He is a great artist!

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DOL Corrections: Week 1

1. Blake Thompson played the entire game with a hurt finger.

2. “He is a great artist!” exclaimed Cheng.

3. Hurricane Hugo hit Charlotte, North Carolina, and caused damage.

4. I hope it doesn’t rain Saturday.

5. You can depend on Mother picking you up on time.

6. Don’t forget your appointment with Dr. Hammersmith on Tuesday at 4:00.

7. Dorothy brought the gift to her friend’s party.

8. “How did this happen?” asked Mrs. Barber.

Week 2:

1. Andrew forgets his lunch box at school every day.

2. A crocodile swam across the swamp and ate a fish.

3. My favorite magazine, Teen Beat, comes on Thursdays.

4. The power will be out from 6:00 until 8:30.

5. She and I sold lemonade for 50 cents a glass.

6. He doesn’t know what his homework is tonight.

7. Mr. Thompson wore a hat, gloves, and scarf.

8. Do you have a pen that I can borrow?
Week 3:

1. He doesn’t feel well today.

2. Tom has broken the plant stand again.

3. Ben doesn’t have any games to play at his house.

4. Latisha has gone to Dr. Martinez because she isn’t feeling well.

5. We ate our lunch at Memorial Park.

6. Mrs. Talbot’s class is going to visit the museum Wednesday.

7. I’ll gladly give you a dollar in exchange for your four quarters.

8. Will you ask the waitress for another fork?
Week 4:

1. The guard fell asleep at 4:00 and woke up at 6:30.

2. Mother asked, “Will you iron these shirts?”

3. Travis has two cats, a fish, and three dogs.

4. The parking meter was in front of Westwood City Mall.

5. The director taught our choir group two patriotic songs.

6. The car needs to be painted because it is rusty.

7. Grandpa fixed oatmeal, eggs, and juice for breakfast.

8. Don’t forget to pick up your report card on Thursday.

Week 5:

1. He and I don’t have any homework.

2. Do you have any work that we can do? We want to earn some money.

3. We watched the lion hunt his prey on a television program.

4. Do you think this is a good price for notebook paper?

5. Dan began to doze off in his chair after dinner.

6. “My favorite dinosaur is the stegosaurus,” reported Anthony to his class.

7. Jennifer, my best friend, moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

8. On July 4 we will watch fireworks explode in the sky.

Week 6:

1. Luther’s favorite book, Sarah Plain and Tall, is being made into a movie in April.

2. Those boys were teasing the younger kids at recess.

3. Dr. Kristensen has told me to get more exercise.

4. We picked up our cat Pouncer from the vet at 7:45.

5. “You may not swim in the pool during adult swim,” said the lifeguard.

6. Dad’s job is not far from our house.

7. We heard laughing and clapping in the movie theatre.

8. The swamp in Louisiana was so dirty that we could not see the alligators.
Week 7:

1. The roller coaster is fun!

2. The Irish wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.

3. “Sam, why weren’t you at the party?” asked James.

4. What time did the accident happen?

5. Can you add, subtract, and multiply?

6. In class today we will read the short story” A Day at Camp.”

7. North America is a continent that we are studying.

8. He is not going to get any milk for lunch.
Week 8:

1. Does he go to George Washington Elementary School?

2. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt.

3. We got shampoo, soap, and a toothbrush at the store.

4. Have you memorized your phone number?

5. He has eaten all of the dinner and the dessert.

6. My friends Robin and Lucia have bunk beds in their room.

7. We memorized the poem called “The Sneeze” for language.

8. I don’t have any (or I have no) time to go. Are you going?

Week 9:

1. Shelley has gone to their grandmother’s house in Nebraska.

2. He didn’t mean to break the glass. It was an accident.

3. Jessica and I have done all the cleaning.

4. Shannon drank the punch and ate her sandwich.

5. We always swing in the hammock between the two trees.

6. My sister’s birthday is March 2, 1992. She is younger than I am.

7. He doesn’t ever do the right page in the math book.

8. The red car came toward the building and parked.

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