Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

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Powerful Effect of Harinaam

And because of this roop, those who run after him, chanting his names:


Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


They also get association with Krsna and bliss is the first reward. brahma bhuta prasanna atma. Those who are running after Krsna, try to understand Him through Bhagavad-gita, through Bhagavatam, those at least who are inclined to hear about Him. This is the first inclination, this is the first stage, that at least we are inclined. And these small children who are here at the moment, they have very nice pictures in their mind. They are taking the snaps. Our camera always takes the snaps. The same way, small children, including us, we also take snaps. At the moment we remember very clearly, that we were staying with our parents, we were going to school and our brothers and sisters were there and society members were there. All the snaps are there behind our mind. And soon as we remember, like a cinema film, we see everything. This is also the case of these children. So if these children are given these auspicious snaps, they will mold their lives accordingly. They don’t understand at the moment, but it is our pious duty to progress spiritually ourselves, and those who are our dependents, we should give them these auspicious snaps. They will remember, that there was a hall, there was some program, somebody was talking, somebody was singing. They don’t understand everything, but even then these snaps will be there. And in these snaps you are performing the duty. This is our parampara, you know, from one generation to the other generation, we pass on the values of Vedic culture; otherwise they are going to take some pictures. So in their mind you please give them these snaps more. Atleast come together in a family or neighbors or whatever, 5-10 people and your own start first, and have some namahat program type. Read some bhagavad-gita, purports are there, harinama is there. Just perform some kirtan and you will always progress spiritually, and at the same time, unknowingly, you will give some nice instructions to your young ones.


This name as I told you is very powerful, because He is sat-cit-ananda-rupaya; because He is sat-cit-ananda, eternally knowledgeable and blissful. So it pervades everything, not only this planet but whole material manifestation. Not only whole material manifestation, but spiritual one also and what ever He is, always He is all pervading. That’s why He is known as Vasudeva. And unlimited effect is there. We are chanting here and we don’t know how far this chanting goes. Jagat pavitram, as I told you, sanctifying the atmosphere everywhere. I’ll give you the example.


There was a new temple in London before about 25 years. And it was a small temple near, if you have seen London, in front of the temple there was a big institution, and there in one lane we had a small house, rented house, and kirtan was going on there. And Prabhupada had instructed, that two times a day there must be Harinaam - nagar kirtan, you know. So early in the morning, the devotees will go from whole Oxford street, go up to Marble Arch., about one and a half kilometer. And then again in the evening, they will go. So this Harinaam was going on. And nobody knew the effect of this.

Once this Harinaam was passing through one of the important departmental stores and the Prime Minister from Mauritius was visiting London, and he was there buying something from the important department store. In Mauritius it’s all Bhartiya population. So he heard the Raam’s name and Krsna’s name. He was surprised to hear these names in London. So he came down and saw the devotees chanting. So he got the address of the temple and then eventually visited the temple, and therein Praphupada was there that time. So he invited Prabhupada to come to Mauritius. So Prabhupada was always taking chances. He can have some mandir in Mauritius then.

So he said, “I am ready to accept your invitation, provided you give some land, because you are government man, Prime Minister, so for you it is a play thing.”

So he promised that, “Please you come and I’ll donate the land”.

When Prabhupada visited, he hosted nicely and then gave six acres of land, in the farming area. And even now that land we have at the moment. And on that land now we have built very nice temple. This harinaam in London gives a temple in Mauritius. We cannot imagine, oh, beyond our wild imagination. We cannot understand these things. Harinaam, the point is, is very auspicious.

Where it will give and what it will give we don’t know, but have full faith and please carry on these transcendental activities, and it will have unlimited effect on your own live and who knows on who’s lives, again and this is the greatest reward. This is brahma bhuta. As soon as you devote yourself, sometime you devote, and you get the tremendous result.

The first reward, you are completely satisfied, prasanna and this satisfaction is a very important stage. Is the beginning stage of bliss, and as soon as the bliss is there, Krsna’s taste is there, because His vigrahah, we saw is sat-cit-ananda, and this ananda; every living entity tries to find out ananda, from all these material activities. Tries to find, sukhaya karmani, karoti loko… All lokas, all people, sukhaya, for the happiness, karmani, they do the activities. They perform the activities to be happy.


You have migrated from India to be happy here. All our activities we do [are] for this happiness, bliss. And as soon as you taste this bliss, then it gives you two very good qualities. Some how or other, you try to see everybody equal. Then we don’t differentiate, that this is this and this is this. We know that everybody is part and parcel of Krsna. This is the result of this sat-cit-ananda vigrahah.

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