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The Capitol Theater, located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, is a home to the Utah Opera Company, Ballet West, and the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company in United States. The historical theater plays offer various informative educational programs for the community arts. The Capitol theater is usually decorated with fur coats and satin dresses and inside the theatre red velvet and gold painted inflections are found. The Capitol Theater hosts "Phantom of the Opera", "When "Les Miserables" and other shows. The Theatre is truly beautiful and people love to see the performances at this theatre. In the opening nights, there is an event in which everything from furs to jeans are present in this place. Nonetheless, the Capitol Theater is rooted in many Utah family traditions and a visit to the Capitol Theater makes the jaunt really unforgettable.
Beehive House - Salt Lake City,UT,US:  

The Beehive House is located in the Salt Lake City, Utah, US. It was an official abode, constructed in 1854, of Brigham Young. The name of the Beehive House was derived from the Beehive sculpture present at the top of the house. The design was made by the brother-in-law of Young and one another architect. The Beehive house is made up of adobe (a natural building material) and sandstone. Young had married more than once and the Beehive House was built to accommodate him with all of his wives and children. After two years, when Young's family grew then an additional house with the name of “the Lion House” was constructed to accommodate his whole family. Now a days, it is a historic house museum and it was restored in 1960.

Abravanel Hall - Salt Lake City,UT,US:

Abravanel Hall, situated in the Salt Lake City, Utah, is a performance hall. It is present near to the Temple Square and the Salt Palace on South Temple Street. The hall was designed by Dr. Cyril M. Harris for its use as a concert hall. It is a concrete building and has got an additional room for the audience. The shape of the hall is rectangular, analogous to some of the world's best symphony halls, such as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Symphony Hall in Boston and the Grosser Musikvereinssaal in Vienna. The thirty feet long red blown-glass sculpture is present at the middle of the lobby which gives a magnificent look to the hall. There are also sound lock corridors in the hall which are meant to make the concert hall noise proof.

Air Canada Centre - Toronto,ON,CA:  

The Air Canada Centre is situated on the Bay Street in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This indoor sporting arena is commonly known as the “ACC” or “the Hangar”. This arena is 665,000 square feet in size and the eleventh busiest sporting facility in the World. The Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association, The Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League, The Toronto Rock of the National Lacrosse League and also The Toronto Phantoms of the Arena Football League was organized in this multipurpose arena. The Air Canada Centre offers comfortable suites, revolutionized scoreboard, various restaurants, boutique hotel, supermarket, a public square and a broadcast studio. Furthermore it is adjacent to the Union Station and underground pedestrian PATH system which provide facility of the public transportation to the visitors.

Toronto Amtrak Station - Toronto,ON,CA  


Toronto Amtrak Station is a railway station located on 65 Front Street West in Ontario, the provincial capital of Toronto, Canada. Opened in 1977, the station is jointly operated by Via Rail Canada and Amtrak USA. It manages an 875 KM train route starting from New York’s Pennsylvania Station to Toronto’s Union Station. The train run by the station is Maple Leaf. With 20 intermediate stops, the train takes almost 13 hours in completing its journey. The train provides many facilities to the passengers like on board catering facility and baggage facility. Toronto Amtrak Station has a grand building with furnished waiting rooms, comfortable rest rooms, information desk and sparkling cafes. People moving between USA and Canada, opt this train route for their travel. The station services are indeed commendable and satisfactory.

CN Tower - Toronto,ON,CA  


CN Tower is a 553.3 meters free standing structure located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is named after a railway company Canadian National that built it in 1976 in order to provide Radio and Communication Services to the people of Toronto. Guinness Book of Records declared it the tallest free standing structure of the world. It was also declared one of the moderns Seven Wonders of the World by American Society of Civil Engineers. CN Tower had been enjoying the status of world’s tallest structure for 30 years but in 2007 Burj Khalifa, Duabi surpassed it in height. The tower is used for telecommunication and observation purposes. There are located a furnished restaurant and a gift shop inside the tower. It has 147 floors and 6 elevators. CN Tower attracts millions of tourists around the globe annually.


Hockey Hall of Fame - Toronto,ON,CA  


Hockey Hall of Fame is a museum and an exhibition center located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Originally it was built in Kingston in 1943 but later on moved to Toronto in 1958. The hall is dedicated to the history of ice-hockey. It holds exhibitions on players, teams, trophies and national hockey league. An 18-member committee annually sits to decide new honorees i.e., players, builders and on-ice officials who are to be exhibited in the museum throughout the year. Hockey Hall of Fame contains 15 exhibit areas spreading over 57,000 square feet----most of them are reserved for National Hockey League. The Hall is criticized for not introducing international players and for its biased selection criteria. Notwithstanding all of it, Hockey Hall of Fame is a marvelous show place of Hockey and attracts a numbers of tourists.


Ontario Place - Toronto,ON,CA  


Ontario Place is an entertainment and recreation park located on the shore of Lake Ontario in Toronto, Canada. It was opened for public in may22, 1971. The park is administered by Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Ontario Park has three artificial landscaped islands, walking trails, cafes and a number of children activities. It remains open from May to October. The park also contains outdoor concert stage, a well-established pool and riding service. It is a family picnic resort that provides tremendous fun and entertainment in very affordable prices. Ontario Place is awash with natural beauty that fascinates the tourists who visit it in large numbers. It also presents theatre plays and music concerts that are major sources of entertainment and amusement for the park tippers.



Toronto Zoo - Toronto,ON,CA  


Toronto Zoo is a fantastic zoo located near Rogue River in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Opened in March 15, 1974, the zoo is stretching never an area of 710 acres that make it the third largest zoo in the world.  Toronto Zoo contains 16,000 animals belonging to 491 species hailing from various zoological regions of the world. Along with animals, the zoo also has Kids Park, Waterside Theatre and Splash Island. The zoo has been divided in six zoogeographic regions according the kinds of the animals. The zoo is managed by a board of management consisting of 11 members. With the cooperation of other zoos, Toronto Zoo is striving hard for the conservation of the animals of endangered species by employing efficient breeding techniques. A deep attention is paid on foods and habitat of the animals.  

Malton Amtrak Station - Toronto,ON,CA  


Malton Amtrak Station is a famous railway station located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Opened in 1982, the station is jointly administered by Amtrak (a railroad company of USA) and Via Rail (a railway company of Canada). The station has a grand building with furnished waiting halls, well-established ticket chamber and a good information desk. The station operates a train from Canada to USA. It is a comfortable, fast and efficient train that provides the passengers with multiple excellent services like catering and luggage carrying. A large number of passengers travel through this station daily and enjoy a pleasant journey. Malton Amtrak Station, like all other Amtrak’s railway stations, is indeed a well-established and dexterous station that offers nice travel facilities to the travelers. 


Ontario Science Centre - Toronto,ON,CA  


Ontario Science Center is a science museum that abuts on Don Mills Road in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was established in September 27, 1969. The museum contains items related to all sciences including; rock, zoology, mineral, plant, astronomy, music, technology, communication, human anatomy and nature. It also displays moon and mars rocks. The Museum also holds exhibitions on various themes like Harry Potter and Body world etc. Ontario Science Center also operates a science school that offers courses in five disciplines of Pure sciences including; Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus and Advanced Functions. At the entrance of the museum, there is a large aquatic play fountain. Numerous people come here to observe the collection of scientific items placed inside the center and enhance their practical knowledge of science.  

HarbourFront Centre - Toronto,ON,CA


HarbourFront Center is a major cultural center located on 235 Queens Quay W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The center was established by the federal government in 1971. It is spreading over an area of 38 acres. The center is sponsored by corporations and entrepreneurs. It holds festivals and events of various types including; music concerts, food festivals, fairs, children’s activities, fun shows, theatres, exhibitions and plays etc. The center also contains a pond, museum and a photo gallery. It also has riding facility in summer and ice skating facility in winter. HarbourFront Center is a well-designed grand structure with furnished halls and marvelous open-air stages. It is a family recreation and amusement center.  It is a fabulous entertainment and fun place that attracts millions of tourists annually.

St. Joseph Cathedral Basilica - San Jose,CA,US  


St. Joseph Cathedral Basilica is a Roman Catholic Church located on 80 S. Market St., San Jose, California, USA. The original church on this site was built in 1830 but was ravaged with earthquake and after that four church buildings were built during different periods--- due to the destruction of one after another---, the current and the fifth structure was completed in 1985. The Church is registered in the National Register of Historical Places. It remains open from 9:30am to 5:00pm and accessible to disable people. The building has a large dome and spacious hall. It is a major worship and religious place for the inhabitants of San Jose. Both children and adults are eligible for Baptism in the Church. The Baptism program continues for 8 months and parents are strongly recommended by the church authorities to participate in the Baptism ceremonies of their children.  


San Jose Museum of Art - San Jose,CA,US  


San Jose Museum of Art is a chief art museum of San Jose, the third largest city of the US state o California. Built in 1969, the museum contains collections of works of the artistes of 20th and 21st century. The museum holds exhibitions and individual stalls that are chiefly centered on art and technology. It remains open from 11am to 5pm from Thursday to Sunday and on weekends, the public tour hours are 10:00pm, 12:30pm and 2:30pm via appointment. The collection in the museum consists of more than 2,000 works including; painting, sculpture, photographs, digital media, prints and drawings of various artists of two centuries. So far San Jose Museum of Art has achieved two prestigious MUSE awards from American Association of Museum Technology Committee.

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum - San Jose, CA, US  

An educational facility for a large denomination of individuals, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum propagates the use of innovative new methods to illuminate students with knowledge regarding the Past, the Present and the Future. With their focal points directed towards the relation of diversity and harmony between nature and culture, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum showcases an astounding number of 4,000 artifacts. Possessing the highest genuine collection of pieces fragrant with historic culture, the museum welcomes more than 100,000 guests annually of which 26 % are students. Valuing all forms of research put forward by their sponsored programs in various educational institutes and historically oriented facilities, the Rosicrucian has reinvented their entire appearance by introducing new forms of educational activities such as tours, research programs, workshops and scholarships.

Plaza de Cesar Chavez - San Jose, CA, US  

Providing food for the soul in the form of melodious hymns the Plaza De Cesar Chavez has a sprawling façade that encompasses 2.2 acres of land in the form of a Park. Situated in the Downtown district of San Jose, California the Plaza De Caesar Chavez was named after a visionary that fought for the cause of the immigrant labor.  Playing host to a variety of events that includes festivals, musical concerts, arts and crafts fair and food shows, the Plaza De Caesar Chavez was relocated from the Guadalupe River to its current position on 1797 and has been utilized as a recreational facility ever since .renowned as the oldest public space in San Jose, California the Plaza De Caesar Chavez also provided room to the city hall from 1889 to1958 before it was allotted another space.

Overfelt Gardens - San Jose, CA, US

A sanctuary for the propagation of the vegetation in San Jose, California , the Overfelt gardens offer a picturesque landscape  with astounding whiffs of fragrances emitted by the native and exotic plants present in the vicinity. The land that rests under the flora and fauna of this picketed surrounding was donated by the magnanimous William and Marry Overfelt, the true harbingers of grain and dairy farms in the 1860’s

Several unique features that were added to the park’s inventory were the picnic areas, the restrooms, the exuberant fountain and a garden that emanates heavenly aromas. After a renovation project was initiated to improvise on several neglected elements, the Overfelt Gardens underwent changes which revolved around the park and its three renowned lakes. Positioned on McKee road, the Overfelt Gardens rest peacefully between East San Jose and the North Valley.

Lake Cunningham Park - San Jose, CA, US 

The chronicles of Lake Cunningham Park date back to the olden times, before this magnificent entity was purchased by James F. Cunningham in the 1880’s. Located in the lush Evergreen Valley Lake Cunningham is encompassed by a blanket of hills that pay homage to this astounding creation, adorning it with old and ancient springs. Providing crystal clear water devoid from any form of disease or foreign particles, these springs work continuously to satisfy the large bellies of water reservoirs. Regardless of whether the region is facing a severe drought these cherished springs never fails to provide water to the population resting near it. Situated on a Marsh, the Lake Cunningham Park in San Jose, California has transformed into a recreational ground for a large number of visitors,

Alum Rock Park - San Jose, CA, US  

Situated on a vast stretch of cultivated land the Alum Rock Park was founded in 1872 and was termed as the first municipal park in the vicinity of the Californian State. Positioned deep within the difficult terrain and crevices of a canyon in the Diablo Range foothills the Alum Rock Park envelops 720 acres of vegetative land. Featuring thirteen miles of adventurous trails the constricted pathway of this astounding natural habitat consists of a visitor’s arena, picnic areas and playgrounds. The ridge trails carved as a pathway to Alum Rock Park provides a spectacular view of the Santa Clara Valley where this Amazing recreational panorama of beauty if situated.  Though these trails are not allocated to any specific kind of sports activity, there are several trails that only meet the requirements of passionate trekkers.


Morgan Hill - San Jose, CA, US  

A hub of dazzling sites Morgan Hill is a city that rests peacefully in the vivid landscape of Santa Clara County, California. As of the consensus conducted by The United States, Morgan Hill encompassed a population of 33,556 individuals. Founded by Hiram Morgan Hill on November 10th 1906, city officials had concluded that the city be named after its most cherished partisan. Prior to adopting modern trends and culture Morgan Hill was a community that had the highest numbers of ranchers, farmers and Orchardists. Drastically improvising their fascia, Morgan Hill became a hot bed for technologically oriented industries that are now situated in Silicon Valley. A hill to the west of Santa Clara County creates a shaded area that resembles the image of El Toro has been imbued in the town’s official logo.


HP Pavilion - San Jose, CA, US  

Previously known as the Compaq centre at San Jose the HP Pavillion was constructed at525 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose California. Designed to be an indoor arena the Hp Pavillion is also referred to as The Shark Tank. With the conceptualization of the blue prints in the mid 80’s several individuals from the society flocked together to collect necessary funds required for the financing of this magnificent structure. With the ground breaking ceremony commencing in 1991 the arena was forced to halt the construction process. HP Pavillion had once again transformed into an ambiguous dream, but on further analysis several officials agreed to build this colossal structure on the condition that the designs of the arena had to be modified. After detailed scrutinizing of the HP Pavillion design the structure was constructed in 1992 according to the NHL standards.

Santana Row - San Jose, CA, US

Evoking charm and charisma the Santana Row is a prototypical location in San Jose to live the night away. A singular structure with distinctive blocks the Santana Row flaunts an array of shops, restaurants, bars and lounges. The architecture imbues excellent aesthetical form resulting in an exuberant and unique edifice. Edifying its European character to that of a coppice in Beverly Hills, the Santana Row is situated in Silicon Valley, San Jose, California.  Providing a comfortable ambience for its visitors Santana row features an array of high end designer outlets and delicacies that will tantalize your taste buds to an all consuming convulsion of the senses.  With several Bars situated at walking distances from one another Santana Row ensures that you are never parched due to the myriads of jaw-dropping amenities that you will be viewing in the vicinity.


Raging Waters - San Jose, CA, US  

A factually appropriate name for an adventurous water theme park the Raging waters does justice to its name. Located in San Jose, California Raging Waters is dubbed as the largest water park present in the wondrous and thrilling state of California. The proud owners of Raging Waters, namely Palace Entertainment offer several adrenaline pumping water rides such as the Lazy River. Suggested for people with docile personalities, the Lazy River stretches over a quarter mile and is 3 foot deep. Though a lot of individuals shudder at the name of The Bermuda Triangle, the one featured at Raging Waters is composed of three fiberglass tubes that thrust you at a vertical level. Coined as one of the hastiest rides of its kind, the speed limit of The Bermuda Triangle crosses the 50 mile per hour margin.


Winchester Mystery House - San Jose, CA, US  

A highly renowned edifice, the Winchester Mystery house is situated on 526 South Winchester Blvd in San Jose, California. Forced to face constant constraints from constructions for a grueling period of 38 years, the popular Californian artifact is considered to be haunted. A thrilling ride into a world of superstitious beliefs, the owner of the house gun Magnate William Wirt Winchester was under the allusion that the ghosts haunting his mansion belonged to individuals who were murdered by the Winchester rifles. The continuous construction according to him would mollify their antagonism. Deficient of a master design the Winchester Mansion dazzled visitors with its colossal façade that were comprised of 160 rooms .The Winchester Mansion flaunts many conveniences that were seldom found in that time and era such as modern indoor toilets, steam and forced air heating and elevators.

Civic Auditorium - San Jose,CA,US

Civic Auditorium in San Jose is popular as San Jose Civic. This most famous auditorium situated in the downtown. It is a huge ground which is used for sports activities and musical nights. This arena has capacity of 3000 seats and thus it makes a big place for guests of San Jose to go there and enjoy the ongoing ceremony there. This is such a big venue so the management responsibilities are done by team of San jose and all the booking of concerts and functions are done by Nederlander. This auditorium was formed in the course of an enterprise involving San Jose people, Federal Government and home land owners Mr. and Mrs. T.S. Montgomery, who bestowed the City of San Jose the possessions where the Civic assembles these days.

San Jose State University - San Jose,CA,US

SJSU is the abbreviation of San José State University; it is a civic institution of higher education. This university is situated in San Jose, California, at the southern just on the edge of San Francisco Bay. It is the beginning campus of the California State University organization, in addition to embrace the characteristic of being one of the pioneer public institutes of higher education lying on the West shore of the USA. This campus of San José State University is located in downtown on approximately 19 square building blocks. SJSU registers just about 31,000 undergraduate in above 130 different graduate’s and post graduate’s degree programs. Student population of San José State University is among the majority culturally varied in the state, by means of huge Asian and Latino enrollment, in addition to the maximum overseas undergraduate enrollment of all master's institutions in the United States.

Montgomery Theater - San Jose,CA,US

The Montgomery Theater which is constructed in 1936 is a treasured Old California style-theater. This theatre attributing complete creation facilities, the theater presents dramas, melodic nights and civilizing activities all through the year. The great thing about the theatre is, it has something for everyone. For music lovers, there are musical concerts plus some cultural music events, also for drama or theatre lovers, they can enjoy a lot of such drama which enlightens your inside. For those who are visiting San Jose this year or planning to visit would love to see this “Montgomery Theater” as it is surely one of its kind. Montgomery Theater is situated on the area of San Carlos and Market Streets, this recently refurbished theater has 523-seats as well as 6 wheelchair and 6 transport seats. Also, you will see an infrared system for the unable to hear is put in all the way through in-house audio system.

Spartan Stadium - San Jose,CA,US

Spartan Stadium is one of the official stadiums of San Jose. This is basically for the athlete’s team of San José State University which is situated in San Jose, California. It is at this time the home of the Spartan football as well as soccer teams.

San Jose Earthquakes are considered to be the part of Spartan Stadium. In the beginning, this was known as San José Clash of Major League Soccer since the league's commencement in 1996 in the course of 2005 period. Previous tenants have incorporated the innovative San Jose Earthquakes of the North American Soccer League commencing 1974 to 1984, Cyber Rays of the Women's United Soccer Association from 2001 to 2003 of the San Jose, and Major League Lacrosse in 2008 of the San Francisco Dragons.

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