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Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens - Jacksonville, FL, US  


The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens was built on the site of the home of Arthur and Ninah Cummer. It was opened on November 10th, 1961. From its initial collection of sixty pieces, the Cummer's permanent collection has grown to over six thousand works of art encircling eight thousand years of art history. This massive growth was gained through the generosity of numerous patrons who gifted noticeable art pieces. The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens in Jacksonville possess one of the most important and pleasant gardens in Northeast Florida. Ideally located on the banks of the St. Johns River, the gardens have a captivating history stretching back over 100 years. Throughout the year, the gardens are alighting with rare horticultural variety is situated under a shade of full-grown live oak trees. The garden also has features such as dazzling pools, fountains; arbors and historic ornaments.  Monuments in the garden help create a special space that provides a perfect balance to the museum's collections.

Mutual Musicians Foundation - Kansas City, MO, US  

Reminiscent of a thriving musical history, the Mutual Musicians Foundation is situated in the centre of Kansas City’s Jazz district. Deemed as the harbingers of Jazz culture, the Kansas City’s Mutual Musicians Foundation is where this astounding part of music history was procreated similar to New York and Chicago. The Foundation concocted a large denomination of performers who are given high esteem at a national level not to mention a flock of talented individuals who transfigured Jazz into a monumental entity. Due to the historical significance showcased in the Kansas Style Jazz this arena was configured into an official National Historic Landmark.  The tantalizing building at 1823 highland has been a humble abode for Jazz since 1930’s thus transforming it an illuminating emblem of the Jazz community.

Liberty Memorial - Kansas City, MO, US  

A commemorative light of honor that was pivoted to dredge up the memories of the fallen soldiers in World War I, The liberty Memorial is situated in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Allocated as The National World War I Museum by the US congress six years ago, the initiation ceremony of this monumental structure occurred on November 1st, 1921. Designed in the picturesque reflection of Beaux-Art Monumentalism’s conception of construction, the exterior was molded into a limestone medium and thus this monumental building came into existence. Its vivid beauty is better personified in the darkness of night when the tower at Liberty Memorial emanates steam highlighted by bright orange beams of light. This procedure gives the impression that the tower is burning with a luminous blaze and can be witnessed over a wide range of area.

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art - Kansas City, MO, US  

A nucleus of art and culture, the Kemper Museum epitomizes and encompasses artistic inspirations that were once brushed on to a canvas by a talented individual. Situated in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri the Kemper Museum flaunts an elevating collection of modern and contemporary art pieces. Showcasing around 10 to 12 exhibitions annually this astounding hub of idiosyncratic reflections radiates the identity of numerous artists located in the US as well as globally. Located in the epicenter is a magnificent atrium that concludes into a breath taking spectacle of luminous light flowing in through a 22 feet high skylight. Spawning over a perimeter of 23,000 gross square feet the unique structure of Kemper Museum of Contemporary art propagates an amplifying effect on the artist’s master piece thus giving it a historically significant edge.

Kauffman Stadium - Kansas City,MO,US

Situated in Kansas City, Missouri the Kauffman Stadium is a treat for every baseball aficionados out there. Playing host to the Kansas City Royals this Major League baseball stadiums conceptualization came into existence on July 2nd 1993. Named after the founder Ewing Kauffman, the Kauffman Stadium was constructed to compliment the renowned and cherished game of baseball while still retaining its functionality. One of the most esteemed arenas for sports entertainment the Kauffman Stadium flaunts a modernist design which is highly admired by numerous individuals.

A multi-purpose arena, the Kauffman stadium boasts of a core made of concrete with a sleeker uncovered concrete fascia and a spectacular water cascade that is bound to have you gawking at it. Reaching an astounding elevation of 322 feet the Kauffman Stadium is coined as the largest privately constructed water fountain in the world.

Kansas City Zoo - Kansas City, MO, US  

Zoos are always considered to be entertaining for any individual regardless of age or gender, one such attraction is situated in the city of Kansas Missouri. A cradle of joy and amusement this unique park has a crawling capacity of 70,000 people each year and is categorically divided according to different areas of the world like Africa, Australia and many more. To really absorb in the true experience of this astounding facility you would have to go through a myriad of engrossment's. From tram rides to boat rides everything that your imagination allows you to dream about can be located in the Kansas City Zoo. An endangered species carousel can educate and illuminate our next generation to preserve the environment. Deemed fit for the award of best African exhibit the Kansas City Zoo envelops all that is entertaining and educating for each and every member of your family.

Kansas City Museum - Kansas City, MO, US 

With a vast array of historical documents stored away in its catacombs, the Kansas City Museum is the regions principal and most important structure. Built over land owned by the civic leader Robert A. Long and his family, the Kansas City Museum flaunts a beautiful facade that is constructed on a field measuring 3 acres in length. Moving parallel to the scenic landscape of the Missouri river valley the Kansas State Museum lies next to the historic Kessler Park and cliff drive. With an eye for detail the Longs left no leaf overturned when it came to mimicking the style and grandeur of their interior halls to that of the grounds surrounding their mansion. With perfectly manicured walkways and beautifully nurtured plants oozing out from the ground the Kansas State Museum has an awe-inspiring composition.

Jacob Loose Memorial Park - Kansas City, MO, US  

Ranging over a vast area of 75 acres, the Jacob L. Loose Park is Kansas City’s most cherished possession. A picturesque landscape with an interesting history Jacob Loose Park is renowned to have witnessed the battle of Westport. A total of 29,000 people waged war against one another on this sacred piece of cultivated land. The most exquisite feature that protrudes from this historically wounded area is the rose garden that portrays a capricious reality that commenced in 1931. The first Rose garden contained 120 rose plants whereas today the famous rose garden houses about 4000 roses. With 150 diversified varieties of roses implanted throughout the vicinity of Jacob Loose Park  the garden was recently refurbished which included an additional number of roses on the 1.5 acre stretch of land.

Harley Davidson Factory, Kansas City , MO, US.

A towering entity measuring 358,000 Square foot, the Harley Davidson vehicle affects individuals in a manner that is unfathomable. With the notion of power train Operations conceived in 1998 Kansas City is the only setting where you can unearth a gargantuan model of the Harley, built from the ground up. When Visiting the Harley Davidson Factory in Kansas City you’ll be subjected to a guided tour of the entire building. Witnessing an epic design in the making can be a thrilling experience that is why at the Harley Davidson Factory, everything from Welding to Polishing and everything in between can be observed by any individual.  With a state-of-the-art welding machines working in rhythmic motions o the Harley Davidson factory provides you with the opportunity sit on the final product and feel your pulse elevating with every breath.

Hallmark Visitors Center - Kansas City, MO, US  

Watching one of the most imaginative and creative companies unfold before your very eyes can give you the adrenaline rush you never dreamed of. Situated within the Crown Centre in Kansas City Hallmark has livened up the lives of millions with their precise and immaculately conceived products. The Hallmark visitors centre augments the story of yesteryear in a display of 14 highly unique displays. A story is told through these exhibits, how it all began and led to the creation of a company that touched the lives of numerous people from around the world. Showcasing the biggest greeting card to historical artifacts, hallmark visitors centre gives every individual an opportunity to create their own souvenirs. With a large denomination of entertaining aspects emulated in the hallmarks centre it becomes rather difficult to want to leave.

Crown Center - Kansas City, MO, US  

A hub of entertaining arenas, the Crown Center is dubbed as a thriving and vivacious city of its own. Positioned immaculately in the centre of downtown Kansas City the Crown centre offers an out of this world experience. From fine dining to exquisite hotels and office buildings the Crown Centre has something for everyone. Show casing some of the most sought after shopping retail brands, the Crown centre features an array of entertaining attractions that are sure to have you jumping on the edge of your seats. An imaginative locale the crown centre showcases an array of exhibitions and engaging events. A mausoleum for highly esteemed businesses the headquarters of Hallmarks Cards is also situated within this dazzling complex.

Gator Bowl - Jacksonville

Depicting the enthusiasm for sports in college going bodies is the famous Gator Bowl with its roots in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.  Gator Bowl is one of the oldest games of its kind prevailing in America and is primarily a college football game.  The popularity of the game among the people has earned it quite a status and it is played in a specialized stadium by the name of Gator Bowl Stadium, recently changed to Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.  The new name of the stadium also features the renovation that was done to the stadium, resulting in approximately complete destruction of the original edifice.  The college games are arranged by Gator Bowl Association, a non-profit organization which has been responsible for the fame it has gained.  Even though the stadium and the game have suffered some causalities in the past like the Hotel Roosevelt fire yet it is still popular among the masses. 

Milwaukee Amtrak Station - Milwaukee,WI,US   

On the south side of the city, Milwaukee Amtrak Station is situated near the western edge of General Mitchell International Airport. To replace the previous Everett Street Depot, on August 3, 1965 ,the Milwaukee Union Station was dedicated by the Milwaukee Road. Chicago and North Western Railroad ended up the Milwaukee lakefront depot to open the the new Milwaukee Road depot, in 1996 to transfer their passenger operations. On West St. Paul Avenue, the depot was constructed in a high-tech style, but proved unpopular quickly after it was erected. The facility was re-named, in November 2007,  the Milwaukee Intermodal Station, after renovation with $16.9 million dollar of the main building to expand the waiting area with a glass atrium and improved space for Amtrak ticketing, along with motor coach passenger facilities, restaurant, and retail space.

Miller Brewing Company - Milwaukee,WI,US   

Miller Brewing is the second largest brewing company in the United States just after Anheuser-Busch and is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. Frederick Miller when purchased the small Plank-Road, founded Brewery Miller Brewing Company in 1855. The access to raw materials produced on nearby farms was made easy because of the brewery's location in the Menomonee Valley. MillerCoors which is  owned by SABMiller is the result of merger of Miller Brewing Company with Coors Brewing Company in 2008. Breweries in different locations like Irwin dale, North Carolina; Fort Worth, Texas; Wisconsin and Trenton, Ohio are remained open because of MillerCoors joint venture, which is owned by Miller.To market all the products, MillerCoors which is a joint venture of 2 companies,SABMiller and Molson Coors Brewing Company was announced in 2007, for their U.S. operations.

Midwest Airlines Center - Milwaukee,WI,US

Located in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Midwest Airlines Center is a conference and exposition center. The building opened in 1998 having contiguous exhibit space along with a ballroom. Frontier Airlines Center was the updated name of , Midwest Airlines Center given by CEO of Republic Airways Holdings, Bryan Bedford, in 2010, with the mergers of brands between Midwest Airlines and Frontier. The U.S. Cellular Arena and the Milwaukee Theatre are included in the Midwest Center which is a big complex of buildings. It was actually a replacement for the former convention center portion of the MECCA complex. To integrate private and public space,the curled terra cotta colored concrete strips flow through structural boundaries and provide seating at both ends which were designed.

KC Amtrak Station - Kansas City, MO, US

KC Amtrak is located on 30 West Pershing Road, Union Station. The union station was Built in 1914 and has acquired 850,000 square feet of land and was originally featured with 900 rooms. It accommodates tens of thousands of passengers every year. At its crest during World War II, more than one million travelers passed through the Station. The North Waiting Room (now the Sprint FestivalPlaza) was used to hold 10,000 people.

The station was shut down in 1980s. In 1996, it was decided to fund the Station's restoration and was completed in 1999. The Station is a popular place for the neighboring community not only for traveling but for having lunch or to mail a letter from the post office in the Grand Hall. The station also attracts tourists from all over the world who wonder at the Grand Hall's 95-foot high ceiling, 3,500-pound chandeliers and the six-foot wide clock in central arch. Today's Union Station is crammed with fine restaurants and shops. And like in 1914, one can catch the train at Union Station's Amtrak stop.



Kemper Arena - Kansas City, MO, US  

Kemper Arena American Royal Center is an indoor arena in Kansas City, Missouri with19,500 seats for the audience. It is named after R. Crosby Kemper Sr. who donated 3.2 million dollars for this arena. Kemper Arena was built in 1973–74 on the site of the former Kansas City Stockyards. The arena was amajor project of German architect Helmut Jahn. Kemper Arena was built at a cost of 2 3 million dollars. R. Crosby Kemper Sr., American Royal Association, Stockyards Company, Jackson County Sports Authority and federal grants for street work were the major financers of the project. It has hosted Republican National Convention in 1976, NCAA Final Four basketball games and many  professional basketball and hockey teams. It is also the host of American Royal livestock show. Kemper Arena also has organized NCAA Regional Tournament, the Big 12 Basketball Tournament, family shows, concerts and the annual American Royal.

Swope Park & Zoo - Kansas City, MO, US 

Kansas City Zoo is located in famous and beautiful Swope Park. The Swope Zoo is spread over 202 acres of valleys and rolling hills and is home to more than 1,000 animals. Thomas Swope donated 1,334 acres to the city of Kansas to use as a public park in 1896. With property acquirement made over the years, the park now has over 1,805 acres and is one of the largest parks in US. Picnic areas, outdoor theatre, Starlight Theatre, golf courses, swimming and fishing opportunities are the main features of the park. Kansas City Zoo is divided into several sections which include Australia, Tiger Trail (Asia), Tropics, indoor rainforest; Kid Zone, and African Plains. An indoor rainforest was opened in 2009 in the Zoo building. Zoo authorities are planning to add polar bears in 2010. 

KC Convention Ctr - Kansas City, MO, US

The Kansas City Convention & Entertainment Facilities is a resourceful and one of its kinds complex that have room for everything from weddings, quinceañeras to galas, small size meetings, city-wide conventions, fairs and trade shows. One can easily organize the most successful event in the convention centre. The convention centre has 2 conference centers at first and second level with the capacity of 1500 and 2500 people. 3 Conference centers, a small theatre, Barney Allis Plaza, Bartle Hall, Exhibition Hall, Arena and Music hall are the main features of the Convention Centre. Located in downtown Kansas the convention center is just at 20 minute’s drive from the Kansas City International Airport. The Kansas City Convention Facilities govern the city skyline with its brilliant art deco pylons. Attendees of the events are right in the heart of the city and are only few steps away from hotels, The Sprint Center and the Power and Light District.        



Country Club Plaza - Kansas City, MO, US  

The Country Club Plaza a shopping district and residential neighborhood in Kansas City. It was the first shopping center in the world which was designed to accommodate shoppers who may arrive by automobiles. It consists of 55 acre of landwhich is about four miles in south of downtown. The Plaza is an open-air museum of romantic Spanish structural design and European art where people live and work every day. It was designed in 1922 as the first inhabited shopping district of US. Since then, its uncovered public art gallery has endlessly added to its collection, with fountains, sculptures and murals. It has many internationally famous works of art like, statue of Sir Winston Churchill, the Giralda Tower and the Seville Light tower, original bronze of Pomona by Italian sculptor Donatello Gabrielli, etc.


Worlds of Fun - Kansas City, MO, US

Worlds of Fun is an amusement park which is themed on Jules Verne's adventure book Around the World in Eighty Days. The park presents  more than 100 rides and attractions, including roller coasters, thrill rides, and award-winning live entertainment to its guests. Oceans of Fun is the biggest water parks in the Midwest. It has a wide variety of entertainment for the people of all ages, including a four-story i water playhouse, giant wave pool, water slide raft ride,  children's activity areas, and lot more. Oceans of Fun is seasonally opened from May to September. With more than 235 acres of land, Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun is the number one tourist attraction in the Kansas City. These facilities are owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, which is listed for trading on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “FUN.” 


SeaWorld San Antonio - San Antonio,TX,US 

SeaWorld San Antonio is the world's largest marine life adventure park and family entertainment showplace which presents more than 26 sensational shows, thrilling rides, animal attractions and educational experiences for people of all age groups. In fact it contains 4 parks in itself which include Show Park, rides and slides park, Water Park and Animals Park. It is the largest the world's largest marine-life theme park and is owned by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, a division of The Blackstone Group. SeaWorld San Antonio was developed by Harcourt, Brace, and Jovanovich and  was opened in 1988. The park was built with the cost of170 million dollars. Interaction with whale trainers at the park's Shamu Stadium, A comical "Who done it?" featuring sea lions, boat and water-skiing stunt show and a performance with Pacific white-sided dolphins and beluga whales are the main presentations of the SeaWorld Now a days.

AT&T Center - San Antonio,TX,US 

In November 1999, Bexar County voters agreed upon a partnership between the Spurs, Bexar County, the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo and the Coliseum Advisory Board to make a County-owned community arena that can serve for the Spurs and the Stock Show & Rodeo. The Center was financed through donations from the Spurs and from the County.  The Spurs and the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo together designed the AT&T Center to be a state-of-the art building to be capable of hosting big sporting events, rodeo and other first-rate entertainment shows. In 2008, an extension of the visitor tax was approved by Bexar County voters to fund four proposals: San Antonio River Improvements, Youth & Amateur Athletic Facilities, Rodeo Grounds & Community Arenas Enhancements and Performing & Cultural Arts Centers. The AT&T Center provides fun, educational guided walking tours, HEB FAN Zone area and other attractions to the visitors. The San Antonio Spurs are providing a community arena to the residents of Bexar County, of which they can be proud of.

Convention Center - San Antonio, TX, US


Situated in the heart of historic downtown San Antonio along with the banks of the world famous River Walk stands the nucleus of City’s convention industry. The Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center (HBGCC) plays host to more than 450 events every year. Over 750,000 delegates from around the world attend meetings, events and conventions in this center during a year. The HBGCC which was built as part of the 1968 HemisFair is only a memory as it has expanded into a skillfully decorated and roomy facility. The HBGCC covers an impressive 1.3 million square feet of land which include 59 meeting rooms, 3 gorgeous ballrooms, 4 exhibit halls with a adjacent space of about 440,000 square feet and 7 registration areas. The HBGCC complex also presents the Lila Cockrell Theatre and The Alamo dome for entertainment purposes. 

Sea World of Texas - San Antonio, TX, US

SeaWorld San Antonio, formerly known as Sea World of Texas, is the world's largest marine life adventure park and family entertainment showplace which presents more than 26 sensational shows, thrilling rides, animal attractions and educational experiences for people of all age groups. In fact it contains 4 parks in itself which include Show Park, rides and slides park, Water Parkand Animals Park. It is the largest the world's largest marine-life theme park and is owned by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, a division of The Blackstone Group. SeaWorld San Antonio was developed by Harcourt, Brace, and Jovanovich and  was opened in 1988. The park was built with the cost of170 million dollars. Interaction with whale trainers at the park's Shamu Stadium, A comical "Who done it?" featuring sea lions, boat and water-skiing stunt show and a performance with Pacific white-sided dolphins and beluga whales are the main presentations of the SeaWorld Now a days.

American Royal Complex, Kansas City, US

The American Royal Complex, is a 300,000square feet trade show display. This multi function facility is home to American Royal farm animals containing Horse Shows and Barbeque, the Western Farm Implement Show, as well as a range of heavy instruments trade shows and industrial exhibits. The multifaceted is fully supported by a centralized HVAC plant which provides both heating and air conditioning. It also features exterior electrical outlets on the building at regular intervals for trailers and RVs. Full facilities include concession stands, public restrooms, box office, canteens, passenger elevators and banks of telephones. The annual American Barbeque is the most celebrated event here. The services available are Permanent dirt floor, Public Address system, Temporary Stalls, Clean-up, Set-up, and Cattle Panels.

Kansas City centre, Kansas City, US

The Kansas City Center is firm founded in 2004 with the mission of  endorsing the manufacturing and utilization of food in city regions. Kansas city city centre basically provides a number of opportunities for people who would like to farm and produce an income, there are many small farms which are distributed throughout providing fresh and healthy foods for the locals. The unused and empty spaces are turned to productive use and it is used to create a beautiful and fit environment. Though this looks very easy but to attain this vision, the centre develops many different training programs for all the farmers and different organizations which are interested in food production. The centre also functions a community farm which is a working organic farm and it also operated Juniper gardens training farm.

Riverwalk San Antonio - San Antonio, US  

The San Antonio Riverwalk is a striking public park, which remains unlocked 365 days a year. In essence it is a group of many incongruent pathways connecting to one another alongside the banks of the River. An imperative part of the city's built-up being lined up by clubs, stores and restaurants, Riverwalk San Antonio is the much loved place for the tourists. Owing to its twin sidewalks having top line restaurants and shops this has become one of the most active pedestrian streets. It also connects the major tourist draws from the Alamo to Rivercenter Mall, to the Arneson River Theatre close to La Villita and many more. Fiesta is the annual springtime in which the River Parade features flowery floats that factually float.

San Antonio Amtrak Station - San Antonio, TX, US

San Antonio Station provides the Amtrak train station in San Antonio, Texas which means that it is a government owned corporation which provides passenger train service in US. ‘Sunset Limited’ and the ‘Texas Eagle’ are the two Amtrak lines, supplied by this juncture. Nevertheless, these two lines are actually part of the same train from Los Angeles, California, but they split at this station and ‘the Sunset Limited’ goes onto New Orleans, Louisiana while ‘the Texas Eagle’ to Chicago, Illinois. Amtrak until that time used the historic Southern Pacific Railroad Station which was built in 1902 by the Southern Pacific Railroad. It was also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975 which makes it quite historical. Subsequently, Amtrak moved operations in 1998 to a smaller depot and under its owner there; the historic building underwent an extensive restoration that currently serves as an entertainment complex.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas - San Antonio, TX, US 

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a 200-acre theme and water park located in San Antonio, Texas. It is renowned for its compelling and enjoyable shows, moreover Six Flags Fiesta Texas also boasts a large collection of thrill rides, which includes eight roller coasters. Next to the theme park, guests can also find White Water Bay, so to have some delight from this great water park. The park offers a total of 8 roller coasters and 9 water rides for the people to get pleasure from. The popularity of Six Flags Fiesta, Texas tweets from the fact that the amusement industry has declared this park as the America’s number 1 park and hence it has been able to accomplish nine consecutive golden ticket awards.

The Alamo - San Antonio, TX, US  

San Antonio is famous for countless alluring things and ‘Alamo’ is one of them. A sanctuary to Texan independence, it is one of the most sacred national site. Located in the heart of the city of San Antonio, Texas; it not only comes under the most acknowledged figures in addition it is one the most visited eminent sites in the world. Alamo is more than just a building; it is the blotch of the first battle for Texan independence. In 1836, a small group of Texans barricaded themselves inside the Alamo and withstood 13 days under siege by the Mexican troops. The Alamo has also been labeled as “America’s premier white identity shrine”. There’s huge assortment available including weaponry and artifacts from the Texan revolution so to please the visitors.

Tower of Americas - San Antonio, TX, US

The magnum opus of a San Antonio based architect O’Neil Ford, tower of Americas is a 750 foot observatory cum restaurant. The awe-inspiring view of the Alamo City from the deck is perhaps the most interesting delight offered by this tower. The revolving tower Landry’s Restaurant also proffers finest dinning from the yummiest   sea food to tender, thirst quenching steaks and heavenly enticing desserts. Moreover, to give you an immeasurable ecstasy, a Texas themed 4 D theatre is there, waiting for you anxiously. Be it a wedding anniversary, any other special occurrence or you simply want to pay out some quality time, let the people at Landry Restaurant over this tower be your hosts and you would have memories to cherish, afterwards. In a nutshell Tower of Americas is like a jewel in the crown of the San Antonio.  

Alamodome - San Antonio, TX, US

Multipurpose Alamodome is a high-tech five level facility in San Antonio that can fill within more than 70,000 spectators. Blessed with retractable seating, it can be molded according to the game being played in the ground. It is a treat for holding soccer, ice hockey, basket ball, boxing, skating to super bowl. The 30,000 square feet of meeting rooms and 160,000 square feet of incessant exhibit space are quite welcoming to accommodate whichever event, regardless of its type. Since its foundation in 2003 till 2002 it was home to San Antonio spurs, where as its current owners are city of San Antonio and the University of Texas. Besides sports it has witnessed splendid performance of Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and many others. Grab your tickets without delay for the upcoming attractions at Alamodome.

San Antonio Shopping Center - Palo Alto, CA, US

San Antonio Shopping Center is an open-air shopping complex which is located on El Camino Real at San Antonio Road in Mountain View. It is one of the largest shopping malls in Mountain View, and is popular among South Peninsula locals as one of the only reasonable shopping centers in the area. The mall also includes 24 hour fitness center, Sears, Wal-mart etc .The centre initially started in the 1950s and it featured Rhodes and Sears. With the passage of time, the mall expanded and in the 1990s most of the mall was demolished giving way to Wal-Mart. There are many banks, cafes, restaurants including Chinese food, Indian and Mexican, Safeway etc nearby stores so this shopping mall is a real luxury for many people.

White River State Park - Indianapolis, IN, US

Many different cities requires people multiple outings if they want to go to museum, zoo and games. But this is not the case with the people of Indianapolis as it just requires only one trip to White River State Park to enjoy all these activities. The park is located at the central part of downtown and it pulls a lot of visitors for the wide range of entertainment it provides. Whether you want to watch dolphins playing around, rhinos and baby elephants moving around or want your kids to ride the carousal and coasters or have fun in the water playground, White River Park is certainly the place to go. And the park has lots to offer for the baseball lovers as well, as from April to September they can enjoy baseball up close at the baseball America.

Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument - Indianapolis, IN, US

The Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument is 86.72 m tall  monument which is located in the center of Indianapolis, Indiana was designed and completed in 1901. It is a dramatic sculpture group that creates a striking public space. The Germans manufactured most of the bronze and stone sculptures on the monument. The monument was raised to honor the veterans of the American Revolution, territorial differences that led up to the War of 1812. Apart from the statuary and fountains on the outside which are made for the remembrance purpose, the basement of the monument is a Civil war museum; a museum of Indiana history. At the outside of the monument circle, there are many retail shops, clubs and a church. This circle is a standard symbol of the Indianapolis.

President Benjamin Harrison Home - Indianapolis, IN, US

The President Benjamin Harrison Home is basically the former residence of President Benjamin Harrison who lived there from 1889 to 1893. So this was developed into a museum to honor his accomplishments and impact on US history. The main mission of this foundation is to increase public understanding of the self government through the life stories of American president. It is open as an educational service and promotes devotion through many different educational activities. The PBHH has got many different collections consisting of several collections and categories. It contains textile, political, historical, photograph and many more collections. There is also a library collection containing historic book materials of which the majority was owned by the Harrison family themselves. It holds one of the largest collection of papers of the President Benjamin which tells the history of Harrison family.

NCAA Hall of Champions - Indianapolis,IN,US:

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, an exhibition centre, is situated nearby NCAA National Office in Indianapolis. This ten million dollar building was designed by the famous architect Michael Graves. The NCAA Hall offers theater presentations and various other exhibits to reveal how athletes and coaches did extremely well at their particular sports. The 25,000 square feet area of the hall contains interactive real displays, games and information about the NCAA and its member schools. The NCAA Hall of Champions also invites collegiate athletics to participate in various related tests of skills. The second floor of the hall has a 1920s-era gymnasium which provides the visitors an opportunity to try various sports equipments. Moreover, public area in the great hall displays placards of the recent winners of 88 NCAA national championships and the “Look Up to Champions" videos.

Murat Center - Indianapolis,IN,US:  

The Murat Centre, also known as Murat Temple and Murat Shrine, is an amusement spot in Indianapolis. It is the oldest and the biggest Shrine temple in North America that is still in good condition. The theme of the building is an inspiration by the Islamic temples found in Egypt and Middle-east. The 208 feet tall tower, stained-glass windows, minarets, terra cotta trim, and brick banding of brown and yellow colour are main features of the building. The Egyptian-themed auditorium was added in 1922 which was designed to mix with the already existing structure. The 1,800-seat concert hall and the 2,500-seat performing arts theater are the major areas whereas the smaller areas of the Murat centre include Corinthian Hall, Corinthian Meeting Room, Corinthian Annex , The Crowne Room, The Great Hall and various lobby areas.

Morris - Butler House - Indianapolis,IN,US:

The Morris-Butler House was constructed in 1864-65 in Indianapolis, Indiana. This old house is maintained as a historic museum home by the Indiana Landmarks. The house holds many unique features as well as pieces of furniture and it was once used as an artists' studio, gallery, and apartments. Eli Lilly, a famous pharmaceutical industrialist, provided $22,500 for the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana to purchase this beautiful house in 1964. The renovation work of the house included cleaning and repointing the unlit brickwork, mending warped floors and adding a novel slate roof.

The restored house, opened to the general public in 1969, shows the history, architecture, culture and society of Indianapolis during the 19th century. There are various educational programs offered by the house which include Victorian archtecture, Victorian kitchen, etiquette, civil war soldiers and citizens and holiday traditions.

Medal of Honor Memorial - Indianapolis,IN,US: 

The Medal of Honor Memorial is a commemorative place situated in Indianapolis, Indiana,US. It was built in the honor of all recipients of the “Medal of Honor”, the United States’ highest military award for bravery. This monument was inaugrated on 28th of May 1999 during Memorial Day weekend. The Memorial consists of 27 glass panels set in solid bases and these panels are arranged into 15 walls, each of which represents an armed clash in which a Medal of Honor was awarded. The names of the award recipients are engraved into the glass panel. The Memorial also holds an intricate lighting system that lights up certain panels to match with a 30-minute audio tour. The tales about the wars, and stories of living Medal recipients is played over a speaker system during audio tour.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Indianapolis,IN,US:

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, existed since 1909, is situated in an enclave neighbourhood of Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. This is the original Speedway and a place for the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race and the Brickyard 400. This Speedway is the largest sporting facility in the world that has the capacity of more than 257,000 people. Two and a half mile long Motor Speedway is almost rectangular oval with features that have remained unchanged since its commencement. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum that was opened in 1956 and the Brickyard Crossing Golf Resort, Speedway Golf Course, opened in 1929, are also located on the land of the Speedway. Furthermore, the opening ceremonies for the 1987 Pan American Games was also organized on the spectacular Indianapolis Motor speedway.

Indiana War Memorial - Indianapolis,IN,US  


Indiana War Memorial is a monumental plaza located in the heart of Indianapolis, the capital city of the US state of Indiana. It was erected in 1919 in the honor of US veterans who returned from Europe after the end of First World War.  The Plaza is also national and state headquarters of American legion, an official organization of War Veterans charted under 36 US code. Indiana War Memorial consists of museums, three parks and 24 acres area filled with monuments, statues, sculptures and fountains-------all dedicated to War Veterans. The buildings inside the plaza include;  American Legion Mall, cenotaph Square, Veterans Memorial Plaza, The War Memorial, Indiana World War Memorial Military Museum and University Park. Indeed, Indiana War Memorial is a tremendous effort to honor the Veterans who fought the wars of survival of America.

Indiana Medical History Museum - Indianapolis,IN,US


Indiana Medical History Museum is a monument dedicated to the history of Psychiatric Research. Located in the US state of Indiana’s Capital City of Indianapolis, the monument has been erected on the grounds of erstwhile Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane. Goerge F. Edenharter, the administrator of Central Indian Hospital constructed a Pathology Building in 1895. The building had been used as a center for the teaching of various psychological diseases. In 1969, the state authorities started to establish Indiana Medical History Museum in the Pathology Building. The Museum was open to the public in 1984. The Indiana Medical History museum has a vast collection of various relics related the medical history. It also possesses a gallery to show rotating items.

Indiana Historical Society - Indianapolis,IN,US  


Indiana Historical Society, a non-profit private organization, is the oldest historical society located in Indianapolis, the capital city of the US state of Indiana. The Society was established in 1830 and one year later, it was granted a charter by the Indiana General Assembly. Indiana Historical Society is called the Indiana’s Storyteller. The society maintains a research library that collects, preserves and publicizes the history of Indiana State.  Being a vibrant center of the state history, the Society provides assistance to various state museums and research organizations publishes books and holds teaching workshops. Indiana Historical Society is governed by the Board of Trustees that is composed of 92 individuals. The Society possesses a large repository of printed, painted, pictured, crafted and recorded material----all related to various aspects of the history of Indiana.


Hooks American Drugstore Museum - Indianapolis,IN,US  


Hooks American Drugstore Museum, a center to commemorate the history of Pharmacy education and Drug stores, is located in Indianapolis, the capital city of the US state of Indiana. The Museum is operated by Hooks Drug Foundation, a board that has been managing the chain of Hooks Drug Stores. The first Hooks Drug Store was established in 1900 in Indiana by John A. Hooks. Afterwards the chain of Hooks Stores spread all over the state with 350 stores total. Opened in 1966, Hooks American Drugstore Museum contains a large collection of relics pertaining to the history of pharmacy and drug stores existing during various periods of history. The museum provides the visitors with an in-depth insight the drug history and its evolution.

Fort Harrison State Park - Indianapolis,IN,US  


Fort Harrison State Park is a public picnic resort located in Indianapolis, the capital city of the US state of Indiana. This park is a descendant of the former Fort Harrison, a military facility named after the ex-US president Benjamin Harrison. It was conceived as a military training camp that remained a center of military activities from world war first to world war two( when it was used as a prisoner of war camp) and afterwards. The fort was established in 1908. It contained various features including; barracks, officers’ houses, horse stables, hospital and race tracks. In the end of cold war, the fort was decommissioned by the US government and the Interior Department gave 1700 acres of the fort land to Indiana Department of Natural Resources to build a state park.

Currently, Fort Harrison State Park contains day-use picnic facility, an inn, a golf club, biking and fishing points and various features of wildlife and natural beauty.


Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis,IN,US  


Eagle Creek Park, the largest public of Indianapolis and one the largest urban parks of the US, is located at 7840 W. 56th street in Indianapolis, Indiana. The park stretches to 5300 acres-------1400 acres of water reservoir and 3900 acres of land. It is a 4thlargest park of the US, containing many activities like; splendid picnic shelters, three playgrounds, Peace Learning Center, Ornithology Center and Earth Discovery Center. The boats and bicycles renting facility is also available there. Eagle Creek Park also hosts a number of important events like summer camps, supports galas, and music concerts etc. It is a spacious park filled with natural beauty and wildlife features. The visitors find plenty of amusement and recreation activities here that leave lasting impression on the mind and force them to come here time and again.

Crown Hill Cemetery - Indianapolis,IN,US  


Crown Hill Cemetery, founded in 1875 to provide burial to the soldiers who were killed during the American Civil War, is a large burial ground and picnic resort located on 700 W. 38th street Indianapolis, the capital city of the US state of Indiana. The cemetery is spreading over the area of 25 acres that contain 150 species of trees and plants and almost 1,86000 graves----some of the renounced personalities of the US. Benjamin Harrison, a former president of the US is also buried there. Crown Hill Cemetery  is also awash with wildlife beauty. It is considered to be the city’s largest refuge for animals-----most of them white-tailed deer. Here the visitors find both the doom and boom views.

Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum - Indianapolis,IN,US  


Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum is a monument erected in the memories of the Indiana soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the American Civil War. It is located in the capital city of Indianapolis. The museum is named after the former American entrepreneur and a civil war veteran Colonel  Eli Lilly who led many successesful expeditions during the war and has also been a prisoner of war. Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum was established in 1902. It contains various relics related to the American Civil War. Many well-designed statuary groups are placed inside the museum. These include War and Peace, The Dying Soldier and Homefront. Apart from it there are placed four statues in the four corners of the museum that indicate four divisions of the army including Cavalry, Artillery, Infantry and Navy.   


Caribbean Cove Indoor Water Park - Indianapolis,IN,US  


Caribbean Cove Indoor Water Park is a 50000 square feet ever green water park located in the hotel Holiday Inn in the city of Indianapolis. Being an indoor park, it remains operational throughout the year. The timings of the park are 9am to 10pm from Sunday to Thursday and at Friday it closes at 11pm. Caribbean Cove Indoor Water Park is not open for public, only the guests of Holiday Inn can use it. The park has many stupendous amusement features including; Lazy River, Plunge Pool, Slides, Tropical twist and kastaway Kidz etc. The Park is an exceptional facility for the visitors of Holiday Inn. It is a fun place for the whole family in very reasonable prices. It can be enjoyed in any day of the year without any fear of the weather changes.

American Super Heroes Museum - Indianapolis,IN,US 


American Super Heroes Museum is a show-place of the private collections of an inhabitant of Indiana, Dane Nash. It is located in the capital city of Indianapolis, Indiana. It was opened to public on March 2007. The Museum contains pictures and memories of various notable Americans whom Dane Nash considers Supermen and Batmen. There is a vast collection of vestiges pertaining to the Supermen and Batmen in the museum. Dane had been collecting this material for 40 years and after retiring from his insurance business, he decided to build a museum to show of his cosmic collections. American Super Heroes Museum gives a profound insight of Superman and Batman Characters. It is a place of fun as well as information for the visitors.

Indianapolis Raceway Park - Indianapolis, IN, US 

A multifaceted racing facility, the Indianapolis Raceway Park is situated in Clermont, Indiana.  The procreation of this adrenaline inducing hub took the expertise of 15 Indianapolis area businessmen and several certified racers. Originally a cultivated piece of land, each of the business cronies involved in the project heaved in $5,000 to finance the transformation of this fascinating 267-acre field into a frivolous hub of sports racing. The original blue prints of the Indianapolis Raceway Park indicated that the sporting complex was to possess a 15 turn, 2.5 mile course but due to fear of economic degradation an initiative was taken to preserve the raceway by adding a ¼ mile drag strip into the design. A highly invigorating entity several motor sports events in Indianapolis are held at the famous Indianapolis Raceway Park which is now known as The O’riely Indianapolis Raceway Park.

Indiana State Museum - Indianapolis, IN, US

The fascinating Indiana State museum evokes a sense of sagacity and historical prime which is reflective of its regions rich heritage.  Expediting through the Indiana State Museum which is situated at the White River Park, you will come across several changing exhibits and three floors of Core galleries that are leveraging on the exploration of art, science and culture. Originated by state Librarian R. Deloss brown in 1862 the Indiana State Museum began as a mineralogical edifice swiftly developing into a museum displaying several genres of art and science. Before moving to White River State Park on May 22nd 2002, the Indiana state Museum was positioned in the old City Hall.  a record breaking attendance of museum visitors was witnessed at the grand  unveiling of the Indiana State Museum

Indianapolis Zoo - Indianapolis, IN, US  

With our wildlife depleting at an exponential speed, having animals caged up in Zoo’s can be considered a violation of nature but a facility that is dedicated to preserving the flora and fauna of this planet can help nurture the necessary elements for the survival of all living creatures and that is none other than the Indianapolis Zoo. Featuring a Zoo, an aquarium and a botanical garden, the Indianapolis Zoo is positioned in the White River State Park and is recognized by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) as a genuine facility working diligently for the well being of aquatic as well as land-based animals. With the commencement of this astounding locale in 1964 the Indianapolis Zoo has augmented and transformed itself into a world class organization where state-of-the-art research procedures are implemented.

Indianapolis Amtrak Station - Indianapolis, IN, US

With myriads of invigorating and enticing destinations sprawled over the entire region of Indianapolis it becomes rather difficult to travel on your own especially if the journey proves to be tiresome. Travel from the renowned Indianapolis Amtrak station to ensure that upon your arrival at the destination of your dreams, you have the energy to completely enjoy it. Possessing all the requirements of a state-of-the-art depot the Indianapolis Amtrak Station showcases a gargantuan structure while still magnificently detailing the surroundings with amenities of sorts. Featuring a variety of vividly photographer brochures stating the ‘It’ destinations of the season you can plan out your route in an orderly manner. With an eager to help staff available, the Indianapolis Amtrak Station ensures comfort and reliability for their clients.

Eiteljorg Museum of Art - Indianapolis, IN, US

Situated in Indianapolis the Eiteljorg Museum showcases an ambience relevant to Western and Native American art and heritage. Being the only museum to display artifacts from these genres under one roof, the Indianapolis Museum was founded by Harrison Eiteljorg in 1989 who himself was an art aficionado. His desire to capture the illustrious beauty of the west is quite evident in the design of the Eiteljorg Museum that used the terra firma of the American southwest as a muse. Constructed over 118,000 Square feet the Eiteljorg Museum showcases a honey-colored facade and festoon’s the interior galleries with modern and time-honored works of art by renowned illustrators such as Andy Warhol, Allan Houser, Charles Russel and Fedric Remington.

Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN, US

Coined as one of the ten largest Museums of Art, the Indianapolis Museum of art was founded in the autumn of 83. Considered to be the brainchild of 18 Indianapolis residents who came together to procreate the Art Association of Indianapolis the vision of the Indianapolis Museum of art was turned into reality. The main floor of this enchanting edifice primarily gives sanctuary to 20th century masterpieces created by European and American artists. Moving on to the second and third floor you are likely to come across western and contemporary art pieces respectively. Another great feature of the Indianapolis Museum of art is the Sutphin Fountain which is made from limestone and concrete. Immaculately molded into a precise arithmetical shape the fountain rests peacefully on the 26 acre land.


Conseco Fieldhouse - Indianapolis, IN, US  

A sports arena situated Pennsylvania St. Indianapolis; the Conseco Fieldhouse offers an unparalleled experience that promises each individual the best seat in the house. Complimenting the adrenaline rushing sports events similar to basketball and hockey, the Conseco Fieldhouse holds high stature in the world of games and entertainment. One of the finest facilities to come across in decades the Conseco Fieldhouse design is inspired from Hinkle Fieldhouse situated at Butler University. Astutely positioned in Indianapolis the Conseco Fieldhouse is given high precedence by basketball aficionados especially because unlike other arena’s that are crammed with angry fans the Conseco Fieldhouse offers you premier mobility. Reminiscent of a rich heritage pertaining to a basketball court the Conseco Fieldhouse played host to the first ever FINA short course world swimming championship in 2004 which featured a 25 meter 300,000 gallon competition pool.

RCA Dome - Indianapolis, IN, US

Home to the NFL, the NBA and several sports and entertainment related events, the RCA dome is situated in Indianapolis. Conceptualized and financed at the high price of $28 million the RCA dome was constructed as a resourceful hub for sports admirers by the Indiana Convention Centre. With the financial burden evenly divided between private and public ventures, the roof of this gargantuan facade was created from Teflon coated fiberglass that weighed a jaw-dropping 257 tons. With a ceiling that is elevated to a height of 193 feet the RC dome’s heavy structure stays together due to the air pressure inside the building. A housing capacity of over 50,000 sports devotees, the RC Dome has witnessed life changing events and shared the vicinity with larger than life stars.

St. Joseph Cathedral Basilica - San Jose, CA, US

Situated in Downtown San Jose, California the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph is an awe-inspiring structure dedicated to Saint Joseph, a benefactor of the Universal church. The original building dates back to the early 1800 when the first non-mission rural community was carved into the landscape of California. Several reincarnated versions were constructed after the first earthquake in 1818 and 1822 severely deconstructed the original adobe structure of this sacred entity. Finally in 1981 one final renovation consequently completed what we know today as the St. Joseph Cathedral Basilica. Replacing Saint Patrick Proto Cathedral as the prime cathedral of the district this magnificent Basilica was later coined as a minor basilica by Pope John Paul II and is considered as an eminent historic landmark.

San Jose Museum of Art - San Jose,CA,US


A museum with personality and character the San Jose Museum of Art is dubbed as one of the most beautifully composed works of art. Showcasing collections that carry from traditional and modern art forms the San Jose Museum of Art is situated in Silicon Valley San Jose. Embellishing its interior facade with exuberant objet d'art the San Jose Museum of Art is recognized by the American Association of Museums, an honor that requires diligent efforts to achieve. Befitting the insignia of being the largest art education providers in Santa Clara County the San Jose Museum houses art pieces from the 20th and 21st century artists. Revolutionizing the concept of museum education this amazing facility provides their services to a 100,000 people each year.

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum - San Jose,CA,US  

The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum was founded by Dr. Lewis, the Imperator of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosea Crucia (AMORC), in 1928. This is the only museum building in the world which was constructed in the ancient Egyptian architecture style. Initially, the artifacts that were donated to the Rosicrucian Order by the Egyptian Exploration Society were exhibited in glass cases. With a complete renovation in 2004, now the museum has an impressive 2000-artifects collection. This collection is displayed in four different galleries, each with a unique theme. The Afterlife Gallery features human and animal mummies. The Daily life Gallery exhibits the ancient Egyptian jewelry, weapons, musical instruments and other daily life displays. The Kingship Gallery exhibits the monarchy. The last gallery displays the religious practices.

Plaza de Cesar Chavez - San Jose,CA,US  

Plaza de César Chávez is a park in Downtown San Jose which is spread over an area of 2.2 acres. It is located at the corner of San Carlos Street and Market Street. Established way back in 1797, the park is recognized as the oldest public open space in California. Originally it was called "The Plaza". In 1993 (after César Chávez) it was given the name "Plaza de César Chávez." The park is mainly dedicated to community activities, recreation and relaxation. Cultural Festivals, food shows, arts and crafts fairs, water fountains, and open-air theater are some of the sizzling events which are hosted here at different times of the year. To avoid parking problems, it is better to use the San Jose light rail or VTA bus or Downtown Area Shuttle (DASH) or the San Jose Arena Shuttle.

Overfelt Gardens - San Jose,CA,US  

On Mckee Road, between East San Jose and the North Valley is situated a 33-acre (130,000 park which is known as Overfelt Gardens. Mildred Overfelt donated the land for the park in 1959, in memory of William and Mary Overfelt, her parents. The park's earliest attractions were picnic areas, restrooms, a fountain dedicated to Mildred, and a fragrance garden which contains a number of aromatic plants. Paths around the rest of the park and its three lakes were constructed later. Also a separate section was chosen for California native plant and wildlife sanctuary. In the southeast section of the park is the Chinese Cultural Garden is the most significant feature of the park. The Overfelt Gardens is a great place for relaxing, walking, painting and nature photography.

Lake Cunningham Park - San Jose,CA,US  

The Lake Cunningham Park is situated in the wash of Evergreen Valley. Having a 50-acre lake and acres of open space, this is one of the most attractive places in San Jose, California. Nearly half a million visitors visit this spectacular place. A large number of picnic areas are available across the park. Attractions of these picnic areas include large open turf area for fun and games, volley ball courts and horseshoe pits. The Cypress Pavillion is a prime area for large groups and company picnics as there is a 400 people accommodation available for a nominal reservation fee. The unique Velma Million Marina features a public boat launch ramp, dock space and boat trailer parking for the boat owners. However, pedal boats, sailboats and row boats are also available for rent.

Alum Rock Park - San Jose,CA,US  

The Alum Rock Park was founded in 1872. This 720-acre park is situated in a canyon in the Diablo Range foothills, East San Jose. Picnic areas with barbeques, sand volleyball pits, a visitor center, a playground, varieties of birds and wild life, and trails for hikers and bikers are some of the exciting features of the park. From the ridge trails, one can watch the breath-taking panorama of Santa Clara Valley and of the canyon. Most of the trails are reserved only for hikers; however some trails offer access to the mountain bikers. The maximum speed limit is 15mph. The south-facing slopes are mostly covered with grass while the north-facing slopes are occupied by the trees. There are two play areas for children, one with tot swings for smaller children while the other is for older children.

Morgan Hill - San Jose,CA,US

The city of Morgan Hill was founded in 1906. It is located 107 m above MSL in the southern region of Santa Clara County, California and surrounded by the Diablo Range to the east and Santa Cruz Mountains to the west. Morgan Hill bears a mild Mediterranean climate with temperature ranges from 32.3°C (90.2°F) to 0.9°C (33.6°F). Weather remains dry during summer months. Snowfall is a rare sight. Parks are the main recreation places in the city of Morgan Hill. Community Park is the biggest city park where numerous sports facilities, picnic areas, amphitheater, and duck pond are included. Anderson Lake County Park and Henry W. Coe State Park are located in the east of Morgan Hill. In the north of Morgan Hill is the Coyote Creek Parkway. Centennial Recreation Center includes gym, computer lab, indoor pool, and senior center.

HP Pavilion - San Jose,CA,US  

In earlier times the well-known Compaq Center is now recognized as The HP Pavilion at San Jose, California. HP Pavilion is basically an indoor arena, situated at 525 West Santa Clara Street. The stadium is also generally entitled as The Shark Tank or The Tank; these both names are basically approached from their initial renters which were the San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League. Construction of the sports ground started on in 1991, and was in the beginning lined up to make public. The construction sprinted into a relatively considerable stoppage, on the other hand, when the administration for the San Jose Sharks become conscious that the stadium should be planned for district use and that it desired a radical revamp to improve the stadium.

Santana Row - San Jose,CA,US

Santana Row is one of the biggest shopping mall in San Jose. This mall takes in a lot of fashionable and well known brands such as Borders, Crate, Brooks Brothers, Gucci, Burberry and Barrel. Basically it is a mall but now is the combination of mall, restaurant and hotels where one can easily stay in. Santana row possesses around 63 174.0672 m2, which consist on flats, hotels, parking lot, play area, cinema, walkways and much more. Also the most prominent feature of this place is it attracts tourists and visitors because of the latest amenities and services. This place provides every facility to its visitors throughout their trip. Santana Row proficiently operated the accessible possessions at hand to make an exclusive, flourishing and trendy arrangement. Just within the range of 43 acre land Santana Row has developed an excellent construction that brings about all aspects of life.

Raging Waters - San Jose,CA,US  

Raging waters is the largest water park in Northern California, situated on the grounds of beautiful Lake Cunningham Regional Park. Spreading on an area of 23-acres, with some thrilling high-speed slides, the newest ride Dragon's Den, an interactive themed water fort-The Pirate's Cove, and a 35-million gallon Wave Pool, this fabulous water park offers a lot of family fun and attractions. Private cabana rentals are also available with two regular chairs and two lounge chairs. Tubes are available for all slides that require a tube. Life jackets, lounge chairs and umbrellas are provided throughout the park without any charges. The park opens at 10:30 am. So try to reach early for maximum enjoyment. Before visiting the Raging Waters, one must know the strict rules and regulations applied by the management for visitor's safety. Parking is charged by the local government of San Jose.

Winchester Mystery House - San Jose,CA,US   

The Winchester Mystery House is constructed by Winchester family. This is a long-winded house consisting of 160 rooms, which is situated in South Winchester Blvd San Jose, California. Sadly, but truly this house is stated to be haunted and ghostly. In late 80s William Wirt Winchester and his wife Sarah Winchester lived there but regrettably William Wirt Winchester died just after few years of wedding. Since then this house is biggest traveler attraction of San Jose, California. The house is well-known for its magnitude and absolute require of some master building plan. If you are planning to visit Winchester Mystery House, you will surely enjoy the trip as it seems a great house in the middle of beautiful garden with cone shaped house, looks like a royal palace.

Civic Auditorium- San Jose, CA, US

Having a seating arrangement for 3001 spectators and four big conference rooms, the Civic Auditorium of San Jose is a dual level auditorium built in Spanish Mission-style. The auditorium serves as a host to several of recreational activities including performing arts, community and sports events, music concerts and meetings and conferences arranged by different governmental, semi-governmental, non-governmental and multi-national organizations. Earlier built in 1936, this multi-purpose arena is in the ownership of the city of San Jose. Located in the downtown San Jose, the venue is managed by the Team San Jose. Several of the national and international artists and public figures have graced the auditorium. With a grant of $13 million, its renovation is underway including the state-of-the-art sound and video system, exterior lighting system and the refurbishment of the floors.

San Jose State University - San Jose, CA, US

Situated in the downtown San Jose on the southern horizon of the famous San Francisco Bay, the San Jose State University is the public sector university sitting on 154 acres of land. With over 50 major buildings of with 23 are the academic, the founding campus of the California State University system is the oldest public-sector higher education department on the West Coast of the United States. Established as the Minn’s Evening Normal School by George W. Minns back in 1857, the university progressed in several steps to take a shape of modern institution offering 130 different bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. With enrolment of over 31,000 students, this institution is home to seven colleges and six schools of which the College of Applied Sciences and Arts, College of Business and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication are famous.

Montgomery Theater - San Jose, CA, US

Situated between the famous Tech Museum and the San Jones Convention Center, the Montgomery Theater has been the home to San Jose Children Musical Theater in the middle of downtown. The Spanish Mission-styled Theater is convenient for the visitors because of its intimacy to all the major hotels and restaurants of the city. This cozy avenue always has clean restrooms even after the shows and programs are ended. People try to get their seats reserved in the balcony of the hall as the view of stage is very clear from there. Providing high quality performances, the Montgomery Theater has friendly staff. This elegant spot of entertainment is connected to San Jose Civic Auditorium. This auditorium also served as the home of Opera San Jones for over two decades since 1984 to 2004-5.

Spartan Stadium - San Jose, CA, US

Built earlier in1933 with a capacity of only 4000 seating arrangements, the Spartan Stadium of San Jose serves as a home to San Jose State University Spartan’s athletes and Spartan football team with 30,456 chairs. Owned by San Joes State University, this playground hosted many FIFA contests including Women’s Football World Cup of 1999. It is also used for the commencement ceremonies of the university and music concerts.

Spartan Stadium has witnessed its overhaul and expansion thrice after it was conceived eight decades ago in an order of up-gradation in accordance with the FIFA regulation size field. Located 45 miles south of San Francisco, the active field of the stadium, now, sits on 70 yards by 110 yards. The latest additions to the stadium include jumbo-size video screen (2007) and Field Turf (2009).

Busch Stadium - St Louis, MO, US
Imploded earlier in the year 2005, Busch Stadium- also known as the Busch Memorial Stadium served the natives of St. Louis, Missouri for almost four decades as multi-purpose sports stadium. Besides of being a permanent home to St. Louis Cardinals National League baseball team, the stadium hosted National Football League’s Cardinal’s team during 1966-87. This Cookie cutter-styled stadium, as a whole, was the result of architectural efforts of Sverdrup and Parcel, and Edward Durrell Stone. The builders, Gruin and Bilfinger were able to complete the whole infrastructure one year before the Busch Stadium was officially opened for baseball, football and 81 other home games and play offs. With over 46,000 seating, the sport season usually ran from April to October. The reconstruction at the site could not be started yet as it was slated to be in early 2006.

Ronald Reagan Federal Building - Santa Ana, CA, US

Located at 411 West Fourth Street in the city of Santa Ana, California, Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse sits on 15,900 square meters. This eleven story building- named after the 33rd Governor of the California and 40th president of the United States of America, Ronald Wilson Reagan- consists of judges’ chambers, offices and the courtrooms besides of the courtroom galleries of the United States District Court for the Central District of California. Owned by the General Services Administration since 1992, this 176 feet tall building encircles all legal activities not only of the Santa Ana city but also of the whole California State. This building reminds us the struggle of Mr. Reagan who started his career as B-class film actor appearing in 52 movies and became the president of the world’s super power at the peak of his career.

Vouliagmenia - Athens, GR

Vouliagmeni is one of the 73 municipalities and a peninsula sprawling around the eastern edge of the Athens which itself is eighth largest European conurbation with a metropolitan population of 3.8 million followed by an urban population of 3.3 million. Inhibited by the wealthy Athenians, the city is 20 kilometers away from the main Athens city. As a spot of great attraction for the visitors, the peninsula has an outstanding mild climate offering the swimmers to please their thirst throughout the year. The restaurants of Vouliagmeni are the reflection of international standard. Beach of Lake Vouliagmeni, after which the city is known, is an exemplary clean spot. Piraeus is the transport hub of the area for getting to Athens. Besides this, taxi service is also available but most of the hotels have their own transportation arrangements.

Cape Sounion - Athens, GR

Cape Sounion is one the most romantic places located 69 kilometers south of Athens city of Greece. With excellent beaches alongside the road to the spot featuring the Apollo Coast, excellent and impressive scenery can be enjoyed. This part of Attica peninsula is remembered as the site of ruins of a primeval Greek temple of Poseidon, the god of sea according to the Greek mythology. Cape Sounion has been a famous day-excursion for the visitors throughout the world, with dusk over the Aegean Sea, as viewed from the ruins, a hunted manifestation. The Odyssey, a poem by Homer, which probably was produced in 8th century B.C, carries the first literary reference to Sounion. An inter-city bus service is available in the Cape Sounion and buses run between Egyptou Square to Filellinon Street after every one hour.

Acropolis - Athens, GR

Commonly known as The Acropolis meaning the city by the edge, the Acropolis of Athens, GR or the Citadel of Athens stands incomparable in the world. Declared as the pre-eminent monument on the European Cultural Heritage Listing of Monuments, the Acropolis sits on three hectares of land. After the renovation and conversion into pedestrian streets, the avenues bordering the southern and western horizons have made easy getting to the Cecropia, as the Acropolis is known after the legendary Cecrops- the first Athenian king. Situated on the flat-topped rock rising 490 feet above the sea level, the Citadel of Athens is open for the visitors from 8:00a.m to 6:30p.m everyday but slight modifications can be made in the schedule depending upon the season and any special occasion as the evening of full moon in the summer.

Omonia square - Athens, GR

Omonia Square, the oldest part of Athens, has been one of the historic places of Greece. Aligning to the north, it has been served by a train station- Omonia Station- used by the Ilektrikos and the Athens Metro. Surrounded by fast food stores and key motels of the Athens city, bought up by the big hotel companies and the businessmen from China, India and Pakistan, this place has become more cosmopolitan in the recent decade. Being the commercial hub of downtown Athens, the square has been flooded by cars and other vehicles 24 hours a day. The Omonia, as the named used commonly, witnessed linings of palm trees alongside its streets and a fountain in the center until 1950 and 2000 respectively. After a great criticism from the public, health and environmental agencies, re-plantation has been started in the area.

Port Piraeus – Athens, GR

Rich and abundant in historical artifacts, the country of Greece is home to many dwellings that are affluent in natural resources.  One such area in Athens, Greece is the municipality of Piraeus which boasts the largest seaports of Greece and the Mediterranean Sea, the Piraeus Port.  With the incorporation of several specialized terminals like the container terminal, automobile terminal, cargo terminal etc., the port enjoys the largest influx of passengers, throughout Europe as well.  The port is also home to many landmarks and ancient architectures which are worth a look for anyone who visits Athens.  With a history attached to the area and the importance of the port that rolls back to earlier times, the port of Piraeus is still known for its richness and beauty, attracting the largest number of passengers.   

Syntagma Square – Athens, GR

Demarcating the centre of Athens, Greece is the famous landmark of Syntagma Square.  Also known by the name of Constitution Square, this is a place that is a must visit for anyone who gets to Athens.  Just like the entire Greece that holds historical value and significance, the Syntagma Square has history attached to it as it was named after the Constitution passed by of the King Otto.  Existing from the times when the modernized transportation systems of today were extinct, presently it has been surrounded by several stations.  Numerous landmarks and buildings also reside in the vicinity of Syntagma Square, making it easier for visitors to visit the places from a central point.  The Syntagma Station provides its services with its trams, buses and trolley-buses which easily access the famous architectures like Theatre of Dionysus, Plaka, Acropolis with many other historic places, marking the area. 

Glyfada – Athens, GR

Located on the shores of Saronic Gulf, Glyfada is a dwelling or a residential area, in the southern parts of the Athens Metropolitan Area.  Home to some big names like millionaires, ministers and celebrities, Glyfada holds a unique importance against its neighborhoods.  Pertaining to the profile of the residents who dwell here, the area holds famous restaurants, cafes, clubs and boutiques.  An American base constructed nearby Glyfada, helped in revolutionizing the suburb and modernized it.  During that time, the place was incorporated with vibrant shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, adding to the distinctiveness of the place.  It is also home to some ancient archeological remains which are a point of focus and attention for the majority of visitors.  Other diverse attractions include the coastal area with the marine space and Greece’s original 18-hole golf course, Glyfada Golf Club, hosting a number of international events. 


Gresham - Portland,OR,US

With majority of the population attracted towards sports in America, it is altogether famous for holding sports events on a large scale.  Every state and city has developed their own stadiums, with different teams playing from all the stations.  Keeping on track, Georgia has constructed a stadium in Athens by the name of Sanford Stadium which possesses a high ranking in Collegiate Athletic stadiums.  With an immense capacity of approximately 90,000 seats for accommodating attendants, the stadium is primarily an on the campus sports venue for football games, within the jurisdiction of the University of Georgia, Athens.  The stadium has gone under refurbishments as per technology has developed over the years.  Technological changes have been brought to the venue to facilitate the visitors, making them feel contented. Also, recent expansion was carried out to reach the maximum seating capacity that it now proudly boasts.   

Heinz Field – Pittsburgh

Another of its kind, Heinz Field is a stadium in Pittsburgh which is specialized for football games.  Home to the University of Pittsburgh football team and Pittsburgh Steelers, this stadium is a state-of-the-art construction, standing out because of its unique design.  Recently owned by the H. J. Heinz Company, the stadium is located on the Ohio River, originally constructed with an enormous amount of steel as the city of Pittsburgh has a history of steel production.  The seating capacity provided by the stadium is quite spacious, reaching to about 60,000 spectators at a time.  During the most watched games, almost the entire capacity is filled. Coca-cola hall is another attraction nearby the stadium, providing and enhancing the entire seating capacity and increasing the volume of attendants.   

University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA, US

One of the famous and big universities that America is home to, University of Pittsburgh holds unique significance.  As old as 1787 and originally started as the Pittsburgh Academy, the repute of the institution has been ever-increasing.  The university is a specialized institute for research studies and several big names have evolved out of it, bringing to the front some strong and ground breaking theories.  Having gained high rankings among all the universities of US, the university spends a huge amount on research annually, supporting and promoting it altogether.  The building itself is a masterpiece with its Cathedral of Learning known for being a great piece of art.  The campus is worth visiting as it has served as home to millions of students, over the years of its service and because of the output that it has been giving to the masses. 

PNC Ballpark - Pittsburgh, PA, US

With the quick establishment of stadiums all through America, Pittsburgh also hosts some huge stadiums as well.  PNC ballpark is one of them specialized for baseball games and holding the ability of cramming in approximately 40,000 spectators.  Funded with the project of Heinz Field, this stadium is located on the shore of Pittsburgh, along the Allegheny River.  Owing to the perfect view and the perfect game that is enjoyed by the majority, the PNC Park has been rated highly by the authorities and has been recognized nationally for its fame.  The park has come up with a number of attractions for its visitors apart from the game that mainly attracts the audience.  It is an example of a classic construction with added features like riverside concourse and technologically updated scoreboards.  With all the developments that the stadium has incorporated, it provides its basic services at very cheap rates thus facilitating the spectators. 

Mellon Arena - Pittsburgh, PA, US

Home to a number of games including basketball, hockey, boxing and wrestling, Pittsburgh has also introduced an enclosed stadium which serves as a venue for several games.  The Mellon Arena, originally known as the Civic Centre, is a state-of-the-art architectural edifice that is unique in its construction and design.  This is an enclosed stadium, with a retractable roof which provides an amazing inside view.  Nicknamed as the Igloo, the shape of the arena is just like a real igloo and this has attracted it the most attention.  The stadium has enjoyed being the world’s first indoor stadium and has also hosted a number of events.  Not only does it serve as a sports venue but has also hosted several concerts with many famous people being a part of them.  However, today the future of the stadium is under consideration as it needs refurbishment and expansion for accommodating more people. 

Lawrence Convention Center - Pittsburgh, PA, US

One of the many convention centers within America is the Lawrence Convention Center which is situated in Pittsburgh.  Home to many important landmarks and buildings, Pittsburgh also hosts the building of Lawrence Convention Center, completed in 2003. Named after a well-known politician David Leo Lawrence, the convention centre has been ranked high with the achievement of construction award.  The purpose of the convention centre, generally, is to provide enough room for private or business conventions and can even be used for holding exhibitions for business entities.  Like traditional convention centers that provide ample space for incorporating umpteen numbers of attendees, this convention centre also has huge rooms such as exhibition halls, ballrooms and even meeting rooms.  With its modern style of architecture and political importance, Lawrence convention centre is one of the most attracted to edifices of Pittsburgh. 

Kennywood - Pittsburgh, PA, US

From the point of recreation, Pittsburgh has provided its residents with every possible facility, including a park.  Kennywood is known for its interactive and versatile style of recreational facilities, which was originally founded as a small trolley park.  Later, the park had to compete with a number of emerging parks on much the same theme and had to make some quick developments.  During this fight against competition, the park had to face many difficulties including the Great Depression that was in no way smooth on it.  The park hosts some adventurous rides such as two roller coasters by the name of The Racer and the Speed-O-Plane.  The park has had to struggle while keeping up with tradition and modernizing as developments took place.  Till date, it has not disappointed its customers and has kept updating the park, adding value to the premises and facilitating the loyal customers.

Andy Warhol Museum - Pittsburgh, PA, US

Andy Warhol Museum is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the place of birth of Andy Warhol. The Andy Warhol is one of the most inclusive single-artist museums in the world. Andy Warhol acquired his skill as a young artist at the Andy Warhol Museum and library that Carnegie presented to the city. The collection at the Andy Warhol Museum lets in more than 5,000 works of art by Warhol including drawings, paintings, photographs, prints, films and videos, and a huge collection of “time-capsules" of Warhol. Additionally to art works, the Andy Warhol Museum is also home to the biggest single collection of ephemera documenting Warhol's interactions and life. The archives are accessible for research to many scholars and the common public in the Archives Study Center, and serve as a basic resource on the artist, the pop culture and time period.

Hazel Dell - Vancouver, WA, US

Hazel Dell is an unorganized area WA (Washington), USA. The area runs corresponding to and is bisected by US interstate 6. Fire Station 62 on Hazel Dell Avenue functions as part of Clark County Fire District 5 and renders fire-fighting services to Hazel Dell and neighboring communities as well. Hazel Dell has its own district for sewerage as well. Hazel Dell Elementary School is a nursery school through 4th grade Hazel Dell School situated within the residential area of north 

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