Hazard & Disaster Film and Video Annotation Project


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Hazard & Disaster Film and Video Annotation Project

Emergency Management Higher Education Project

Emergency Management Institute

Federal Emergency Management Agency

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

June 26, 2006

Created by:i

Richard T. Weber

Table of Contents:
Statement of Purpose for the Project …………………………………….. 3
Overall Description of Project …………………………………………….. 3
Orientation to Annotation Format …………………………………………….. 3
Film List …………………………………………………………………….. 3
Documentaries/Video List …………………………………………………….. 51
Considerations for Obtaining Videos …………………………………….. 106
Selected Bibliographies of Disaster Film Related Material …………….. 106

Statement of Purpose of this Project:
FEMA requests an annotated listing of specified and additional disaster-related films and videos, including DVD footage where appropriate, for utilization by faculty teaching hazard, disaster, emergency management and homeland security college courses, as well as by instructors in training courses.

Overall Description of List:
This list provides a cross-section of fiction and non-fiction films pertaining to a host of natural, technological and man-made hazards. The intent of this project is to assist course facilitator s to choose relevant films for classroom viewing and discussion.

Annotation Format:

Annotation to include: Title, Director, Producer, starring, date of release, plot summary, runtime, color system, hazard(s) associated with film (if any), narrative on rationale for film/video inclusion in the listing (such as positive and/or negative examples of emergency management issues), source (where and how to access/acquire the film or video), appropriate example sequences (clips) for class (with time and/or chapter in film)


Arlington Road
Dirty War
Dante’s Peak
The Day After Tomorrow
Hard Rain
Tidal Wave: No Escape
Deep Impact
The Towering Inferno

To Film/Documentary List

Arlington Roadii

Directed By:

Pellington, Mark

Produced by

Columbia TriStar

Gorai, Tom (Producer)

Samuelson, Marc (Producer)

Samuelson, Peter (Producer)



Hazards Associated with Film:


Weapons of Mass Destruction

Plot Summary:

Widowed when his FBI agent wife is killed in an FBI anti-terrorist operation gone wrong, a college professor (Bridges) becomes increasingly obsessed with the culture and sub-society of these dangerous groups. The arrival of new neighbors (Robbins, Cusack), gives him new spirit, as they are gregarious and friendly, with two children (Gamble, Green) that his son (Clark) can be friends with. He is even beginning to see another woman (Davis). However, he begins to suspect something is odd about the neighbors, something about the way they don't want him to see certain parts of the house, or a set of blueprints they have there. Are his neighbors terrorists... or is the stress of losing his wife merely driving him past the point of paranoia?

Narrative/Rationale: (Appropriate Examples)
Arlington Road provides an interesting depiction of domestic terrorism and extremist groups. This movie provides a solid backdrop to discuss domestic terrorism as it shows fictional but paralleling true events of terrorism.

Chronology of Film: (Appropriate Emergency Management Related Information)

:30 Child walking down street with injured and bloodied hand; Michael finds boy he does not know

3:50 Title sequence

5:52 Michael Faraday is waiting for boy at hospital; Oliver Lang enters with wife; boy was supposedly playing with fireworks

7:25 Shot of Michael Faraday’s neighborhood; Michael laments his not knowing the neighbor

9:50 Faraday starts a course on separatist groups and terrorism in U.S. history

10:49 Faraday visits his slain wife’s grave; Michael and Graham Faraday lie flowers on her grave; Wife’s partner shows up to pay his respects with Faradays.

13:45 Michael and family attend the birthday party for Oliver Lang’s son; discussion ensues of Michael dating his graduate student

17:00 Graham Faraday begins building “compound” with Lang’s son in living room

18:40 Michael sees disturbing plans and doubts it is a shopping mall

19:40 Michael discusses with Brooke his doubts of the previously mentioned plans

20:50 “Roosevelt Federal Building” bombing is discussed as part of Faraday’s class; argument ensues as to the truth of the lone bomber explanation provided by government

25:10 Graham Faraday is inducted into a discoverer troup

26:00 Dinner with Faradays and Langs; intense conversation over the truthfulness of government and who is accountable for their actions

31:40 While at batting cage, Oliver tells Michael his son wants someone “to pay” for his mother’s death

34:00 Michael F. orders Oliver’s transcripts as he is researching his past

37:00 Faraday realizes Oliver Lang is actually William Fenimore from Kansas, a convicted mail bomber

39:15 Faraday describes a Ruby Ridge type scenario of Seaver Parsons in West Virginia; Faraday’s wife died at this event; reasons for shooting are described

46:00 Michael F. permits son to go to Discoverer Camp with Lang’s son, against his better judgement

47:30 Faraday determines reason for name change of Lang; day after Lang’s death

52:00 Faraday searches the Lang home for clues

55:40 Farraday searches at library to find additional information about Lang (Fenimore)

58:05 Faraday discusses Lang’s past with Brooke; she doesn’t believe him and leaves him

1:02:20 Lang finds out Michael is researching his past and confronts him; describes reason for bombing and name change

1:07:40 Brooke sees exchange of cars and brief case in parking deck (with student of Faraday); Brooke tails Oliver to Liberty Delivery Company

1:11:20 Brooke calls Michael from strip mall to tell him she believes him; she leaves a message on the answering machine

1:12:50 Michael sees Brooke’s wrecked car on the news as he gets home and rushes to her; he confides afterwards to the Langs; Brooke’s message was erased from Michael’s machine

1:15:00 Michael calls Graham to find out how camp is going

1:17:07 Michael receives call from Agent Carver and realizes his phone is being tampered

1:19:50 Faraday goes to St. Louis to get information on Dean Scobe, Roosevelt Federal Building bomber; Faraday realizes Discovery Troup is a front for right wing extremist groups; He flies home to get Graham out of camp; Upon arrival at camp, Faraday realizes his son has been abducted by someone posing as him

1:26:00 Michael attend Oliver Lang’s party uninvited; Suspects working with Lang throughout movie are in attendance; Lang threatens Faraday with the loss of his son

1:30:31 Agent Carver does research about Lang; his record is clean since the bombing

1:33:00 Faraday rents a car to do recon; He calls Lang’s office from car phone; Michael finds the phone booth Brooke used to call him; He sees the Liberty Delivery truck; Finally, he sees man load grey hard-base boxes into van

1:36:03 Liberty driver sees he is being tailed; Michael sees Graham in rear window of van; Lang intercepts Faraday as he is chasing van with Graham; Lang and Faraday fight; Lang explains his views on extremism and hints to Faraday the location of the next bombing

1:40:30 Faraday escapes Lang and attempts to catch van

1:44:00 Faraday tries to enter FBI Headquarters chasing the van; He succeeds believing the bomb and Graham are in the Liberty van entering headquarters

1:46:00 Agent Carver realizes the bomb may be in his car; Faraday rushes to vehicle and opens trunk

1:47:50 Bomb explodes in parking deck of FBI Headquarters

1:48:20 News reports and footage of rushing people, frantic calls and wounded leaving scene

1:49:50 News reports showing Faraday as lone bomber

1:51:20 Lang burns file of Faraday in his fireplace

1:52:16 Lang and Family are looking forward to moving someplace “someplace safe”


Jeff Bridges – Michael Faraday

Tim Robbins – Oliver Lang/William Fenimore

Joan Cusack – Cheryl Lang


Available in most rental stores




Color System

Run Time (full)

MPAA Rating



117 min.



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Directed By:

Bay, Michael

Produced by

Touchstone Pictures

Bay, Michael – Producer

Bruckheimer, Jerry – Producer


Hazards Associated with Film:


Global Killer

Plot Summary:

Due to a shuttle's unfortunate demise in outer space, NASA becomes aware of a doomsday asteroid that is on a collision course with Earth. It seems that the only way to knock it off course is to drill into its surface and detonate a nuclear weapon. But as NASA's under-funded yet resourceful team train the world's best drillers for the job, the social order of the world begins to break down as the information reaches the public and hysteria results. As high-ranking officials play politics with the effort, the drilling team all faces deep personal issues which may jeopardize humanity's last chance...

Narrative/Rationale: (Appropriate Examples)
Armageddon is a good example of the traditional stereotypes and format of a disaster movie. This film provides examples of disaster myths and disaster movie myths.

Chronology of Film: (Appropriate Emergency Management Related Information)

:35 Opening sequence; comet hits Earth

3:30 Comet fragments hit space shuttle; engineers scramble to understand

6:20 Shuttle explodes; asteroids begin to hit New York City

10:30 President learns of problem in space; asteroid is the size of Texas; 18 days until impact with Earth

12:00 Focus of films changes to Stamper Oil

17:00 Feasibility planning meeting at NASA; Oil is struck by Stamper Oil

22:30 Harry Stamper is taken to NASA to talk with engineers

27:00 Stamper begins to round-up his crew of roughnecks to assist NASA

32:00 Stamper’s crew accepts the challenge to go to space

35:00 Crew preparedness and training program is performed

42:00 Shots of asteroid are shown; flight plan is explained

48:00 Armadillo drilling rig is tested

51:00 Astronauts are permitted a night out before the launch

58:00 Media learns of problems; report from Cape Canaveral

1:01:00 Astronauts prepare for trip

1:03:00 President announces Armageddon

1:06:00 Astronauts in shuttle

1:08:00 Lift-off of shuttle to intercept asteroid

1:11:00 Shuttle rendevouz with Russian space station; several problems are encountered with refueling the shuttle

1:23:00 Astronauts and Stamper Oil Crew begin attempt to intercept asteroid

1:37:00 Drilling to insert the nuclear devices begins

1:41:00 President decides to wait to override the explosion of the nuclear devices; Harry Stamper’s crew continue to attempt to drill to depth; numerous problems with Armadillos

1:59:30 Comets strike Europe; Martial Law is ordered

2:09:20 The crew draws straws to determine who stays to explode devices

2:16:30 Shuttle leaves comet

2:18:40 Harry presses detonation button on bomb

2:20:10 Numerous shots of saved Earth

2:21:30 Shuttle lands and crew leaves ship


Bruce Willis – Harry Stamper

Billy Bob Thornton – Dan Truman

Ben Frost – AJ Frost

Liv Tyler – Grace Stamper


Color System

Run Time (full)

MPAA Rating



144 min.

PG – 13


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The Coreiv

Directed By:

Amiel, Jon

Produced by

Paramount Pictures

Bailey, Sean (Producer)

Foster, David (Producer)

Layne, Cooper (Producer)



Hazards Associated with Film:

Plot Summary:

Narrative/Rationale: (Appropriate Examples)

Chronology of Film: (Appropriate Emergency Management Related Information)


Aaron Eckhart – Josh Keyes

Christopher Shyer – Dave Perry

Hilary Swank – Rebecca Childs


Color System

Run Time (full)

MPAA Rating



135 min.

PG – 13


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Dante’s Peakv

Directed By:

Donaldson, Roger

Produced by

Twentieth Century Fox

Herzberg, Ilona (Executive Producer)



Hazards Associated with Film: (if any)

Volcanic Eruption

Plot Summary:

Dr. Harry Dalton discovers that Dante's Peak, which has recently been named the second most desirable place to live in America, is being threatened by a volcano that hasn't been live for years.

Narrative/Rationale: (Appropriate Examples)

Numerous fallacies and disaster myths make this movie entertaining to watch. Boating in acid and driving through lava are just a few of the improbable events that take place during this film.

It is also interesting to note, Dr. Harry Dalton’s USGS crew serves as the mouthpiece for the entire response network during this movie for nearly all levels of government.
Emergency management was not mentioned during this film except in the very last scenes of search and rescue.

Chronology of Film: (Appropriate Emergency Management Related Information)

1:00 Opening sequence foreshadows eruption and death of Harry’s girl (Mary Ann)

9:30 Ceremony for Dante’s Peak; 2nd best place to live in U.S. – Towns under 20,000

10:40 Couple swimming near volcano die in hot spring that begins to boil

16:30 Harry checks the Ph level of “High Lake” near peak

17:30 Harry notices the natural conduit of valley from volcano to town of Dante’s Peak

18:30 While researching, children notice dead squirrels near hot spring

19:10 Graham, Rachel’s son, attempts to jump into hot spring; Harry saves Graham and dead couple is


20:30 City Council meeting is called by Mayor Rachel Wando in lieu of Harry’s findings on the mountain;

Harry’s boss calms council with his cautious words

21:20 During council meeting, Mayor recommends getting the town’s “Emergency Evacuation Plan” out

to review; plan was filed and hard to find

25:50 High Lake begins to show gas bubble emissions

29:10 Helicopter flies around top of volcano to measure gas emission readings

36:00 Harry and USGS crew place detection equipment around the volcano

41:25 Seismic readings indicate larger quake

51:10 Mayor Wando fills drinking cup with polluted water from her home’s faucet

53:10 Evacuation of town recommended by USGS; Innkeeper begins to ask frantic questions; Ruth,

Wando’s mother-in-law, refuses to evacuate home

55:10 Public meeting held to discuss the evacuation of town; again, mentioning of Emergency

Evacuation Plan of Dante’s Peak

56:00 Earthquake during meeting; citizens panic towards exits; volcano begins to spew ash

59:00 Panic of evacuation of town; bridges begin to collapse; buildings collapse

1:06:4 1st mention of fire department (and response agencies)

1:11:00 Harry, Rachel and family attempt to take boat across lake now turned to acid; boat begins to

disintegrate; Harry paddles boat through acidic water with shirt wrapped around arm; Ruth

finishes family’s journey across lake by jumping into water and walking boat in to shore

1:16:30 Police and National Guard attempt to finalize the evacuation of the town

1:18:40 Flash-flooding begins and dam collapses

1:23:30 Harry drives stolen U.S. Forest Service truck across lava to save Rachel and her family

1:27:30 Volcano fully erupts

1:28:55 Harry, Rachel and children hide in an abandoned mine shaft during eruption

1:32:50 Harry is trapped away from Rachel and her kids while attempting to retrieve “ELF” location

device from NASA

1:36:30 USGS crew finds beacon lighting on panel and realize Harry is still alive

1:36:50 Search and Rescue team (wearing FEMA vests) extract Harry from mine shaft; Wando and family

are saved seconds after Harry


Pierce Brosnan -- Harry Dalton

Linda Hamilton -- Rachel Wando



Hollywood video


DVD Empire

Color System

Run Time (full)

MPAA Rating






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The Day After Tomorrowvi

Directed By:

Roland Emmerich

Produced by

Roland Emmerich (Producer)

Ute Emmerich (Executive Producer)

Stephanie Germain (Executive Producer)



Hazards Associated with Film:

Global Warming

Winter Storm




Plot Summary:

A climatologist tries to figure out a way to save the world from abrupt global warming. He must get to his young son in New York, which is being taken over by a new ice age.

Narrative/Rationale: (Appropriate Examples)

This film provides some excellent computer generated footage of natural disaster agents.

There is little to no mention of emergency management or emergency managers in this film with the exception of FEMA vests at the refugee camps in Mexico.
The President mentions taking mitigation actions to environment by changing use of natural resources.
Numerous disaster myths are portrayed in this film.

Chronology of Film: (Appropriate Emergency Management Related Information)

4:01 Initial collapse of ice shelf while taking ice core samples

8:21 Snow begins falling in India

9:09 Buoys in north Atlantic begin to note changes in sea temperature

10:54 Rain in Tokyo; Rain turns to giant hail

12:32 Hurricane strikes

13:30 NOAA begins to discuss weather phenomena and theorize its implications

16:00 Space station notes giant storms; Sam’s plane into New York City experiences severe turbulence

20:00 Sam and academic decathlon team get out of can in New York; seagulls are flying inland; animals

in zoo are riled over environmental changes

25:30 Giant hail begins falling in Los Angeles; numerous tornadoes begin to form over city and ravage


32:00 Discuss change in climate from NOAA staff; work to understand Hall’s paleoclimatological shifts

36:00 Scenes of citizens laying in provisions mentioned by a newsperson

37:15 Jack Hall requests large scale evacuations for northern half of country because of impending


40:00 Helicopters attempt to fly into giant storms; choppers wreck from fuel line freezing; survivors of

crash freeze immediately from severe cold

43:00 Flooding of MTA station in New York City; Nova Scotia mentioned for having 20 ft. storm surges;

flooding continues in New York City

48:00 Statue of Liberty is hit be waves and flood off Ellis Island

48:50 Tsunami impacts New York City

1:02:00 Ship begins sailing up street in Manhattan

1:02:59 Policy meeting is in session on how to properly respond to the agents at work in U.S. People

begin fleeing illegally into Mexico

1:13:00 Mexico closes borders to US

1:17:50 President issues national emergency alert; warns of freezing temps; US citizens requested to

flee south towards Mexico

1:28:00 President leaves Washington for camp in Mexico; FEMA reps pass out food; President dies in

storm attempting to leave Washington

1:32:30 Looting by academic decathlon team and others who chose to weather ice storm in New York

City Public Library to keep warm and fed

1:39:40 Extremely rapid freezing begins in New York and Philadelphia

1:46:30 Storm begins to dissipate

1:47:00 Jack Hall walks past statue of liberty

1:53:20 Search and rescue for survivors in northern portion of country begins


Dennis Quaid as Jack Hall

Jake Gyllenhaal as Sam Hall

Emmy Rossum as Laura Chapman



Hollywood Video


DVD Empire

Color System

Run Time (full)

MPAA Rating



124 min.



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Directed By:

Cohen, Rob

Produced by

Universal Pictures

Davis, John (Producer)

Friendly, David (Producer)

Singer, Joseph (Producer)



Hazards Associated with Film:


Tunnel Collapse

Plot Summary:

When an explosion blocks New York's Hudson Tunnel at both ends, ex Emergency Medical Services Chief Kit Latura is the only one with the know-how and experience to save the day. Risking his life to join the survivors in the tunnel; he finds a feisty writer, an elderly couple, a famous action-man, a quarreling family, some young hoodlums, a security guard and even a Weimaraner dog. Can he put his own past tragedies behind him and bring this disparate group to safety?

Narrative/Rationale: (Appropriate Examples)
Daylight provides the viewer a number of the myths, such as panic, shock, psychological dependence
Kit (Stallone) provides a one man search and rescue team for the citizens.

Chronology of Film: (Appropriate Emergency Management Related Information)


:54 Film starts

2:09 Loading of Haz-mat onto military style vehicles

2:55 Change of shifts for security guard

3:20 Bridge security control center is shown

4:30 Hazmat moves towards NJ tunnel

7:10 Montage of plot members enter the film via automobiles in tunnel

11:15 Hazmat enters tunnel; thieves enter tunnel

15:00 Explosion of chemicals occur

17:00 Explosion ends; Stallone begins assisting with triage of victims

19:30 Girl tries to reach George in Tunnel; NJ side has collapsed; Stallone tried to enter tunnel; first attempts to establish commo; 1994 terrorism drill discussed

23:20 Evacuation of south tube; panic/quick evacuation occurs

24:40 Family unites with George; Girl helps prisoners escape from bus; Mikey is in shock, or “scared”

32:30 Girl catches electrical transmission line with shoes and saves people

36:00 Decision making is shown as weak and apathetic; Viggo tries to escape tunnel with climbing gear

47:00 Stallone gets through fan system to reach victims

52:00 Tunnel collapses on Viggo

54:50 Water seeps into tunnel from hole in ceiling

1:00 Discussion of how to fix water problem; explosion is used to stop hole

1:08:00 Concern of build up of pressure is discussed by group

1:15:00 Stallone tells the reason he is fired from New York EMS

1:18:00 Try to reach hog room may save group

1:26:00 Survivors swim for safety; rats swarm room trying to save themselves

1:39:30 Blowout occurs and saves personnel


Sylvester Stallone – Kit Latura

Amy Brenneman – Madelyne Thompson

Viggo Mortenson – Roy Nord


Color System

Run Time (full)

MPAA Rating



115 min.

PG – 13


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