Hatherway D. (2006) Babylon in Europe. New Wine Press. Chichester, uk

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Hatherway D. (2006) Babylon in Europe. New Wine Press. Chichester, UK.

This book covers much the same ground as David’ s video, ‘The Rape of Europe,’ namely the spiritual origins of rebellion against God in Europe, which has led to Christianity being omitted from the constitution and evangelical Christianity being considered a sect. David explains Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the statue representing four successive empires: Medo/Persian, Greek, Roman and European ( Daniel 2). He equates the mixture of clay and iron with the divided Europe: the ‘Old Europe’ (original Western members) and the ‘New Europe’ (Eastern bloc) now entering the EU and explores ‘the concept of’ ‘Mystery Babylon.’ (Revelation 17:5)

Intriguingly, David interprets the meaning of the symbols of the EU: the woman on the beast (the Greek myth of the rape of Europa), the flag with the twelve stars, representing the Queen of Heaven (Mary) and the design of the Parliament building in Strasbourg like the Colosseum, as depicted in Brueghal’s painting of the Tower of Babel, a symbol of man’s rebellion against God. He traces events through which the spirit of Babylon has entered Europe, first through the Roman Church and then through the Pergamon altar, ‘the seat of Satan’ and the Ishtar Gate, literally being taken to Berlin by Kaiser William II in 1913 and rebuilt! In 1909, in the Berlin Declaration, the German Church, in response to revivals in America and Wales, rejected ‘speaking in tongues’ and the work of the Holy Spirit, which led to an undermining of God’s word through ‘modern biblical criticism’ and liberal theology.

The so-called Enlightenment set a humanist agenda for Europe, which led to the anarchy and bloodshed of the French and Russian Revolutions, communism, two world wars and the Holocaust. French President, Jacques Chirac, is said to have declared the EU ‘the pure child of the Revolution’ and the ‘Declaration of Human Rights’, a product of the French Revolution, has superseded the Ten Commandments. The new threat of Islam trying to take over Europe is also explored. Catholicism and Islam are now set to be the main religions of Europe.

There are signs of hope, however! 1n 1994, the March for Jesus repented of the Holocaust and in 1998 the German evangelicals repented of the Berlin Declaration. David describes how God is bringing revival in Russia and Eastern Europe through his large crusades and TV broadcasts. He urges us that this is the time for people of faith to rise up and believe for miracles.
David has a rare gift of communication: he speaks and writes with passion and directness, giving spiritual insight and understanding into the complexity and confusion that surrounds Europe.
Bat Ye’or (2005) Eurabia Associated Uniniversity Presses NJ
This book is a warning about the spread of Islam into Europe. It explains that Jihad is a military offensive. Islam aims to subject everyone to its rule.(Dhimmitude) This creates attitudes of Judeophobia/anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, anti-Christian, anti-Western and anti-Americanism. The increase in these reflect the Islamic penetration of Europe and influence on EU policy.
The West is increasingly compliant to accommodate religious and political norms of Muslim immigrants out of fear of social unrest and terrorism. ‘Old Europe’ is driven by France and is opposed to America. It supported Palestinian terrorist organisations. Under the euphemism of the ‘peace process’ the EU has made Israel the cornerstone of its relationships with Arab states, the US and its own security.

There is a strong anti-American feeling in Europe and a sense of cultural superiority compensating for Nazi, Fascist and Communist defeats, which has led to a Euro-Arab alliance. Its aim is to neutralise US power. The EU denies its Judeo-Christian roots and sees Judea and Samaria as Palestinian territory. France refused to block Hamas funds as Bush urged in 2003 and stood against the Iraq War in the UN Security Council.

There were mass demonstrations and US flag burning in Europe against the Iraq War. France’s conquest of North Africa led to its becoming an ‘Islamic Empire’ and strongly anti-Semitic. General de Gaulle took an anti-American stance. German Nazi collaboration with the Arabs during the War and anti-Semitism. After the loss of land by the Arabs in the Six Day War in 1967, they retaliated in the Oil Embargo of 1973.
Islamatisation of Christianity especially by Ismail al-Faruqi, a Palestinian professor in the Department of Religion, Temple University, Philadelphia. (1921-1986)-Concept of ‘People of the Book.A form of Christian Marcionism detaches itself from its Jewish roots, especially amongst Palestinians and Christian Arabs. It sees Jesus from a Muslim perspective freeing people from the Jewish law.
Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger stressed Judaic root and repented of Shoah (Holocaust) - Vatican Commission 2003. In spite of this much of the Catholic Church is into replacement theology.

Mitchell R. and S. (2001) Target Europe. Sovereign World. Tonbridge.UK
This is a must for intercessors and anyone wanting to understand the times and seasons of God’s kingdom in Europe. It is both prophetic and perceptive. The Mitchells have uncovered the spiritual strongholds over Europe, namely the Jezebel spirit and the Queen of Heaven, from the Middle East, which entered through Greek and Roman culture.

This book is a distillation of church history from a spiritual perspective. e.g. Greek philosophy offered wisdom and open-ended enquiry, but could not close on truth, whereas Roman discipline and authority led to imperialism and the abuse of power as a Church State. The Celtic church, in contrast, was more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, developed from the ascetic tradition of the Desert Fathers, characterised by holiness, simplicity and embracing creation. The emerging Protestant Church retained much of the structure and practices of Catholicism. The Reformation, with the revelation of justification by faith, released the gospel to Europe, whilst the Enlightenment bringing a new freedom of thought, led to humanism, socialism and capitalism, giving new shape to the imperialist spirit. Freemasonry was exported alongside the gospel from Britain to much of Europe and the rest of the Empire! Europe has become post-Christian and now ‘children of the Empire’ are returning as missionaries to save Europe. Like in the story of Ruth and Naomi, the young ‘bride’ with a servant heart saves the old embittered ‘widow’.
We are given the tools to redeem the land and to re-dig wells of revival: prayers of identification, repentance, speaking prophesy and blessing, peace, love of the Father, breaking bread, fellowship, hospitality and maintaining unity of the Spirit; adopting a radical lifestyle and justice for the poor. The Moravians give us an example of the power of prolonged strategic prayer. We need to invade every sphere of life with the kingdom of God and to develop the justice, holiness and purity of the Celtic Church.

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