Hello Mary and Holly!


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Hello Mary and Holly!


I don't mean to be a bother, but my quilt project was excluded from the email newsletter I received with the list of those who will be at the forum with their artwork.  Is it possible to add that info to the webpage version of the newsletter?


Thank you!


Kathie Baumgardner

9-11 Memorial Quilt Project Founder - www.wtcquilt.com
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Dear Mary and Holly,

I got the weekly email about the Information Forum and luncheon. Things look like they're really shaping up well! and it's apparent how much work you're both putting into this.

I would like to ask if Peaceful Tomorrows could somehow be mentioned as being the sponsors of the international guests?? The international gathering is a huge undertaking for us, and we're still working on meeting our budget. Any help you can provide in recognizing Peaceful Tomorrows would be wonderful! I also think it's important that people see 9-11 groups working together on specific issues/topics...like the Voices panels with Monica and Anthony's group.

I've added a 2 sentence blurb about the panel below; and edited Jo's info a bit. What do you think?? Feel free to scrap or edit at will.



What can we learn from the tragedies of others around the world? This international panel brought to the US by Peaceful Tomorrows will share with 9-11 families their global experience of transforming personal tragedy into positive action.


Olga Takaeva, Russia -- A member of the 'Mothers of Beslan', Olga was present during the 2004 Beslan school hostage crisis where armed Chechnyans killed 344 hostages after holding them for three days. As one of the coordinators of the social movement, For the Health of the Nation, Olga is engaged in charitable efforts aimed at assisting the invalids, orphans, and parents lost in the Beslan tragedy.

Joanna Berry, UK -- In 1984 Jo's father was killed when the IRA planted a bomb in a hotel where he was attending a Tory party conference. In a conscious decision to draw meaning from this tragedy. Jo founded the organization 'Building Bridges for Peace'.

Bud Welch, Oklahoma City, OK -- After his daughter Julie's death in the Oklahoma City bombing, Bud became an outspoken opponent of the death penalty. He has addressed the British Parliament and the European Parliament as part of the Amnesty International Journey of Hope in Paris, London and Brussels.

I hope all is going well with your preparations for the Forum on

September 10, 2006.

I'm attaching the completed registration form you sent us. I will also

fax it to you, just to be sure.

We do not yet have the names of the particular facilitators who will be

tabling and conducting the interviews, but we will let you know as soon

as possible.
We are also extending the hours that our New York booths are open, so

you may wish to post the following (or your own version) on your web

STORYCORPS EXTENDED HOURS. To help accommodate all who are interested,

on September 9, 10, and 11, StoryCorps booths in New York City will be

open extended hours. The Lower Manhattan booth, which is near the

Mariott Hotel, will have reservation slots available every hour

beginning at 9:30 am, with the last slot starting at 7:30 pm. The booth

at Grand Central Terminal will also be open and accepting reservations.

To make a reservation at either of these booths, please call Tracy at

646.723.7025 x32. Please visit our web site at www.storycorps.net for

guidance in preparing for your interview and to hear short excerpts of

past recordings. You may also contact Tracy if you have questions or

need additional information about StoryCorps.

Let me know if you need additional information. I'll be in touch to see

how things are going. Best, Jackie 718 757 4919

2006 Sept. 11/Oklahoma City Exchange Concludes in NYC, Sept. 9-12

The 2006 Sept. 11/Oklahoma City Exchange will conclude in New York City, September 9-12. Six members of the Oklahoma City bombing (family members and a survivor) will be in town to offer their friendship and support. WTC United is proud to invite members of our 9/11 community to participate (RSVP instructions noted in program by specific activity).

The exchange program follows:

Sat., 9/9/06, 7 p.m. - Event Kick Off and Welcome Dinner at the WTC Family Center, Long Island. Following dinner, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in peer support groups. Space is limited and reservations are required. To RSVP, call (516) 678-2700 by 9/1/06.

Sun., 9/10/06, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. - The exchange delegation will be participating in the Voices of September 11th Information Forum at the Marriott Financial Hotel. A special panel discussion with the members of the Oklahoma City bombing community will be held during the forum (time to be determined). For more information on the forum, call Voices at (203) 966-3911.

Sun., 9/10/06, 5p.m. to 7 p.m. - Peer Support Dinner at Essex World Café. A mental health professional will lead a discussion on coping with the anniversary. Space is limited and reservations are required. Call WTC United at (732) 292-2910 by Friday, 9/1/06 to RSVP.

Sun., 9/10/06, 7 p.m. - Visit to the Family Room, One Liberty Plaza, 20th floor.

Mon., 9/11/06 - The delegation will attend the September 11th Remembrance Ceremony at the World Trade Center site. Any 9/11 community members who wish to attend the ceremony with the exchange delegation are encouraged to meet us in the lobby of the Marriott Financial Hotel, 85 West Street, at 7:30 a.m.

Mon., 9/11/06 noon to 3 p.m. - The exchange delegation will attend the Voices of September 11th Commemorative Luncheon. For more information on the luncheon, call Voices at (203) 966-3911.

We wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our OKC ambassadors as well as our program collaborators: WTC Family Center and Voices of September 11th.

1. I saw the forum registration and program information on the web site and think it should say something about there being a children's program - perhaps at the top with the announcement section. Here's the basic info I sent to Holly about it for you to consider and use as needed.


Continuing with our past success, once again Voices of September 11th will be having children’s program at the September 10th forum. The program is available our youngest family members – anyone age infant through teenage years. Professional staff will provide different age appropriate activities that include music making, arts and crafts, games, and movies. There will also be a lunch time magic show. Pre-registration is necessary. The program is free, however lunch is required for a cost of $10.




2). I didn't know when the hard newletter was going out and I know we usually wait to post the articles but the article I wrote is about handling -pre-9/11 so something to consider about putting it up (I attached it just so you have it)  - but I also know you guys have an overly full plate....



anything else, let me know - thanks, robin

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