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Baltimore's Inner Harbor is one of the most snapped and visited areas of the city. It has been one of the major seaports in the United States and started blooming into the cultural center of Baltimore in the 1970s. It is discrete in function and form, locals and visitors alike enjoy Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and the surrounding neighborhoods that give a variety of fine dining, cultural experiences and stimulating nightlife.

The Baltimore Waterfront is the tallest hotel in the city, with 31 floors and more than 730 rooms. It has an indoor pool, sauna and fitness center. Guests with rooms on one of the three concierge levels relish access to the concierge lounge Monday through Friday, with complimentary continental breakfast, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages and desserts.
Harborplace Shopping - Baltimore, MD, US  

Harborplace is situated in the heart of the Baltimore Inner Harbor. It is a proper metropolitan market with over 160 shops of the most popular brands in the US. One can shop or can wine & dine and enjoy music, performers and the beautiful Baltimore Inner Harbor views.Maritime Museum, the Aquarium, the Science Center, Orioles Park at Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium are located very short distance from the Harborplace. Thirty years of hosting tourists have trained Baltimore the Baltimore citizens in appropriate way to treat guests. Millions of people visit HarborPlace every year. With views of the city and the water from almost everywhere the facilities are bright and well-ventilated. One can find "trendy" and well known shops and the most "interesting attractions" of stores which are truly exclusive to Baltimore. There are "free" live performances at the Amphitheater which is an outdoor entertainment arena located between the Light Street and Pratt Street Pavilions. From concerts to street performers and special events to visiting ships and holiday fireworks, Harborplace has something for everyone.


Fells Point Historic Area - Baltimore, MD, US  

Historic Fells Point has long been a favorite attraction with its paved stone streets and its waterfront location for young and old similarly. A diverse collection of stores and boutiques are scattered throughout the area which offer gifts, flowers, home and garden accessories, candles, antiques, clothing, home furnishings, jewelry, toys, souvenirs, and much more. Alongside these stores, one can find pubs, restaurants, and night clubs. From casual to fine feast, and from sports to jazz, a lot of variety is offered to the visitors in Fells Point. The area is being developed day by day however there still exist a small town feeling in the community as most of the trade is locally owned and managed. Fells point was founded in 1730 by William Fell and soon Fell's Point became a shipbuilding and business center. In 1763, his son Edward Fell started selling plots for homes. The town grew quickly, resulting a merger with Baltimore Town and Jones Town in 1797.



Federal Hill - Baltimore, MD, US  
Federal Hill is located in in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. This area is in the south of the city's central business district. Many structures of the Federal Hill are included in the National Register of Historic Places. The neighborhood is named after a hill which is easily viewed from the Inner Harbor area. The hillside is a rich green and provides services as a community park. The fedral hill consists of the northwestern part of a peninsula that is spread along with two branches of the Patapsco River. Originally , Federal Hill was triangular and its borders were touching Hanover Street,Hughes Street, the harbor, Key Highway, and The Rail Yard. During the colonial era the Federal Hill was a site of paint pigment mining operation. After the closure of the mine it became a public gathering place and civic centre.  

Cruise Line Terminal - Baltimore, MD, US  

Baltimore has a passenger cruise terminal at South Locust Point. The terminal is located just minutes from well-known Inner Harbor. It's a ten minute journey from BWI Airport. One can reach in an hour Annapolis and Washington by car from the Baltimore cruise port. The Baltimore cruise terminal consists of 65,000 square feet. After the recent construction the facility can accommodate the large cruise ships. This Port is more than 300 years old. In 1706, Maryland's legislators declared Whetstone Point as an official Port of Entry. As a result five small ports merged to become the Port of Baltimore. The port is spread over 45 miles of shoreline and more than 3,400 sea front acres. Baltimore's Cruise Port is very close to historic Fort McHenry. The fort is famous for its role in the War of 1812, in which it defendedBaltimore Harbor from British attacks.



Camden Yards - Baltimore, MD, US

Oriole Park at Camden Yards is thebeautiful baseball facility in. it became the official home of the Orioles on April 6, 1992. The park was constructed in 33 months and is spread over 85-acre. The cios of the project was approximately $110 million. The park is tradionally known as"Camden Yards. The park has 48,876 seats. It was designed by architectural firm of Helmuth, Obata and Kassabaum with directions and input from the Orioles and the State of Maryland. State of Maryland owns and operates the Cadmen Yards through Maryland Stadium Authority. Oriole Park is unique and intimate in design. It blends with the urban context of Baltimore with the baseball grounds built early 20th century. It is one of  those beautiful league ballparks which were built in the early 1900's. The great achievement of Camden Yard was that it set a trend of constructing more fan friendly ballparks in U.S.



Baltimore Zoo - Baltimore, MD, US   

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore was formerly known as The Baltimore Zoo. it is located in Druid Hill Park. It contains over 2,000 animals. It was opened in 1876 and is considered the third oldest zoological park in the US. In 2004, due to some financial problems the zoo was forced to reduce its collections by closing  some parts of the zoo. The “Main Valley” was closed and being incapable of taking care of animals comfortably the Reptile House was  also closed. The reptiles,gibbons and snow leopards were sent to other zoos and aquariums. Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is active in many protection programs like Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Program and Project Golden Frog. the zoo breeds greatest number of African black footed penguins. Animals like Vulture, Cranes, White Stork, Gazelle,Lesser Kudu, Saddle-billed Stork, Helmeted Guineafowl, White Rhinoceros, Zebra, Ostrich, Leopard, Cheetah, Elephant and Camels are the main features of the zoo.   



Baltimore Convention Center - Baltimore, MD, US 

Baltimore convention center is the leading location for conventions, tradeshows and expositions in the Maryland. Situated in the heart of downtown, its location is what a tourist dreams for. And for a meeting planner it is joyful venue. From the distinguished inner harbor to famous little Italy it offers a magnificent diversity of appeal. It presents an affordable prime destination to the meeting planners. The centre is suitably located close to public transportation for easy access by MARC train or Baltimore’s Light rail to Washington,D.C. or the Baltimore International airport, Baltimore Penn Station is on 7 minutes drive while Airport is only 20 minutes by auto. It offers a vast selection of temptations and is a reasonably priced facility with advanced services for conventions, banquets and meetings of any size. The Baltimore Convention Center has high-tech equipment such as a swift telecommunications network etc. It is also committed to support "green projects" to create an impact all over the community.


Baltimore Amtrak Station - Baltimore, MD, US  

Pennsylvania Station is the main train station in Baltimore, Maryland.  It was Designed by Kenneth MacKenzie Murchisonin1872–1938 and was constructed in 1911. It is located on a raised "island" between two open trenches, one for the Jones Falls Expressway and the other the tracks of theNortheast Corridor. This Station is about a mile and a half in the north of downtown and the Inner Harbor. The station was originally known as Union Station but was renamed to match other in 1928. Amtrak, MARC, and the Maryland Transit Administration's light rail systems serve the Penn Station. It is the eighth busiest rail station in US. Since 2007, the Station is served by MARC and Amtrak trains which offer services to Washington, DC, Perryville, MD, Virginia,Boston, and Newport News , New York, Philadelphia, Wilmington, , Washington, and Richmond.



1st Mariner Arena - Baltimore, MD, US  

1st Mariner Arena is the largest indoor games and entertainment facility of Baltimore.  It has contributed to the enlargement and success of Baltimore. The facility was inaugurated in 1962. Major redecorations occurred during late 80's. The 1st Mariner Arena is at a short distance from harbor front and major hotels. It has a garage with the facility of parking 850 cars and there are thousands of other parking places nearby. 1st Mariner Arena started as a Civic Center in 1962. In 1986 it was renamed the Baltimore Arena and in 2003 was again renamed as 1st Mariner Arena. The Beatles, Elvis, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra and the Supremes are few of the stars who have performed in the Arena. 1st Mariner Arena entertains 800,000 guests and hosts 120 events annually. 1st Mariner Arena is easily accessible and is about seven miles from Baltimore/Washington International Airport. The light rail and major bus stops are very close to the facility.


 M&T Bank Stadium - Baltimore, MD, US  


M&T Bank Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is the home of the Baltimore Ravens. The stadium is adjacent to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. It is Served by the Hamburg Street station of the Baltimore Light Rail. The stadium is  featured with a natural grassy surface. Before 1998, Baltimore Ravens were used to play at Memorial Stadium. But due to the aging state of the stadium, the ground was broken for the new stadium in 1996. Sometimes it is called  as Russell Street Coliseum or 'The Bank” or M&T Bank Stadium.  It was officially opened in 1998, and is currently one of the most liked stadiums for fan services, ease of access, concessions, etc. At first the stadium was known as Ravens Stadium and then  PSINet Stadium. Again in 2002 it reverted back to Ravens Stadiumwhen PSINet filed for bankruptcy. M&T Bank acquired naming rights to the stadium in 2003 and it is called as M&T Bank Stadium now a days.

Oriole Park - Baltimore,MD,US
In Baltimore, Maryland, Oriole Park is the name of several earlier major league and minor league baseball parks. Within a few blocks of each other, all of the early incarnations of "Oriole Park" were developed. In 1882, the first field called Oriole Park was constructed. In 1890, the club opened a new Oriole Park, by moving four blocks north and, retrospectively named as Oriole Park II. And afterwards, the club opened Union Park in early 1891 known as Oriole Park III. In 1901, the newly formed American League took up where the National had left off and they opened a new Oriole Park, Oriole Park IV. Finally Terrapin Park, prior to Camden Yards started in life, was the last and by far the best known Oriole Park which was the home field of the Baltimore Terrapins of the short-lived Federal League of 1914-1915.

Salt Lake City Amtrak Station - Salt Lake City,UT,US   

In Salt Lake City, Utah, Salt Lake City Amtrak Station which is a multi-modal transportation center, is situated. On the California Zephyr line one train in each direction, with service to Chicago, Illinois, to the east and Emeryville, California, to the west is provided by Amtrak, the national regional rail system on daily basis. Prior to its movement to the Intermodal center at the Union Pacific Depot, Amtrak provided service to Salt Lake City, in 1999 , through which once-daily service in each direction is provided .The Salt Lake City Amtrak Station is running the great service, the national passenger railroad of the United States, along Union Pacific trackage and had a 63.2% on the dot performance rating between July 2008 and July 2009.

Family History Library - Salt Lake City,UT,US   

The Church of Jesus Christ of modern-day Saints, the Mormon Church provided the facility of the Family History Library which is a genealogical research facility. In the office of the Church Historian Temple in Salt Lake City, the first library was located. In the Church Office Building when library opened in 1971, it was firstly located here but in 1985, it was moved to North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, which is its present building. The library’s main aim is to accomplish one of the LDS Church fundamental doctrine that is, those departed families members can be baptized by proxy into the LDS church, as well as receive other saving ordinances. In headquarters of the LDS Church, the library is situated and is the largest genealogical library in the world which is open to the general public free of cost.

Utah's Hogle Zoo - Salt Lake City,UT,US   

A zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah, is Utah's Hogle Zoo, which is situated at the chops of Emigration Canyon. It is the state's largest zoo, sheltering animals from assorted ecosystems. The Hogle family founded the zoo which is also operated by them. In Salt Lake City's Liberty Park, was the original location of the zoo. On its opening at the Emigration Canyon site, It officially became Hogle Zoo on August 1, 1931, on a piece of land which was donated by Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hogle. The zoo is now owned by the city of Salt Lake City, and is supported by The Utah Zoological Association, which raised private donations and tax dollars. 75th anniversary was celebrated by the zoo in 2006, with free admission to persons born in 1931.

Utah State Capitol - Salt Lake City,UT,US   

On Capitol Hill, the Utah State Capitol is situated, through which downtown Salt Lake City, Utah can be overlooked. Utah State Capitol is the home of the Utah State government, the Governor of Utah, deputy Governor of Utah, the Utah State Treasurer, the Utah Attorney General, and the Utah State Auditor. On December 26, 1912, construction on the capitol began and was devoted on October 9, 1916. The building is the pride and joy of a 40-acre plot which also includes a Vietnam War memorial and a gravestone devoted to the Mormon Battalion. The interior has four floors and an earlier basement level which now hold base isolators meant to make the building more defiant to earthquakes. In 1978, the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and it was renovated during 2004-2008.

Utah Museum of Natural History - Salt Lake City, UT, US

With 30,000 specimens of mammals, 20,000 birds,  18,000 lower vertebrates, 22,000 mollusks, 180,000 insects, 123,000 plant specimens , 3,600 minerals, 250 rocks, 4,000 plant species and 2,500 invertebrate fossils and 20,000 vertebrate fossils where else would some one stumble upon natural history at its best other than Utah Museum of Natural history. Located on the campus of University of Utah, Salt Lake City, it is an adorable place to visit, especially along kids. An education cum entertainment facility, UMNH has a lot to put forward, ranging from audacious summer camps to blasting adventure filled birthday parties. Moreover it has in its pocket exciting programs for the family’s enchantment like Free Family Mondays, Scientist in the Spotlight, Science Movie Night and Private Overnights.

Tabernacle - Salt Lake City,UT,US

The Salt Lake Tabernacle is located in Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was built between 1864 and 1867 and the basic purpose for its opening was to host meetings for the Church of Jesus Christ. The building has a sandstone foundation and the overall capacity is 8000, which includes choir ares and gallery as well. As the Tabernacle was built way before electronics and amplifiers were discovered so it had to be constructed with excellent acoustic features so the everyone could hear the sermons. It is the home of the famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir and it has also served as home for the Utah Symphony Orchestra. The Tabernacle went for serious renovations in 2005 so that it could survive earthquakes.

Salt Lake Temple - Salt Lake City,UT,US

The Salt Lake Temple is a remarkable building located in the heart of Salt Lake City. Although many other buildings now tower over it but the temple dominated the Salt Lake Valley for many years. It is still recognized as the religious symbol of the Church of Jesus of Latter day Saints worldwide. Weekly meetings of the first presidency and the quorum of the twelve apostles are held in the temple. The official name of the Salt lake temple is also unique. In 2000, the Church announced a formal naming convention for all temples in which all temples inside US and Canada, the name is generally the city in which the temple is located followed by the name of province. However, possibily for the historical importance, the Salt Lake Temple was granted an exception to the new rule.

Salt Lake Public Library - Salt Lake City,UT,US

The Salt Lake Public Library represents the idea that a library is more than a repository of books and computers. It replicates and connects the city's imagination and ambitions. The building opened in February 2003 and is 240,000 square feet for more than 500,000 books and other materials, and room to grow the collection. There are many shops and services at ground level, reading galleries above, and a 300-seat auditorium. A roof top garden, nearby the curved wall offers a view of the Salt Lake Valley. Natural light is used in all spaces where people can work and special measures have been taken to avoid the library’s materail been affected by the sunlight. There are also children section, audiovisual and technology centers  and many more from whom many people can be benefited.

Salt Lake City Cemetery - Salt Lake City, UT, US 

Having more than 120,000 buried persons within, the salt lake cemetery Utah is the largest working cemetery of the US with an area of 250 acres. It has inside its soil a number of religious leaders, politicians, artists and many others including the general public. Prominent burials include Truman O. Angell an architect, Wallace Bennett U.S. Senator, Mervyn S. Bennion sacrificial victim of the Pearl Harbor, John Milton Bernhisel Delegate to U.S. Congress from Utah Territory, Albert E. Bowen LDS Church Apostle, William Clayton U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Edward Woods, American actor, John M. Young, former mayor of Salt Lake City and the list continues.  At the present less than 3000 plots remain unsold at a price of approximately $700/plot.

Salt Lake Assembly Hall - Salt Lake City,UT,US

The Salt Lake Assembly Hall is located on the southwest corner of temple square in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a victorian gothic hall as the rough granite walls maked it look like a small gothic cathedral. Although the hall has been built of the same monzonite rocks which were used to built the Salt lake city temple but the hall’s exterior looks very much different. The assembly hall holds free concerts very often and various military bands, choruses and individual performers from the world perfrom at this hall. During the summers, the collection of music broadens to classical which also includes show tunes. Many performances from high schools, colleges and communities are been held here in the holidays. People of all ages are wlcomed to attend the holiday performances.

Rice Eccles Stadium - Salt Lake City, UT, US  

Rice–Eccles Stadium is the football stadium of the University of Utah Salt Lake City, Utah. It is the home ground of the university’s athletics team. Additionally, it did the honors for the opening and closing ceremonies of the winter Olympics of 2002. In order to fulfill the high-tech demand for the Winter Olympics, it underwent a meticulous renovation from 1997 to 2001. To serve this purpose, an alumnus of the U & U Spencer Eccles gave a donation of $10 million from George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles fund. In appreciation of this donation the stadium was renamed as Rice Eccles Stadium along Robert L. Rice, who actually funded the renovation carried out in 1972.  Along hosting various sports galas, the Rolling Stones and various others have given their hit performances’ in this stadium.

Lion House - Salt Lake City,UT,US

The Lion House was built in 1856 by Brigham Young. It was basically built by him to accommodate his family. The house is situated at 63 east soth temple near the corner of south temple and state street. It is one of the city’s most famous and lasting landmarks, decorated with countless antique pieces from past era. The home is called Lion House because of the stone statue of a reclining lion over the front entrance. Today, the house is open as a social center and features a restaurant and additional rooms for receptions. The Lion House is famous for its luxurious, home cooked food, wedding receptions and different social gatherings. Different business seminars are also been held at the house.
Family History Museum - Salt Lake City, UT, US

In order to execute one of the Latter Day Saints Church’s deep-seated systems of belief the Family History Museum was given birth in 1971.Intially, it was located in the office of the Church Historian, however moved to its existing building in 1985. This library aims at studying genealogy. It assets includes the records from 110 countries and regions the world over. It has a massive collection of books, serials, periodicals and over thousands of electronic reserves which makes it the largest among other genealogical libraries of the World. The library is in ease of access of the folks free of charge with professionals and volunteers close at hand to assist them. The library has opened up more than 4,400 of its branches known as Family Health Centers, operating in 134 countries of the world.

EnergySolutions Arena - Salt Lake City,UT,US

The Energy Solutions Arena is an indoor arena in Salt Lake city and is owned by the Jazz Basketball investors. The arena has many luxury suites and club seats. It was opened in 1991 by the name Delta Center until the Energy Solutions purchases the naming rights. The Energy Solutions Arena is a large concrete and silver cubelike structure with many windows. One way to make sure that it is the home for Jazz is to look the 18 wheel truck painted with depictions and owned by Jazz All Star forward Karl. From 2006 to 2008, the arena has served as home for the Arena Football League Utah Blaze. It also hosted figure skating and short track speed skating in 2002 Winter Olympics.

Clark Planetarium - Salt Lake City,UT,US:

The Clark Planetarium is located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. This Planetarium placed on 15,000 square feet area was first launched in April 2003. Various exhibits in the Clark Planetarium include "Science on a Sphere", "Newton’s Daydream”, “a computer animation globe by NOAA”, “Earth Globe”, “a Foucault pendulum”, “Meteorites”, “Telescope displays”, and latest videos from NASA TV and the Hubble Space Telescope. Besides this, the Clark Planetarium also displays an authentic moon rock sample obtained from the Apollo 15 mission. The planetarium educates more than 80,000 school children each year during its traveling science educational programs and planetarium shows. A few topics of the educational programs, offered at the planitarium, are Newton's laws of motion, electricity, seasons, phases of the moon, planets, the solar system, and other interesting topics of science.

Capitol Theater - Salt Lake City,UT,US:  

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