Have your guests bring Passover-themed funny Jeopardy questions

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Have your guests bring Passover-themed funny Jeopardy questions

“Answers” are read at seder table and guests try to come up with the (funny) question:

Official dance of Passover [Macaroona or The Matzarena]

The Seder [What's the matzah meal?]

1062 [How long Jews didn't have Chinese food (difference between Jewish & Chinese years)]

Hocus-Pocus, from Cantor Scott Sokol

Provide clues for rhyming Passover-themed answers. Either prepare ahead of time or ask guests to bring some to play:

Disgusting river [vile nile]

Good grape drink [fine wine]

Amphibian sandals [frog clogs]
Passover Hangman

Play Hangman, using punny clues, for example:

Don't vacation here (The Yeast Coast)

Family room Fungi (The Den Plagues)

The Scarlet Letter ( Red C)
Family Feud Trivia

Trivia questions about Passover story or seder. Halves of table or different families compete.

50-50 Trivia, from Martin Eiger

All guests write a trivia question about Passover.

Goal is to write a question that is neither too hard, nor too easy, such that half of the people might know answer.

All questions are read, answered sequentially, then scored.

Those questions coming closest to being answered correctly by half of the guests wins

Tom Swifties, from Eliezer Segal, author of Uncle Eli’s Haggadah

Many benefit from being recited out loud. More at www.ucalgary.ca/~elsegal/Shokel/940616_Swiftly.html

or search for Eliezer Tom Swifties (most aren’t Passover-themed, but why care):

"Send that lowly Hebrew slave down to the dungeon!" said Pharaoh condescendingly.

"You mean I was supposed to sacrifice an ox?" said the priest sheepishly.

"Everybody stay away from the mountain!" shouted Moses commandingly.

"You want Mordecai to ride on a ...what?!" gasped Haman hoarsely.

"This is exactly how I want the people to encamp in the wilderness," ordered God intensely.

"No arguments. On Passover you eat only matzah," said God flatly.

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