Guide to Using Audacity visit the Crabble Mill Writing Project micro-site

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Recording a Story as a sound file

For a copy of the complete “Beginners Guide to Using Audacity” visit the Crabble Mill Writing Project micro-site.
To enable children to record their story in a number of parts (chapters) follow the instructions below.

Click on the desktop icon to load Audacity

1. To record a Chapter

Click on the record icon to start recording (a blue waveform will appear on the screen when the user is speaking)

To stop recording click the stop icon

To playback a recording click on the skip to start icon and then click on play

2. To edit a recording

Highlight the Selection Tool on the Task Bar

Position the cursor on the audio track. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor along the track to highlight the section to be deleted

To playback the highlighted section press the play button

To delete the highlighted section open the Edit file and select cut. The highlighted sector of the sound track will now be deleted

3. To save a Chapter

  • To save a recording open file and save your work as an AUP file.

4. Adding a new chapter

Click File then open to display your saved record

Position the screen cursor at the end of the first recording and left click
A vertical line will appear at the end of the track
Now click on the record button

A new track will appear on the screen

Click record and Start to speak and a new waveform will appear. Note that the waveform begins at the point where the first track finishes.
Finished recording? Position the cursor at the start of the first track and select play. You can now playback and listen to both tracks.
Click file then save project (aup) to save your edited recording.
To add additional chapters repeat stages 3 and 4 outlined above. Users can view up to 5 tracks on the screen when editing sound files using audacity

5. Converting and saving our finished story as MP3 file

To publish an audio file as a Podcast it must be converted and saved as an MP3 file.
Open file and select your audio file. The audio file will now appear on the screen.

To convert the file to an MP3 format open file and select Export as MP3

Now select a folder and save your work on the school network, your PC hard drive or a portable device.

The following message box will be displayed on the screen
To complete the operation Click OK in the box. Your file has now been successfully converted.

Please note that to convert and save files in an MP3 format you must have a LAME Encoder installed on your computer. To download this free file click on the link below and follow the installation instructions displayed on the screen.

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