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Heart is meant for Krishna

You know there is very funny story.


There was one goldsmith. You know …sonar? There was one goldsmith. So he had his own business, you know. He was buying gold and selling gold for ornaments. So those prices were always in his mind. For the whole of lifetime he thought that “I have bought the gold for eighty rupees (or eighty dollars, whatever) and I am selling for hundred dollars it goes on. So, for whole of lifetime those prices were in his mind.


So eventually he became old and he was very sick. So, children thought that father has amassed so much wealth for us. We must call some doctor to see what is happening to him. So they called the doctor. Doctor put thermometer in his mouth to see fever; he was very hot. So he took out the thermometer and he was looking to it.


“Oh” he said, “Hundred and seven? So way beyond limit” he said.


That old man heard “Hundred and seven” and he thought that it is the gold price. [laughs] because for the whole lifetime the gold prices were there in his mind. And he was very angry with the boys (his children, you know).


He said, “Rascals, what are you doing here? Hear me. We had bought it for eighty rupees. Go and sell, go and sell gold ….ahhhahhh…”

Gone! [laughs]. This is how, please.
We may stay in our shops. We may stay our own businesses. We may stay in our own houses. But those things should not be in our heart. Heart is meant for Krsna. So you do it, as whatever is required to be done, and then come back to Krsna. That’s how daily we should have association of Krsna, through chanting, through Bhagavad-gita and through Bhagavatam. And please organize the groups like this and try to discuss yourself.


You are all intelligent people. Everything is very clear in the pages of Bhagavatam. Nothing is monopolized. It is available for everybody. It’s just the sincere desire, will give you the expected results.

Chapter 6

Understanding Krishna’s Vigraha

And with this we go to the pages of Bhagavatam.


In Bhagavatam, particularly the glorification of Bhagavatam, the first verse gives the nature of Krsna you know and the constitution of His vigraha. It is very nicely described in one verse.


sat cit ananda rupaya/vishvad adi hetave

trapatyaya vinashaya/sri krsnaya vayam namah


[I offer my obeisances unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna, who is the eternal blissful form of knowledge.](Gopala-tapané Upanishad 1.1)]


We pay our respectful obeisances to Krsna (the name is mentioned), and the nature of His vigraha is mentioned. His is known as vigraha. Ours is sharirah. We have body and [which] is known as sharirah. His is vigrahah. It is known as vigrahah, He does not have sharirah. The definition of sharirah is given in Srimad Bhagavatam. It is very instructive. Shiryate iti sharirah.  Shiryate- is that which decays, is sharirah. And without exception, this one decays. Everyday it is decaying. It’s only because the spiritual spark is inside our heart it tries to clean this decay. But eventually the decay is so much that in the heart also the spiritual spark cannot stay. So that stage is known as leaving spiritual spark. That is material death. And this is the definition of sharirah. We should be very clear, before we understand and before we talk more about Krsna, that He does not have the decaying body. Many times from our earth corners or other corners, we hear that Krsna has come, and because He is spiritual but when he comes before us, or among us, then He accepts the material body. This is gross ignorance. And this ignorance will drag us to all the sinful activities, because the foundation is wrong. We are not understanding Krsna correctly and unless we understand Krsna correctly, it is very difficult to understand the pages of Srimad Bhagavatam. That’s why; this is the verse describing the nature of His vigraha.  And He is sat, cit and ananda nothing else. We have all the material elements: tat charma maasa rudira medo majjasi dhatau. These are the seven elements in our body. We have the skin then maas, the meat, the flesh is inside; rudira, blood; meda, fat, majja, marrow; asti, bones; and dhatau, semen. These are the seven elements in our body. He does not have these seven elements, He has only three ingredients. And that is, they have nothing to do with the material ingredients at all.  This is the difference in our body and His vigraha. His is sat, the first one, eternity is there. He is always there. There was no time when he was not there. Eternal Cit, because he is eternal, He should be knowledgeable and because He is eternal and knowledgeable, He should be completely in bliss. This is His vigraha.


And nicely we can understand and remember, suppose you have your own houses. You are there always. So you know how many rooms are there, you know where you have kept what. You have full idea. You know everything about the house. Why? Because you are always there. He is always here, that’s why He is fully knowledgeable. For Him there is no past, present or future. He knows everything. That’s the difference between living entities and Krsna.


We have limited perception. We remember faint about the past, present we may look to, and future we are completely ignorant about. So whatever activities we do, they fall short. We commit mistakes. Whereas Krsna, completely abhigna and swarat, fully knowledgeable and completely independent, He never commits any mistakes. Never He comes to you and says, “Oh, on this mango tree, I have committed a mistake, there is lemon juice.”  No. Mango will have mango juice. Lemon tree will have lemon juice. No mistake at all.


In out teens we commit so many mistakes. Man always commits mistakes and he is very proud that he is very clever. That is not the case with Krsna. This is sat-cit-anada rupaya. His roop, His form, is sat-cit-ananda, blissful.

Chapter 7

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