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Painful Process of Birth

Prayers of the unborn child (Jantu) continued

Now we come to this verse and we will complete now.  See this

[Maharaji leads recitation of verse and word by word equivalents]
dehy anya-deha-vivare jatharagninasrg-

vin-mutra-kupa-patito bhrsa-tapta-dehah

icchann ito vivasitum ganayan sva-masan

nirvasyate krpana-dhir bhagavan kada nu
We’ll go through the equivalents, please repeat.
dehi -- the embodied soul; anya-dehe -- of another body; vivare -- in the abdomen; jathara -- of the stomach; agnina -- by the fire; asrk -- of blood; vit -- stool; mutra -- and urine; kupa -- in a pool; patitah -- fallen; bhrsa -- strongly; tapta -- scorched; dehah -- his body; icchan -- desiring; itah -- from that place; vivasitum -- to get out; ganayan -- counting; svamasan -- his months; nirvasyate -- will be released; krpana-dhih -- person of miserly intelligence; bhagavan -- O Lord; kada -- when; nu -- indeed.
[Fallen into a pool of blood, stool and urine within the abdomen of his mother, his own body scorched by the mother's gastric fire, the embodied soul, anxious to get out, counts his months and prays, "O my Lord, when shall I, a wretched soul, be released from this confinement?"](SB 3.31.17)


The living entity suffers unsurpassable misery in the womb.  So nicely it is given.  Inside heat is there, heat.  The body is already hot, either mothers body will become cold the living entity has to die.  So, heat has to be got tolerated and it is so much hot there inside and the body is completely delicate and he is scorched, the word scorched – burnt. 

I don’t know really sometimes we are punished by our own sinful activities and we also to die in an unfavorable circumstances.  These hijackers may hijack the plane, the passengers are inside, within a second how they might have been feeling, the extra heat was there, fuel was burning, the whole iron was melting, and how much heat should be there? They could have experienced for a second or so and immediately they were dead.  This is how, this living entity why doesn’t he die? We don’t know otherwise death is certain.  We cannot tolerate these miseries inside or outside and we have all tolerated it without exception. Nobody exception there is no AC in the womb.  It is all heat and our body is very much scorch and in that condition we are counting the months when are we going to get out.  He had the faint idea that after nine ten months I have to get out.  As soon as the growth is there the body is growing, so when the growth is stopped the womb is a limited place, so as soon as the growth is stopped then the birth takes place.  So he wants to grow, the growth continues but in between the womb and outside atmosphere we have the birth.  Somehow or the other he has to come out and if favorable winds are there delivery winds they call it, sruti-vata-nitam [SB 3.9.5] those vaata must be there and that air helps us to get out.  By the force of air we are born.  When Krishna appears, He doesn’t appear by the material force.  There is the difference. 

Please determine to make this birth your last birth

As soon as we are born again we lose all the consciousness and you go back to the material rut.  These circumstances are completely different and we don’t know what is happening and because the birth is so very painful for the mother and the child, that when the child is born there is a moment he loses his consciousness.  He moves and tries to cry, he can’t cry even because there is nothing left here and after some moments by Krishna’s mercy he comes back and then he starts crying or happy whatever.  This is the condition. 

The living entity who knows these things from the pages of Bhagavatam will never in his dream or her dream will never try to come back again in this situation same situation and the same situation is waiting for us and somehow or other I don’t know how but we take comfort from the Bhagavad-gita (6.41) “sucinaam srimataam gehe yoga-bhrasto ‘bhijaayate” those who’s devotional service is incomplete they may be born in a rich family or a saintly family.  So he thinks “Oh again, I will born in rich family and have Mercedes and then will die.” No, this between two births there is a horrible gap because of our sinful activities, 8 million 400 hundred thousand births and deaths.  So many living entities we have to cross. I don’t know at least we have completed one round, 8400000, how did we do it we don’t know.  Fortunately, we are here now in our body, please determine to make it last body and only you can do it by following Krishna. 

What is the meaning of Krishna and how He acts?

Krish means repeated birth and death and na means who can cut.  Its only Krishna and nobody else can do that.  Only this, demigods are very faithful, we are very disrespectful with them. Indra helps me continuously to raise my hand and this and that.  Indra is sitting here, without Indra I can’t do. I have to take help from Indra.  In every sense, there is a demigod, every month has demigod, everywhere demigod is incharge, and we staying on their pity but director is there.  And that director we are catching and this lower administrative officers they become very favorable to us.  They also want that our hand must be used for seva then Indra becomes very happy.  Otherwise Indra cries, he screams when we take non-vegetarian food and put into our mouth.  He doesn’t want the hand to do that.  He is the director here.  Saraswati sits on our tongue and she screams loudly as soon as something else is spoken.  She wants us only to glorify Krishna.  Because they are all officers appointed by Krishna so they have to be very faithful to their own boss and Krishna say “O this tongue is not chanting then they complain that we are trying but he doesn’t obey us.”  Then Krishna destroys us through the material manifestation.  He doesn’t need to come here to destroy us. He just orders His external energy that deal with this living entity and the material energy deals with us. 

Why we should not cross the Laskman Rekha of BBC?

Please these are the facts we should never go out of the lines of the scriptures.  We have this Lakshman rekha it is called. Sitaji was alone in the ashram and somehow the other Krishna’s arrangement Rama was running after the deer and the deer shouted “Lakshmana, Lakshmana, Lakshmana”, Lakshmana was not disturbed, Sitaji was very disturbed.  She said why you are standing here, your elder brother is calling, why are you standing here? He said, mathaji don’t worry Rama is not be worried about.  She said no, she gave him some bad words and immediately Lakshmana had to leave so while going, he drove the line.  Please matha don’t cross this line and this line will protect you.  Eventually Ravana came to beg and he forced her to cross it and he picked up her.  We also have our Lakshmana rekha “Bhagavad-gita, Bhagavatam and Chanting”. If you cross over this Lakshmana rekha then you are in a dangerous situation.  What danger will crop in, we don’t know?  But there will be always danger.  In-order to save us from these dangers, we must not cross our Lakshmana rekha and with this determination we will go to the translation. 

In Srila Prabhupada words: Precarious condition of living being

Please repeat. 

Fallen into a pool of blood, stool and urine within the abdomen of his mother, his own body scorched by the mother's gastric fire, the embodied soul, anxious to get out, counts his months and prays, "O my Lord, when shall I, a wretched soul, be released from this confinement?"(SB 3.31.17)


And please here now Prabhupada, we are all speaking on behalf of him and here he is. 


The precarious condition of the living entity within the womb of his mother is described here. On one side of where the child is floating is the heat of gastric fire, and on the other side are urine, stool, blood and discharges. After seven months the child, who has regained his consciousness, feels the horrible condition of his existence and prays to the Lord. Counting the months until his release, he becomes greatly anxious to get out of the confinement. The so-called civilized man does not take account of this horrible condition of life, and sometimes, for the purpose of sense gratification, he tries to kill the child by methods of contraception or abortion. Unserious about the horrible condition in the womb, such persons continue in materialism, grossly misusing the chance of the human form of life.

The word krpana-dhih is significant in this verse. Dhi means "intelligence," and krpana means "miserly." Conditional life is for persons who are of miserly intelligence or who do not properly utilize their intelligence. In the human form of life the intelligence is developed, and one has to utilize that developed intelligence to get out of the cycle of birth and death. One who does not do so is a miser, just like a person who has immense wealth but does not utilize it, keeping it simply to see. A person who does not actually utilize his human intelligence to get out of the clutches of maya, the cycle of birth and death, is accepted as miserly. The exact opposite of miserly is udara, "very magnanimous." A brahmana is called udara because he utilizes his human intelligence for spiritual realization. He uses that intelligence to preach Krsna consciousness for the benefit of the public, and therefore he is magnanimous.
Please try to preach to the best of your ability.  Hare Krishna.  Jai Srila Prabhupad ki Jai.

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