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Merchant's House Museum

The museum is located at 29 East Fourth Street, Manhattan. It was built in 1832. The museum is a red building which looks like a Greek or a Roman building. The building has two other names; Old Merchant’s house and Seabury Tredwell House. It is called Sea Bury Tredwell as it was the house of Seabury Tredwell in 1835. At that time he bought this home for 18,000 dollars. He was a wealthy merchant of New York. He had eight children. His daughter lived there till her death in 1933. The children lived their till old age that is why it is also called Old Merchant’s house. After three years the house was opened for public as a public museum. The house consists of the things of the Seabury and also of his daughter.

Manhattan Bridge
Manhattan Bridge was last of three bridges crossing the east river. The bridge was opened for traffic on December 31, 1909. The bridge was completed in 11 years as the construction started in 1901 and ended in 1912. The bridge connects the lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. The bridge was designed by Leon Moisseiff. The next bridge made by him was collapsed. The bridge has two levels. The upper level is for motor vehicles and the lower level has subway track and bike way. The bridge has a total length of 2089 meters and height of 102 meters. The bridge charges no toll tax for motor vehicles. To celebrate the bridge anniversary a series of events and exhibits were arranged in 2009.
Madison Square

Madison Square is formed by the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue. The square is named after the fourth president of United States, who also played a very important role in writing the constitution of America. For a decade after the Madison Square Park was designed as a public space, the area was surrounded mostly by housed and it became a residential place. After 1859 when the fifth avenue hotel was established there the place started to become a social place and it became the social life of New York City. The area is now surrounded by five stars hotel and many other big building. It is now the shopping paradise of Manhattan. The main focus of the square is the Madison Square Park. The park consists of an area of 6.2 acre.


Macy’s is a chain of departmental stores in United States. The products of the departmental store are Clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, cosmetics and house wares; the head quarter is in Cincinnati, Ohio and New York. The company was founded by Rowland Hussey Macy. He made around 11$ on the first day in 1858. It has a chain of 800 U.S stores in the urban areas. The variety of the cloth varies from place to place as different area has different type of clothing. The size of the company can be known by the fact that the numbers of staff people are almost 200,000. Company organizes a parade since 1924 which is a thanksgiving parade. It also sponsors the fire works of the 4th of July. If you are a fashion lover then do go to the Macy’s.
Lower East Side Tenement Museum

In 19th and 20th century many people came to America on immigration as time was different then, many people came here for living and starting a new life. This museum is made for the immigrants of America. The museum shows the immigrant life in the 19th and 20th century. Making a museum was an idea of a historian and social activist Ruth Abram. He wanted to honor the American’s immigrants. As he thought that the faced challenges like making a new life, raising a family and making the future better, what we understand today after many years. He founded some trouble in completing this idea the main problem which he faced was finding a tenement. He almost gave up in 1988 before finding 97 Orchard Street where a tenement was built in 1863 on Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Javits Convention Center

The convention center is located on the 11th avenue on the west side of Manhattan. The Center is managed and run by Convention Center Operating Corporation of New York City. On October 2006 a meeting was held which decided to increase the size of convention center by 45 percent which cost almost 1.7 billion dollars. The center is one of the largest convention centers of New York. The planning of the center started from early 1970’s. The idea of its size can be taken from the fact that the exhibition space is over 675,000 square feet. The center can organize any event of any size. The structure was built in 1986 and named for the senator of U.S, Jacob K. Javits. He died in the same year.
Isamu Noguchi Sculpture Museum

Isamu Noguchi Sculpture Museum is located in the long island city the section of Queens. It is also called the Noguchi museum. It is made by the famous artist of Japan, Isamu Nogachi. He was a great artist and his artistry time was six decades. He was known for his sculpture and public work. The museum is not a very big building. It’s not a very big museum. The museum is a two story building. The museum is made by himself two display his work which consists of many sculptures, models, stage designs, drawings, and furniture designs. The museum is opened round the year; it is because of a major renovation of the museum in 2004. The museum was established in 1985.

Paley Center for Media

Paley center of media is made in two cities; in New York in Los Angeles. The Paley center of media is also called the museum of television and radio and also as the museum of broadcasting. The museum was already opened in New York for more than 20 years before it was opened in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles in 1996.The museum was founded in 1975. The main purpose of the museum is to show the role of television and radio in society. It also made to discuss the creative significance and importance of television in the society. The museum has more than 50,000 shows of television and radio. The center has now the technology of internet as well to improve its standards. It is a great place for a person who is a fan of America’s television and radio.

Pacific Asia Museum
Pacific Asia Museum is located at Los Robles Ave Pasadena, California. As the name shows the museum is an art museum which is made to show the art of the Asian countries. The museum was built in 1924. This summer the museum is presenting a new idea to exhibit the art, the museum has planned Fusion Fridays. It is an evening series that exhibits art mixed with music and live dances. The idea is to promote the museum. The museum was designed by three architects Marston, Van Pelt & Mayberry. A person visiting the museum will find all type of Asian art whether it is Chinese, Thailand, Buddhist or any art from any other Asian country. The museum has specific days to show the art from different countries like the museum is planning to show the art of Thailand from this month.
Occidental College
Occidental College was established in Los Angeles in April 20, 1887. Like many other universities and colleges the students of the Occidental College have also kept a nick of the college. It is called OXY by the students and staff of the college. The college is not a big college; rather it is a small college and is not under the government. It is made and run privately. The president of the college is Jonathan Vaitch. Occidental college is an arts college, though small but the standards of the college is very high. It is a very good arts college and is in the list of first 50 colleges. It is of interest to know that the current president of the Unites States was the student of this college for two years; the college is popular now because of this fact. The motto of the college in english is “The West is nearest the East”.
Norton Simon Museum

United States is full of museums, and the people of United States love art. Every type of art is appreciated and watched. Los Angeles has also many museums in it, as the people of Los Angeles also love art. Norton Simon Museum was established in 1969. It is of interest to know that Norton Simon is the third name of the museum. Earlier the museum was called Art Institute and also the Art Museum of Pasadena. The museum is an art museum which contains the art of European and also Asian countries. The art includes painting, sculptures and many other things which are of high quality and standards. The collection of art present in the museum is made by the best of artists in the world.

Music Center and Disney Hall
If you want to see the modern Los Angeles, then do visit the Music Center and Disney Hall. The modern Los Angeles at its best is found in this Center and Hall. It took almost four years to build this beautiful sleek design building. The amount of money that was spent on this project in four years is around 240 million dollars. The Hall is an art place where you can find opera, Master Chorale and Philharmonic. The building was the icon of Los Angeles from the day it opened in 2003. The building is open for the visitors all the time. You can visit the Hall even if there is no performance is going on in the Hall. The hall has a seating capacity of more than two thousand people at a time.

Museum of Tolerance
Situated in Los Angeles the Museum of Tolerance is a museum of Holocaust memorial.

The museum has the technology of multimedia. It has an associated museum in the New York City which is made for the training of the multimedia technology. As the name suggests the museum is about the tolerance of different people who has to face racism and prejudice in the United States of America. The museum does not focus only the racism in United States but from all over the world. The museum is expanding to other countries of United States but the main and original branch is in Los Angeles. Some criticism is there on the museum. Some people say that the museum uses extensive multimedia technology and with the help of short skits and things like that, the museum put an emotional impact on the visitors. It can be a very interesting experience to visit the museum.

Museum of Academy of Motion Picture

Today in this world every one is familiar with the films that are the Motion Picture. The museum is made to give people a better understanding of films and its meaning. The films have a great and deep affect on the people of a country. The people do what they see; so many people live their life like what they see in films. The purpose of the museum is to honor the film world, and to tell the people that how the film industry does it and what the film industry does. The museum is a place of great attraction for the tourists and visitors. Museum of Academy and Motion Pictures is a landmark attraction for the people who are associated with Hollywood in any way.

Museum of Neon Art
The Museum of Neon Art was established in 1981. The founders of the museum were Lili Lakich and Richard Jenkins. As the name suggest the museum is about the curious neon art. The museum preserves, collects and also interprets the neon art. The museum is trying to make interest and curiosity in people for the neon art. The museum is located on 136 west, Los Angeles. The museum has a bright future now as the museum is no longer on lease. The museum is looking for a better place where they can start new programs and promote neon art. The museum is not only spreading the neon energy but also the kinetic energy. The museum also collects and preserves old neon signs.

Museum of Latin American Art
In the west of America there is not any museum which is of the kind of the Museum of Latin American Art. The museum collects and promotes the art of the Latin Americans. The museum was made in 1996. The museum is not very far, you can find the museum at 628 Alamitos Avenue. It is of interest to know that the museum was closed for almost three years. The board of the museum wanted to increase the size of the exhibiting space of the museum. The renovation started in the year 2004 and after the renovation the museum was opened in 2007. The museum is not opened through out the week for the visitors as it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. The museum has other holidays which includes Christmas, 4th of July, new years day and thanksgiving.

Marina del Rey

Marina del Ray is not a building or a park. It is an area which is incorporated; the area is around the sea side of Los Angeles. The population of the area was just over eight thousand in 2000. Marina del Ray has a total area of 1.5 sq mi (3.8 km2) which is distributed between land and water. The area of land is more than water as the land area is 0.9 and water is 0.6. The area is home to more than five thousand boats. The area was said to be perhaps the county's most valuable resource in the Los Angeles times in 1997. the area is surrounded by high ranked hotels, apartments, shops and buildings.

MacArthur Park

MacArthur Park is also known as Westlake Park. It is called Westlake Park as it is situated in the Westlake of Los Angeles. This beautiful park is opened for the visitors in 1880’s. The park is a beautiful place for visitors; away from the hustle bustle of the city you can enjoy a picnic in the park. The park is divided in two parts. One part consists mainly of a lake while the other side of the park has football fields and also playing grounds for children. Many families come to the park after work to relax and enjoy the evening. In the lake you will find lots of ducks. People who visit the lake bring food for the ducks of the lake and also many birds which are found on the grounds of the park

Los Angeles Zoo
Like many other cities of United States and whole world, Los Angeles also has a zoo in the city. Zoo is always a thing of interest, especially for small kids and children. This zoo is not the first zoo of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles zoo was opened in 1966. The zoo is very well- maintained and has more than one thousand animals. The one thousand animals of the zoo include more than 250 animal species. The zoo has land, sky and also water animals in it. The zoo is opened for all ages; kids, children, adults and also aged people. The price of the ticket varies as per the age group of the visitor. The Los Angeles Zoo has an area of 13 acres and is opened for the visitors all days in a week round the year, the zoo has a holiday in year and that is on 25th of December.

Los Angeles National Cemetery

In 1973 the veteran administration of America thought that there is a need of better burial system and service for the veterans of America. As a result of this thought Los Angeles National Cemetery is made at 950 S. Sepulveda Blvd.Los Angeles. The Cemetery is not only for Los Angeles but for the United States, situated in Los Angeles. The Cemetery has veterans in it from for different wars which America fought. The wars include World War 1, World War 2, Korean War and the Spanish-American war and many other disputes of America in which veterans were dead. Bob Hope who did great work and gave long service to the America veterans is honored, as the chapel of the Cemetery is named after him. Originally the chapel was after his name but was changed later on.

Los Angeles Music Center

Located at 135 North Grand Ave Downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles Music Center is a really big art center of America. The Music Center comes in the list of the three largest arts performing center of the country. The Center is devoted to arts and doing a great work for the prosperity of art in Los Angeles for almost 46 years. The Music Center was established in 1964. The Music Center has four associated arts companies which are renowned all over the world. You can find the best opera, dance, orchestra, dramas and many more things in the Center. It is of interest to know that the Center has almost five other names as well. The Center has more than 1 million visitors in a year.

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust is located in Los Angeles. The museum is a museum of Holocaust. The idea of the museum can in the minds of some high school boys in 1961. The museum was made by a group of Holocaust at a high school of America. Some of them are still in the board of the museum. The museum is planning for a new place. The museum is known for its time span, as it is the oldest Holocaust museum of America. The museum gives free education as it is a non-profit museum. The museum wants the people to now about Holocaust and to preserve the precious things of the Holocaust. Visiting the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust would be a great and exciting experience.

Los Angeles Maritime Museum

The Los Angeles Martine Museum is located near the Los Angeles harbor. The museum is about the things and departments which are associated with water. The departments include Navy, the things about the harbor and also shipping department. The best thing about the museum is the location of the museum, as it is near to the harbor; just on the main channel of the harbor, the view and atmosphere of the museums is very pleasing. The exhibition of the museum includes the history of the Los Angeles harbor, a big hall which has the big models of the Navy and also the fishing industry. The museum is located almost 20 miles away in south direction from the Los Angeles International Airport. The museum is opened for 5 days in a week, as it is closed on Mondays and Sundays. The museum has same timing for the rest of the days.

Los Angeles Convention Center
The Los Angeles Convention Center is located in the south part of downtown, Los Angeles. The Convention Center was built in 1969 but it was not opened for public at that time. The Convention made people wait for two years after it was built; the museum was opened to the public in 1971. The convention center is highly populated especially among the gaming fans as it hosts the event of gaming companies annually. In the last year the convention hosted two new events, in which the attendance of people was almost 45,000. The convention center has been renovated twice already. The convention center has an exhibition, meeting space and also a theater with more than 200 seats. All these things make this convention center, one of the largest convention centers of United States of America.

Los Angeles City Hall

Situated at the North Spring Street Los Angeles, California is an off white color building which is known as the Los Angeles City Hall. The beautiful building was completed in two years; the construction of the building started in 1926 and ended in 1928. The idea of the size of the building can be taken from the fact that the area of the floor of the building is 500,000 sq ft and there are 32 floors in the building. The building is made to accommodate office buildings in it. The building is made of strong concrete and has a very good design as the building was rock steady during an earthquake of magnitude more than 8. The building has also the office of the mayor of the city. The building was designed by two architects Austin Parkinson and Martin.

Los Angeles Children's Museum

Los Angeles Children's Museum was established in 1979. The museum is made for the children of Los Angeles and the children who visit Los Angeles. The museum is located at 310 N. Main St. Los Angeles, CA. As the city is mostly for the adults, so the museum is made to entertain and educate children. The museum is currently close as the museum is looking for a new place for the museum. The construction of the new place is complete but it is not yet open for the visitors. The new museum has an area of about 57 thousand square feet. The museum has different programs to entertain and educate children. Children can enjoy and learn lots of things in the museum and the Cave of the Dinosaurs is very popular among the children.

Los Angeles Central Public Library
Located at 630 W. 5th Street Los Angeles, CA 90071 is the Los Angeles Central Public Library. The library was established in 1872 and has 72 branches. The library has a Central library in it which was established in 1926 is an important research library of the city. . The library is the third biggest library of the United States in terms of books and record holdings. The design of the building is like ancient Egypt design and it was made like this by the architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue. The top of the building has a small pyramid like the one in the Egypt. The hand on the top holding the torch describes the museum as a place where you can enlighten yourself with knowledge. The museum is a great place for learning.

Arboretum and Botanic Gardens
As the name shows Arboretum and Botanic Gardens is a Botanic Garden which is located 301 North Baldwin Avenue Los Angeles. The garden is not very big as compared to the other gardens of the United States of America; still the area of the Garden is not bad. The garden has a total are of 127 acres. In the park you can discover Arboretum, discover wildlife, and find new blooming botanic plants. The wild life includes almost 200 peafowl which were brought from India way back in 1880. The garden has beautiful plants and animals, which are very eye pleasing for the visitors. The garden is a great place to visit on a free day; you can get information about new plants and can enjoy the day in nature.
Long Beach Museum of Art

Located at 2300 East Ocean Boulevard is the building of the Long Beach Museum. The building of the museum was built in 1912. at that time this building was not a museum, rather it was a summer home of Elizabeth Milbank Anderson who was a wealthy philanthropist. Elizabeth Milbank Anderson used to come here in summer to enjoy a vacation. The building was made in to museum in 1950. The museum still has the historic Elizabeth Milbank Anderson house and carriage house. The museum is an art museum which has permanent collection and temporary exhibition of the collection. The museum has many educational and entertaining programs for young and adults. The programs include; musical programs, festivals and other special events. The museum has American, European and arts from other nations.

Long Beach Convention Center

The Long Beach convention center is a Convention center located at 300 Ocean Boulevard Long Beach, California 90802. The convention center is one of the biggest convention centers in respect to the area it has. The exhibition space of the convention consists of three halls and an Arena and the smallest of them has an area of 57,000 sq ft. The Long beach Arena was the first building to be completed. The convention center was built in 1962 and was expanded more in 1994. With the exterior wall of the Long Beach convention center is a Convention is the world’s biggest mural, the record is in the Guinness book of world records. All the meeting rooms combine to have a total area of 82,823 square feet.

Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific

Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific is also known as Aquarium of the Pacific. As the name shows it is an aquarium which was opened for the visitors almost twelve years ago in 1998. The aquarium has more than 500 species and has more than 11 thousand animals. The aquarium has a total area of five acre. The Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific is so popular that more than 1.4 million people visit the Aquarium in a year. The aquarium has almost 900 people of staff which has more than 600 people who are volunteers. A huge collection of fish, sea mammals and plant life from around the great Pacific Ocean is at the Aquarium. The aquarium is a great and exciting place to visit.

Korean Bell of Friendship

The bell gift by the Republic of Korea is the Korean Bell of Friendship. The bell was gifted to the United States of America to honor the veterans of America in the Korean War. The bell is a sign of friendship between Korea and America. All these effort was done Philip An, which was a Korean- American actor. The bell is kept in a stone pavilion. The bell is made up of bronze material. The bell is in the Angel’s American park and the area of the park where the bell is kept is known as Korean-American Peace Park. The bell was denoted in 1976 by the Republic of Korea. The bell and the pavilion is a great place to visit and honor the veterans who died in the war.

Kodak Theater
Kodak Theater was built in 2001 and is located at Hollywood Boulevard. The theater is for the live performances, and live performances are conducted there. It is of interest to know that the theater is the permanent host for academy awards, (The Oscars) since the opening of the theater. The theater is also a permanent for American idol. The theater is not owned by Eastman Kodak rather the theater is owned by the CIM Group. Eastman Kodak has sponsored the theater that is why the theater is named after him. The theater has seating capacity of more than three thousand people. The stage of the theater is one of the biggest stages of United Sates of America. The Kodak Theater is a very good host for television theater performances.

Japanese American Museum
Japanese American Museum is located at 369 East First Street Los Angeles, California. The museum was opened for public in 1992. As the name shows the museum is about the Japanese and Americans. The museum is about the preserving and exhibiting the history of Japanese Americans. The museum has the almost 130 years of Japanese American history. The museum currently has three exhibitions namely; Common Ground, Living Flowers and Glorious Excess. The third one is the latest exhibition of the museum. The exhibition of the museum consist of artifacts, photo snaps, written history and other things like this of Japanese American history. The museum is opened for all ages. The ticket price of the museum varies as per the age group of the museum.

Home Depot Center

The Home Depot Center is very popular among the people who are connected with sports or who has interest in sports. The Home Depot Center is a sports complex which is made for many purposes. Many sports events are conducted in the Home Depot Center. The Home Depot Center is located at 18400 Avalon Blvd. The title name of the complex is after a company which is the sponsor of the sports complex. It is a hardware retailer company. The Home Depot Center has a main stadium which is specifically designed for football events. The stadium can accommodate more than twenty thousand people at a time. This is the second specific football stadium in the MLS area. The stadium is used by the women and men football teams for practice, training camps and home matches.

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood Walk of Fame is not a building rather it is a continuous foot path for around 18 blocks in Los Angeles. It is made in order to honor Hollywood which has served the country in many ways; whether that is by entertaining people, giving jobs to thousands of people or producing legends in the field of arts. The side walk has embedded stars on it. The stars contain the name actors, singers, producers, directors, musicians and many more. By the result of a survey it is found out that the side walk is a thing of attraction for more than 10 million visitors every year. The Hollywood Walk of Fame has a total length of around two kilometers.

Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign is placed on the Santa Monica Mountains. The Santa Monica Mountains are in the area of Mount Lee. The Hollywood sign is a very popular and attractive thing for all the visitors who visit Los Angeles. Hollywood Sign is actually a combination of white big letters which says Hollywood. The sign is more prominent on a sunny day as it shines and can be seen from very far. The big letters have the height of around 14 meters and length of around 107 meters. The sign was created in 1923 and was an advertisement of Hollywood. It was very popular as it was a new idea because usually advertisements are done on holdings. A visitor visiting that place should see this sign as it is very fascinating.

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