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Curious George Rides a Bike

H. A. Rey

Book Description:

  • George gets a new bicycle and rides it all over town getting into mischief along the way.

Academic Objective:

  • ELA2R4h: Makes connections between text and/or personal experiences.

Brilliant Star Objective:

  • Physical: Students learn that through riding a bike, one could get both physically fit as well as have a mode of transportation.

Readability Level: 4.1
Vocabulary: Words that may need to be addressed before teaching: curious, celebrate, admiral, fanfare, and fortunately.
Introduction: Questions to ask before reading:

  • “Have you ever heard the expression, curiosity killed the cat?”

  • “What does it mean?”

  • “Have you ever been curious about something?”

  • “How do you get to your neighbor friend’s house?”

Questions during reading:

  • “How far have you ridden a bike before?”

  • “Do you think Curious George could really do the things in the story?”

  • “Why or why not?”

Follow-up activities:

  • Students will write a short story about riding their bike or doing some type of physical activity. They will note how the activity made them feel inside.
  • Students can read other Curious George books and list the similarities and differences in the texts.

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