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Lord is Always Fully Satisfied

avismitam tam paripurna-kamam

svenaiva labhena samam prasantam

vinopasarpaty aparam hi balisah

sva-langulenatititarti sindhum
[Free from all material conceptions of existence and never wonder-struck by anything, the Lord is always jubilant and fully satisfied by His own spiritual perfection. He has no material designations, and therefore He is steady and unattached. That Supreme Personality of Godhead is the only shelter of everyone. Anyone desiring to be protected by others is certainly a great fool who desires to cross the sea by holding the tail of a dog.](SB 6.9.22)
avismitam, he is never surprised. We are always surprised. There was terrorist attack on America, and we were surprised. They retaliate, we are surprised. The war broke out we are surprised. Sickness broke out we are surprised. We are limited living entities. We are always surprised. He is never surprised. Everything goes according to his own plan. And this idea doesnt sink into our mind. We think that we are the controller. avismitam tam paripurna-kamam. na anyam, he does not depend on anybody. For His happiness, He does not depend on anybody. That he showed in His pastimes in Vrindavana. avismitam tam paripurna-kamam, Srimad Bhagavatam is a beautiful literature. Please don’t leave it for a single second, atleast in Purushottam maas, if not always. This gyana yagna should continue always in your life. We pray Krishna that please, please give us this intellect.
How to behave with others?

Unnecessarily we are wasting our time in mental concoctions about other living entities. You please stop for good. Don’t concoct anything. The living entities have different natures.

tulasi ye jagat mein bhaant-bhaant ke loog

hil mil ke sab chaliye nadi nau sanjog

Very nice Tulasi das says that in this world there are different types of people. Don’t worry about them. No, never. Be very friendly to everybody. And just go on, hil mil kar chaliye, just you mix with them. Everybody has their own ways. They are all different in our mentalities. But one common thing we have, that we got to have the unflinching attitude, unflinching devotional service, to the Supreme Absolute truth who is correctly known in the Vedic literature as Krishna. There is no name for the Supreme Absolute Truth comparing Krishna over all other so called spiritual literatures.

Run after the completely satisfied

Please be sure about it. And we are fortunate enough to be heir apparent to Krishna. abhispitamtam paripurna kamam, those who run after Him, they also become paripurna kamam and that this our quality, and because we are completely satisfied without depending upon anybody, our life becomes sublime. We don’t have any misery at all. No miser touches us. Why? Because we are running after paripurna kamam. And if you decide for good that you will always remember him, you will always chant about Him, you will always talk about Him, You will always hear about Him, you will never take any other shelter other than Him, then you are running avismitam tam paripurna-kamam, svenaiva labhena param prasantam. svenaiva labhena, by His own internal potency, He is always param, transcendental, and param shantam, completely peaceful. Because we don’t expect anything from anybody. We don’t depend on anybody. So where lies the disturbance? Always disturbance is because we expect from living entities something. Don’t expect. What are the living entities going to give. They themselves are suffering. So we should not expect anything from the living entity. And as soon as we learn this eternal lesson from the pages of Bhagavatam, that we don’t expect anything, there is no misery. The miseries only touches to those souls, those who are expecting something. And we always knowing or knowingly we expect something. If you expect then you are bound to be morose, because you are not getting that and no living entity can supply you everything. Please don’t run after the living entities, instead of, just catch the source of everything. Mattah sarvam pravartate. Aham sarvasya prabhavo [BG 10.8], svenaiva labhena. Because He does not depend on anybody, that’s why He is known as Supreme. And because He is Supreme, as soon run after Him, you are completely satisfied.

How can you become completely satisfied without anything?

om purnam adah purnam idam purnat purnam udacyate

purnasya purnam adaya purnam evavasisyate
[The Personality of Godhead is perfect and complete, and because He is completely perfect, all emanations from Him, such as this phenomenal world, are perfectly equipped as complete wholes. Whatever is produced of the Complete Whole is also complete in itself. Because He is the Complete Whole, even though so many complete units emanate from Him, He remains the complete balance.](Iso Upanishad Invocation)
How clearly, in the invocation verse of Iso-Upanishad, He gives us the definition, what am I. Try to understand please. These all these stories just giving us just the definition, of the Supreme Absolute Truth Krishna. He says, this is purna, complete, that is purna complete, complete is not the correct translation of purna. Purna is the best word. That is completely perfect and perfectly complete. And out of these purna, so many purna units come out, and even then what is remaining is also purna. Purna never deteriorates. One plus one is equal to one in the spiritual world. And one minus one is also equal to one. The whole thing is there, and that is svenaiva labhena param prashantam. And as soon as we understand Krishna in this way, that has got to affect your life and you become completely satisfied without anything.

This body is on lease, don’t break the lease conditions

What are you going to take from this world? Our body we are not going to take. This body also, he will snatch from us, because this also does not belong to us. He says that I have given you flesh, bones, blood and what not. It all belongs to Me, and this just I have given you on lease. And lease means you have to pay the rent, isn’t it? And you have to behave according to His conditions. You can’t just go into the property and try to build something here. Eventually the owner will catch you, because you are on lease. So here also all these things are on lease. And he has given the direction, how to use our hands, how to use our brain, how to use our eyes, everything is directed by Him. And if you break the lease, you will have to attend the court. He will sue you. This is the meaning of lease. And ordinary material lease could be renewed, may be the rent will go high. But this lease is non-renewable. It just finishes. So till you have this, make best use of it, according to His instruction. And that we are, following the, svenaiva labhena samam prasantam. As soon as you obey the lease holder, the owner, then you are quite at ease in that property. As soon you break your promise then you are in difficulty, and that is what we are doing. Every step of our existence, we are completely, nonsensically breaking everything. Smashing really. And He gets angry then, and then He drags us to the court. And He hands it over to the illusionary energy, and illusionary energy punishes us like anything. And then we scream and shout, “Where is Krishna, where is Krishna”. Arre man, you are reaping your own, whatever you have sown you are reaping. This is the … svenaiva labhena param prasantam …And to search Supreme authority, vinopasarpaty, you don’t surrender, vinopasarpaty aparam hi balisah, you are balisah, you are foolish.

Don’t catch dog’s tail

Bhagavatam calls us living entities as the foolish. And because we are fools, what we do in this foolishness? sva-langulenatititarti sindhum. We want to cross the ocean may be. This is Pacific ocean? We can swim from here to Fiji, isn’t it, it is not very far. How long Fiji two hours by plane? Two three hours… so you can swim! So you go to the sea coast and there are dogs swimming you know, they go ten feet and come back ten feet, so we think “O, this is nice to go to Fiji, lets us not spend money.” So you hold the tail of the dog and you go to Fiji. And what happens, you get drowned and the dog also gets drowned. This is how, anybody’s tail you catch, apart from Krishna, then you are just, that catching the dog’s tail. How can you cross the ocean by catching the dog’s tail? There are plenty dogs around. Please don’t touch the dogs. Catch the tail who can cross over. Then you have to go through the customs, you have to have the valid passport, you have to have the ticket, air ticket or streamer ticket, whatever it is. There is a process to cross over the ocean. You can’t just go [and catch] dog’s tail … “Come on go…bushy tail. Come on go…this tail …I go… that tail … I go.” And you drown those gurus so called gurus, they also get drowned and they drag their followers also to the ditch. Please save your self from this. And this is the instruction of the pages of Bhagavatam. And in this also, because we are victimized by the three modes of material nature, so we insult each other, here and there, again and again totally lower modes.

Chapter 37

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