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Louisiana Superdome - New Orleans,LA,US

Superdome in the New Orleans which officially recognized and known as The Louisiana Superdome is an amazing place to visit in there. This is a sports and trade fair competence situated in the Central Business region of New Orleans, Louisiana.

This Louisiana Superdome is the biggest permanent vaulted arrangement on the globe. It is steel structure which wraps around a 53,000 m2 or 13 acres area. The height of this dome is 83 m or 273-foot. This dome is prepared of a Lamella multi-ringed border and has a width of 210 m or 680 feet. People who love to see such type of cultural and educational locations; this is the best place to visit in the New Orleans. Since 2005, the Superdome approached to worldwide interest as soon as it addressed millions of inhabitants looking for protection from storm Katrina, and it was broken in the hurricane.

Canal Street - New Orleans,LA,US

Canal Street is a most important access road in the town of New Orleans. Structuring the upriver border line of the city's previous district, the French Quarter, it proceeded as the straightening out column among the older French majestic period city and the latest American division, which is now a day’s Central Business region.

This name of the street approaches from an intended canal which was associated the Mississippi River to the Congo Square terminus, but was by no means building up. The broad center assigned for the passage was referred to by early population because the neutral ground. This was owing to the loathing in the middle of ethnically isolated inhabitants on detaching sides of the street. The expression is still bringing into play by New Orleanais to refer to everyone street medians.

Aquarium/Riverwalk - New Orleans,LA,US

The Riverwalk is a calm place, by means of only a little itinerant musical group in addition to a fine sum of sightseers checking out the embankment and understanding that the Mississippi River is on top of the altitude of the town streets by around five to ten feet. This Riverwalk is also known as aquarium.

All along the Riverwalk tourists and sightseers appear to get pleasure from the Steamboat Natchez, which is among the just 5 true steam mechanical boats by means of unyielding wheels in North America. Activated by New Orleans Steamboat Corporation, the Natchez was now constructed in 1975, and it formulates 2-hour on all sides of trip journey down the stream. For many tourists just seeing the traffic on the river is really becoming an exciting aspect of this site.

Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA.
Jackson Square is a must see place in New Orleans. Well known for live music and other events, Jackson Square has been a gathering place for artists and musicians for almost a century. Jackson Square is located in what is originally known as Place d’Armes. It was renamed after General Andrew Jackson after 1814’s Battle of New Orleans. A statue of the general Jackson stands in the center of the park. This statue was created by Clark Mills and erected in 1856. Jackson Square is located in the historic French Quarter of the city and was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1960. Jackson Square is a great place to enjoy and has hosted many formal concerts. It is almost the size of a city block and has been featured in a number of movies.

Audubon Park & Zoo, New Orleans, LA.

Audubon Park & Zoo were created in 1871 by the city of New Orleans, LA. It is located near the city center about six miles to the east. Mississippi River forms one side of the park, offering spectacular views of the river. The park has a golf course that was renovated and extended in 2002. Attached sports fields host many local events. There is a busy track that is functions as walking, jogging and cycling track. Audubon Zoo is a part of Audubon Park, located on the Mississippi River side of the Park. The Zoo is well known for its exhibits and inventory of about 2,000 animals. These include elephants, bears, orangutans and a well known reptile exhibit. The Zoo is home to two rare white tigers and white alligators.

Six Flags Theme Park, New Orleans, LA.

Six Flags Theme Park is an amusement park in the city of New Orleans. It is located in eastern New Orleans off interstate 510. It is a well known amusement park with a number of attractions and rides. The park received considerable damage during Hurricane Katrina. There are many attractions including a mini zoo and neighboring sports field. The park is home to a number of famous rides that have become the identity of the park. These include the famous Batman – The Ride. This ride features an extensive and well designed waiting area that adds to the excitement of the ride. A couple of water rides also complete the fun including the famed Ozarka Splash. There are a number of other shows including the regular acts by local entertainers.

Rembrandt House - Amsterdam, NL  

Substantial depiction of two story building a stepped gabble. The house was drastically remodeled in 1627. A new façade and height of modernity was given to it. Rembrandt lived there until he got bankrupt. Many rich merchants and artists settled in the new part of town. It was auctioned in 1658 and Rembrandt’s property and collection of art and curiosities were sold. House was demolished and further reconstructed around the middle of seventeenth century. The trustees succeeded in acquire adjacent premises for exhibitions. As the restoration was completed the house was declared a museum by the Queen of the time. A new wing was opened in 1998 for galleries and the secretarial department, offices, and the library, with the Rembrandt Information Centre is provided. It was ensured that the restoration which was taken place was accurate to accommodate the great many visitors.

WTC - Amsterdam, NL

A miniature commercial city named as World Trade Center Amsterdam. It is a recognized symbol of global arena. World Trade Centers concentrate traders and trade related services and agencies in one location to create innovation. Due to its unique public-private space combination, the proximity to the station and variety of shops, cuisine and services on offer, the center is a magnet for the public. This creates a dynamic environment for resident in the Netherlands. Due to all exceptional facilities it is an excellent place for the traders and for trading as well. Facilities include a central reception hall, communication facilities, banking and postal services, ample parking for cars and bicycles just to facilitate the visitors and traders. This vibrant character of complex will be definitely enjoyed by the guests and personnel as it blends business and pleasure both.

Westertoren (Tower) - Amsterdam, NL  

Renaissance towers in Amsterdam were meant to impress visitors. Westertoren tower is the highest church tower in Amsterdam. During the time of Renaissance Amsterdam was blessed with great architect. It was actually the spiritual need of their community and population to built churches with extinguished towers. Westertoren church stands in ‘Jordaan’ district. Tower could give nice over view of the ‘Jordaan ‘district. The tower measures 85 meters. It was often mentioned in Anne Franks diary. She hid there from Nazi persecution and heard all the time chiming of the tower. Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus married there which was a controversial marriage. Demonstrations were held during the marriage ceremony by the local people. Tourists can easily visit during the visiting hours. The tower offers a breath taking view of the city center and the ‘Jordaan District’.


Kalverstraat Shops - Amsterdam, NL  

Kalverstraat is a high street for pedestrians with all the big name brand stores. And Amsterdam being a city of antiques and curiosities always has vibrant customers and visitors in the shopping area where there is no traffic during shopping time. Even the central roads are closed for traffic which makes shopping pleasant. Kalverstraat a pedestrian shopping area is basically dedicated to shoes, clothing, bags, gift shops, cards, perfume, and the occasional coffee shop, fast food restaurant and ice cream salon. Book stores, flower markets are available too for attracting visitors. You will find the boutiques: Cartier, Gucci, Edgar Vos, Tommy Hilfiger and the very impressive shop are all located here.

RAI Amsterdam - Amsterdam, NL  

In the immediate vicinity of World Trade Center ‘Rai Amsterdam’ is located. It is one of the largest exhibitions and conference center of Netherlands. Exhibition area covers 11 multifunctional halls which are enough for the capacity of 1750 persons. For large gatherings exhibition halls could be covered as conference halls. Outstanding catering service is also provided to entertain people who join the conference or visit the exhibitions. Banquet parties and press conferences are also important part of this place. Public transport stop is also in front of RAI. Manufacturers of auto mobiles were much interested in the beginning for their exhibitions. Boating and water sport trade show was also held in RAI. These connected RAI buildings are used for small and very large scale events.

Warmoes Clubs - Amsterdam, NL  

Amsterdam is the juxtaposition of impressive architecture. Visitors enjoyed the enthralling parties, great shopping, among the friendly and juvenile people who nearly speak English. There is something for every traveler’s taste whether culture or heritage. Amsterdam is the biggest center of history and creativity of Netherland. Since Amsterdam is a multicultural city but many ethnic restaurant and clubs are presently situated there. Warmoes clubs are famous for vibrant and diverse night life. Old fashioned atmosphere with dimmed light candles is more enchanting. The North side of Amsterdam is called city within city. That area is separated by the harbor or other city limits. Only this area is not serviced by trams. Moreover this part is the land based on family and beauty.

Rembrandt Square - Amsterdam, NL  

Originally Rembrandt Sq is known as butter market. Ocasionally the locals enjoy their fairs at this specific venue. Previously from past two centuries the area remained the same. The burgeoning population began to rejoice and congregate here. It became the popular gathering spot for the juveniles. Bewitching and panoramic architecture is the center of every visitor’s attention. Rembrandt Sq is surrounded by number of restaurants and bars. Handful of diamond factories around the square also invites the tourists to tour. Number of excellent eateries is also replaced by the more seedy establishments. Decorated etched-glass panels and stained-glass skylights is a place worth to visit.

Vondel Park - Amsterdam, NL

A public urban park namely Vondel Park is situated in Amsterdam, Netherland. A group of citizens and a known construction company bought several hectares of grassland and marshes in the center of the city. The landscape and architecture of the park was renovated in 1950.Small bushes were grouped into larger bushes, superfluous paths were removed, and the rose garden was renovated. Renovation is established for the further durability of the park. The park authorities facilitated their tourists and visitors by adding film theatre and a museum. Both are adjoined to the Vondel Park. Being the largest park in Amsterdam it invites millions of visitors yearly.  People - enjoying a sunny day, dog-walking, jogging, roller-skating, listening to music, people-watching, or just lazing about in grass. Six play areas are added to the park as well. Several hostels and apartments are also situated near the park to facilitate the tourists.

Jordaan - Amsterdam, NL  

Rejuvenated Jordaan district was built for working class and emigrants. At times it was a poor district adjoined slums .The entire area was one ghetto with open sewers. Canals serve both for transportation and sewer. Large scale renovation plan was severely obstructed by the local tenants. They were afraid of hazard of raising rents of the area. Recently Jordaan is compared to the rest of the town an oasis of peace with a labyrinth of narrow streets and little canals. Picturesque canals and charming alleyways are the cause of elicitation of art studios here. Artist got grotesque views to paint their fabulous master pieces. Special privileges are given to the artist, students and older people in the courtyards. If you want to really stroll around the cultural aspects and other art studios do visit Jordaan.

RAI (Convention Center) - Amsterdam, NL   

Multifunctional conference halls are excessively available in RAI Ctr. Overall RAI restaurants are facilitating over 3000 persons .Some of the restaurants are provided with catering services. Any specially desired form of catering is also accessible. Up to 2 million tourists yearly visit here. Vibrant and innovative opportunities could be availed in RAI Ctr. Business personas could avail such grotesque opportunities in the vicinity of World Trade Center. There are certain restaurants which are providing self service catering. Fully air conditioned RAI complex is exhibition and conference center in North-West Europe. Continuously upgrading of venue has enjoyable impact internationally as well. At no other place could people enjoy such attractive and atmospheric location. Large exhibition centers and full fledge conference halls are the paroxysm of RAI Ctr.

VA-Medical Complex- New Orleans, LA, US

The VA-Medical Complex of New Orland is a non profit high-tech health care provider, which provides opportunities to researchers and students in health sciences education. The complex has been sharing its infrastructure with Louisiana State University in services like housekeeping, radiology, rehabilitation and laboratory. The VA-medical complex has been striving to reduce the operational costs and plan for partnerships with other institutes of the same vocation. Sitting over an area of thirty seven acres in the vicinity of Tulane Medical School and the Louisiana State University, this flagship of medical education has been a source of attraction for professionals. The construction cost of the complex accounted for $266 million. The joint venture of the LSU-VA Complex is said to have produced over 10,000 job opportunities, enhancing the capacity of bio-tech industry.

Harrah’s Casino- New Orleans, LA, US

Harrah’s Hotel and Casino of New Orleans is a part of Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. the owner of over 50 hotels, casinos and golf courses under several brand names. This private gaming corporation earns over $10.8 billions annually. This award winning Harrah’s Casino, with its 450 rooms, provides a beautiful view of the River Mississippi. With 2,000 of its slots comprising the night-buffet and casino, it facilitates the visitors with luxury and comfort. Being situated in the downtown of the city, it has been a great source of revenue for the Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. visitors from all over the world prefer to stay in this hotel because facilities provided are the best among all other hotels and the location is convenient to move from one place to the other.

UNO Lakefront Campus- New Orleans, LA, US

Located on the New Orleans Lakefront, UNO Lakefront Campus is the university campus of the University of New Orleans, Louisiana. Ranked among the lowest priced universities of the United States, It has been a member of Louisiana State University System. Louisiana State University in New Orleans, as it is formally named, housed several student organizations including 40 social service and religious organizations.

Legislation for the University campus on the New Orleans’ Lakefront was carried out during the mid of 1950s after the US Navy relocated its air base on the shore of Pontchartrain Lake in 1955/57. This campus has been one of the largest urban research centers of the United States. This state-of the-art UNO Lakefront campus has been stretched over an area of 150 acres for more than five decades.

LSU Medical School- New Orleans, LA, US

LSU Medical School of New Orleans located in Louisiana is one of the six education institutions of medical field working under the Louisiana State University Health Science Center- others being the School of Dentistry, School of Nursing, School of Graduate Studies, School of Allied Professions an d the School of Public Health. The LSU Health Science Center, after it was established in 1931, introduced to the American nation a jewel in the form of LSU Medical School after few years of its establishment.

As a conclave packed with healthcare professionals, competitive students and distinguished researchers, this school represents excellence in patient care education, research and service to the nation. The school has been a member of the LSUHSC Health care Services Division. Its commitment to patient care over the history of 75 years places it on a distinguished position.

Central Business District- New Orleans, LA, US

A preferred home to offices of many national and multinational companies housed within the skyscrapers, restaurants, clubs and industrial buildings, the central Business District is located in the vicinity of New Orleans as a sub-district of the French Quarter/CBD Area. The Canal Streets, the Mississippi River, the New Orleans Morial Convention Center and Magazine Streets, and the South Claiborne Avenue peripheries of the Central Business District to the north, east, south and west respectively. The district sits over an area of 3.1 square kilometers with an elevation of three feet, which experiences a steep rise in the areas alongside the river. According to a decade earlier estimates, there lived 3,435 people with a population density of 664 square kilometers. The Duncan Plaza, the New Orleans Civic Center and the Consulate of Mexico in New Orleans are its important places.

Gresham- Portland, OR, US

Stretching over a land of 57.6 square kilometers with an average elevation of 301 feet, the Gresham city is the part of County Multnomah of Oregon located in the immediate east of Portland. With a population density of 1,736.1 square kilometer, the city, according to 2008 estimates, has a population of 101,221. Composed of the mayor and the city council as the legislative and policy-making authority, Gresham city operates under Council-Manager form of government. Served by the Reynolds, Gresham-Barlow and Centennial schools, the city also has a college, the Hood Community College. Earlier known as the Campground, the city has been named after the famous American Civil War general- who also served as Postmaster General- Walter Quinton Gresham. The city of Gresham is multi-ethnic multi-cultural society with its 35,309 housing units.

Newberg- Portland, OR, US

Located over 13 square kilometers with an average elevation of 176 feet, Newberg city is the part of Yamhill County, Oregon, United States of America. The second most populous city of the county with its residents numbering over 22,000, Newberg is the home to George Fox University. The city being the central metropolitan arena of the Portland is served with Newberg School District and Newberg Public Library.

The Newberg city witnessed a cut of approximately $400,000 in budget 210-11 due to world-over economic recession. Regarded as the first community of Oregon to hold Quaker services, the city remained an alcohol free zone for a long time but later on the George Fox University professors and graduates were given a little freedom to use alcohol within the city limits. Newberg appears to be a multi-ethnic society.

Waterfront Park- Portland, OR, US

Formally known as the Tom McCall Waterfront Park named after former governor of Oregon Tom McCall, the Waterfront Park, as the Oregonians call it, sits over an area of 148,100 square meters located on the west bank of River Willamette in the downtown Portland. Owned by the City of Portland, this site has been the hub festivals, parades, music concerts and other recreational activities. Currently a home to may festivals like Oregon Brewers Festival, Waterfront Blues Festival and The Bite of Oregon festival, the park has been a preferred political activity center during the U.S election campaigns. Several of the political leaders like John Kerry and Barack Obama drove to the park to gain support of Oregonians. Constructed earlier in the 20th century, this park welcomes a great number of visitors throughout the world.

The Grotto- Portland, OR, US

The Grotto, as it is popularly known, is serene Catholic sanctuary and Botanical Park sitting over 62 acres of land on Sandy Boulevard, Portland in the Oregon State of America. Originally named as The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, this non-profit organization has been administered the Order of Friars Servants of Mary, USA. The Grotto hosts over 200,000 visitors annually who come here to enjoy the solitude, and spiritual fulfillment. Besides of its beautiful gardens, the Grotto is considered to a place of comfort, compassion, hope and healing through variety of ways offered by the Grotto Conference Center and The Grotto Spirituality Program. Our Lady’s Grotto, a rock cave engraved into the bottom of a base precipice with marble replica in its central part, has been the heart of this beautiful spot that offers a place for business meetings.

Portland Amtrak Station- Portland, OR, US

Portland Amtrak Station is the railroad station the Old Town China Town of Portland, Oregon, in the vicinity of western shore of the Willamette River. Although the initial design, a bit ambitious one to make it word’s largest railway station by the architects McKim, Mead and White was rejected in 1882,the authorities gave their assent to the design introduced by Van Brunt and Howe in 1885. Constructed by the North pacific Terminal Company during 1890-96, the station has been enlisted by the National Register of Historic Places since 1975. With its Amtrak only Metropolitan Lounge on the West Coast, the station serves as a home to many offices, a piano bar and a restaurant. This haulage hub of Portland has been in the ownership of Portland Development Commission and consists of four platforms.

McMinnville - Portland, OR, US

Named after the founder, William T. Newby who was an immigrant to Oregon is the city of McMinnville in Portland, US.  Originally very thinly populated, the city is located on the riverside Yamhill River making it rich in natural resources and subsequently holder of important ports.  The city holds historical importance and is a focal point for many different races.  Demographically the city is quite rich as in there white people, Hispanic, African, and other races also reside. Originally incorporated as a town, the origins of the city are quite old and hold historic importance.  Later it was given the status of a city while the historical facets and the artistic architectures of the town have also been preserved.  There are museums that preserve history attached to the town as well as university and schools that encourage the educational activities like other bigger cities and towns. 

Chinatown - Portland, OR, US

Home to many historical edifices and artistic architectures is the famous Old Town Chinatown which is located alongside the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon.  Basically the dwelling for Chinese people, it is not only home to the Chinese but also to many Asians.  The town has a developed transportation system as well through which the famous Amtrak from the Union Station also passes.  It has many Chinese-owned restaurants, gift shops, hotels and many other specialized shops which make the town affluent in every perspective.  Compared to other well-off dwellings like San Francisco and Vancouver, the town is not very immense and active but still counted among the important ones.  Other significant attractions include the Portland Saturday Market, the Shanghai Tunnels and Ankeny Plaza and another location incorporating the oldest public art work of Portland, known by the name of Skidmore Fountain attracting many visitors. 

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