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The work of the great Dali, the Spanish is on display at the Dali Museum. The museum is located at 10 mins. from the Gulf Beaches, 30 mins. from Tampa and 90 mins. from Orlando and Disney attractions. The collection at Dali’s Oil paintings, sculptures, objects and drawings is the largest and most important in America. The Museum is sponsored by the Pinellas County Arts Council, the City of St. Petersburg, the State of Florida, Dept. of State, the Florida Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts. The work of Dali is mainly based on Surrealism, to make strange look ordinary and boring weird. For the art lovers, it a great place to spend the day. The museum features several of Dali's Masterworks.  They are breathtaking. As you will agree that getting close to the painting is important to enjoy it more. If you think that Hallucinogenic Toreador" is impressive in books, go see it in person, it is awesome.  There are gift sops on the front of the museum and some good posters are available, along with cheap junky made in China useless souvenirs.

Seaport Village - San Diego, CA, US

Seaport Village is one of the pleasant sites in San Diego port, California, USA; where people come for shopping, dine in or just for visiting and relaxing. The most exclusive thing about this area which makes it unique is, it was formerly Punta de los Muertos of 1782 (Point of the Dead) where the Spanish buried those who had died of scurvy. However, these days it is a beautiful village for a lot of people to enjoy. Amazing Seaport Village resembles a rural fishing village. It is an outdoor shopping area having a wonderful variety of shops exactly on water's edge. Although, there is a lot of stuff available for shopping but it is a bit expensive. In addition, the book stores and coffee shops are really great. There are also many lovely restaurants in this small seaport village. Nonetheless, Seaport Village itself is a fabulous and elegant view of San Diego.

Starplex/Smirnoff Music Ctr. - Dallas, TX, US

For people who love music and some musical events, this place Starplex/Smirnoff Music Ctr, -which is most commonly known as Smirnoff Music Center - is the best place to visit in Dallas. By means of a substantial facility of more than 7,000 people and an additional capability of whoop 12,000 in the turf part, it is not complicated to understand the basis of recognition of this place. Surely it is a huge place with huge open areas and lots of fun; if you are in Dallas then it is worth to explore this amazing site. Quite a lot of events are held here all through the year as well as concerts. Not only has the capacity of whooping people attracted individuals to visit this place but also the good quality of sound and uncomplicated entrance. These are the main reasons, that this place is considered to be the most fascinating and amusing for the young one and the oldies.

Palais Royal - Paris

It is important to note that the Palace is not fully open to the public and the tourists can have access to only the courtyard and gardens. But even that is worthy of a visit as the Garden known as 'Cour d'Honneur, houses a Sculpture developed by Daniel Buren. Installed in 1986, it is unique for the 280 black and white striped truncated columns contained in it. Perhaps unique that Palis Royal was built by a French Minister than a king, serving between 1624 and 1642 and completed in 1629, this place was known as Palis Cardinal earlier prior to being bequeathed to King Louis XIII. The irony as it was, because of Louis XVI it became more a commercial place with dens and cafes. No wonder, it was attacked during the French Revolution besides getting devastated by a fire in 1871. Since the basic structure survived both of them, it went into the hands of the Government in 1876 and presently houses the Council of State and related offices.

Paris Expo - Paris

France is known for drawing business crowd that can mix business with pleasure. The National expositions had been hosted at least from 19th century show casing its technological might that had attracted the business inclined tourists to its fold. Rooted from 1798 to improve the agriculture, the French Industrial Exposition from 1844 which was held in a make shift structure on the Champs-Elysees became a forerunner for many other countries adjacent to imitate. The Paris 1900 World Fair became a part of history by setting the trend in the International Expositions which were held not only in Europe but also in the US since the middle of 19th century and at least up to the World War I. The Paris Expo is a huge ground located at Porte de Versailles has been the home for hosting public and professional trade fairs of whole range of goods from agricultural items to yacht shows to construction goods, apparels including lingerie and furniture fairs, not to leave out the medical equipments.

Opera Bastille - Paris

Opened on the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution in the year 1989, built by the Portuguese born but Canadian origin architect Car Ott with full of glittering granite laid in an aesthetic manner, the Opera has a seating capacity of 2700 people in its main auditorium. Its earlier moorings could be found in the Jean Baptist Lully, the chief composer of French Opera and author of keyboard instrument music of his time that later led to the piano music, Jean-Phillippe Rameau who replaced him as an important French composer, it attracts tourists of all ages. The visitors can have a frontal view of the original Bastille site dedicated to the 1930 Revolution. The other attractions of the opera is its five revolving stages and the tourists can confront the famous real stars that enthrall them in the reels in its adjacent traditional but well laid out Restaurant Bofinger.

Roland Garros Stadium - Paris

Forming Part of Bois De Boulogne which is a sprawling 2000 acre area wrapped up with full of greeneries in the western side of Paris, it went into several changes according to the tastes of the French Royalties and today among other spots contains the Rolland Garros Stadium where the French Open (Tennis) is held. Named after the French born aviator Rolland Garros, who flew a monoplane and located at the place where he used to carry out religious prayers. Roland Garros Stadium is clay tennis court where in the French Open otherwise known as Rolland Garros is held for two weeks between May and June every year, apart from Grand Slam tournaments during the rest of the year. The technical feature of the stadium provides the slow surface due to which the five sets match without a tie break is held here. Such features in the stadium have earned it the name as ‘physically hard’ as one showcasing the physical might of the players. Its Court No.1 has a spectator capacity of 3518.

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