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8. Bloomsbury - London

It is ‘the’ place for those literally inclined. The British Museum naturally would be an attraction for the tourists light or serious minded. For the serious minded ones, it contains scholarly resources from the 1753 with the collections expanding in a geometrical proportions coinciding the hey days of the British Empire. More notoriously described as plundering of the literary resources from the world, the Museum contains over 6.5 million collections spread over in a 14 acre area. It may look to fit those inclined for a return visits but that does not prevent those with just touristic inclinations to wonder at the Greek revivalist structure used in the architecture. They may spend more time at the Court Restaurant which in itself can add to as a tourist spot. Besides, it is home to the University College, London's first University thus making it more a centre for academically inclined tourists. It is curious to know that it was established in 1828 to furnish educational opportunities to those rejected from the elite Oxford and Cambridge but its uniqueness lies in the fact that it far ahead of its times by ignoring race, gender and other discriminations in admissions.

9. Covent Garden - London

Weekends and summer months are the best periods to visit this the glass-covered building that was a centre for fruit and vegetable market once upon a time provided the visitors do not mind the overflowing crowd. It is described to pull the tourists like a magnet for it revolves around itself numerous open-air cafes, restaurants, pubs and market stalls. The pedestrainaized piazza is home to the street performers whose entertainment is an added attraction for those who would like to stand and enjoy. The Theatre Museum and London Transport Museum are located there at the place which was a floral market earlier. The Royal Opera House and a number of other theatres are also situated there adding to the entertainment value of the Gardens. It may be of interest to note that it had derived this name because of its market primarily supplying food to the nearby convent of St. Peter, Westminster. Consequent to a religious tussle, King Henry VIII confiscated the lands and gave it Francis Russell of Bedford in the year 1632 who in turn engaged the architect Inigo Jones to develop it into a neighborhood flushed with luxury. He was heavily influenced by the Italian piazzas, meaning in simple English, a square and thus the London's first public square was born

10. Tate Museum- London

Situated in the former Bakside power station and designed by Sir Giles Scott who was also has been credited with the development of 'red telephone box', its uniqueness lies in its functioning as a gallery in the day and beaming of lights in the night through its tall chimney. Even the entry to the building is an experience for the tourists. It goes down the ramp at the western end which directly leads the visitors into the 100ft high turbine hall. Once they enter the hall, they can have a taste of the famous classical collections as the Rothko, Matisse and Picasso among others and contemporary ones of Matthew Barney, Chris Ofili and Gerthard Richter.During the renovation, two more storey were added , which include the glass beam and a restaurant that is located in the fourth floor. In short, Tate Britain is the home for British arts from 1500 to the current day from traditional to modern art and it provides a wholesome experience whether as a tourist spot or educational tourist destination and even proving to be an entertainment venue for eating and drinking. The added attraction, the Tate Boat runs once forty minutes when the gallery is open connecting Tate Britain to Tate Modern.

Amtrak Station - Dallas, TX, US

Amtrak Station-Dallas is a famous railway station situated in an American state Texas. In abuts at 400 South Houston Street. It is a beautiful, well-built and grand station built in 1915. it provides traveling facilities to hundreds of thousands of people daily. It is the only Railway Station of USA that provides nationwide railway routs. Amtrak Station-Dallas remains operational from 8:00am to 5: 30pm daily. The train that runs from here is called Texas Eagle. Its routs include Chicago, IL - San Antonio, TX - Dallas, TX - Los Angeles, CA. Amtrak Station is relatively cheaper than other railway stations. Amtrak is a solid choice for the budget conscious travelers and for those with extra time who are really looking to see more of America. If one happens to go to USA, he should visit Amtrak Station and see how fantastic the place is.

Wild Animal Park - San Diego, CA, US:

Wild Animal Park is like heaven for audacious and wild life adoring people. The foremost magnetism of this park is its natural habitat. At the first glance it gives out an impression of minuscule Africa. There are different rides available to obtain voyage all the way through the wild animal park like African tour vehicles to more impudent rolling bio diesel vehicles. On expedition to the wild animal park you are more likely to congregate amid animals like rhinoceroses, giraffes, Cape buffalo and more. A must go place that provides recreation for the whole family. The park offers variety of different animal shows daily along with special events throughout the year. The most inimitable thing is that the park’s event planners are proficient to facilitate the most memorable and adventurous wedding along organizing other such proceedings.

Convention Center - San Diego, CA, US:

Listed among the top Convention Centre’s of the world, 2.6 million-square-foot San Diego Convention Centre is being sited idyllically with an inclusive view of city and the bay. More over on a walking distance from the convention centre one can hit upon number of restaurants, cafes, shops, clubs and the historic Gaslamp Quarter , the city's hottest dining and entertainment area .It is a just right place for holding meetings, convention, exhibition or any other event for the reason that its service is as pampering as anything else . Owing to its stupendous service San Diego Convention Center is the foremost priority of the meeting planners' for hosting major conventions, trade shows, meetings and special events. The most prominent objet d'art from architectural point of view is the sails pavilion that correspond immediacy to San Diego shore.

Shelter Island - San Diego,CA,US:

Shelter Island is a magnum opus of human ingenuity. Years ago it was merely a mud bank .Over the year’s human aesthetics and capability has altered into the world most striking resort. Owing to the exquisiteness of this1.2 miles long and only a few hundred yards Wide Island, today it is the most sought after place for the event planners. Shelter Island offers a colossal treat for visitors and locals’ equally, ranging from awe-inspiring performance of renowned national musicians and comedians’ to the world’s finest restaurants, gleaming pools, gift shops, fitness facilities, amiable seafaring shops, out of the ordinary historic landmarks, and parks. The hotels and the adjoining waterfront community has given birth “Shelter Island Village” which is the hub housing, catering and entertainment. Shelter Island serves as jewel in the crown of San Diego city.

UC San Diego - San Diego,CA,US :

According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities, University of California ranked number fourteen. Established in 1960s UCSD is home to countless geniuses. The state of the art campus is positioned ideally near the Pacific Ocean, the U.S.-Mexico border and the Pacific Rim. The multicultural environment doles out to be a fiesta for the international students. It is outfitted with the world’s most excellent faculty having remarkable track record for achieving scientific, medical and technological breakthroughs. The university employs 7,566 faculty members including eight Nobel Laureates, eight MacArthur fellows, three National Medal of Science laureates, and one Fields Medalist. The University has foremost expertise in climate science research, and is rendering services world wide. It is highly rated among students. The university is always ready to espouse meticulous and striving students across the globe.

Bank One Ballpark - Phoenix, AZ, US

Bank One Ballpark (currently known as Chase Field) is located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, is a renowned baseball stadium. It is the third Major League Basketball stadium and the first one in US which has a retractable roof and also the first ballpark to feature natural grass under this roof. Bank One Ballpark was originally named after Bank One of Chicago, Illinois. After merger with JPMorgan Chase & Co., the name changed to Chase Field, which was announced in 2005. The estimated cost for the stadium was $279 million in 1995, but cost overruns made the final price quite more almost up to $364 million. Park was constructed in two years from 1996 up till 1998 just before the Diamondbacks' first season began. There is a swimming pool in Chase Field and also constitutes a dirt strip, sometimes known as the "keyhole" a very common thing in old-time ballparks. Occasional concerts and International soccer games are also held in this stadium.

Dallas Museum of Art - Dallas, TX, US

Dllas Museum of Art is a illustrious art museum located in the Arts District of Downtown Dallas, Texas, USA. The history of the Museum can be traced in Dallas Art Association established in 1903. This Association exhibited paintings in Dallas Art Gallery. Afterwards Dallas Art Association was renamed as Dallas Museum of Fine Arts that was replaced by the present Dallas Museum of Art in 1984. The Museum was designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes. Dallas Museum of Arts contains 23,000 works of arts of various regions and artists including modern as well as ancient ones. It also contains Wendy and Emry Reves Collection. In 2008, the Center For Creative Collection was established in the Museum. Tourists and art lovers from all over the world visit the Museum and get amazed from miracles of the human creativity.

Texas Stadium- Dallas, Texas, US
Texas stadium served as home to NFL’s Dallas Cowboys from 1970-2008. The stadium was situated in the suburbs of Dallas with a sitting capacity of 65,675. This American sports landmark was demolished in April 2011 through planned implosion. The momentous architectural feature of the stadium was the roof. Initially the concept was to achieve a retractable roof but due to the heavy weight of the roof, the structure of stadium couldn’t support it. Thus it was constructed partially open. There was a hole in the roof of the stadium; about the hole the cowboy fans say “Texas Stadium has a hole in its roof so God can watch His favorite team play”. The stadium seating in its sliver and blue glory provided outdoor experience in an indoor ambiance. It has also been host to other sports events like Wrestling and Lacrosse.
JFK Memorial- Dallas, Texas, US

JFK memorial is a contemplation space designed by the renowned Prtizker laureate Philip Johnson. It is situated in the heart of Dallas, 200 yards from where President was assassinated. The memorial comprises of simple concrete blocks, the gap in the centre and the slightly lifted masses from bas gives a feeling of openness to otherwise closed space. There is a black granite slab in the centre inscribing the name of President. The vertical lines and the height of the walls add linearity to the square plan. The white color adds harmony to the memorial. The memorial is to celebrate the life of J. F. Kennedy. Over the years it has become a major tourist site in Dallas, attracting tourists from across the globe that come to pay homage to the deceased President.

Medical City, Dallas, Texas, US
Medical City Hospital provides high quality health care in Dallas Texas. The hospital is a complex comprising of state of the art modern medical facilities and full services with medical and surgical sub specialties. The atmosphere of the hospital is hotel like with aesthetically pleasing interior and grand lobby. The setting of the pediatric and patients room gives a safe and secure vibe. The play of light through skylight creates a cheerful environment for patients. The campus provides separate private adult and pediatric emergency rooms and special suite for new mothers. Comfortable waiting areas and food court, banking ,pharmacy, In house physicians, on going private research are some other added extras. The hospital also provides a cancer resource centre, treating cancer patients and educating others about cancer.
Baylor Medical, Dallas, Texas, US
Baylor health care system Dallas is award winning non profit medical centre with a dedicated staff and excellence in patient care. Equipped with up to date facilities, it provides remedial services in all the surgical and medial fields. It recently announced a new cancer centre. The building is a curvilinear architectural magnum opus. Baylor Medical centre has been involved in community work ever since its establishment around 100 years ago. It is now a network of 25 hospitals with more than 3400 beds. It also has the credit to create one of the first maternity centers in U. S. Baylor Medical center is also a pioneer in the organ transplant. Baylor Medical also plans to launch a health care reform by 2015 which could be the solution of the increasing health care expenses in US.

Love Field, Dallas, Texas, US

Love Field is a city owned general purpose public airport in Dallas, Texas. It was named after Lieu ant Moss Love who died in plane crash. Originally built in 1958, it has been undergoing major rejuvenation in design and interior. Initially it was a white planar building with fully equipped aeronautical and air navigation facilities. It has two long runways, running parallel to each other. The parking area has been renovated and improved. New features like updated baggage claim area. Historically this airport is significant for the fact that it is the same airport JFK arrived at before his assassination. It is the very same Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as president. A modernize Love Field is scheduled to open in 2014.

Atlanta Zoo - Atlanta, GA, US

Zoo Atlanta is located in historic Grant Park, minutes from downtown Atlanta and less than a mile from Turner Field - home of the Atlanta Braves. Atlanta’s oldest cultural attraction began the day a circus came to town – and never left. In March 1889, a traveling show bound for Marietta, Ga., stalled just south of its destination when cash flow problems forced its owner into bankruptcy. A businessman George Valentine Gress purchased the collection at public auction and donated the animals en masse to the city of Atlanta. City leaders relocated them to picturesque Grant Park, a favorite local picnic and promenade destination. Featuring a jaguar, a hyena, a black bear, a raccoon, an elk, a gazelle, a Mexican hog, lionesses, pumas, camels and snakes, Atlanta’s first zoological venue opened to the public that April. Community involvement was part of the Zoo’s life from the beginning, with private citizens donating animals and Atlanta newspapers heralding new arrivals and spearheading fund drives. In 1935, the park swelled with the arrival of the entire Briarcliff Road collection, which included elephants, leopards, water buffalo, elk, zebra, birds, a hyena and a sea lion, not to mention Jimmie Walker, Candler’s tiger and Grant Park’s first and now a day’s zoo Atlanta is the greatest tourist attraction in the Atlanta.

Stone Mtn. Park - Atlanta, GA, US

The summer sizzles as Stone Mountain Park presents summer at the Rock! Tourists can Challenge themselves on Sky Hike, the America’ largest family adventure course in the treetops. They can enjoy all-new Journey to the Center of the Earth 4D Adventures located in Crossroads at the base of Stone Mountain. Can participate in shows and attractions including The Backyard Circus, storytelling and more! Stone Mountain Park has many other attractions like the Summit Skyride, Great Locomotive Chase Adventure Golf, Ride the Ducks, the Antebellum Plantation & Farmyard and a museum for just one price. The Southeast’s largest Christian music fest is also being organized at Stone Mountain Park for the second year in a row. During the festival Families and church youth groups enjoy three days of contemporary Christian Music, inspirational speakers, and much more. Artists such as Casting Crowns, Natalie Grant, Building 429, Skillet, Disciple, Kutless, and over 40 more will participate in the festival

Emory Dunwoody Med Ctr - Atlanta, GA, US

Emory Dunwoody Medical Centre Atlanta is a well known medical facility in America. It has 168 beds in medicare and Medicaid area. The center was accredited on May 1997 by Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations. With no medical school affiliation it has 9.10 Inhalation therapists and 13.70 licensed nurses. Medical centre has 166.30 full time salaried persons at their disposal. Total number of registered nurses in the hospital is 90.80 and there are 4 registered pharmacists in the hospital. Acute renal dialysis, anesthesia and alcohol or drug treatment services are provided under arrangement. Blood bank, burn care Unit, coronary care unit, dental, dietary facility, home care unit emergency services etc. are also part of this medical facility.  

Georgia State University - Atlanta, GA, US

Georgia State University is the Southeast's leading urban research institution. It is on the list of the top 100 public universities for doctoral degrees awarded. More than 250 fields of study are offered through some 55 accredited degree programs at the bachelor's, master's, specialist and doctoral levels. Students can enroll in day or evening classes and in part-time or full-time study. The university was founded in 1913. 55 degree programs are offered in 250 fields of study through 6 collages. Approximately 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students are studying in the university. Total 179,624 degrees have been conferred upon the students till date. University is adding more than $7 million daily to Georgia's economy.

World of Coca-Cola - Atlanta, GA, US

With 60,000 square feet to explore, the World of Coca-Cola features more than 1,200 artifacts from around the world that, until now, have never been displayed to the public before. Around every corner one experiences something new and inviting. One can see great interactive exhibits such as a thrilling, multi-sensory 4-D movie (3D glasses with moving seats) and a fully functioning bottling line. You can even give 7-foot Coca-Cola Polar Bear a big hug! And of course, a World of Coca­Cola favorite—the tasting experience, will give you a refreshing opportunity to sample over 60 different products from around the world. All this and much more make the World of Coca­Cola a unique and must-see Atlanta experience! A visit of the entire attraction is estimated to last an average of 90 minutes. The original World of Coca-Cola was established at Underground Atlanta as an attraction dedicated to the heritage of The Coca-Cola Company in 1990. By 2000, The Coca-Cola Company accumulated approximately 20 acres of land in downtown Atlanta near Centennial Olympic Park. In 2002 the Coca-Cola Company announces plans for development of the land to help spur ongoing revitalization of downtown Atlanta. The new World of Coca-Cola constructions begin in 2005.And the property for the new World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium is dedicated to John S. Pemberton, inventor of Coca-Cola®. In 2006 The Coca-Cola Company donated 2.5 acres of Pemberton Place property to the City of Atlanta for the Center for Civil and Human Rights. The original World of Coca-Cola at Underground Atlanta closed its doors in 2007. The new World of Coca-Cola at Pemberton Place celebrates its grand opening on May 24, 2007.

Opera Garnier— Paris, France

With a sheer accretion of its stage—118,404 square feet and room for 450 troupe—the sumptuous and monumental Opera Garnier with its ornate facade was one of the architectural masterpieces of nineteenth century. A lavish epitaph to the raving architectural activities by Napoleon III of the Second Empire describes his intentions of turning Paris into Rome under Caesars. Designed by Charles Garnier and constructed during 1861-1875, Palais Garnier seems to dwarf the respectable 2156-seat capacity auditorium. The interior of the building is even more impressive than its exterior with 30m-high grand marble staircase and 54m long Grand Foyer featuring a mosaic covered ceiling and a large number of winsome chandeliers. Being one of the most inspirational architectural prototypes in France with its interweaving hallways, alcoves, stairwells and landings rich with velvet, gold leaves and cherubim and nymphs, this building is a sign of attraction for the visitors throughout the world.

Musee d’Orsay— Paris, France

Palatial Beaux Arts edifice and situated on the left bank of the Seine, Musee d’Orsay is the museum in Paris holding French Art—paintings, sculpture, furniture and photography dating from 1848 to 1915. The museum building was originally a railroad station which acted as mailing station during World War-II and a set for several film shootings. The Italian architect Gae Aulenti supervised the design of conversion of the building during 1980-86 after French government decided to convert Gare d’Orsay railway station into museum in 1977. After being inaugurated by the President of the Republic, Francois Miterrand on December 1st, 1986, the museum was opened for general public after eight days. The spacious venue dedicated to art consists of impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces formerly distributed among other museums of France—the Louvre, Musee du Jeu de Paume and Musee d’Art Moderne.

Chateau de Chantilly—Paris, France

The sightseeing Chateau de Chantilly—a magnificent piece of art and architecture with natural beauty of its gardens and sagacity of the Conde Museum, is one of the most visited places in France. Formerly owned by Montmorency family and recently by Institute de France, the Chateau is the amalgamation of two buildings—the Grand Chateau and petit Chateau.

Situated in the historic town of Chantilly, the Chateau’s older part—the Grand Chateau was reconstructed in the year 1870 A.D as it was destroyed during the French Revolution. The prestigious Conde Museum embodies many finest historical French paintings, second only to the Louvre. The art gallery, situated in the Petit Chateau, contains an enviable hodgepodge of over 700 manuscripts and more than 12,000 books including a copy of the historic Gutenberg Bible. The Chateau de Chantilly has been serving the French as precious cultural heritage and worth-mentioning asset.

Gare du Nord—Paris, France

The busiest station of the Europe, The Gare du Nord is among the six large terminus stations of the French National Railway Network in Paris engaging 180 million travellers per year. It is the hub for tourists leaving for or arriving from London through Eurostar. Gare du Nord, the world’s third busiest station, was inaugurated in 1846 but it soon proved inadequate to absorb the rush of travelers and increasing traffic. The architectural team under the supervision of German born Jacques Hittorff completed the new impressive building in 1866. The passengers can travel to Belgium, Holland, Northern Germany and the Scandinavian countries from this station. A large number of hotels can be found in the areas adjacent to Gare du Nord. They provide affordable and comfortable accommodation to the tourists.

Blvd St. Garmein

Boulevard St. Germain— main street of Pairs on the left bank of the Seine River has been the historic centre for French intellectualism since the times when Latin was the Lingua Franca during the Middle Ages. It continues to be blessed by intellectual talent, youthful energy, to some extent a gritty feel of its original streets, crowded bars and several gift shops. St. Germain receives a great deal of applause from the tourists because of being a centre for bookstores, design shops, museums, churches, high-end art galleries, historic cafes and boutique hotels. The official hub of the locality is the church of St. Germain, the original foundations of whom were laid down in the 3rd century A.D but the building standing today finds its history in the seventh decade of 12th century. Ecole des Beaux Arts, the historic school of Fine Arts in Paris belongs to St. Germain.

SS American Museum Ship - Tampa, Florida, US

One of Tampa Bay’s remarkable assets is the SS American Victory, a distinguished 1945 2nd World War trade ship which has been maintained as a museum ship in Coastal Bay City-Tampa. This ship used to deliver foodstuff, transportation mediums, equipment, and goods to war despoiled territories of Europe as well as the Near East, in support of the American regime’s United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. The SS American Museum Ship struggles to serve the society at large by saving and explaining naval traditions, groundings and the custom of maritime business through engaging teenagers and sharing an enthusiasm and awareness of the consequences maritime industry on domestic and national frugality. A museum ship is a ship that has been conserved and transformed into a museum open to the civilians, for intellectual, training and employment purposes.

Museum of Science and Industry – Tampa, Florida, US

Located in Southeast America, Tampa's Museum of Science and Industry has been a leading Florida cultural captivating point since its launching in year 1982. MOSI (generally called by city dwellers) proposes varieties of up-close, convenient likelihoods to take part in knowing further about the hi-tech wonders that compose the world around us. The prime objective of the Museum of Science and Industry is to provide the community with understanding using an educational practice of Science and Technology that has stepped forward over countless years through the use of interesting shows, live illustrations and movies that appeal all age groups. MOSI campus consists of numerous eye-catching stuff and areas to discover. Besides an IMAX dome cinema, MOSI also covers a planetarium, a nature trail butterfly farmstead, along with a public library fixed for purely science-related matter.

Big Cat Rescue - Tampa, Florida, US

If you are in quest of experiencing something different than your usual zoo trip then Big Cat Rescue is the best option. In Tampa, Big Cat Rescue is a unique non-profit wildlife harborage, designed for rescuing and making available a permanent habitat for weird (i.e. undomesticated) cats who have been badly treated, thrown out, become inactive and stop doing actions, or kept away from being exterminated for fur coats. What the individuals at Big Cat Rescue perform is beyond belief. They pull cats from peculiar situations and provide them large, natural fields. All the cats seem so contented. The helpers there not simply give you details about the cats and where they've catch them, but also about their classes and habitat in the natural history. Moreover, they let you know about regulations relating to the cats, and how you can help them out to endure in the vicious situations.

Al Lopez Park - Tampa, Florida, US

Situated in the locality of North Himes Avenue, Al Lopez Park constructs on a sizeable 132 acres of lush scenery full of natural world, and all the luxuries needed for a sprightly gathering. You can choose to chill out, simmer down and get pleasure from the scene or throw a football in the playing field with a few buddies. Moreover, playground for children, multiple tracks for running, protective picnic spots finished with grills and a railing in Dog Park. The park-lovers that tryout the nature experiment quickly grasp what makes Al Lopez Park exceptional. If it isn't the land that catches your attraction, it will definitely be the ponds. Out of two ponds present there, one is fishpond where fishing is allowed, and numerous people believed that the fishing is what places Al Lopez Park unparalleled with other parks.

World Trade Center - Tampa, Florida, US

Tampa’s World Trade Center presents a broad structure of international trade services to endorse West-coast Florida industries and other associations. The intention of Tampa`s WTC is to stimulate overseas dealings and make international trade bigger through expert recommendations, technical guidance and promotion assistance. The World Trade Center Tampa Bay signifies the essence of free trade and now appreciates founders, organizers and senior managers who have made a noteworthy impact in boosting trade globally. WTC of Tampa is competent to carry out market assessment reports including: market details and statistics, local production, local opponents, charging structures, delivery systems, duties and import policies, authenticated list of concerned companies, domestic physical conditions and cultural clauses, conclusion and proposition. The WTC will produce openings to foster Tampa Bay all over the world and to advantageously targeted markets as one of the preeminent sites in Florida, which offers an exclusive combination of commerce, coastlines and daily life.

Garland - Dallas, TX, US

In the U.S. state of Texas, Garland is famous cities in the northeast region of Dallas. This city has its own culture and this is the reason why on government level they do organize many events such as Star Spangled and MotorCops for Kids Toy Run. These both events were the most popular among the populace of Garland. Culture is one of the basic aspects of entertainment in Garland. For cultural activities you will find “Patty Granville Arts Center” which has two architecturally noteworthy theaters. Also there is various golf courses among them 5 are the most famous Golf Courses in Garland, TX. Among these golf courses some are of 18 holes and others are of 9 holes, so you can imagine how long these golf parks would be. For families and especially for kids there are amazing and fun filled themed parks where you can go and enjoy your vacations. These themed parks have many exciting features from water sports to skiing.

Glendale - Phoenix, AZ, US

Glendale also named as Arizona’s Antique Capital, is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona, USA, located about fourteen kilometers northwest from Phoenix. According to census of 2000, it has a total area of 144.4 km², of which, 144.2 km² of it is land and 0.2 km² is water as well as 218,812 people, 75,700 households, and 54,352 families residing in the city. The median income for a household in the city was $45,015, and the median income for a family was $51,162. Males had a median income of $35,901 versus $27,736 for females. The per capita income for the city was $19,124. Glendale is popular of Arrowhead Towne Center mall, Midwestern University, Metro Phoenix's first medical school, as well as Thunderbird School of Global Management. Many events are conducted throughout the year in Glendale that includes, Glendale Chocolate Festival, Glendale Glitters, Annual Glendale Jazz and Blues Festival.

Gramercy Park - New York, NY, US 

The Gramercy Park is a well-manicured private park, which was created in 1966 by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. The neighborhood displays a variety of aesthetic architecture and notable features along this park include the Block Beautiful houses on the East 19th Street, the Birthplace of Theodore Roosevelt, the Gramercy Tavern, the Gramercy Park Hotel and the Gothic Revival building among others. Formerly a swamp, the Gramercy Park was developed by Samuel Ruggles into a modern beautiful park, which is only accessed by those who live around it. The park is located in Manhattan, New York and lies between the East 20th Street, the East 21st Street and Gramercy Park west and east. The area around Gramercy Park has been commissioned as a Historic District and this has opened it up to many visitors. The neighborhood is ideal for historical tours, shopping sprees and relaxation activities such as dog walking and jogging.

Hotel Circle - San Diego, CA, US

Hotel Circle in San Diego provides the ideal combination for visitors looking for pleasure and relaxation in one great trip experience. Convenience, comfort and amenities have made the San Diego Hotel Circle a well-accepted choice for business personal as well as for the tourists. There is fishing, boating, photography, whale-watching (in the winter season) parasailing and much more. The green tropical gardens, calm ocean breezes and affectionate sandy beaches would make you close to all the attraction, recreation, adventure, culture and excitement of lively San Diego. The hotel circle gives unique blend of better-quality accommodations, first rate modern services and casual atmosphere which has made the Hotel circle a beloved destination for business and leisure travelers alike. No matter whether you're a business traveler or sightseer, Hotel circle in San Diego gives the best scenic location in the heart of San Diego where most fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean can be enjoyed. Not only this, the Hotel Circle offers the hotel guests a perfect variety of dining options.

Puerto Morelos - Cancun, MX

Puerto Morelos is a fishing village as well as a picnic resort, situated in Mexico. It lies between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, the two famous Mexican cities. It takes 15 minute from Cancun International Airport to reach there. For its maritime potential, Puerto Morelos is also called “Jewel of the Caribbean”. It has been a source of livelihood for many Mexican fishermen since long. Due to its great natural beauty, Puerto Morelos attracts tourists from all over the world. It offers services like fresh seafood and diving and snorkeling trips to the reef. It is surrounded by restaurants, Inns and markets. With enamoring landscape, Puerto Moreles is an ideal place for relaxation, recreation and excursion. Here one can witness charming coral reefs, mangroves, beaches and dancing waters. The creativity of nature seems in its full swing over here. Away from the melancholies of world, here one can get tranquility and serenity. Visiting Puerto Morelos is necessary to sooth the aesthetic sense.

Kennedy Museum - Dallas, TX, US

In Dallas, among many of the famous historical sites Kennedy Museum is one of them. This Art museum is situated in the Ohio University. As the name of the museum suggested it is built in the respect of Edwin L. and Ruth E. Kennedy. The Museum contains remarkable and considerable assortments as well as chief southwest Native American fabrics and ornaments, and a well-known fashionable print assortment. This top-notch foundation brings to the University and the province an extensive collection of enduring assortment and itinerant trade fair, learning program, and exceptional sightsee. This Kennedy Museum is an essential component of the learning, study, and communal service operation of Ohio University. Basically the main mission of this museum is to create awareness and better understanding among people about the all aspects of Edwin and Kennedys’ life from birth till death. People who are interested in the history love to explore this museum.

La Jolla - San Diego, CA, US

La Jolla is a rich seaside resort community, situated along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, California. La jolla has given a nick name of “jewel city” by the spanish word La joya which means the Jewel. La Jolla is a site of magnificent natural beauty, sandy beaches and rocky shorelines. It is good for a variety of outdoor and cultural activities because this area has a number of public beaches, parks, as well as shopping areas. La Jolla is known for jewelry stores, upmarket fine restaurants and hotels. Moreover, in addition to, sandy beaches, hotels, restaurants and art galleries. La Jolla has many renowned institutions, such as the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the Stephen Birch Aquarium & the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. The museum has a perfect collection of American and European works including paintings, sculptures, photographic art, design objects and works on paper. Besides this, La Jolla is a work place to many Bio-Tech and software companies. Briefly, La Jolla is a wonderful place to reside, visit and to do business.

Majestic Theatre - Dallas, TX, US

In downtown Dallas which is basically the center part of city Dallas, you will see majestic theatre which is an arts theater just in the middle of the city. Dallas is considered to be the city of entertainment as this city contains a lot of sightseeing for tourists as well as for locals. This majestic theater is now the last theater which is left in that street as in previous years there was many theaters around this whole street. If you just take a look on the outside of this theater, you will not find out it much good but when you go inside, you will see how amazing it is! Its stylish as well as sophisticated, the view to the stage is amazing as the floor of the theater is skewed. So if you are roaming around Dallas, then you must visit this amazing theatre you will definitely enjoy your trip.

Metrocenter - Phoenix, AZ, US

Metrocenter 1,400,000-square-foot mall, was built on 312 acres in sparsely populated residential area named Phoenix and considered as the largest shopping center in Arizona and also one of the largest shopping centers in the US. The mall, managed by Jones Lang LaSalle, constitutes more than 100 stores, a food court, and a 12 screen movie theater. Metrocenter came into existence as a result of a joint venture of Westcor and Homart Development Company and afterwards in January 2004, a joint venture of The Macerich Company and AEW Capital Management bought it. The mall was opened for business in October 1973 after spending $100 million. The original anchor stores were Sears, Rhodes Brothers, Diamond's, Goldwater's, and The Broadway. The mall has an ice skating rink and a bar in the fuselage of a 747 airliner. The Amusement park of Arizona, Castles N' Coasters , also circles the main boundaries of the mall.

Nasher Sculpture Center - Dallas, TX, US

The Nasher Sculpture Center was constructed on the anthology of Patsy and Ray Nasher, who initiated to bring together pre-Colombian art from earliest Latin America in the 1950's and recent sculptures in the mid-1960. In recent years this center has organized exhibition of a French artist named as Henri Matisse. Basically the vision of this museum was to build a museum which is in an open area just without any roof and walls. For open area sculpture center, you can visit garden which is situated in the open air at the back of the museum. There in the museum almost every month music concerts are arrange for music lovers. A lot of sculptors represented in this museum among various sculptors, some of the most popular are: Mex Ernst, Joan Miro, Alberto Giacometti, Pablo Picasso, Edgar Degas, August Rodin, Paul Gauguin. Timings of museum is fixed and also some of the days are free so before visiting must check the proper timings.

Ocean Beach - San Diego, CA, US

Ocean Beach (O.B.) is a San Diego's spectacular beach town in California, USA. An American politician William H. Carlson gave Ocean Beach its name. It is a place which has marvellous antique stores, restaurants, coffee houses, bars, tattoo and piercing shops, bike and surf shops and an independent super market. Besides this, there are multiple churches, schools, a public library, an international youth hostel, a U.S. Post Office and other facilities which makes O.B an exquisite site to visit and dwell in. The northern end of O.B is named as Dog Beach, the first leash-free dog beach in the United States, which is a specific spot for the pets and their owners. Moreover, O.B is a location where Halloween and New Year’s eve are celebrated as Holy days. Likewise, the Christmas Parade and the fireworks show in july are traditionally commemorated annualy. Nevertheless, there is lot to tell about this lovely little ocean beach town but concisely it would be wise to say that it is the destination where the sun sets on San Diego.

Parkland/UTsouthwestern Dallas, TX, US.

Pioneers in biomedical research the UT Southwestern medical centre is renowned as one of the principal academic medical centers in the world .Ranked as one of the flagship institutions of the University of Texas systems, UT Southwestern integrates three degree yielding institutions ,including Parkland Memorial, Dallas Fortworth Metroplex and state-of-the-art biomedical research laboratories. Ever since the inception of UT Southwestern in the Southwestern Medical district of Dallas, it has exhausted much effort into conceptualizing the ideal situation for the proliferation of dexterous individuals of the future. Thriving as one of the revolutionary research entity in the world, UT southwestern is elated over the creation of several milestones that will lead us toward the unearthing of a new scientific era. The physicians at UT southwestern provide their undivided attention and the latest health elucidations to patients at UT southwestern university, Parkland Health and Hospital system, Children’s medical centre Dallas and the VA North Texas Health care system

Puerto Juarez - Cancun, MX

Puerto Juarez is a town in Benito Juarez municipality, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It is in the north-east of the Yucatan Peninsula, on the shore of the Caribbean Sea. It is 2 kilometer away from Cancun (a coastal city in Mexico's easternmost state). Puerto Juarez is simply a boat dock for access to Isla Mujeres (one of the nine municipalities of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo). Two ferry docks are available to get to the Isla Mujeras one is Puerto Juarez which is closer to downtown Cancun city and the airport while the other is Gran Puerto Cancun which is located less than half a mile before the Puerto Juarez ferry docks. The ferry from Puerto Juarez is a bigger, enclosed ferry with air conditioning. Beverages and refreshments are available on the dock or on the ferry. Puerto Juarez is very reasonably priced and they have a beautiful beach.

Reunion Arena Dallas, TX, US.

Beguiling numerous amounts of aficionados over the last two decades the Reunion Arena exuded unparalleled virtuosity and charisma. Notorious for hosting epic events of overwhelming proportions, the Reunion Arena is situated in the Reunion District of downtown Dallas Texas (USA). Built in 1980 the Reunion Arena featured 30,000 Ft2 of floor space, not to mention breath-taking sightlines. Flaunting a capacity of 18,293 for basketball and 17,001 for ice hockey this startling edifice was once considered a nesting ground of vociferous enthusiasts. Being witness to an array of historical events from the elevation of banners to the retiring of jerseys the Reunion Arena brought the NBA and NHL to Dallas consequentially improving the city’s big-league profile. The reunion arena building also operated as a dais for a myriad of sports reaching beyond big-league and major college sports, featuring appearances from John McEnroe, Andre Agassi and Connors.

Richardson - Dallas, TX, US

Richardson is a city of the famous American state, Texas. It was founded in 1873. It lies between Dallas and Collins counties. Its population is estimated to be 101,400. Its area in 28 square miles. It is an affluent city. It is a hub of telecommunication companies. More than 5000 companies are working there. The Money Magazine has declared Richardson the 15th best place to live in the USA. In 1996, the city of Buckingham that was completely surrounded by Richardson was annexed to it. Council/Manager form of government, started in 1955, is working there. It is a responsible form of government where all powers are vested in the elected council. Richardson is an affluent city. The recent economic recession has not affected its economy. It possesses the economic assets worth of 9.5 Billion Dollar. The famous Texas University and Richland College are also located in Richardson city.

Ripley’s/Palace of Wax Dallas, TX, US

Huddled together under a single structure the Ripley’s believe it or not Museum and Palace of Wax are the concoctions of true artists who bring to life the flamboyant imaginings of a person’s everyday life. Situated at Belt line Rd and I-30, just around the corner of Lonestar Park in Grand Prairie Dallas Texas (USA), the Ripley Palace of Wax inveigle individuals from all walks of life to tantalize their taste buds and visit the wondrous showground. Showcasing a seven foot leaning tower of Pizza the Ripley’s believe it or not portion of the museum is truly an unforgettable experience. Feeling jittery walking down the horror avenue in Ripley’s Palace of Wax one starts to muse over the portrayal of all the gaudy movie scenes. A creation of a magnificent sculptor Peter Carsillo finds it his solemn duty to create wax replicas that certainly bring the characters to life.

Ybor City - Tampa, FL, US

The so called Ybor city was named after the early settler and famous cigar maker Vincent Martinez Ybor. It is located north west of Tampa. The city has a historic background and is a National Historic Landmark District lined with old buildings and historic sites many of which are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. In 2008, 7 th Avenue was designated as one of the 10, great streets in America. So much for the history, but likes or dislikes are ‘ in the eyes of beholder ‘. A general impression one gets is that the city do not have much to offer to a visitor. It seems that the wanderer who is looking for History is as disappointed as the rambler who was seeking a modern upcoming city. Only Columbian restaurant with all its historic background rarely able to fulfill the enthusiastic expectations. Shopping is boring, too many shops of same kind and chain stores. The nightlife might have something for the partier but then crime rate is high and so no moment of respite. Why I am in this city …….. the question remain unanswered for most .

Adventure Island - Tampa, FL, US

The Adventure Island is a place worth the driving and finding it. A complete family resort and waterpark, it provides all the amenities to make your time unforgettable. The place gives ample choice to hustle – bustle and get wet, or to find a quiet place and have a siesta, etc in the cabana. The real challenge and adventure of the park are its slides. Though it take some heart to descend at high speed, the experience and the jubilation and sense of achievement is worth it. Let me describe each kind a little: The Riptide is a 55 foot drop inside a tube and out into the pool. Rambling Bayou is a relaxing slow moving ride in the water through the colorful half mile rainforest. Gulf Scream, a 210 foot body slide will have you screaming full lungs along with every other rider. Everglides is a 72 foot floating toboggan, will take your breath away. Calypso Coaster is an open flume ride into the rambling Bayou river. In the Water Moccasin, you never know which tube will deliver you into the splash pool and the crazy ride down. Caribbean Corkscrew is a 230 feet serpentine twisted tube. Wahoo run a family ride with 108 “ wide diameter and 600 feet of twists and drops. Aruba Tuba , a twisting, turning ride through open and closed portions of slides. Runaway rapids mountain-like structure with numerous twists and turns ending in a splash pool.

Dali Museum - Tampa, FL, US Dali museum.

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