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Maharani Kunti’s Prayers

Then Kunti comes into picture again. Krishna wants to leave after sometime. He was in Hastinapur and wanted to go to Dwaraka.  He was ready and in the meantime Kunti came and [when] Kunti came she wanted to pray Krishna you know, because she knew what they had done.  In her prayers, she says very nice you know. 
yatha hrsikesa khalena devaki

kamsena ruddhaticiram sucarpita

vimocitaham ca sahatmaja vibho

tvayaiva nathena muhur vipad-ganat
[O Hrsikesa, master of the senses and Lord of lords, You have released Your mother, Devaki, who was long imprisoned and distressed by the envious King Kamsa, and me and my children from a series of constant dangers.](SB 1.8.23)
How we are saved at every step and every second of our existence?

vimocitaham ca sahatmaja vibho;  “So many times You have saved me with my children. tvayaiva nathena muhur vipad-ganat, again and again we are experiencing so many difficulties and You have always saved us.” 
It’s not only Kunti devi, it’s we also, in so many difficulties, He has saved us.  Otherwise, how can the aero plane with a bit of fuel can hang itself in air and travel very fast and we go from continent to continent.  It’s not possible unless Krishna is merciful.  Always, in aircraft, all these things are present.  The fuel is there, highly combustion, then electricity is there and water is there and all these things they are enemy each other.  How long does it take for electricity to have a short circuit … completely destroyed?  Always and in every second of our existence we depend upon His mercy. 

Last January we were very happy and proud because we have to perform the foundation laying ceremony for our temple in Dwaraka that day and we have Ratha Yatra on 26th January, so we were all very happy and so many preparations were going on.  And exactly at about 8:30 He started to show His might. And so… it was horrible earth quake. O immediately the whole town was chanting “Dwarkadish Dwarkadish Dwarkadish Dwarkadish” and we heard a big noise you know. So I thought truck might be passing on the road.  So we are hearing the noise.  Immediately the whole building started moving and we had a big pit for the foundation. I thought this building is going into the pit now.  And everything will be completely destroyed. This is our position.  And within half an hour when it stopped people completely forgot. They opened their shops and forgot. “Forget about it!” This is our nature. Till He shows us might, we chant His names and as soon as He stops then we are back to square one.  This should never happen.  Every time we should remember that there is a possibility of earthquake as it is we are sucking so much of oil from the bed, millions of barrels are coming out.  So there is imbalance and that balance has to be corrected.  So these things inevitably we have created by our sins. 

In America everywhere you see the pump going on, anywhere, you know, particularly in California area, and millions of barrels are coming out.  And that area is very vulnerable for the earth quake.  This is His plan, we don’t know His plan but we are committing so many sins. So we’ll definitely ….

What is the solution to our miseries?

As soon as we start remembering Him helplessly, you will be very simple and as soon as the simplicity is there, half of the miseries will be over.  This is the only answer.  From today we should all try at least in Purshotham maas to very simple, and create this habit, and you will be feeling less miserable conditions.  The more simple you are the more happy you will become, and the material situations, they will not bite you. Otherwise if there is no simplicity and if there is no Krishna in our heart and the house and then miseries will multiply. This is the solution.
What is our duty?

Kuntidevi did this and that’s why she remembers Him.  In the first two verses she describes Him, Krishna, you know. Just now we heard the whole prayer. So it’s a beautiful prayer please find out time and go through these verses.  And the first five verses are very easy you can just chant now and we will see how beautiful they are.  First verse is namasye, purusam, tvadyam. First line, “You are the aadi purush. You are the original purush, enjoyer.” If He is the original enjoyer it becomes our duty to serve Him and offer Him everything because He is the enjoyer.  What we are doing at the moment that without offering to Him we are trying to enjoy. We can’t do it.  This is the Kunti Devi’s realization. Kunti Devi being woman is completely straight forward and in very simple terms she describes, what Krishna is. 

Who exists everywhere and secretly does everything?

Sing please Namasye pursham tvaadyam …

[Maharaji sings SB 1.8.18]

kunty uvaca

namasye purusam tvadyam / isvaram prakrteh param

alaksyam sarva-bhutanam / antar bahir avasthitam
It is very easy to understand. Please read the translation. Let them repeat. Yes, Kunti said…[Devotee reads translation for SB 1.8.18]

Srimati Kunti said: O Krsna, I offer my obeisances unto You because You are the original personality and are unaffected by the qualities of the material world. You are existing both within and without everything, yet You are invisible to all. [SB 1.8.18]

This is our first verse.   “alaksyam sarva-bhutanam” – He is not seen and even then “antar bahir avasthitam” He is situated inside as a supersoul in every body and not only that you are situated in the body inside but outside also in the form of water, air, sky, all these are His energies. “Bhoomir apor nalor vayu kham mano bhudhir evacha” [BG 7.4] He is so important. You should remember one thing that when we take rest including your soul everything becomes inactive. When we wake up it is the mercy of supersoul that we are waking up. Every day we are dying at night or during the day. We are in the habit of, during day also, taking rest, every time you sleep, everything goes away, your senses, your mind, your soul everything goes away, inactive.  Only the supersoul is awake and He helps you to get up. Otherwise He decides that today you should not get up, you will have eternal sleep. So please always remember that unless He wakes us up we can’t touch our own riches - bank balances. You love bank balance very much, hmm. But you should remember that unless Supersoul helps us in the morning, our bank balances is also nil.  When you wake up then you will see the bank book or if you have any or whatever. This is how, in order to (us also) to enjoy material life it is the help required from the Supersoul. This is what Kunti Devi prays.

Then in second verse, please recite now. maya-javanikacchannam. You are covered – aacchannam by Maya – curtain of maya

[Maharaji sings SB 1.8.19 twice]

maya-javanikacchannam ajnadhoksajam avyayam

na laksyase mudha-drsa nato natyadharo yatha
Read the translation please.

[Devotee reads aloud the translation of SB 1.8.19 and Maharaj repeats]

Being beyond the range of limited sense perception, You are the eternally irreproachable factor covered by the curtain of deluding energy. You are invisible to the foolish observer, exactly as an actor dressed as a player is not recognized. [SB 1.8.19]

[Then Maharajji and everybody recited the three slokas (SB 1.8.18-20) and their translations of SB 1.8.20]

namasye purusam tvadyam / isvaram prakrteh param

alaksyam sarva-bhutanam / antar bahir avasthitam

maya-javanikacchannam ajnadhoksajam avyayam

na laksyase mudha-drsa nato natyadharo yatha

tathaa paramahamsaanaam / muninaam amalaatmanaam

bhakti-yoga-vidhaanaartham / katham pashyema hi striyah
The third verse again. Please read the translations.

You Yourself descend to propagate the transcendental science of devotional service unto the hearts of the advanced transcendentalists and mental speculators, who are purified by being able to discriminate between matter and spirit. How, then, can we woman know You perfectly? [SB 1.8.20]

How can we remember Krishna?

This is the question asked by Kunti Devi. She said that we don’t understand the complications of matter, spirit and devotional service. So please tell us some very easy way how we can understand you.  And that is how, she says herself, in the next verse how simply we can remember Krishna. Please repeat all the verses again. Kunti devi said… Kunti uvaca…Just go on reciting the 5 verses only and this should be your prayer.  That’s why we are reciting.  Purshotham maas could be very nicely celebrated with these 5 verses only.  There are 25 verses in all or more than that, but these 5 verses will make you a nice prayer. Please always repeat. namasye purusam tvadyam [Maharajji starts reciting SB 1.8.18]

When in Sanskrit aham is there, there is a bit of care we have to take. When we pronounce, first close your lips please and then you vibrate.  The vibration is Krishna.  Sound representation of Krishna, so when we pray we have to be very careful about it, we are dealing with Krishna actually. In OM, you know. We chant very nicely.  [Maharajji chants OM thrice] By this sound even the mentally deranged will be corrected. 

raso 'ham apsu kaunteya prabhasmi sasi-suryayoh

pranavah sarva-vedesu sabdah khe paurusam nrsu
[O son of Kunti, I am the taste of water, the light of the sun and the moon, the syllable om in the Vedic mantras; I am the sound in ether and ability in man.](BG 7.8)
It’s non-different, pranava sarva vedheshu. In all the Vedas I am pranava, He says, Krishna says. Where are you you going to look for Him Pranava Sarva Vedheshu, He says. You just chant OM. And as soon as you chant feelingly, this vibration is non-different than Krishna. He is Vasudev, all pervading, so this transcendental sound vibration gives us the feeling and the presence of Krishna. Then further it is described in the pages of Bhagavad-gita, that not only OM we have to chant but om itihi aksharam vyaharan, vibrate it – vyaharan and maam anushmaran and “you just remember Me”. That’s the main thing. Mere OM may not help us it becomes bit of impersonalist like but if you remember Him then it is full and that’s why Narada muni gives us twelve letter mantra.

[Maharaji Chants three times]

om namo bhagavate vasudevaya om namo bhagavate vasudevaya om namo bhagavate vasudevaya

And this is the mantra which helped Dhruvu Maharaj to attain the Supreme Personality of Godhead within few months. If the boy of five years could earn Krishna in few months within a few years why can’t we attain? But we don’t concentrate on these things. We should have only the knowledge upto this limit, we don’t want to be jnaanis, but our knowledge must convince us the importance of these vibrations, and what is the effect of those vibrations.

Chapter 16

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