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Board Meeting Minutes: September 23, 2014
Present: Kelly Gutierrez, Sharyle Karren, Dave Lamb, Kathie Miller, Richard Pater, Greg Summerhays

Absent: Maria Martinez

Staff: Vicki Mori, Ernie Nix, MarySue Howisey, Larissa Brown, Kristi Aoyagi, Zina Lemke
Meeting was called to order at 7:30 a.m. by Dave Lamb.

A lottery was conducted for In-Home and Preschool:

P0 = #2, #3 P3 = #10 - #17

P1 = #7 - #12 P4 = #17 - #26

P2 = #7 - #12 P5 = # 46 - #54

A motion was made by Richard Pater, seconded by Kathie Miller, to approve the minutes of June 24, 2014. Motion passed.


Ernie stated, “his most important job, except for keeping everybody safe, is to make sure to have the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus.”

Hired an excellent crop of teachers:

  • First grade - Cariane Galvan from Arizona

  • Second grade – Katina Santamaria from Jordan School District

  • Third grade – Rich Rasband from Heber

  • Second/Third grade split – Rachel Yeager from Monticello

  • Fourth grade – Janet Montoya from Salt Lake School District

  • Fifth/sixth grade split – Tonya Phillips from Canyons School District
  • Sixth grade – Mits Bryant from Granite School District

  • Kindergarten – Dixie Taylor hired from within

  • Ernie has made well over 30 teacher observations of which he gives feedback to the teachers. Quality of teachers is very apparent.

  • Started the after-school program yesterday with about 60 students—90 students were invited to participate.

  • Hired four parapros.

  • Data indicates we are doing what we need to be doing.


  • Kindergarten – two classes – currently 38 students

  • First grade – two classes – 38 students

  • Second and third grade total of 85 students– two second grades, one third and one second/third split

CHARTER BOARD MEETING MINUTES: September 23, 2014 Page 2


  • Fourth grade – two classes – 39 students

  • Fifth grade – 29 students

  • Sixth grade – one class and one fifth/sixth split – 26 students

  • 13 rooms occupied

  • Total of 257 students when we add two kindergartners and one fourth grade student.

  • Demographics have changed with increase in enrollment--a little bit more diverse.

Initial Charter budget was based on 280 students which presents a funding challenge. At the recent Executive Committee meeting various options to bring up the enrollment numbers before the October 1st deadline were discussed. It was decided to increase the size of kindergarten to 48 students with each kindergarten class going to 24 students, which, hopefully, will bring in some older siblings.

FINANCE—MarySue Howisey/Richard Pater

(Refer to “Guadalupe School Approved Budget for Fiscal Year 2014-2015.”)

  • First column: budget approved at the end of June 2014 based on 280 students.

  • Second column: proposed amended budget adjusted for new staffing.

  • Third column: based on where we think will be on October 1st.

  • Highlighted numbers are changes from one column to the next.

  • Reflects about $100k short – 19 students at about $5k each on the revenue side.

  • Good things to point out:

  • Reduced debt service by about $11k for the year.

  • Paid off the first loan.

  • Paid down the second loan significantly.

  • Projecting a $317k deficit. With surplus from last year, still puts us at a $72k deficit. Have some work to do to figure out where we are going to come up with an additional $72k.

  • Expensed the whole bus which is a positive.

  • After-school program is fully funded through two restricted grants.

  • Received a draft of the audit for Charter School. There were no findings.

  • Next month will discuss the proposed budget for the UCA due November 7th.

Need to update check signers: Kathie Miller will be added as a check signer.

DATA—Ernie Nix

SAGE results will be available mid-October or later. Once those results are received, Ernie will do a comprehensive need analysis and then he can write the UCA plan. He already has a good, sound, strong draft with a three-year plan based on past year’s data. It is technically done, just waiting for data.

From the initial DIBELS data, still in the process of doing SMI and SRI testing, 75 students are in the red, about 28-30% of kids. A lot of those kids are new to us.
CHARTER BOARD MEETING MINUTES: September 23, 2014 Page 3

DATA (continued)

The best schools in this nation get very focused on what they teach, assess what they teach and then respond aggressively when kids do not understand.

Game plan with the 75 students that are in the red:

  • Have extensive Tier II interventions that we devised with our parapros through the University of Utah Reading Clinic and the Early Steps/Higher Steps programs that Kathleen Brown developed with us last year. We are responding aggressively. A lot of the severe kids we are doing one on one tutoring.

  • The second component this year that we are implementing that we didn’t have last year is again working very closely with the University of Utah Reading Clinic. We staffed developed on the FORI (fluency oriented reading instruction) that provides support and scaffolding to help kids access grade level text while simultaneously building up the skills the students are lacking.

  • Kristi Aoyagi stated that we started this process last year with kids that were really low, focused on third grade, and saw some really good growth.
  • Researched based behind FORI because it gives kids some techniques to access that text that is really a little bit over their heads. So it gives them some support. On day one teacher reads to them, on day two student echo reads, on day three student reads with partners and talks with their partners about the story, day four and five student does wide reading which is text about a similar topic. Last week read a fiction story about storms and the end of the week we read nonfiction text about storms. So it’s building on that same vocabulary and increasing fluency. It’s great to see our kids who are struggling be able to handle this.

Two other components to aggressive game plan:

  • STAR tutoring during after school program in respect to literacy written by Kathleen Brown. Volunteers from the community are trained in very specific methodologies to help kids shore up some of those skills they are lacking.

  • Ernie has had very frank conversations with parents of students that are behind with teacher and student in attendance. One of the advantages we have is we are small enough that there is no way a kid can fall between the cracks. Parents have been very appreciative and responsive.

After-school Program

Need tutors in the after-school program. Training and materials are provided. Time: 3:00-5:00 pm with the academic hour from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. Celeste Correia from AmeriCorps handles the tutor training.

A change was made this year in the after-school program by drawing teachers from within: Jamie, Mitts, Rich, and Lucas, four of our day teachers, are straddling the after-school program. Also, two from the Toddler Beginnings program and one from the In-home program are assisting.

Ernie is in the process of going into the MOVEIT and SERF files to get a sense of ESL.

CHARTER BOARD MINUTES: September 23, 2014 Page 4

DATA (continued)

Child Nutrition Program

Now in the process of recertifying for the food program with CNP. CNP is coming in today to help our food service director.


Larissa Brown reported that there is quite a difference in this year’s kindergarten class compared to last year’s. This year’s class: most students know a significant amount of letters, are writing their names, can count to 20, are behaviorally receptive to classroom routine, are engaged and excited to be in school. Without a doubt, the improvements are due to the restructuring of our preschool to the Granite School District model.

Adjourned at 8:30 am.

Next Charter Board Meeting

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

7:30-8:30 am

Guadalupe School Board Room

1385 North 1200 West


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