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Angelus Temple – Los Angeles


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Angelus Temple – Los Angeles
The Angelus Temple has its location in the Echo Park, which is one of the districts of Los Angeles, California, the United States. The temple was founded as the central house of worship in the year 1923. It was established under the patronage of Aimee Semple McPherson. The Angelus Temple was designed by Brook Hawkins and he gave it Modern Movement Architectural Style. It is considered as an integral part of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. The Angelus Temple has a seating capacity of about 3,500 people. The temple was added in the list of the U.S. National Historic Landmark and the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in the years 1965 and 1992 respectively. A college with the name of the L.I.F.E Bible College is also operating close to this temple.

South Las Vegas Strip
The southern extension of the Las Vegas Strip is called the South Las Vegas Strip, which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States. Due to a major southern intersection of the Strip, it is also referred to as the Russell Road. The starting point of the South Las Vegas Strip contains the sign of ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ and stretches further towards the McCarran International Airport. The southern area of the Las Vegas Strip lies between the Russell Road and the Blue Diamond Road. In contrast to the North Las Vegas Strip, the South Las Vegas Strip contains newer buildings, hotels and shopping malls. Some of the famous spots located on the South Las Vegas Strip are the Four Seasons, Mandalay Bay, The Hotel, the Luxor, the Excalibur and the Tropicana. The road of the southern part of the Las Vegas Strip keeps running southwards till Interstate 215.

North Las Vegas Strip

The northern extension of the Las Vegas Strip, which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States, is called North Las Vegas Strip. Due to the northern intersection of the Strip, it is also referred to as the Sahara Avenue. The starting tip of the North Las Vegas Strip is also called the Stratosphere. The northern area of the Las Vegas is comprises most of the older casinos and commercial buildings. Some of the famous points located on the North Las Vegas Strip are Hilton Grand Vacations Club, the Sahara, the Circus Circus, the Fontaineblesu, the Riviera, the Encore, the Fashion Show Mall and the Wynn. There are two small intersections as well on the North Las Vegas Strip, which are known as the Convention Center Drive, Springs Mountain Road and Sands Avenue.

Las Vegas Strip
The Las Vegas Strip is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States. It is an extension of the Las Vegas Boulevard and is almost 6.8 km in length. The Strip is also considered as an All-American Road. The Las Vegas Strip is one of the most popular roads of the world for having many of the most famous casinos, hotels and other resort properties in the world. The first casino to be founded on the Las Vegas Strip was El Rancho Vegas in the year 1941. The Las Vegas Monorail operates on the eastern area of the Strip for the transportation services. The Strip also offers facilities for the free shuttle services, walk around for the pedestrians and golf courses. The Las Vegas Wet ‘n Wild Water Park was also located on this Strip. The Las Vegas Strip remains the biggest highlight of Las Vegas for the tourists from around the world.
Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Las Vegas Motor Speedway has its location in the Las Vegas City, Nevada, the United States. It is the famous racing complex of Las Vegas and has multiple tracks for automobile. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway was founded in 1996. It stretches over an area of 1,200 acres. The Speedway Motorsports, Inc. owns this motor speedway complex. Las Vegas Motor Speedway has hosted a number of major racing events which include NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, NASCAR Nationwide Series, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series. The complex offers a variety of tracks according to the nature of the race such as The Bullring paved oval, Dirt Track clay oval, The Strip and Superspeedway oval. There are also some racing schools operaring within the vicinity of Las Vegas Motor Speedway Complex. The site has a seating capacity of 142,000 people.

Fremont Street – Las Vegas

The Fremont Street is one of the most famous streets of the downtown in the Las Vegas City, Nevada, the United States. It is situated in the metropolitan area of Las Vegas. The Fremont Street was founded in 1905 and it was named after John Charles Fremont. It also became the first street of Las Vegas to be paved in the year 1925. The street is popular for being home to some of the most famous casinos of Las Vegas which include Eldorado Club, Fremont Hotel and Casino, Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, The Mint and The Pioneer Club etc.. The Fremont Street has also appeared in a number of movies and television shows as an icon of Las Vegas’ neon lights and casinos such as the Bond Movie- Diamonds Are Forever, Honey, I Blew Up The Kid, Vegas Vacation and the Criss Angel Magic Show.

Wet ‘n Wild – Las Vegas
Wet ‘n Wild was a famous water park located in the Las Vegas City, Nevada, the United States. The Wet ‘n Wild Water Park was closed in the year 2004 due to some problems and is expected to be reopened in some different location of the Las Vegas City. The Water Park had always remained a big attraction for the people because of being an oasis like place in the center of the hot and dry desert of Las Vegas. The water park also contained some rides which included Bomb Bay speed slide, Willy Willy tube ride, Black Hole enclosed tube slide and Royal Flush ride. The Wet ‘n Wild water park was considered as a nice spot for enjoying the cool water and the joy rides and slides in the Las Vegas City. Orlando, Florida also has a water park with the name of Wet ‘n Wild.

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum - Las Vegas

 Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum was founded by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud. This museum has branches all over the major cities. In 1777, Marie Tussaud created her first wax figure of Voltaire. She travelled all over different places, displaying her work. By 1835, Marie Tussaud settled down in Bakers Streek, London and opened a museum. The chamber of Horrors was one of the main attractions in the museum. This chamber included victims of the French Revolution and newly created figures of murderers and other criminals. Famous people like Horatio Nelson, and Sir Walter Scott were also included in the museum. Some of the sculptures made by Marie Tussaud are still these. The museum origonally had 400 different figures but the fire in 1925 and German bombs in 1941 damaged most of the older sculptures. This museum is a major attraction for tourists.

American Conservatory Theater - San Francisco

American Conservatory Theater is located in San Francisco, California. It offers both classical and contemporary theater productions. The American Conservatory Theater was founded in 1965 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It founder was, theatre and opera director, William Ball. The theater has features the talents of René AuberjonoisPeter DonatRichard DysartMichael LearnedRuth KobartPaul ShenarCharles SiebertKen RutaKitty Winnamong many others. In 1970s, Ball’s productions of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew and Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac were televised by PBSand are also available on video. In 1980s, Edward Hastings succeeded William Ball who revived the company’s fortune. He was succeeded by Carey Perloff in 1992. The American Conservatory Theater now gives majority of classes and also grants Master of Fine Arts degrees for actors. 

SBC Park - San Francisco

SBC Park is located at 24 Willie Mays Plaza, at the corner of 3rd Street and King Street in the South Beach neighborhood of San FranciscoCalifornia. SBC Park was origonally named as Pacific Bell Park but it was renamed to SBC Park in 2003. It was renamed thus because of the SBC acquisition of Pacific Bell. But then on March 3, 2006, it was ultimately named as AT&T Park. The theater is an open-air baseball park. It was origonally designed as a 42, 000 seater stadium but there were some modifications. Presently it can seat 41,915. Construction started on December 11, 1997 and the park opened to the public on March 31, 2000. The owner of the park is China Basin Ballpark Corp. the stadium costed $357 million to build. The stadium contains 68 luxury suites, 5,200 club seats on the club level and 1,500 club seats at the field level behind home plate.

Union Square - San Francisco

Union square is a plaza spread over an area of 2.6 acres (11,000 m2). It is named as Union Square because this area was once used to support the Union Army during the Civil War. In 1850, the Union Square was built and dedicated by John Geary, who was the San Francisco's first American mayor. In 1903, a 97 ft (30 m) tall monument was dedicated to Admiral George Dewey's victory at the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish American War. This was one of the most significant changes in the plaza. The plaza has many shopping places, resturants, hotels and many other hanging out places. In late 2000, it closed down for renovation and opened on July 25, 2002. Presently it serves as the site for many public concerts & events, art shows, impromptu protests, private parties and events, and the annual Christmas tree and Menorah lighting.

Museum of Modern Art - San Francisco

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is located in San FranciscoCalifornia. It was established in 1935, under the Director Grace L. McCann Morley.Formerly, it was named as “San Francisco Museum of Art”. It was the first museum on the West Coast which was only devoted to the 20th century modern art. Grace Morley remained the director till 1958. Other directors the museum had include George D. Culler, Gerald Nordland, Henry T. Hopkins, John R. Lane, David A. Ross and Neal Benezra. For its first sixty years, the museum occupied first floor of the War Memorial Veterans Building in the Civic Center. In 1975, the museum added “modern” to its title, under director Henry T. Hopkins. In 1995, the museum moved to its current location. The important collection of the museum includes the works by Andy WarholJackson PollockRichard DiebenkornClyfford StillHenri MatissePaul KleeMarcel Duchamp and Ansel Adams and many others.

Theatre District - San Francisco

The Theater District is a neighborhood located in San Francisco. This name is given to it because of the stage theaters present there. The theater district roughly covers the boader between the Union Square shopping district and the Tenderloin neighborhood. A famous place in the Theatre District is the Union Square. Union square is a plaza spread over an area of 2.6 acres (11,000 m2). The plaza has many shopping places, resturants, hotels and many other hanging out places. Presently Union Square serves as the site for many public concerts & events, art shows, impromptu protests, private parties and events, and the annual Christmas tree and Menorah lighting. Theatre District is very popular and famous among the visitors, tourists and the local people.

Wet N' Wild – Orlando

Wet N’ Wild is located in Orlando, Florida, United States.It is one of the parks within the Wet N’ Wild chain. In 1977, it was founded by George Millay, who was also the creator of Sea World. It was formerly known as “Wet N’ Wild Funpark”. It is spread over an area of 30 acres (120,000 m2). Wet N’ Wild is considered to be the first major water park in the United States. For this, Millay was given the title of "Father of the Waterpark." And was also awarded with the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Waterpark Association. There are total 17 rides in this park wich include The Storm, Mach 5, Der Stuka, Bomb Bay, Knee Ski, Wake Boarding, and The Wild One. The multi-person rides include The Black Hole, The Flyer, The Surge, Brain Wash and many more. Kids’ rides are also there.

Typhoon Lagoon – Orlando

Typhoon Lagoon is a water park situated in Walt Disney Worldresort in Lake Buena VistaFlorida, just outside of Orlando. It is spread over an area of 56 acre. The water park opened on June 1, 1989. This water park is a great attracion for people and since it opening 3.5 million people have visited the Typhoon Lagoon annually. From the many attractions , some are slides, a river with rapids, and an artificial saltwater coral reef stocked with tropical fish for snorkeling, a shark pool, a surf pool for body surfing, surfing school, restaurants, picnic areas, quick eateries, and shops for gifts & sundries. The Typhoon Lagoon has many creatures, like a mascot, Lagoona Gator, who entertain and perform for the people who visit the park

Turkey Lake Park – Orlando

Turkey Lake Park is located at 3401 South Hiawassee Road, Orlando, Florida. Turkey Lake is located in City of Orlando, near bass pro shops Outdoor World and Universal Studios. Fishermen can rent boats at The Turkey Lake, which are equipped with live wells, trolling motors, anchors, depth finders, and park radios. Turkey Lake Park is spread over an area of 300-acre in rural setting. The huge Park includes 125 picnic tables, 77 barbecue grills, 15 large pavilions, 3 playgrounds, 3 miles of bike paths, swimming, and an ecology center. A hundred year old barn is also present at the Park. It was donated by a local church. Children are allowed to pet the animals here. The park also has special senses trail for the people who cannot see, hear, or walk.

Orange County Convention Center – Orlando

Orange County Convention Center is a public convention center for Central Florida region. It is located on the South end of International Drive, a major tourist area in OrlandoFlorida. The largest convention center is McCormick Place in Chicago that makes Orange County Convention Center econd largest convention center in United Stares. The Orange County Convention Center provides a total space of 7,000,000 sq ft (650,000 m2). Out of this, 2,100,000 sq ft (195,000 m2) is exhibit space.  It consists of two building joined together. The West building is located on the south side of International Drive. It got completed in four shifts, between 1983 and 1996. The North/South Building completed in 2003. The solar panels on the roof provide it with 1 MW of electricity.

Epcot Center – Orlando

At the World Disney Resolt, Epcot is a theme park. The second park at the resort opened on October 1, 1982 and was named as “Epcot Center” until 1994. Epcot is the acronyme of “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”. In 2009, epcot hosted 11 million guests. That made it the third most visited theme park in the United States, and sixth most visited in the world. The total cost of the park is estimated at $1.4 billion and it would take it three years to be completed. Currently, it is the largest construction project on the Earth. It is spread over an area of 300 acres (120 ha). It is double the soze of The Magic Kingdom. The parking area of the center is spread over an area of 141 acres (57 ha) and it can accommodate 11,211 vehicles.

Dottie's Orlando Comedy Theater – Orlando

Disney Quest - Orlando

Disney Quest is located in Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. It is an indoor theme park which is housed in a five-storey building. The building has no windows. The visit starts from the third floor atrium. Visitors are transported to the third floor by a “magic” elevator. The Genie from Aladdin is an unofficial mascot of Disney Quest this elevator, called the “cybrolator” contains an animated Genie welcoming the visitors.The Disney Quest was designed as a way for the Disney Brand to reach to the population who couldn’t visit its other theme parks. The second Disney Quest theme park opened in Chicago but on September 4, 2001, due to low attendance, it was permanently closed. The whole project of opening Disney Quest in various cities was cancelled after its failure in Chicago.

Disney-MGM Studios – Orlando

Disney-MGM Studios is the third park built at the resort of Walt Disney World Resot. It opened on May 1, 1989. Disney's Hollywood Studios is a theme park at this resort. It is spread over an area of 135 acres (546,000 m²). Disney-MGM Studios is represented by The Sorcerer's Hat. The Sorcerer's Hat is a modern version of the magical hat from Fantasia. The theme of this park is Show Business. Michael Eisner, on May 1, 1989, dedicated this park to Hollywood. The park consists of six themed areas.These does not have any specific layout but merely is a mass of streets and buildings that blend into each other. This looks like a real motion picture studio. It also has a small oval-shaped lake which is named as “Echo Lake”.
Disney's Typhoon Lagoon – Orlando

Typhoon Lagoon is a water park situated in Walt Disney Worldresort in Lake Buena VistaFlorida, just outside of Orlando. It is spread over an area of 56 acre. The water park opened on June 1, 1989. This water park is a great attracion for people and since it opening 3.5 million people have visited the Typhoon Lagoon annually. From the many attractions , some are slides, a river with rapids, and an artificial saltwater coral reef stocked with tropical fish for snorkeling, a shark pool, a surf pool for body surfing, surfing school, restaurants, picnic areas, quick eateries, and shops for gifts & sundries. The Typhoon Lagoon has many creatures, like a mascot, Lagoona Gator, who entertain and perform for the people who visit the park.

Disney's Magic Kingdom – Orlando

Magic kingdom, is a theme park, it opened at the Walt Disney World Resort on Oct. 1, 1971. Its construction began in 1967, after the death of Walt Disney. Disney’s Magic Kingdom’s layout and attractions are similar to Disneyland in Anaheim, California but the Magic Kigdom wa built over a larger area. At its time of openeing, in 1971, it was the only theme park on the resort and it also had two hotels, namely: Disney's Contemporary Resort and Disney's Polynesian Resort. When the park opened, it had 23 attractions. 3 of the attractions were unique and new to the park. Ever since the park has been opened, it only closed for five incidents, which are: Hurricane Floyd, the September 11 attacksHurricane FrancesHurricane Charley, and Hurricane Wilma. In 2009, nearly 17.2 million visitors visited the park which made it the most visited theme park in the world.

Disney's Boardwalk – Orlando

Located at the Walt Disney World Resort., Disney’s Boardwalk is a hotel and an entertainment complex. The BoardWalk Resort lies alongside Crescent Lake and is situated between Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios. It first opened in 1996. The Boardwalk is owned and operated by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. It includes Disney’s Boarwalk Inn and Disney’s Boardwalk Villas. The villas provide larger multi-bedroom suites for the benefit of DVC members but when these are not used by the members, they can be rented by the non-members. The Boardwalk Inn shows décor which is inspired by the seaside districts of the Northeastern United States in the 20th century.The boardwalk has many resturants. The only microbrewery at Walt Disney World is the Big River Grille & Brewing Works.

Disney's Animal Kingdom – Orlando

Located at the Walt Disney World Resort, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is an animal theme park. It was the fourth theme park built and it opened to the public on April 22, 1998. Disney’s Animal kingdom is spread over an area of 500 acres (2 km²), this made it the largest single Disney theme park in the world. It is also the first Disney theme park which revolves around animals only. This park is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.When the park opened, Disney advertiesed it as "nahtazu" which is pronouced as “not a zoo.” This was done in order to tell people that it was more than a typical zoo where just animals are displyed. But in January 2006, Disney stopped using this phrase.

Discovery Cove – Orlando

Greater Orlando, Florida, Discovery Cove is a theme park where guests can interact with a variety of differnet marine animals.The most notable of this theme park’s marine animals are bottlenose dolphins. Discovery Cove is operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, a subsidiary of The Blackstone Group. Guests can also interact with exotic birds, tropical fish, rays, and land mammals. To let the guests interact with thousands of tropical fish, the Cove has a coral reef. It also has an underwater shark and barracuda tank located behind protective glass. Guests can even swin in the Stingray tank which features dozen of rays. Swimming with the bottlenose dolphins is an attraction for the tousrists and visitors. Discovery Cove is really famous among the visitors because of its exotic collection of marine animals.

Orlando Amtrak Station – Orlando
The Orlando Amtrak Station has its location in the Downtown area of Orlando, Florida, the United States. The Orlando Amtrak Station was built in the year 1926. It was designed by M. A. Griffith and W. T. Hadlow and they gave it the Spanish Mission style. The Orlando Amtrak Station was actually built for the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, but after its union with the Seaboard Air Line Railroad in the year 1967, the station began to be used by the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad as well. The station has the capacity to accommodate Amtrak, Silver Stand and the Silver Meteor lines. The Orlando Amtrak Station also used to serve as the eastern terminus of the Sunset Limited between the cities of Los Angeles and Orlando, but the devastating of a hurricane lead to the suspension of its functions since 2005.

Downtown Phoenix

Phoenix is the major city of Arizona, not only because of being the capital city of the state, but also due to being one of the largest cities of the United States in respect of area as well as population. Phoenix is divided into many districts and regions, out of which the Downtown is the most important district. Downtown Phoenix is also known as the Central Phoenix, because its location is geographically almost in the center of Phoenix and it is also the central business district of the city. Downtown Phoenix is famous for hosting various musical live concerts and major league sports. It is also the center of banking and financial activities of the state and many of the major banks have their headquarters in this area. Downtown Phoenix is also popular for having many tourists’ sites such as Burton Barr Central Library, Phoenix Art Museum, Chase Field, Arizona Science Center, US Airways Center, Historic Heritage Square and Phoenix Symphony Hall etc.

State Fairgrounds Arizona

There are permanent fairgrounds near Phoenix, which is the capital city of the state of Arizona, United States. These fairgrounds are popularly known as the State Fairgrounds of Arizona. These fairgrounds are home to the annual state fair, which has its birth in 1884. The fair suffered discontinuity for some years, but afterwards it became a regular annual event in 1946 and has remained continued ever since. Various events and activities of entertainment and tradeshows are held in these fairgrounds. In the year 1965, an indoor arena was constructed on the State Fairgrounds of Arizona. It is known as the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. It was planned and built to serve as the Arizona Sate Fairgrounds Exposition Center and has a seating capacity of 14,870. The most prominent feature of this structure is its saddle-shaped tension-cable roof, which is a unique piece of architecture. The administration of the fairgrounds is under a self-financed state agency, called Arizona Exposition and State Fair Agency.

Pheonix International Raceway

Phoenix International Raceway is located in Avondale, Arizona. It is a one mile race track which opened in 1964. This new raceway replaced the track at the Arizona State Fairgrounds as an automobile racing area. Phoenix International Raceway is one of the more scenic tracks on the NASCAR circuit, with a mountain overlooking the flat speedway. It has a tri-oval shape with a curve between turns two and three. This curve is commonly reffered to as “the dogleg” and it exists because the builders were restrained by the rocky hills and their incorporation of an external road course. Just outside the turn four, there is a famous fan-viewing hillside situated on the “Monument Hill”. In 1964 Davey MacDonald won the first race at PIR - a 155 mile sports car event on the 2.5 mi road course and A.J. Foyt won the first oval race - a 100-mile USAC event at an average speed of 107.536 mph.

ASU Stadium

ASU stadium is located on the campus of Arkansas State University. It was formerly knowm as “Indian Stadium”. The construction of this stadium got finished in 1974 and the university team started playing on it the same year. The stadium costed $2.5 million, out of which $1.2 was raised by the university alumini and students. When it first opened, the stadium had the capacity of 16,343. The capacity was upgraded to 18,709 in 1980. Currently the stadium has a capacity of 30, 964. The first game in the stadium was played on September 28, 1974 against Louisiana Tech University and Arkansas State lost 21 - 7. Arkansas flagged their first victory in the stadium on October 5, 1974, against Eastern Michigan University. Now the stadium includes the dressing rooms, offices for coaches, meeting rooms and player lounges.

Pheonix Civic Plaza

It is located in the heart of Downtown Pheonix, Arizona. The construction of pheonix civic plaza started in 1969 and was completed in 1972. It is spread over an area of 6.5 acres (67,000 m2) and the construction costed $28 million. To construct it, the Phoenix Civic Plaza Department was created in November 1969. Its main purpose was to oversee the operational aspects of the construction, purchase equipment and hire and train staff. In 1978, there was a requirement for more space, for that there was an expansion which completed in 1985. After the expansion Phoenix Civic Plaza had doubled from its origonal size to over 300,000 square feet (28,000 m2). To excess the plaza, a train service, called METRO Rail's Washington at 3rd Street station, started on December 26, 2008. The plaza attracts many customers and satisfys them with its every facility.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University was founded on Mrach 12, 1885 as the Tempe Normal School for the Arizona Territory in Tempe, Arizona. In 1945, the school was renamed "Arizona State College” as it came under control of the Arizona Board of Regents and in 1958 it was upgraded to "Arizona State University."  It is the largest reaserch university in United States under single administration. It is spread over four campuses in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Starting from its original campus in Tempe the rest are; West campus in northwest Phoenix, Polytechnic campus in eastern Mesa and Downtown Phoenix campus. ASU is ranked 121st of 262 "national universities" by the 2010 US News and World Report ranking of US colleges and universities and it is ranked 93rd in the world by the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

US Airways Center

US Aiways Center is a place for sports and entertainment. It is situated in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona, near Chase Field and is named after its sponsor, US Airways. Its construction began in 1988 and got completed in June 1, 1992. Ellerbe Becket was the architect of US Airways Center and the total cost for its construction was $90 million. Basketball, arena football and ice hockey are all played at the Center, in addition to concerts, ice shows and other events. This arena has a capacity of 18,422 fans, has 88 luxury suites and Over 19,000 seats for basketball and 16,210 for hockey. The Center was renovated in 2003 which included an air-conditioned glass pavilion to keep the people, in ques, cool.

Pheonix Convection Center

Phoneix Convection Center is a center which hosts many national and regional conventions, conferences, cultural events, motivational events, trade shows, consumer events and theatrical productions. It is situatied in the heart of Downtown Pheonix. Its origonal construction begain in 1969 and got completed in 1972. This center has four buildings, namely: South Building which opened in 1985, North Building which opened in 2009 and West Building which opened in 2006. It is spread over a total area of 900,000 sq. ft. it also has a ballroom of 45,000 sq. ft. An expansion project increased its area and made the center one of the top 20 convention venues in North America. It has a splendid architecture, designed to share the wonders of southwestern culture, which attracts many tourists.

Chase Field

Located in Downtown Pheonix, Arizona, Chase Field is a baseball Stadium. Shaped like a massive airport hanger. Construction on the park began in November 16, 1996 and got completed in 1998. The total construction cost was $354 million.It became the first stadium in United States with a retractable roof alongwith the first ballpark to feature natural grass in a retractable roof stadium. It is the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks of Major League Baseball. It was originally called Bank One Ballpark and often referred to as the BOB. The name was changed to Chase Field on September 23, 2005 after Bank One Corporation merged with JPMorgan Chase. The Stadium is approximately 1,100 feet above sea level and has 75 luxury suites. NCAA's Insight Bowl was hosted in Chase Feild from 2000-2005 followed by three first round games of the inaugural World Baseball Classic. The newest addition to Chase Field is 144' wide by 55' wide high HD scoreboard which was installed in 2008. 

Atlanta Motor Speedway

Atlanta Motor Speedway is a track located in Hampton, Georgia, 32 km south of Atlanta. Its construction started in 1958 and it was opened on July 31, 1960. Dr. Warren Gremmel, Bill Boyd, Jack Black and Garland Bagley were the Speedway’s architects. Altogether its construction cost was $1.8 million. It is a quad-oval track which spreads over an area of 1.54 mi (2.48 km) with a seating capacity of over 125, 000. It hosts two NASCAR sprint cup race anually, in March and May. In 2005, the Speedways received a heavy damage by a tornado spawned from the remains of Hurricane Cindy. The roofs of the buildings were blown away, scoreboard tower was knocked down and many tall lamp posts were uprooted. It is estimated that the track suffered a damage of $40-50 million. But still it opened in time for the next major race.

Six Flags over Georgia

Six flags over Georgia is a theme park which is located in west of Atlanta, in unincorporated Cobb County, along the Chattahoochee River. It is the second park of the Six Flags Chain which opened in 1967. The first one opened in 1961, Texas. These parks were founded by Angus G. Wynne. It is one of the most tourists attraction park. Like other amusement parks, Six Flags also prides over its collection of roller coaster rides. It got more famous with the arrival of Goliath on April 1, 2006. Aside from roller coasters, Six Flags also stores many other rides and attractions for the tourists. In 2001, the world’s first “floorless” free-fall ride was installed in the park, named as “Acrophobia.” Other than that, the park includes “Sky Buckets” which is a sky way ride, ”Thunder River” which is a water ride, ”Monster Mansion” which is a water dark ride, and many more.

Georgia Aquarium

The world’s largest aquarium is named as Georgia’s Aquarium, located in AtlantaGeorgia at Pemberton Place and is owned by Bernard Marcus . It is built on 20 acre (81,000 m²) site north of Centennial Olympic Park. With more than 8.1 million US gallons (31,000 m³) of marine and fresh water housing more than 100,000 animals of 500 different species. The aquarium's notable specimens include four young whale sharks, two beluga whales and two manta rays. The Georgia Aquarium is the only institution outside of Asia to house whale sharks.The sharks are kept in a 6.3 million gallon (24,000 m³) tank. The Aquarium features 5 areas of discovery that focus on aquatic life found in specific regions. The areas represented are Cold Water Quest, Georgia Explorer, River Scout, Ocean Voyager and Tropical Diver. There are lots of areas where one can walk under as well as around tanks for many different points of view.

Atlanta History Center

The Atlanta History Center is located in the Buckhead district of AtlantaGeorgia. It was founded in 1926 and has 12 exhibits yet. The museum includes plush gardens and beautiful buildings. One of the largest collections of civil war artifacts in the world is stored by the Museum. The Swan House and Tullie Smith Farm are also located there. The exhibits that the museum operates are divided in three categories, namely: permanent, temporary, and traveling. The six permanent exhibits are: Centennial Olympic Museum, Turning Point: The American Civil War, haping Traditions: Folk Arts in a Changing South, Down the Fairway with Bobby Jones, Phillip Trammell Shutze: Atlanta Classicist, Connoisseur, and Collector,  Ink to Paper, and Courage: The Vision to End Segregation, the Guts to Fight for It. The Atlanta History Center attracts many tourists because of its historical wealth and great architecture.


Marietta is a city located in the Cobb County, Georgia. It is spread over an area of 21.9 sq mi (22 km2) which is divided in water and land. The total area of the land is 21.9 sq mi (21.9 km2) and remaining 0.1 sq mi (0.1 km2) is water. It is 1,129 ft (344 m) above sea level and the city houses a total population of 58,478. Marietta has a humid subtropical climate. The business of the city bloomed when Marietta was selected as the home base for the new Western and Atlantic Railroad, during 1850, the fires destroyed and damaged the city on three occasions but it recovered from them by 1861. The two major industries of the city are Dobbins Air Reserve Base on the south side of town and a Lockheed-Martin manufacturing plant. Marietta is a small but a very beautiful city.

Atlanta Civic Center
Constructed in the year 1967 to serve as the convention center of the city, Atlanta Civic Center became a place for theater and fine arts instead later. Atlanta Civic Center was renamed after a philanthropist, Boisfeuillet Jones, as the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center in 2001. It has a seating capacity of 4,600 people. It is located in a district of Atlanta, the capital city of the state of Georgia, United States. The Civic Center is used for various purposes which include graduation ceremonies, seminars, concerts, exhibitions, conferences etc. It also has the honor of being the venue of 1996 Summer Olympics cultural program. The Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs of the Atlanta City government is entrusted with the administration of the Atlanta Civic Center; however, it generates enough funding by its own to be self-sufficient in its financial matters.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Orlando, Florida
Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is a 56-acres water paradise that is conveniently located in Walt Disney Resort. It is a water park for everyone. It features one of the largest artificially created wave pool called Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool. There are three man-made water falls wherein one can hop on an inner tube and go wildly with the flow of the gushing water and rushing rapids. The park also offers an underwater experience of swimming with the sharks and different schools of fish in Shark Reef. As a family oriented water park, little ones not more than 48-inches tall also have a chance to enjoy in their 10 fun-filled water activities in Ketchakidee Creek. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is the place for the guests to plunge and refresh.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is one of the four theme parks in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. This 107 acres fantasy- themed park opened in 1971. It has 37 different rides for guests of all ages situated in 7 whimsical lands. A welcoming scene that resembles New England and Missouri will amaze the guests as they enter the Main Street of the theme park. The center of this Magic Kingdom is the castle of Cinderella that was built at the end of Main Street. Exploring the place includes parades and musical stage shows highlighted by Disney’s famous characters such as Mickey Mouse, Princesses and more. Picture taking and autograph signing is also possible. Although Magic Kingdom is constructed similarly with Disneyland in Anaheim, California, it was still the most visited themed park in the world in 2009.

Disney’s Boardwalk
A village-type leisure place located at Disney Resort Hotels in Walt Disney World Resort. Disney’s Boardwalk has more than 9000 square feet of specialty shops, restaurants and night clubs that sits on water. Its perspective was patterned after coastal cities such as Coney Island, New York and captures the charm of the 1940’s Atlantic City in New Jersey. Shopping and dining are the highlights of this place during daytime. Dining covers a wide spectrum from hot dog stand, coffee carts, bakeries, the ESPN sports bar and an upscale restaurant. A spectacular night view of lights, live street performers and entertainments are to be enjoyed while strolling during the night. There is also a miniature carousel that was handcrafted during the 1920’s displayed in the lobby of the Boardwalk Inn. Strolling around Disney’s Boardwalk area is free of charge.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Known as the largest animal themed park, Animal Kingdom covers 500 acres of rich landscape. It is a park with a lot of attractions and entertainment dedicated to conserving nature. Visitors can learn about the different species that are cared for in the park. A home to more than 1,700 animals and 250 species, guests have real encounter with these animals and will be able to pet some of them. There are 7 different areas to explore including the “Tree of Life”, a masterpiece sculpted in the center of the park. This is a 14-storey tree exquisitely carved with 325 animals in its bark. Highlights of the visit are musical broad way like shows featuring Disney’s famous animal characters and meeting them in person, elaborate parades including live animals and mascots. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the 5th most visited amusement park in the United States and 8th in the world.

Boulder Strip
The boulder strip is a division which is used by the Nevada Gaming Commission. The strip is named after the famous and main highway of the region, called the Boulder Highway. The area is along the highway and it consists of hotels and casinos. The place is basically out of the Las Vegas strip so these are despite of the casinos and hotels is less 'glitz' than the Las Vegas strip. The area is basically a stop over for the people who are traveling trough Las Vegas. The area has more than 32 casinos but most of them are even have area of less than 10,000 sq. ft. Many of the casinos are having only slots machines and this area is dependant on the slot machines.

Southern Nevada Zoo (Las Vegas Zoo)
The Southern Nevada Zoo (Las Vegas Zoo) is a three acre park which is located only 15 minutes away from the Las Vegas strip. The Zoo is the wildest park of the Las Vegas. Being the only zoo of Las Vegas, the Southern Nevada Zoo (Las Vegas Zoo) has special responsibility to entertain and educate people by the showing different types of plants and animals. For this purpose the zoo has almost 150 species of plants and animals. The main purpose of the zoo is to educate students of all age about the every specie of animals and plants present in the zoo. The zoo is open daily from 9 to 5. Visiting the zoo would be a very nice experience; a visitor would be entertained and also entertained.

Sands Expo Convention Center

The Sands Expo Convention Center is the second biggest convention center of the Las Vegas. Sands Expo Convention Center was opened for visitors in 1990. Because of maintaining high standards and accommodate big events the convention center decided for an expansion in 2008. The convention center wants every show to go perfect. The staff of the convention center is highly qualified, experienced and skill full. The staff will guide every one to make a better and successful show. The convention center is located at 201 E. Sands Ave., 89109 Las Vegas, USA. The convention center is owned and managed by Las Vegas Sands Corporation. The convention center has a total area of 110,000 m². The convention center believes in doing service and that is the back bone of the success of the convention center.

Sam Boyd Stadium
The Sam Boyd Stadium also known as the Las Vegas silver bowl because it was made like a bowl. The stadium is a football stadium that hosts the UNLV football team. The stadium is named after a big shot in the industry of casinos and hotels of Las Vegas whose name is Sam Boyd. The stadium also hosts the matches of the high school championship games. The stadium was built in 1971. The stadium was a big project and 3.5 million dollars were invested in its construction. The stadium can accommodate almost 40 thousand people at a time. The stadium was renovated once in 1999. The stadium was also called the Las Vegas stadium, the name was changed later on.

Mirage Volcano
The Mirage Volcano is situated in the Mirage hotel, which is a three thousand room hotel. The hotel is located at Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, United States. The Mirage Volcano is an artificial volcano made by special computerized lights and sound effects. The volcano is very popular among the visitors and is very exciting to watch live volcano without any risk, as it is completely safe. The volcano is not made by fire rather it is made by lights. Watching the volcano is absolutely free and you can watch it from Las Vegas Boulevard. The volcano erupts ever fifteen minutes in the evening till midnight. The volcano has height of 50 feet and it erupts 40 feet in the air.

MGM Grand Lion Habitat

The Lion Habitat is a resort which is located in the heart of the MGM Grand. The lions of this resort are clearly the kings. The visitor can watch lions every day and very closely without any risk and danger. The lions are separated from a glass wall of width of 1.5 inches. The visitors can watch the lions play, sleep, eat and grooming themselves. In the resort you can get interesting information about the lions also. Like how much they sleep and how much they can weigh, very interesting facts about lions. The best thing about it is that it is open daily from 11-7p.m for the visitors and is absolutely free and also no reservation is required as well.

Marjorie Barrick Museum
Marjorie Barrick Museum is also known as the UNLV Museum of Natural History. The second name of the museum shows that the museum is about history of natural things. UNLV is the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The museum is located in the university that is why it is called the UNLV Museum of Natural History. The museum was established in 1976 and is located at 4505 Maryland Parkway. The Museum gives the opportunity to the visitors to the discovery of human beings heritage which is still on going. The museum has an active exhibition and has many educational programs. The programs are for all ages; young and adults. Outside the museum you wil find a 1.5 acre garden which has plants which are brought from different countries. In the park you can relax also.

Hamilton Grange National Memorial
Hamilton Grange is the home of the founder of America the Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton Grange National Memorial guards his house. The national memorial is a is located in the St.Nicholas Park and is a Service site. The house was designed by John mcComb. The house is located in the 32 acre estate of Hamilton. It is a two story building and the area of the house is 1 acre. The house was built in 1802. It is named after the estate of Hamilton’s grand father in Scotland which is called “The Grange”. The house was used by his family till 30 years after the death of Alexander. The house is now taken care and preserved by the Hamilton Grange National Memorial. This place is the history of the Americans and it shows how American’s achieved what they have. A visit to this place can be very enlightening and educating.
Ground Zero Museum Workshop

Grand Zero Museum Workshop is a museum located at 420 West 14th Street

Floor 2 New York City. The museum has almost 80 photographs which show the recovery operation of the Ground Zero. A visit to the museum can make us celebrate the lives which were lost in the 9/11. Gary Marlon Susan was the official photographer of the rescue team who was allowed to take all the pictures during the 11 month time, as the recovery effort lasted 11 months. You can also see the artifacts of the recovery time. And see all the people who helped in the recovery efforts. Gary Marlon Susan is the founder of this museum. You can also see the rare videos and can also touch the steel of the World Trade center and also the glass of the building. A visit to the museum can be very exciting.
Gershwin Theater
Gershwin Theater is the biggest Broadway Theater in terms of seating capacity. The theater can accommodate 1,933 people at a time. The theater was opened in November, 1972 to promote theater art in the city. It is located in the mid of Manhattan. The theater is on lease to Netherlander Organization. The cost of the theater is almost 13 million dollars. When the theater was opened it was called the “Uris Theater”. It was named after the Uris brothers who were the developer of the theater. Later on the name was changed and now it is called the Gershwin Theater and is named after a great composer George Gershwin. Some of the notable productions of the theater are Seesaw
; Annie, Sweeney Todd, Show Boat and many more. A visit to the theater would be very exciting especially if you love the art of theater.

General Grant National Memorial

General Grant National Memorial is also known as Grant’s Tomb. It was established on April 27, 1897. The tomb is made in an area of 0.76 acre. Till today almost 100,000 visitors have visit the Tomb. The tomb is baptized by the U.S National Park Service. The tomb contains two bodies. The tomb is a mausoleum. It contains the body of the president of U.S Ulysses S. Grant along with his wife. This tomb is a memorial to the president; he brought the civil war to an end. He was also the American Civil War general. The building is made of granite and marble. It was completed in 1897 and is designed by John Ducan. If you want to visit the tomb then go in fall and spring time as it is the best time.

Frick Collection
Frick Collection was established in 1913 and located at 1 East 70th Street New York. It is a small art museum and is housed in the former Henry Clay Frick House. The museum has very fine paintings and antique furniture. The collection also contains the paintings of the very best European artists and also sculptures. The paintings are still in the way which was designed by Frick although some changes are brought with respect to time. The Frick house is a really big mansion which was privately owned by him. The house itself is worth visiting. It has private gardens both in the front and interior courtyard. The time when the Frick was built, all the houses near it was privately owned and some hotels and clubs were also there.

Columbus Circle
Columbus Circle is a major landmark of New York City. It is the place from where the distances of the New York City are officially measured. The monument is standing at the Columbus Circle which is made by the Italian sculptor Gaitano Russo. The monument consists of a statue which was made of marble. The circle is a major transportation hub because of its location. The circle is named after Christopher Columbus. The construction of the circle was completed in 1905. The circle has been renovated once and was renovated after one year of its construction. The circle is located at the southwest corner of central park and to the west of it is a huge 80 story building called Time Warner Center. Just on the north side of Columbus Circle is the Trump International Hotel and Tower. It is a good place if you want to explore the area from that side.

Conservatory Garden

Among many gardens of the Central Park in New York, there is only one conventional garden of Central park and that is the Conservatory Garden. It is called Conservatory Garden because of a Conservatory that stood there for 36 years. After the Conservatory was torn down this garden was made there. To access the garden easily you can use the Vanderbilt Gate which is located at Fifth Avenue. There are other gates also through which you can access the garden as it is in three parts. The park has an area of around 6 acres. The garden has been restored. After the second Word War the garden was completely neglected and son turned into a wasteland. The garden is now a beautiful place to visit on a free day to enjoy a holiday.

Cornell Medical Center
Cornell Medical Center is a medical center where there are almost two hundred departments or programs where volunteers are taken to help the medical center. Cornell Medical Center takes volunteers to perform the medical duties and to perform medical work. Different assignments are given to the volunteers to perform; some may include direct contact with the patient while others may be different. The volunteers may be required to have personal or phone counseling with the patient to describe him the benefit entitlement programs. Volunteers can be used to help the families of the patients; they can help the families to full fill the requirements of the hospital. The availability of volunteers and assignments depends on the departments of the medical center.

Dahesh Museum
United States has hundreds of museums, but the Dahesh Museum is different from all of them from the fact that the museum is purely devoted to the European art. The museum collects and shows the art of the European. The museum was established in 1995, but a sad thing is that the museum has no home since 2008 and is looking for a home. The stuff of the museum which is the paintings can be seen online. The paintings can also be seen in the traveling exhibition of the museum. The museum is named after the great Lebanese writer and philosopher Saleem Moussa Ashi. As he was a writer and writers have a pen name. Dr. Dahesh was his pen name and the museum is named after his pen name.
Forbes Galleries

The Forbes building is situated on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The gallery is housed in the building. After the death of Malcolm Forbes, his family continued to have an exhibition of his things. The Gallery contains all those things. Some of the things are bought buy the visitors who came to see the galleries. The Gallery contains the things from the Forbes’ childhood. It contains the toys of Forbes and other things used by Forbes. It also has the collection of Olympic medals and thousand of toy soldiers. The Galleries is an exciting and a place to enjoy. If you are a visitor to New York then do visit Forbes Galleries as it is more popular among the visitors than the locals.

Flatiron Building

This building seemed to be very huge when it was constructed as no other building was as tall as Flatiron Building. The Flatiron Building was constructed in 1902 and it is located at 175 Fifth Avenue New York City. This is one of the first skyscrapers of the city; the building is of gold color and has 22 floors. The shape of the building is triangular and has parking on the top also. The building was not originally called the Flatiron building the original name of the building was Fuller Building. The building is designed by Daniel Burnham and John Wellborn Root. The building was also called the Flatiron block as the shape of the building is like clothing iron. The building is now easily being seen on television as it has become an icon of the city.

Federal Hall
The Federal Hall was located in downtown, Manhattan. The building was built in 1700 and was demolished after one hundred and twelve years. The building was demolished in 1812. The building is still famous for many things. Many historic events took place in the building, like when the building was 89 years old, there held the inauguration of George Washington as the president of United States of America. Another historic event that took place was the ratification of the bill of rights of the United States. A memorial is made which is called Federal Hall National Memorial. The memorial is made in order to preserve the memories of the events that took place in the Federal Hall. The memorial is run by the National Park Service of U.S.
FDNY Memorial

The FDNY Memorial is a wall that is gifted to the New York firefighter for their work on 9/11. The gift is from Holland and Knight, the gift is also for the volunteer who took part to help the firefighters. The volunteer was the partner from Holland and Knight. The name of the volunteer was Glenn J. Winuk. The wall was unveiled in a ceremony and is given to honor the 343 members of the firefighters of New York. The Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta said "We are deeply grateful to Holland & Knight for this extraordinary gift," at the time of receiving the honorable wall. The gift is really precious for the firefighters of New York as it is the symbol of their hard work and devotion for their country, as they truly helped at the need of the hour. 

El Museo Del Barrio
New York is full of museums; every museum is different from others and is made to preserve different type of things. The El Museo del Barrio is also a museum and different from others. The museum is unique in is type as it is devoted to the Latin American and Caribbean culture. The museum celebrates the culture of Latin America and Caribbean. The museum is located on the top of museum mile in the New York City. The museum keeps the arts and crafts that was done in the 20th century and also the art done by pre Colombian artifacts.. The museum is confined only to one story, but the attendance to the museum has grown in the last couple of years.
Ed Sullivan Theater
The Ed Sullivan Theater is a famous entertainment venue The theater is located in Broadway, New York. The theater was built in 1927, and till today it is serving the radio and television of the New York City. It took almost two years to complete the building. The theater has 1200 seats and is divided in to sections, like 400 seats of the theater is for the TV audience, as the theater is a television and radio studio of New York City. The theater is the home of David Letterman Show on CBS TV. The theater was once the home of Ed Sullivan Show, this show used to broad cast in the 60’s. You can book your ticket on phone but not more than two tickets will be given.

New York Stock Exchange - New York, NY, US

New York stock exchange was founded in March 8, 1817, and is located at Wall Street in lower Manhattan. The stock exchange is owned by NYSE EURONEXT. The exchange was closed for a short time after the World War 1. The key person of the stock exchange is Duncan L. Niederauer and is working as the CEO of the stock exchange. New York stock exchange is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world and is the largest in terms of market capitalizations. The Wall Street building consists of only four trading rooms; another trading room was located on Broad Street but was closed in 2007. The main building of the stock exchange is still located on the Broad Street. Both the main building and the Wall Street building was designated a National Historic Landmark. The stock exchange is also called the “BIG BOARD”.

New York Public Library Performing Arts
New York Public library Performing Arts is located in the 40 Lincoln Center Plaza. It performs different types of arts. It covers the world of dance, theater and music. The performing arts are of international standards and any person loving the art will be fascinated by this library. It has the references and rare archival collections in the world of art. The library has also special programs like different performances, exhibition of things and also the seminars which brief about the section of performing arts. These all collections are free of costs. The other different thing about it is that mostly all the things are non-book. It has collection in the shape of video tapes, recordings and other things like it. It has three different times in a week.
New York Public Library
New York has hundred of libraries. The New York public library is one of the largest libraries of the state. The library is the biggest library of United States in terms of public library and is most significant in terms of research. The library is included in the list of five most important libraries of the country. The library is not managed by the government. It is privately managed and is non profit library and is made for the cause to educate and give knowledge to the people of the country. By 2008 the library had 15,985,192 books. It also has many things other than books like video tapes etc. All these things are free of cost. The library consists of 87 libraries and has more than 1,000 people of staff.
New York City Police Museum

The museum is situated at 100 old slip in lower Manhattan. The museum is made to show the history, contribution and achievements by police department of New York City. The museum started from a room in a police academy. The main focus of the library is on September 11. The museum invites the public to see and check what the police did in an issue and whether the decision made by the police was right or no. The exhibition of the museum is not without controversy. The museum has the goal to tell public about the police in was which is different from the media. But it is said that the museum doesn’t show the more controversial issues of the police history

Museum of Television and Radio
The Paley center of media is also called the museum of television and radio and also as the museum of broadcasting. The museum was already opened in New York for more than 20 years before it was opened in Beverly Hills in 1996 .The museum was founded in 1975. The main purpose of the museum is to show the role of television and radio in society. It also made to discuss the creative significance and importance of television in the society. The museum has more than 50,000 shows of television and radio. The museum now has also included other new technologies like internet and mobile video to improve its standards and to facilitate the public. It is a great place for a person who is a fan of America’s television and radio.
Minskoff Theater
The theater is located at Broad Way in mid town Manhattan in New York. The theater was opened in 1973 to show music, dance, concerts and other art of theater. The theater also showed movies like the Lion King. The theater is on the third floor of One Astor Plaza. It is an office tower. The theater has also hosted the Miss Universe 1981 in 1981. The theater has been hosting the companies of music and dance. The theater has big amount of seats in it and can accommodate 1621 people. The theater is designed by two architects. The theater has notable production like King of Hearts, Sweet Charity and many more. It is a great place for a person who is connected or has interest in theater.
Metropolitan Opera House - New York

Metropolitan Opera House is the home of the Metropolitan Opera Association. The association offers all type of opera including Grand Opera. The House is among the largest opera houses in the whole world and is considered by many people as the premiere opera stages in the world. The house shows opera in a season in one year. The season starts from the mid of September and ends in May. In these nine months the house shows around 27 operas. The operas are showed in a rotating repertory schedule. The opera shown in this house are of international standards, and the orchestra used is also of international standard. Any person who has interest in the art of opera should visit this opera house. It is also called ‘Met’.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located on the eastern edge of central park in Manhattan. The museum was established in 1870. A visit to the museum would be overwhelming and also joyous. You would every thing there from the Ancient Egypt to the American masters. The met also maintains the art of Africa Asia and also the Islamic art. The museum has 17 administrative departments. The main building of the museum is also called ‘The Met’. The main building of the museum is the one of the biggest art galleries in the world. The museum has the area of 2,000,000 square feet. It is on the third rank in the world. The museum was originally located at 681 Fifth Avenue.

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