Guide to the Gezira Club

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A Rough Guide to the Gezira Club

  1. Club Overview:

The Club is set over of hundreds of acres, with a bewildering array of things going on, and places to explore. In order to make sense of all the descriptions to come, we’ll start by giving a brief overview of Club facilities, including many of the place names that will be used later in this guide. Frequent references are made to the geographical coordinates of Club facilities; as you read through this, keep in mind that from inside the Club, North is in the direction of the Marriott Hotel and a tall circular yellow-bordered uninhabited apartment building, and South is toward the lotus-shaped Cairo Tower topped with radio antenna. Five gates access the Club; beginning in the west, and continuing counter-clockwise around Gezira St., the first gate is the car entrance across from the Pasha boat, next is the squash court entrance, next is the tennis entrance and car exit across from the Marriott Hotel, next is the Children’s Garden entrance, and finally comes the car exit and horse entrance on the west side. The Club publishes a monthly magazine, in Arabic, and a website is currently being developed. The main Club switchboard is 2735 6000.

Small track/football
Western tennis courts
Olympic pool
Cultural Center
Equestrian stables
Race track


Center Court
Eastern tennis courts
Main track
Squash courts
New Club Building
Administration bldg.
Golf Clubhouse

History: Once part of Khedive Mohammed Tewfik’s botanical gardens, the grounds of the Gezira Club were created to serve the British community living in Cairo during the 1880s. During its early years, the Club covered 150 acres and included two race courses, four polo grounds, tennis courts, croquet lawns, squash courts, a cricket pitch, a tea pavilion and an 18 hole golf course.  The Club’s membership became predominantly
Egyptian during the 1950s, and much of its original grounds were turned over to other sporting clubs and public spaces. Nevertheless, the Club remains a vibrant center of activity, sport, tradition and companionship serving as a green sanctuary in the middle of Cairo’s urban core.  Two useful websites for additional information about the Club include: Samir Rafaat’s history of the Club, and the Club’s Wikipedia entry:; and

Buildings: The original hub of the Club is the Lido building, built in 1935, located at the end of the driveway entrance into the Club. It currently houses the Lido pool, a gym, men’s and women’s changing rooms, hairdressers, some nice balconies and terraces where food and drinks can be ordered, and upstairs separate men’s and women’s lounges, including sun terraces (no children allowed). The entrance to the Lido has a bulletin board area where Club announcements are posted, mostly in Arabic, but hopefully simultaneously in English soon. Nearby, the New Club Building has an air-conditioned, non-smoking, quiet room and the Bon Appetit restaurant on the ground floor; a cards room, the Elite Restaurant, and a small library with Arabic papers and English books on the first floor; and a restaurant on the top floor with air-conditioned indoor and outdoor terrace seating. Bulletin boards are located on the south and eastern sides of this building with Club announcements, including a poster detailing the movie of the week.

The Center Court is the hub of many of the Club’s sporting activities, and is located towards the northern end of the Club. The sports and sport instruction offices, where you can get information about, and sign up for, may of the Club’s sporting activities and classes, are located here, headed by Captain Hany Talaat (2736 0448), in addition to aerobics/yoga/pilates classrooms, massage rooms, and women’s only and mixed gyms. The Cultural Center and Library is located in the middle of the Club’s Golf Course, the entry is near the western tennis courts. Reda, the Club’s Cultural Program’s Director, has an office here (2736 0397; 010 183 8040). The Club’s Administrative Buildings are located near the entrance to the Lido, including the card renewal office located in the first of the former squash courts. The Club cashier is located just on the other side of these offices, facing the golf area parking lot. Two Mosques are located in the Club, the larger of which is in the north-east corner of the Club, the smaller located near the Tea Garden.
Places to sit: Many pleasant sitting areas are dotted around the Club, including the Tea Garden (north of the New Club Building – no children), the Pergola (near the small track), the Golf Area, and the Cultural Center/ Library Garden. In addition, a nice air-conditioned lounge is on the ground floor of the New Club Building, and the Lido has men’s and women’s lounges and sun terraces on the first floor, and tearoom and terrace areas on the ground floor.

Other landmarks: A countless array of sports are available in the Club, some of the useful landmarks include: the Squash Courts, on the Club’s eastern edge; a Martial Arts building, located near the Olympic Pool; Golf and Tennis Clubhouses; two sporting tracks (the larger one near the Tea Garden about 400m around, the smaller one near the Pergola, surrounding the Club soccer field; joggers can also jog around the horse race track; a multipurpose sporting surface, including basketball, volleyball, and bike riding area, near the Olympic pool. Showers are located in the Lido, the Golf Club House, the Olympic pool, the Center Court, and the Squash Courts, among others. The main men’s and women’s locker rooms are located in the Lido. The men’s gym has a sauna (open daily 9am-8pm, LE10/use, multi-use tickets available from Club Cashier), and a masseuse (LE35/session, book with Mustafa Kemal 012 209 5050). Similar services are available in the ladies’ locker room. An Astroturf area with two mini-football pitches is located on the west side of the Pergola. Reserve use of these at least one day in advance either at the pitches, or by calling Ahmad 012 324 8523. The pitches are open from 9am-11pm; 1 hour of usage costs LE25 from 9-5, and LE40 from 5-11.

  1. Membership:

Membership into the Club for foreigners is relatively straightforward. Annual or temporary memberships can be arranged. One week memberships cost $90, + $50 for a spouse, + $5 for a child; two week memberships cost $110/65/5 (member/spouse/child); one month memberships cost $135/95/10; and annual memberships cost $800/150/150. Children are considered aged 3-21. Applications require a $30 application fee, 2 passport photos for each member, and copies of passports. A card is issued, which will need to be shown on entry into the Club through any of the Club’s five gates. After some time, the security guards at the door may get to know you, and you won’t need to show the card every time. Annual members need to renew their cards at the end of June every year. Club membership allows you to access all facilities; use fees apply to many of the sporting activities, explained in greater detail below in the Sports section. Nannies accessing the card require their own card (small fee applicable), and need to carry a uniform with them. If you run into trouble during the membership process, Ahmad Chawfiq, whose office is on the right of the card renewal office, is a great help, and speaks English.
Temporary guest passes for Egyptians only, not valid on Thursdays or Saturdays, are available for purchase from the Club Cashier in “carnets” of 10 tickets, and these cost LE20 per ticket. Egyptians can pay for access Saturday-Wednesday at the door for LE30. Currently, foreigners seeking day-use in the Club must pay LE100 on entry, valid for an entire day, though pre-paid LE50 “carnet” tickets for foreigners will soon be available. Day-pass users cannot use the swimming pool.

Standard Egyptian tipping etiquette exists in the Club. Waiters can bring you a wide selection of food and beverages almost wherever you are in the Club, a moderate tip is standard. In addition, many changing rooms and sports have assistance staff; tipping LE1-2, more during prominent holidays, is common.

All membership issues are handled in the Club Administration office, located in one of the old squash courts in front of the Lido building. The Club Cashier is located just behind this office, on the side of the golf parking lot. The Club Director and President have offices in the villa just next door to the Administration building. The Club President is currently Dr. Ahmad Said, and the Club Director is Mounir Rifai. Both speak English, and welcome members stopping by with questions and concerns.

  1. Sports:

Many sports are available within the Club. General information on each, including times and cost of instruction, is available from the Sporting Office, located on the south side of the Center Court, and especially a bulletin board (mostly in Arabic) located just outside the office. Specialized information is also available from staff attached to each sport described below. Beautifully pressed Club towels can be borrowed from most changing room staff for a fee of LE1.5.

  • Aerobics: see “Exercise Classes” below.

  • Athletics: The Club has two running tracks, with a specialized springy running surface, one near the squash courts, the other surrounding the football field. Training for other athletics disciplines, including hammer throwing, discuss, and javelin, takes place occasionally.

  • Ballet: A ballet school takes place for children ages 5 and up every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The trainer is Russian, and the ballet courses are under the supervision of Dr. Kamal, who is also responsible for ballet at the Cairo Opera House. A performance takes place every year when the students show off what they have learned. Sign up for classes with Reda in the Cultural Center.
  • Basketball: Though the nationally competitive Gezira Club team practices and plays in the national stadium in Nasr City, there is plenty of basketball to be played inside the Club. Two specialized courts are located near the gymnastics complex, at the children’s garden gate to the Club, on the north side of the Club. Other courts are available near the martial arts center. A kids basketball academy is administered by Sherif Soliman, phone 010 578 8819, with regular group classes consisting of no more than 10 kids per class taking place for kids 4 years and over year-round (different hours in the summer) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons. In addition, there are competitive teams for boys and girls for various age brackets.

  • Billiards: Two billiards tables are located above the little mosque, near the Ahram bookshop. All equipment can be rented there, and the cost is LE10/hour, including rental of balls and cues. The center is open from 9am-11pm daily. In addition, two French Billiards tables (a large table played with no pockets and only three balls) are located near the office of the notary on the grounds of the Cultural Center.

  • Bowling green: Infrequently used, there is a lawn bowls surface between the squash courts and the foul and tameyya stand off of the Tea Garden.

  • Croquet: The Club has produced several world champion croquet competitors. Three dedicated lawn courts are available near the car entrance to the Club. A game costs LE3 during the day and LE4 in the evening under the lights. Balls are provided, and mallets can be rented. An instructor, Abdel Hamid, is available. The croquet area is open from 8am to 8pm.

  • Diving: Diving instruction takes place in the Olympic swimming pool. Diving instructors are available.

  • Equestrian: A variety of equestrian pursuits are available inside the Club. A dressage and show jumping club is located on the right of the western car exit to the Club. A polo club is located on the either side of the street. Children’s horse rides are offered in the tree-lined avenue near the polo stables. Two riding rings are available in the club, with show jumps and dressage layout, and riders are able to ride all the way around the race track. A certain amount of stabling may be available. Horse races take place every Saturday and Sunday during the winter months (see below).
  • Exercise classes: A variety of exercise classes are available, taking place in a gym on the east side of the Center Court complex. Body shaping, jazz, step, Pilates, aerobics, cross-training, yoga, hillo-step classes are available, for kids and adults. The course schedule is available at the gym, or from the sports office (located on the south side of the Center Court Complex). Fees are LE20 per class. A similar range of classes is available at the private Pro Center gym, described below, separate subscription required.

  • Fencing: The fencing center is located on the west side of the Center Court Complex, enter near the gymnastics complex.

  • Football: The Gezira Soccer Academy is a great way for kids to learn the game, and takes place on the football pitch in the middle of the small running track. Group instruction for various age groups takes place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons during most of the year. Sign up in the football office located inside the main entrance to the Center Court, on the left-hand side.

  • Golf: A nine-hole golf course is located on the club grounds. Each hole has two greens, meaning that 18 holes are theoretically available. The golf area is located on the west side of the old squash courts, near the car entrance into the club. A driving range, chipping area, and putting green are also available. Personal bags can be stored on site for a small fee, and clubs are available for rental from golf-shop managers Senousi, Mohammad, or Khaled. Caddies are also available for around LE50 per 18 hole round. Fees for 9 holes for club members are LE30, 18 holes LE45, these prices may be doubled for non-members. A variety of competitions take place year round, more information can be found at

  • Gymnastics: A highly competitive gymnastics program takes place in a world-class gymnastics facility, near the Center Court. Both technical and rhythmic gymnastics are available. Children’s classes are available, from 5-6pm, Thursday, Saturday and Monday from kids aged 3½ up to 10. The Club also puts forward competitive teams in various age brackets.

  • Handball: Handball courts are located on the west side of the Club, between the squash courts and the new mosque. Children’s leagues are available.
  • Hockey: A team exists in theory, but seems to be currently dormant.

  • Horse racing: Horse races take place every Saturday and Sunday during the winter season. During the summer, the season relocates to Alexandria. The races finish on the west side of the club, near the polo stables, and an intense betting operation exists.

  • Martial Arts: A variety of martial arts are practiced in the Club, including Judo, Karate, Kung fu, Taekwondo, and Ikedo. Group lessons are held regularly in the martial arts complex, near the Olympic swimming pool. The approximate cost is 50LE per month, and registration takes place with Mr. Said and Mr. Fahmy, phone 707, on the west side of the Center Court complex, near the gymnastics complex. A new multistory martial arts complex is currently being built near the volleyball court.

  • Ping pong: Public ping pong courts are located in one of the old squash courts, near the Club administrative offices. Equipment is available for rental on site. Renting a table with your own equipment costs LE3 per half hour; including rackets and balls costs LE9. Instruction is also available. The ping pong facility is open from 8am-10pm. There is a competitive ping pong team, which practices in its own facility on the north side of the Center Court complex.

  • Polo: The Club used to be the epicenter of a world-famous Egyptian polo scene, and three full-size polo fields were located on the premises. Polo games now happen at two polo fields in other areas of Cairo, but the polo horses are still stabled near the western car exit from the Club, and practices are still held in the race track area. For more information, you can contact Mohi Keshaf at 010 101 0196.
  • Speedball: Speedball involves a player with two rackets hitting a ball back and forth around a circular stantion. Several courts are available near the martial arts center.

  • Squash: Many of the world’s top men’s and women’s players currently call the Gezira Club home, including world #1 Karim Darwish, his wife, and top 20 women’s player Engy Kheirallah, and former men’s #1, currently world #3, Amr Shabana. The squash area has its own entrance on the west side of the Club. Courts can be rented, and instruction is available. An annual Club tournament takes place during Ramadan. Restringing services are available. Dedicated changing rooms are located here. The national coach Amir is based here, and the squash manager is named Hishem.

  • Swimming: Two swimming pools are available in the Club, an Olympic size pool near the football field, and a Lido pool in the Lido complex. The Lido is only for those aged 18+. The Olympic pool is reserved for women only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-2, and mornings tend to attract many lap swimmers. Children’s swimming classes are available year round in the Olympic pool. There is a swimming instruction office at the Olympic pool that can help book instruction. Both pools are heated in the winter. Water polo, diving, and synchronized swimming take place at the Olympic pool. Children’s pools are also available at the Olympic pool. Dedicated changing rooms are available on site.

  • Synchronized swimming: Synchronized swimming takes place at the Olympic pool.
  • Tennis: Two tennis court complexes are located in the Club. The first, the “Eastern” courts, are located near the Center Court. The others, the “Western” courts, are located near the Cultural Center. Nearly 40 courts, all loose-clay, are available in total. Private and group instruction is available on the Eastern courts. Group lessons area available for the 4-7, 7-10, and 9-12 age brackets. Three-day per week courses, usually Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, cost LE250 per month. Class schedules are posted on a bulletin board near the Center Court. Annual competitions take place. Stringing services are available at the Eastern courts, and basic equipment, including balls, can also be purchased. Court rental is LE10-20 per hour. Coaches are readily available for private lessons, expect to pay around LE70-100 per hour. In addition, a newly established court fee for using a court with a coach, LE40 mornings/LE50 afternoons an evening, may apply. Ball boys are also available for hire for a LE5-10 tip. Balls can be purchased from any tennis staff, and restringing services are available.

  • Volleyball: A dedicated Volleyball court is located behind the martial arts center, and classes also take place on the multi-purpose sporting area near the football field. Children’s classes take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon.

  • Water polo: The nationally competitive Gezira Club team practices in the Olympic pool, and competes under the instruction of a newly hired Hungarian coach. Instruction is available.

  • Weight Training: Women-only and mixed men’s and women’s gyms are located on the south side of the Center Court complex. In addition, an outdoor weights area is located outside the mixed gym. Trainers are available. Both gyms are air-conditioned. The Pro Center gym, described below, also has weight facilities, and private fitness trainers.

  1. Cultural Activities:

  • Bridge: Players of the card game bridge gather on the first floor of the New Club Building. The facility is open from 10:30am to 11pm, and tables are usually packed on the weekends. Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30am-1:30pm are for ladies only. There are weekly tournaments, and several Club teams. A LE3 ticket includes the use of cards. If you don’t have a foursome, you can pass by and they can recommend partners. More information at
  • Cinema: Modern Egyptian and foreign movies are shown on three days every week, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. On each of these days, there are screenings at 11:30am, 3, 6, and 9pm. Tickets can be bought either for the season (November through May) costing LE120, or for each movie separately, costing LE10 per movie. The theater is located in one of the old squash courts, not far from Club membership office. The movie of the week is advertised on notice boards on the north and south sides of the New Club Building.

  • Exhibits: Exhibits of the work of Club members, including paintings, photography and others, are exhibited in the Cultural Center from time to time. If you have an idea for an exhibition, please contact Reda at the Cultural Center.

  • Library: The Club library, located in an old villa that used to serve as the Club President’s house, is set in a lovely secluded garden. The entrance is near the 8th green and 4th tee of the golf course, on the way to the western tennis courts. A selection of up-to-date English, French and Arabic publications are available for loan. The library is open from 9:30am-6pm every day, except holidays. The club’s yoga classes (see sports) take place in the library gardens two evenings a week from 6-7pm. The director of the club’s cultural activities, Reda, also has his office here.

  • Music lessons: Music Lessons take place every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday in the Center Court. Instruments taught including piano and guitar. Instruction is provided by Dr. Mohamad El-Laisy, whose phone number is 012 113 0093. The cost is LE130/month. Sign up with Reda in the Cultural Center.

  • Painting and drawing classes: A school for drawing and painting takes place every Friday from 11:30-3pm inside the Center Court. Sign up with Reda in the Cultural Center. Adults pay LE40 per month, and children LE20.
  • Trips/Excursions: A variety of trips, both inside of Egypt and outside, take place regularly, organized by the Club, for Club members. Examples of trips that have been taken recently include India, China, Aswan and Luxor. Trips range from day trips, to multi-week trips. Sign up with Reda in the Cultural Center. Upcoming listings are listed on the bulletin boards in the entrance to the Lido, and on the east side of the New Club Building.

  • Yoga: A yoga club takes place every Sunday and Tuesday in the beautiful garden of the Cultural Center from 6-7pm under the instruction of the Indian yoga expert Shams. There is a small fee involved, and no sign up is required. Bring your own yoga mat and comfortable loose-fitting clothes.

  1. Other Services:

  • Bank: A branch of the HSBC Bank is located on the eastern side of the Club, near the squash courts. Entry to the bank is either through the squash courts, or past the foul/tameyya stand. Two HSBC ATMs are in the Club: one inside of the squash courts, the other on the south side of the New Club Building.

  • Bazaar: A seasonal bazaar takes place at various times during the year on the north side of the Center Court. All kinds of small items, including gifts, toys, DVDs, and toiletries are available. A particularly extensive market is set up during the Christmas holiday season.

  • Call Center: Local calls to landlines can be placed for LE1 from a call center on the ground floor of the New Club Building. Pre-paid phone cards are also on sale here.

  • Doctor: A doctor is on call in the Club from 10am-10pm daily. The office (Club extension #946) is located on the south side of the New Club Building, near its entrance. Routine check-up and emergency services are available. Dr. Tareq Abdel-Setar is responsible.

  • EFG Hermes: A branch of this investment bank is located near the small mosque at the west end of the Tea Garden.
  • Hair dresser: Men’s and women’s hair dressers are located on the north-east (men’s, near the men’s locker room) and south (women’s) sides of the Lido building. The approximate cost of a men’s haircut is LE10, and a shave is LE5. There is an additional women’s hairdresser next door. The main women’s hairdresser is run by Khaled El Sagheer (010 398 0610), and it’s open daily from 9am-midnight. Services offered include blow dry (LE15), wash and blow dry (LE19), cut (LE15), color (LE75), manicure (LE7), and pedicure (LE10).

  • Link Dot Net: An office for this provider of internet service is located in one of the old squash courts, in between the golf area and the Club administrative offices. You can sign up for new service, or pay your service bill here. There are also a few computer terminals here providing free internet access. The office is open Sunday through Thursday 10-10, and Friday 2-10.

  • Newsagent: A newly remodeled branch of the Al-Ahram newsagent is located attached to the small mosque in the Tea Garden area. A variety of Arabic and European language magazines and newspapers are offered for sale.

  • Notary: This office (“al-shaher al-akkari” in Arabic), is useful if you want to purchase large items, or give others official permission to do something on your behalf. It is located on the grounds of the Cultural Center.

  • Optician: A branch of the optician Mounir Nassef is located behind the old squash courts facing the golf course parking lot. The phone number is 2736 2406.

  • Pharmacy: A branch of the pharmacy Nourad is located behind the old squash courts facing the golf course parking lot. The phone number is 2736 2808.

  • Plant store: There is an expansive nursery located in the Club, where you can buy all sorts of plants and garden furniture, located inside the western tennis courts. Enter toward the Cultural Center, walk past the tennis courts, and the nursery is at the end.
  • Post office: A branch of the Egyptian post office is located on the Club grounds, at the north car exit from the Club. A variety of services area available, including opening a bank account. Standard letters and postcards internationally cost LE1.5. Postage rates inside of Egypt are 30 piasters. It is open daily from 9am-4pm, and is closed on Mondays.

  • Pro Center Gym: A branch of the private exercise company Pro Center Gym is located underneath the Lido complex. Entrances are near the men’s and women’s locker rooms. The Gym provides weights, personal trainers, exercise classes, and massage therapy. A separate subscription is required, approximate cost is LE1800 for 6 months, LE2400 for one year. These prices may have recently increased. Various massages, including Relaxation, Swedish, Sports and Head neck and back are available for members and non-members, priced between LE60-120 per session, multi-session packages also available. Phone: 010 001 7142/3.

  • Shoe shiner: A shoe shiner is located near the men’s hairdresser, on the north side of the Lido complex. Approximate cost of a men’s shoe shine is LE1.

  • Sports store: A branch of the sporting goods store Inter Sport is located behind the old squash courts facing the golf course parking lot. Lots of equipment is available here, including shoes, swimming goggles, and all kids of sporting gear.

  • Telecom Egypt: An office of Telecom Egypt, where Egypt Telecom bills (land lines) can be paid, is located on the grounds of the Cultural Center. The office is open all day during the billing cycle (bills are payable every three months). You can also renew your national identity cards here (for Egyptians).

  • Travco Travel Agent: A branch of this well-respected travel agency is located across from the small mosque on the west end of the Tea Garden. It’s open every day except Monday from 12-5pm. The phone number is 2737 4339.
  • Wifi: Wifi is available in the Club at La Poire, in the Children’s Garden, and a network located in the squash courts. Other networks from outside the Club can be picked up sporadically in various parts of the Club. A comprehensive Wifi network is in the works, and may already be available.

  1. Club for Children:

  • Arcade: A children’s arcade, with various games, is located near the entrance to the Olympic swimming pool.

  • Biking: Bikes are available for rent on the multi-use sporting facility at the southern end of the children’s playground. It is sometimes possible to store your own bike there.

  • Playground/Children’s Garden: A wonderful playground, with all sorts of slides, swings, and other apparatus guaranteed to give kids years of enjoyment, is located on the northern side of the Club, with its own entrance off of Gezira St. An air-conditioned baby changing/breast feeding room is available for moms. The La Poire café serves food and beverages here. A dedicated, fenced-off area for younger children is located in the north-east corner of the area. There is also a kids bookshop located in the area, open every day except Monday.

  • Sports for kids: A huge variety of sports are available to children, including organized instruction in football, gymnastics, tennis, ballet, basketball, and many others. Horse rides are also available. Details are available in the appropriate sporting sections above. A kid’s exercise class also takes place at the north-west corner of the main track.

  1. Restaurants, Beverages, and Food:

A wide range of food and beverage options are available in the Club, including food made by the Club and by many private concessionaires. In general, Club food can be ordered throughout the Club, with a few exceptions, but you will need to know what to order. The Club is currently developing a new menu, which should be out in the next few months. In the meantime, to help you, we’ve provided an approximation of the Club menu as an appendix. Items may change or be priced differently, as this is a fluid menu. It is very useful to get to know some of the Club waiters.

  • Bon Appetit: Bon Appetit administers an indoor air-conditioned restaurant located on the ground floor of the New Club Building. They also serve food outside in a certain section of the “Tea Garden” near the main running track. Families with children can either sit in the indoor restaurant, or on the terrace just outside the restaurant. Children are not permitted in the Tea Garden. Bon Appetit also has a sandwich stand and an ice cream stand, which also service ice cream cakes to go, just outside the restaurant.

  • Coffee shops: There are two coffee shops inside the Club: Aroma, located in the Pergola area, on the west side of the Lido, and La Poire, located in the Children’s Garden. FBI, see below, also serves coffee. There is a small stand selling cakes on the ground floor of the New Club Building.

  • Concession stands: Several shops inside the Club sell water, and candy. One is located in the Pergola, near the small running track; another is located in the squash courts, another is located near the entrance to the Olympic swimming pool, and another is located at the Center Court main entrance.

  • Dinner Garden Barbeque: A small grassy garden area just east of the New Club Building turns into a barbeque lunch area serving a selection of barbeque dishes cooked on the spot and Club food from 1-5:30pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Children are welcome.

  • Elite Restaurant: This moderately fancy restaurant serving an extensive selection of Club food is located on the first floor of the New Club Building, and has a sunny terrace. No kids are allowed, and it’s open daily from 1-5:30pm
  • Fast Food: There are a string of fast food outlets near the Pergola side of the Lido, just to the south of the Astroturf pitch. McDonalds, Auntie Anne’s pretzels, and a cookie store are located here.

  • Foul and tameyya stand: The Club’s foul (beans) and tameyya (falefal) are wonderful, and cooked in a small kitchen on the east side of the Tea Garden. This area used to be called the Chinese Corner, now it’s called the May Corner. The foul and tameyya run out quickly, so it’s best to order these in the morning. Eggs, cheese sandwiches (canapé), and white cheese and tomato sandwiches are also available here. Club food can also be served here.

  • Fruit Basket International: Or FBI as it is called, serves wonderful fresh juices, smoothies, and milkshakes. At most times, snacks are also available, including sweet and savoury crepes. It is located in the Pergola area, on the east side of the small track.

  • Hamburger stand: Wonderful home-made Club hamburgers (served with tahina) are cooked in the Pergola area, next to Café Aroma. These are only available on certain days, usually on the weekends. Club waiters can bring them to you wherever you are in the Club.

  • Ice cream: Two ice cream stands, serving Hawaii and Rigoletto ice cream, are located in the Pergola, near Café Aroma.

  • La Pietra: This chain of Italian restaurants used to be located in the garden outside of the HSBC bank, near the squash courts. It is currently closed, but a new restaurant may arrive there soon.

  • La Poire: This café chain is located in the Children’s Garden, and has a full food and drinks menu. In theory, they provide wifi access, but it’s not operational all the time.

  • Pool area: A variety of food options are available at the Olympic pool, including pizza, Nathan’s hotdogs (currently closed for renovation), a station that serves “pizza-cones,” and a stand that on certain days serves fitir.
  • Rooftop Restaurant: On the top floor of the New Club Building are two seating areas, one indoors and air-conditioned, the other outdoors on the terrace, serving Club food and barbeque cooked on the spot. These restaurants are open 1-11pm every day, and children are welcome. There is an elevator.

  • Seasonal stands: Other food stands are located from time to time in the Pergola area, particularly sweets and cake shops during Ramadan.

Partial Club Menu
Much has likely been omitted, and it is likely that not all waiters know how to access everything. Furthermore, there is probably more that can be ordered than is listed on the menu. You’ll need to know what to ask for in advance, as no menus exist. This food can be brought to most areas in the Club, though perhaps not to the areas controlled by private restaurants. The selection below is in addition to food offered by the private restaurants. The Club’s head chef is named Ashraf, and the main kitchen is on the first floor of the New Club Building. Note, prices below may quickly go out of date, club prices have been raising steadily of late.

Can be served with rice (“roz”), mixed vegetables (“sauté”), spaghetti, or French fries (“batatas”).

  • Chicken Escalope (“freikh penne”): LE 23

  • Veal Escalope (“escalope”): LE 24

  • Veal escalope with tomato sauce and cheese: (“Escalope bil maison”): LE 33

  • Steak (“fillet”): LE29

  • Mushroom steak (“fillet mushroom”): LE33

  • Grilled chicken (“freikh meshweya”): LE23

  • Grilled fish (“samak meshweya”): LE22

  • Shrimp curry (“gambari”): LE42

  • Fish penne (“samak penne”): LE21.5

  • Grilled Fish (“samak meshwe”): LE19

  • Fried Fish (“samak melie”): LE20

Sandwiches and snacks:

  • Hamburger (“hamburger”), served with Tahina: LE 5.5/each

  • Small sausage sandwich (“sandwich saucisse”) : LE3.5/each

  • Toasted cheese (“canapé”) with cheddar, roumy, or white cheese: LE4/sandwich

  • White cheese and tomato sandwich (“sandwich gibne bayda bil tomatum”): LE4

  • Omelet (“omelet”), Spanish or with cheese: LE4

  • Spaghetti bolognaise: LE6.5

  • Baked pasta (“macarana bil furn”): LE5

  • Foul or tameyya sandwiches: LE1¼ /each


  • Salata: LE3.5

  • Tahina: LE3.5

  • Eggplant (“babaganoush”): LE3.5

  • Mixed salad (“Gezira salata”): LE7


  • Tea with mint or milk: LE1.5

  • Fresh lemon juice in a bottle (“ezeza limon”): LE5

  • Fresh juices (from FBI): mango (manga), banana (moz), strawberry (farawla), orange (bortugon), guava (gueafa), apple (tufeh): around LE5.5 each

  • Water (“ezeza maya”) LE1.5; sodas/soft drinks LE2-3.

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