Gull harbor condominium association rules and regulations

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The following Rules and Regulations have been approved by a majority vote of the Gull Harbor Condominium Association at a duly called meeting of the General Membership on August 26,2009.


Gull Harbor is a retirement community, primarily serving persons 55 years of age and older. All residents must be at least 18 years of age. Proof of age must be submitted to the Condominium Board by all persons for approval to lease or purchase an apartment at Gull Harbor. (A valid Drivers License, State I.D and/or a Birth Certificate.)
The Gull Harbor Rules and Regulations apply to all Owners and Rental Residents and their guests.
Owners and Rental Residences as a combined group are referred to as Residents in this document.
Apartments at Gull Harbor are for use as Single Family Residences only. Single Family as used in the Gull Harbor Documents is defined as “not more than two unrelated people living together, or three or more people related by blood, marriage or adoption”. Units may only be occupied by the number of residents listed below:
One bedroom apartments Two persons

Two, Three bedroom apartments & Penthouses Three persons

The Following simple rules and regulations will help you be a good neighbor, and being a good neighbor is, after all, a basic rule of life that will always bring you benefits.


The following Pet Rules and Regulations are established in accordance with The Associations Declaration of Condominium, Article XII, Restrictions, Paragraph D as amended September 19, 1989.

Residents are only permitted one or two cats, or one or two small birds, and fish. Only small birds are allowed (parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels). No large parrots! (Cannot be larger than a cockatiel) Animals that require the feeding of live pests (mice, rats, crickets, other bugs, etc.) are prohibited.

No Dogs are allowed except those acquired prior to July 11, 2002.
Please do not allow your guests to bring animals to visit.
Small fish aquariums of 30 gallons or less are permitted. Anything larger would have to receive special approval from the Board of Directors or their representative.
Certain animals are delightful to everyone if the animals are well cared for and not allowed to disturb other people.
Be sure your animal has food and water and is comfortable when you plan to be away so that it does not make any noise while you are gone.
Animals are not permitted to walk or run free in any of the common areas, including the laundries, sundecks and walkways. Animals are not allowed in the swimming pools or within the fenced areas of the pools.
Residents further agree to contain said animal when transporting the animal from their front door to the parking lot. We recommend transporting the animal in a carrier, basket, cart, or stroller.
Animals are to be walked behind the buildings on the grassy area between the parking lot and Second Street, or in front of the buildings between the sidewalk and Gulf Blvd. Animals ARE NOT to be walked on Gull Harbor grounds (walkways, lawns and flower beds).
The Town of North Redington Beach requires that your pet be on a leash and that you pick-up after your pet when you are walking it.
Please remember that residents cannot acquire or replace a pet without prior written consent from the office.

Only persons named in the lease agreement, or designated as legal owners in the apartment owners' file, will be given access to that particular apartment. If a resident desires to give access to another individual, he/she must provide that person with a key or give the office permission in writing to arrange entry or make a key available for the individual indicated. Suitable identification will be required in all instances.

It is strongly advised that arrangements be made in advance for a family member or friend to have access to the apartment in case of an emergency.
Apartment owners must receive permission from the Board of Directors to make any structural or design alterations to their unit. Please refer to your documents for further clarification.
Rental Residents must have written permission from the apartment owners or their representative to make cosmetic changes or alterations to an apartment.

Rental Residents will be responsible for the cost of such changes and the cost of returning the apartment to its original condition.

Rental Residents are not allowed to make structural or design alterations to an apartment.

Residents are no longer allowed to install balcony enclosures, and it is the intent of the Board of Directors to eventually eliminate all balcony enclosures.

Those Residents who have balcony enclosures are responsible for seeing that they are maintained properly and adhering to specifications set forth in Gull Harbor Owners’ Policies.
If at any future date the enclosure is in need of extensive repair (50% of value or more) it must be removed. The Resident will not be allowed to repair or replace said balcony enclosure. The said balcony enclosure must be dismantled in its entirety at such a time at the Resident’s expense.
If at any time the enclosure has to be partially dismantled for maintenance to the exterior of the building, the total expense of dismantling and replacements or repairs will be that of the Resident.
Bicycles that are registered in the Gull Harbor Office and being stored in stairwells as of July 11, 2002 may continue to do so under the following conditions:

  • They are actively being used (ridden at least twice a month)

  • They are in good state of repair

  • They are registered with the Gull Harbor Office, and

  • They have a Gull Harbor Numbered Tag attached to the bicycle.

  • These bicycles may not be chained to the staircase railing and cannot extend past the stairwell opening or protrude through the staircase railing.

As of July 11, 2002 no additional bicycles will be allowed to be stored in the stairwells. It is the intent of the Board of Directors to eventually eliminate the storage of bicycles in the stairwells.

Bicycles and exercise equipment may not be stored in the common areas. Bicycles and exercise equipment may not be stored on walkway patios or private balconies where they are visible from the walkways or neighboring balconies.
Residents may obtain keys to the Billiard Room & Library from the office.

NO ONE under the age of 18 is allowed in the Billiard Room at any time.

SMOKING and ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are not allowed in the Billiard Room.

Proper dress is required. Shirt and Shoes are a must. HOURS are between 9:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.

When you leave the Billiard Room please TURN OFF THE LIGHTS, adjust the thermostat to conserve electricity and LOCK THE DOORS.

The Bulletin Boards located above the mailboxes are reserved for Gull Harbor office use.
The Bulletin Boards located in the laundry rooms are for use by Gull Harbor residents. All notices placed on these bulletin boards must be dated and identified with the resident's last name.

Notices will be removed from the laundry room bulletin boards that are not dated and/or identified. All notices will be removed after 30 days, date of expiration, or the earlier of the two.

Campaign literature as mentioned in "Solicitation - Political" paragraph 3 will also be allowed.
A Business may be conducted within a condominium unit providing it does not violate any community laws and ordinances or cause any unwarranted concerns for the condominium community and meets the following criteria.

  • The business is conducted by resident(s) of that apartment only.

  • It is a legal and/or licensed business.

  • There will be no added expense or burden on the common elements or utilities (phone lines, elevators, water, sewer, trash removal, etc.) of the Association.

  • In no way will that business be promoted or advertised in any manner that might suggest connection with or approval by the Gull Harbor Condominium Association or the Association’s Board of Directors.

  • The business does not create more than minimal additional traffic.

  • The business cannot be a source of irritation or disturbance to other residents.

  • The business does not cause any inconvenience for other residents.

  • If justified complaints are received, the operation of said business will cease and desist by order of the Board of Directors.

Gull Harbor Clubrooms are for the exclusive use of Gull Harbor Residents and their guests.
The Victorian Room located at 17117 Gulf Blvd., on the second floor, and the South Clubroom located in front of the buildings located at 17105 Gulf Blvd are available for private parties or gatherings sponsored by Gull Harbor Residents.

The Private or Exclusive use of these rooms requires the following:

  • Payment of a Fifty dollars ($50.00) fee

  • A security deposit of:

Victorian Room - Five hundred dollars ($500.00)

South Clubroom - Three hundred dollars ($300.00)

The fee includes set-up of tables and chairs, and the use of trays, coffeepots, and serving pieces as available.
The Resident or Residents utilizing any of the Gull Harbor Clubrooms are responsible for returning the room to the same clean and orderly manner it was presented.
After they have been set in place, the marble-top tables in the Victorian room are not to be moved and care must be taken to protect the polished surface. Marble-topped tables must be wiped clean with a damp cloth and dried after use.


All deliveries and pick ups are to be made from the back of the buildings. Please inform all delivery people in advance.

Dumpsters are inherently dangerous, and residents are not to enter a dumpster to recover items dropped into them. Care and caution should be used when putting trash down the chute. Do not hold trash and keys or mail in the same hand.
Items dropped down the trash chute into a dumpster are to be considered lost.
Due to the potentially dangerous items in the trash, Employees and Residents will not be allowed to search through the dumpsters.
SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED IN THE ELEVATORS! This is a Florida State law. Please use ashtrays provided outside the elevators to dispose of ignited smoking materials.
All persons must dry off completely before entering an elevator.
Please do not allow animals out of your arms or their carrying vehicles while in the elevator.
Please do not allow children to play with the elevator controls.

Please talk softly near the elevator in the early morning and late evening, so you will not disturb your neighbors who live nearby.

Please report any elevator irregularity, accident or injury occurring in the elevator to the office or person on-call promptly. Please use the "OPEN" button to help your friends and neighbors on and off the elevators.
The elevator doors are programmed to shut down the elevators if the sensors detect something blocking the doors for more than 60 seconds. Please enter and exit the elevator promptly. Do not stand in the doorway to keep it from closing.


One portable, removable National Flag may be displayed in a respectful manner on the walkway patio or private balcony associated with each apartment. Flags may not extend beyond the private or semi-private areas associated with each apartment. Individuals may not display flags in the common areas.


Ceramic tile, wood, or other hard flooring materials may be installed anywhere in a unit, providing the following specifications are fulfilled:


All installations of ceramic tile, wood, or other hard flooring material must be approved by the Board of Directors prior to installation.

All such installations will include a minimum of one-quarter-inch cork lamina or an equivalent sound proofing material under the total area involved, which must be inspected by a member of the Board of Directors, or their representative, prior to installation of the new floor.
Ceramic tile, wood or vinyl flooring installations already in existence shall be grandfathered. These specifications were adopted at a duly called meeting of the General Membership of the Association, and March 13, 2008 at a meeting of the Board of Directors.

The use of vinyl flooring materials are approved for all kitchens and foyers. Foyers are described as the area adjacent to the front door limited to an area of approximately 4x4 feet in A,C,F,H or J style units, and 3.5x5.5 in B,D,G,I and PH style units.


The front entry door may not be altered in appearance. The entrance door shall have only one dead bolt type lock and one knob with or without a lock. All locks and knobs must be similar in size and color to those in use throughout the community.

All doorknockers must be of similar shape and size and display the apartment number. Apartment owners must submit doorknockers to the Board of Directors or their representative for approval prior to installation.

Front entry door decorations and/or attachments may not be mechanically attached or glued to the door. Special wreath hangers may be purchased if you wish to hang a Holiday wreath or decorative item on your front door. Front door attachments, decorations, and hangers must be kept clean, free of mildew and rust, in good condition or repair and must not cause damage to door.

If a doorbell is desired, it must be mounted to the wooden jam beside the front door. Only those three bedroom units having front-screened patios may mount doorbells on the enclosure panel beside the screen entry door to the patio.
Screen doors may not be permanently attached to the outside of the front entry door, and must be removed when the front door is closed. Screen doors may not be stored on the walkways, walkway patio areas or private balconies where they are visible from the walkways or neighboring balconies.
Owners must provide the office with a key to their apartment unit if they are not on the Master Key System. Rental residents must have authorization from the owner or his/her representative to have a lock changed or re-keyed.

Trash and garbage are always to be placed in plastic bags and tied shut before being put down the trash chute or in one of the trash containers.

Please make sure if you smoke you only put cold butts and ashes in the plastic bags. Newspapers placed in trash can or down the chute are to be rolled and tied, or placed in plastic bags.

Any trash item that fits easily through the trash chute door may be placed down the chute.
Do not leave trash items by the trash chute. Items that are too large for the trash chute should be taken down to the dumpster area for disposal.
Do not put any loose trash items down the trash chute.
When placing trash down the chute or in the trash rooms please do so quietly. Do not allow the doors to bang or slam. Trash chute and trash room doors must be kept closed at all times.
Residents are encouraged to recycle. The recycling containers are located off the northeast corner of the four-story building for Newspaper, Plastics, and Aluminum and Tin Cans.
Guests are required to abide by all Gull Harbor rules and regulations of the Association. It is your responsibility as a Resident to inform your guests of the Rules and Regulations.
Day guests must be accompanied by a resident when using the laundry and recreational facilities (library, billiard room, swimming pools, & shuffleboard courts). Otherwise, they will be asked to leave such facilities. Any resident and/or member of the C. DREAM Management Staff can ask an unidentified person to leave the laundry or recreational facilities.
Guests are limited to a visit of thirty nights in each calendar year. It is preferred that visits by small children be limited to a two-week period for any one visit.
Anyone staying longer than 30 nights must submit an application for approval and pay the appropriate application fees.
Children (under eighteen years of age) must be supervised by an adult at all times while visiting at Gull Harbor.

Only guests invited by residents are permitted to use any of Gull Harbor's recreational facilities. Overnight guest may use the facilities without the resident present as long as they abide by the Gull Harbor Rules and Regulations. Day guests must be accompanied by the residents.

Guests may not bring their animals with them.
Gull Harbor does not allow any installation of portable hot tubs or spas either inside the apartment or on the private balconies or walkway patio areas.


Owners may install Hurricane Shutters to the Association Specifications as outlined in Gull Harbor Owners’ Policies. Application for such installation must be made to the Board of Directors.


Smoking is not permitted in laundry facilities.

Laundry facilities are for the use of Gull Harbor Residents and their overnight guests.
Please time your clothes while they are washing and drying so you can remove them promptly. The washers take approximately 25 minutes and the dryers 40 minutes to complete a normal cycle. Please do not use all the machines at one time.
Please help keep the laundry rooms clean by:

  • checking pockets for paper before placing clothes in washers.

  • not shaking rugs and clothing out in the laundry.

  • cleaning up any mess that you make.

  • cleaning the washer and dryer lint traps after each use.

  • not leaving unwanted items in the Laundry Room.

Please do not dye clothing in the washing machines.

Please place OUT OF ORDER signs on all non-working machines, and report to the Office immediately, so necessary repairs can be made as soon as possible.
An apartment owner must give written notice to the Association of his/her intent to sell or lease an apartment. A copy of the signed contract for the sale or lease of an apartment must be furnished to the Office.

No sale, transfer, lease or conveyance of a condominium unit shall be valid without prior approval from the Association (Board of Directors). A request for approval can be made by completing the Gull Harbor Condominium Screening Application for the Purchase, Gift or Transfer of a Condominium Unit or Lease of a Condominium Unit and paying the appropriate application fee as noted on the application.

Please remember that the Board of Directors has up to thirty (30) days to review an application and set up an interview. Every attempt will be made to expedite your request for occupancy, lease, transfer or sale of an apartment.
NO LEASE of any unit shall be for a period of less than six (6) consecutive months.
When an apartment is leased, the owner transfers to the resident(s) all use rights in the association property and those common elements otherwise readily available for use by unit owners and the unit owner shall not have such rights except as a guest.
Luggage carts are available to Gull Harbor residents and their guests for loading & unloading of automobiles. Luggage carts are not available for use by professional movers or moving companies. Luggage carts are not to be used for moving furniture.
Luggage cart keys are available in the Gull Harbor Office from 9:00a.m.- 5:00p.m. Monday - Friday. Luggage Cart Keys must be signed out at the office.
Luggage carts must be returned and locked in place after use. Do not store luggage carts in your apartment overnight.
Anyone wishing to have use of a luggage cart in the evening or on the weekend must make arrangements during office hours. Do not ask office personnel to pick-up or place a luggage cart key in your apartment or call emergency maintenance. If you cannot make these arrangements to pick-up a key personally, you may ask a friend or neighbor.
There are 3 keys available for each cart to allow for multiple usage. The Luggage carts and keys must be returned promptly after each use. Keys checked out overnight, weekends or holidays must be returned by 9:00a.m. the next working day. When not in use, the luggage carts should be locked in place. Luggage carts should not be stored in your apartment between uses.

There will be a $10.00 charge for lost luggage cart keys.

Entrance to the following areas is limited to Gull Harbor Condominium Association Directors and Management Company Employees or their assignees. These areas are OFF LIMITS to all Gull Harbor Residents at all times.
17105 Gulf Blvd.:

Elevator Equipment Room

Miscellaneous Equipment and Parts Storage Rooms

Pool Pit

17117 Gulf Blvd.:

Dumpster Room

Elevator Equipment Rooms

Fire Pump Room, Grounds Equipment Rooms and Maintenance Room

Miscellaneous Equipment & Parts Storage Areas

Pool Pit


Third Floor Storage Area

* Supervised access to the roofs for air-conditioning compressor repairs will be provided through the office. Advance notice is requested.
It is the Association's and C. DREAM Management's Policy not to lend equipment, tools, and, or supplies to Residents except the Luggage Carts referred to on page 10.
All Maintenance requests must be made through the office. We have instructed all personnel not to take requests when they are out of the office, except in cases of emergency.
After Hours and Weekend Emergency Maintenance Requests: Call the Emergency Maintenance phone number, which is published in the C. DREAM Management Newsletter. Please leave your name, apartment number and the nature of you emergency request. Our maintenance personnel will return your call.
Please do not make arrangements with C. DREAM Personnel during working hours to arrange for after-hours work. To arrange for after-hours work, call the office and a message will be provided to the employee of choice.

Moving is a difficult time, whether you are moving in or out of the building.

All moves, deliveries and pick-ups must be scheduled with the Gull Harbor Office, and will only be allowed Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00a.m. and 5:00p.m. There will be no moving, deliveries or pick-ups on Saturdays and Sundays or after 5p.m. on weekdays. Any moving beyond these set hours will result in the full forfeiture of your elevator deposit.

A $100.00 Elevator Damage Deposit is required for all moves, with the exception of ground floor moves, as they do not require elevator use.
Since you will have exclusive use of the designated Elevator during your move, please have your moving company provide enough labor that your move can be completed in the shortest reasonable time. The suggested time frame is 3 to 4 hours.
Movers must release the elevator for emergency use.
Moving and delivery trucks are not allowed to park in the front of either building. Moving and delivery trucks may park ONLY at the rear of either building to load and unload. Should special circumstances arise, special permission from the office is necessary for moves in or out of the side entrances.
Please contact the office to reserve your moving day. It is to everyone's advantage to approve only one move-in or move-out per building per day.
Please inform your movers that the passageways must not be blocked. They are to bring a small load to the elevator lobby (furniture and boxes), load the elevator and then off load it into the lobby area on the appropriate floor. There must be a clear path to the elevators through the lobby areas at all times for the use of other passengers and emergency personnel.
The large east elevator at the back of the four-story building is the designated moving, delivery and service elevator for the buildings located at 17105 Gulf Blvd. The smaller side elevators are for passenger use only.
The North Elevator is the designated moving, delivery and service elevator for the seven-story building located at 17117 Gulf Blvd. The South elevator is the primary passenger elevator.

The luggage carts in the mailbox areas are for loading and unloading of passenger vehicles only and are not to be used by professional movers. See "Luggage Carts" rules.

Please make sure the elevator pads are in place prior to your mover or delivery person’s arrival by contacting the office.

Whether you are using a professional mover or not, you must notify the Office when the move is ready to begin, and submit a mandatory $100.00 deposit for damages. At this time, a member of our Maintenance Staff will conduct an elevator inspection with you, and lock off the elevator for your sole use for the duration of the move. Once the move is completed, a follow-up inspection will be done. If there is any damage to the elevators or padding, it will result in your full forfeiture of the elevator deposit. You will also be responsible for the cost of any damages to the elevator that cannot be covered by the $100.00 deposit. If Maintenance determines that there is no damage, you are entitled to pick up your damage deposit from the Office.

If you are not using a professional mover, we recommend that you rent furniture dollies and/or hand carts for you personal use. C. Dream Management, Inc. is unable to loan this equipment.
The elevator doors are programmed to shut down the elevators if the sensors detect something blocking the doors for more than 60 seconds. Please enter and exit the elevator promptly. Do not stand in the doorway to keep it from closing.
Any person causing damage to the elevators or causing the elevators to shut down will be charged for the service call and repairs.
Extreme care should be taken at all hours about making noise. The apartments at Gull Harbor are reasonably soundproof, but it is still necessary to think of your neighbors. This applies particularly to the use of musical instruments, radios and televisions that may tend to disturb other residents.

Normal daily activities should take place between the hours of 8:30a.m. and 10:00p.m. (Samples of normal activities to restrict to these hours are running the vacuum cleaner, washer/dryer, or dishwasher, exercising, hanging pictures, etc.) Vocal and/or musical instrument practice is limited to two hours between 10:00a.m. and 8:00p.m.

If you are entertaining, playing a musical instrument, playing the stereo or watching television between the hours of 8:00p.m. and 10:00a.m., it is recommended that you close your windows and doors. These are extra precautions you can take in order not to disturb your neighbors.
Please remember when entertaining in the evenings on your porch or private balcony that voices seem louder and carry further at night. Please keep your voices low, or go inside after 10:00p.m.
Residents are assigned numbered parking spaces. Please use only your assigned space. If you return and find a vehicle in your parking space you may call the Office Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm or Liz after hours to have the vehicle towed or to have a note placed on the vehicle asking them to utilize Guest Parking in the future.
All Gull Harbor residents must have a parking sticker placed in the lower left-hand corner of the rear window of their automobile. Please come to the office to obtain your sticker as soon as possible. If your rear windshield is darkly tinted, please place the sticker on a non-tinted window where it will be easily visible.

Please advise your visitors to use a space marked for GUEST. Guest spaces are available in the last row of the parking lot behind both buildings and in front of the four-story building.

Residents and their guests may not keep, maintain or operate motorcycles, motorbikes, mini bikes, motor scooters, or any other similar type of motor vehicle on Gull Harbor property.
Automotive repair or engine maintenance work is not permitted in the Gull Harbor parking lot. Owners of automobiles leaking oil, gas, transmission fluid, or any other fluid deemed harmful to the parking lot will be held responsible for any resulting damage.

Residents and their guests may only park regular passenger automobiles, pickups and passenger type vans on Gull Harbor property. Vehicles may not have tools and supplies attached to exterior of the vehicle. This does not preclude the temporary use of Guest Parking spaces for service vehicles. Service vehicles may not park overnight.

Any automobile that does not have current tags will be considered abandoned and will be removed from the Gull Harbor parking lot at the owner's expense.
Improperly parked vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense without warning. A Gull Harbor sticker does not grant residents immunity from being towed if they are improperly parked.
Recreational vehicles, campers, boats and/or boat trailers may not park on the condominium property. Temporary permits are available from the Town of North Redington Beach for the temporary parking of recreational vehicles along Gulf Blvd.
Please drive carefully through our parking areas and come to a complete stop at all traffic crossings.
NOTE: At this time, all available parking spaces have been assigned to apartment units. Parking spaces assigned to a unit are reserved for the use of that unit and the residents of that unit to the exclusion of all others until such a time as that unit owner wishes to give up his/her rights to a certain parking space. This request must be made in writing.


Recycling containers are located off the northeast corner of the four-story building for newspaper, plastics, and aluminum and tin cans.

Gull Harbor is policed by C. DREAM Management personnel on an unscheduled basis.
It is the responsibility of our residents to observe and report rule violations.

Rule violations may be reported to the office on weekdays (9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.) and in the evenings or on weekends by calling Liz (see the monthly newsletter for the phone number). If Liz is not available at the time of your call, please leave your name, day, time and purpose of your call on the answering machine. She will respond to your notification of a rule violation as soon as possible. Depending on the situation, she will either call the offender or come to the property to investigate.

If Liz is not available, you can leave a message on the Emergency Maintenance Voice Mail Service. They are not required to make a special trip to Gull Harbor for rule enforcement, but will look into it if they are required to respond to an emergency call.
It is best to report a rule violation while it is occurring.
Do not hesitate to call the Police if someone is creating a disturbance either in their apartment or the common areas.
Residents are not to post or affix signs to any of the common areas or apartment.
Solicitation, in the intent of this rule or regulation covers any act or means to entreat or petition for something, or to seek to influence or incite to action.
Solicitations by individuals, residents, charitable and/or other organizations and businesses are not permitted within Gull Harbor boundaries. This bans the posting or distribution of literature, notices, advertisements, tracts or other materials except as outlined in the following paragraph, and prohibits any individual, including residents or guests, from going door to door to disperse items or make an appeal.
If a resident wishes to collect funds for a charitable organization or to distribute written or printed material, the contact must be made by mail, telephone or by placing appropriate notices on the Laundry Room Bulletin Boards.

In rare instances when an unusual event or action "in house" requires the support of the residents, permission to make contact in person must first be approved by the management and the designated individuals authorized to proceed.

In order to conserve cost, the monthly Newsletter prepared by C. DREAM Management, Inc. for Gull Harbor Residents as approved by the Gull Harbor Association's Board of Directors is distributed by hand and is therefore not in variance with existing rules.

The Clubhouse located at 17105 Gulf Blvd. shall be available for all registered candidates from 4:00p.m. - 7:00p.m. the Wednesday preceding any local (town), county, state, or national election in which the Town of N. Redington Beach, Florida is participating. The date and time are subject to change by the Association or Management Company until the meeting is posted on the Association's Bulletin Boards. There will be no charge for the use of the room. No refreshments, food or drink will be permitted.
The names of all candidates participating must be submitted one week prior to the date of the meeting. This will allow time for posting of meeting notices.
This will be an informal meeting. There will be no speeches or addresses. This will be an opportunity for Gull Harbor's residents to meet the candidates on a one-to-one basis. A table will be made available for each candidate for the placement of his/her campaign literature.
Candidates may place copies of one 8 1/2" by 11" page of campaign literature on the credenza in the Clubhouse located at 17105 Gulf Blvd. Candidates may also post one 8 1/2" by 11" page of campaign literature on the bulletin boards in the laundry rooms. All campaign literature placed or posted in these areas must be identified with the publishing candidate's name and the proper disclaimer requirements as set forth in the "Candidates Handbook". Candidates may place their literature in these locations after registration has been closed, and all literature must be removed following the closing of the polls.

Candidates and/or their representatives are not permitted to campaign within the common elements of the Gull Harbor property. This prohibition includes door to door solicitation, pool areas, elevator lobbies, laundry rooms and other events sponsored by the Association or Management Company.

Prior to any applicable election, the Association shall post, for the benefit of all residents, the specific date and time that the meeting in paragraph #1 will be held in the Clubhouse. The date and time are subject to change by the Association or Management Company.
Political solicitation rules will be mailed to all candidates running for office in the Town of North Redington Beach. This literature will be made available to all other candidates on request.

Gull Harbor Condominium Association, Inc. and C. DREAM Management, Inc. are not responsible for personal items stored in the following areas:
Second and Fourth Floor Storage Cages located in front of the East Elevator at 17105 Gulf Blvd., intended for use by residents living in the buildings located at this address
Common Storage area located on the third floor at 17117 Gulf Blvd., intended for use by residents living in the building located at this address
Items stored in the Common storage area on the third floor at 17117 Gulf Blvd must be boxed and securely closed. Plastic storage tubs are preferred. No plastic bags or wrapped items. All items must be boldly labeled with last name and apartment number. We strongly recommend contents labeling (example: books, seasonal decorations, household items) so if you want one particular container we can bring you that specific container. No containers can weigh more than 30 lbs. The limit is 4 to 5 containers. We do not store furniture, appliances, or hazardous and flammable materials. Residents are not allowed in this storage area.
Residents using the storage cages must register the number of their storage cage with the office. Residents have 24-hour access to these areas.


Please be advised that everyone utilizing the Gull Harbor Swimming Pools is doing so at their own risk.
Pool hours are from 7:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M. Children (12 years of age and under) may swim in the pool in back of the Seven Story building between 9:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M., and in the center of the Four Story building between 2:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. At all other hours the respective swimming pools are reserved for adults only.
Children and teenagers of 17 years and under are always to be accompanied by an adult when they are in the swimming pools.
Please shower before entering the pool. Showering removes suntan oils, body oils and sand the clogged the filtering system.
Please place towels over the lounges and chairs, when sunbathing. The body oils and oils from suntan lotions will discolor and eventually destroy the vinyl strapping.
Food and drink are discouraged in the Swimming Pool Area. NO GLASS containers are ever to be used in the pool area. Smoking is also prohibited in the fenced-in swimming pool areas. Drinking, eating and smoking are prohibited in the swimming pools.
Animals are not allowed in the swimming pools or within the fenced areas of the pools.
No diving is permitted, and those jumping into the swimming pools should use caution and should be careful not to splash those swimming nearby.
Flotation devices (floats, rafts, and inner tubes) are not allowed with the exception of the following:
Personal flotation devices for non-swimmers, such as life or ski vest, ski belts, water wings will be allowed.

"Noodles" (six foot flexible foam tube with a three inch diameter) are also allowed.

No Styrofoam flotation devices will be allowed (rings, bubbles, kick boards).
Only one personal flotation device or noodle may be in use by any one person at any time.

When personal flotation devices are not in use, they should be placed under a lounge or chair so as not to create a hazard. They are not to be left to float free in the swimming pool.

No toys or pool toys are allowed in the swimming pool.
Babies and untrained children must have on diapers and pants or a diaper cover with closely fitted legs when in the swimming pool. Bathing suits are always to be worn in the swimming pool. No cut-offs or any other types of shorts are ever to be worn in the pool.
Please be sure that you are dry before you enter the elevator. Wet elevator floors are hazardous to all. Please do not wear bathing suits into the clubrooms or office.

Washing Machines or Washer/Dryer connections shall only be installed in those units that are properly plumbed for such an installation. Washer/Dryer connections are only allowed in the larger 2 bedroom/2 bath, 3 bedroom/2 bath units and Penthouses (A,D,F,I and PH floor plans) which allow for proper drainage, and are not allowed in the 2 bedroom/2 bath and 1 bedroom/1 bath units (B,C,G,H and J floor plans) where adequate drainage is not available.
Washing Machines or Combination Washer/Dryers plumbing and electrical connections shall only be installed by licensed electricians and plumbers with a Pinellas County Permit.
It is recommended that water hoses, connections and drains to washing machine be checked annually to prevent leaks.

Please remember that the walkway in front of your apartment not only leads to your front door, but to many others. Please make your neighbors proud by keeping your front porch and the walkway in front of your apartment neat and clean.
Walkway patios and balconies are not to be used as storage areas. Bicycles and exercise and medical equipment are not to be kept or stored on the walkways, walkway patios or balconies.

It is occasionally necessary to utilize the walkway patios or balconies as a work area. This is permitted only between the hours 8:30am to 5pm Monday through Saturday and must be completely cleaned up and the walkway patio or balcony restored to its normal use by 5pm each day. Such work will be permitted for five (5) days in each calendar year.

No towels, clothing, or bedding are ever to be hung on the railings or over chairs or tables. This also applies to the railings of the private balconies over looking the parking lots, as well as the walkway balconies and the outer courtyards.
All of us enjoy attractive plants and we enjoy seeing attractive ones displayed on the balconies and walkway patios. Please dispose of unattractive plants. Potting soil, extra pots or fertilizer, etc. are not to be stored on your balcony.
Nothing may be placed on walkways in front of the apartments with exception of a wheelchair ramp or a doormat, and Holiday Decorations. Decorative items may be placed in the walkway by the front door of apartments without walkway patios from December 1 to December 31 as long as they do not extend more than 18 inches from the wall.
Do not leave your shoes by the front door.
Charcoal or gas grills are not permitted. Electric Grills are permitted, but may not be stored on walkway patios. Electric grills stored on private balconies must be neatly covered.
Please do not consume food and beverages on the walkways or in the elevators. This rule does not apply to the private walkway patios in front of the apartments, or private balconies.
Beach and/or folding chairs, rafts, and umbrellas are not to be stored on private balconies or walkway patio areas.
All blinds installed on private balconies must be WHITE in color.
Do not shake rugs and towels out over the balcony and walkway rails. Do not toss anything over the balcony or walkway railings. Items thrown over the rail can cause extensive damage to porches and walkways below.
Items are not to be hung from or placed on top of the light fixtures located by the front door of each unit.

Cigarette or cigar smoking materials (i.e. cigarettes, cigars, lighters, matches or ashtrays) may not be left out on walkway patios. Residents must use covered ashtrays on walkway patios.

Apartment owners and residents are allowed to put medium to light gray window tint or film on the apartment unit windows. Reflective film is not allowed. Management must approve a sample in writing.
Apartment owners must receive permission from the Board of Directors or their representative to apply window tint or film to apartment unit windows. Rental residents must have permission from the unit owner.
Window treatments must be of light neutral color or white.
Please do not affix stickers or signs to apartment windows.

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