Group: F. 3/F. 4 Senior English Group

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4.23 Reading Together Book Reports Competition

Group: F.3/F.4 Senior English Group

Name of school: Cognitio College (Kln)

Name of student: Cheung Ying


Book Title: Emil and the Detectives

Author: Erich Kaslner

Publisher: Longman

Book Report:

The story happened on a sunny day, on a train. When a thief Mr. Green stole Emil’s money when Emil was asleep. Emil was going to visit his grandmother by train but Mr. Green appeared and stole his money. Emil felt very lonely. Luckily, at that moment, Emil met a group of friends and they made a plan to help him to get back the money.
In the process of catching the thief, Emily’s friends suggested they stole the money back, but Emil objected and they had an argument. Luckily, Emil and his friends made an agreement and invited some more friends to help.
In the end, they made a plan: A hundred boys shouted and ran after the thief to make all people in the street notice him. They called the police and in the end, the thief was caught in a bank surrounded by a hundred of boys.
I like this story book. Although the major content and the ideas are simple and not very special, I like the description of the behavior between an adult and a child. I also like the ending of the story. Emil was a poor child but he was honest and tough. For example, in the story, he didn’t agree to steal back the money from Mr. Green secretly and never gave up trying to get back the money even when he faced difficulties.

Mr. Green was adult and he stole Emil’s money when Emil was asleep. Here, we can see the difference between a child and an adult. The child is honest and positive in thinking but the adult is cunning and negative in thinking. Why?

If I were Mr. Green, I would ask myself why I had such negative thinking to steal from a lonely child. Why had I lost a kind heart?
Second, the ending of the story was very good because it was different from the usual ending. The usual ending is generally a person catching the thief by himself. However, this story ending was about a hundred boys working together to catch a thief. Thus I think this ending was unusual.
Lastly, I also remember a sentence deeply from the book: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Friends are very important for us because we want people to share our happiness and sadness! And friends who help us when we are in need of help are friends indeed.

All in all, I like this book.

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