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The Marina - San Francisco

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3. The Marina - San Francisco

Many of the developments in San Francisco could be traced to the aftermath of the devastating 1906 earthquake and the Marina is also no exception. First the marshlands in the Marina were dumped with and from the ruins of the buildings that were earlier destroyed but not in a stable manner. This changed when the site was the venue for 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition. This exposition combined with the Palace of Fine Arts gave the Philip for commercial, economic and social growth in all forms, from businesses to dwelling. In this Marina became the preferred choice as a place to live and work and visit. But the saga of earthquake did not stop there. Its reoccurrence in 1989 though not as severe as the 1906 one yet resulted in the devastating Marina Blaze which resulted in the destroying of lesser stable buildings. The reconstructed Marina is much a stronger one and with such surroundings as the Union Street, Fort Mason etc., Hespe and Hourian Fine Art Galleries and such famous restaurants as Gity, shopping names as Joon that stocks merchandise at least from 41 countries , Sliver Moon, the iconic store for jewelry, the Chadwicks of London, the Thai cuisine in Gatip and the Bistro Aix, Marina is the place for weekend travelers and tourists.

4. Portobello Rd Market - London

Portobello Rd Market reflects the integrity of the British culture and the character of streets. The stores and shops situated there to have a feel of the antiqueness with their ornate shop fronts reflecting the Italian Architecture (also called as Baroque architecture) that was prevalent in the 17th century and the antique collections they sell.It wears several hats by bundling within itself several markets into one. Saturdays are the days to be in there when several other items as clothes, household and other junk could be seen spread over a mile long in over 2000 covered stalls laid in a haphazard manner, but that it is what makes it really a special ever since it was opened in 1880s and the antiques included in 1930s place for the tourist to hunt for a bargain. In between, they can relax by listening to the live performances of street performers whose talents cannot be underestimated for that reason. Today, it attracts the hip and leg shakers, savy businessmen. Precisely, the invasion of modernity is the major worry in those interested in the ancient culture of the market from becoming extinct.

5. Oxford/Bond Streets - London

Touted to be the busiest shopping street in the entire Europe, Oxford Street stretches for a mile and half from one end to another. The Street is famous for the Selfridges which is a reference to the retailer stores established by the American born (Selfridge is a city in the USA with a tiny population of 223) British retail merchant Harry Gordon and other big names in the departmental stores that caters to the famous and beautiful. These up market retain chains as John Lewis, Schuh, Monsoon, River Island Fashion, Gap to mention only a few dominate the section between Marble Arch and Oxford Circus. If Oxford caters to the elite, the Bond Street caters to the rich and famous through its expansively elegant shops. For those who are obsessed with designer collections and willing to pay the price, it has plenty in the form of Gucci, Armani, Art and Antiques etc., its speciality is in housing those Royal Warranty holders meaning those who cater to the royal families. Bond Street is divided into two, the new one closer to Bond Street Station with a pedestrian-only South Molton Street which though may not suit the rich and famous and the Old Bond Street located at the southern end which connects with Piccadilly.

6. Olympia Exhibition Ctr - London

The word conveys diverse meanings though from which an identity with the Olympia Exhibition Center cannot be associated, yet, its aptness of the name could be identified with its uniqueness in its opening on a Boxing Day in the year 1886. It was a grandiose event for the Hippodrome Circus, in which 400 performers, 300 horses and six elephants described 'funny, though no explanation available as to why the word 'funny' was used at that time,' had participated to show case their skills. Since then it has come a long way and with the additions of Olympia Two, the Grand Hall, the National Hall and the customs built Olympia Conference Centre, it can now cater to diverse events including major public exhibitions in a high tech manner. Its five functional rooms have varying dimensions from 606m2 to 1932m2 with an accordingly holding capability from 350 to 4000. Close to the fashionable Kensington, the Centre equally attracts the individual visitors and the companies and perhaps matches its popularity only with of Earls Court Exhibition Centre and its popularity has made it to be associated with superbrands.The Centre is self contained in all respects to give a total experience to its users.

7. Square Mile/Financial District - London

Referring to the Square Mile it is famously said that "England's coffers are in the Square Mile" and though this could be corroborated with its housing magnificent structures like the Lloyd's Building, the Bank of England yet it is curious to note that it also comprises the Central Criminal Court (otherwise known as Old Bailey) that may not readily fit in that description. If this aberration could be kept aside, one can get absorbed with what does. Besides prominently exhibiting the bronze figure of justice, this justice court is unique in randomly selecting the public to be jury within the Old Bailey. Coming back to the modern structures, the Heron International Tower would when completed in 2011 hold the record as the tallest building with a height of 202 meters and built up space in 46 storey. With the sweeping changes that have been taking place in financial technologies from screen based trading to online banking, the financial district may not hold the same charm as it was once when the Square Mile was dominated by the British family banking dynasties yet it keeps its charm of splendor particularly in its grandiose structures.

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