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East Portland - Portland, OR, US

One of the historically significant cities from the state of Oregon, USA is the city of East Portland.  The city has history attached to it since the 1800s and it was later consolidated into Portland.  House to many developed architectures, the city holds the old and the new together, making it attractive to the residents and foreign visitors.  The city has preserved its historical value and significance in its museums and made the other historical edifices, a treat for public display, for them to enjoy and learn about the earlier times of the city.  Making the people interested in their development phase is not an easy task but this city has maintained its splendor.  With the rich resources it owns, it has achieved for itself a respected place among other municipalities and is worth a visit to see the erstwhile merge with the developed. 

Estero Bay/Ft Myers - Fort Myers Beach, FL, US

Located just outside the boundaries of Fort Myers, is a place by the name of Estero which is also home to Germain Arena. Estero is again a dwelling that holds very thin population and is still under the development phase.  The small town has many different race residing within with a number of households belonging to Asia, Hispanic origins, Native Americans or African Americans.  Owing to theoretical concerns, the town was incepted after the followers of Dr. Cyrus Reed Teed who was the originator of some theory which led to several followers.  Even if the town is thinly populated yet it is developed in terms of the facilities that are provided to the residents of any developed area.  These developments include specialized fire stations, truck companies, rescue units and other life support systems which give the inhabitants a sense of immense security and protection.  

Teco Arena - Fort Myers, FL, US

Owing to the importance of sports that an average American holds, Fort Myers has also incorporated this facility within itself to provide for the demands of the residents.  One such stadium in Fort Myers is the Germain Arena whose naming rights were given to the TECO Company after which the arena was named as Teco Arena.  The stadium does not hold huge seating capacities for the visitors when compared with some of the bigger stadiums but provides for enough space as it is residing in a thinly populated area.  With its naming rights having revolved several times, finally the name of the arena has been restored to Germain Arena.  The stadium is designed to be multi-purpose while not specializing in a single game.  The arena has hosted ice hockey games as well as the football matches which also include college level games. 

Red Sox Stadium - Fort Myers, FL, US

Fort Myers is an important center of Florida, United States.  Stated as the historical and governmental hub of Lee county, it is also attracts immense tourism towards the city.  Full of a number of facilities, Fort Myers is also home to the Red Sox Stadium.  Being the current training center for the baseball team, the Red Sox Stadium has a space for approximately 8000 attendants.  The stadium is known for some famous games that are played there like the City of Palms Classic which is a basketball game played by the high school.  The stadium has gone under several refurbishment phases which include a latest spring facility that has been incorporated. Games that are played on-campus are also played here, making it an important resort for players, known teams and the spectators as well who enjoy watching those games and contributing to the fame of the place. 

Manatee Park - Fort Myers, FL, US

Of all the many facilities that are available for the residents of Fort Myers, is the Manatee Park which is a wonderful attraction for all age groups.  The park is considered to be a hilarious source of enjoyment which lets the residents enjoy the cool breeze coming from across the water reservoir.  The outstanding feature of the entire place is the presence of Manatees, sometimes also known as sea cows which are a treat to watch and enjoy.  Many people come to the park to watch these herbivorous mammals, enjoying the waters of the Gulf and making people familiar with their way of living.  The park is appreciated for the developments it has successfully maintained and the low cost parking facility it owns.  Overall the park is counted significant for the people with interest in the adventurous wildlife lives, possessing the enthusiasm to watch the animals for long.     

Imaginarium Hands On Museum - Fort Myers, FL, US

With the concept of the place explained by its name, the Imaginarium Hands-on Museum is a place, one of its kind.  The museum is an attraction for children , particularly younger as it gives some practical displays of the aquatic species and the marine life.  Targeted towards the children of younger ages, the museum has come up with a lot of attractions which are quite interactive for children. They get to see touch tanks, 3-D movies in a specialized theatre that displays animal lives, while attracting the maximum attention.  Another distinguishing feature is that of the Hurricane simulator which gives the experience of a real-time hurricane, making it look just like the real one.  One of the fabulous venues for children to enjoy and learn at the same time, this place is a brilliant development in Fort Myers with some superior attractions offered. 

Fort Myers Beach - Fort Myers, FL, US

Named after the beach in Fort Myers, the Fort Myers Beach is a town on Estero Island, Florida.  Keeping the tradition, this is also a small town in the area which has provided home to several different races, making it a racial hub within America.  The larger part of the town is covered with water and gives the residents a great pleasure to enjoy by the waterside.  Holding only a small number of populace, the facilities offered by the town are enough in order to provide for the residents’ needs and demands.  Governed by a mayor, the town possesses economic importance, adding to the entire economy.  Apart from the beach which is the major attraction, the town is also home to other landmarks such as churches and chapels with a number of restaurants, hotels and clubs added as well.

Edison and Ford Winter Estates - Fort Myers, FL, US

As the name suggests, the Edison and Ford Winter Estates is a huge area which covers within itself a museum and bunch of gardens.  Named after the winter homes of the famous scientist, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, the place is a pleasure to visit with its extravagant museum and the luxurious gardens that engulf the building, making it all the more attractive.  The gardens are botanical in nature, featuring a number of different plantations with their generic attributes mentioned on them to make them of interest for the visitors.  A knowledgeable resort for anyone to visit, the venue is of quite significance as illustrious names have been attached to its appellation, making it attractive and with their remarkable achievements preserved in there like the Rubber Laboratory, it is a place worth to visit occasionally. 

Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium - Fort Myers, FL, US

The Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium is situated on a 106-acre site in Fort Myers, just south of Colonial Boulevard east of I-77. It features trails of nature, a planetarium, a museum, a 1,200 square foot butterfly aviary, picnic places and a gift shop. One should spend some time at this Calusa nature center and learn about northwest Florida’s natural wildlife and history. The small museum part of the nature center includes displays that center on the region, both past and present. Many programs are offered at the museum daily and give guests the opportunity to visit with some of the resident creatures of the center. The Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium also boasts a Butterfly Aviary, a 1,100 square foot, screened facility that puts up more than 35 species of the winged creatures.

Houston Amtrak Station - Houston, TX, US

In Houston, The Houston Amtrak station is a train or railway station, Texas (TX), United States (US) served by Amtrak, the U.S. national railroad passenger system. Formerly built as the Northern Pacific Railroad Station, when Amtrak was made it was one of two train stations in Houston that assisted Amtrak trains, the other one is being Union Station, which is now part of minute maid park. Houston Amtrak Station continued to be owned and controlled by the Northern Pacific Railroad even after the creation of Amtrak, and to this day is possessed and operated by the Union Pacific Railroad since the fusion of Northern Pacific and Union Pacific. A third rail station, the Katy Railroad Depot, was situated at the top of the Main Street viaduct. It has never assisted Amtrak, and has been destroyed.

Battleship Texas - Houston, TX, US

The Battleship Texas turned into the first battleship memorial museum in the United States, in 1949. On the same year, on the Texas Independence anniversary, the Texas was presented to the State of Texas and accredited as the flagship of the Texas Navy. In 1984, the Texas was directed under the stewardship of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and is enduringly anchored on the Buffalo Bayou and busy Houston Ship Channel. These sites are situated within minutes of down town Houston and a short distance to the beaches of Galveston Island. Millions of visitors come to this place each year to enjoy the mild coastal climate and cultural and other sports activities. Students and visitors alike are most fortunate to be capable to experience history first hand through living history at the Battleship Texas.

Houston Zoo/Hermann Park - Houston, TX, US

The Houston Zoo is situated in Hermann Park next to the Texas Medical Center and the Museum District. Situated on nearly four-hundred acres just north of Downtown, the Hermann Park is home to an outstanding zoo, excellent Science Museum, gardens, family attractions and many of wide open spaces. Over 4,600 animals in all populate the zoo, including bears, elephants, monkeys and an assortment of big cats (lions and tigers). Low cost at only $8 and open at 10 a.m. each day of the year except Christmas festival, the Houston Zoo is a welcome interval the next time you begin to feel like checking in to the monkey house. Possibly one of the best known attractions is the Houston Zoo, a famous refuge for wildlife that brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to Houston yearly.

Texas Medical Center - Houston, TX, US

Texas Medical Centre has grown to more than 600 acres and 24 million gross square feet of space in over 110 permanent buildings. In 2001, the campus had 7,014 licensed beds in 14 patient care facilities, including five general care hospitals and six specialized hospitals. There were 18,548 students attending regular classes in two medical schools, three nursing schools, and one dental school, a college of pharmacy, many health science programs. The economic affect of the Texas Medical Center’s operations is huge. It accounts for nearly $7 billion in regional spending, $4.9 billion in regional personal income and over 145,000 jobs. TMC’s impact is felt initially through its regional purchases of goods and services—over $2.5 billion in 2001. The Texas Medical Center has a very bright future and looks forward to the challenging and exciting work ahead.

Bush Intercontinental Airport - Houston, TX, US

Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) is situated 24 miles south of downtown Houston--the country's fifth largest City--in Southeast Texas. Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) offers the Houston city and the whole region of Gulf Coast with first class facilities. A multitude of main airlines offer connecting and direct flights to countless destinations in the United States (U.S.) and all around the world. Bush Intercontinental Airport has five passenger terminals--A, B, C, D, and E--both Terminals D (for Continental flights) and E (for all other flights) are the International Terminals. Metro buses operate at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport and are run by the authority of the Houston Metropolitan Transit, linking destinations such as the northerly Midtown area etc.

Houston National Golf Club - Houston, TX, US

Houston National Golf Club is a classified company coordinated under Golf Courses-Public and located in Houston, TX. It was established in 1997 and built in Texas.

Houston National Golf Club features 28 championship holes configured by Von Hagge, Smelek and Baril, playable in three eighteen hole combinings. This is a family oriented adeptness with junior camps and clinics, couples' golf, and much more. There is a big, lighted driving range; a practice pitching green, practice fairway bunkers, and practice putting green in National Golf Club. Located in Northwest Houston, Houston National Golf Club is graded as the #2 top public golf courses in the Houston area. The course opened in November 2000 and features a large driving range with hitting areas on both ends, practice pitching green, practice fairway bunkers and practice putting green. The course has striking architectural features.

Houston Convention Center - Houston, TX, US
The Convention and Entertainment Facilities (CEF) Department deals in more than 10 City-owned buildings and plazas and underground and surface parking for nearly 7,000. These installations include the George R. Brown Convention Center, Jones Hall, Wortham Theater Center, and Houston Center for the Arts, Talento Bilingue de Houston, Jones Plaza, Miller Outdoor Theatre and various other smaller locales. The Convention and Entertainment Facilities (CEF) Department does good from the City of Houston percent for art ordinance, which furnishes about 1.9 percent of eligible capital advances. The CEF collection has grown through bestowal gifts and commissions as well. The collection is conducted and benefits from ongoing assessment and preservation to increase or enhance its value for the fun, enjoyment or delectation.

Plaza Catalunya - Barcelona, ES

The Plaza Catalunya is a large plaza bordered by monumental buildings. It is Barcelona's fussiest square. It is situated between the old city (Ciutat Vella) and the 19th century Eiample district.Barcelona's two most famous streets are the Rambla and the Passeig. The Rambla is a wide promenade in the old city and the Passeig is a grand showcase of modernist architecture in Eixample. Even though the square is tremendous in size, it is always crowded with people walking to and from one of the nine streets emanating from the square. The Plaza Catalunya also acts as a hub for the city's public transportation. Below the square are the main subway junction; three metro lines and a city railway line meet here.

Passeig de Gracia - Barcelona, ES

Passeig de Gracia is one of the major boulevards in Barcelona. It is also one of its most important shopping and business areas, containing many of the city's most famous pieces of architecture. It is located in the central part of Eixample. Passeig de Gracia is nowadays considered as the most valuable street in Barcelona and also in Spain, in terms of the cost of renting or buying property anywhere in this boulevard. Passeig de Gracia contains many of the city’s most all right architectural structures. Numerous stunning examples of Modernist architecture were built there. For instance, two of the excellent works of architect Antoni Gaudi can be found here; the Casa Mila and the Casa Batllo. In 1906 the architect Pere Falques i Urpi designed the boulevard's now famous flowery benches and street-lig.

Ciutat Vella/Barri Gotic - Barcelona, ES  

Ciutat Vella of Barcelona is the area which is most visited by the tourists during their stay in Barcelona. Ciutat Vella consists of El Raval, Barri Gotic, La Ribera and Barceloneta. Ciutat Vella which means old city is the oldest part of Barcelona. It contains  buildings and attractions of a historical city  and has the most important monuments. Ciutat Vella is situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the area called Eixample (meaning Extension). Ciutat Vella is the centre of the city and the most popular meeting point. In the center of the Ciutat Vella there are the boulevards Les Rambles which are commonly known as La Rambla. El Barri Gòtic is located on the other side of Les Rambles. the Cathedral of Barcelona, the Catalan government hall and Barcelona city hall are situated in tis locality. Nearly All public transport leads to Ciutat Vella. It is possible to go there by train, subway and bus.

La Rambla - Barcelona, ES  

La Rambla is the most familiar street of Barcelona. Pl. de Catalunya, Columbus statue, newspaper kiosks, flower and animal stalls, and all sorts of artists are the features which one can enjoy experience while visiting the place. It is certainly a place where everybody comes close to others whether they are tourists or the locals. Wandering down the Rambla, one can see the Barri del Raval, previously known as the "barrio chino", the red-light district of the city which no longer has a bad repute. There are many small restaurants and night clubs where one can spend a very enjoyable evening. La Rambla is a series of shorter streets each having a name. during prime tourist season La Rambla can be crowded. usually there are more tourists than locals occupying the streets of Rambla.


Port of Barcelona - Barcelona, ES  


The Port of Barcelona has a 2000-year history and has a great commercial importance. It is ninth largest container port in Europe. It has 9 terminals and 7 of these are cruise terminals. Port Authority of Barcelona manges the port. It occupies 7.86 km  of area and is divided into three zones which are Port Vell, the commercial port and the logistics port.  Curuntly the area of the port is being enhanced which will double its capacity. 

This port is only on 5 minutes drive from Las Ramblas, which make it easily accessible. However if one arrives at the terminal which is furthest from La Rambla he/she would need to catch a shuttle called the Blue Bus which can take the passengers to Monument a Colon (The memorial to Christopher Columbus).

Bull Ring Monumental - Barcelona, ES

The Monumental Bullring of Barcelona is known as “Plaza de Toros Monumental de Barcelona” or in short it is called “la Monumental”. It was launched in 1914. La Monumental is located at a union point of Gran Via and Marina. The Monumental is made of bricks and its style is a blend of Mudéjar (Moors) and Byzantine. It is a unique place of Barcelona where bullfights are organized. Besides bullfighting events, musical nights and circus spectacles are arranged in this facility.  “The Bullfighting Museum of Barcelona” is also located in the monumental.  It is one of the most appealing museums related to this sport. It has two large rooms and exhibits the branding-irons and symbols of renowned stock farms, the heads of the bulls, posters from the past, old tickets, the outfits of famous bullfighters, photographs, and documents. It has a library and other objects relating to bullfighting in general which are worth seeing.

Minneapolis Cnvntn Ctr - Minneapolis,MN,US 


The Minneapolis Convention Center makes available the aesthetically satisfying and inventive solutions for a range of conferences, trade shows and events. It has 480,000 square feet space for trade shows, 87 column-free conference/meeting rooms, a 28,000-square-foot wide ballroom, and an auditorium with high-tech options. The convention center is made to facilitate all kinds of events from a small meeting to a large convention or trade show. The convention center is suitably located close to freeways and is only on 20 minutes drive from the airport. The unusual arched exhibition halls make it a unique landmark to come across when you arrive in town. The Building was opened in 1806 and was the first official building to host the major events of the city. One of the most prominent events it hosted was the 1892 Republican National Convention. The current building of the Convention centre was completed in 1991 and was expanded in 2002.

Humphrey Metrodome - Minneapolis, MN, US

The Humphrey Metrodome was opened in 1982 and since then it is visited by almost 73 million people.  It is the country's most resourceful, greatly used stadium. The Metrodome is occupied by events about 300 days of every year and employs 2,500-3,000 people each year. It is the only public stadium in America that does not rely on a tax subsidy.  The NFL Super Bowl Major League Baseball, MLB World Series and NCAA Division One and Four Basketball Championships (1992, 2001) are the main sporting events organized at Metrodome. It is famous for its sporting events; however it has hosted a lot of non-sports events and trade shows as well which include the Hmong American New Year Celebration, Chisholm All High School Reunion, Police Canine Training, Charitable Fundraisers and private corporate events.


Independence National Park - Philadelphia, PA, US 

Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are conserved as part of Independence National Historical Park. The park is a national landmark of United States which is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is situated on the location where Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States  were adopted.

The Independence Hall was completed in 1753 and was the principal meeting place of Second Continental Congress from 1775 to 1783. and was the site of the Constitution Convention in the summer of 1787. The building is listed as a World Heritage Site. Independence Hall is a red brick building in the Georgian style  and was designed by Edmund Woolley and Andrew Hamilton. Today Independence Park looks calm and beautiful. Red brick buildings standing in the middle of green lawns provide a spectacular view to the visitors. People move through the park during all the times of the year. Independence Park is not an isolated shrine; it is live part of a living city.  


Citizens Bank Park - Philadelphia, PA, US 
Citizens Bank Park is not like a typical ballpark due to its fun and fan welcoming characteristics. Citizens Bank Park is meant to beloved with real grass, angled seating, rooftop stands and state-of-the-art design. The park has 43,500-seats and was opened for its first official game on April 12, 2004. It is Home of major league baseball's Philadelphia Phillies.  The Citizens Bank Park has a 100 feet high Liberty Bell which rings after every home run by Phillies. The outfield courtyard is named after the Phillies legend Richie Ashburn and is packed with food and fun for fans of all ages. It has picnic tables, Citizens Bank Games of Baseball and plenty of family services.  Ashburn Alley is the ideal place to rest before, during or after the game. Colossal 

Ben Franklin Memorial - Philadelphia, PA, US  

Benjamin Franklin National Memorial is located in the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A huge seated statue ofBenjamin Franklin is the main feature of the Memorial. The memorial was sculpted by James Earle Fraser to honors the writer, inventor and great stateman of America. The statue was made between 1906 and 1911. It is 20 feet high and its weight is about 30 short tons which is sitting on  a pedestal of white Seravezza marble. The statue is the most important piece of the memorial halland it was dedicated in 1938. National Memorial is not listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is affiliated with the National Park Service. In 2008 a multi-media presentation about Benjamin Franklin was installed which now plays as a 3½-minute show naming “Benjamin Franklin Forever”. During the day quotes from Ben Franklin are projected on the walls and Franklin's life and achievements are also highlighted.



Franklin Institute - Philadelphia, PA, US

The Franklin Institute is a museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniawhich is named after the famous American statesman Benjamin Franklin.  Samuel Vaughan Merrick and William H. Keating founded The Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania on 5th February, 1824. The purpose of the institution was the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts. The institute was located in the Philadelphia County Court House which is today known as Independence Hall. The Franklin Institute's rationale was to pay tribute to Ben Franklin and advance the effectiveness of his inventions. After some time the Institute moved to the Seventh Street and remained there for its first century. Over the years, a lot of renowned scientists have presented revolutionary new technologies at The Franklin Institute. The Franklin Institute is a vivacious 21st-Century organization which is continuing to offer new and exciting access to science and technology. The Institute is a vibrant agent of change through its rich display of worldwide renowned exhibitions and programs, lectures and discussions themed to illuminate issues related to science, community, girls & urban youth and its series of innovative partnerships in public education.

Cleveland Clinic Campus - Cleveland, OH, US  

Rated, among the top 4 hospitals in the United States, the Cleveland Clinic Campus is an academic medical centre located in Cleveland, Ohio. Formally known as the Cleveland Clinic Foundation it got established in1921 in order to provide patient care, research and medical education. Over the years it has mushroomed to become not only the largest alongside one of the best private medical centers of the world. Moreover it is considered to be the second largest medical group, worldwide. Having number one cardiac care, it badges second rank when it comes to other departments like urology, gastroenterology, and rheumatology. It sees more than 2,000,000 annual visitors. Its humble and efficient staff, highly qualified doctors and the overall pampered environment has no match with any other rival clinic in surroundings

N Philadelphia Amtrak Station - Philadelphia, PA,US  

One of the busiest railroad facilities in the US is Philadelphia Amtrak Station. It is the foremost rail road station in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Located on an ideal position this station is neighbor to University of Pennsylvania and the Drexel University, along this many important highways and streets are near about. This adds up to the volume of regional and local passengers thus makes it the 3rd busiest railroad facility in the US. It is without any doubt an architectural the magnum opus that offers not only boarding, but  offers other services like car rental facilities, taxi stands, coffee shops, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts and many others. The station has honor of getting filmed in the famous Hollywood movies like Blow out, Trading Places and Witness moreover it is being featured in a recent videogame, heavy Rain.

Please Touch Museum - Philadelphia, PA,US  

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Please Touch Museum is a museum exclusively for the children. The purpose of forming such a museum was to educate the children up till age seven. At current this museum is located in Memorial Hall; prior to this it changed many locations including the Academy of Natural Sciences which was the birth place, the Franklin’s institute and the Centennial Exposition. The attractions include a walking piano, replica of the statue of liberty, Alice in the wonderland play areas; please taste café and many more. In order to encourage people who are keen towards elevating the lives of children PTM has launched its own Great Friends to Kids Awards at its 20th anniversary. It is a worth visiting place for the children, as it serves the rationale of education via entertainment.

Barnes Foundation - Philadelphia, PA,US  

The house of one of the handpicked collection of arts is the Barnes foundation. It is basically an education art institution. Its possession includes more than 800 paintings, of notable artists like Pablo Picasso and Jean Hugo, worth gazillion dollars. Initially the Plan was regarding an education institute however later it was transformed it into a museum also. At present it is offering courses in art & aesthetics and horticulture. It is an awe aspiring place for the art lovers as well as general public; hardly one came across such a place that offers you a treat to gaze at such great work by such great artists. It is also keen about kids visitors so on their way to this museum they would find things related to their interests too.

Kimmel Center - Philadelphia, PA,US

The Kimmel Center is called the avenue of the arts. It is presently located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The avenue have Verizon hall, Perelman Theater, Dorrance Roof Garden and many other small performances spaces. Due to the opening of this place, Philadelphia has become the city favorite for the arts performances. The center has been home to America’s big five symphony orchestra which is considered as the best orchestras in the world. This further increased the popularity of the Kimmel center. Many different displays and shows put in the center have become an attraction for the people. Other than this, the Kimmel Center also features performances by jazz, classical and many world pop backgrounds. Special events and private parties are also been held in the Kimmel Center.

Auditorium Della Tecnica - Rome, IT

In the city of Rome in Italy one would find Auditorium Della Tecnica. This facility consists of an auditorium, a convention centre and a theatre to proffer its services. This place is apt for meetings, trainings and conferences. It is completely outfitted according to your needs, i.e. ireless microphones, ADSL, cc TV etc. It has a levelheaded capacity with rooms having as less as 20 seats up to 270 seats. The most blessed attribute of Auditorium is that it is situated on an idyllic location. Top class hotels like Sheraton, Adagio City hotel garden and hotel American palace are just few steps away. This place is well recognized for its event management services. Just drop in, let the administration get bothered by you to have an assortment of unsurpassed events.

Villa Borghese - Rome, IT 

Villa Borghese is the by far one of the biggest public park in Rome. It has got lakes, beautiful temples, statues and many museums. It is situated north of the Spanish steps and the main entrances are at the piazza Del Popolo and Porta Pinciana. The Borghese Park is a lovely shelter from the chaotic streets in Rome. The gardens were developed by the architect Flaminio Pnzio. The World Exposition was held in this park in 1911. Many participating countries have built several pavilions here, British school been the most impressive. It is also called the park with museums with several museums in it, Museo e Galleria Borghese been the most famous. Other attractions include amphitheater (18th century arch) and a botanical garden.

Forum - Rome, IT

The Roman Forum is also called Forum Romanum and it is located between Capitoline Hill and Palatine Hill. The residents call it ‘Forum’. Although the modern visitors find it difficult to appreciate the Forum as all the building materials has almost been looted. But still it is the main part of the centralized area around the ancient Roman civilization developed. Many different old structures of the ancient city are located near this Forum like formal residency of Regia. The kingdom’s shrines were located on the forum’s western part. This Forum served as the city’s square where people would gather for political and religious rituals. Hence it became the economic heart of the city. It not only served as the core of the city but remained as the center of the universe for many years as well.

Pantheon - Rome, IT

The Pantheon is a building in Rome which is commissioned as a temple to all the gods of Ancient Rome. The name Pantheon comes from statues of many gods which are placed around the building. The building is circular with three ranks of huge columns. The interior of the dome was made to symbolize the arched vault of the heavens. . Throughout the day, the light from the dome moves around this space in a sort of reverse sundial effect .Even after almost two thousand years, Pantheon is still the world’s largest concrete dome. It is one of the best preserved buildings of the Rome and has been used as a Catholic Church. Many important Italians have been buried in Pantheon. Nowadays it has been made a tourist destination and weddings also take place in it.

Spanish Steps - Rome, IT 

The Spanish Steps are the set of steps in Rome which climbs a steep slope between Piazza di Spagna at the base and Piazza Trinita dei Monti above. They are the longest and widest staircase in all Europe. The mammoth steps of 138 were built with French diplomatic Gueffier. Built with the legacy from the French, the steps lead to French church. In May each and every step is decorated with pink azaleas. It also looks like a perfect spot for picnic but nothing is allowed to eat there as the aim is to keep the steps clean. The apartment that was the setting for 1961 British movie is halfway up on the right of the steps. There are several hotels available near the Spanish Steps and one can easily found accommodation here.

Via Veneto - Rome, IT

A long time ago in the Roman Empire, the Via Vaneto area was built by rich Roman families with many luxurious villas. Via Veneto is one of the famous streets in Rome, Italy. Although the official name was Vittorio Veneto, but after the battle of Vittorio Vaneto classic film La Dolce Vita was most centered around Via Veneto area. So this made the street famous and many different cafes and shops turned up there. In the 1980s, the street has been found a new life and today some of Rome’s best hotels have been built there. Via Veneto is home to the well known Café de Paris and Harry’s Bar. There are also many different centers and outlets in the Via Veneto which keeps many foreigner interested as well.

l'Auditorium del Massimo - Rome,IT 


Auditorium del Massimo is a convention center located on Via Massimiliano Massimo, 1, 00144 Rome, Italy. The center was established in 1995. It is spreading over an area of 3,000 square feet. It can accommodate 900 people at a time. It is a glaring building with vide halls and furnished rooms. The center is a multicultural complex that holds various types of events like; music concerts, theatre shows, seminars, conferences, business exhibitions, lectures, family shows and meetings. Located inside the center a big room, Sala Massimo provides facilities of Translation in 5 different languages at a time. With its versatile nature. L’Auditorium Del Massimo is a place of attraction for many people including both local and foreign. It is a source of entertainment and recreation for individuals as well as families.

Rome Amtrak Station - Rome,NY,US  


Rome Amtrak Station is a railway station located on 6599 Martin Street, Rome. The station is operated by Amtrak, US based Railway Company. It was built in 1914. Two trains serve the station i.e., Empire service and Maple Leaf and there are total 6 departures in a day. Parking on the station is free and there is no baggage check.  It has two platforms; one in center and one on the side of station house. Along with all this, the station has a magnificent building with enclosed shelters, spacious waiting rooms and the furnished environment. It has comfortable rest rooms. The station has no specific working hours. It provides day and night services and remains open for all 24 hours to serve the passengers traveling through it.   

The Hippodrome State Theater - Gainesville,FL,US


The Hippodrome State Theater is a regional theatre located on 25 Southeast 2nd Place in downtown Gainesville in the US state of Florida. The theatre was created in 1972 by some indigenous actors. It has been added to the US National Register of Historical Places. The theatre building consists of two floors---80 seats cinema on the first floor and 266 seats theatre on the second. Being a main stage theatre, it has its own set designers, costume designers, lightening engineers and sound engineers. Only the professional actors perform over here. The Hippodrome State Theater also holds youth theatre education classes. With its quality productions and exquisite presentations, the theatre attracts many viewers who come here to seek real time amusement and recreation.



Newark Amtrak Station - Newark,DE,US  


Newark Amtrak Station is a railway station situated in Newark, Delaware, USA. The station is owned by US’s national railway company, Amtrak. Two trains, Northeast Regional and SEPTA R2 Regional Rails. Opened in 1877, the station has two platforms and four tracks along with a spacious parking place. In 1982, Newark Amtrak Station was listed on the National Register of Historical Places. The station has very extensive building with two platforms, vast waiting area, cafes and restrooms. Neither baggage is checked nor there any baggage carrying service over here. The station remains operational for 24 hours, providing day and night services and easy travel facilities to the passengers using Newark Amtrak Station for their journey. The trains always follow the pre-set scheduled and passengers face no nuisance of delays and cancellations.



Path Train - Newark,NJ,US  


Path Train is a rapid transit train that links New York with New Jersey, the largest port of the world. The train is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. It has 13.3 miles long route. PATH stands for Port Authority Trans Hudson, a railroad company that was built in 1908. It operates four lines and 13 stations. The Path Trains remains operational for 24 hours.  It is a tunnel train that also crosses over The Hudson River. It is a highly efficient train that provides quick and comfortable travel facilities to the passengers moving between New York and New Jersey. Path Train runs both in tunnels and on open ground. It is a fast service and completes distance between the two above-mentioned places in a very brief period of time and the passengers never report delays and schedule violations. 


Newark Amtrak Station - Newark,NJ,US

Newark Amtrak Station is a railway station of the US national railroad company, located inside the Pennsylvania station in Newark, New Jersey, USA. It is a grand building with drudgery waiting area, restrooms and well- established platforms. The station provided on board baggage caring and catering facilities to the passengers. Newark Amtrak Station operates 11 trains that include; Acela Express, Cardinal, Carolinian, Crescent, Keystone service, Palmetto, Pennsylvanian, Northeast Regional, Siler star, Silver meteor and Vemonter----all these having excellent service and exquisite performance.  It has ATM and payphone facilities during station hours. There is a information desk in the station from where exact information can be got in an easy way. A sizeable people are seen on the station, waiting for trains to reach their desired places. It is a busy railway station of Newark. Center - Dallas,TX,US Center is an amphitheater and an outdoor performing arts place, located in the Dallas in the US state of Texas. The center was built in 1988. It has capacity of 20,111 seats. It is owned by the city of Dallas and part of Fair Park Complex. Originally it was named as Coca Cola Starplex Amphitheater but the naming rights of Coca Cola expired in 1998 and currently The House of Bleus is operating it. SuperPages. Com Center is a cultural venue that holds various performing arts events like music concerts, theater plays, dances and entertainment shows. The center has well-designed stages, furnished halls and trained managing crew. It hosts the works and performances of renounced artists, that draws a large number of viewers who come here to take respite from the hard-going life.

Market Center - Dallas,TX,US  


Market Center is a hub of shopping malls, hotels, restuarents, cafes, entertainment centers and landscape scenes, located on 9229 E John W Carpenter Fwy Highway 183 at Regal Row, Dallas, USA. The center contains hundreds of shops containing various products and services. It is famous for the hotels, restaurants and catering centers abut inside the center. They provide excellent accommodation facilities, serve delicious foods and hold different fabulous events. Market Center also contains entertainment centers that purvey recreation to the visitors. It is indeed a tremendous center incorporating a variety of modern lifestyles.  There is always seen a great activity in the Market Center, that makes it a very busy place of Dallas. It contributes a large chunk of revenue in the deposits of the state.


Dallas Convention Center - Dallas,TX,US  


Dallas Convention Center is a major event venue in Dallas, a city of the US state of Texas. It is a huge and tremendous structure where conventions of both government and private agencies are held. The center has spacious halls, exquisite sound system and comfortable seats. At the entrance of the building, there is a vast ground filled with green grass and flower beds. Its spiky emerging shade makes its look more beautiful and attractive. The center hosts various types of events like conferences, seminars, conventions, workshops and meetings etc. The exquisite services provided by the Dallas convention Center, make the events more effective and result-oriented. It is the most wanted venue for individuals and agencies aspiring to hold their conventions and other events.

Baylor Medical Center - Dallas,TX,US  


Baylor Medical Center is Baylor University’s heath care center located on 3409 Worth Street, Dallas, Texas. It is a stupendous medical facility with skilled physicians, modern diagnosis machinery, delicate care, and timely treatment. Along with a variety of health care facilities, Baylor Medical Center provides safe and flawless heart transplant service. This medical center is a subsidiary institute of Texas Medical Center, the biggest heath care facility in the world. The center building is still under construction. The students of Baylor medical college have an opportunity to practice their theories in this medical center and thus enhance their professional abilities while still in the academic circle. After the completion of its structure and internal setup, Baylor Medical Center will come out as a marvelous health treatment point within the Texas Medical Center.

American Airlines Center - Dallas,TX,US  

The American Airlines center was designed by the renowned David M Schwarz/ Architectural Services who utilized the concepts of aesthetics with functionality to procreate a monumental facade that flaunted beauty and elegance. Boasting a navigational friendly structure the American Airlines Center consists of several technologically advances facilities the decor propagates comfort and efficiency which transforms the American Airline Center into a popular destination in the city of Dallas, Texas. With four entrances allocated around the building the American Airlines Centers exterior is constructed from brick, limestone and granite which can provide durability as well as a touch of splendor. Installing their first 1080 high definition video replay system in 2009 American Airlines Center became one of the first NBA and NHL venues to own state-of-the-art technology. 

Downtwn Dallas/West End - Irving,TX,US 

Allocated with the solemn duty to elevate and successfully utilize the resources present in the environment, Downtown Dallas is renowned as a true harbinger of prosperity and well being. One of the largest employment centers situated in Irving, Texas Downtown Dallas works to enhance the infrastructure, to increase economic competitiveness and to transform the district into a global pathway for all. Conceptualized as an urban centre featuring living spaces, dining areas and shopping complexes, Downtown Dallas is moving swiftly up the ladder of success and fame. Downtown Dallas comprises of thirteen districts, each one unique and imbued with the capability to keep you occupied for weeks on end. Downtown Dallas has successfully emerged into a magnificent facade of entertainment and livelihood for numerous amount of people.


Dallas Convention Ctr - Irving,TX,US

Enticing tourists with larger than life entertainment events, the City of Dallas is a vibrant hub consisting of more than one million people who welcome you to become one with their surroundings. Featuring numerous ways to live your life to the fullest, the Dallas Convention centre located in Dallas, Texas bedazzles individuals with a facility that is spacious enough to encompass everything under the sun, whether it is a major auto show or an international organizations convention. Regardless of the size of the event the management team located at the Dallas Convention Centre ensures that their customers’ needs are met, so even if you want to host a small meeting this is the place to be. Covering an area that consists of 9,816 seats the Dallas Convention centre is comprised of 96 meeting rooms including a 1,750 capacity theater.


PETCO Park - San Diego,CA, US

Situated in Downtown San Diego, California the Petco Park is an open air-ball arena that was inaugurate in 2004. Substituting itself in the place of Qualcomm Stadium as the home park of the Major League Baseball stars San Diego Padre Situated Petco Park was named after the animal and pet supplies retailer Petco. With the interior of the Petco Park harmonized with the San Diego Sky line the ball park is positioned in the prime location of J Street snuggled between the crevices of 7th and 10th avenue. The aesthetically sound carving of the Petco Park resulted in a design that is reminiscent of the Sandy beaches of San Diego cliffs and ocean resorts. Encompassed in Indian Sandstone and stucco the Petco Park features a vivid display of colors in their green and red brick colored seating’s.

Sea World San Diego - San Diego,CA,US  

A theme Park allocated to the preservation of the animal kingdom, Sea World San Diego is positioned in the bustling city of San Diego. Featuring a state-of-the-art aquatic display this exuberant entertainment venue is owned by Sea World Parks and Entertainment. Conceptualized by four sagacious individuals who were former graduates of the highly acclaimed through careful consideration the concept augmented into a marine park. Engulfing 22 acres of land from the Mission Bay area San Diego Sea World has numerous exhibits that showcase the beauty and infallibility of nature. Accumulating an innumerable number of penguins San Diego Sea World currently comprises of three distinctive species of penguins. Being one of the only two places in the world to display and successfully breed the Emperor Penguin species, Sea World has an edge that other marine parks tend to lack.

San Diego Amtrak Station - San Diego,CA,US  

The American Airlines centre was designed by the renowned David M Schwarz/ Architectural Services who utilized the concepts of aesthetics with functionality to procreate a monumental facade that flaunted beauty and elegance. Boasting a navigational friendly structure the American Airlines Center consists of several technologically advances facilities the decor propagates comfort and efficiency which transforms the American Airline Center into a popular destination in the city of San Diego, California. With four entrances allocated around the building the American Airlines Centers exterior is constructed from brick, limestone and granite which can provide durability as well as a touch of splendor. Installing their first 1080 high definition video replay system in 2009 American Airlines Center became one of the first NBA and NHL venues to own state-of-the-art technology. 

Mission Beach - San Diego,CA,US  

Situated over two miles of ocean front, Mission Beach is the most beautiful part of the city of San Diego, California.  Pivoted on a sandbar located between the Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay this astounding piece of land is a popular destination for people who are residents of this astounding city as well as tourists who look to spend their vacations in a calming and serene environment. Indigenous to the area are some of the most popular bars in the neighborhood offering a congregational venue for beach goers. Some of the most renowned attractions in the alluring city of San Diego are The Sandbar Sports grill, The Coaster Saloon and Wave House, a beach side bar and grill and The Pennant in South Mission.

Old Town - San Diego,CA,US 

Old Town San Diego is where it all began. Considered to be the native land of the oldest European settlement in the State, Old Town San Diego evokes a legendary hymn that plunges you into the world of culture and heritage. The first Spanish mission was unearthed on this sacred land in 1769 by the Catholic priest Father Junipero Serra.
In the world of modern innovations and technology Old Town San Diego still exists as a commemorative icon of the city’s rich past. Showcasing a dazzling array of vegetation confined within an allotted space Old Town San Diego consists of a state historic park and several related historic attractions bordering it. Though this astounding locale lures myriads of historically inclined individuals most of the traffic here is generated because of a large denomination of shops and restaurants.

Imperial Beach - San Diego,CA,US  

A residential area, the Imperial Beach is located in San Diego County, California. According to a census conducted in 2006 the population of this marvelous tourist destination was estimated at 29,992.Founded in June 1887, the city played host to farm owners that migrated from a desert climate situated a 100 miles east, popularly known as the Imperial  city. Featuring cooler weather conditions as compared to its surrounding regions, San Diego the Imperial Beach consists of a dog beach for individuals with a four legged family member. An on the go life guard organization present throughout the year at the Imperial Beach this astounding fascia offers  volley ball as well as surfing activities for people looking to experience an adrenaline pumping sensation.

Cruise Line Terminal - San Diego,CA,US

A quintessential location for travelers, San Diego is an eventful city resting peacefully in the heart of California. A popular destination point for cruise liners San Diego features perfect weather conditions and countless attractions. Showcasing an immaculately crafted structure the Cruise Line Terminal has facilities that can anesthetize your nerves, placing you in a euphoric state of mind and body. Equipped with all the necessary facilities the Cruise line Terminal has a spacious facade that is sprawled over 30,000 Square foot of land. Not being able to withstand the enormous traffic generation, two consecutive infrastructures have been pivoted next to the Cruise Line Terminal for enhanced functionality and smoother traffic flow. Situated at a distance of 10 minutes from the San Diego International Airport the Cruise Line Terminal is an ideal way to jump start your vacation.

Qualcomm Stadium - San Diego,CA,US

Qualcomm Stadium which was known as San Diego Stadium in the past is situated near the north west of San Diego, California. This multi-purpose arena is mainly the present accommodation of the San Diego Chargers of the nationwide Football League and of the San Diego State University Aztecs academy football side. Besides this, it organizes the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl and the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl college football games every December. The both the games are considered to be the most exciting feature of this stadium, as a lot of people came during the holiday just to enjoy sports in their spare time. It has served as the home of San Diego Padres of Major League Baseball until 2003.
University of Tampa - Tampa,FL,US
The University of Tampa which is also abbreviated as UT, is a private institute which is in the downtown of Tampa, Florida. It is recognized by means of the Southern organization of Colleges and Schools. During the year of 2006 means four years back, this University celebrated its 75th centennial. University of Tampa presents more than 100 student degree opportunities for undergraduate students beside with master's degree plan in the field of social sciences particularly on business administration, accounting, finance, education, marketing, innovation management, and nursing. The business department of University of Tampa, is one of the best school among the forty five schools according to the Princeton Review. In the year of 2007 It has added to its yearly best business schools guide.

University of South Florida - Tampa,FL,US

The University of South Florida which is generally abbreviated as USF is an affiliated foundation of the State University System of Florida. It is a very well known university in Florida and has turn out to be among the Florida’s three flagship university. Also it is an open research university situated in Tampa, Florida in the united state of America. Through an independent campus in St. Petersburg, in Sarasota and Lakeland there are one branch centers. The central campus is situated in North Tampa, close to the City of shrine Terrace. This is one state’s university and established in the 1956. There are around 50,000 students enrolled during the last year. USF is categorized by means of the Carnegie Foundation for the progression of Teaching as connecting high study.

Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center - Tampa,FL,US

The David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts associated the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center in Florida and welcomed more than 10 million guests in July 1987. To highly appreciate the large hearted donation from financier David A. Straz, Jr.,the venue was renamed in November 2009 as The Straz Center. This cultural institution in Tampa bay is found downtown on a nine-acre site along the east bank of the Hillsborough River. Last year, the Straz Center formally started a new program named as the "Broadway Genesis Project,”. It is planned to present the world premieres of musicals and plays which hopefully will move to Broadway. The first show was staged at this program Frank Wildhorn's newest musical, Wonderland: Alice's New Musical Adventure, on 5th December.

Convention and Visitors Association - Tampa,FL,U

The Tampa Convention Center can be described as an ideal hotel located in Downtown Tampa, in the state of Florida. It is a medium-sized convention center that encompasses overall 600,000 square feet (56,000 m2).This hotel ensures a perfect stay having the facility of both waterfront views, and views of the skyline. A 20-story Embassy Suites hotel that has opened adjacent to it in 2006 and is connected with a sky-bridge to the convention center has added to its qualities by protecting pedestrians from the weather.

The Tampa Convention Center is built on the historical site of Ft. Brooke, after the American settlement on Tampa Bay from which the village of Tampa began as a small group of pioneers. Tampa has a lot to offer, it has played host to four Super Bowls, among which the most recent Super Bowl XLIII media center was held in 2009.

Florida Aquarium Tampa- FL

This 250,000 sq. ft. aquarium, opened in March 1995, always shows its visitors something new; new animals, new exhibits, new reasons to visit. Located in Tampa, Florida, United States, this is a publicly operated institution and is a non-profit organization. The aquarium possesses over 20,000 varieties of aquatic plants and animals from Florida and beyond. The living collection of nearly 10,000 animals and plants is exhibited in different galleries. Some of the highlights of the aquarium are Wetlands Gallery (offers freshwater fish, Florida alligators, free flying birds, playful river otter, etc), Bays and Beaches Gallery (exhibits under-water life of Florida bays and shorelines with seahorses, stingrays and spiny lobsters.) Coral Reefs Gallery (displays the two species of exotic sea dragons, "leafy" and "weedy", along with seahorses, pipefish and trumpet fish), Sea Hunt (features sharks, giant Pacific octopus and cuttlefish), Shark Bay (ocean predators from around the globe), etc.

Business District Tampa-Fl

The main business district of Tampa is Westshore. It houses 4000 businesses, occupying 11,000,000 sq. ft of commercial office space, with more or less 100,000 employees. Also there are 32 hotels, over 200 restaurants and bars and two shopping malls; the International Plaza and the West Shore Plaza. The area is mostly zoned for commercial use, however some residential places are also available there. Downtown Tampa is the chief financial district of the Tampa Bay area and the second in terms of employment. Bank of America, Suntrust and Verizon, The Tampa Convention Center (located on the river), Tampa Theatre, Jobsite Theatre, Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, and the Henry B. Plant Museum are some of the highlights of Downtown Tampa.

Cruise Line Terminal, Tampa, Florida

Cruise line terminal, Tampa is the starting point of many cruises from Tampa Port. It is a busy area offering a chance to enjoy spectacular cruises all along the channel. It is conveniently located just over five miles from the Tampa International Airport. This location is the reason of its high tourist traffic. Many who are planning a cruise can just arrive at the airport and then take a number of shuttles or cabs to the embarking area of the terminal. For those who drive, there is a huge parking lot just outside the terminal. However almost every tourist avail the excellent shuttle services of the Tampa Airport. The waterfront has been developed by the port authorities in collaboration with the local community. This includes great hotel, bars and restaurants serving the traditional seaside fare.
Gulf Beaches, Tampa, Florida

Many travel experts name Gulf Beaches, Tampa among the best beaches in the US. It is located just off Florida’s West Coast. Gulf Beaches are situated on barrier islands in the Gulf of Mexico. This location puts the Gulf Beaches right next to some of the best known attractions in of Florida. The best known activity here is fishing. Many charter boats are available for both island and deep water fishing trips. Other activities include scuba diving off the coast under the supervision of trained diving masters. On these dives you get the opportunity to view the fabulous sea life of the Gulf of Mexico. A number of hotels are situated right on the beaches, offering great views and excellent service at very competitive rates.

St. Pete Beach, Tampa, Florida
St. Pete Beach is one of the top holiday spots in the state of Florida. The beach is located at the barrier island that constitutes the cit of City of St. Pete Beach. Being a well known sea resort, St. Pete Beach is a happening place with a wide variety of entertainment available for all ages and interests. There are the popular fishing boats which offer both brown water and blue water fishing. Then you have the water sports including scuba diving, boating and sailing for which the beach is an ideal place. To accommodate the high volume of both local and tourist population, about 3000 accomo0dation units are available. These range from small huts to mega hotels. St. Pete Beach is a great place for all no matter what the budget is

Ice Palace - Tampa,FL,US

A stadium in Tampa, Florida, known as Ice Palace, is used for many sports events like ice hockey, basketball, and football games, over and above concerts are also held here. After the failure of Tampa Coliseum Inc, because of not securing funding to construct an arena on Tampa Sports Authority land near Tampa Stadium, the secondary location which was chosen was the Ice Palace, located in Downtown Tampa's Channelside District. The Ice Palace opened in 1996 and a performance by the Royal Hanneford Circus was its first event.  St. Petersburg Times, purchased the Naming rights of the Ice Palace, which is a daily newspaper and it is distributed throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Other amusement events sporadically held in the medium include NBA exhibition games, USF Basketball and concerts, tennis, boxing, and figure skating.

Ybor City - Tampa,FL,US

A momentous vicinity in northeast downtown, known as Ybor City, was discovered by Cigar manufacturers in 1880s, is situated in Tampa, and thousands of immigrants, mostly from Spain, Italy and Cuba has populated it. Workers in Ybor City's cigar factories would roll millions of cigars for the next 50 years on annual basis. Among current immigrant communities, which are located in the southern United States, neighborhood had more unique characteristics, in the southern United States, most remarkably its multi-ethnic and multi-racial population and their many mutual aid societies. Due to political chaos in the then-Spanish colony, Ybor had shifted his cigar-making operation from Cuba to Key West, Florida in 1869, but because of labor unrest and the lack of room for expansion had forced Ybor to look for another base of operations, preferably in his own company town.

Univ of Hawaii - Honolulu,HI,US

A public, co-educational university at Manoa ,is known as The University of Hawaii at Manoa which is the flagship campus of the greater University of Hawaii system. The school is located in Manoa, an urban neighborhood community of Honolulu City and region of Honolulu, Hawaii. College of agriculture and mechanical arts In 1907, at Manoa, was developed as The University of Hawaii but after 5 years in 1912 it was renamed as the College of Hawaii and shifted to its current location.  At the moment the primary feature of the university constitutes the four Colleges of Arts and Sciences: Natural Sciences , Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Languages Literatures and Linguistics. UH's graduate programs are ranked according to The Academic Analytics as follows: 2nd in Oceanography, 4th in Marine Science, 7th in Geophysics, and 8th in Epidemiology.

Pearl Harbor - Honolulu,HI,US   

On the island of Hawaii, west of Honolulu, there is a lagoon harbor known as Pearl Harbor. Much of the harbor and surrounding lands is a United States Navy deep-water marine base. On January 29, 1964, the Navy base itself was known as a National Historic Landmark district. There are several other National Historic Landmarks, within the bounds of Pearl Harbor which are associated with the attack on Pearl Harbor, constituting Bowfin, Utah and  Arizona. Most of the momentous buildings that contributed to the NHL designation, as an active Navy base, are under threat of devastation and renovation. The headquarters of the U.S. Pacific Fleet is also known as Pearl Harbor and in 1941, the Empire of Japan attacked on Pearl Harbor that brought the United States into World War II.

Diamond Head - Honolulu,HI,US   

On the Hawaiian island of O’ahu, there is a volcanic tuff cone known as Diamond Head which is known to Hawaiians as Le’ahi. Diamond Head which is the English name of volcano, was given by British sailors in the 19th century, and is part of the composite of vents, cones, and their connected outburst flows that are communally known to geologists as the Honolulu Volcanic Series. Diamond Head is much younger than the main mass of the Koolau Mountain Range like the rest of the Honolulu Volcanics. A significant attribute of the sight known to residents and tourists of Waikiki alike is the Diamond Head. The Monument of United States is the volcanic cinder cone. Diamond Head is widely used for commercial purposes because the volcano is a sign of the worldwide acknowledgment of the Hawaiian Islands.
Waikiki Beach - Honolulu,HI,US:

Waikiki Beach is the seashore facing Waikiki, which is the most popular tourist district of Honolulu, in the state of Hawaii, United States. It is located adjacent to the Diamond Head between the Pacific Ocean and Ala Wai Canal . Many tourists from all over the world visit this facinating beach each year. The 1,700 feet long, Waikiki beach is in fact quite short and to some distance into the sea the water is very shallow due to the presence of a number of rocks underneath. There is a plan of limited reinstatement of Waikiki Beach in the beginning of 2011. The proposed development will bring back the beach to its 1985 coastline. Moreover, there has been a special free movie event since 2001 which is organized on an outdoor 30 foot screen called "Sunset on the Beach".

Kapiolani Park/Zoo - Honolulu,HI,US:

Kapiolani Regional Park , situated in Honolulu, is one of the biggest and oldest public park in Hawaii United States. The name of this royal park is derived from the name of Queen Kapiolani, the queen consort of King David Kalakaua. This 300-acre park is a residence to the Honolulu Zoo and the Waikiki Shell. The Honolulu Zoo is the main zoological institution in Kapiolani Regional Park which is a home for more than 1,230 animals. In addition to the zoo and the Shell, the park also have soccer fields, tennis courts, Honolulu Cricket Club and an archery range. It also serves as a route for runners who sprint its three kilometer boundary. Besides this, the park is also the begining and ending lines of road races in Honolulu that include the Honolulu Marathon.

Honolulu Cnvntn Ctr - Honolulu,HI,US:

The Honolulu Convention Center is situated at Kalakaua Avenue in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. The exclusive design of this community exhibition center reflects artistic symbols of Hawaiian culture and natural environment. According to the “International Association of Exhibition Management” it is recognized as the World’s most beautiful convention center. The $2 million art collection and rooftop tropical gardens are the main features of the Convention Centre. The Honolulu Convention Centre is the ideal place for rendezvous and conventions. Besides meeting, visitors also experience the beauty of the wonderful island of Hawaii. The annual JROTC military ball for 2005 and 2006 was hosted in this Convention Centre. The ball room in the convention centre have the capacity of about 1500 guests. The convention center is also used to depict Sydney Airport in one of the TV show “Lost”.

University of Hawaii - Honolulu,HI,US:

The University of Hawaii is situated in Honolulu on the big island of Hawaii. It is a college and university system that comprised of three university & seven community college campuses, four education centers, three university centers, an employment training center and many other research facilities. The University awards associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees to its more than 3000 successful students each year. The educational programs offered at the University include Hawaiian/Pacific Studies, Law, Asian Studies, Comparative Philosophy, Linguistics, East Asian Languages & Literature, Astronomy, Geophysics, Botany, Marine Science, Medicine, Ethnomusicology, and Engineering. In addition, University of Hawaii education centers support people living in the remote rural areas through their distance learning programs. Thus, the aim of the University system is to give higher education by means of research and scholarships, provide technical assistance and training.

Kahala - Honolulu,HI,US:

Kahala is an area located adjacent to Kaimuki and Waialae in the city of Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. This small district attributes many beachfront properties and has some of the most costly real estate in the city. There are Kahala Resort & Hotel, Kahala Mall, Diamond Head and many expensive houses situated in the Kahala neighborhood. There are also several sandy beaches in the Kahala district; however they are not much crowded. Both old and new residents of the district are dwelling in big and luxurious houses. Many business magnates and public-figures have also bought homes to spend their vacations in this area. Kahala is a place where financiers purchase old houses, renovate them and sell them in extremely high prices. Furthermore, the prices of the beachfront land are significantly high in this district.

Aloha Stadium - Honolulu,HI,US:

Aloha Stadium is an arena, located in the west of downtown Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. This Stadium was constructed in 1975 with an expenditure of 37 million US dollars. A football game played between the University of Hawaii and Texas on 13th of September,1975 was the very first sporting event venued at Aloha Stadium. About 32,247 people were present at the Aloha stadium during this event. The University of Hawaii Warriors football game, National Football League's Pro Bowl from 1980 to 2009 and the NCAA's Hula Bowl from 1975 to 1997 and in 2006 have been hosted in the Aloha Stadium. It is also a site for a number of high school football games, several big events and concerts. Besides this, five public high schools hold their graduation ceremonies in this Aloha stadium.

Fernbank Science Center- Atlanta

Established since December 1967 near the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the Fernbank Science Center in the city of Atlanta is owned and operated by DeKalb County School System. Located at 156 Heaton Park Drive, this museum, woodland complex and classroom has been an advanced knowledge facilitator in Georgia. The Science Center is aimed at providing and endorsing the understanding of science and technology, and communicating to the visitors the harmony of nature. The dinosaur skeletons, ancient rocks, tektites, an Apollo spacecraft, a planetarium with 21-meter projected dome, an observatory and an Aeronautics Education Laboratory add to the decency of the Science Center besides of the botanical gardens offering over 1,500 roses, tropical and luscious plants. The center also covers the Fernbank Forest stretched over a land of 260,000 square kilometers, opened for public from Monday to Saturday, which offers a pleasant retreat from the busy city life.
Lenox Square- Atlanta, GA, US

Covering an area of 143,500 square kilometers, the Lenox Square is located in the Buckhead neighborhood of the Atlanta city of Georgia. This up-scale super-regional shopping mall, with its 240 store and services comprising its four floors, has been owned by the Simon property Group. Visited by over 35 million customers and visitors,

this shopping mall was opened in 1959. This primary and prime shopping center of the Georgia State is considered as one of the profitable retail centers of the country. The Lenox Square, during its five-decade history, has witnessed four time renovation and expansion- the most recent of which was carried out in 2007. The surrounding localities of the square have immensely progressed during recent years. Now there can be seen skyscrapers, office buildings and big hotels like JW Marriott Buckhead Hotel, St.

Regis, Inter Continental and Grand Hyatt.

Norcross- Atlanta, GA, US

Dominated by the Hispanic and White Non-Hispanic races by 40.9% and 32.3% respectively, the city of Norcross has been stretched over an area of 10.6 square kilometers with an average elevation of 319 meters. This city of the Gwinnett County of Georgia State inhibits 10,737 people, as the 2008 estimates say, with average population
density of 793.4 square kilometers. Named after Jonathan Norcross, the city has been dominated by the male population of 56.7 percent against the 43.3% of female inhabitants. Enlisted to the National Register of Historic Places, the city of Norcross is served by Gwinnett County Public Schools as the primary and secondary education providers. A branch of Gwinnett County Public Library has been working for the local people. Per capita income of the second oldest city of the Gwinnett County, as estimated in 2008, has reached to $20,663.
Emory University- Atlanta, GA, US
Ranked among the top-forty universities of the world, the Emory University of Atlanta is a private-sector higher education institution, situated in the Druid Hills of DeKalb County of Georgia. Formerly chartered as college in 1836, the institution was upgraded in 1915 after its merger with a school of medicine. With two of its undergraduate colleges ranked among the top-seventeen colleges, the university is famous for the researches carried out here covering a wide range of academic disciplines. Having a motto of The Wise Heart Will Possess Knowledge, the Emory University hosts a total of 12,756 students—6890 undergraduates and 5,865 post-graduates. Religiously affiliated to the Methodist Church,

the campus covers an area of 2.6 square kilometers. College of Arts & Sciences, Oxford College and Woodruff School of Nursing add to the glory of this research center along with the schools of theology, medicine, Law, nursing, business and public health.

Chateau St. Michelle- Seattle, WA, US

Formerly known as American Wine Company established by Bob Bertheau in 1954, the Chateau St. Michelle is the largest single manufacturer of Riesling wine in the United States of America. This oldest winery of the Washington state was regarded as the American Winery of the Year 2004 by the Wine Enthusiast Magazine. With a yearly production of over 600,000 cases, the company shares some joint ventures as like with Dr. Ernst Loosen of Germany and Antinori Family of Italy. Originally the merger of the National Wine Company and Pomerelle Wine Company, this French-styled edifice sits over a land of 87 acres. Chateau is owned and operated by Altria, a mega-business venture operating Philip Morris and US Smokeless Tobacco—both the leading

companies of their kind. The company manufactures diverse varieties of wine and the tasting is open to the community.

Odyssey Maritime Discovery-Seattle, WA, US

Regarded as the hidden gem among all the ten largest museums of the Seattle city of Washington State, the Odyssey Maritime Discovery stands as unique of its nature. Located on 2205 Alaskan Way, Pier 66 in the Central Waterfront of Seattle, the museum offers rich contextual cues, which smooth the progress of the learning in several ways. There is a great opportunity for the researchers and visitors interested in maritime business as they can explore the universe of maritime industries, marine atmosphere, fisheries, sea trade and so many other things, here, at the Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center. The museum also keeps the record of Washington State essential Academic Learning Requirements, information enlisting the exhibits found there. The center is open from Tuesday to Saturday since 10:00a.m to 5:00p.m whereas on Sunday, it is opened at 12:00 PM lasting to the routine closure time.

Volunteer Park Capitol Hill- Seattle, WA, US

Stretching over a land of 195,000 square meters, the Volunteer Park has been owned by the city of Seattle since 1876 when it purchased by paying $2,000 to the owner Engineer J.  M. Colman—after whom the park was known at that time. Located in the downtown, a highly residential area, the park is home to the Seattle Asian Art Museum, the Volunteer

Park Observatory, Water Tower, Seward Sculpture & Pedestal, Volunteer Monument, Bandstand and Burke Monument. This wonderful place for photography also offers a calm and peaceful environment making it possible for the readers to satisfy their gist.
Earlier designated as cemetery (1885), this place was known to people by various names as like Lake View Park and the City Park. The volunteer Park used to the peak-point of Seattle’s Annual Pride Parade until 2006 when the event was shifted to Seattle Center.
Convention Center- Seattle, WA, US

Regarded as ‘the Jewel of Northwest’, the Washington State Convention Center has been located in the downtown of Seattle over Interstate 5. The convention center was planned and constructed in the vicinity of Freeway Park during 1982-87 and opened on June 18 0f the next year. This state-of-the art center – after experiencing one time expansion during 1999-2001- sits over 28,590 square meters of land, proposed to be doubled by the year 2014 costing over &766 million. The ballroom, with its 4,200 square meter area, has a capacity for about 10,000 people. With 180-degree panoramic views of the Olympic

Mountains around it, the center serves as a meeting and special event spot, visited by over 400,000 visitors all over the world. The Washington Convention Center hosted several of the famous summits including Microsoft MVP World Summit, WTO ministerial Conference and the 41st Annual TESOL Convention.
Virginia Mason Medical Center- Seattle, WA, US

The award-winning organization of the private sector, Virginia Mason Medical Center (VMMC) in the city of Seattle, Washington, was founded in 1920 to provide public basic healthcare facilities by offering integrated health services. Named after the daughters of its founders Doctor Tate Mason and Doctor John Blackford is aimed at not being the

biggest but the best hospital of the country by maintaining and enhancing the quality of treatment and manpower. The commitment of VMMC to heal the illness of the patients it serves and improve the sense of well-being has earned for it an incomparable repute. The Benaroya Diabetes Center, the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine, Digestive Disease Institute, Floyd Delores Jones Cancer Institute, Heart Institute, Neuroscience Institute and the Orthopedics and Sports Medicine are the major sub centers of this non-profit
organization. The center also provides facilities for the treatment of AIDS and Kidney and Urinary Tract Infections.

Northwest Hospital- Seattle, WA, US

Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and the Joint Commission, the Northwest Hospital and Medical Center sits over an area of 33 acres in the city of Seattle, Washington. This general medical and surgical hospital, with its 226 beds, is a non-profit, full-service health care provider and facilitator. Established since 1960 on the northern bank of Lake Washington Ship Canal, the hospital is visited by over 40,000 patients faced by fatal symptoms. Famous for its vigilant and successful treatment of prostate cancer via radioactive seed implantation, brain cancer and breast cancer, and other innovative methods like digital mammography and screening, the
Northwest Hospital is the leading health-care facilitator in the United States. With its sub-institutions like the Seattle Breast Center, the UW Medicine regional Heart Center and Northwest Childbirth Center, the hospital is also playing a vital role in educating the
community in health issues.
Cruise Terminal Pier 30 - Seattle, WA, US

Seattle provides an extremely acknowledgeable facility to the travelers .Convenience is provided to the travelers there. People are also looking for something feasible for their travelling. Air travel connections are too provided with the sailing port. Luggage storage and air-line check is also available there. Six major cruises are currently working to facilitate passengers. It’s been a fantastic time that Holland, American and Caribbean cruises are relocated from Pier 30. Traffic is controlled and volumnised on the day of your cruise. Two multiple choices are awaited, either to take a longer route or wait for booking by standing in a long line for your turn. Co ordination during the trips will be guaranteed   and none of the client would ever miss the cruise.

Cruise Terminal Pier 66 - Seattle, WA, US

Pier terminal 66 serves as the embarkation and debarkation for Seattle. It is located in the heart of Seattle’s downtown water front. Pier 66 Terminal is homeport for Norwegian and celebrity cruise lines. Across the Alaskan way it provides 1,700 spaces of covered as well as secured parking. Travelers are also encouraged to use the garages while visiting the cruise Terminal. General parking is available for 16.74$ plus taxes and 1$ will be freed if the customers avail the booking on line. Edgewater Hotel with an authenticated reputation and awesome location is found near Bell Street adjacent to the terminal. Bustling Cruise Terminal Pier 66 is one of Seattle’s most famous passenger ship docks. And the Edgewater Hotel gives the terminal an urban retreat, combines equal parts - rustic and contemporary.

Safeco Field - Seattle, WA, US

Safeco Field is an undaunted base ball stadium. Regionally and nationally Safeco Field has gained the reputation since the inaugural game on July 15. It was considered terrific place for baseball and base ball fans. Breathtaking sunset, sweeping views of Seattle’s downtown skyline with the multiplication of excellent game action from all the angles gives its fans an outstanding and wonderful experience of the game. The investment was made there by Safeco and Seattle based investment Company. Safeco shares a commitment with Mariners. Safeco is the major sponsor for Mariner community. Since 1994 Mariners baseball community is providing skill clinics for thousands of young baseball fans. The three moveable panels are to allocated for self grounded roof. The field of Safeco is dimensioned with the most comprehensive and electronic scoreboards. Extraordinary drainage system is provided as well in the Safeco fields. It is built to resemble the ball parks of yesteryears.
Arboretum - Seattle, WA, US

The Arboretum is considered as a hidden gem on the shores of lake Washington. Washington Park Arboretum is a 230-acre unique "special purpose park". It is jointly attached to the city of Seattle and university of Washington. Both the city and the university own the land and the plants and the trees. The dynamic assortment of plants is nowhere found. Moreover the city takes care of the park functions and the university botanic department takes care of the gardens. In May 2001 long range master plan of the park was approved. All the implementations and guide lined are taken place. Three primary functions of recreation, education and conservation are adopted. Renovation and expansion of the park was taken place to facilitate the visitors. Main entrance was given a way towards the Japanese garden with the addition of two pedestrian over passes were made. Park is a fabulous urban refuge.

Seahawks Stadium - Seattle, WA, US

Seahawks stadium is a multipurpose place known as a Qwest field. It was renamed in June 2004. A parking garage, a theatre and a public plaza is included in it. The stadium is a modern facility with the over view of Seattle city. Numerous college and high school games are also taken place here. Basically the stadium is designed for soccer. Prior to the opening of the stadium it was a boost to the local game and the players of the area. Seahawks stadium earned a reputation of the loudest stadium in the locality. High school games are usually taken place here. Numerous exhibitioner games are also taken place in the stadium. That is the main reason of improvisation of the funds. Expansion is taken place due to the lack of any standardized place in the region. Seahawks is the attention seeker for the boisterous soccer fans.
Seattle Amtrak Station - Seattle, WA, US
A dynamic red brick building with terra cotta cast stone ornamentation is situated in the suburbs of Seattle called ‘Amtrak station’. The station was replaced an antiquated railroad avenue. 242 ft long tower has made it the tallest building of Seattle. The tower contained huge mechanical clocks diverged on all four sides. From the practical stand point the station is close to the down town. Renovation is taken place in the restrooms and the exterior wings. New brass doors and other decorative material is used to embellish the exterior as well as interior of the station. In the base of the tower it’s the main entrance. A multi-globe chandelier is there to embark its magnificent architecture. Glass tile walls and circular clerestory windows are another awesome feature of the outstanding exterior. 

Terminal 30 Cruise Terminal - Seattle, WA, US

Seattle is another coastal city in the United States of America located on the shores of Pacific Ocean.  Being an important coastal city, the city has a significant port, known by the name of Port of Seattle.  The transportation facilities made available are of superior quality with the addition of specialized marine systems as well.  The Terminal 30 of the port is a connecting point between Seattle and Alaska, providing the maritime services and a specialized cruise facility as well.  There is a variety of services allowed for the passengers with several different types of ships/cruises from which to choose.  These cruises have managed to attract loads of passengers, entertaining the residents of the area and facilitating them, making the port one of the most versatile ones that resides along the shore of USA. 

King St/Seattle Amtrak Station – Seattle, WA, US

Located in the center of Washington and neighborhood of Seattle is the historical building of King Street Station which is an important place for transit.  The station touches the adjoining streets of S. King and S. Jackson, swaying along the Pioneer Square it holds much more significance than being a mere train station.  The station is known to provide several different services to the passengers with the toll rising at a continuously increasing rate.  The renovated version of the building still holds the original station built on the Railroad Avenue now known by the name of Alaskan Way.  Over the years, the King Station has gone under several refurbishment programs, cleverly concealing the original interior.  The station is a masterpiece within itself with its huge clock tower that marks the entrance to the station.  Recently, the station has made its way to another redevelopment program under which the old décor would be restored. 

Key Arena - Seattle, WA, US

Marking the importance of sports throughout the states of America, Seattle has also been on the go while building superior quality sports stadiums.  One such multi-purpose stadium, covering an area of approximately 74-acres is the Key Arena, also known as the Seattle Center.  The stadium is home to several different games including basketball, football, ice hockey, wrestling shows as well as concerts.  The stadium is not a new construction but dates back as long as 1962.  Originally renovated from the Washington State Coliseum, the edifice first became home to the college level basketball matches.  Having hosted a number of national level concerts and games as well, the Key Arena was still refurbished in the early 2000s, developing the stadium and bringing it up to the actual NBA standards, making it an active venue for various school and college level games.  However, the arena has also been subject to many controversies with the subsequent loss of the arena’s popularity at the hands of significant teams.

Children’s Hospital – Seattle, WA, US

With all the requirements of the modern day world fulfilled, the city of Seattle has also kept the upbeat with all the developments.  The city of Seattle has provided its residents with the proper medical security with the inclusion of a specialized hospital for children, originally known by the name of Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center.  Started off with a little capital and small capacity for beds as well, the hospital was founded by Anne Herr Clise who had herself borne the tragedy of death, at the hands of her young son. Over the years the hospital has gained much importance and has gone up the ranks as it went up on the advancements.  Earlier in 1950s, the facility moved to a better place in Laurelhurst, near the University of Washington with more specialized departments made a part of the original hospital, earning it awards and recognition. 

Pike Street Market - Seattle, WA, US

Pike Street Market, public market of Seattle, was established in 1918. Now approaching 120 years old, it covers 9 acres, and is home to shops and stands selling farm produce; specialty is foods, international foodstuff, handmade art and crafts, collectibles and antiques, clothing, books along with 50 restaurants and take-out spots.

Pike Street Market highlights include the salmon-slinging Pike Street Fish Market and Rachel, the life-sized, bronze piggy bank that has collected over $110,000 since it arrived in 1985. When a client orders a fish, an employee at the Fish Market's ice-covered fish table catches the fish and throws it over the countertop, where another employee catches it and prepares it for sale. Pike Street Market is also the home of the first Starbucks of the world, which is situated across the Pike Street from the main building of the market.

Homestead-Miami Speedway - Homestead, FL, US
Homestead-Miami Speedway is actually a race track in Florida, Homestead, United States (US). It hosts the final races of the season in the Nascars Sprint Cup Series, Series of the Nationwide etc. The races of NASCAR Cup Series are recently all sponsored by some company. In 2009, Homestead became the home to a total of four season-ending racing series events. However, the racing at Homestead- Miami Speedway, Florida was primarily not considered very well. The track opened up as a four-turn, rectangular-oval, based on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s layout. However, due to its less distance, the race track was not able to maintain the racing features of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In 2003, the race track was reconfigured once again. The turns were changed from almost flat to steep variable banking.

Parrot Jungle Island - Miami Beach, FL, US

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