of many an experts like Skidmore Owings & Merril etc., and Bolt, Beranek and Newman. The reverberation time which is restricted to one to two seconds is due to the acoustic elegance that is obtained from the way the building within the building is designed. The outer building comprises of one inch thick structural glass wall that forms as a curtain while the next structural wall acts both as the back wall and lobby space. The hall was built from the contributions of innumerable foundations, corporations, and notably 6000 individuals and thrown open to the public in 1980. The land was donated by the City of San Francisco. After accounting for the financial contributions of about $10 million by the Federal and State Governments, the total cost for completing it has been estimated at $28 million. It derives its name from the largest single contributor, viz, Mrs. Louise M. Davies. When its renovation took place in 1992, besides adding acoustic capabilities to it, consideration was given to human care also by making it friendly for physically disabled. All types of music from classical to symphony are performed here.

Lotta's Fountain, San Francisco:
Named after its contributor, Lotta Crabtree, a multi-talented, popular, wealthy immigrant actress of the 19th century for which reason she was reported to be affectionately called as 'The Nation's Darling', the Lotta Fountain stands at the intersection of Market Street. Though it was dedicated in the year 1875 itself, it shot into prominence by serving as a meeting point during earth quake and fire that shook the city in 1906. It struck San Francisco on a Wednesday early morning at 5.12 a,m on April, 18, 1906 and for its worst impact, is compared only with the Galveston Hurricane of the 1900s. To mark this, a commemoration is held every year at the same time on the same date during which time thousands of tourists throng the place. The fountain was rebuilt in 1999 which had restored its original appearance. The oldest surviving monument is remembered more for the earthquake as a gathering point. It is understandable that it served as a point for survivors to post the names of the dead, the missing and found for though the earthquake had lasted only for 27 seconds, at an estimated temperature of 2700 degrees F, it had burnt one third of the city, destroying a 28000 buildings causing a financial havoc of $350,000,000. It also stands as a symbol of the courage of those who had built the city back.
Lincoln Park, San Francisco:

Lincoln's Park comprises an area of 100 acres which was dedicated in the year 1909 to one of the famous Presidents of the USA, Abraham Lincoln whose names bring in fond memories and admiration in the American people. It lies in the Western Terminus of Lincoln Highway which has the distinction of being the first coast-to-coast road across the USA, connecting 14 States. It may however be ironical to note that the place was used as a cemetery in the 1860s which subsequently turned into a golf course prior to finally taking this shape. In 1923, it was chosen for the California Legion of Honor, a term used to designate a fine art museum. The name is used to signify both the collections in the museum and the building. From the park, one can get a fantastic view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The park has both historical and entertainment values.

Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco:

It is unique because it houses both a tea garden that grows native Japanese and Chinese plants but also houses sculptures and bridges in a hidden state. It is spread in an area of five acres, perhaps, the oldest Japanese Style Garden tracing its origin to 1894 with the Californian Midwinter International Exposition. It is one of the popular must visit feature of the Golden Gate Park. As the oldest public Japanese Garden that exists in San Francisco, there are so many paths for one to wander and ponds to sit at. It was constructed out and out by Japanese artisans though it blends the features of East and West. The garden is admired by many a tourists for its expression of the essence of nature through the carefully selected used of plants and stones organized in harmony with the landscape. The ways they are placed also express symbolic meanings and or convey the charming seasonal colors of the trees and shrubs. Its green tea served in silk kimono besides conveying the ethnic artistic skills serves as a rejuvenator of the mind and the body. The fortune cookies that furnishes the energy could be traced to 1914 and Makato Hagiwara and his baker.

Harvey Milk Plaza, San Francisco:

Harvey Milk Plaza is dedicated to Harvey Milk, the first gay politician who made the rights of gay heard among the American Politicians. He was even more admired after the smashing hit of the movie Milk which won Oscar to Sean Penn for his stunning performance. Some tourists prefer to walk around the 1.7 mile through the 575 Castro Street where Harvey Milk had run his camera shop. Though the original shop is no longer housed there, yet, he is remembered by the owner of the gift shop with a mural on its wall. The Harvey Milk Plaza is located at the intersection of the Castro and Market Streets. The plaza is surrounded by a number of arteries, book stores and a community center. The tour terminates at the City Hall where Harvey Milk succumbed to the bullets of White. Incidentally, he had also assassinated Moscone. Despite the gruesome manner in which he was killed, yet he lives among the gay community with such placards appearing from among them that "we don't live in your shadow. We grow in your shade.”

Grace Cathedral, San Francisco:

Grace Cathedral is an Episcopal Church situated in Nob Hill, a neighborhood in San Francisco. Episcopal it is meant as the Province of the Anglican Communion in the United States, Honduras, Taiwan etc., and parts of Europe. The unique feature of this Church is that though it is Protestant, yet considers itself Catholic also. Historically it owes its existence to the aftermath of American Revolution because of which it was obligated to separate from the Church of England. This is due to the stipulation that they should express their allegiance to the British Monarch. It has yet another distinction in that it is first Anglican Province outside the British Isles. Its architecture is considered to represent a neo-Gothic structure and houses versatile works of medieval-style art. It is also correlated to the Gold Rush year because of its completion of construction in that year. After gaining its name as 'Grace Church' after it’s rebuilding for the third time, it was destroyed in the 1906 earth quake the ravages of fire.. It owes its current location to the Nob Hill property originally owned by Charles Crocker who was gracious enough to donate it for a cathedral in the early 1920s. Perhaps, it took the longest number of years for its being built with the construction commencing in 1928 and getting completed in 1964. It is also the third largest Episcopal cathedral in the United States.

Gould Theater, San Francisco:

For the connoisseurs of Chamber Music, perhaps, no other theater can be better than Gould Theatre. Also known as Florence Gould Theatre at the Legion of Honour, it is described as a 300-seat jewel box of a theatre with unmatched acoustics. It was built as early as 1924 as a Little Theater and has to its honour the performances of famous artists as Budapest String Quartet, the Julliard String Quartet, the Walter Trampler etc., It houses a museum, a cafe which gives added value to the money for matinee goers. Being in the neighbourhood of Lincoln Park and lobos, one can get the value for money by being strategizing the visit to be there for the matinee in the theater and then traverse around the park. It is designed user friendly for the disabled also so that they are not deprived of such pleasures because of the disability.

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco:
It is a massive urban park sprawling in an area of 1017 acres mainly consisting of public grounds. However, for comparison purposes often the New York Central Park is quoted because of their shape of being configured as a rectangle yet the comparison stops there for it is at least 20% larger than its counterpart. It attract the highest number of tourists with the annual estimates put at about 13 million on ranking third in such visits among the visited city parks situated across the lengths and breadths of the USA. The Golden Gate is considered an engineering marvel that has been built over the Golden Gate. It stretches over 4200 feet and ever since it was built in 1937, it has been attracting both pedestrians and bike rider tourists. The tourists should not miss the historic Roundhouse.

Fort Point National Historical Site, San Francisco:

The first thing the tourists should note about this location is that it is open only for three days in a week, which are Friday through Sunday from 10 AM to 5PM. Its historical significance lies in the fact that it had protected the San Francisco harbour from attacks from all sides during and after the Civil War. Its architectural significance lies in its lovely arched casemates that display the art of the master brick mason that could be traced to Civil War period. By virtue of the fact that it had stood guard at the Golden Gate for more than 150 years, it has the distinction of acquiring so many adorable terms as the 'Pride of the Pacific', 'the Gibraltar of the West Cost' and for the architecture mentioned earlier it is also described as the most appropriate models of masonry in the USA. Its construction is also linked to the Gold Rush but the objective of its building at that time was more considered deterrence point, something aimed at deterring a naval attack on California. Nevertheless, it has faced totally a different type attack that included the fury of the nature in the 1906 Earth Quake, the Civil War, and the Second World War. Being a military construction built between 1853 and 1861 by military engineers, it had adopted the system prevalent at that time called as the 'Third System" style of military architecture. In other words, this system concentrates on the prevention of attacks on the harbour.

Elitch Gardens, Denver

With the condition that its name should not be changed. The Park satisfied the amusement, entertainment, and aesthetic quests of its visitors. Its Kiddieland (a pioneering concept at that time) and Elitch Theater, besides a range of roller coasters were its land marks. Being owned as a private park, it underwent many a change in the ownership. The change in ownerships resulted both in bringing in new facilities and closing up of the old ones. In 1985, it moved to a new location in the Central Platte River Valley which was provided by the City of Denver and when it opened for the public in 1995, in just two subsequent seasons, it had registered more than 1 and 1.2 million visitors considered a record when compared with 750000 in the earlier location. The amusement park underwent a total makeover shift in a 28 acre site. The Highlands' Garden Village showcases the theme of 'new urbanism’ through the development of more than 300 housing units, office and retail spaces. Nevertheless, the picnic structure has been maintained by retaining many of the old elements of the park, including old tree, the Elitch theatre etc, which aptly befits the statement that "not to See Elitch's is not to see Denver."
2. Children's Museum, Denver

Dedicated to the children and the accompanying public in the year 1996, the Children's Museum is located in Central Platte Valley in an 8000 sq ft area, accessible both from the Interstate-25 and Platte Bike Trail and is open on all the days of the week with extended hours on Wednesdays. It conveys the concept of 'learning through playing' by creating a casual and friendly atmosphere where both the children and grownups can participate. Toddlers to 11 years old can enjoy a wide variety of facilities in display that includes Arts& crafts, music, interactive exhibits, lights and shadows to mention only a few of them. It has estimated visitor coverage of 50000 or more annually. The children are exposed to three main types of activities, active, exploratory, and quiet. There is no water tight compartment among them as they have been kept flexible and interchangeable. They have been designed with the sole objective of keeping them adoptable to the moods and needs of the children. Nevertheless, the Exploratorium requires special mention because of the fact that it represents a new concept in efforts to integrate Arts with Science. Its primary objective is to enhance the self-esteem in the children through discovery and exploration.

3. Denver Art Museum, Denver

Originally established as the Denver Artists Club in the year 1893 and subsequently acquiring the name and status as Art Museum, the Denver Art Museum, is dedicated to the acquiring, preserving and presentation of Art works to the public both from Colorado and elsewhere. It is located at the 13th Avenue that lies between Broadway and Bannock Streets in the downtown Denver. Open on all the other days except the Monday and three national holidays, its objective is to appeal to the artistic interests of the scholars and commons alike. It has an estimated collection of 68000 works from all over the world which are predominated by American Indian items. The collections are classified and kept in nine curatorial departments comprising of architecture, design and graphics, Asian art, modern and contemporary, native arts (bundling American Indian, Oceanic & African), New World that includes pre-Columbian and Spanish Colonial, painting and Sculpture representing European as well as American, photography, Western art and textile art. The tourists are enticed to visit the Museum with such attractive statements as that' it would change the way they see art and architecture.... there would always be something new as the Museum is never the same.'

4. Performing Arts Complex - Denver

Ranking second in the USA, the Performing Arts Complex is located in a 12-acre four square block site which houses within itself eleven performing venues that could seat 11,260 people at any given point of time being located in the central part of down town and nearer to the Colorado Convention Center, it is easily accessible. As a center that caters to differing activities in the field, it is dedicated to the promotion and promoters of the Performing Arts. . One of its auditoriums, originally known as the Auditorium Theatre and currently called the Quigg Newton Denver Municipal Auditorium was built in 1907 for which reason it has acquired the status of a Historical landmark. The Classical Ballet company, Colorado Ballet, catering to a patron of about 110000 annually, the Colorado Symphony, a professional American orchestra that performs pops, family, Park concerts, catering to about 200000 patrons annually, and the Opera Colorado which renders three to four fully staged productions entertaining at least 43000 which includes many students all make it a point to stage their performances in this complex. It also houses a Sculpture Park and privately held Helen G. Bonfils Theatre Complex which are added attractions to the tourists.

5. Denver Zoo, Denver

Founded in 1896, spread over in an 80-acre complex, and located in the City Park of Denver, Denver Zoo has gained a place for itself as a naturalistic zoo that dispenses away the caging of animals. Having a humble start with an orphaned American black bear , then named and affectionately called 'Billy Bryan' (connected with a then politician), the zoo now is inhabited by species from all over the world that consists of mammals, primates, the elephants, the cats, birds and snakes and even fish. There are innumerable facilities available in the zoo to cater to the requirements of the visitors. In order to attract the children and visitors alike, the Pioneer Train operated within the premises of the Zoo takes the visitors with a quick trip around that enable them to see the six types of American and Chilean flamingos and other fresh water birds. The train has the distinction of being the first gas-powered zoo train in the USA. It was reported to be 'the' popular destination in the Denver metropolitan area. In the year 2005, it was reported to be 'the' popular destination in the Denver metropolitan area

6. Coors Field, Denver

Located between the 20th and Blake Streets in the lower down town and inaugurated in 1976, the Coors Field is spread over a 72-acre with a grass surface. Built at a cost of $215 million and owned by the Denver Metropolitan Baseball Stadium District with a 78% public and 22% private funding ( Colorado Rockie owners), it can seat 50,381 fans which includes 63 luxury boxes and 4500 club level seats. It is unique on several counts. It was the first park built by the National League exclusively for base ball. In an atmosphere of old time ballparks’, features that are found in modern stadiums have been incorporated. In the construction, hands laid bricks have been used and at the entrance, the stadium is adorned at the top by an old-fashioned clock. With the application of an ingenious technology, the grass sucks five inches of water, an hour and the heating system built under the ground melt the snow no sooner it hits the field. The fans can circle around the field 360 degree without losing the sight of the ground. It was the site of All-Star game in the year, 1998. In an obvious reference to the 'home run friendly park,’ the stadium has been subjected to a major controversy among the fans with the critics referring it as 'Coors Canaveral' which is a comparison with the Cape Canaveral from where the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launches the spacecrafts.

7. Park Meadows Mall, Denver

Perhaps the Park Meadows Mall has obtained this name because of the fact that the visitors see it both as a mall and as a Park. It is even compared with a giant like Rocky Mountain lodge because of the composition of wood-beamed ceilings and an odd sized stone fireplace. The tourists need not necessarily go there with a compulsion to shop for they can take a stroll in it as like a park it has evergreen trees with the only difference that it is indoors. After taking a stroll or completing the purchases or as a place to laze around casually after a dinner in one of its restaurants, the tourists can sneak into the recently added open-air addition called the Vistas. For the serious shoppers, the mall houses about 160 stores catering to differing consumers, is clean and classy and has the capability to fill in needs of a typical mall visitor.

8. Six Flags Elitch Gardens, Denver

The privately owned Elitch Gardens has had many a checkered history in terms of changing owners and dwindling fortunes. When it was owned by John and Mary Elitch and operated by Mary Elitch for a period of 26 years since its inception, it delighted the visitors both as a Zoological Gardens and Amusement Park. It was closed in 1994, but, when opened afterwards never acquired its original form besides changing hands every now and then. In 1995, it opened in a smaller place that resulted in the abandoning of many rides and attractions that used to characterize the original park. Some coasters were left in the old place and others even demolished. It was purchased by Six Flags for a price of $65 million in the year 1996 and rechristened as Six Flags Elitch Gardens' to reflect this new ownership. Between 1996 and until 2006 it ran in that name. In 2007, it sold Elitch Park along with six other properties for a price of $312 million to come out of its mounting debts. During its ten years of operation, it got one of the worst ever ratings from a majority of tourists and visitors from charges of over pricing to that of uncomfortable, unfriendly and discourteous services. Perhaps, it is an example as to how a recreational facility should not be run.

9. Pepsi Center, Denver

Pepsi Center, opened in 1999 and located in the Mile High City is touted as a multi-facility venue. It can be entered from I-25. As a sports stadium it can seat almost 21,0000 fans Besides being home to Colorado Avalanche of the National Hockey League and the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association, it hosts other teams as the Colorado Crush, the Colorado Mammoth , the Denver's lacrosse and Denver's arena football teams. During the off seasons, it lends the space for concerts and conventions and the 2008 Democratic National Convention was held there. Pepsi center has all the infrastructural facilities that go with such a massive structure. Pepsi center is known for combining art with entertainment. For example in one of the charity shows held by Brain in the cause of cure for a cancer, the Center had organized special effects on lighting in which each time the Colorado Mammoth scores, lights went off dark. Pepsi Center was caught in a controversy that involved a double booking with same date and time having been agreed both for World Wresting Entertainment and Game 4 of NBA Western Conference Finals between the Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers causing it considerable embarrassment to the respective owners. The venue was used for the shooting of the comedy movie 'Blades of Glory'. Besides, Pepsi Center had also figured in South Park episodes.

10. Old Fort Lauderdale Village and Museum, Dania
It is situated in the Fort Lauderdale which is a River walk Arts and Entertainment district that houses within itself also other major Museums as the Museum of Art, the Museum of Discovery and Science and the national land mark, viz, the Dillard Museum. Open between Tuesday and Saturdays and in the afternoons of Sundays, the Village and Museum covers within itself, New River Inn that provides facts about the history of the Museum, King-Cromartie House that a covers museum of pioneer life style, the Hoch Heritage Center which contains in house collections that facilitates research, Replica which is a reproduction of Broward county's first ever school house and the Acetylene Building that provides the gas for lighting. The programs and features include teaching of the children about pioneer life, guided including walking tours that covers the historic district and conduct of lectures round the year.

Tiffany and Co., New York City, New York, USA

Tiffany and Co. New York is a high-end jewelry and silverware shop sitting in the heart of New York City. They offer some of the world’s best jewelries that truly speak out timeless beauty and splendor crafted by the most meticulous of artisans. Tiffany and Co. was established by the 19th century leaders of American jewelry trade, Charles Tiffany and Teddy Young in 1837 and was known then as Tiffany, Young and Ellis, a shop of stationery and intricate goods. The main branch of Tiffany and Co. is situated at 727 Fifth Avenue Street cor. 57th Street, Manhattan, New York City since 1940. It became the location of some of Hollywood’s popular movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Sweet Home Alabama starring Audrey Hepburn and Reese Witherspoon respectively. Its previous pilot branch building, being a heritage of a glorious history of world artistry, is on the list of United States’ National Registry of Historic Places.

Orpheum Theater, New York
The Orpheum Theater of New York is one of the theaters of Orpheum Circuit Inc. founded by Martin Beck and is currently situated at 126 Second Avenue, New York. It magnificently resembles the grandeur of the theaters of ancient Greece and Rome with its proscenium stage. It has a seating capacity of 346 and is fully air conditioned. The building has been around since 1901 and 3 years later was opened by Aaron Ligety as Orpheum Concert Gardens. In 1911, the theater featured movies instead of live stage dramas and changed its name to Orpheum Moving Pictures. Between the years 1920 and 1930, the theater was showcasing Yiddish entertainment and revue and this somehow makes Orpheum Theater New York a vestige of a former popular Yiddish entertainment district. It has been an off-Broadway theater since 1958.
New York Historical Society

The New York Historical Society is basically an institute whose objective is to preserve the rich historical culture of New York, documentations relevant to the foundation of United States and historical artifacts of the glorious American history in general. The organization operate New York’s oldest-existing museum, exhibiting artifacts ranging from political documents to universal and timeless works of art that left a mark on American history; and a research library. This building is located at the corner of 77th Street and Central Park West, Manhattan. New York Historical Society truly holds a collection of priceless artifacts and objet d’art. One of the society’s most valuable preserve is the Tiffany Lamp Collection by Charles Tiffany, America’s finest artisan from the 19th Century who set the standard of sterling silver which is widely used today. Probably one of the best offers of New York Historical Society is the use of the building itself for weddings, corporate events and the like and make the occasion truly historical.

The Morgan Library and Museum
It is said that The Morgan Library and Museum is the home of some of the world’s most priceless fine arts ranging from literary and musical pieces to paintings and other artistic works. It is currently situated in Madison Avenue and 36th Street, Midtown, Manhattan, New York City. The museum offers rare artifacts like hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt, unpublished books of popular writers and bibles of different religion, all well-bound and preserved. One of its recent highlights is the opening of the newly-restored McKim building, as it is very old, dating back to more than a hundred years ago. If you’re looking for an all-out educational and historical with a great deal of artistic experience, Morgan Library and Museum won’t disappoint you.

Jewish Museum, New York
Aside from the museums within Israel, New York’s Jewish museum probably holds the biggest collection of over 26,000 Jewish artifacts and modern art. It is the most prolific Jewish museum in the United States. The collection started in 1904 when a gift of 26 artistic objects relevant to the Jewish ceremony was given by Judge Mayer Sulzberger to the Jewish Theological Seminary in the United States. It officially became a museum in 1947. One of the rather peculiar and ironic facts about the museum is its resemblance to Gothic church. Its displays are arranged in chronological order starting from the items dating back as far as 4000 years ago. To view it chronologically, one has to start from the 4th floor and work its way down to the ground floor. You can visit it at 1109 Fifth Avenue

New York.

Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

San Francisco, the beautiful city by the bay is quite known for its attractions by the sea. The Fisherman’s Wharf, being one of its highly visited spots, offers its visitors an array of facilities from restaurants, to food branches, botiques, museums, boats lined up in the pier, and even simple cheap thrills on the streets. The World Famous Bushman may surprise you as he jumps out from behind the bushes and yes, for 28 years this has been one of the neighborhood’s thrills you have to experience yourself. The Wharf also holds occasional programs during special holidays -- Live bands, fireworks display, street performances and many more. Because it is never quiet and empty, the area provides an instant captive audience. With the see breeze blowing from all sides, the view of the ocean gives out a calming and relaxing feeling that its visitors love. It is not at all surprising that the Fisherman’s Wharf tops the list among other attractions as it is one of the busiest locations in San Francisco.

Chinatown, San Francisco

San Francisco’s Chinatown, the heavily populated tourist spot in California, attracts people like a magnet. Being the earliest Chinatown, and one of the biggest Chinese communities in the U.S., it has become a place where the Chinese community can call home away from home. Its very traditional feel and evident display of cultural character enticingly invites visitors from different parts of the world. As you walk down the streets of Chinatown, you see all of its big bizaares and restaurants along the way and find yourself wanting more. During the day when mostof the stores are open, Chinatown is swarmed by visitors, and as the night approaches, quiet and peace take over the area. Stepping into this wide historical community brings you to a new dimension far from the usual California surroundings. Its number of visitors even surpass the amount of visitors of the famouse Golden Gate Bridge.

Nob Hill, San Francisco

The Nob Hill, sometimes jokingly referred to as the ‘Snob Hill’, because of how it only attracts visitors of the elite society, is centrally located in the city of San Francisco. Tourist spots surround the area and from here, everything else seems only like a block away. Due to its geographical position, its accessibility to most of San Fo’s beauty spots, and its picturesque views, Snob Hill has become a home to some of the richest tycoons and magnates in history. After most of Nob Hill was destroyed in the year 1906 due to earthquakes and fires, it has made its way to recover and redeem its status in society as a high class destination. Its huge buildings and mansions even arose from ruins of ancient establishments which were destroyed in the calamities. Today, four of the most luxurious and expensive, high quality hotels stand within the Nob Hill territory and coincidentally, 3 of these hotels are representations of 3 of the world renowned ‘Associates’—the main entrepreneurs to be called to account in the building of The Central Pacific Railroad.

UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco

The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) brings much pride as it progresses into one of the leading hospital facilities nationwide. It is the children’s hospital that combines care, doscovery and research in one and in giving care, UCSF does not only treat the risks, but ends them. It is a place where invented techniques which began as trials are now used worldwide and it has been the seed of so many discoveries of treatments. As a teaching hospital, UCSF produces quality medical and health team members as well and these members of the team aid in the whole process of building a stronger hospital that will provide the best service. Hoping for a better future for the hospital and the people it will serve, UCSF aims to widen its horizon and expand its services. Across the UCSF’s Mission Bay research campus will rise the USCF Medical Center, the center that provides numerous specializations. Here will stand three hospitals, on for children, one for women, and one for cancer.

Alcatraz, San Francisco

The distant island used to be nothing more than a lighthouse and prison. Now it is a favorite destination among tourists and it can reached by a single boat ride from pier 33 of the Fisherman’s wharf. Viewing it just from a distance already gives out priceless snapshots especially as darkness approaches when the lighthouse shines brightly having the sky as its background with its array of beautiful colors. It began to catch attention from visitors in 1972 and since then it has starred in a few movies which turned out to be huge hits -- including The Escape from Alcatraz. But it has only been in the year 2008 that the official ferry ride to the Alcatraz began operating. It has brought many curious visitors across, afterwards they each certainly had a story to tell. The island is one historical landmark that became part of history and San Francisco is lucky to have such a wonderful place that could change the image of history from boring to beautiful.

America West Arena - Phoenix, AZ, US:

Situated in the downtown area of Phoenix, Arizona, the America West Arena is the sports stadium for the general public as well as for the commercial competitions. The stadium was built in 1988 and it was built by Jerry Colangelo by replacing the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The stadium was initially named as the US Airways Center and then renamed as the current name. The center is more famous for the games such as football, ice hockey, basket ball, as well as wrestling and music concerts. The cheering crowd always appreciates the live ice hockey matches for the entertainment and taking the enjoyment of the tough competitions. The nick name, with which the stadium is usually called upon is ‘The Purple Palace’ because its shinning purple ceilings and walls.

Arizona State University (ASU)

Arizona State University, commonly abbreviated as ASU, is the prime university dedicated for the public research and several undergraduate and graduate academic programs. The university was established in 1885 in the state of Arizona. The university is comprised of the four campuses which are: Polytechnic campus, Downtown Phoenix campus, the West campus, and the Tempe campus. The university has also initiated the virtual study program to provide education to the students online. More than 13,000 students are enrolled at the campus every year. The university offers more than 350 degrees for the undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as offers the Masters and PHD degrees for various subjects. The vast academic and administrative infrastructure of the Arizona State University honors the institution as the most prestigious one in the United States.

Children's Museum - Denver, CO, US

The Denver Children’s Museum, located in the Central Platter Valley, is open seven days a week. With Playscapes and educational programs designed for age newborn through eight years, the Children’s museum is packed with years of interactive learning and fun. Kids can play with words in the Alphabet Soup room, explore an oversized backyard as a bird, squirrel, or rabbit, role-play in a kid-sized grocery store and cafe, and learn the ins and out a real-life fire truck! Hungry? The admission free Eat Street Cafe, located on the Museum’s first floor, offers fresh, healthy snacks and meals. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own lunch and enjoy the cafe’s beautiful outdoor seating. The Children’s Museum invites you to come on in and explore, and don’t forget to bring your kids- grown-ups can’t get in without them.

Denver Art Museum - Denver, CO, US

The Denver Art Museum is part of the Civic Center Cultural Complex, located in downtown Denver, and is open Tuesday through Sunday. Housed in two architecturally innovative buildings inspired by Denver’s own epic natural landscape, the museum offers contemporary and ancient art from all over the world, and includes photography, architecture, design, and textile collections. While you’re here, why not check out the area? The Denver Art Museum is just blocks away from the 16th Street Mall, a sweet promenade of shops and outdoor cafes, the U.S. Mint, where they really make money, the Denver Botanic Gardens, and the fabulous Denver Zoo. With interactive kid spots and summer classes and camps, this museum is all ages appropriate and encouraged!

Performing Arts Complex - Denver, CO, US

The Denver Performing Arts complex is located in the heart of the theatre district, a featured stop on the Light Rail public transport system. This unique, one-stop shop for the performing arts is home to award winning classical and contemporary theatre, Broadway musicals and cabaret, the Colorado Ballet, Opera, and Symphony, as well as two educational programs in theatre and fine arts.The complex is within easy walking distance of some of Denver’s finest hotels, restaurants, and bars, and features its own posh dining venues: the Limelight Supper Club, where you can get cocktails, appetizers, dinner and brunch, and Kevin Taylor’s at the Opera House, for an experience in the art of fine dining. Whether you want to explore the theatre district, catch some shows, a backstage tour, or dine in or out, this not-for-profit Mecca for the arts will be sure to show you a good time!

Denver Zoo - Denver, CO, US

The Denver Zoo, located in Denver’s beautiful Historic City Park, is open everyday, year-round, and even offers eight Free Days per year. The Zoo is home to animals and exhibits from all over the world, and features realistic and detailed landscaping so you- and the animals- can feel the call of the wild. Explore the Arctic Circle on the rocky ledges and underwater viewing areas of Northern Shores, where you can see polar bears and sea lions diving into icy waters. Stroll through the pine forest and get ready to encounter Arctic Wolves. Head over to Predator Ridge to see Denver’s own Africa, home to two prides of lions, and myriad other exciting animals. On your way to see the elephants and gorillas, walk through Shamba, a replicated West African Village, where you can explore how animals and humans can learn to coexist. Visit the Indoor Rainforest, inspect prairie dogs and touch alligators in the Zoo’s Wild Encounters, or catch a unique show at the WildLife Theatre. Get into the wild and have a day to remember at the Denver Zoo!

  1. Georgia Dome

Home to a number of sports stadiums, Atlanta has had the credit of having the largest domed-shaped building in the world till 1999-the Georgia Dome. The stadium hosts a number of sports including baseball, football and basketball as well as concerts and other events. Home to the Atlanta Falcons from the National Football League, the stadium has been kept up with technology advancements keeping it up-to-date. Earlier construction plans for the stadium have fallen to extreme weathers when in 1995, a rain storm hit the city, pooling rain water into the stadium and pulling off the roof. Water dispersion became a problem and the stadium seemed more susceptible to weather. However, since then the stadium has been repaired and maintained well to cope with any discrepancies in future. The Georgia Dome has hosted a number of events and is also looking forward to host the WrestleMania in 2011 by the World Wrestling Entertainment, the first of its kind in the State of Georgia.

  1. Turner Field

Turner Field is one of the many sports stadiums residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally constructed as an Olympic stadium, Turner Field was converted to a baseball park after the 1996 Olympic Games and since then has been home to the Atlanta Braves, the baseball team. Also known by the name of Ted Turner, the stadium has an extensive seating arrangement for the fans to follow every match. In terms of attendance by the fans, of baseball, Turner Field is one of the highly attended stadiums. The stadium has been kept up with technology as well with the installation of an extensive video screen which made the records in the Guinness Book of World Records as well. Due to its popularity and the high engrossing held by the public and worldwide, many advertisement companies have installed their souvenirs within the stadium to be a part of the big project and facilitate the games that are held there.

  1. Philips Arena

Philips Arena is a state-of-the-art architectural edifice, perched on top of a rail station and serving as a sports venue as well as a location for concerts and other events. The arena has a unique touch to its style and design with a special seating arrangement that is designed to keep the spectators close to the field yet keeping in view the revenue generation motif as well. The arena is home to NBA, National Hockey League (NHL), the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Dream, hosting the most watched events and thus achieving the ranking of being the busiest venue for concerts and sports because of the attendance figures and outclassing the bigger market players. The arena owns the credit of being technologically advanced, incorporating improvements to the amenities, gaining recognition and adding its name to the top-notch market leaders.

  1. Perimeter Centre

Perimeter Center is a mall on the edges of the city of Atlanta, extending over to two newly formed counties of Dekalb and Fulton, stretching towards the north. The Perimeter Centre divides the two newly formed cities of Sandy Springs and Dunwoody, adjoining two major freeways which easily connect the cities to the central location of the mall. Working towards the development of the mall is the Perimeter Centre Community Improvement District run by the two counties but operating as a unit. The extensive cosmos of the mall incorporates a number of buildings, be it office parks or high-rise office buildings. The King and Queen Towers form the significant part of the structural design, making the skyline clearly visible from the Kennesaw Mountain. Apartment buildings have been assimilated to facilitate the workers with the significant addition of a high-rise condominium tower known by the name of Manhattan. Such facilities substantiate the working professionals and also help in lowering the traffic burden, emitting from the surrounding counties on the freeways, adjoining the center of the mall.

Balboa Park - San Diego, CA, US

Balboa Park of San Diego city in the state of California is a great centre of urban culture. This is a huge park comprising of almost everything that can be named under the category of entertainment, spread on an area of over twelve hundred acres. This is by name tells that it holds natural vegetation and open areas but in real it is something much more than just this. You will find numerous entertainments and cultural points like museums, theaters, gardens, shops, restaurants everything, you just name it and you’ll find it there and above all the great San Diego zoo. Balboa Park is one of the oldest public recreational places in whole USA. In 1977 Balboa Park was acknowledged as National Historic Landmark for its vital role as a leisure spot. Throughout the whole year life keeps on changing at this park with new theatrical performances and activities.

Maritime Museum - San Diego, CA, US

The Maritime Museum of San Diego is an over sixty year old museum that holds world’s historic vessels and ships. In fact not only hold them as heritage but also being maintained and operated to offer people with the best voyages of their life time. The even hold the oldest ever active ship of world and that is Star of India. This museum is also maintaining and providing with MacMullen Library and research achieve that too built on a ferry named Berkeley and that was built in year 1898. This museum is found in south of San Diego International Airport between the Ash Street and Grape Street. The ships and sea vessels of the museum are used as venue to every kind of events through out the year be it a wedding, private party, seminars or corporate dealings.

San Diego Zoo – San Diego, CA, US

San Diego Zoo is actually based in the Balboa Park of San Diego. The San Diego Zoo is rated is the most fast growing and progressing zoos of world holding more than four thousand animals belonging to eight hundred different animal species. It has Wild Animal Park and an Institute for Conservation Research. It is privately operated by a non profit Zoological society yet the ownership of all land and animals, equipment and everything is held by San Diego city government. At this zoo there is also an exotic collection of more than seven hundred thousand plants as the botanical collection. This zoo holds the credit of having the largest number of zoological memberships which accounts to more than half million people, including households and children.

Harbor Island – San Diego, CA, US
Harbor Island of San Diego is one of its kinds as it is a man made peninsula in the San Diego Bay area that was built by the US Navy to deepen the berths for military ships. It was built in 1961 and soon served as for the purpose of entertainment place to people of San Diego too. The Harbor Island is made over a very small area that is just few feet wide and just to miles long. There is a single road built that joins both the ends of Harbor Island and is called Harbor Island Drive. There are several restaurants and two high rise hotels and a park. They provide with the opportunity of recreational boating too as number of small boats and yachts are kept there so people may have their rides.
Horton Plaza – San Diego, CA, US
Horton Plaza is officially known as Westfield Horton Plaza and is a five floors high outdoor shopping mall in the city of San Diego in California. It’s a remarkably built place and serves as a very successful downtown shopping center within the locality. The architecture of the building is really different and done with the bright colors that add vibrancy to all the day long busy shopping life at the mall. It was turned into mall and built again to reopen in 1985 as before this it was home to numerous people and served actually as plaza. At Horton Plaza you can find more than one thirty stores and shops which include some really huge brand names of world too.

  1. High Museum of Art - Atlanta, GA, US

The High Museum of Art-Atlanta is also called the leading museum of art of the United States (US) in the Northeastern part. It is a partition of the Arts Center of Woodruff (along with the Atlanta Symphony Music or Orchestra, Young Hearings and the Playhouse). Above all of these, The High Museum of Art is also a very strong counsel in supporting self-taught Northern artists. The museum of art even has a curatorial partition which is particularly dedicated to the field of self-taught art -- a specific characteristic among museums of the South Americans. The museum of art also hosts a yearly film festival and some particular season exhibitions of art from different international artists.

2. Hartsfield Atlanta Airport - Atlanta, GA, US
Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is situated seven miles (11 km) south of the central business territory of Atlanta, Georgia, United States.Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, GA is rated as the busiest airport in the world, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport or simply ATL is not only the busiest, but also one of the biggest airports in the world. In a year, it serves more than 85 million passengers. There are five national concourses T, A, B, C, D and one concourse for international flights, E. ATL is also the chief part of Delta Airlines. The airport today hires about 54,200 airline, ground transportation, concessionaire, security, federal government and City of Atlanta and Airport rentar workers and is considered the biggest employment center in the State of Georgia.

  1. SciTrek - Atlanta, GA, US

SciTrek-The Science and Technology Museum of Atlanta, GA, US is a museum recently housing over 150 permanent presents with interactive exhibits collective in themed places, established in 1987. SciTrek is gem of Georgia in science and technology adventure with a great ranking in the top five science centers in the nation. Hands-on exhibitions appropriate both adults and kid the opportunity of researching in a high tech playground to find out, understand and understand the wonders of math, science and technology.

SciTrek- museum of Atlanta houses more than 90 presents in the main halls letting in Simple Machines; Color, Light and Sensing; Magnetism and Electricity; and Kid space. Chances are rendered for learning about science and technology by hands-on participation. Many special activities, demonstrations and exhibits are also featured throughout the whole year.

4. Smyrna - Atlanta, GA, US
Smyrna is a metropolis in Cobb County, Georgia, United States. The total population of Smyrna is 40,999 according to the census of 2000. Census figures of 2007 show a population of 49,534. Smyrna is one of the nearest suburbs to Atlanta, situated near the northern corner of I-285 and I-75, which is the land of Cumberland and the Cobb Galleria

Smyrna is assisted by Cobb County Public Schools. Campbell High School, a school for the IB Program, dwells within the city limits. Streetscape beautification projects, including a linear park on Concord Rd are one of the additional projects in Smyrna. Additional parkland projects are the 12 acre Taylor-Brawner Park, Riverview Road trail and Silver Comet Trail elongations in that region. The city runs the Smyrna Public Library. This is the only city-operated library system in Georgia and is distinguishing from the Cobb County Public Library System (CCPLS).

  1. Underground Atlanta - Atlanta, GA, US

From the 1930 to the 1968 Underground Atlanta laid dumb and nearly buried. It wasn’t till in 1968 that Underground Atlanta was nominated as a Historical Landmark, and renovated and unfolded with retail shops and businesses. In 1980’s Marta transit lines construction and other various elements pushed the Underground to close down once again. Yet, the cities civic leaders had the Underground listed on National Register of Historic Places, so in 1989 the Underground Atlanta opened once again in 1989 with having completed a $142 million reconstruction once again creating a central feature of community life. The exalted street provides the ceiling for the Underground. Underground Atlanta is hustling with activity, day or night. Enjoy daily entertainment, fortune telling, homemade candy, delicious dining and memento shopping. There are six blocks of shopping, dining, history and entertainment.

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