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The first few tips that I will share is how to get free souvenirs. After becoming friends with and talking to a retired Disney Imagineer, he explained that throughout all of the theme parks, there are a lot of free souvenirs. He explained that they are easy to get, but not a lot of people are aware. Here is the list for you to use.

If you have a small child and they are not yet tall enough, or even mature enough to go on one of the main attractions such as Space Mountain or Tower of Terror, this is what you need to do. Ask a Cast Member for a “not tall enough certificate” and they will give you a certificate to use on your next visit. Your child’s name will be on it and this certificate will also work as a fast pass for your entire party on your next trip. The certificates very depending on the rides, but these certificates always have an abundance of Disney Characters on them as well as a very nice photo of the ride the certificate belongs to. Even if you bring it back to use as a fast pass the following year, they will still let your child keep it. We got ours framed and it looks great.

Also, at any kiosk or guest relations booth, do not forget to ask for your Star Wars Boarding Pass booklet. This Booklet serves as a passport, which can be used after you ride the Star Tours attraction. After the ride, just ask any Cast Member to stamp it and it can be stamped after each time you go on this ride. This is an excellent collectable and souvenir for kids.

Another excellent collectable is the Disney

Sorcerers Cards. Now at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, they have little stations set up all throughout the park, where your kids can use these cards to fight evil sorcerers. These cards are given out for free in the Magic Kingdom Fire Hall or the Guest Relations office. When you get the cards, the Cast Member will explain everything you need to know. These cards are excellent souvenirs and you can get a few packs every day that you go. If you look on Ebay, some of these cards even have value and are selling for a few bucks.

Also when you are visiting Magic Kingdom, Of course there comes a time when you want to buy some pop or beverage. My tip is that if you are going to buy a beverage, buy it in the restaurant in Cinderella’s Castle. The Straws they give out in each drink are the large Mickey Mouse Shaped reusable plastic straws. The same straws are being sold throughout all of the Disney parks and Downtown Disney for $4.99. When you buy a drink at the castle, it costs $2.50.

When finding a place to eat, all restaurants have the same menu for kids. It is then best to choose Cosmic Rays to dine in, because at least their kid’s meals are served on glow in the dark souvenir Frisbees.

At every theme park, there a hundreds of Cast Members walking around. Each of these Cast Members have stickers, stamps or candy in their pockets, but they only give them out when asked. Have your child ask each Cast Member if they have any stickers and whatever the Cast Member’s have, they will give to the kids. Each trip, my children will come home with 100’s of free stickers of all the Disney Characters.
When my family goes to Disney, my daughter likes to collect napkins and menus from the many different restaurants. These napkins and menus have all the Disney characters on them and at home she makes collages.
While visiting Hollywood Studios, there are not a lot of free souvenirs.

However, there is a secret for a very affordable souvenir that nobody knows about. Go to Adrian & Edith’s Head to Toe Store. Inside, for $10.00 or less, you can have any Disney shirt, Mickey Ears or any Disney article of clothes you have embroidered with your own name or whatever you want them to put on it. For Mickey ears, they will put my kid’s names on them for about $5.00. After doing this, be prepared, every person in the park will ask where you got it from.

While visiting Epcot, the following places have a lot of free stuff for kids.
In Innovations EAST, your kids can participate in several different activities. After completing each activity, they will then be allowed to keep what ever they were working with. In one area in Innovations EAST, kids learn how to make their own Velcro Frog bracelets. In another area your kids will learn how to make their own plastic Robots. Both are free and easy to complete.
Innovations WEST offers the same type of activities and there are a lot of free hands on demonstrations that you and your child can do. One of my kid’s favorites is to design their own Roller Coaster. Afterwards, they get a printout of the ride they developed and that makes for another nice souvenir.
If you explore three different activities in Innovations, they will give you something to bring into the Road of Tomorrow attraction. When you bring it over, your kids will then be given their own custom made drivers license.

Inside each country’s pavilion, someone in the country is always giving away free things to kids. Just watch whatever demonstration that they are doing for their country and afterwards, they give away Suckers, Maps, Plastic Cups w/ the country embroidered on it. Stickers, blinking lights pins w/the countries name on them and etc. Every country gives something away so finding freebees will not be hard at all.
There are also some crafts for kids in the China, Italy, and Canada pavilions. It varies year to year, but in the past, they have made some very good things to keep, such as masks, a clock and some country patches.
Also go into the KID COTT stations. They make masks and other things for the kids to keep.

Don't forget to take the ONE MANS DREAM quiz in Epcot. Afterwards, you get a very nice souvenir certificate.

There are also free e-postcards with your photo at Mission Space & Image Works. While there you will see a bunch of computers with web cams. Just go to one, fill out your name, take a picture, type in your email address and when you get home, your kids will have another nice souvenir waiting for them.

While visiting Animal Kingdom
Go to Rafiki’s Planet. They have the kids do a scavenger hunt and afterwards they give the kids Discovery Club Activity Guide.

Also in Each Restaurant, if you buy the gift mugs, along with the real ice that they put in your drink, they also put a fake ice cube that glows. Usually, people do not know this and they throw it out, but these cubes make another nice free souvenir.

Don’t forget to Pick up a free map at the entrance of the Animal Kingdom Park and then find one of the six locations for the Kids Discovery Club. At these special locations, youngsters can pick up a Kids Discovery Club Passport. Then visit the six locations and your kids will get to participate in a fun and educational activity. They will also get their passport stamped for completing each activity and if you complete all six, your child will get a special souvenir.

With all of these free souvenirs, your kids may not be begging you so much to buy them things when visiting different gift shops.

Throughout all of the Disney Parks, there are secrets that not a lot of people know about. These secrets will definitely make your trip more fun and enjoyable.

Secrets in Magic Kingdom.

While in the railroad station on Main St. Listen and you will hear a telegraph working. They are just not random clicks, they are a Morse code rendition of Walt Disney’s opening day speech at Disney Land on July 17th 1955.

If you’re in the Military, go to the Town Square guest relations office and ask to participate in the flag ceremony. You and your family will be the main guests at the lowering of the flag ceremony.

If you are a firefighter, bring patches of your fire station. In town square, they have a fire hall and they display every single patch any firefighter brings in. Your patch will then be displayed at Disney forever.

Also in Town Square, go into the Chapeau store. Against the wall you will see an old antique telephone. Pick up the telephone and listen in on the conversation. You can hear a telephone call between a mother and her daughter from 50-years ago. People see this phone, but they never think to touch it. All of these props are for the amusement of the guests.

In Adventure Land, near the loading area of the Jungle Cruise, You will see a spider in a cage, if it is sleeping, ask a Cast Member if your child could wake it up and see what happens.

Also on the Jungle Cruise, listen closely to the native on the left hand side near the end of the ride. He is crouched in the bushes telling everyone “I love disco”.

In the Carousel of progress and the Pirates of the Caribbean you will see the same exact dog in each ride. This dog is Walt Disney’s boyhood dog and since he loved this dog so much, he made sure his dog made it to Disney World.

On the Pirates of the Caribbean, you will pass under a pirate sitting on a bridge with his leg hung over. On a weird note, this is the only pirate with real human hair on the leg.

If you go on the Buzz Light year Ride, this secret will give you all the points you need to beat your kids. When you enter the room with the Orange robot, forgot about all the other targets and just look at his right Eye. For 5 seconds, an X will appear on the Eye and you can blast it as many times as you want before it disappears. Each hit is worth 100,000.

If you go on the Liberty Bell, have your child ask a cast member to blow the horn. As long as nobody else asked, they will let your child toot the horn and if there is availability, a special gift might also be given out.

If you go in the haunted mansion and want to be the first to leave the stretching room, stand under the painting of the lady with the umbrella. This is a good tip for people who bring kids in there. Incase the kids get scared, stand under the painting and be the first out of the room.

If you want to be the last person in the room, stick around as long as you can and the people in the pictures will yell, “GET OUT”.
When going to the Tomorrow Land Speedway, when the line splits, stay to the right. There are more cars on that side and that line is a lot shorter.

In Tomorrow Land, Near the Astro Orbiter, keep a look out for the METROPHONE. This phone is free to use and you can call any country in the world and then talk as long as you want.

When you ride on Peter Pan’s flight, you will fly by Wendy’s bed, look closely to see what the building blocks spell out.

In the Monsters’ Inc Laugh floor, they pick out people to be apart of the show. The people who get chosen are the people who sit behind the lamps, which are on the chair in front of them. The lamps have cameras inside them which help the cast members choose who to record for the show. It’s not a guarantee you will get picked, but knowing this still gives you a better chance. Also when you are in the waiting room, text a joke to the Monsters’ Inc Laugh Floor. The number is displayed and if you are lucky, one of the monsters on stage will say your Childs’ name and repeat the joke. The Imagineer gave me a joke that will always get picked and is approved for the laugh floor. The Joke is; (How do you make a tissue dance? Put a little boagie in it). Your kids will be so happy to hear their name called on stage.

When you are near Cinderella’s Castle, look closely at the one corner of the building and you will see a small thin cable going from the castle to the restaurant across from it. If you sit outside of the restaurant at around noon, you will then see tinker bell flying across the cable from the restaurant into the castle. Also at night, if you are walking near the left side of the castle, listen carefully. You may hear Stitch making noises and grunting. If you do hear Stitch, look up and you will see a Hologram of him climbing the castle wall trying to break in.

There are also telephones, that look like props in Tomorrow land (under Astro Orbiter) and in the Market on Main St. If you pick up the phone, you’ll here funny phone calls. It may be boring for adults, but your children will talk about it forever.
In Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe in Tomorrow land there are talking garbage cans along the left wall in the main area. There noticeable if you look for the chords.

All throughout Disney World, you may notice a lot of garbage cans. Each garbage can is 27 paces away from each other. Walt paid for a behavioral study and the results were that people will not hold onto garbage for no longer than 27 paces, before just throwing the trash on the ground.

Secrets for Epcot

There are thousands of little tips and secrets in Epcot. The only problem is that the park is so huge it is hard to always track down. Here are some secrets in the park that are the easiest to spot.
Look out for the chattering water fountains. You can find them behind Innovations West in between Future World and the World Showcase. Each of these water fountains will talk to you when you use them.
In France, go to the wine tasting counter and behind the basket on the shelf, you will see ratatouille hiding. It’s not meant to be noticeable to everyone, but it is one of those inside tips that are nice to know.
If you are near the Grand Fountain of Nations, look to see what time it is. Every 15 minutes, the fountain puts on a magical computer choreographed display. A lot of people miss it due to poor timing, but if it is close to the 15 minute mark when you are near, you may as well check it out.

If you are going to go on Mission Space, look at the large moon that is near the entrance. On the moon, you will see 29 colored dots. These 29 dots represent all the different moon landing sites used by astronauts and some unmanned spacecraft.

In the African Outpost, there are a lot of Coca Cola crates everywhere. It is ok to look inside and start flipping the lids. People pass this thinking that they are Disney’s and should not be touched; but again, these props are there for our amusement. When you look inside, a lot of different things could happen. Either the boxes will have a pre recorded audio message from a Disney Character saying something, or there is a speaker inside and a Cast Member will be right around the corner saying something directly to you.

If you go on the Maelstrom attraction ride in Norway, sit on the first bench you see after exiting the ride. This bench is a talking bench and the people controlling it will have fun with you.

If you’re passing Mouse Gear, take a drink from the water fountain on the side near the bathroom. There are hidden speakers around the fountain and you can listen to hear what the voices are saying.

Do not forget to go into Disney’s Coke shop. Inside you can sample Coca Cola Products from all over the world. Kids and adults love getting as much free pop as they want.
When you are near Journey into Imagination with Figment, look at the water fountain across from the entrance. People don’t realize it but the water flows upward not down.

Another secret that may be commonly known by now is the architecture from each country. Walt Disney actually went to every country that is in Epcot and paid their top architect to come to Epcot to build their countries buildings and pavilions. Walt Disney wanted each country to be authentic and he paid the price to achieve his goal.

Secrets in Hollywood studios

When entering Muppet Vision, you will see a sign reading “be back in a five, key is under the mat”. Look and see and if the key is still there. If so, give it to a cast member and you will get either special seating for the show, or a little souvenir. This works best if you go to Hollywood Studios early in the morning and make this your first attraction to see. If you go later, someone may have already found the key and the cast members, would not have had the opportunity to put it back yet.

Also at the entrance on the wall you will see a big clock. Look closely and you will see that Gonzo is hanging from it.
When you enter the staging area for the Muppet 3D show, look up and you will notice a net full of Jell-O. This is a nod to Annette Funicello, the most famous Disney Mouseketeer.

When leaving the Muppet vision show, head towards Star Tours. Along the wall you will see planters with flowers in them, but the last planter will have a fake ice cream sundae dish in it instead. Here is the reason why… when Disney land first opened, a guest left a sundae dish in a plant instead of throwing it in the garbage. Walt Disney personally saw this, and then he watched as 12 different cast members walked by the mess and wouldn’t clean it up. All 12 employees were fired immediately for not going out of their way to keep the park clean. Walt Disney then put this fake Ice Cream Sundae Dish in each park on purpose as a symbol of reminding each Cast Member to keep it clean. I have tried to find out where the rest of the ice cream plants are in other parks, but I cannot find.

Near the entrance to the Indiana Jones show, there is a well, with a sign that reads “do not pull the rope”. Pull the rope twice and hear what happens.
Across the street from the Lights Motor Action Stunt Show, you will see an umbrella. Go under and umbrella and pull the button. Everyone sees this umbrella and thinks it is just a decoration, but trust me it is not.

If you want to be picked as an extra for the Indiana Jones Show, I was told by the Imagineer to show up an hour early. I know it stinks to sit there for an hour, but bring some snacks and take a break from all the walking. During this wait, the Cast Members will ask the audience to “go wild” if they want to be an extra for the show. When they look at the people who are “going wild” they always pick the people who were there first.

If you want to experience the queue at the Tower of Terror, but then not go on the ride, ask the cast member and they will allow you to. You will then at least get to hear the stories and see all of the cool stuff in the building.
As you leave the Library in the Tower of Terror, you will see a fuse box. It says “don’t touch”, but it is ok to pull the handles.
If you ever go to the Brown Derby Restaurant, ask to see and read the guestbook.
Here’s a funny tip. In the courtyard of the Mann’s Chinese Theatre, look at the celebrity handprints. You will see that Charlton Heston stupidly misspelled his own name and Disney cannot change it.

In the Honey I shrunk the Kids Playground, look for the big dog. Then put your arm up his nose and you will hear a loud sneeze.
When you are walking at the end of Sunset Blvd, look at the ground at the corner. You will see an imprint which reads, “Mortimer & Co 1928 Contractors”. Nobody knows what this means and they do not even give it a seconds thought. In 1928, instead of Mickey Mouse, his name was suppose to be Mortimer mouse. This was changed, but Walt Disney still put this emblem in the ground to pay homage to his original thought and creation.

If you are going to watch the Beauty and the Beast live show, make sure you look at the ground near the entrance and bring a camera. It is only here where all the Celebrity’s carved their names in the cement along with their handprint. Some comedians even drew funny pictures.

Another funny tip is in the Great movie ride. When entering the Indiana Jones movie, look at the hieroglyphics, they are of R2D2 and C3PO.

In the shop next to Pizza Planet in DHS you’ll see several large wooden packing crates. Try lifting the lids of a few of them. Let the kids do it, they will get a surprise.

Secrets in Animal Kingdom
In animal Kingdom, there are a lot of secrets. Unfortunately, like Epcot, this park is way too big and I have never had the time to explore and confirm them all. Here are some easy things to remember.
If you are at Animal Kingdom and the lines are huge, go into the Rain Forest Café instead. Off to the side, there is a side secret entrance to get into the park with not so many lines.
In Animal Kingdom, if you get an ice cream, get it at Tamu Tamu Refreshments. It’s the only place where their ice cream is served in a souvenir dish.
If you do the Safari, the best time to go on it is in the morning. In the morning, the animals are more active and they are jumping around playing and are very energetic. Towards the afternoon, it is pretty much nap time with all the heat that they have taken in.

When you are walking the pathway between Africa and Asia, look closely at the trees on either side, inside you may see “Miss Devine” a girl on stilts in tree camouflage. The camouflage is so good; nobody ever notices her standing there.
When you are near the conservation area, keep an eye out for “PUSH” the talking trash can. This can interacts with kids and adults.
After riding the Dinosaur ride, as you get out and walk, you will notice three big pipes. They are three colors, red, yellow and white. There is a formula written on them, but nobody knows what it is and they do not pay attention. These are the chemical formulas to make Ketchup, Mustard and Mayonnaise. Just a weird FYI for you.

Throughout Animal Kingdom, have your kids look closely in the bushes or anywhere grassy. Disney unleashed thousands of Geckos and your kids will have fun trying to catch them.

The most important tip is to remember that Animal kingdom is the largest park. If you go there on your 4th or 5th day, you will most likely not be in the mood to walk around. The best tip is to make sure you see this park in the beginning of your vacation when you have the strength and energy.

If you are staying outside the Disney World Resorts, the best tip I can give you for dining is to utilize Restaurant.com Gift Certificates. They are cheap and will save you a lot of money. In the Orlando area, there are several very nice restaurants that accept Restaurants.com, such as restaurants inside the Swan and Dolphin Resorts as well as places in Downtown Disney.
If you are not familiar with restaurant.com, here is how it works;
They give you gift cards for half the price and sometimes even 80% off at different restaurants in the Orlando area. For example, you can buy a $25.00 House of Blues restaurant.com certificate for only $4.00. The only condition is that you need to spend at least $35.00 to use it. So therefore you spend $35.00 and after the Gift Certificate, the final cost of your meal is $10.00.
When we go to Orlando, my family of four goes for 2 weeks and we usually stay in a condo outside of Disney. These Restaurant.com certificates have saved us a ton of money. For example, on our last trip, we bought a $50.00 certificate at Giordano’s Pizza in Orlando, which only cost us $12.00. However, we had to spend $100.00 in order to utilize the $50.00 certificate. So we went to Giordano’s for lunch and ordered our meals that totaled about $40.00. Then we ordered and Extra Pizza, extra chicken fingers, extra pizza logs in order to get our bill up to $100.00 dollars. The Extra pizza we cooked in the condo the next day for dinner and the Chicken Fingers and Pizza Logs all served as excellent snacks while being in the park the next day. So in the end, we spent $50.00 on food one day, but that was enough food to feed our entire family of four for two days.

The next Dining Tip I have is only for the people who are staying inside the resorts and have purchased the dining plan. As you know, your tickets will immediately reflect all of your dining credits. For Example, if you have a family of four, you most likely will have about 30 meal credits and 30 snack credits on your resort cards.

Now here is the tip; if the cashier in the restaurant sees your children, they will immediately give you kid’s meals. Unfortunately, the kid’s meals are skimpy. What you need to do is have one of the parents sit at the table with the kids out of sight. Then have the other parent purchase the meals. By doing this, you will get four adult meals, which come with many extras that the kids meals do not include.

When we stay in the resorts with the dining plan, we will only go to the counter and get 3-meals. One for each of the parents and our two kids split the third adult meal. This is way more than enough food and by doing this; we then get extra meals to use out of your package per day. It definitely comes in handy and saves us from buying snacks or food late at night.

The most common money saving tip for you is to not waist your money buying souvenirs inside the park or the resorts. You can find the exact same stuff for 75% cheaper at discount stores all throughout International Drive or W Irlo Bronson BLVD.
My kids are very picky and during our last trip, they wanted these Mickey and Donald surfing T-Shirts. In the resorts and park gift shops, these shirts were $17.00 each. At Walgreens, the exact same T-Shirts were only $3.50 each. I of course bought them at Walgreens and surprised the kids later on. If they knew they were from Walgreens, they would have found any reason not to like them, but since they assumed I got them from the park, they then loved them.

Also, Depending on the age of your children, another tip is to go to the Dollar store or any cheap store near you and purchase a lot of those big glow sticks and glow necklaces before you go on vacation. At night during the parades in the park, the Disney Cast Members are selling the exact same glow sticks and necklaces for $6.50 each. Rather then hearing our kids beg, we will get the glow sticks at the dollar store before the trip, then inside the parks, we will take them out of our bags and hand them over.

If you pop your balloon, just bring the popped balloon to any cast member, who is selling balloons and they will give you a new one for free. We once found a popped balloon in the parking lot. Brought it in and got a free balloon. The next trip, we brought the same balloon to a cast member and got another new one. Balloons are almost $10.00. It’s nice to know you can keep bringing it in for a new one.
Also at every park, as long as you have a cup or water bottle, each vender will refill with water for free. All the water they use is purified, so it is a lot better then using the drinking fountain.
If you are on the Mono Rail or Disney Bus, get the honorary license for kids. You just have to ask the driver and he will give them to each child.

Unlike other counter service locations, drink refills are free at the Backlot Express Restaurant at Disney's Hollywood Studios. If you have a 10-day pass and are planning on going to Hollywood Studios multiple times, it’s well worth the initial charge as long as you utilize the refills. I admit I use the refills to fill up my kids empty water bottles as well.
In Animal Kingdom, there is a bridge near Kali River Rapids. There are buttons that cause the elephant statues to spray water on the riders in the rafts below
If you're willing to sit through a speech, the Disney Vacation Club offers tours of their condo and hotel room properties. After you complete the 90 min tour, they will then give you either a 15.00 gift card for each adult or a fast pass for the day. We did it three times; twice we got a fast pass, once we got the gift card. They will even let you put your kids in their Disney Day Care Center while the parents our doing the tour.

As for the transportation, you do not need to pay $15.00 a day in order to go to the theme parks. Before going to any of Disney’s Parks, go to Downtown Disney instead. They have Shuttles in front of the Best Western Hotel that will take you to and from any of the parks for free. It is meant for people staying at the Best Western, but don’t worry, they never ask for ID and you will not be the only one doing this.

One of the most important tips is to remember to go to the guest services kiosk ticket counter and get free pins. They have free pins for every occasion. Birthday, Anniversary, family Reunion, First Roller Coaster ETC. These are great souvenirs to have.
We always go to Disney on our anniversary. Instead of us wearing the pins, my son and daughter wear them. The cast members always comment on how adorable they look and we have been given free things as a result. Free Popcorn, Drinks and free Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy treats. Twice on different vacations, as we were walking, a cast member stopped us and then started talking to our kids. They asked them silly questions regarding how long they have been married for and joking around like that. Afterwards, they then asked the kids if we would like a fast pass to ride Space Mountain. Of course we accepted and it was all because of wearing the pins.

As you have probably read about on the web, there are paint brushes hidden on the island. The trick is you have to get there early. The Island opens at 10am so try to be the first in line. When you get on the Island, go into the Mining cave. Look up at the Window sill and there you will find the paint brush. 5-years in a row for us, it has been there, so I am sure it will be there for you to Your reward for finding the brush is a free fast pass for your entire party for either splash mountain or thunder mountain.
Fast Pass Tips
Everyone is always looking for ways to get more fast passes. I have found a few ways that have worked for my family.

If you are a family of four like mine, this way has worked a lot for me. Use two tickets for a fast pass on one ride and the use the other two tickets on a fast pass for a different ride. When you go to enter the ride, tell the Cast Member that your kids didn’t want to go on the ride at first, but now they have changed their mind and begging to go on now with us. Just ask if it is all right to get two fast passes for your kids and they have never turned me and my kids down. If the kids are present, they will always do what they can to make the children happy.

At the end of the night, before leaving the park, put your tickets in a ride for a fast past. Usually if you leave at 11pm, the return on fast- passes is around 12:35AM. The next day, go to the ride and tell the cast member “the kids were sleeping at the return time, is it ok to get new passes for today for the KIDS”. As long as the kids are around the Cast Members have always given us free tickets. I know they say the rules are to not do so, but they have for us. You will never know unless you ask.

Money making Tips

If you are only going to Disney World for 7-days, instead of buying Tickets for 7-days, buy tickets for 10-days. For example, (Current Price) a 7-day Park Hopper in Disney World cost $356.00. A 10-day Park Hopper cost $380.00. The difference in price is only $24.00, but you get an extra 3 days with park hopper. Now here is the tip. All throughout Orlando on International Dr. and W. Irlo Bronson Blvd; there are signs advertising that they buy unused tickets. It is not illegal to sell your tickets to the people who advertise buying them. It is only illegal to sell them to a friend. Now being that you paid $24.00 for the 3 extra days, you can make a lot of money back, because these venders will purchase your 3 remaining days for about $60.00. So if you have a family of four and bought the extra days, you then spent an extra $96.00. After you sell your remaining days, you will then get back $240.00. This is what we do and it is very nice to get cash back after the vacation. To get the best price, when you buy your tickets, keep the receipt. If you show the vender the receipt of when you purchased the tickets and then let him know the day you arrived, they will then pay top price, knowing that the tickets are not counterfeit.

Hidden Mickey’s
Our Hidden Mickey’s Tour begins at the entrance to Magic Kingdom. 


As you pass under the Walt Disney World Railroad and enter Town Square, take a look at the clock atop City Hall to the left.  When the clock strikes 12:00, the base of the clock hands forms a Hidden Mickey.  

Now we're off to the Car Barn, located between City Hall and The Emporium, next to the Harmony Barber Shop.  Take a look inside and, if you're lucky, you'll see horse bridles hanging, each with shiny brass Hidden Mickey’s catching the light.  You'll also find these on the horses of Main Street, U.S.A. 


As you begin to pass down Main Street, U.S.A., take a look at the street lamps on each side of the street.  At the right time of day, the shadows of the streetlamps form a Hidden Mickey.  

Towards the middle of Main Street, U.S.A. and on your left as you walk towards Cinderella Castle, you'll find a small stained glass window high atop The Emporium.  If you study this window carefully, you'll find that the different colors of stained glass form a classic 3-circle hidden Mickey.

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