Heluhelu Pu Kakou!

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Heluhelu Pu Kakou!

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Elements of Story Structure Chart





Who was the story was about?

Kekoa the young boy, Kekai the great fisherman


Where and when did the story happen?

During the day at Hapuna Beach


What was the main character trying to do?

Kekoa wanted to become a great fisherman like his father


Why the main character(s) took certain actions.

Kekoa prayed to Kanaloa

Plot or Action:

What happened to the main character and why?

Kekoa was swept into the ocean by a wave


How was the problem solved? How the story ended?

The fish helped Kekoa and floated him to shore


What are the ideas or lessons of the story?

Every good deed deserves a reward

Source: The list of elements is drawn from Baumann and Bergeron (1993), Morrow (1996), and Pressley et al. (1990).

Language Arts – Elements of Story Structure

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