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Stand Up Presents.

The Complete Guide To Club Game.


1. Introduction.
2. The Scene.
3. Character.
4. Confidence.
5. Club Dynamics.
6. Dancing, The Does and Don’ts.
7. Alcohol, The Does and Don’ts.
8. The Hook Up.


I Know Clubs.
This guide is a guide to picking up women in nightclubs and enjoying your time at clubs more. It’s about getting the most you can out of your hard earned cash on a Friday night, and maybe even making some money down the line. It’s about not getting in trouble with Staff or Regulars. Learning why some guys go straight to the front of the line and never pay an entry fee. Why some ugly guys have all the babes laughing and some attractive guys can’t get a girl to look at them.
Unlike many other Pick Up Artists (pua) I don’t claim to know everything there is about pick up. I certainly don’t pretend that this will greatly enrich your entire life. But it will improve your ability to make friends in a nightclub and that can lead to great happiness down the road. This guide isn’t about meeting the love of your life (but who knows you may) it’s about loving the nightlife.

I don’t know everything about a healthy successful long-term meaningful relationship. In fact, I’m at them. But I’m very good at getting girls naked, very good at maintaining strong friendships, and fantastic at working a room. If I were to make a list of things I know, I’d put the nightlife right after 1 + 1 = 2. It’s my pleasure and my passion. I work in the industry, create for the industry, and find my women at nightclubs. I know clubs.

Note: before reading this it is recommend you at least understand the basics of game. Your grounding doesn’t matter, you can be Mystery Method, RSD, Gunwitch etc. you just need to have your basics down.

The Scene.

People that go to clubs to pick up, pick up less than those that go for fun.
Nightclubs are different to the world on the outside of the velvet rope. The normal rules do not apply. Women get hit on all night, men are loud, people dance publicly and almost everyone is drunk. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to feel lost in this strange world of smoke and strobes.
The first thing you need to understand is peoples’ motivations when they’re at a nightclub. Surprisingly for me, in my research I’ve found that heaps of guys aren’t actually at a nightclub just for the fun of it. I also found out, that the guys that were at clubs just to pick up were actually picking up less than those that were at the club for fun.
Most Girls are at a club to have fun. But unlike most guys, they see hooking up as just one possible fun thing that you can do at a club. They don’t desire a hook up more than any other nightclub activity. So keep that in mind when you’re talking to them.
The staff are their to make money, this isn’t just the bar staff or the bouncers, it’s also the djs, the promoters, and the hosts. But this doesn’t mean that is all they want to do. Everyone wants to have fun, everyone wants to meet nice people and feel needed. But they have a job to do, and if they’re any good at it, that will always come first.

Every Nightclub has it’s own scene, and many nightclubs attract a different crowd on different nights, they may have a Uni night one night, with cheap drinks and a loose door policy, and an upscale night the next, with expensive drinks, big name acts and a strict door policy. Understanding each clubs’ scene is so incredibly important to great success. It’s no good coming into an underground indie club with the latest ghetto fab clothing and attitude. You’ll be disliked by half the people in there and that’s if you get passed the door guy in the first place.

Like anything in life, you’ll enjoy your time at nightclubs more when you’re in a scene with like-minded individuals that share taste in music, fashion and lifestyle to you. That’s not to say you stick exclusively to one scene, far from it, but it is where you should build your base. It’s a base of operations in a sense, a scene where you become king, where everyone new to the scene wants to know you, and everyone in the scene already does. Once you’ve got this it becomes easier to take those connections you make, that attitude you possess and that character you’ve created for yourself to other nightspots.


You make yourself like a Rockstar.
When you’re out on the town you should maintain a consistent outlook and character. If you have true character, people will know you before you’ve even met them. I have a character, the great pick up artists have a character, the guys getting all the girls in the clubs do, and you will too.
Character shouldn’t be a fake. It shouldn’t involve things you don’t like. But it must be desirable. That means, if you’re in a rock scene, you make yourself look like a Rockstar. If you’re into commercial dance music, dress like a male model or young famous dj. This doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can find cheap clothes that look great. It takes a little more effort and time, but it’s not hard.
Now the exterior is the easy part. The tough part is acknowledging and exposing your strengths, and repairing your weaknesses. But even that’s not that hard, for starters, just ask yourself what people are always complimenting you on. Those are your strengths. What can you never seem to pull off? Those are your weaknesses.

Most peoples strengths and weaknesses can be broken down into a few simple and manageable areas. Humour, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Social Awareness, the ability to hold Engaging Conversation, and Body Language.

Humour, is the first thing almost every girl will say when asked what she like in a man. It’s strange that in high school we read through and study boring Shakespearean plays, and yet we never study the art of carefully crafted humour. They make us study other languages before they teach us the true mastery of our own. Comedy is the one thing that separates us from the animals. Scientific study has proven that at most there are 8 or 9 species on earth that even have the mental capacity to joke, and no study has been able to confirm that they can. It’s an asset, and probably the asset that brings the most joy of all.
Probably the reason we don’t teach it is school is it’s so hard to define. It’s so broad, but this works in your favour. Pick the type of comedy you like, and watch some videos of comedians performing it. Learn the way they talk, learn to pause before your punch lines, decide whether you smile when you deliver a line or whether you want to be straight faced with maybe a hint of a smirk. Whatever it is, don’t introduce your ruder, smuttier material until you’re sure that you won’t get yourself in trouble. Build up to it, and know when you’ve going to far.

Enthusiasm is very important. If you can’t be enthusiastic about the things you love, and meeting new people, why should they be enthusiastic about you? You can’t be too enthusiastic. You don’t want to seem crazy, but you must be slightly more enthusiastic than the people you’re talking to, and you must be very enthusiastic about them. Don’t fake it, learn to be enthusiastic if you’re not. Start by thinking about the wonderful things you’ve got. (I’m assuming here, but if you’re going to nightclubs I’m probably right) You live in a Democratic Society, you have food on your plate, you are in a better position to enjoy the world than 90% of people out there.

So start by getting a little enthusiastic about that. When you’re talking to someone, try and steer clear of typical nightclub chatter eg. “You come here often?” “Who are you here with?” “What kind of music do you like?” Instead ask a question that you can actually be excited about and that she’ll be excited about. Try “What makes your job/life/friends interesting.” And when she answers, find what interests you about what she just said and get excited. The same applies for men. When you’re talking to them, be enthusiastic about what they say, and deliver what you’re saying with enthusiasm.

Confidence. Confidence is key; I’ve got a chapter on it later in this guide.

Social Awareness, is very hard to define, and probably the hardest thing to teach. It’s all about reading peoples body language and the slightest changes in facial expression. The key to good social awareness is just that, awareness. In a nightclub thankfully the game is a bit easier. As people drink they show their emotions a bit more outwardly, an angry guy will have flared nostrils or be frowning, an attracted girl will show it in any number of ways.
As a character you should watch how other people in nightclubs are socially aware. You need 360 vision and a great smile. People perceive a smile as a sign of social awareness in a nightclub. The right smile can calm an angry drunk, and arose the interest of an unpredictable girl.

Engaging Conversation is a very easy skill to learn, and yet, not that many people are particularly good at it. It’s really about thinking before you talk so your sentences aren’t filled with um and ahs fill your conversations with emotion, always say how doing something made you feel, and vary the vocabulary you use.
A good conversationalist will almost never use the same adjective twice in a conversation unless to reiterate a previously said statement. Generally they tend to use words that deliberately invoke positive and negative emotions in their audience.
Also, remember what people have said, asking the same question several times is not a good thing, even in nightclubs where the loud music can sometimes buy you a chance at asking the same question twice.

Last but not least, ignore all the shit in the pick-up community about not leaning in when talking to someone. The key is not leaning in too much, and not leaning in at the start of a conversation. When you are orating to a large group, you should always lean into the centre of the group and with great passion and excitement deliver your story. When listening it is polite to lean in slightly at the beginning of someone else story, and lean back letting them come to you as the story builds.

Follow those rules and you will engage people far better with even the most boring or esoteric conversations.

Body Language is the first thing people see when they see you, before your clothes or your words comes the way you stand and hold yourself. The basics of Body Language are easy, and then you just gradually build on the basic as you further develop your character.
First things first, stand with your chest slightly pushed out, shoulders back, head tilted slightly up (except for in conversation), and feet pushed slightly off centre. It’s funny, but all that time you were ignoring your grandmother tell you how to stand you should have been listening. The reason that was considered the way to stand was that Kings and Presidents and other power figures stood that way, and back in the day before Hollywood they were the worlds celebrities. People imitated these power figures and so the best way to stand became “The correct way so stand.” as my grandmother put it.
Facial expression is also important. The key here is to create a mix of emotions in people looking at you. When you aren’t engaged in conversation you should have a slightly concerned look on your brow, and a hint of a smile. When you make eye contact with someone slightly increase your smile, when you make eye contact with an attractive girl increase the smile slightly more. This makes people see you are confident and dominant, without making them feel uncomfortable due to feeling personally dominated. It also has been proven to make women find you more attractive. I recommend looking at photos of Errol Flynn, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Colin Farrell. All masters of the look, and no surprise, considered some of the best looking me on ever (of course the look isn’t even nearly all, but it helps).

Facial expression is probably one of the most important parts of your character when dealing with males too. Smiling and maintaining a dominant yet non-threatening facial expression is the most effective way of preventing trouble. Guys are less likely to fight you or cockblock you if you seem confident and happy, and more likely to have a positive response to you and invite you into their circle of friends.

Combine all these elements and you will undoubtedly be twice as popular at any nightclub you frequent.

We’re born confident, we become shy.
The ability to maintain self-confidence when things aren’t going to plan is undoubtedly the greatest skill you can have. It allows you to try when others would give up. I’m not talking about blind stubbornness, but a healthy strong ego affords you literally thousands more opportunities to make your life better than somebody without one.
I can’t say much more about confidence than BE CONFIDENT. Confidence grows the more you do something. When you first started writing as a child you weren’t confident about it, but now you don’t even have to think to do it. As you do things more you become better at them.
Talk to everyone at nightclubs, not just girls. Talk to groups of just guys, talk to girls you have no intention of sleeping with, and I can’t stress this one enough, but talk to the staff. Mindless chitchat with the staff will suffice, but on the second or third visit to a certain bar start introducing yourself to the staff. I usually just say something like “Hi, I think that since you keep serving me, I better be polite and introduce myself before you poison my drink, my name is Louis.” But however you want to introduce yourself will be fine.
Confidence in a nightclub is also extremely visible. Shy people tend to move to the corners away from heavy traffic, where confident people hang around the bar, or in places that people have to move around facing the group and talking to people. They may grab a booth or table when talking to groups of people but you won’t find them sipping their beer on the wall facing the dance floor where nobody can see them.

The most obvious point about confidence in a nightclub is what’s the worst thing that can happen. She’s not interested in you. Big deal! If you do everything right she may become attracted to you next week or the week after if she’s a regular at the club, and if she’s not you’re fine, she can’t influence the group in a negative way.

We’re born confident, we become shy. When you were born the only thing you were scared of was loud noises. Every other fear you have you learned. When you were three, and you saw a girl, you didn’t think, oh I can’t talk to her, you just did. You wanted to play with her so you walked up and said hi and asked to play with her. Try and remember that attitude when you’re considering talking to a girl, then stop considering and just do it. We’re born confident, we become shy.

Ok so that’s my little piece explaining confidence, but there are people out there far better than me at explaining it and helping you master it. I recommend Adam Lyons but there are hundreds. I just want to run through a few ways to demonstrate your newfound confidence in a nightclub.

Step 1. Drink… something. Lots of PUAs will tell you that drinking is bad, and over drinking is. Women hate sloppy guys, and unless they’re sloppy themselves they won’t like you when drunk.
But seriously guys, get a drink when you first go to the bar. Waiting for a drink is one of the best places to meet people at the club. They’re bored and want entertainment. You can be that entertainment. Male or female, say at least one thing to the person next to you every time you get a drink. Also, remember to talk to the bartender. If people see you talking to the staff they see you as confident and possibly higher value, which can help down the line.
Step 2. Hug… everyone. When you bump into anyone you know you don’t shake their hand. It’s too polite. Instead take their hand and say, “none of that hear mate, come on, bring it in.” give them a big hug and laugh.
Confident people hug at clubs. Not in the real world beyond the velvet rope, but in club world, that’s what they do.

Step 3. Talk... You want to take up 40% of the conversation with just one person, 30% with 3 people, and about a quarter of the conversation with a group any larger than 4. People hate people that talk too much. It shows a lack of confidence. But so does not talking enough. Remember to be genuine in your listening and your answering and things will go smooth.

Step 4. Eject. When a confident person arrives at a nightclub they go around saying hi to everyone they know at the club. This means when you first get to a club you talk to everyone you know for no longer than 5 minutes and move onto the next person. Even if you don’t know anybody else at the club you pretend you do. You act like you’ve got to be somewhere with someone. This makes them see you in high value, and prevents the conversation getting stale early before they’ve had a few drinks and the value of the conversation deteriorates.
When I get to a club I talk to around 30 people in roughly 10 groups in the first hour. Then I start picking the girls I want to pick up. By then she will have seen me talking to everyone, and I’ll appear confident, the life of the party and important. So keep moving at the start of the night.
Step 5. Laugh… Loud! A good loud laugh puts everyone at ease. Confident people laugh louder, shy people don’t laugh loud if at all. This ones simple, someone says something funny you laugh, just slightly too loud and slightly too long. They will like you for it.

Club Dynamics.

You won’t make any enemies and you’ll make plenty of friends.
Before I get into the dynamics of working the room in a club let me just give you a quick run down of how a normal nightclub operates.

Owner/Licensee(s) – This guy is at the top of the food chain. Everyone answers to him. If shit hits the fan, he gets blamed and gets fined by the cops even if he wasn’t there at the time. It’s unlikely you’ll see this guy very often, but if you do, do not piss him off. He’s usually in his 40’s and wears either business suits or all black t-shirt jeans, I don’t know how that became their uniform but that’s what most of them wear. So if you see a guy in his 40’s at a club full of 22 year olds, you can be sure he’s the owner or friends with the owner.

Executive Manager/Day Manager – These guys handle all management behind the scenes. They take care of the money, often do the hiring and firing, deal with Night Hosts, make sure the other managers are doing their jobs and keep a vigilant eye on the security. The executive manager rarely works on the bar unless they’re also the owner in which case they sometimes do. But for the most part they are at the end of the bar with a drink in hand watching everyone. I have done this job myself and it’s about 2% doing, 8% telling other people to do, and 90% watching.
Piss this guy off and find yourself a new club. They don’t forget faces quickly and generally have a short fuse. That aside, they’re the best friend you can have at a club. They’ll shout you drinks and make sure you get in free if you know them. But please don’t suck up to them, they get that all the time, and it just annoys them.
Bar Manager/Floor Manger(s) – These guys are behind the bar directing the buss boys and bartenders whilst serving drinks themselves. They run the club during it’s opening hours. They are great workers, most are up for a laugh, but don’t be stupid around them. They usually take great pride in the club they work at, so don’t slag it off around them.
Night Hosts – These guys organize the individual nights that a nightclub throws. Generally they book the entertainment, hire the promoters and basically get drunk and give free drinks to hot girls. These are generally very popular young guys, often dj’s and always confident. They tend to be the most approachable people in the nightclubs management system because they’re always promoting their night. They normally don’t take a wage and instead just take a percentage of the bar profits or the door profits from which they also have to pay their djs and bands. These guys also set the door policy.

Security – Security are the cornerstone of a good club. Without them it’s not a club, it’s a drunken free for all. They are answerable to everyone above them and will enforce their will. They are often also in charge of who gets in the club in conjunction with the door policy agreed to by the Night Host and the Day Manager. They will try and keep a good ratio inside but will let their friends in no matter what. They also are very answerable to the police with several fines applying for letting in drunk people in most countries. So don’t show up the club drunk, if they’re your friend do it for their sake, if not, do it for your own.

Performing Acts – Djs, bands, strippers, I think I once hired a clown and a midget, basically anyone that’s paid by the venue or Night Host to be there. These guys are a mixed bag, some are nice, some are full of themselves. Don’t concern yourself with them too much.
Bar Staff – Bar staff are important for obvious reasons. But for most of them, it’s just a job. They tend not to take it that seriously, are almost always up for a laugh, keep them laughing, tip them every once in a while (especially if you get them to make you a cocktail or something) and they’ll be cool with you. Also remember to talk to them as they’re the most visible part of the staff in a bar and people will notice you joking with them.
Floor Staff – These guys have a shitty job, cleaning up your mess. Not only do they have to clean your old glasses, but also spills on the floors and unfortunately when somebody does something disgusting in the bathroom (or anywhere in the club for that matter) guess who cleans it. Always be nice to these guys as they usually become friends with the bouncers. They’re normally the first at the club and the last to leave and given the job they have to do can be quite irritable. Don’t piss them off, they will kick you out faster than you can say “at least let me finish my drink”.

Promoters – These guys are at the bottom of the food chain, but tend to have the ego of someone at the top. In fairness to them they have a pretty rad role. They’re hired by the Night Hosts to promote the night. They will normally have a guestlist at the door and receive about 2 bucks for every person that uses it on any given night. They are often aspiring Night Hosts or djs, and are almost always loud confident guys or hot chicks. Talk to them, but don’t believe the bullshit they usually spin like “I know the owner” or “I get as many free drinks as I like.” 9 times out of the 10, they don’t.

So that’s the basic dynamic of staff within the club. Knowing that helps understand the dynamic of people within the club. It’s nice to know that the hot babe talking to the fat old bloke in a shitty old band shirt and black jeans isn’t into him for his personality.

When you first enter a scene and start to attend a particular night often Promoters and Night Hosts will probably be the most friendly. This affection may be a bit shallow, but knowing them helps you meet other people within the scene.

A great way to enter a scene is already looking the part. Try and meet some promoters on your first night, talk to as many girls as you can, but very careful not to use a sleazy game. DO NOT TRY AND PICK UP DANCING GIRLS!!! I can’t stress this more. If you want to become a popular character within the scene do not do this. It’s way too likely you’ll hit on somebody importants girlfriend and you’ll get a reputation as a sleaze.

Girls within the scene will be behaving differently to those just up for a night out. Girls in the scene will be kissing more people on the cheek, laughing loud, and won’t be dancing as much. Girls from outside the scene will dance most of the night, probably won’t drink quite as much due to lack of money and free drinks, and will be less likely to be on drugs.
When you first enter a scene, try and pick up these girls first. If you see a girl that has been on the dancefloor all night with the same 3 or 4 friends you can bet your left ball she isn’t a regular. So when she goes to the bar to get a drink time yourself, and get in line next to her and start a conversation. Odds are she’s only been hit on by guys dancing up behind her and grinding on her ass. So a conversation will be refreshing for her. You’ll seem cool and collected and charming just by comparison.

Talk slow but with power and say something funny. If she’s single she’ll talk to you and laugh, if not, she’ll seem distant so just move on to the next girl. Within a minute or two one of her friends will come over “to save her”. Shake this girls hand, introduce yourself and say something funny. Invite them both to dance once you’ve got your drinks. Dance for one song and excuse yourself (you can pretend you got a phone call) then find someone to talk to for ten minutes.

During this time the girls will dance and talk about you a bit. They will be watching, so make sure you talk to one of those friends you’ve made earlier in the night. Just when they seem to stop watching you, walk back in and ask for a private dance with the girl you want to pick-up. She will almost definitely say yes.

That’s your basic club dynamic and the best non-threatening way to enter a particular scene. Stick to this and you won’t make any enemies and you’ll make plenty of friends.

Don’t hold back.

Before you dance watch great dances and any girl. What do they do? They don’t hold back. They move and look stupid. That’s the key, the move and don’t care if they look a bit stupid. The reason they don’t care is that they are having too much fun. Once you really start to move you will stop caring. To look to good dancing you must vary your moves, move your feet and your arms, smile and enjoy yourself.
So now you know dancing, but do you want to do it. First of all, don’t try and pick up girls dancing. You will look like a sleazy fuckwit and lose your scene. Also you might piss of security or other staff and get kicked out.
I only dance with girls when invited and only after already talking to her at least once. Also not for too long at a time, the longer you dance, the more time you have to lose your enthusiasm and start looking shit.

All that’s important is that you enjoy it.

People will tell you all your life not to drink…don’t listen. Have some fun, relax and have a drink. Something you like, don’t worry if it’s girly or cheap or expensive, all that’s important is that you enjoy it. A girly drink is a form of peacocking. An exotic beer, used correctly can be a DHV. What’s important is that you don’t wince every time you go to take a sip.

Alcohol should be kept to one drink an hour except in the first hour where two or three is fine. Additional shots with promoters, hot chicks or staff are totally fine, but just don’t keep going back to the bar and getting too drunk.

When you have your drink hold it at your hand. Don’t listen to Mystery. Let people see it. Drinking is not a DLV at a nightclub, that’s insane. It’s a demonstration of social awareness(DSA) and can be very important. I’ve seen girls ask guys why they aren’t drinking and it can be embarrassing watching guys try to come up with an answer. You usually just look cheap.
The Hook Up.
The easy part.
Hooking up at a nightclub is fantastically easy. Especially if you know what your doing. Whenever single girls go to a nightclub they are hoping to pick up. As Will Smith said, “no woman wakes up saying ‘God I hope I don’t get swept off my feet today!”
When you’re at a nightclub, sweeping her off her feet isn’t all that hard. Be genuine, be different, be social and be enthusiastic and it’s hard to fail. I personally haven’t gone one weekend without sleeping with a new girl I met at a club in over a year.
There are three types of women at clubs, Single, Taken and Bitches. A bitch can be in a relationship or single, she will be just as hard to pick up, but certainly not impossible, for the purpose of this article, take means girls that are at the club with their boyfriend, is seriously committed to their boyfriend or can’t hook up at all for any number of reasons. A taken girl will usually let you know she is taken, and usually won’t make as much eye contact. Single girls are obvious, they dance a bit more, laugh a bit louder, drink a bit harder and eye rape you every time you do something cool.
If you get your methods right, and identify when to use each one you should be able to match my success or do even better. These are the methods of opening I use and the situations in which I apply them.

Method A. Direct Approach.

Best suited to Loud Clubs.

Step 1. Get yourself a good position near the dance-floor. Make sure you’re socialising as best you can in the loud music. Make eye contact with your target at least once, smile instantly.

Step 2. When she leaves the dance floor to get a drink or anything else, intercept her and saying something direct, ie. “Hi, I just thought I’d say you look smashing in that dress.” or my personal favourite “Hi… I’m sorry, I was trying to think of some great line that would make you quiver and like me, but I’m not that smart. You distracted me. Your fault really.”

Step 3. Now you’ve opened her and unless she is a total bitch she’ll come and hang out with you for a while.

Method B. The Direct Wingman.

Perfect for quieter clubs with smaller crowds.

Step 1. Get a best buddy that is confident and comfortable with women.

Step 2. Watch How I Met Your Mother.

Step 3. You and your buddy take turns introducing each other to girls by simply walking up and saying “Have you met [insert your buddies name here]”

Method C. The Bring It In Here.

Great for mid volume clubs with lots of hot girls.

Step 1. Get a few guys laughing by having a chat with them

Step 2. Take charge of the group, tell jokes, talk loud.

Step 3. As you see some hot girls coming your way get a group hug going with the boys.

Step 4. Grab the girls hand and say “group hug, come on get in here.” 99 times of a hundred she will and she will talk to you after the hug breaks.

Method D. Indirect.

Works pretty much anywhere there is alcohol regardless of volume.

Step 1. Stand next a girl you want to talk to.

Step 2. Make a simple observation of something around you.

Step 3. Subtly turn whatever it is negative and then blame her. eg. “the guys in here are such perves. You probably started it, wearing a top like that.”

Step 4. Wink.

Once you’ve got her talking to you everything is about keeping her talking to you, and ensuring her friends or some other guy aren’t going to poach her. You can’t let her get too drunk around you. Sure you might think that she’d be more up for it if she’s drunk. Lower her inhibitions you say. But her friends will be in there to take her away from you before you even get her close to the door. Ideally, you will have made enough connections at a club or be with a friend that can entertain her friend/s.

The social dynamics of getting a girl to ditch her friends and spend the night with you are probably some of the hardest in human behavioural psychology. The best I can offer you on this is these rough guidelines.

  • One girl. She’s all yours. But you see it once in a blue moon.

  • Two girls. The best situation is if the friend is hot and you’ve got a friend that can wing. If not, you’re fighting an uphill battle. The best thing is to only engage your target for 60% of the time and 40% of the time with your obstacle. This prevents her getting too bored and dragging away your girl. Also leaves open the option that they will both come somewhere with you.

  • Three girls or more. This is your best chance of getting laid. You can easily drag your girl away from the group. Let her go back to the group once. Introduce yourself and be nice and polite to her friends, before dragging your girl away again and taking her home.

Avoiding other guys can be tricky too. The best thing to do is not leave your girl alone for too long. Don’t do any bullshit AMOG crap. You’re trying to become part of the dominant and popular crowd in nightclub culture. Pissing off the alpha males isn’t going to do you any favours down the line.

Once you have a girl isolated kiss her fast. You’re at a nightclub, she knows it’s coming. By agreeing to leave her friends for more than two minutes at a nightclub she has basically given you the green light. Still, I like to talk to her for two or three minutes alone before I kiss her. This gives her enough time to really get used to the idea of kissing you, and is also important for her to feel that she knows you a bit. Otherwise if you have just hooked up all night she will feel like a slut going home with you.

Make sure you are subtle enough with your hook up. You want a reputation as a ladies man and fun guy, not as a compulsive sleaze. Make sure you enjoy your time with girls and invite the girls to meet your friends at the club.
Just keep it simple and apply your own personal method.

5 more chapters to come guys.


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