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Chinatown - Sydney,AU

Sydney's Chinatown is an urban locality in the southern part of the Sydney  in New South Wales, Australia. It is located in Haymarket, between Central Station and Darling Harbour. It is part of the local government area of the City of Sydney and is Australia's largest Chinatown. It  is a colourful combination of asian culture, shopping and cuisine. The area's different oriental architecture, street lights and doorways confirm it as a showpiece for Australian Chinese culture. In more recent years Chinatown has extended to a much larger area bounded by George Street in the east and Darling Harbour in the west. The most evident features of Chinatown are the restaurants in the Haymarket area. And when more restaurants are closed, Chinatown is the place where you can find several restaurants open until late with reasonable pricing.

Sydney Convention Ctr - Sydney,AU  

The Sydney Convention  Centre is at Sydney's Darling Harbour a short distance from Chinatown and the Central Business District. It was opened in 1988, with a new section of the centre added for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and is Australia's largest and most successful venue for conferences, exhibitions and events.It is used as a conference and convention venue and to hold exhibitions, as well as hosting various smaller occasions such as weddings and meetings.
There are about 30 rooms, ranging from small meeting rooms to a 3,500 capacity auditiorium, as well as foyer areas  which can be used as an exhibition space. It has 6 halls, used primarily for exhibitions, but can be used for gala dinners and other large-scale events. 

University of Sydney - Sydney,AU  

The University of Sydney was founded in 1850 and is the oldest university in Australia. The University’s reputation has been built on the span of disciplines that it offers to students, the worth and impact of its research. It also provides highest quality learning and rich and exciting student life. It is recognized for the activity of its student and is regularly ranked by the National Union of Students as the best student experience in Australia. It has also been working to wideen both its student intake, through scholarships and programs like the Compass Project, and its commitment to environmental sustainability, through its Institute for Sustainable Solutions. The University of Sydney is also a member of Australia's Group of Eight. It also contributes greatly to the local, national and international cultural life like concerts, life music, museum etc.

The Rocks - Sydney,AU  

The Rocks, a 19th century village lies in the shadow of the southern end of the Harbour Bridge.It  is one of the most-visited parts of Sydney. The Rocks is located at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and on the western shores of Sydney Cove. It is the foundation place of Sydney and Australia, and of vast historical importance. It is often described as "Sydney's outdoors museum". The Rocks is the oldest area of Sydney and has recently undergone an astonishing metamorphosis. The old region being renovated into a vivacious pocket of cafes and restaurants and many interesting tourist shops. Sydney's town planners have put in place a sensitive maintenance program that has preserved the tradition of The Rocks.They have managed to brought about an interesting mixture of modern facilities in an old and valued setting.

Darling Harbour - Sydney,AU  

Darling Harbour is one of Sydney's most admired amusement spots with millions of people visiting the sunny foreshore division each year. It is located right in the heart of Sudney and is close enough to walk to from the central business district. The area has a wonderful history which  plays an important role in Sydney's early market. There are many events, lots to see and do, great shopping and eating places at Sydney's Darling Harbour. The water is an attraction by itself but the entertainment and shopping facilities on the site make the harbour more attractive. One can find the largest cinema screen here, lying north is the Sydney aquarium and to the south is the Chinese Garden. All these attractions along with eating and drinking cafes, cockle Bay etc pulls a lot of crowd at  the Darling Harbour.

Circular Quay - Sydney,AU   

Circular Quay is the center of Sydney Harbour, situated at a small bay called Sydney Cove which is the founding site for Sydney and Australia. It is a central point for most attractions based around the harbour and an exciting place to be on a warm summer's day. The quay is a lively, busy place with ferries leaving every few minutes to different parts of the harbour. Circle Quay is a convenient starting point for a discovery tour of the city. On the southern part of Circular Quay is a path that leads to the Sydney Opera House and Royal Botanical Gardens; while on the northern side, a short walk takes you to the Harbour Bridge and The Rocks which is one of the oldest and most attractive parts of Sydney.
Bondi Beach - Sydney,AU:

Bondi Beach in Sydney is a one of the famous, one kilometre long, beach of Australia. This Beach entertains many visitors throughout the year and it was included in the “Australian National Heritage List” in 2008. The spectacular view of Bondi Beach encompasses an underwater shark net, dolphins, Pods of whales and sometimes Fairy penguins are also seen swimming close to seashore. Moreover, there are certain sports and amusement events like “the beach volleyball competition at the 2000 Summer Olympics” and “the annual Miss Bondi beauty pageant” were hosted at the Bondi Beach. Also, Bondi Beach has a commercial area with many wonderful restaurants and hotels which offer dining facilities along with a facinating view of beach. Neverthelless, the Bondi Beach with all its charm has grabbed the attention of thousands of visitors and become their favourite destination.

Centerpoint (AMP) Tower - Sydney,AU:

Centrepoint (AMP) Tower is also known as Sydney Tower, AMP Tower, Centrepoint Tower or just Centrepoint. This Tower is Siydney’s biggest and the second tallest free-standing building in Australia and it is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers. The height of this great tower is 305 meters and it is visible from a number of points throughout the city. The Centrepoint Tower is open to the general public and it is the most prominent building in Sydney which captivates the attention of many tourists from all over the World. On various occasions in Sydney, such as Sports events; New Year’s Eve and on several other celebrations in the city, the tower has been lighted up with coloured illuminations and it has been used to commence fireworks.

West Palm Beach Amtrak Station - West Palm Beach,FL,US

West Palm Beach is an Amtrak station in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida, United States. The City of West Palm Beach is the owner of Amtrak station and this station is also known as the “West Palm Beach Intermodal Terminal”. The remarkable structure of Amtrak station was designed by the Palm Beach architectural company of Harvey & Clarke. This Passenger station was officially opened to the travellers in January 1925. The “Tri-Rail service” was started in 1989 and after the closure of the Palm Beach Airport station since 1997, Tri-Rail passengers use this station to reach Palm Beach International Airport. A small restaurant with the name of “Pizza Grill” was also opened at the station on 14th of May 2008. Pizza, soda and various other snacks are available for the travellers in this lovely eating place.

S. Florida Science Museum - West Palm Beach,FL,US:

The South Florida Science Museum is situated in the North of West Palm Beach adjacent to the Palm Beach Zoo, Florida, United states. The Museum is valued for its many interactive science exhibits which include a planetarium and a 5,000-gallon aquarium. The aquarium is filled with a lot of captivating and colourful marine life from all over the World. The four shark pups on exhibit at the expanded McGinty Aquarium usually grab the attention of visitors. Some of the permanent exhibits in this museum are "Weather," "Light and Color," "Brain Teasers," "Sound and Resonance," and "Energy and Electricity". The musical programs and various other activities for children, particularly toddlers, are designed in this special Science Museum. Not only children, but the whole family enjoys visiting this informative place. Nonetheless, the Science Museum offers wonderful opportunities for interaction and discovery.

Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park - West Palm Beach,FL,US

Palm Beach Zoo in Dreher Park, West Palm Beach, Florida, is a non-profit zoological organization. It is an official zoo and a member of the “Association of Zoos and Aquariums”. This 23 acres zoological garden is a home for over 1,700 various animals which include tigers, jaguars, panthers, river otters, black bears, eagles, alligators and many other endangered species. Numerous animals from the zoos of all over the World are also transferred to the Palm Beach Zoo each year. Throughout the year, more than 300,000 people visit this zoo and many visitors often purchase family memberships. The zoo offers interesting presentations, guided tours, exhibits and several special programs for kids. Some of these rides and exhibits are Interactive Play Fountain, Wildlife Carousel, Wild Things Show, Wings Over Water Bird Show and Florida Pioneer Trail.

Mid-Town Beach - West Palm Beach,FL,US


Mid-Town Beach is a public picnic resort located on 400 S Ocean Blvd Palm Beach, Florida, US.  It lies between Peruvian and Brazilian Avenues.  It remains open from 8am to 8pm. The Beach has very pleasant and enamoring weather that sooths the visitors who come here to seek respite from their busy routines. Hotels and inns are also situated alongside the beach, providing accommodation facilities to the visitors aspired to spend night over here. The facilities like lifeguards and easy parking make the beach visit more comfortable and memorable. One of the most exciting features of Med-Town Beach is the cool sand which gives a sense of serenity if we walk on it bare-feet. The ruffling water, whirling turtles and scenes of beautiful tress make the view of the beach more charming and pleasant.

Flagler Museum - West Palm Beach,FL,US  


Flagler Museum is a terrific public mansion located in West Palm Beach in the US state of Florida. It is a 55-room building, also called Whitehall. The Museum is named after Henery Flagler, one of the founders of Standard Oil. Flagler built this manor in 1902 and gave it to his wife Mary Lily as a wedding gift. After the death of the couple, the house was transferred to their grandchildren. In 1960, one of their granddaughters Jean Flagler converted the old mansion into a museum and it was opened to the public. The museum contains various antique and valuable items that belong to the life of Henery Flagler and his wife. In 2005, an 8,100 square feet pavilion, named as Flagler Kenan Pavilion, was added to the museum building.


Dreher Park Zoo - West Palm Beach,FL,US  


Dreher Park Zoo, a Zoological Organization, is situated in West Palm Beach, in the US state of Florida. The zoo is spreading over an area of 23 acres. It houses more than 1700 animals or different kinds and regions----some of them even belong to the endangered species. A fabulous aquarium is also present here. Addition to it, dancing fountains, charming shows, hot cafes and beautiful trails make the zoo more attractive and seeing worthy. The zoo is a tremendous exhibition center of the wildlife in more natural settings. The visitors find here a variety of wild animals and birds and enjoy their gorgeous tricks and gestures. Dreher Park Zoo is also a member the Organization of Zoos and Aquariums. The Zoo pay deep attention on breeding and feeding of the animals placed in the zoo.

City Place - West Palm Beach,FL,US


City Place, a center of shopping, dinning, living, cinema, entertainment and business, is located in West Palm Beach, Florida, US. It is a grand building spreading over 600,000 square feet area and contains complete urban lifestyle. It was opened for the public in October 2000. It is owned and operated by The Related Companies L.P. It is two floor structure having more than 1000 shops and services. Apart from shops, City Place contains offices and 570 rental residences. Harriet Himmel Theatre is also present in the center. It is adorned with verdant landscapes and 2000 square feet dancing fountains. City Place is a succulent cultural center that is influenced by Western Europe shopping Malls. It is an ideal place for the buyers, residents, gourmets and entertainment-lovers. 

Scott Stadium - Charlottesville,VA,US  


Scott Stadium is a majestic football stadium located in Charlottesville, a city of the US state of Virginia. It was constructed in 1931 on the grounds on University on Virginia and is named after the Rector of the university and the donor of the stadium, Frederic Scott. It is the oldest football stadium of Virginia. The stadium is a home of Virginia Cavaliers Football Team and has capacity of more than 61,500 people. Apart from national football matches, Scott Stadium also hosts other events like music concerts and support galas of schools and colleges. Since its inception, 3 expansion projects have been undertaken in the stadium. Scott Stadium is not only a play ground but also a enamoring picnic place. It had been a tradition since beginning that men wore coat and ties and women sundresses, but in 2003, on the stimulation of Coach Al Groh the tradition was replaced with orange clothing.


Charlottesville Amtrak Station - Charlottesville,VA,US  


Charlottesville Amtrak Station is a famous railway station of Virginia located on 810 west main street Charlottesville.  It was built in 1985.The station is operated by a national railroad company, Amtrak----having nationwide train network. The station has a grand building with a furnished waiting room, restrooms and cafes. It remains open from 6am to 9:30pm daily. The Station operates three trains including; Cardinal( runs between New York and New Orleans), Cresent(Runs between New York and Chicago) and Ne Regional(runs between Lynchburg and Boston). The plate farm of the station is open-air and awash with landscape scenes. The trains running from the station are comfortable, fast and efficient and provide reasonable services in affordable prices. Charlottesville Amtrak Station, due to its unparalleled services, is a choice of most of the passengers.

Bank of America Stadium - Charlotte,NC,US  


Bank of America Stadium is a fine football stadium located in uptown Charlotte, a city on the US state of North Carolina. Stretching over 33 acres area, the stadium has a capacity of 73,778 seats. It is a home of the state football team, Carolina Panthers. Opened in 1996, the stadium is owned and operated by Carolina Stadium Corporation. Apart from state matches, the stadium also hosts other events including; conferences, concerts, university games and ACC Championship Games. The stadium has a pretty look with plan grass surface. Originally its name was Carolina Stadium but in 2004, Bank of America purchased its naming right for 20 years and thus it turned into Bank of America Stadium. The stadium possesses a glaring building with comfortable seats and excellent services.

Paramount's Carowinds - Charlotte,NC,US  


Paramount’s Carowinds  is a theme park located on the state line between North and South Carolina in the city of Charlotte. The park was developed by Earl Petterson Hall in march 31, 1973. Consisting of 122 acres, the park is owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. The operating time of the park is late March and Late October. Paramount’s park was built around the history and culture of Carolinas. In 2005, Scarowinds, nightmarish program designed by Lyndsay Brown, was introduced in the park. The park has total Rides including 13 Roller Coaster and 12 Water Rides. It is a major fun place in Charlotte and with its charming presentations attracts large number of viewers. It is indeed a well-designed and well-established theme park that provides entertainment and funs the visitors.


Museum of History - Charlotte,NC,US 


Museum of History is a Charlotte’s exciting place located on 3500 Shamrock Drive Charlotte, North Carolina. It is nice place for the lovers of history, providing an inclusive view of the political, religious and social history of Carolinas. The museum is a family information center as well as picnic resort. Museum of History hosts a number of events including; summer camps, seminars on history and educational programs for the adults and children who want to know about the history. The museum has an amazing building surrounded by trees and flower beds. There is a wide courtyard in front of the building. Museum of History is a wonderful place of history and cultural learning, connection the present generation with their past. Well-arranged libraries and photo galleries of the museum comprehensively delineate the history of Carolinas.

Metrolina Expo - Charlotte,NC,US 


Metrolina Expo is an event hosting center located on 7100 Stateville, Charlotte, NC. It is a spacious center and and with its climate control buildings and magnificent outdoor space, is an ideal place for arranging events of various types. It has a wide parking facility on site. Metrolina Expo is a civic/government venue that remains open from 9am to 5pm. Different business corporations and firms, government institutes and privation organizations hold their events in this center. Its furnished environment and accomplished management make all events interesting, enjoyable and successful. Holding an event in Metrolina Expo trade center is always a marvelous experience. With its quality control measures, it has played a significant role in improving the trend of events and exhibitions in Charlotte.


Ericsson Stadium - Charlotte,NC,US

A premier football stadium featuring a capacity to consume more than 73,000 sports devotees, the Ericsson stadium has a sprawling fascia located on 33acres of land. Positioned shrewdly in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina the Ericsson stadium is home to the National football League stars, The Carolina Panthers. Originally carved as the Carolinas stadium this magnificent arena switched naming rights when the Swedish telecoms company LM Ericsson purchased the naming rights for a whopping $25 million. The stadium is recognized as a major cause for the initiation of several renovation products in the NFL. Ten years after its conceptualization the Ericsson Stadium is dubbed as the third oldest structure in the history of NFL and because of its vintage designs that reflects on modern era elements the stadium has not gone through any structural renovations.

Independence Arena - Charlotte,NC,US   

Flaunting a larger than life Facade, the independence arena is a multipurpose facility that has the capacity to envelope 9,605 individuals. Situated in Charlotte, North Carolina the Independence arena’s naming rights juggled into several hands. Prior to being christened as The Independence arena it was launched as Charlotte Coliseum in 1955. At the time of its unveiling the Independence Arena was considered to be the biggest uncorroborated steel dome that existed in the world. In 2001the transferal of naming rights were reallocated, what was once called the Independence arena became The Cricket Arena courtesy of the organization known as the Cricket Communications. Regardless of the moniker it was designated, the Independence arena hosted a myriad of basketball games from 1964 to 1980. It was also home to the pay per view Starrcade and Slamboree in 1993 and 1997 respectively.

Charlotte Convention Center - Charlotte, NC, US  

Unveiled in 1995 the Charlotte Convention Center's enticing facade lures large denominations of guests annually, its magnificently carved archways are immaculately crafted into works of art. A perfect congregational location for trade shows, banquets and conventions, the Charlotte Convention Center is embellished with spacious and beguiling fjords. An elevated ceiling adds grandeur to the 280,000 Square feet of splendor that has the capacity to ingest almost 1,250 display booths. A colossal structure the Charlotte Convention Center imbues beauty as well as functionality. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the spacious interior provided by the Charlotte Convention Centre is conveniently divided into four halls showcasing allocated entrances for each individual show, a large number of loading docks and a drive- in created to enhance the set up process to an optimum level.

Charlotte Amtrak Station - Charlotte, NC, US

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Charlotte Amtrak Station features the immaculate service of three passenger trains that ensure that regardless of unforeseen hurdles you arrive at your destination points on time. Resting elegantly on the North Tryton Street the Charlotte Amtrak Station is a 1.5 mile drive from the downtown district of Charlotte. Constructed by the Southern railways as a replacement for the former Southern railway depot the Charlotte Amtrak Station was unveiled in 1961 at the crossroads of Trade and 4th street. The vicinity features modern era amenities that will ensure each individual a comfortable and unhindered journey ahead. Southern Railways utilized the 1961 station as a stopping point for their passengers until 1979 when all rights and controls were handed over to Amtrak therefore the Charlotte Amtrak Station as we know it came into existence.

Aviation Museum - Charlotte, NC, US

Floyd and Louis Wilson’s unparalleled endeavors to procreate the Aviation Museum of North Carolina began a year before the actual inauguration of the museum when they heard news of the demolition of two hangers situated on the Charlotte/Douglas International Airport field. Facing the various obstacles that hindered their paths these two sagacious individuals worked towards the preservation of their traditional values. In July 1991 the Wilson's held a congregation for devotees with similar concerns which resulted in the creation of the Aviation Museum of North Carolina. At the time most of the collection displayed in the museum were historic jets, reminiscent of the era of 1950 and 1960’s. Now the Building houses more than 50 artifacts of the various legacies instilled in the pages of time.

Greenville Art Museum - Charlotte,NC,US   

Due to the endless provoking motivational nudges from the First Women’s art Club, the Greenville Museum of Art came into being. Inspired from several art festivals conducted prior to the conception of this facility the festival leaders felt an urge to create a structure where art aficionados can admire the scenic creations of the artists of yesteryear. In 1939 a permanent art facility was prepared which lured a high number of visitors annually. A highly esteemed enclosure for the display of masterpieces by traditional and contemporary artists the Greenville Museum of Art features numerous art programs and tours that help illuminate the youth of today. Regardless of age and gender the Greenville Museum of art is a popular destination in the dazzling city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Discovery Place - Charlotte,NC,US

The Discovery Place Museum is located in the dazzling locale of Charlotte, North Carolina. Concocting research and technology into a singular harmonious entity The Discovery Place Museum provides individuals with hands on experience of their amusing facade thus elevating its popularity ten folds. A favorite destination for families and children The Discovery Place Museum showcases myriads of multi-faceted exhibits that vary from one another. One of the most educational displays is the aquatic exhibit which discloses state-of-the-art research regarding the ecological units found in our surroundings as well as in tropical rainforests. The most popular exhibit featuring a humorous feel to it is The Discovery Place Museums Static Electricity Demonstration which imparts knowledge regarding bad hair days.

Charlotte Coliseum - Charlotte,NC,US   

A multi-faceted sports arena situated in the luminous city of Charlotte, North Carolina, the Charlotte Coliseum was coined as a genuine abode for the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA. Bidding farewell to the aficionados of sports and entertainment on October 26th, 2005 the Charlotte Coliseum closed its doors after hosting its last NBA Basketball game.
Constructed in 1986, the Charlotte Coliseum was inaugurated on August 11th 1988 and at that particular time the magnificent arena was dubbed as a modern epitome of leisure and elegance. Embedded with state-of-the-art technology, the Charlotte Coliseum showcased a capacity of 24,000 seats that categorized it as one of the largest basketball oriented structure. Though some individuals criticized the immense facade of Charlotte Coliseum, several devoted fans of the NBA accepted it as the harbinger of one of the most prevalent games in America.


Carolinas Aviation Museum - Charlotte,NC,US   

A product of diligence and perseverance, Carolina’s Aviation Museum was the creation of Floyd and Louis Wilson, whose untiring efforts pivoted this magnanimous structure to its rightful position. Exhibiting an anthology of static aircrafts, the Carolina’s Aviation Museum withholds any artifact that is in coincidence with the theme of this unique facility. Situated on the same field as the Charlotte-Douglas Airport in Charlotte, Carolina, the Carolina Aviation museum relocated to a state-of-the-art location in April 2010 which allowed the museum’s benefactors to contain the aircrafts in a controlled niche. Being the proud owners of over 50 aircrafts, the Carolina’s Aviation Museum  has been provided  the rights of entry to four runways, one is measured to be over 10,000 feet in length so that aircrafts such as the Berlin Airlift can fly in and out of the museum at all times.

Greenville-Spartanburg Airport - Charlotte,NC,US

Positioned sagaciously in the centre of two cities namely Greenville and Spartanburg, that are located in Charlotte, North Carolina , this astounding airport was conceptualized and constructed in 1962 at the renowned Roger Milliken Field. The Greenville-Spartanburg airport encompasses 226,000 square feet of space and flaunts 13 departure gates, not to mention an awe-inspiring second level jet bridge boarding. Parading comfort and an immaculately clean portico, the Greenville-Spartanburg airport boasts a high figure of non-stop flights each day. Generating a high percentage of travelers each day the Greenville-Spartanburg airport finds it their solemn duty to engender your senses with unattainable relaxation and services. Playing host to a discount carrier more commonly known as Allegiant Air the Greenville-Spartanburg airport greets several renowned  airlines daily, such as the Delta, Continental, American Eagle and united express.

University of NC at Charlotte - Charlotte,NC,US  

The University of North Carolina is ranked in the top 10 up and coming universities by U.S. News & World Report. This public, coeducational, doctoral/research university has four campuses with a population of approximately 24700 students, coming from 50 states and 80 countries. By the year 2020, the university is expecting to have 35000 students.

The Main Campus is situated at about 10 miles from Uptown Charlotte in the University City. Having an area of about 1000 acres, the campus is densely wooded and possesses numerous manmade lakes. The other campuses are: Charlotte Research Institute Campus, Uptown Charlotte Campus, and South Charlotte Campus. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte offers 18 doctoral (Ph.D.) programs, 62 master's degree programs, and 90 baccalaureate (bachelors/undergraduate) programs.

Mint Museum of Art - Charlotte,NC,US  

The Mint Museum is the North Carolina's first art museum which was established in 1936. It is a cultural institution that includes the "Mint Museum of Art" and the "Mint Museum of Craft + Design." These museums exhibit hundreds of collections of art and design gathered from around the globe. The Museum exhibits nearly 900 American Art works collection crafted between the late 1700 and 1945. The other collections include Ancient American Art (2000 objects from 40 cultures, spanning 4500 years), Asian Art, African Art, North Carolina Pottery, historic maps, historic costume, dress and accessories, American and European Decorative Art + Ceramics, and Photography. The Museum also possesses the largest public collection of Romare Bearden's (a Charlotte-born artist) work. Contemporary art is primarily focused and displayed in the Mint Museum of Craft + Design which include 2500 works of artistic craft in clay, glass, wood, fiber, metal, and mixed-media.

Lowe's Motor Speedway - Charlotte,NC,US  

Originally known as the Charlotte Motor Speedway, the track got the name Lowe's Motor Speedway in February 1999, when a corporate sponsor Lowe's purchased the naming rights to the speedway. After 2009 NASCAR season, the track got back its old name Charlotte Motor Speedway as Lowe's did not renew its naming rights. Charlotte Motor Speedway, built in 1959, is a 1.5-mile long quad-oval speedway track with a seating capacity for 115,000 spectators. Situated in Concord, North Carolina, the speedway is a property of Speedway Motorsports. It is also reckoned the home base of NASCAR. The speedway also possess a 2.25-mile road course, a 0.6-mile kart course, a quarter-mile oval using the front stretch and pit road, and a 0.2-mile oval outside turn three. In May 2000, a 0.4-mile dirt track was also opened while in September 2008, the zMax Dragway- a four lane drag-strip was opened.

Charlotte Museum of History - Charlotte,NC,US

The Charlotte Museum of History and Hezekiah Alexander Homesite is situated in east Charlotte. Comprising numerous venues on an 8-acre campus with 36,000 sq. ft. gallery space, the Museum hosts both permanent and changing exhibits. The Museum mainly focuses the regional history. Currently, the Museum houses a collection of about 7000 artifacts and over 6000 archival items. The artifact collection includes furnishings, tools, toys, clothing, textiles, and many other household items. The archival items include photographs, postcards and genealogical papers, and historic documents and publications. The oldest structure is the Hezekiah Alexander Homesite which is a 5,000 sq. ft. rock house. Built in 1774, this is the oldest surviving structure in Mecklenberg County which still stands on its original site.

Charlotte Bobcats Arena - Charlotte,NC,US  

This entertainment and sports venue is primarily used as the home court of the Charlotte Bobcats of the NBA. Situated in the Uptown area of Charlotte, the arena was opened in October 2005. On November 5, 2005, the arena hosted its first Bobcats game. City of Charlotte owns the arena; however, Bobcats operate it. The arena offers different seating capacities for different games. For NBA games, the arena accommodates 19,568 spectators. For college basketball games, the seats can be expanded up to 20,200. The arena is also a home place of Charlotte Checkers, a hockey team. For Checkers matches, the seating capacity is reduced to 14,100. Besides sporting events, the arena also hosts family productions, entertainment performances, circuses and professional wrestling. An exciting feature of the arena is the 16 X 28 feet center-hung Daktronics video screens, the largest in any indoor arena.

Billy Graham Library - Charlotte,NC,US  

Comprising a public museum and library, the Billy Graham Library was opened to the public on 5th June, 2007. The library bears a 40,000 sq. ft. complex situated on the grounds of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's international headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Library mainly emphasizes on documenting the life and ministry of Christian evangelist Billy Graham. The main galleries exhibit several presentations, music, pictures, artifacts, and voices from throughout Graham's ministry. An entire gallery is dedicated to Graham's wife, Ruth Bell Graham, who was a poet and lover of literature. "Ruth's Attic" comprises a dairy bar café and bookstore. The visitors can relax and enjoy beverages, ice cream, cookies, sandwiches, salads and other treats in a wooden booth or rocking chair at the Graham Brothers Dairy bar café. The bookstore sells bibles, books, tapes, shirts and other material.

Afro-American Cultural Center - Charlotte,NC,US

The Afro-American Cultural Center (AACC), founded in 1974, offers an excellent opportunity to explore the African-American culture through a wide range of exhibitions, presentations in the performing arts, innovative educational programs and a connection between the Charlotte community and the university. In October 2009, the AACC was given the name Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture as a tribute to Mr. Harvey B. Gantt, a respected community leader and businessman. The Hewitt African-American Art collection is a part of Gantt Center's permanent collection. It includes works by Romare Bearden (one of the greatest American artists of his time), Henry Ossawa Tanner (one of the pioneer African-American artists who were praised in both America and Europe) Jonathan Green, Elizabeth Catlett, Jacob Lawrence, Hale Woodruff, and Ann Tanksley.

Amstel Station, Amsterdam, NL.

Amstel Station is one of the local stations in Amsterdam City. It is a major travel hub, providing access to local routes and beyond. Situated just 8 kilometers from the Amsterdam Centraal, it is a major stop for both metro and intercity rail. From here metros and tram service operated by Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf (GVB) service the Greater Amsterdam area. Amstel Station is the Amsterdam bus stop for Eurolines. From here Eurolines provides service to a number of important destinations across Europe. The building opened in 1939 and since than has gone major renovations and expansions. It offers all the amenities of a modern transportation hub complete with food courts, ticket outlets and waiting areas. Amstel Station has always been a busy station because of its location near Amstel River and proximity to Amsterdam Centraal.

Red Light District, Amsterdam, NL.

One of the major tourist attractions offered by Amsterdam is its Red Light District. Prostitution is legal in Netherlands and this makes the Red Light District in Amsterdam one of the best known destinations. Perhaps, the best known place in the Red Light District is De Wallen. Located in old Amsterdam, it is a historical part of the cit with history stretching back to 300 years. It is a major hub of international sex tourism, offering all types of entertainments including cinemas, sex shops, peep shows and museums. Besides these attractions, Red Light District is one place where you can find drugs of all types and origins. There is a museum dedicated to the history of drugs in the area.

Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, NL.

Anne Frank House is a major attraction of the Amsterdam City. The building and the associated museum is best known for being the home of Anne Frank, a young girl whose wartime diaries are considered to be a true depiction of the Nazi occupation of Netherlands during the Second World War. Her work has been widely published and translated and is the main reason of the popularity of Anne Frank House. The building was opened to public in 1960 and became a major tourist attraction immediately. It is estimated that 9,000 visitors came in the first year of its opening. Since then the number ha increased many times as a museum, bookshop and an exhibition gallery has been added to the original building. Anne Frank House underwent extensive repairs and renovations in 1999. It is located on Prinsengracht canal and continues to draw tourists interested in the wartime history of the city.

Flower Mrkt (Bloemenmarkt) - Amsterdam, NL
Founded in 1862, the world’s only floating flower market, Bloemenmarket or simply the Flower Market has been located in the Amsterdam’s southern canal belt. With its 15 florists, garden shops and a wide range of souvenir gifts, the market is worth-seeing place and a great source of attraction for visitors and income for the Hollanders. Being situated between the Kalverstraat, Leidsestraat and the famous Munt Tower, the Bloemenmarket is the heart of Amsterdam city. Every thing related to flowers including the seedling, bulbs, bouquets bonsai and even the most unique flowers like black Tulips can be bought from here. The Flower Market of the Singel Canal opens from 8:00a.m till 5:30p.m except Sunday when it is opened at 11:00a.m. This market is considered second to Philadelphia Flower Show in variety and collection of flowers.
Concertgebouw - Amsterdam, NL
The second most visited concert venue in the world after Rome’s Parco della Musica, Concertgebouw hosts over 800,000 audience for some 900 events taking place here. Designed by the famous architect of his time, Adolf Leonard van Gendt, this orchestra was opened for the public of Nieuwer- Amstel, known as Amsterdam since 1964, on April 11, 1888 after five years of construction. This temple of music has been one of the finest recreational activity centers in the world. Since the beginning of last century, many of the music composers, singers and performers have visited this place to advance their career. Presentation of the romantic works by Richerd Strauss, G. Mahler and Brucker brought an exceptional fame to the Concertgebouw. During summers the orchestra witnesses more rush of the foreign visitors than of locals.

Reguliersdwars Clubs - Amsterdam, NL

Besides of being the administrative, financial and cultural hub of the Netherlands, the city of Amsterdam is famous as a home to vibrant and diverse nightlife. Called by many as the Gay capital of the Europe, the city has many Reguiersdwars Clubs of the Reguliersdwarsstraat- the Reguliersdwars Street in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. It is the most attractive place for the gay-marriage ceremonies all over the world.

There are many small local bars, called as De Trut, and big clubs as well, which offer the gay couples to enjoy at their best. Carrying some nice options for the nightlife, this place carries a great rush of tourists throughout the world as hotels here offer rooms at cheap rates. The Reguliersdwars Street is considered as one of the largest streets in the world for nightlife and GLBT community.

Central Station - Amsterdam, NL

Hosting 250,000 railway passengers coming to departing from the Amsterdam, the Central Station or Amsterdam Centraal is an impressive neo-Renaissance edifice since 1889. Undergoing through a huge construction to be completed in 2015, this station was designed by P.J.H Cuypers, a well-known artist of his time. Situated on the three man-made islands this railroad station has been resting over 8,687 wooden piles.

It is the site; the city of Amsterdam never hoped for and dreamed of and the design remained encircled by several controversies before and after the construction. The station went through reconstruction several times over its history of more than 120 years not because it was ill-constructed but because of the increasing demand of expanding railroad traffic. Being the biggest transport transfer spot, the station remains as the real heart of the city.

Leidse Square - Amsterdam, NL

Situated immediately northeast of the famous Singelgracht Canal of the canal district in the central Amsterdam, the Leidse Square, which is also known as the Leidseplein is among the busiest nightlife centers of the city. This square includes dance bars, restaurants, theaters and outdoor cafes. The street players, jugglers, fire-eaters and musicians keep the crowd roaring throughout the night in this bustling area.

The Leidseplein is a great source of attraction for the visitors all over the world, especially in summers when they outnumber the natives in the restaurants and clubs of the area. Café Americain of the American Hotel Amsterdam- known for its Art deco-style décor, Stadsschouwburg, a neo-renaissance structure housing a theater, City Movie Theater, Leidseplein Theater, Holland Casion, Barlaeus Gymnasium and the Vondelpark are worth-mentioning venues in and around the Leidse Square.

Dam Square - Amsterdam, NL
In Amsterdam, Dam Square or simply the Dam is a town square, the capital of the Netherlands. Just a five to ten minute walk down the Damrak takes you into this jam-packed square, shoving with tourists and some locals day and night. Dam Square was created in the 14th century when a dam was built around the Amstel River to prevent the Zuiderzee Sea from streaming the city. During the seventies, the square was famed for its Dam Square hippies, and the laid back and relaxed character of this closely pigeon populated square lives on. There are many food stalls, restaurants, hotels and shops galore, including the trendy and huge Magna Plaza and the Amsterdam Diamond centre. Doesn’t matter whatever the weather, there is always something going on here so expect lots of fun and entertainment.

Heineken Brewery - Amsterdam, NL

The world famous Heineken Brewery- Amsterdam tour is now known as the Heineken Experience. It costs 8.50 euros to get in which includes two 10-ounce Heinekens and a free gift at the end as well. This is one of the amazing attractions of Amsterdam Netherlands. The experience of Heineken is of course all about Heineken, from the history of the Heineken family, to the whole method of beer making and of course trying out some samples!! It just takes about one and a half hours to get around the whole experience and includes lots of interactive activities plus being brewed like a beer.  The Heineken Experience is a lot of fun and entertainment and certainly worth the price. The beer is good and it does not get any fresher.

Waterloo Square Flea Market - Amsterdam, NL

In the year 1882 that the Amsterdam Square was created after the two canals the Houtgracht and the Leprozengracht were filled with water. At the Waterloo Square Flea Market, the artistic attempts of William Holzbauer, the Viennese architect gave form to the City Hall where operas and ballets were enjoyed by people coming from both inside and outside the city. The square market remained open for six days a week except for Sundays. Things you generally get at the Waterloo Square Flea Market are: A fashionable and new variety of clothes, hats and shoes, Leather goods of all forms, Fur coats sold during the winter seasons, A handmade batik from Indonesia and many antiques, oddments and an incredible selection of second hand books of many different languages.

Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam, NL

The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam or in Amsterdam it is a Dutch national museum, situated on the Museumplein. The Rijksmuseum museum is devoted to arts, crafts, and history. It has a huge collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Period and a substantial collection of Asian art as well. The museum was established in 1802 in The Hague to reveal the collections of the Dutch stadtholders. The Rijksmuseum museum is internationally renowned for its publications and exhibitions and not merely is these high quality products, but is also areas in which the museum expands the boundaries of scholarship and encourages newly insights. The museum also devotes substantial resources to education and to the decor and outline of exhibitions. The Rijksmuseum Research Library is also a part of the Rijksmuseum, and is the biggest public research library of art history in The Netherlands.

Van Gogh Museum - Amsterdam, NL

The best known attraction of Amsterdam is the Van Gogh Museum on Museumplein situated in the pleasant Museum Quarter city district. The museum puts up the largest paintings’ collections of world by infamous Dutch artist named Vincent Van Gogh who lived between 1852 and 1892. The Van Gogh paintings are separated in sections - from early work in Netherlands his move to Paris and then the more colorful North of France time period which includes The Yellow House 1889 and the iconic Sunflowers 1890. The Van Gogh museum is largely famous with visitors and there are always long queues to enter in the museum. One of the main advantages of holding a Museumkaart is that you get instant entry with no queuing. 

Ravens Stadium - Baltimore, MD, US

Ravens Stadium is the most exciting place in Baltimore, US for a Ravens' home game. It only does not make sense to be anywhere else! Ravens Stadium is situated at the north point of Camden Yards and is the highest jewel of the NFL's premier sports facilities. Baltimore Ravens fans just proud of their Baltimore heritage and enjoy the latest in technology, together with state-of-the-art Ravens Vision video screens. Shared with extraordinary services, including an amazing view of the city's skyline, the excitement of the game brings fans to their feet. With a capacity of 72,009, this aesthetic structure is the home of the Ravens and draws its design from architecture of Baltimore. The Ravens stadium has 129 suites and 7,196 club seats.

Peabody Institute - Baltimore, MD, US

The Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University is a dance and music school situated in Baltimore, Maryland. The academy, established in 1858 by George Peabody and opened in 1867, was the very first academy of dance and music started in the United States. The school is framed of two parts –one is the Conservatory music school, which can award degrees, and the second is the Preparatory music and dance school, which is open to all community members. In order to attend Peabody, students should audition and be accepted into one of the programs of the school, in addition to following a traditional application method. Peabody is one of the institutes at Johns Hopkins, so diplomas from Peabody are also conceived Johns Hopkins diplomas, and students of Peabody can take classes at Johns Hopkins.

National Aquarium - Baltimore, MD, US

National Aquarium opened in 1981. It is globally known and undoubtedly Maryland's leading tourist attractive feature. The National Aquarium is a place of interest for everyone whether an educator, a student or simply a visitor. The deputation of the National Aquarium is to provide transmuting experiences that boost people to bask, respect, and protect the aquatic world. And that is incisively what it does. There is a life-size model of a Humpback Whale. We can visit the concepts of surviving through adjustment come to life, visit a coral Rand, and discover what jellies are telling us about the health of our oceans.  The National Aquarium displays a variety of species in their realistic habitats. Over 1.6 visitors million per year visits this place. The National Aquarium is also an ideal place for bodied events, meetings, feasts, and special group celebrations.

Mt. Vernon Arts Dist - Baltimore, MD, US

Having a background of dazzling 19th century architecture and inviting parks, Baltimore's Mount Vernon is a cultural urban village that blows museums, music, theater, international dining cuisine, boutiques, festivals, and a booming nightlife. Mount Vernon is a peculiar site, rich in history and vivacious in the present, a neighborhood that beckons residents and visitors to take their time and ameliorate their lives. A number of institutions in Mount Vernon bonded together to form the Mount Vernon Cultural District, in 1996. The goal was to be a accelerator for efforts to preserve the unity of the neighborhood through means; for example investing to ameliorate the physical environment, providing clean and safe streets, attracting residents and businesses, and promoting the unparalleled nature of the neighborhood to the public.

Inner Harbor-Waterfront - Baltimore, MD, US

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