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Significance of Temporary Human Existence


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Significance of Temporary Human Existence


What should be our main concern?

There are four kinds of living entities, and all these living entities, have to take birth. The first living entity is called jara-yujah, the second type is called anda-jah, the third one is called sweta-jah, and the fourth one is called ud-bijah. These are the four types of living entities and all of us, we fit into one quality, one way. The first one is jara-yujah, we are all jara-jujah. We are coming from mother’s womb. That is jara-yuhah, ja means janma, those living entities born out of the embryo. They are known as jara-yujah. Few animals also, they are also coming from the womb, embryo, and they are also jara-yujah living entities, those who are born out of the embryo. The second is anda-jah. They are coming from anda, egg. This is the second type of living entity. They have to squeeze into egg, and then eggs are hatched, and then the living entities are born. This is the second type. Then the third one is sweta-jah, means perspiration. Out of perspiration the living entities are born. That’s why we make it a point not to use the clothes again the second day. We wash the clothes, because all these clothes are full of the living entities, which are born out of the sweta-jah. And then the last one is ud-bija. They grow, out of the earth, the trees come out, plants come out, creepers come out; these are also the living entities. All these living entities, they are facing this problem of janma, mrytyu, jara and vyadhi. This should be our main concern.


Saints and sages insist and Bhagavatam stresses this point, that when you see each other, we ask him how are you, how are things going on, how is business, how is service, how are you doing, how are children, how is family. No. This should not be asked. But only we should ask each other, that how are you, how far you have are gone to stop your birth, death, disease and old age. This should be asked always. Our main concern should be to come out of this entanglement.


What is the purpose of this temporary human existence?

And that is this Purushottam maas. It reminds us that please heartily, take some auspicious vow and get out of this entanglement. This human birth is the only one outlet out of 8.4 million different species of existence in which you can come out. You know there is a big round about and there are different roads coming out of it. We have to take one road. So if you move about in round about and if you get out in the right outlet you can immediately go out to your road. But if you miss your outlet then again you have to take the round. This thing we are doing, that we are entangled into this round about of birth, death, disease and old age. Human existence is the only outlet, we have, in which you can cut short and get out and have spiritual body and never to come back. yad gatva nirvantante tad dhamma paramam mama – is the only outlet. That’s why human birth is very rare but at the same time it is full of purpose- arthadam……But again it is anityam – its temporary. We don’t know, we wish that we all live for more than 100 years, but nothing is possible. We don’t know when our end is coming. It is anitya – temporary. Because this is temporary this matter becomes urgent. And in order to insist this point this purushattma maas, by mercy of Krsna we have got.

How to make best use of Purushottam mass?

So in this maas particularly, again Krsna reminds us that this maas has surrendered to me and that’s why I have made him completely auspicious. Otherwise it was an inauspicious maas and I have made it auspicious. Please, you are lucky to have this, so do something. There is one lady in Bombay, she is about 70 years old. So, she was to go to Gokul to pass this Purushottam maas. She wanted to stay there in Gokul for one month. So her health was not good. So we went to request her that: “You please mataji, you don’t go, just stay in Bombay and forget about Gokul. Don’t know whether if you will be alive there or die.”

So she gave very nice answer. She said: “I don’t know whether I’ll see another purushottma maas. So beter utilize this Puroshottma maas. And if I have to die then will die there.”

So she went to Gokul. This is how. Please take some vow. Try to stop at least one time prasadam, if not more. Take prasadam once. And don’t take revenge once. Otherwise you are talking, come on, come on, come on…No. Please try to have some austerity and increase your swadhyaya.

Three things we should be completely satisfied with

It is very nicely stated in shastras that in three things we should be completely satisfied. If you want to have a happy life then three things you should always be very satisfied. Santosha trishu kartavya – in these three things please remember that you have to be satisfied, Shastra orders you - Santosha trishu kartavya – it is our duty to be satisfied in these three things – swa-dhare bojane dhane.

  • swa-dhare means whatever wife we get or husband we get we should be completely satisfied;

  • Then bhojane –whatever you get to eat, should be completely satisfied; 

  • And dhane – whatever wealth you have completely satisfied.

These three things we should remember, and you should completely do away this unsatisfied attitude, in these three things, otherwise you will waste your human existence. And because we are not satisfied in these things, our life has become an animal life. It is not human life – because we do not have any idea what shastras tell, why they are telling, we don’t have any idea. We are not submissive to anybody including shastras, saints, sages and that’s why our miseries are increasing. 
What one should never be satisfied with and why?

And then again in the second line it says – that in these things you should never be satisfied. And again there are three things. Santosha trishu kartavya , we saw, swa-dhare bojane dhane, and Trishu na kartvayah: in these three things you should never be satisfied. And that is Swadhyaya – the study of the scriptures. Again, as I told you, please remember that, we don’t want jnanis. We want to be bhaktas- we want to be devotees. Jnanis have no value. They have their own speculation, we don’t want that. Then why do you want to have study? swadhyaya -  why this sloka insists, is only to increase our faith in Supreme Absolute Truth, Krishna. To that extent we must have the knowledge. And to that extent only we should try to touch Bhagavad-Gita, Bhagavatam or whatever. And as soon as you come to this conclusion that you want to increase your faith, in the name of Krsna, in the existence of Krsna, you want to understand what is He, how He appears, what is His constitution, what is our constitution? All these things are made very clear in our scriptures particularly in Bhagavad-Gita. All the preliminary knowledge is squeezed. For this life time at least Bhagavad-Gita is more than enough of us. In Bhagavad-Gita there are five matters described very nicely and this description is continued in Srimad Bhagavatam for the advanced study. But you can forget about the advanced study, but please concentrate on Bhagavad-Gita. It is only 700 verses. Forget about 700 verses also if you don’t have time, only there are four verses which are known as “chatur shloki Bhagavad-Gita”. In four verses the whole Bhagavad-Gita is squeezed. Atleast come to those four verses. If you don’t have time for four verses at please come to Krsna’s names Mahamantra. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare / Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare and then if you don’t have time for Mahamantra please only chant Krsna’s name – Krsna, Rama, at least one word. If you don’t have that inclination also, forget about it, just think that you are going to chant. And that thinking also will give you the results. This is Kali-yuga.  In Kali-yuga you think about the pious activity and you get the result, whereas the sinful activity you have to perform and then you will be punished. This is speciality (of Kali-yuga). I don’t mean that you should only think and never do anything.  Otherwise we are very clever. “I am thinking. I am thinking. I am thinking”. You think that: “I have to go to hear Srimad Bhagavatam and it will give the result as if you have already heard.” But don’t be like this. Always try to do something. This is specialty of Kali-yuga . Kalau Keshava Kirtanad. We all get auspicious results by just Keshava kirtan. Just thinking about Krishna, just speaking about Krishna, few verses here and there from Bhagavad-Gita or few chapters if you can. Purushottama maas is here. One Purushottma adhyaya is already in Bhagavad-Gita. It is 15th chapter. You should make it a point to recite that chapter daily – its only 20 verses. If you don’t know Sanskrit, it may take you about half an hour or so, to get used to it. Once you get used to it, hardly it takes 5-10 minutes to recite, once you please begin. At least take this vow. 12th chapter is also 20 verses. It is our Bhakti-yoga and this Purushottam Yoga is 15th chapter. At least during this month these two chapters at least you should do. If not, as I told you, four seed verses from 10th chapter verses 8, 9, 10 and 11, atleast minimum in Purushottma maas you should do.
How to come out of the material rut?

Please continue to have Purushottmama maas in your life for all of the time and you will be tremendously benefitted spiritually, and if Krishna is merciful our vicious circle of birth, death, disease and old age will be cut short. That’s why His name is Krishna. Krish -means repetition of birth, death, disease and old age. It’s a horrible struggle, we are always struggling. We are struggling to get born. As soon as you are injected into your mother’s womb, the life starts, and within few days you can hear the heart beat of the living entity, who is in the womb. Since then the struggle starts to grow. Slowly it grows and it takes shape by about 8-9 months in nice small baby. Now if you try to trouble the baby, it is the murder we saw in the morning. So please, please, please, please, try to shun these activities. And you can’t because we don’t have spiritual engagement, we are materially too much attracted to these things and as soon as the material attraction is there, the unlimited sense gratification is there, we do the things that are completely obnoxious to do. And it has so much bad effect on the parents who carry on their abortions. They don’t feel alright. They go mad. Particularly mother. I have seen so many mothers. They can’t forget that they have killed their child. So these activities we must have to stopped. But we must have activities, we cannot sit silent. We have to do some activities. So change the activities from material rut to the spiritual clear activities. As soon as you do this, you resolve, in this month I am sure that the next adhik maas comes and if you perform the same yajna here, you will definitely see the difference. So this is the beginning you know. You please try to resolve something. At least try not to think anything else. Concoction must stop. Be straight forward in your dealings.

How to be completely fixed in a contantly changing world?

Living entities they always come together. They always are separated so nothing to worry about it. Either death will take them away or something else will take them away. It is going on, it is eternal. The living entities will come together and again separated, again come together and again they are separated. Maybe if we are lucky, the same living entities will come. Otherwise other people will come. Otherwise nobody will come. Kishore das Babaji, he didn’t want anybody to bother him. So he would go to the toilet in India, an Indian toilet (it is not this toilet). Indian toilet, I don’t know whether you have idea or not, you will not stand near that toilet- 10 feet away you will have nice odor. That toilet he was sitting in as he didn’t want the living entities at all. So please don’t mind anything, in this material world. Some loss or gain or something or you may have change the continent or this or that it doesn’t matter at all, so far bhakti goes on everything is auspicious. These material circumstances, they have tendency always to change and we are doing everything for our body and the body is also changing. Soon the time will come when you have everything but no body. So what’s the use of everything?  You may have palatial building, you may have bank balance, you may have this or that, you may have big family, or this or that, but the body is not there. It’s changing, continuously changing. Since the conception in our mother’s womb, we are growing, and still we are growing and still we are going ahead and soon the time is coming for the change. So we don’t lament about these things. Which is eternal you have to face it. This way this Purushottma maas will help us.

How Vedic calculation helps increase our faith?

Apart from these differences between the Chandra year and the Surya year, again there is something left, because in these 30 days all differences are not met. Again very fine calculation is made in our astrological calculations, that after every 141 years, there is again one month more. And it is known as akshaya maas. And it always falls in these months, that is, October, November, December and January. This is the time when every 141 years, may I think in two generations or three generations, one generation will see this akshaya maas. And then, whichever month it covers, one Purushottma maas is there before that month and after that month there is another Purushottma maas. This is how they keep the calculations together and nothing less becomes less or more. This way our calculations are very trust worthy, and very nice thing, we are given directions by our ancient sages to utilize this time. As soon as we come to this conclusion, our faith in our old shastras increases.

Adau Shraddha, first we must have faith. The Kali-yuga is surcharged by the faithlessness. Please don’t allow Kali-yuga to enter in your own life. Yata Mukundo Bhagavan – When Bhagavan Munkunda Krsna sham-tvatva sva padam mataha, he left from this planet and went to His planet. tad dinat kalih ayatah. From that day the Kali-yuga has come. Sarva sadhan badhaka, and it is impediment everywhere and particularly in devotional service.
How fruitful are our attempts to avoid death?

We don’t have time - that is how we say. We have so much time but we argue, “I am not free, I am very busy – for death also I do not have time.” But nobody will ask you whether you want to die or not. The death will be there always.

There was one doctor in the time of Mahatma Gandhiji and his name was Rafi Ahmed Kidwayi or something. His son was doctor, his daughters was doctors. His on-in-laws were doctors. 12 doctors were in the house.

So, people said “Please you are old now. Please try to pray Allah and forget about these activities.”

He said: “These 12 doctors are here with me. My house is full of all medicine. Will they allow me to die?”

Krishna hears you know, Krishna doesn’t speak. So all right we’ll see. So one day Krishna caught him when he was travelling from Calcutta to Delhi in the first class compartment, at Banaras station He caught him. He knew that he is going to die now.

He said: “Please, please let me go home”

Krishna said: “I don’t have time now. For whole of life you did not have time now I have no time.”

And he was dead at Banaras station. This is how death will pounce on anybody. We cannot depend upon the material arrangements. Otherwise, we will try to do. Then we cannot fight death or old age by our material standards. Who is this pop singer - Michael Jackson. He is a black man, he wants to be a white man. So he has plastic surgery every time. Now so many times he had surgery, the whole thing falls down. He cannot hide now. That is how, we may try to take advantage of this, so called advancements, but you can’t stop.  Then they tie the muscles and the doctor must know, in the old age the muscles hang, so they tie.  So they tie one and again something falls down, again they tie, again they fall down. Every year they have to have the operations again. So much we do to counteract the old age. Where as, in our scriptures the medicine for our old-age is given.

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