Harry p. Leu gardens board april 22, 2009 Minutes

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April 22, 2009 Minutes

The Harry P. Leu Gardens Board of Trustees held its regular meeting on Wednesday, April 22, 2009, at Leu Gardens. The meeting was called to order by Ann Clement at 7:50 a.m.; announcing a quorum was present:

Trustees Present: (12 scheduled meetings, 1 cancelled)

Ann Clement (6/0) Chair

Keith Oropeza (6/0) Vice-Chair

Deborah King (5/1)

Maxwell Spann (5/1)

Trustees Absent:

Lindsey Phillips (4/2)

Staff Present: Robert Bowden, Executive Director, Harry P. Leu Gardens

Antoinette Ashman, Recording Secretary


The approval of the March 25, 2009 board minutes was motioned by Keith Oropeza and seconded by Debbie King; all approved.


Executive Director, Robert Bowden, reported on March 2009 Attendance, Revenue and Expense reports (attached). The reports were discussed.

Maxwell Spann arrived at 7:57 a.m.

Facility Rentals lower revenue totals were discussed. It was motioned by Keith Oropeza and seconded by Debbie King that the March 2009 Attendance, Revenue and Expense reports be approved.


  • Darden Restaurant Group is filming in the Gardens on April 22, 2009 all day.


Horticulture: Robert Bowden reported updates from Cecil Hawley,

  • The Rose Garden is blooming in spectacular fashion. The Gardens has been fertilized, mulched and spray program to prevent black-spot and insect infestation. Horticulturist, Alfred Leban, has been assigned the maintenance responsibility of the Rose Garden.

  • A large oak tree fell during the high winds on Thursday, April 8. The tree was in an inaccessible area between the upper stream and the Idea Garden and a bee hive was in the upper structure of the tree. The Forestry in the Parks Bureau was contacted for advice on the removal of the tree and the bees.

  • The Flowering Tree Society who previously had their meetings at the Gardens but disbanded last year, decided to donate a portion of their remaining treasury in the form of flowering trees for the Gardens.
Education: Maxwell Spann reported updates from Linda Schmidt,


March 2009, 26 tours, 935 people, no complimentary tour.

March 2008, 27 tours, 866 people, 1 complimentary tour with 510 people (Envirothon).

Concern of children tours because of the public schools cut in field trips, were lessened by the increase in the amount of private schools attending. It was the best tours for March since 2002. April looks to be a busy month as well.


March 2009, 11 classes, 138 people (5 can.) compared to March 2008, 14 classes, 152 people (1 can.)

The registration for new classes is doing well. The summer class schedule will be a little smaller due to our experience that summer is a slower time for classes.

The Leu Plant Clinic in March 2009 had 4 days, with 19 people compared to March 2008 4 days, 15 people.

Leu House Museum: Robert Bowden reported updates from Mantana Brown,

  • March 2009 Total 3,445 visitors; 345 house tours; compared to March 2008 of 3,117 visitors, 313 tours. Donation for March 2009 was $595.45 [$481.45 donations, $114 (57) cookbooks] March 2008 was $475.33. The cash donations and the sale of museum cookbooks are the highest record.

  • The Garden Cottage and the Curator’s Office have been painted. The down spouts were reinstalled. The roof repairs for the three buildings are on hold.
Marketing & Special Events: Keith Oropeza reported updates from Tracy Micciche,

Events in Review

  • Date Night was on March 6. Featured was ‘All the Pretty Horses.’ Attendance was 429; Cost of $1,224.28; Revenue was $1,881; Profit was $656.72. Sold 8 memberships (valued $345).
  • Plant Sale, was on Saturday and Sunday, March 21, 22. Attendance was 11,058 (highest attended); Cost was $4,381.50; Revenue was $19,547.25; Profit $15,165.75. Sold 42 memberships (valued $1,660).

  • Date Night was on April 3. Featured was ‘Mama Mia!’ The expense and revenue reports will be available next month.

  • Storytime at Leu Gardens was on April 20; with attendance of 325.

Upcoming Events

  • Date Nite featuring ‘P.S. I Love You’ is on Friday, May 1, the Gardens open at 6 p.m. Enjoy a romantic movie at 8:30 p.m. on a large outdoor screen. Admission is $7 (adult); $2 (ages 4-17); free for Garden Members and children under 4.membership).

  • Storytime at Leu Gardens is on May 18 at 10 a.m. Storytime fun for the little ones. Third Monday of every month. Sponsored by the Orange County Library System.

  • Spring Jazz Stroll is on Saturday, May 9, from 7 to 10 p.m. Enjoy great jazz in a beautiful garden. Tickets on sale April 27, admission plus tax of $17 (general); $13 (garden members; up to 4 tickets at member price).


  • NBC Universal has a new travel website called Travelskoot.com and will highlight the Gardens for free.

  • AAA 2010 Florida Tour book will repeat the photo of the Leu House with credit to Leu Gardens.

  • Delta Sky Magazine.com (deltaskymag.com) will include the Gardens in the Orlando Destination Guide.

Membership & Volunteers: Deborah King reported updates from Lynn Williams,

  • As of April 17, 2009 membership was 4,509, with 70 new and 144 renewals.

    Compared to ending April 30, 2008 membership of 4,494 with 85 new and 206 renewals.

  • A total of 28 memberships (valued $1,240) were sold at April’s date night.

  • Leu volunteers worked 3,104 hours from January 1 to March 31, 2009.

  • The Leu Volunteer Appreciation Dinner is on Wednesday, April 29.



Free Mondays attendance, revenue, concerns and proposals were discussed. It was motioned by Debbie King and seconded by Keith Oropeza to change Free Mondays Mornings (until 12 noon) to Free First Monday All Day once a month. All approved unanimously. Storytime for Tots will change from the 3rd Monday to the first Monday of each month excluding holidays. Free First Mondays will start January 2010.

Leu Gardens did not get selected for the Lynx free bus display, but will try again if its available next year.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 8:35 a.m.

Antoinette Ashman, Recording Secretary

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