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Day 2 Chapter 3 Medicine for old age


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Day 2

Chapter 3

Medicine for old age

[Following is the 2nd day of the Bhagavat saptah lecture given by MahaVishnu Maharaj on 29 Sep 2001]
In our scriptures the medicine for the old age is given. Hari Sharanam evam vachah, nityam mukhay evam vachaha. Those who always chant, that I am surrendered to Krsna (Hari Sharanam), nityam mukhay evam vachah, yesham mukhe nityam vachahah, Kala samadhista jara na badhyate kyachit.  Kala samadhista, by the influence of time the old age is approaching and it cannot approach the people who are completely surrendered to Krsna. Eventually this body is going to go away, but till you are alive you will be alright, that is the meaning here. From any angle, you see these things and eventually we come to Krsna, because He is everywhere here, all pervading and He is the medicine for everything. Even though cancer patients, they also get better. Without the stomach also people survive. There was one nurse, I know and she survived without the stomach for one year or so. Stomach was operated. I don’t know how she survived, but somehow or other she survived. Please, these bodies always give you trouble, in order to reduce these trouble, we must whole heartedly come to Krsna, other things will hasten your death. This thing maybe, will prolong.

Our Gaurmohan prabhu, he was to be initiated by Prabhupada, and Gaurmohan prabhu was very much attracted to tea - drinking tea. So he thought that Prabhupada will stop my tea now, so what to do then. So when he was to be initiated, that day he prepared a bucketful of tea and drank. [laughs heartily]. At the time of initiation he had to go to the toilet. [laughs]. Prabhupada was very upset.

He said “Where are you going”.

He was so very straight forward he told Prabhupada that: ‘I like tea, please allow me to have tea’.

And He said: “Rascal you can’t drink tea from today.”

He said: “That’s why I have drunk one bucket.” [laughs].

So this is how we try to satisfy our senses and since then he left and is amongst us. Should be nearing eighty I think. [laughs]. He still walks, still very nice, the brain in intact, the intellect is alright, it’s all because of this initiation.

Prabhupada’s touch, transcendental touch, and then the living entity cannot forget Krsna. This is how, please somehow or the other, make best of the Purushottam maas, and we’ll be very happy to see you again and again and again and again. At least we’ll hear that Australian crowd is more sincere about thinking about Srimad Bhagavatam and everywhere you know. Please these, these things we should hear.

We don’t want to hear, some quarrels or misunderstanding or this or that. Please leave aside. Because you are not sufficiently attracted to Bhagavat-gita, Bhagavatam and Krsna we have these misunderstanding of this and that. There is no place, we don’t have time. To the best of our ability, we should decide in this month that henceforth, whatever little time I could squeeze out I will just utilize it to these things. All these, all these young people, they are running around, they are doing. Our Devakinandan is solicitor, he is doing nice legal job, very responsible job and even then he devotes his so much time. Our Viraj Krsna, Dhanush prabhu, Praveen prabhu, all these young people. I don’t know the names. Somebody was chanting mantra today when he paid obeisance. (vancha kalpa tarobhyascha). Please, please come to this. And those who chant Krsna’s names, those who chant few mantras here and there, their figure changes immediately. They are effulgent. There is no dearth of hemoglobin in our body. There is no need of pouring hemoglobin medicines from outside. This is real hemoglobin. As soon as you associate with Krsna, He is the source of all electricity, all energy, and that energy starts flowing through your veins. And the more you allow that energy to flow, through your veins; there is no cholesterol, nothing at all, because we get up at four O’clock in the morning, so no lying down after nine O’clock or so. So then we move about since then, so circulation goes on, health is quite alright. Then we have full engagement. After getting up at four O’clock also, we don’t have to worry about what we are going to do. But there is engagement, mangal aarati is there, Tulasi puja is there, chanting is there, some swadhyaya is there, again you work is there, again at about eight O’clock , nine O’clock you have to go. This is the way, to change your life. Otherwise these meetings have no value, unless you please take something and change your existence. That is realization.

Chapter 4

Hear, Study and Contemplate

You are hearing. Tat shrunwan, shrunwan. This is our first step. We are hearing at the moment. Shrunwan. Then second step has to be there, is su pathan. Then you have to study. Whatever you are hearing, please study about it. As I told you take Bhagawad-gita atleast. We have plenty of Bhagavad-gita isn’t it - As It Is. They are very nice. Any book of Prabhupada will try to really help you to organize your lifestyle for the betterment. Otherwise your life will be completely inauspicious and then full of diseases, and full of treatments and full of unnecessary expenses and full of unnecessary worries, and anxieties. For these anxieties and worries there is no other way. We have found out so many ways, but they all fall short. This is the only royal road by which we can be happy, otherwise we are always going to be distressed. Once we understand this then su pathan stage comes. Then as soon as su pathan is there; we are all very sentient beings; so we go to the third step and that is vicharan paro. We think over it, what we are reading. We think again and again. Is it correct? Is my life according to those principles? And this is thinking and as soon as these three steps are there, shrunwan, supathan, vicharan paro bhakya vimuchena narahah [SB 12.13.18]. Then bhakti develops, devotional service develops. As soon as bhakti develops, you cannot stop it. It goes on. And it has a tendency to increase. As soon as the bhakti increases, your life becomes sublime and all the worries become secondary. For that moment we may sort out things, but otherwise we don’t cling on to it. We are always happy in our own situation without any external assistance. This is the main thing to be understood in this purushottam maas, and this way now we try to start thinking about Srimad Bhagavatam. Jai!


Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare

Hare Raam Hare Raam Raam Raam Hare Hare


You are very low you know…


Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare

Hare Raam Hare Raam Raam Raam Hare Hare


Jai! This is how please engage your minds so that our lives will be sublime.

Chapter 5

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