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Parks, George A.
George A. Parks Photograph Collection, ca. 1911-1933
PCA 240

2 boxes

Inventory revised Apr. 2005

1 album (92 b&w) photographs

Revised by: Jacki Swearingen, Aug. 2014

625 b&w photographs total

ACQUISITION: The George A. Parks Collection was donated in 1984 to the library by the Governor's niece, Betty Valentine (Mrs. Carl) of Piedmont, California. Acc. Nos. 1984-014, 1985-004. Manuscripts form a second collection, MS 91.
ACCESS: The photographs may be viewed, however, they may not be photocopied.
COPYRIGHT: Requests for permission to publish or reproduce images from the collection should be discussed with the Librarian.

PROCESSING: The Alaska Historical Library made new safety film negatives and prints of the negatives. The photographs are sleeved in Mylar. Citations from list of negatives, or from researchers (identified.) In May, 1985, the Alaska Historical Library published “Inventory of the Governor George A. Parks Papers and Photographs.” (F909 .P28 1985.)

In April, 2005, John Branson, Historian and park ranger, sent additional information which appears in the following inventory in italics, labeled with his initials “jb”. Mr. Branson made additional changes in October of 2006.

George A. Parks was born in Denver, Colorado, on May 29, 1883 and graduated from the Colorado School of Mining in 1906. He arrived in Alaska in 1907 to work as a mineral examiner for the U.S. General Land Office. Following his World War I military service, Parks returned to Alaska as chief of the field division of the General Land Office.
In 1924 he became Assistant Superintendent of Surveys and Public Lands and in 1925 was appointed governor of Alaska by President Calvin Coolidge. When his term expired in 1933, he rejoined the U.S. Dept. of Interior as a district engineer for Alaska. During World War II, he worked on military projects in Alaska as a partner in the R.J. Sommers Construction Co. Gov. Parks died on May 11, 1984 just a few weeks short of his 101st birthday.


The collection includes about 300 photos taken in interior and northwestern Alaska in 1911-1914 by Governor Parks when he worked for the U.S. Land Office. These include views of villages, mining operations, and vessels on the Yukon. The first 92 views (album) in the collection record a trip taken during May and June of 1928 by Governor Parks, Malcolm Elliott, President of the Alaska Road Commission and R.J. Sommers, Territorial highway engineer. A portion of the trip was in a one-engine airplane, piloted by A. A. Bennett. The trip of 2,500 miles to northern and interior Alaska was the first extensive trip that an Alaskan governor had made by airplane. There are some official photos of cabinet members; also formal and informal views of the 1929 U.S. Navy Alaska Aerial Survey Expedition.

Photograph Album (#1 – 92)

The 1928 Alaska Tour by Governor George A. Parks, Major Malcolm Elliott, Mr. R.J. Sommers Territorial Hwy Engineer

  1. Cannery and dock -- Port Althorp [exterior view of building from water].

    1. Spencer Glacier ... from Alaska Railroad [similar views of face of glacier].

4. Columbia Glacier [glacier face].

5. Kenai Lake ... from Alaska Railroad [snow capped mountains reflected in lake].
6. Cannery and wharf -- Valdez [exterior view of buildings].
7. Valdez Harbor [view from water of mountains with distant view of Fort Liscum on right].
8. Cannery and dock -- Port Althrop [exterior view of buildings].
9. Steamship wharf [Valdez wharf from the water].
10. Entrance to McKinley Park [sign post above entrance road].
11. Freighting on Yukon Highway near Goldstream [two wagons carrying pipe and pulled by truck on narrow path].
12. Thawing on Discovery Gold - stream [pipes on flat ground; hill beyond: near Fairbanks].
13. Tunnel [entrance] at head of Fox Gulch, tapping Chatanika River watershed for... dredges in Goldstream.
14. Dredge erection -- Discovery - Goldstream [cranes above partly completed dredge].
15. Freighting near Gilmore on Yukon Highway [tractor with lug wheels] pulling 2 wagons loaded with pipes for thawing].
16. Fairbanks Airport; Cabin Plane ready to take ... Gov. Parks, Major Elliott and Mr. Sommers. June 7, 1928.
17. Gassing at Nenana landing field on baseball diamond [man on plane filling tank; four men on ground at right].

18. Freighting near Gilmore on Yukon Highway [Gov. Parks talking to 2 men operating the tractor pulling pipe].

19. New dredge on Goldstream - Fairbanks district [side view of dredge].
20. Aviator A. A. Bennett with young caribou at Takotna [man holding young calf].
21. Gold dredge at Flat [close-up view].
22. McGrath from the aviation field, June 7, 1928 [view of building along river bank].
23. [Hill and wife at door way of their cabin on Aphir - Takatna road].
24. Gold dredge at Flat [distant view showing surrounding terrain].
25. At Unalakleet aviation field [people from village surrounding plane].
26. An omiak [man standing near beached boat].
27. The party at Unalakleet. Left to right; Joseph (with baby), [R.J.] Sommers, [Major Malcolm] Elliott, [Gov.] Parks, [A.A.] Bennett [5 men beside plane].
28. Cableway ferry for pedestrians between aviation field and Golovin
29. Cabin on Nome - Shelton train near Nome River bridge [2 unidentified men near small cabin].
30. Ladder of dredge -- Nome [close up view].
31. [Small cabin near Nome.]
32. Gas - driven speeder on Nome - Sheldon train,[small open railroad car on tracks].
33. Interior construction of an omiak [close-up of boat propped on its side].
34. Odd architecture on mining claim near Nome [cabin on bluff above river].
35. Nulato from the graveyard [view of town and river from bluff Above].
36. The graveyard at Nulato [group of gravehouses with a variety of flags and crosses.
37. Midnight sun at Kotzebue, June 12/13, 1928 [sun near horizon; buildings, center].
38. End of aviation field at Nulato [ long line of people near plane],
39. Sod and lumber igloo -- Kotzebue [entrance left, with sod portion in center; 2 story part on right].

40. Midnight sun at Kotzebue, June 12/13, 1928 [timed exposure shows 3 locations of sun near horizon].

41. Hydraulic mining near Brooks [2 men, one with hose; one near flume below].
42. Hydraulic mining near Brooks [one man with hose],
43. Bennett filling tank -- Bettles [pilot standing behind engine filling wing tank].
44. Livingood from the ditch line .[distant view of town Livengood from bluff above]'
45. [Log cabin surrounded by flowers; man near door.]
46. The Archdeacon (left), hospital staff, Gov. Parks, Mr. and Mrs. Butler -- Fort Yukon [eight people on porch].
47. U.S. Radio station at Fort Yukon [exterior view of log structure]
48. Episcopal hospital at Fort Yukon [exterior view showing entire front of building].
49. Home of Mr. W M Butler - Fort Yukon. l to r: Mr. Butler, Mr. Sommers, Mrs. Butler, Gov. Parks [standing near doorway].
50. Children of Mr. Carter, trader at Fort Yukon [4 girls seated on a bench],
51. [Exterior view of Fort Yukon Hotel, a two story log cabin structure],
52. Bettles from aviation field [distant view of buildings],
53. Aviation field at Wiseman [people near plane which has landed].
54. Engineer Building at Fort Gibbon, Tanana [exterior view of two story wooden structure].
55. [Aerial view of winding sloughs and old river Channels in Yukon valley.
56. Native boat en route to potlatch, Tanana [small covered river boat at anchor; two U.S. flags flying].
57. Bureau of Education Hospital boat "Martha Angeline". Miss Major Nurse. Tanana [woman on deck of boat].
60. Sled dog at Nulato [half malamute dog; full length view].
61. Mammoth bones uncovered by mining operations near Brooks.
62. Mammoth bones near Brooks [tusk among the bones].
63. Tolovana Tram near Brooks [grass growing between the tracks].
64. Air tour completed - Gov. Parks [Parks beside plane].

65. Pilot A. A. Bennett [standing near plane].

66. Major Elliott [beside plane].
67. Mr. R. J. Sommers[beside plane].
68. 1928 Ford used by Gov. Parks and Major Elliott for inspection of Richardson Highway.
69. Adams grader and caterpillar [on road near Fairbanks]. June 19, 1928.
70. 18 mile Roadhouse [Gov. Parks and 3 others beside entrance].
71. Wehr one-man grader working at mile 36 from Fairbanks -- June 19, 1928.
72. Alaska Road Commission house at Sallchaket [2 story log building].
73. Turbow's fox farm 50 miles from Fairbanks [man and fox in fenced area].
74. Birch Lake - 58 miles from Fairbanks [looking through trees to lake beyond].
75. Gravel shovel near Richardson [pickup truck near shovel].
76. Joe Downs [holding trout from Summit Lake]. June 19, 1928.
77. Headwaters Delta River as seen from Richardson Highway [glacier beyond].
78. Widening of Richardson Highway near Hogans - June, 1928 [stretch of gravel road].
79. Bank protection on stream at mile 223 from Fairbanks [rows of rocks on river bank].
80. [Exterior view of Sourdough Roadhouse.]
81. Mt. Drum from Richardson Highway near Meyers [distant view of mountain beyond valley.
82. At Willow Creek - Gov. Parks [Parks beside car under Richardson Highway sigh].
83. Maintainer working between Willow Creek and Kenny Lake. Gov. Parks and Major Elliott [beside road grader].
84. Gov. Parks and Lieut. Itschoner [between Willow Creek and Kenny Lake].
85. Childs Glacier [glacier face].
86. Erskine Railroad Speeder. Mr. Hanson, Gen. Mgr., Copper River and Northwestern Railroad.

87. Mrs. de Coningh, Gov. Parks, Miss de Coningh, Major Elliott [beside car. Blurred image].

88. Ford speeder - Copper River and Northwestern Railroad [passenger car with wheels to fit train tracks.]
89. View from Dan Creek Road, short distance out of McCarthy[Mt. Blackburn on left].
90. Falls seen from Copper River and Northwestern Railroad between Chitina and Cordova.
91. Falls seen from Copper River and Northwestern Railroad between Chitina and Cordova [closer view of #911].
92. [Unidentified ship in open water; mountains in distance.]

93. Juneau, Alaska. 1 Sept. 1926 [aerial view of community and tide flats.]

94. Juneau, Alaska. 11 Sept. 1926 [aerial close-up of community. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. 114.
95. Looking NW up the Gastineau Channel, Douglas on the left and Juneau on the right. 10 Sept. 1926. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. 163.
96. Tongass Narrows and Ketchikan with Pennock Island on left., 11 Sept 1926. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. 162.
97. Skagway, Alaska and The International Boundry [boundary] Line. 17 Aug 1926. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. 153.
98. [Photograph of eight officers of The Alaska Aerial Survey Detachment. Names and titles are listed on verso of the photo. L. P. Pawlikowski, R. F. Whitehead, Chas. F. Greher, A.C. Smith, A. W. Radford, R. H. Sargent, E. F. Carr 10 Aug 1929. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. 2-161.
99. Assembled units of the A.A.S.E. and U.S.S. GANNETT [a grouping of 103 men] 10 Aug 1929. U.S. Navy A.A.S.-E. 2-158.
100. Sentinel Island lite [light]. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. LH2A, 6-22-29
101. Cape Spencer. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. LH6C, 8-1-29
102. Pearl Straits. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. LH13, 8-2-29

103. Point Sophia U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. LH17, 8-2-29

104. Wrangell, Alaska. U.S., Navy A,A..S.E, FS-LL, 8-5-29
105. Petersburg, Alaska. U.S. Navy A,A.S.E, FS-MLA, 7-1-29
106. Lakes on Kuiu Island. U.S. Navy A.,A.S.E. FS-UZ, no date
107. Haines, Alaska and Ft. Seward on Left. U.S. Navy A.A.,S..E. FS-YL, 6-22-29
108. Haines, Alaska. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-YLA, 6-22-29
109. Muir Glacier-U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. GS-Y13, 7-18-29
110. Timber, Old & New. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-W8A, 8-2-29
111. Glacier Bay, timber growth.U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. Y-4-2J, 7-19-29
112. Cape Fairweather, Mt. Fairweather at right, U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-Y43, 8-1-29
113. Cape Fairweather, Glacier at right, U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-Y43A, 8-1-29
114. Cape Fairweather - looking north. Gravel Plateau Glacier at left. U.S. Nayy A.A.S.E. FS-Y43B, 8-1-29
115. West front Fairweather Glacier showing moraine covered ice. Mt. Fairweather in center. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. GS-Y430D, 8-1-29
116. Cape Fairweather looking toward Lituya Bay, U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. F.S.- Y43F, 8-1-29.
117. Ancient timbered moraine southeast of Cape Fairweather, U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-Y43H, 8-1-29.
118. Cape Fairweather. Lituya Bay, timbered flat. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FSY44. 8-1-29.
119. Timbered flat between Cape Fairweather & Lituya Bay, U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FSY44A. 8-1-29.
120. Timbered flat between Cape Fairweather & Lituya Bay. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-Y44C 8-1-29.

121. Detail of timber and grass between Cape Fairweather & Lituya Bay. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-Y44D. 8-1-29.

122. Detail of timber on west side of Lituya Bay. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-Y45A. 8-1-29.
123. Detail of timbered area on west side of Lituya Bay. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-Y45B. 8-1-29.
124. Timbered Area looking from Lituya Bay northwest to Cape Fairweather. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-Y45C, 8-1-29.
125. Detail of timber area of west side of Lituya Bay, Mt. Fairweather on left. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-Y45D, 8-1-29.
126. Lituya Bay. Cenotaph Island in foreground looking north. FS-Y45F, 8-1-29.
127. Sitka, Alaska. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-VII. 8-2-29.
128. Mt. Edgecomb [Edgecumbe], Sikta, Alaska. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-XL, 8-2-29
129. Waterfall, Navy Lakes, Baranof Island. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-VLOH, 8-3-29.
130. Frozen Lake. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-2-17, 8-22-29.
131. Pass between Prospect Point & Slocum Inlet. U.S. Navy A.A.S,E. FS-Z-21A, 6-22-29.
132. Pass between Prospect Point & North Fork Slocum Inlet. U.S. Navy A.A.S,E. FS-Z22, 6-22-29.
133. Walker Lake. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-Z24, 6-22-29.
134. Reservoir and Salmon Creek. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-ZA-7, 6-28-29.
135. Looking up Taku River. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. FS-Z50, 8-2-29.
136. International Boundary line - Stikine River. U.S. Navy A,A.S.E. FS-Z49A 8-2-29.
137. Int'l Boundary, Stikine River. U.S. Navy, A.A.S.E. FS-Z68, 9-1-29.
138. Glacier Bay, Muir Glacier. GS-YI373, 7-18-29.

139. Glacier Bay, Muir Glacier, from 13000 ft. GS-Yl3E, 7-18-29.

140. Glacier Bay, International Boundary, Grand Pacific. GS-Y-17, 7-18-29.
141. Glacier Bay, International Boundary, Grand Pacific. GS-Y-17C, 7-18-29-
142. Rendeau Glacier, U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. G3-Y15, 7-18-29.
143. Rendu Glacier, Glacier Bay. GS-Y15, 7-18-29.
144. Grand Pacific Glacier. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. GS-Y17, 7-18-29.
145. Mt. Crillon. GSY41, 6-28-29.
146. Mt. Lituya (northside). U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. GS-Y41B, 7-18-29.
147. Gravel Plateau Glacier of Cape Fairweather, GS-Y43E, 8-1-29.
148. Mt. Fairweather. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. GS-Y43e, 8-1-29.
149. Lituya Bay - timbered flat. FS-Y45, 8-1-29.
150. Lituya Bay. Crillon Glacier. GS-Y48, 8-1-29.
151. La Perouse Glacier. GS-Y52 (?) , 8-1-29.
152. Brady Glacier. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. OS-Y54, 8-1-29.
153. Twin Glaciers, U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. GS-Z54, 8-2-29.
154. Juneau 1926 (?) U.S. Navy A.A.S.,E. [aerial view of the town taken just south of the A.J.Mine.]
155. Juneau 1929. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. [aerial view of Juneau's waterfront.]
156. Mendenhall Glacier. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. [ca. 1930]
157. Passing timber clad side of Mt. Juneau, [3 seaplanes in flight against the Mt.] U.S. Navy A.A.S.E.
158. Planes in flight over Twin Glacier. Taku River, U.S. Navy A.A.S.E.

159. Lake Dorothy. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. [Taku Inlet]

160. Passing over Wright Glacier. U.S. Navy A.A.S.E. [31 miles east of Juneau.]
161 through 171 are views of a fishing trip of U.S. Navy pilots and Gov. Parks at Hasselborg Lake (?) Aug 17, 1929
161. [12 unidentified men on shore of a lake where two U.S. Navy Seaplanes are-moored.] T-182.
162. [Three seaplanes at rest on the lake.] 1-184
163. [A group of men standing in the water fishing; pontoon plane nearby].1-185
164. [Three unidentified men preparing to fish; pontoon plane moored close by.]
165. [Gov. Parks standing in the lake in front of a moored U.S. Navy seaplane.]
166. [Gov. Parks trout fishing in lake; aircraft and other fisherman behind.] 1-188.
167. [Unidentified fisherman.]
168. [Gov. Parks fishing.] 1-189.
169. [A group photo of 14 men, with Gov. Parks standing fifth from the left.] 1-191.
170. [A group of ten men mostly in flight clothing holding a line strung with trout.]
171. [Gov. Parks, on right, with an unidentified man, both standing in front of a A.A.S.E. plane.]

172. International boundary line Mt. Fairweather & Grand Pacific Glacier. U.S. Navy, A.A.S.D.

173-189 [Aerial views of mountain peaks, lakes and glaciers, Southeast Alaska.] P. A. McDonough, chief photographer, U.S. Navy, A.A.S.E.

190. [Petersburg (?) aerial view.] P.A. McDonough, chief photographer, U.S. Navy A.A.S.E.

191. [Eight men, Gov. Parks 4th from left with Alaska flag. Probably Benny Benson flag. ca. 1927.]
192. Duplicate of #191.
193. [Two men standing with Governor Parks, center. They are holding up an Alaska flag, probably the Benny Benson flag. ca. 1927]
194. [Gov. Parks and an unidentified man standing before a flagpole,]
195. [Eight men, one woman gathered on roof. Gov. Parks has raised the first flag over Federal Bldg. Feb. 14, 1931. See back of photo for identification.]
196. [Gov. Parks and an unidentified man standing before a flagpole flying the American flag.]
197. [An official portrait of Gov. Parks & a group of six men who are probably territorial officials. They are photographed in front of a picture of Alaska's territorial seal with U.S. and Alaska flags on either side of the group.] See PCA Oversize collection for photo.
198. [Same as #197 except the group is seated at a table.] See PCA Oversize collection for photo.
199. Secretary of the Interior Hubert Work and his official staff. January 17, 1927. [12 men seated at an oval table with Sec’y Work and 2 men standing either side of him. A large 1811 x 24" official portrait, Gov. Parks second from right.] See PCA Oversize collection for photo.
200. Mount Drum. Richardson Trail Alaska. Cann Photo. #312,
201. Birch Lake, Richardson Trail, Alaska, about 60 miles from Fairbanks Cann - Loussac photo. #3.
202-203 [Similar views of Fairbanks residents swimming in Birch Lake.] Cann photo.

204. Shocks of Wheat Rickert's farm, Fairbanks, Alaska. Cann Photo.

205. Dunham residence, Fairbanks. [A profusion of flowers, vines and shrubs to show the lush summer growth in the north]. Cann Photo
206. Chatanika Dredge F.E.Co.[about 35 miles north of Fairbanks], Cann Photo.
207. Circle Hot Springs, Alaska. Cann photo, Fairbanks,
208. Circle Hot Springs, about 40 miles south of the Artic Circle. [Arctic Circle][view of village with truck garden in forefront,] Cann photo.
209. Eskimo hunter watching for seal. [kayak and Eskimo with harpoon on an ice floe]. Lomen Bros. Nome, #1143.
210. [Close-up of #209 with a hair seal also on the ice floe.] Lomen Bros, Nome. See PCA Oversize collection for photo.
211. Eskimos dividing up walrus after a hunt. Nome, Alaska. Lomen Bros. #146,
212. Eskimo Dance. [one dancer, five drummers performing before a large skin boat..] Lomen Bros. #3
213. [Two reindeer on winter range.] Lomen Bros. #1134
214. [Three reindeer on summer range.] Lomen Bros.
215. Alaska reindeer. Kotzebue Herd No. 2. Lomen Bros. Nome #695C #1167.
216. Hydraulic mining in the vicinity of Nome. Lomen Bros.
217. Dredging operations in vicinity of Nome. Lomen Bros.
218. One of the large electrically driven dredges near Nome. Lomen Bros.
219. New England Fish Co., Cordova, Alaska [5 bldgs on pilings comprising the cannery.] H.W. Steward photo, Cordova.

220. View of Cordova. [taken from mountain top.] 1928. H.W. Seward photo.

221. View of Cordova. [similar to #220 but showing more of the surrounding area]. H.W. Steward.
222. Front view. Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines. Fairbanks Alaska [origins of University of Alaska].
223. [Back view of buildings at College, Alaska]
224. The College. Fairbanks, Alaska. The Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines.
225. [Aerial view of Fairbanks.]
226. Main Street, Fort Yukon, Alaska. 8 miles north of Arctic Circle. Farthest point north on Yukon R.
227. St. Stephen’s Mission, Fort Yukon, Alaska [exterior view].
228. Hudson Stuck Memorial Hospital, Ft. Yukon, Ak. 8 mi. north of Arctic Circle [exterior view].
229. Chilkoot Barracks (on left) and Haines, Ak, from the air, May 2, 1930. Mouth of Chilkat River in background. New road toward Chilkoot faintly visible on sideline at extreme right.
230. Juneau, Alaska. Aerial view. Ordway 29.
231. Aerial view of Juneau, Alaska. Alaska Juneau Gold Mining Co. Ordwav 29 (?).
232. [Gathering of people at Seward and 6th, Juneau.] Ordway 31.
233. Juneau High School. 1928. [exterior view], Winter and Pond photo.
234. Federal Building [Juneau; later became Alaska Capital building], Markoe Photo.

See PCA Oversize collection for oversized copy 2.

235. Views of the road [Glacier Highway, Juneau] constructed by the Bureau of Public Roads, Dept. of Agriculture, in the Vicinity of Juneau, southeastern Ak.

236. Auk Lake with Mendenhall Glacier in the background. This lake is about fourteen miles from Juneau.
237. Views of the road constructed by the Bureau of Public Roads., Dept. of Agriculture in the vicinity of Juneau.
238. A dairy near Juneau [exterior of barn and silo].
239. A real sourdough outfit, Nulato on the Yukon. Summer 1926. [a grouping of river boats, one with a man and dog, a tent rigged over the boat and a variety of camping gear].
240. Nulato on the Yukon. Summer 1926. [the village photographed from some high area].
241. [An unidentified Russian priest in robes photographed in a Russian Orthodox Church].
242. Lover's Lane, Sitka, Alaska. [a wooded trail with totems]. (Claire photograph)
243. [Downtown site in Sitka before the Pioneers Home was built,] The Merrill Studio, Sitka #628.
244. Skagway Aviation field under construction. Old tractor, property of White Pass and Yukon Ry, equipped with hauling engine, dragging out stumps. Very efficient where roots are in shallow soil. May 2, 1930.
245. Skagway aviation field under construction. May 2, 1930 taken from the north end.
246. Heads of our Nation visit "Fairy-Land" on Aug. 17, 1928. at C.O. Walkers. The most Northern Florist in the world, at Skagway, Alaska [names and titles of eight men photographed are identified on the verso. A.N. Swenbsen, George A. Parks, William DeWitt Mitchell, William Jardine, Henry O’Malley, James T. Jardine, Charles H. Flory, V.I. Hahn].

247. The "Martha Angeline" at Anvik-; 6-28-27. [a motor vessel with passengers on lower and upper decks at the stern of the boat].

248. The "Martha Angeline" at Anvik. 6-28-27. [side view].
249. An operating room was extemporized in one of the dormitories at the Mission, The doctor & his assistants were good enough to pose for this picture. [Anvik?]
250. View of the road constructed by the Bureau of Public Roads, Dept. of Agriculture, in the vicinity of Ketchikan.
251. As above
252. Tonsina Lodge.
253. [A composite of 4 pictures of Tonsina, interior & surroundings.]
254. [Tonsina Lodge with a group of people posed in front. Eight automobiles are carefully posed in this early photo ca. 1928]
255. [Twelve cars carefully lined up before a backdrop of a mountain range.] See PCA Oversize collection for photo.
256. Soviet Flyers, Sitka, 9-29-29. [15 men and 2 women.]
257. [An Alaska Washington Airways Pontoon plane on the dock with a young man posed on one of the pontoons. The photo is inscribed 'To Governor Parks. Sincerely, A. P. Eckmann. 5-15-29."]

258. Ordway 31. [Tlingit carver James Rudolph, of Juneau, seated among a group of totems of varying sizes.] Verso of similar Juneau – Indians - 19: l to r: Mary (wife) of the Eagle Tribe – Shun-goo-Kay-dee Thunderbird, baby Anna, daughter Martha, Mr. Rudolph, and daughter Elisa. Mr. Rudolph is of Juneau, a Raven tribal member, his Tlingit name is Koosh-Kheet, meaning the master painter or artist. His name was given at birth. The totem poles surrounding him were sent to Paris Exhibition (for sale). Picture taken about 1931. Information verified by Anna C. Katzeek.

259. [As above, except man is alone & in the process of carving on a totem]
260. The Malamute Kid with His MacKenzie River Huskies. Near Fairbanks, Alaska 1911. [7-dog team pulling a lady in the sled & a man behind].
261. Removing the salmon from a fish trap [hoisting fish from the net into a hopper on a barge].
262. Totem poles carved by Boy Scouts of America. Alaska totem pole contest [ca. 50 totem poles submitted to the contest.]
263. [Same as #262 with three men and one women in the photo, probably the judges.]
264. Str, "Princess Alice" southbound in Lynn Canal, Ak. 5-2-30.
265. [A row of houses on an unpaved street; town is unidentified.]
266. Richardson Hotel. [A two story flat-roofed log building located 70 miles southeast of Fairbanks on the Richardson Hwy]. Cann #95

#267 – 418: Prints from negatives in Geo. A. Parks’ Eastman Negative Album #1

“Geo. A. Parks 3397 Boulevard “F.” Denver, Colo.”

267. Cape Prince of Wales villages [distant view from water] #l
268. Cape Prince of Wales [north side of cape] #73
269. Cape Prince of Wales [south side] #3
270. Teller, Alaska [distant view] #4
271. S.S. VICTORIA [sailing in choppy waters] #5
272. Bear at St. Michaels [bear on platform; man below] #29
273. Lower Labarge [Laberge] Lake [wooded shores; mountains beyond] #9

274. Bunch at "Carmacks" [group of men outside a log building] #10

275. Fritz in Norden's cold river [man standing on rocks in river] #11
276. Hell's Gate, Yukon River [wooded shore right; mountains beyond] #12
277. Bluff on Yukon River [bluff, center; river, foreground] #14
278-281. [Views of Dawson, Y.T. from hills above] #s 15, 16, 17, 18
282. Cloud effect, Upper Yukon [river, clouds and wooded shores] #19
283. International Boundary line [hills beyond river] #20
284-285. Circle City, Alaska [distant views from water; wireless tower, left] #s 23, 24
286. Farm at Circle [rake and mower, left; small hay stacks, center and right] #35
287. Nulato, Alaska [buildings to right of river bank; ships at dock] #25
288. Waterfront [at Nulato with skiffs on beach, buildings beyond] #89
289. Dogs [and men on beach at Mulato] #90
290. Graves [on hill above Nulato] #91
291. Major Strong and party on WASHBURN I group of 9 men and women on deck of ship] #26
292. St. Michaels, Alaska [distant view of town from the water] #28
293. Fort Yukon, Alaska [exterior view of the government school and nearby buildings] #30
294. Fort Yukon, Alaska [exterior of small log church; white fence] #31
295. Fort Yukon, Alaska [distant view-of town from water] #32
296. STR. ST MICHAELS [riverboat on river] #33

297-299. Fish scenes on Yukon River [showing cabins, tents, racks of fish drying and small fish trap] #s 34, 36, 37

300. "Vote for Taft "[man behind vote sign; carved head of Wm Taft -on-around.]
301. [Close-up of carved head of WM Taft and "Vote Taft" sign.] #39
302. ["Vote Taft" sign and carved head of WM Taft.] #40
303. Dogs at Fort Yukon [group of 17 dogs along river shore] #41
304. Looking up the Klondyke River [buildings on both shores] #42
305. STR TANANA [riverboat pushing (?) long barge; building and men on barge] #50
306. STR. SCHWTKA [Schwatka] leaving Dawson [riverboat underway; home port St. Michaels] #43
307. White Pass Depot. Dawson [people on dock; buildings beyond] #44
308. Taking Raft to Dawson [small riverboat pushing raft] #46
309. Fort Selkirk, Y.T. [distant view of fort from water] #47
310. Fort Gibbon [fort buildings on bluff above river] #48
311. Mission at Gibbon [closer view of buildings along river] #49
312. House in Fairbanks [exterior of small log building; man beside window; fence and surrounding buildings] #52
313. [Close up of house in #312; man in doorway; dog on wooden sidewalk] #51
314. End of Valdez Trail [wooden cabin behind sign reading "Main Road to Valdez"] #53
315. S.S. SEWARD - Petersburg [boat in calm waters, wooden hills beyond] #56
316. Buck, Fritz, Alex on SPOKANE [three men on deck of ship] #57
317. Man and young child on deck of ship] #58

318. Natives Fishing at Nome Beach [four people; 3 with buckets] #59

319. Natives Fishing at Nome Beach [several people along beach] #60
320. Natives Fishing at Nome Beach [one person on beach] #61)
321-322. Natives at Nome, July 4th, 1912. [Eskimo men, women and children] #s 62, 63
323-324. Natives at Nome, July 4th, 1912 [similar views of Eskimos near building decorated with flags; crowd near Life Saving Station building] #s 69, 70
325-327 Ice in Bering Straits [similar views of floating ice] #s 64, 65, 66
328. Chicago Creek Coal Mine [distant view of buildings] #72
329. Chicago Creek Coal Mine [cluster of three buildings] #71
330. Launch SELDON - at Keewalik [launch and barge, right, at anchor] #74
331. Candle, Alaska [trail, foreground; town beyond] #75
332. Placer Mine "Johnie Bull Hill" ice [equipment at top of bank] #76
333. Church at Candle [sod, structure with wooden entry] #77
334. Keewalik, Alaska [small group of buildings near shore; choppy water, foreground] #73
335-336. Panorama of Candle [buildings of Candle from nearby hill] #s 79, 80
337. Anvik, Alaska [water, foreground, village beyond] #81
338-339. Holy Cross Mission [view of buildings from deck of ship] #s 82, 83
340. Holy Cross Mission [exterior view of church,] #84

341-342. Mary Sacks on beach Nome [small ship beached] #s 86, 87

343. Block house at St. Michaels [exterior view of small wooden 8 sided structure; overlooks water] #92
344. S.S. MONARCH [riverboat towing barge] #3-10
345. S.S. HERMAN [riverboat towing barge] #93
346. Mihaleik's Dump, Lettlimit Bench [cabin, left; mound of dirt, right] #94
347. Hay in Fairbanks, March 1912 [horse-drawn hay wagon on Fairbanks street] #2-11
348. Cleary Creek [buildings of Cleary City] #3-1
349. Cleary Creek [placer mining operations with Cleary City buildings beyond] #2-12
350. Self and Barker, Fairbanks [George Parks and Barker outside log building] #3-2
351. Koyokuk Station [distant view of station; choppy waters, foreground] #3-8
352. New Hamilton, Yukon River [view from river] #3-11
353. Russian Mission, Yukon River [village buildings from river] #3-19
354. Dog team n trail [man behind loaded sled; dogs in harness] #4-8
355. Dog team on trail [dogs resting] #4-10
356. Parks and dogs, Tanana Flats [George Parks at back of loaded sled; dogs resting] #1-1
357. [Side view of dogs pulling loaded sled; George Parks on back of sled] #133
358. Parks on bluff, Hosiana River [Parks taking field notes] #3-3
359. Barker at Chopper Camp, Fairbanks [man hanging clothes on line outside log cabin] #2-6
360. Parks at Chopper Camp, Fairbanks [standing outside cabin] #2-7

361. Cutting Cord Wood, Fairbanks, Alaska [team of horses pulling wagon with wood; other cords of wood nearby] #2-5

362. Barker - Hoseana Cr, [man on frozen creek; bluffs on both sides] #2-3A
363. Barker - Hoseana Cr. [man below tree lined bluff] #2-3B
364. Barker - Hoseana Cr. [man against rocky bluff] #C-3
365. [Dogs with loaded sled at edge of stream; driver behind sled] #2-1
366. Pranters Devil Coal Claim [stream running through rocky bluffs] #C-l
367. [Overlooking Pranters Devil Coal Claim] #C-2
368. Pranters Devil Coal Claim [bluffs above stream which is at left] #C-16
369. Barker and dogs, Nenana [team and driver resting on trail; sheer rocky cliff, background; rocky flats, foreground] #2-2
370. Chatham Creek [overall view of surrounding area; pl4cer-miningl right] #95
371. Winter Scene, Fairbanks Trail [four horse drawn loaded sleds and drivers] #1-6
372. Meyers Roadhouse, Fairbanks Trail [roadhouse beyond snow covered trail #96
373. Fishers Roadhouse, Nenana River [log structure, right; trees behind; snowy flats, foreground] #1-3
374. Parks in camp on Hoseanna [George Parks behind loaded sled; grove of trees, background] #1-2
375. General Average Claim [hills with some trees] #C-5
376. Mazeppa Coal Claim [man standing on frozen stream; bluff in background] #C-4
377. Parks on Hosconna Claims [Parks, right, with camera on tripod- snowy peaks in background] #2-8
378. [Mountainous terrain of Hosconna (?) Claims.] #2-10

379-380. Dredge Pictures - Nome. Council [similar views of a working dredge] #s 97, 98

381. [Horse driven flat bed rail car on tracks of Wild Goose Railroad, Council.]
382. [Three horses pulling loaded wagon on trail tracks.] #100
383. Wild Goose R.R., Council [two horse driven wagons, one a loaded flat bed rail car] #101
384. Wild Goose R.R., Council [loaded flat bed rail car being pulled by horses along tracks] #102
385. Panorama, Council [sweeping view of streams, hills and trees; Council, left, background] #104
386. S.S. VICTORIA, Nome [small open launch carrying passengers] #106
387. S.S. VICTORIA, Nome [steamer at a distance; 2 small boats nearer shore] #107
388. Wood on Ophir Creek [long row of cut and stacked wood, center] #108
389. Parks at Sulzer, Alaska [George Parks beside post] #109
390. Parks at Homer [George Parks with pack and rifle] #110
391-392. Parks and girls on SUSIE [two couples on deck of ship] #s 113-114
393. Camp at Chickaloon [tent near grove of trees] #115
394. Camp at Chickaloon [row of small cabins in forested area] #116
395. Martin Roadhouse, Fairbanks Trail [exterior view] #117
396. Fairbanks Trail [seven sleds and horses with drivers] #118
397. Fairbanks Trail [loading horse drawn sleds near log building] #119

398. Fairbanks Trail [roadhouse at night with electric yardlights] #120

399. Fairbanks Slough [trees lining shore of slough] #121
400. Annie Laurie [young woman wearing long sleeved, two piece suit ; standing beside building] #123
401. Seattle Waterfront [WEST SEATTLE ferry, center; waterfront buildings, left and background] #124
402. Inside Passage, Vancouver Island [snow peaked mountain; birds, foreground] #128
403. S.S. SPOKANE [sailing Inside Passage (?)] #130
404. S.S. CHARLOTTE [ship, center] #126
405. Cape St. Elias [cape, background] #131
406. T.V.,C.C. Road and Bridge [road, foreground with bridge, center; coal (?) mine buildings, left] #132
407. Chickaloon Tunnel [tunnel opening, center] #134
408. Chickaloon Tram [two men crossing river on tram] #135
409. Sand Point, Alaska [buildings from water] #136
410. Snow plow - train, C.R.R.R. - 1913 [train engine, center; stream, foreground; Copper River Railroad] #137
411. Ruby, Alaska [village from water] #138
412. Belkofsky, Alaska [distant view from water] #139
413. [Young woman seated on deck of ship.]
414. [men shoveling dirt into sluice box.]
415-416. [Similar views of an unidentified girl and boy on porch steps wearing early 1900 clothing.]
417. [Two couples in a room; the women are seated.]
418. [Snow covered mountains; unknown location.]

#419 – 584: Prints from negatives in Geo. A. Parks’ Eastman Negative Album #2

“Negatives Taken In Season 1914 In Alaska Geo. A. Parks.”

419. Camp on Nelchina Trail [man outside tent; trail through snow] #3-14
420. Self on Nelchina Trail [George Parks and dog on snowy trail.] #1-14
421. Self on Nelchina Trail [closer view of Parks and dog on snowy trail] #2-14
422-425. Ice at Fairbanks [similar views of broken ice; Nordale Hotel among buildings at right]

#8-14, 13-14, 7-14, 16-14

426. Ice at Fairbanks [water flowing around small pieces of ice] #6-14
427-429. Ice at Fairbanks [views of ice and debris, people on street, right] #4-14, 14-14, 141-14
430. [People watching ice filled stream, Fairbanks; stores on left] 12-14
431. [Close-up of ice filled stream, Fairbanks] #15-14
432. [Ice on shore near buildings, Fairbanks] #9-14
433. [Flooding stream, Fairbanks; stores, right] #5-14
434. [N.C. Co. building and other stores beyond flooding stream, Fairbanks] #10-14
435. [Floating ice, foreground; bridge, center; Fairbanks] #11-14
436. [Ice along edge of stream, Fairbanks]
437. [Ice in front of Dominion Commercial Co. buildings, Fairbanks]
438. [Ice in front of Samson's Hardware and Machinery building, Fairbanks]
439. P.R. Wagner, Ethel Bennett [man and woman standing beside two-story building; full length view] #21-14B
440. [Young boy standing in grassy area; high bushes behind.] #21-14A

441. Clean-up on Mihalcik Ground [four men near sluice box] #53-14

442. [Men shoveling on either side @of sluice box, Mihalcik grounds] #22-14
443. [Four men on either side of sluice box, Mihalcik grounds.] #25-14
444. [Three men standing behind four pans of gold dust..] #23-14
445. [Four men and one woman around sluice box; 2 mounds of dirt behind.] #24-14
446. Copper River Natives [a couple and two children beside log structure; snow on ground]

447. Trail on Mendeltna River [snowy trail between trees] #26-14

448. Water wagon, Fairbanks [horse drawn wagon on runners with "Pioneer Well' sign] #27-14
449. [Pioneer Well wagon, Fairbanks; horse drawn wagon in front of First National Bank building] #28-14
450. Native Boys, St. Mikes [young child near beach] #29-14
451. Native Boys, St. Mikes [young boy in grassy field; bushes beyond] #30-14
452. Mt. Wrangell, etc [four snow covered peaks beyond stand of trees and frozen lake (?)] #32-14
453. Self and dog team, Copper Center [dog team pulling loaded sled; George Parks, driving]

454. Self and dog team, Crooked Crk. [George Parks behind empty sled; dogs in harness] #35-14

455. Nelchina County, Crooked Creek [scenic of snowy, flat terrain; trail, foreground] #36-14

456. Colorado Road house [exterior of log structure; men near end window; drifted snow] #37-14

457. Colorado Road house [exterior of 4 log structures; man and dog center; drifted snow] #38-14
458. Steamboats at Fairbanks [Str. ALASKA leaving dock] #40-14
459. Stage enroute to Fairbanks [five men and women near wooden wheeled wagon; log cabin beyond] #X-14
460. Stage enroute to Fairbanks [group of people in horse drawn wagon] #X-13
461. Prospector on Fairbanks Trail [two dog team pulling loaded sled; driven on left] #42-14
462. Stage at Bylers [heavily loaded horse drawn sleigh in front of log building; driven on sleigh] #43-14
463. Woodpile, Fairbanks [man beside cords of wood; horse drawn wagon, right] #44-14
464. Beach at St. Mikes [buildings including a church, beyond water; boats at dock] #45-14
465. P.R. Wagner in bed [man asleep] #46-14
466. Ester City [distant view of buildings at base of hill] 148-14
467. Mrs. Gordon [full length view of young woman on dock, wearing long straight shirt, short jacket and cloche hat with large bow] #50-14
468. [Mrs. Gordon (?) and four other people on a dock.] #49-14
469. Mihalcik's cabin, Ester Creek [exterior view of log cabin] #51-14
470. [Closer view of Mihalcik's cabin.] #52-14
471. Exhibits for hearings [grassy area with pile of small logs, right] #54-14
472. Exhibits for hearing [three upright-poles forming a tripod; shallow hole, center] #56-14

473. Exhibits for hearing [three paste forming "y" shape; surveyors field notes attached to post] #57-14

474. R.H.G. leaving for Tanana [two men rowing toward buildings in background] #58-14
475. S.S. TANANA, Fairbanks [ship at Pioneer Dock] #59-14
476. First dry Sunday in Fairbanks two men, foreground, one with binoculars; men near store front] #62-14
477. Mrs. Cathcart [full length view of young woman wearing long black skirt; white middy blouse and brimmed hat; tennis racket in hand] #63-14
478. Woodpile at Cathcarts [three men on woodpile; Mrs. Cathcart, center; house beyond] #64-14
479. [Four men on and near Cathcart's woodpile.] #65-14
480. [Full length view of Cathcart's woodpile; four men on top of pile.] #66-14
481. Dinner party at Morrissys [group of men, most with wine glass in hand] #67-14
482. [George Parks and 2 women in front of a bench; houses beyond.] #68-14
483. Jud - Hazel D - Hazel P., Fbks. [women on bench; man between][ Mrs. Cathcart on left]

484. [Mrs. Cathcart standing near fence; young boy seated on fence; snow on ground.] #70-14

485. [Mrs. Cathcart in long coat with hands in large fur muff.] #71-14
486. [Two women, Mrs. Cathcart on right, standing on snowy path and each holding a rifle.]

487. Office, Fairbanks [George Parks seated at roll top desk] #74-14

488. Copper Center [group of buildings, center; hills beyond] #75-76-14A

489. Copper Center [continuation of #488; houses, center; hills beyond] #75-76-14B

490. Marshall City [one building and 2 tents on grassy knoll] #77-14
491. [Six men, including Parks, and woman on porch. Either Holy Cross or St. Michaels.] #78-14
492. [2 women and 5 men near a wooden structure. Either Holy Cross or St. Michaels.] #79-14
493. Bear, St. Michaels [bear, sitting on ground, drinking from a bottle; men, right] #82-14
494. Holy Cross [distant view from water] #83-14
495. Holy Cross [ship, center, village beyond] #84-14
496. Holy Cross [view of village from hill above] #86-14
497. Anvik [buildings along shore, left] #87-14
498. Anvik [distant view of village from water] #88-14
499. STR LOUISE on the on Yukon [two barges at bow of ship] #89-14
500. [STR SARAH with FOX directly in front.] #90-14
501. Miss Cook, Holy X [woman seated on a log] #93-14
502. S.S.SARAH [side view; lights reflected in water] #95-14
503. Village, Lower Yukon [distant view from water] #94-14
504. Picnic, Fairbanks [two people on bank river; trees beyond] #96-14
505. Picnic, Fairbanks [group of people beside tent pitched near river] #97-14
506. Picnic, Fairbanks [four people beside tent pitched near river] #99-14

507. Natives at St. Mike.[woman and child seated on the beach; buildings beyond] #100-14

508. Natives at St. Mikes [group of people on beach] #101-14
509. Natives at St Mikes [group of four people on beach; buildings beyond] #102-14
510. Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Weaver [2 women seated on a bale of hay on deck of ship] #103-14
511. [Woman seated under opening in rock] #104-14
512. Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Weaver [looking at water from ship’s deck] #105-14
513. Natives in "Bydarkies" [bidarkas], Bering Sea [4 men in boat which is next to a ship] #106-14
514. [Man in umiak; ducks on water; Bering Sea.] #107-14
515. [Men in bidarka near overturned umiak; ship, left, Bering Sea.] #108-14
516. [Man rowing bidarka in choppy waters.] #109-14
517. [Waterfall along route of Alaska Central Railway, Seward.] #111-14
518. [Small cabin at foot of mountain; route of Alaska Central Railway, Seward.] #114-14
519. [Face of unidentified glacier along route of Alaska Central Railway, Seward,] #115-14
520. [Trail along side of slope along route of Alaska Central Railway, Seward,] #116-14
521. Camp on Fox River [man on grassy knoll near horse and wagon] #118-14
522. C.O., St. Mikes [four men, one in uniform; two cameras in view] #120-14
523-524. Xhibits - Fbks Cases [mound of dirt (?)] #s 121-14, 122-14
525. Olga - Fishing at St. Mikes [woman in small boat; barges and riverboat, beyond] #123-14

526. [Olga standing in small boat; riverboat, beyond.] #124-14

527. Miss Lockwood, Miss Weld-Nome [women on horseback; third horse, right] #125-14
528. Nome and 3rd Bench line [view from above of scattered buildings] #131-14
529. $80,000. - Beach - Dickson [four sacks lying on beach] #132-14
530. [Same sacks on beach at Dickson as in #529-14.] #133-14
531. Miss Tuttle [woman sitting on ladder steps aboard S.S. VICTORIA] #134-14
532. Miss Tuttle [standing beside lifeboat on deck of S.S. VICTORIA] #135-14
533. Mrs. McGarvey [woman holding small baby] #136-14
534-535. Moonlight [similar views of moonlight reflection on water] #s 137-14, 138-14
536. Farm - Fbks [buildings on edge of cleared land] #139-14
537. Maskers - Fairbanks [People wearing costumes and masks; on Fairbanks street] #142-14
538. Ralph on Nelchina trail [man on snowy trail; nearby trees also snow covered] #140-14
539. Waterfront - Fairbanks [Pioneer Hotel and other business along the water] #91-14
540. Waterfront - Fairbanks [distant view of business along waterfront] #92-14
541-544. [Scenes along the Koggiung River.] #s 145-14, 146-14, 149-14, 147-14

Per John Branson:

541 Probably APA’s Diamond J Cannery on lower Kvichak River at Koggiung Village

542 Probably APA’s Diamond O Cannery on lower South Naknek, Naknek River

543 Probably the “Cut Bank,” near the mouth of the Kvichak River – 10 miles West of Naknek River mouth

544 On South Naknek side of Naknek River with APA Canneries Diamond NN (1st one on left) and Diamond O Cannery (2nd on Left) at river mouth, cannery on right is the Frank B. Peterson Cannery on the Naknek River.
545. Naknek [distant view of village from water. The Frank B. Peterson Cannery on the Naknek River.-jb] #148-14
546. Mrs. Brown's baby [infant in bonnet; seated on bear rug. Mrs. Brown’s baby; could be Mrs. Frank Brown from the Roadhouse (present-day) Iliamna – log wall indicates Iliamna to me – but it might be a Mrs. Brown – school teacher at Old Iliamna Village or at Koggiung on lower Kuichak River -jb.] #144-14
547. Igiugig, Kvichak River [fish drying racks and small houses; view from water] #150-14 [Kaskanak,small Yupik village, downstream on the Kvichak River from Igiugig, about 5-7 mi. – jb This is Kaskanok Village on the upper Kvichak River.]
548. Grave of O. Hoolie [5 men standing behind grave. Ollie Hoolie’s grave (I think he drowned) Man in center is Oliver B. Millett of Millett’s Point, north side of Iliamna Lake. Man 2nd from left might be Bert Young from Chekak on North side of Iliamna Lake -jb.] #151-14
549. Potatoes [grown in Jack Kinney’s garden. Potatoes at Jack Kinney’s Cabin, Chechak, North side of Iliamna Lake. - jb] #153-14

550. Jack Kinney's cabin #174-14 [Location is Chekok. Jack Kinney, 1868-1933, was born in Aroostock County ME; was in the Klondike, discovered placer gold in Bonanza Hills, Upper Mulchatna River ca. 1910. Also in the picture is Peter Morris, or Moores and Knutson Mt. Jack Kinney is on left and Peter Moores or Morris is 3rd from left.- jb]

551. [Range of snow covered mountains back of Seward.] #154-14
552. [Snow covered ground with mountains beyond; back of Seward.] #155-14
553. Mrs. McNeer [standing beside bridge railing-, back of Seward] #157-14
554. Mrs. McNeer [and 4 other people beside bridge railing- back of Seward] #160-14
555. Kodiak [scenic of water and island; boat, foreground] #161-14
556. Kodiak [overall view of Kodiak from hill above] #163-14
557. Kodiak [from hill above town; Near Island, beyond, with Wood Island in distance] #164-14
558. Chinaboro Volcano [view from water] #162-14
559-560. Glaciers on Alaska Northern R.R. [glacier face and ice cave] #s 165-14, 170-14
561. [Scenic of mountains along Alaska Northern Railway route; rail tracks, center.] #168-14
562. [Rushing stream; railroad tracks entering tunnel, right; Ak. Northern R.R. route] #169-14
Views 563-571 – Old Iliamna Village, Iliamna Bay, Iliamna Portage –jb, 2005
563. Foss Ranch – Iliamna. #175-14. [B.S. Foss’ homestead on the Iliamna River across from Old Iliamna – western end of the Iliamna Portage.]
564. Foss Ranch - Iliamna. #176-14 [1914 at Foss’ Landing, Iliamna River across from Old Iliamna village – l to r: B.S. Foss (1858-1925?), [?], Holly Foss (1888-1963), ,in doorway probably Sam Foss (1882-1950), Christina Foss (1858-1942

565. Iliamna Village and River [distant view of village, center] #171-14

566. [Cabin near shore of Iliamna River; man in skiff, center.] #173-14 [Near Foss’s Landing, 1914, on Iliamna River – jb]
567. Chinkleyes River Falls [falls, center. Chinkleyes River Falls is on the Iliamna Portage that ran from Iliamna Bay, lower Cook Inlet, to Old Iliamna Village (Bristol Bay Drainage.) - jb] #172-14
568-571. [Iliamna Bay scenics.] #s 179-14, 180-14, 181-14, 182-14
572. Brown's Portage [two buildings at edge of water] #184-14 [Frank Brown, b. NY State, 1875, was proprietor-mining engineer-store keeper at Iliamna. Photo near present day Iliamna, probably on Northeast Bay, Iliamna Lake or at what became Seversen’s Roadhouse – jb]
573. BurtYoung's Cabin, Iliamna Lake [4 men beside door of one story structure] #183-14 [Bert Young’s homestead on Iliamna Lake, 1914. Albert “Bert” W. Young applied for a homestead on Chekok River, 2 mi. West of the mouth on Iliamna Lake. Bert Young might be the man on the left? – jb]
574-576. New Wrayling River ] #s 185-14, 186-14, 187-14 [1914, Upper Newhalen River looking NE near Sixmile Landing at the northern end of the Newhalen Portage coming from Iliamna – jb]
577. Nondalton ] #188-14 [Old Nondalton Village, ca. 3 mi. East of present-day Nondalton, on Sixmile Lake – jb ]
578. Kasna #189-14 [Tributary of Kontrashibuna Lake, note foot trail on left, mid point on slope - jb].

579. Kontrashibuna Lake #190-14 [off Kasna Creek in 1914 – 4 miles east of Port Alsworth, on Lake Clark - jb]

580. Rasmusson's wife #191-14 [Mavdehiah Rasmuson (1896-?), Dena’ina Athapaskan who married Tommy Rasmuson (1875-1918) Norwegian Bristol Bay fisherman - jb].
581. Rasmusson’s wife [and child in skiff] #192-14 [Mavdehiah Rasmuson (1896-?), Dena’ina Athapaskan who married Tommy Rasmuson (1875-1918) Norwegian Bristol Bay fisherman. Child is Stephenata Rasmuson (1912-?) – jb]
582. Peter Morris on Kasna Ck. #193-14 [or Peter Moores on the claims, upper Kasna Creek. Moores was the foreman of the mining crew from Richard Edwards of Houghton Michigan. Dutton [?] said Moores was lost at sea by 1927 near Seattle. See PCA 148-18, 66, 138 – jb]
583. [Cloud formation over Kontrashibuna Lake. Clouds over Kontrashibarra (sp?) Lake with a view of Lake Clark on left center - jb] #194-14
584. [Woman seated on wooden steps.] Not Iliamna or Lake Clark - jb

585. George Parks, center, [and 2 unidentified men; all on horseback.] Not Iliamna or Lake Clark - jb

586. 4th of July Parade. Fairbanks Alaska. “Uncle George led parade on horseback.” B.V. [open touring cars, each with passengers, in single file on street in front of 2 houses].
587. [Six men with packs, on snowy trail; McKinley Park Boundary Survey members.]
588. [Three men fording shallow stream; McKinley Park Boundary Survey members.]
589-591. [Dog team in harness with sled and driver; McKinley Park Boundary Survey

activities.] Similar views.

592. [A member of the McKinley Park Boundary Survey team with husky dog; snowy path, right.]

593. [Dall sheep on snow covered ground, McKinley Park.]
594. On The Nenana River. G.A.P. April 1912 [Parks, with sled dog team and loaded sled].
595. The Land "God Forgot" Tanana Flats G.A.P. April 1912 [Parks with sled and dog team].
596. Nome, Aug 4, 1915 [1. to r.: 3 native herders, Tautak - chief herder, Middaugh, G.J. Lomen, Sam Taggart, G.A.P., Roy Morrison, Jofet Lindeberg and J. Batchelder].
597. On the trail -- G.A.P. [George Parks seated in tent on Hoseanna River.] March 1912.
598. [George Parks on trail in grove of trees.] ca. 1912.
599. Transporting Water, Alaska [horse-drawn water wagon with driver; runners have replaced wheels].
600. [George Parks with his sled dogs surrounding him; birch trees beyond.] 1914.

See PCA Oversize collection for oversized copy 2

601. Taken on trail from Copper Center to Nelchina Camp –1914- about 65 miles from Copper Center. “The dog had cut his paw on ice – Governor of Alaska affixed a moccasin to paw for healing.” B. Valentine. See PCA Oversize collection for photo.
602. Duke and Al Harris taking out coal [two men beside dog team hitched to loaded sled; C.W. Palmer store in background].
603. Little Grill, Fbks, A. [George Parks beside door of Fairbanks Cafe.]
604. [George Parks in reindeer skin parka and mukluks made by Cape Prince of Wales Eskimo girl]
605. [Formal portrait of George Parks in World War I uniform; 3/4 length, full face.]

606. [Pencil sketch of George Parks and accompanying poem; Camp Lee 6/30/18.]

607. [Gov. George Parks, left center, and spectators at ground breaking ceremonies for Federal Building, Juneau.] 1929.
608 [Gov. George Parks, with shovel, during ground breaking ceremonies for Federal Building, Juneau, 1929]
609. Federal Building, Juneau; group of people watching.] 1929. Similar views.
610. Gov. Geo. A. Parks Delivering Address at Laying of Cornerstone of U.S. Federal and Territorial Building, Juneau, Alaska, April 29, 1930 [Parks, center]. The man in Freemasons’ ceremonial dress is Evans Lowell Gruber. Ordway Photo.
611. Geo. Parks, Bill Pullen at Thane [2 men with golf clubs; Thane houses behind them].
612. W S Pullen sinking a putt on the 6th green -- Thane Golf course [Pullen, center; Thane houses behind them]. Ordway Photo. c.30 (#G4)
613. Henning putting on the 6th green. Thane Golf Course [Henning, right; two men -- Parks, center -- watching; Thane houses, beyond]. Ordway Photo c. 30 (#Gl2)
614. Fred Henning sizing up a putt on the 5th green, Thane Golf course [Henning left; Parks, right; buildings beyond].. Ordway Photo c.30 ("rG 3)
615. Capt. Parks sinks one 5th hole [Parks, center; 6 people watching]. Ordway Photo c.30
616. Doc. Councill sinking a fast one, 5th hole [Councill, center; four others on golf course at Thane]. Ordway Photo c.30 (#G 7)
617. A.B. Hayes putting at 5th hole [Hayes, right center; 5 others on course at Thane]. Ordway c.30 (#G 8)
618. Ladies tee #7, Thane Golf Course. Gov. Parks (r) and 2 men walking on course]. Ordway c.30 (#G 10)

619. [Four men on Thane Golf Course with Parks (?) center] Elite Studio Photo. Postcard from Vern Harrison to Gov. Parks, June 13, 1930.

620. [George Parks, 2nd from left, with 5 other men, including Commander James Russell and Commander Miller in Skagway during 1940 inspection tour of Alaska by Pres. Roosevelt's personal inspector, Commander Foster.]
621. [George Parks (l) with 2 men, at Copper Center, 1946; all holding rifles.] John Malony Photo.
622. [George Parks, leaning on rifle, beside car; Copper Center, 1946.] John Malony Photo.
623. [George Parks (in Stetson) on porch of unknown building; dog team, foreground; other people near building.].
624. [George Parks, 7th from left, and guests at a dinner and dance honoring officers of the German Cruiser Karlsruhe, docked in Juneau, May 1932.] Peter Pan Photo Co, H. W. Steward, [photographer.] See PCA Oversize collection for photo.
625. [George Park beside covered van parked on 4th Street, Juneau, in front of Juneau Memorial Library.] See PCA Oversize collection for photo.

Negatives stored in freezer in Vault

2 Boxes
2 Eastman Negative Albums

100 sleeves; some sleeves have more than one negative, some sleeves are empty

4 x 6 negatives

▪ Negative descriptions on pages at the end of the negative albums, also include

photographer’s negative numbers which are at the end of each finding aid description.

Box 1

Negative Album 1: “Geo. A. Parks 3397 Boulevard “F.” Denver, Colo.” Negatives that correspond to #267 - 418 in finding aid. (Neg. List 1, copied from pages at end of the negative album, is located in Masterfile, Donation Records folder. This list describes negatives in album.)

Box 2

Negative Album 2: “Negatives Taken In Season 1914 In Alaska Geo. A. Parks.” Negatives that correspond to #419 – 584 in finding aid. (Neg. List 2, copied from pages at end of the negative album, is located in Masterfile, Donation Records folder. This list describes negatives in album.)

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