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The Friends With Benefits Handbook

A No-Strings Attached” Guide to Amazing Sex”

Dee Bockler



A No- Strings Attached Guide To Amazing Sex”

Well, you have seen the movie and listened to the hype. Do you think you could handle having a Friend With Benefits? Is it possible for you to engage in an intimate relationship with no strings attached? Can you have sex with someone you don’t love and walk away with no expectations?
If you can answer yes to any of these questions, maybe a Friends With Benefits relationship will work great for you. Keep in mind, though that nothing in life is ever truly free. Even in a text-book Sex-Buddy System, there is accountability, consequences and basic rules of engagement that must be adhered to. Soooo, what exactly is a Friend with Benefits, you might ask?
Webster’s Dictionary says this:

A casual friendship or casual dating is a physical and emotional relationship between two single people who may have a sexual connection strictly for fun, without necessarily demanding or expecting the extra commitments of a more formal romantic liaison.

Oh, man, that does sound perfect, doesn‘t it?
A friend with benefits can be a dream come true. Especially if you are not interested in anything except a good old-fashioned sexy romp in the sack.

(Or it could become a nightmare come true, but we will discuss this more later)

F*ck Buddy, Sex Buddy, Bed Buddy, Friend with Benefits, a Booty Call or Heaven …
Call it whatever you like, the fact is that when two single friends hook up just for the sake of having recreational sex…. That’s all it is and probably that’s all it will ever be: JUST SEX.

If you have a friend that you wouldn’t mind jumping their bones, consider the Pro’s and Con’s of being FWB (friends with benefits) before you give a go.
Having casual, no-strings attached mind-blowing sex, any time you want it with an attractive “hot” friend that you are comfortable with, sounds great!
(Hell yeah! Sign me up for that deal every day of the week! )
Just the idea of having a sexual relationship with a hot guy or girl with no emotional commitment and none of the drama is probably the Number #1 attraction to the Friend/Sex hook-up….well, that and getting to have great sex!
This is the perfect solution for the person that is just interested in a little Afternoon Delight and nothing more.…Whatever your reasons, consider this. It answers the call of nature regularly and takes the pressure off, allowing you to comfortably wait for “Mr. Right” while you enjoy all of the bounty of “Mr. Right Now.”

Anywhoo… you are probably asking yourself, just how do I get in on that fun, sexy action?

I guess the answer is fairly simple… ASK…. If you’re looking for some regular sexy fun with no commitment and you have big enough balls to ask a friend for sex, then you too can be banging away in no time!

Common wisdom holds that Friends with Benefits relationships don’t work.
To put it bluntly….when you screw your friend, you screw your friendship.
Right?….Well, surprise, surprise…To my astonishment the most recent research might suggest otherwise.

In the newly-released movie Friends With Benefits, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake play two recently dumped friends who turn to each other to scratch a certain naughty itch.
Sexy high-jinks ensue in typical romantic comedy style. It’s a story we’ve all heard before ( in fact, we saw it in theaters earlier this year, in Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher’s No Strings Attached). And it’s a scenario that has likely played out right before our eyes, either among our friends or even ourselves.
Did you know that about 64 percent of college students participating in a 2011 Michigan State University study admitted to engaging in at least one FWB arrangement at some point in their college careers?
What? ….Whoa …64%!
That’s a whole lot of college kids f*cking their brains out, if you ask me! (What would your mothers say…)
If movies are to be believed then all FWB situations end up with the two beautiful, horny best friends living happily ever after.

Now, you’re smart enough to know that’s super far-fetched, in fact the same Michigan State study found that only 10% of FWB arrangements actually end in real long-term love connections.
But…. and here’s the great big giant butt worthy of twerking…. They also found that a whopping 74% of the Friend with Benefits relationships DID NOT destroy the friendship!

Well, smack my ass and call me Shirley…that is good news!

In that same study they also discovered that “most people who enter into a friend with benefits relationships did not actually want a boyfriend or girlfriend, but they did want to have sex.”

The study co-author, Timothy Levine, Ph.D., professor of communication at Michigan State University, says this “And they concluded that sleeping with a friend is so much more comfortable and safer than sleeping with a stranger.”
Seriously….No shit, Sherlock….how much money was spent on that study?
They also discovered that the possibility of one person being secretly in love with the other wasn’t really an issue. In fact, both of you are probably just using each other until someone better comes along.
Reminds me of that song, “If you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you’re with.”
This all sounds super unsexy, but that’s just the beginning…Levine also discovered that the Boiling Hot Passion level between Friends was sometimes actually more like a Boring Luke-Warm Passion level. (Zzzzz… wake me when it‘s over )

So, basically, friends don’t sleep together because they can’t keep their hands off each other, but because there isn’t anyone else available at that moment.
Sometimes the truth hurts!
Ok, here is the honest to God truth... There is no way that you are not going to be disappointed if you enter into sex with a friend that you’re secretly hoping will become more.
My advice is that if you really want to date him, you need to tell him, but the reality is that if you’re like most girls in these situations, you just want to f*ck him!

Girls just wanna have fun. Chances are so does he.

So, what type of person is likely to become involved in a sex buddy arrangement? Here are a few examples of people that have been involved in relationships with their friends. See if you relate to any of them….

You’re a horn dog ( Joey/ Friends… “How you doing?”)

You’ve had a bad breakup and now you just want to have some fun together ( Jerry & Elaine/ Seinfield)

Your career is in high gear so you don’t have time for a committed relationship.

( Don Draper/ Mad Men)

You love your personal space and you’re set in your ways, but you love sex & beautiful women

( Sam Malone/ Cheers and George Clooney)

You want to stay single and avoid any & all commitments, but you don’t always want a stripper or a hooker!

( Charlie Harper/ 2 ½ Men))

There are so many men and not enough time. Your life is like a buffet line of hot guys!

( Samantha/ Sex in the City)

You’re not out of the closet yet so you just go through the motions and emotions. ( Will & Grace)

You’re on a break from a long term relationship, and just want to explore a few fun opportunities before settling down again. ( Ross/ Friends)

Convenience is important so why not just bang the guy in the next apartment. ( Penny/ Big Bang Theory)

Okay, you know you’re interested and still want it ….but about right now, you’re probably starting to panic as you experience a little bit of stress sweat anxiety at the thought of actually walking up to a friend and asking them to have sex with you. Right?

Relax, my friend…you will find it to be a whole lot easier than you ever thought it would be. Why? Because both of you have an itch that you can help each other scratch!
If you are uncomfortable asking a friend for sex, you can try some of these other options…..
#1 Flirt with casual acquaintances.

You may have a few people that you already know, like the girl across the hall, the waitress at your favorite hang-out, your hairdresser, the bank teller, the UPS man, or maybe your cousin’s cute room-mate.

You are friendly with them but not friends….yet.
Make it your mission to become a friend. Call them up or start texting occasionally, or use Social Media messages, (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) over the next few weeks. Once you start flirting with them, you can meet up a few times and see where it goes.
#2 Get introduced to a sexy hottie.
So you know a guy who knows a guy who is related to another guy that knows this girl…and you’re interested in doing the nasty with her.
Use your contacts to get introduced, flirt a few times and see if they reciprocate your interest.
Just remember to take it slow and easy. Try too hard and too fast and you may just creep them out.
#3 A hook up.
This is the proverbial one night stand where you meet at a party or someplace that leads to sex. Do you like that person, but not enough to want an actual relationship? Bingo!! A Perfect FWB!
You’ve slept with them already, so just make the proposition. You may be pleasantly surprised that they want the same thing.
#4 An ex coworker.
Have you been hopping and skipping between jobs over the last few years? Then chances are you have met a few possibilities from your old workplaces. Make a few calls; be charming and meet up for a drink. If your ex colleague likes your idea of a sexual relationship, well, that’s good news for everyone involved.
#5 An old friend from school or college.
Facebook is a great place for re-acquaintances and hook ups. Get back in touch with an old friend that you thought was cute, and flirt over Facebook or over the phone. It’ll start easy, but it just might lead to Xanadu.
How to proposition someone for a no strings attached relationship?

There are many ways to hook-up with a no strings attached partner. It all starts with direst eye-contact, come-hither glances, sexy texts, and naughty conversations where you might hint that you like them, and yet make it clear that you don’t want to date them.

After all, when you tell someone that you are interested in them and think they are hot and you want to f*ck them….. They could get the wrong idea, and assume you are sniffing around for a date or worse, a relationship!

So, if all you want is a naughty fling-thing, you better make that clear at that first meeting.

Here’s a few tidbits that you can drop into your conversations that may help ease you into a Friends with Benefits discussion easier…..
I’m sick of drama-filled relationships, so from here on out, I’m just looking for fun! I think that sex is fun...what do you think?
Hey, isn’t it cool that here we are, both single and horny at the same time? What do you think we should we do about that?
Wow! You are more beautiful and sexy than I remember…..too bad we’re just friends, right?
A great segway into the topic is to just ask if they have seen the movie “Friends with Benefits” yet and let the conversation unfold from there.
You’ve told her she is beautiful, sexy, and single and that you are only interested in having sexy- time fun so when you start flirting and she flirts right back….Son, you’re golden!
There’s an excellent chance that she wants the same thing that you want. Go ahead dive into the deep end… the water’s fine and so is she.
This is the time to shut up, nut up, and grow up … put your big boy pants on and go for it!!!
Maintaining a non-committal physical relationship with someone you enjoy can be fun and you want it to last.

Why, it’s all the rage, you know.

Having a Friend With Benefits is so popular, there have been two recent movies based specifically on this topic. “No Strings Attached” and Friends With Benefits.”

I figured that since all the cool kids were talking about it, I would jump in with a Public Service Message and share my take, my ideas, and some stories from the trenches regarding my own Sex Buddy experiences.

(Dear Mom & Dad – please stop reading this post now. In fact, go look at that picture of me when I was your little blonde princess, riding my bike in the driveway….. Awww, such a sweet little girl…. happy times….
*Great- now the rest of us can continue…...
Ok, readers, do you really want to know what I think about the Friends with Benefits arrangement?
Well, I just happen to think its fan- f*cking-tastic if you must know. BUT….only when you set specific rules, follow them, and go into this with the understanding of what it is…. NOT what it could be.
I speak from experience so I know I’m talking about.
My first Friend with Benefits, was my next-door neighbor. I vividly remember driving up to my new apartment with my daughter and seeing him for the first time…he was casually leaning up against the hood of his black Corvette, wearing no shirt and tight jeans.
Yummy….Magically delicious, that one.
The down side was that despite being a beautiful creation, he was a total Man-Whore, and being ridiculously gorgeous, women acted like total idiots around him.
Now, anyone that knows me knows that I insist on being the pretty one in my dating relationships, so I knew that dating him would never work out for me, but I was cool with just being friends. Soon we became best friends… we hung out all the time and had lots of fun together.
I knew that he would never ever be the type of man I would ever date and he knew that I was there just for the fun, and since he was a committed bachelor, it was the perfect relationship and we enjoyed each other off and on, for many years.
What made it the perfect relationship was that we made up the rules before entering the bedroom.

RULE #1 was if we were both single, we could play house, but the second one of us started dating someone… sex between us was off the table, at least until the other relationship was over, which was never very long.

Since we were still best friends, we would continue to hang out platonically, watching movies, eating pizza, bowling or snowmobiling.

Every now and then, he’d suggest that maybe we should date…be more like be a real couple.
Hmmm let me think about it…Ummmm, No! Sorry but that would never work and now you must excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little”
See, it only worked for us BECAUSE we weren’t a couple. I didn’t have to stress or worry my pretty little head about a few of his habits that drove me crazy, like him singing along with EVERY single song on the damn radio.
( OMG! Shut the f*ck up! If I have to listen to you sing one more time, I swear to God, I will punch you in the throat!!)
I didn’t have to worry about who he was with, or who might be pulling up in his driveway at 1am. As long as we were just friends it was all good, and our friendship lasted about a bazillion times longer than any of the “real” relationships either of us had.

As you can see, being honest and upfront makes a HUGE difference in the success of a relationship of this sort. But let’s look at another scenario just the opposite, shall we….
I met him at work shortly after going through a completely devastating divorce. I had a newborn baby and the emotional availability of a Clam.
Enter my Friend, who was funny, baby-face cute, and easy to be with, but had some personality quirks and some petty criminal behaviors that made him fall into the “I will never actually date you” category.

That said, I spent a lot of time with him…he could always make me laugh, and he liked my daughter. Since I have always found men with a great sense of humor to be very sexy, I decided it would be fun for he & I to take our friendship to the next level.

(Don’t judge me…I was 25!)

Well, I did NOT clearly define the rules. I assumed they were in place, even though never verbalized, so I naively thought we were on the same page. In my mind, we were just having fun, sort of like a time & space filler, until someone else came along. But you know the old saying…Never makes an ass out of u and me.
I found out the hard way, that this was not how my friend rolled. He thought that since we were having sex, I must be his girlfriend, therefore we were in love and marriage was right around the corner.
Yep. As soon as I caught his adoring gazes, the special gifts, the flowers for no reason, and the I love you notes he left me, I put the brakes on … Stat.

Whew! That was close…
No problem, I thought, we’ll go have a drink together, we’ll laugh it off and chill out. We’ll just be regular “no benefit” friends again. No worries, mate.
Wow, I couldn’t have been more wrong!
Enter my friend …AGAIN… but this time, as a raving lunatic…. a Card Carrying, Bunny Boiling, Crazy-Ass Psycho Creeper!
He would call me, hysterical, about 30 times a day. Once he even showed up at a bar, while I was on a date to introduce himself as my fiancé! He liked to hang around my office, just to tell everyone that I worked with about what a whore- bitch in heat that I had become.
The last straw was having to call the police because he was pounding on my door, screaming obscenities and wailing at 2 am, waking my baby and every single one of my neighbors.
Hello Mr. Restraining Order

It‘s so good to see you!

Sadly, that was not a friendship that was salvageable. It could have been, had rules been established promptly, before things got out of hand. I always felt bad about that.

So that brings us up to date with why we‘re here in the first place …You see, it’s your lucky day, Grasshopper, because my special gift to you is that you get to benefit from my many ( too many actually) years of lack of self-control, inexperience, immaturity, extreme drama, and really piss-poor judgment.

So, are you still interested in hooking up with someone for a no strings attached relationship?
Great! Here are a few additional items that you will need to keep in mind.
#1 – Agree to have rules.
From the beginning, define what this relationship is to both of you. What you want out of it, and what are you comfortable with, and then strictly enforce those parameters.
For some FWBs, that might mean no make out sessions because that’s too “couple-ish.”

(FYI- Personally, if a guy doesn’t want to make out with you before sex, forget about it…Just stick with BOB, your battery operated boyfriend!)
In fact, make sure the sex is awesome! I mean, isn’t that kind of the whole point of having your own sex buddy?
Make sure you both know AND agree to the rules before your clothes come off.
#2 – Be honest.
You have to be honest not only with your Friend or Friend(s) with Benefits, but with yourself.
If you are looking at an FWB situation as a means to a Love Connection, you’re going to be sitting at home on a Saturday night crying your eyes out because he’s out on a date, even though he was busy doing you, doggy-style last night. Get over it! Remember honey, it‘s just sex.
If you want a serious relationship, don’t even think about going here.

If you’re jealous, obsessive, or possessive, and have the idea that sex has to mean absolute commitment, romance, adoration, love, rainbows, puppies and unicorns and living happily ever after together… DO NOT ever even consider it. Bad blood and hurt feelings will follow quickly.

#3 – Respect yourself and your FWB.
You were friends first. As friends, you should look out for each other. You should care for one another, and you should respect each other and the boundaries that you put in place.
Respect their health, welfare, safety, and emotional well being, and their pursuit of happiness. You started as friends, and God willing, you will continue to be friends once the sex has run its course.

This cannot be stressed enough ….never brag about having sex together. If a close friend of yours asks you about it, then by all means, you can tell them.

I’m sure they will respect your privacy. After all, none of your friends gossip, right?

What I’m talking about is that one annoying guy that we all know, who would blurt out at your sister’s wedding, “Hey everyone…check out who I’m f*cking!”& then passes around naked pictures! These guys will always come off as a jackass but nobody really cares because she is not his real girlfriend.
#4 – No “feelings” talks.
Do not drop the “L” word! Your friend may be someone you love but you are NOT IN LOVE with him! Let’s be perfectly clear about that!!
Intimacy can make you feel like you’re in love, and a Sex Buddy relationship can sometimes feel an awfully lot like love, but it isn’t!

Just remember, sex is an awesome way to connect with another human being in an incredible, knock your socks off kind of way, but don‘t let yourself get confused.
Don’t bomb your lover with raw emotion when their guard is down. He might get caught up in the moment and say something he doesn’t mean.

Think of him as being sex drunk, so don’t pay any attention to his Drunk Dialing rants of love, or you’re going to feel like a complete asshole tomorrow when he runs into you at a bar and totally blows you off in front of his friends.

#5 – Understand your boundaries.
For some Bed Buddies, there is a rule that they will not be seen together….. Period. They are only together when it’s time to get it on.
For others, they will spend almost all of their time together; go have dinner, movies, whatever, and then go knock it out. Some have to leave immediately after, but for some, sleepovers are OK.
Rule of thumb is …Your F*ck Buddy…Your Rules!
#6. Make yourself a pleasure priority
Be sexually selfish! Concentrate on how much fun you are having. This is the perfect time to try new sex positions, introduce some sex toys into your bed, learn to talk dirty, try new lotions, potions & lubes, explore fantasies and role-play, and experiment sexually as much as possible. Get wild and crazy.
You both need to decide what is the appropriate amount and style of foreplay for the two of you.

Maybe you like it nasty, rough and dirty and he prefers it lovey-dovey, romantic and clean….or maybe you like to get f*cked and she likes to make love… make some decisions about what is an acceptable compromise for both of you and enjoy.
If the sex isn’t that good, maybe you need a new partner, unless you have decided that even bad sex is better than no sex.

I call this Bad Pizza Sex... or BPS. Oh, sure, cold, bad pizza is gross and disgusting, but you can still choke it down in a pinch and it sure beats the hell out of being hungry!
#7. – Know when to end it.

Trust me…You’re going to know when the party’s over…when to move on, or when it’s time to have a serious chat about whether this is still an Friend with Benefits thing or is it turning into a “love” thing?

Here’s where wisdom comes in handy.

If you know for sure, that your partner is still not interested in a traditional “dating” relationship, but you’re starting to question where he goes at night, what he’s doing, who he’s with, checking his phone, or you’re starting to feel bad about yourself for questioning his actions….
Honey, it’s time to stop the bus and get off before you turn into a Bat-Shit Kray-Kray, Burn All Of His Clothes, Psycho Bitch Stalker….

Or worse you get your heart broken.
While you might not consider yourself to be dating anyone, it may not stop your partner from feeling that they want or need more than just a sexual relationship from you. We are after all, humans, and humans have emotions that sometimes get out of control.

No matter how careful you are….Shit happens!
But the good news is that the Crazies almost always drop some helpful tell-tale clues before they snap. Pay attention and watch for the clues before it’s too late and you wake up some morning with your testicles super glued to your thigh….
Sometimes Unicorns are real….and sometimes both sex partners do decide that they really do want the real deal with each other, and want to live happily ever after. Awesome!
But remember the statistics….You can’t EVER go into one of these situations hoping for or expecting true love. It is what it is.
When handled like mature adults it can be a freaking awesome ride!! All aboard…

There is another risk that we need to discuss…one that is even more worrisome than getting your heart broken….

The risk of getting so complacent in your Friend with Benefits lifestyle that you actually stop thinking about or looking for your Soul Mate.

I asked a couple of my friends about this and I expected a pretty resounding "Yes!" I was sure that my friends would share with me that they missed out on finding more meaningful relationships because they'd allowed themselves to become too involved with their Sex Friend.

Wrong again! I was shocked when the first three people to respond told me that they actually met their husbands while being involved in a "Friends with Benefits" relationship with someone else.

(Duh! I don’t know why I’m surprised… I was in a long-term FWB relationship when I met my husband!)

Well, it turns out the next people I heard from were on the complete opposite side of the fence, which is typical. One universal truth about the human race is what works for one person does not necessarily work for another.

You have to find out what works for you.

If you are in a Friends with Benefits situation or are thinking of starting one, be wary of the following signs that suggest you might miss out on finding Mr. or Ms. Right, if you are not careful:

 You find yourself planning your schedule around hanging out with your sex buddy.

It's great to make time for each other, but keep in mind; this should never be your primary relationship. If it is, then as Neil Armstrong once said “Houston, we have a problem.” .

If you are spending more free time together than you are apart, it's time to evaluate what's really going on here. What are your motives? Is this really what you want?

One thing is for sure…When you put so much time and energy into your Friend with Benefits, the likelihood of you getting out and meeting other potential love interests decreases significantly.

You have stopped looking for other dating opportunities.

Having a physical relationship with someone who also makes you feel warm and safe, can be a security blanket.

It is easy to become lazy.
My friend, Julie chimed in, "Having a Friend With Benefits sometimes makes people not try very hard to put their best foot forward out in the dating game because they know they have something on the back burner that makes them comfortable." And God knows, we all do love our comfort zones!
Your feelings are deepening but you know it's not mutual.

Falling for someone who does not return your love can be difficult under any circumstances, yet when you are having sex; it is easier to believe that the situation might change…

After sex, your brain is high on dopamine and starts to believe your feelings, which are telling you lies.
Lies like this …..Maybe if I keep screwing him, he will fall in love with me eventually! Sorry, guys but it just doesn’t work that way, so please don’t follow that particular yellow brick road to a broken heart.
It's time to end the relationship and make yourself fully available to people who want the same thing that you want.
Friends with Benefits, No Strings Attached (NSA), F*ck Buddies, Sex Buddy, Sex Friend, or Booty Call ….Whatever you call it; the idea of turning a friend into a lover is a tempting one.
(You poor baby…I’m sorry, you probably thought that this was going to be easy, didn’t you?)

How about taking the next few minutes to complete the following Quiz to find out if you will make a good sex buddy or not.


Would I be a good candidate to be a F*ck Buddy?

1 Point for every A Answer
2 Points for ever B Answer
0 Points for every C Answer
Q. Which one sums up your feelings towards rules and structure?
a) I love rules. They rule my life. I cannot stand people that break the rules. They should be punished.
b) I try my best to follow them, but I slip up from time to time. Some rules are made to be broken…
c) The only rules I follow are the Rules of The Road.
Just like a monogamous relationship, a Friendship with Benefits has rules and boundaries. Do the benefits include intercourse, oral, and/or anal or just kissing and touching? Are you expecting a long-term fling or a one-night stand? Are your mutual friends allowed to know? Are you allowed to hold hands and cuddle after sex? Is a sleep-over expected or should you leave right after?
FYI-You’ll also need to prepare yourself in advance for when the other person breaks the rules.
Q. Is the Friend that you’re considering, someone you couldn’t live without?
a) Yeah, she’s been my best friend since kindergarten. I would die without her.
b) We get on well, but I could carry on without them.

c) I have no friends.
When you start a sexual relationship with a friend, there’s always that chance that, by the end of your fling, the friendship will be over. Maybe because they have seen your junk or your huge

Sex-toy collection, or maybe there’s just been too much drama.
Whatever…face it, it’s over.

You should be able to accept life without them. A guy who wants to be just friends with benefits, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you... It just means that he’s not that into you as a girlfriend.

Q. In a relationship, you’re the type to:
a) Send your guy dozens of messages throughout the day, asking urgent questions like, “What are you thinking about?”
b) Do most of the talking in person, and send a couple of important/suggestive texts when needed. Wink. Wink
c) Remain completely silent, especially during sex
It’s called “no strings attached” for a reason. This means that asking, “Where are you? Who are you with? or Can I join you?” is out of the question. This crosses the threshold of a full-blown relationship (and an unhealthy one at that).
With a FWB, you must remember that, it’s just sex and nothing more.
Q. Honesty is:
a) The only policy.

b) The best policy.

c) Wishful thinking.
Honesty is one of those few strings that shouldn’t be severed. If you start experiencing romantic feelings or have second thoughts, you should be able to share with the other person so that you can both re-evaluate your situation.
Who knows? By opening up and sharing your feelings you might find out that he feels exactly the same way!
Q. If my partner wants to have safe sex, I:
a) . There is no such thing as Safe Sex that’s why I am saving myself for marriage.

b) Am relieved and will do whatever I can to make that happen without sacrificing my own comfort.
c) Tell them to get out of the damn bed. You only ride bare-back!
You want to give your Sex Buddy an orgasm, not an STD. Get tested and use a condom to keep disease and pregnancies out of your relationship unless you’re ready to deal with your own real life Baby Mama Drama!
Score Yourself
0-3 points:

Get a pet! You are not ready for any kind of relationship! In fact, your career of choice might be that of crazy cat lady.

3-6 points:

You’re in love with love! You believe in love at first sight, monogamy, and living happily ever after. With your needs and attitudes, you might better enjoy a more traditional relationship. Ain’t

no shame in that!
6-10 points:
Stop- Drop- and Roll, because you’re on fire!
It looks like you might be ready for a Friend with Benefits! Call up that cute friend and see if he or she is down for some no strings attached nookie.
Remember- Many guys and girls love the idea of a no strings attached relationship….All the fun with none of hassles! So don’t be afraid to ask!!

Well, there you have it. Now you know The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of a Friends with Benefits relationship. If you’re still interested and the concept of banging your friend seems really exciting….then go for it!!
The sooner you turn that friend into a lover, the sooner your next question just might be….


This Sex Friend Contract is entered into on this

date________________________ between the following parties:

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