Her Dark Past a ghostfighter’s Destiny


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Her Dark Past

A Ghostfighter’s Destiny

A story by Kitty Coot

*Scene opens in a dark room* Music plays- Dido- "Thankyou" (instrumental intro)

The moonlight cast the wavering shadows of tree branches as the wind whistles outside of the window. The filmy light glows softly upon the face of the humanoid cat, curled into a large, high backed arm chair in the dark corner of the room.

*Kitty Coot's voice begins to narrate, but she isn't speaking in the scene*

"I have fought evil spirits in the past... but there are some things that I can never fight.... or run from..."

*camera closes in on her face as a glinting tear slides down her cheek*

"I can never run from my past.... the past that comes back to haunt me."

*Theme switches to Stained "Its Been A While" and scene fades black.*

1986- A small island off the coast of Australia

In the morning twilight, a square object adorned with feathers floats along a sandy beach. All that is heard is the sound of the tide washing ashore. The object is a witch doctor's mask, possesing benevolent yellow eyes.

*Aku Aku's voice begins narrating*

"The ancients once said that fate is a matter of time... how true...how true. For it was fate that brought me to 'the Chosen One' that very day."

By the serene shoreline, a small basket sits forlornly by the sea, facing the ocean horizon, and barely safe from the incoming tide. Aku squints at the basket in the distance and approaches it slowly. He finds that it is a bassinet, tied with a tattered blue ribbon.
Slowly, he peers over the brim of the basket. Upon doing so, his eyes grow as round as orbs.

"Bless my stars," he whispers. "Can this be??"

*scene fades black*

Her Dark Past- A Ghostfighter's Destiny

*scene fades and shows the beach beneathy a cloudy, morning sky*

Aku is peering in the bassinet and the scene now reveals three tiny, baby animals nestled side-by-side. They are two small bandicoot babies and an Australian mist kitten. A blue ribbon is tied around the boy bandicoot's neck with a note attached. It is scrawled hastily in smudged blue ink and Aku squints and slowly makes out the words-

Dear Spirit of Good and Light,

Please watch after our children, Crash and Coco. Keep them safe from the clutches of Cortex and the Dark Spirit. The kitten child is not ours, we found her abandoned by a river with this braclet tied around her neck with string. Take care of the kitten and keep her safe as well.

Much love and sincerity,

Max and Sierra

Aku gently pushes the soft yellow blanket covering the babies aside, revealing a golden bangle tied to the kitten's neck with dingy, pink yarn. On the inside rim of the braclet, Aku spots letters engraved which read, "Kitaria." The kind spirit gently turns over the bangle and gasps when a large, white stone is revealed. It is set in the center portion of the braclet and glowed brilliantly like that of a crystal ball.

Aku gasps in shock, backing away slightly, his eyes glowing like two flames. He realized instantly what the gem in the braclet was.

"The spirit stone," he gasps. "This is the very stone that the ancients told me of so long ago...I remember the wise old Mirragan Mirragan warned me of the spirit stone. It was after I had imprisoned my evil father and my brother Uka Uka... Mirragan had warned me that one day evil would threaten to destroy the earth once more. It was the ancient Aboriginal prophecy that 'the Chosen One' would appear...and she would carry the spirit stone with her. A great hero would be born and she would be his Ghostfighter."

There is a tiny cry from the bassinet as the boy bandicoot stirs and yawns, partially opening his handsome green eyes. He whimpers upon seeing Aku and cries slightly.

"Shhhh, there there, child. There is no need to cry... I am here to take care of you, Crash."

Little Crash smiles slightly and reaches his tiny hand towards the spirits kind face. Coco and Kitty then awaken and stare in awe at the spirit.

"Ooga Booga!" giggles Crash.

Aku smiled, "Ooga Booga!"

Crash and Kitty both looked about a year old, but Coco looked like a newborn since she was a bit smaller.

Aku gently levetates the bassinet and carries it towards the jungle. Within a small clearing is a tiny native village, lined with grass huts. Aku enters a hut and places the bassinet upon a woven mat.

*camera moves outside of the hut*

Unknown to the native inhabitants of this peaceful village, a shadow lurks in the trees. The sound of babies giggles and Aku's gentle voice drift from the tiny hut.

*camera shows a view of the village from the bushes nearby*

A pair of intense eyes remain hidden in the shadows, observing the tiny hut from the distance. There is a long, breath and a hiss as a voice whispers soft and menacingly...

"The sssstone issss mine...."

*scene fades black*
*scene fades in*

Castle towers loom in the morning fog, appearing like giants upon the cliffside in the distance. There is a rustling noise within the forest as a shadow casts itself upon the ground. It is that of a humanoid cat, grasping a sword in one hand.

Stepping forward, he glances at the horizon, narrowing his intense blue eyes. Clad in dark jeans, a black leather jacket and dark green combat boots...he was dressed for battle... the kind of life he had grown accustomed to. The sword glinted sharpely as the cat clasped the weapon in both hands, taking aim, poised for whatever lurked in the shadows beyond. Many an enemy had he slain with the sword.

He recalled the words Master Cortex had spoken to him before embarking upon this battle.

"Ivan Catt, you are a bold and fearless hunter.... now is the time you must prove yourself worthy of my honor. Go...venture forth into the jungle and track down and kill the two enemies who have so wrongfully betrayed us. You shall not return to the castle until the blood of Maxwell and Sierra Bandicoot is spilt upon the earth."

Ivan breathed deep and moved sleathily into the trees. All was silent...then...the snapping of a small twig and the fluttering of a bird through the canopy broke the silence. Ivan's nerves jumped... he surveyed the woods with his keen eyes. He squinted, then blinked....it seemed as if lately his eyes weren't what they used to be.

"Well...I'm not getting any younger," he thought solemnly. "But no matter....I still have my fighting edge."

Presently, a shadow approached from behind...

"HALT!" Ivan shouted.

Whipping himself around he collided into a female cat. She screamed in shock as she was tossed to the ground.

"Kadina?!" Ivan gasped in shock. "What are you doing out here? You must go home...it is not safe....bounty hunters are stationed all throughout the area."

Ivan helps Kadina to her feet as she stares into his eyes with concern.

Kadina felt as if the world were crumbling around her as she grasped Ivan's hand, tears stinging her eyes.

"Ivan... I had to come here....the...the baby is gone..."

Kadina burst into tears, burying her face in her mate's shoulder. Ivan stood in shock, embracing her... rage built up within his heart.

"It was terrible... they came... two figures in dark cloaks. They broke into the window of the castle and tore her out of my arms. Then...they threw me into a wall..."

Ivan bolted forward, hollering in anger and thrusting his sword into the earth.

"Kitty is gone...our dear little Kitty is gone..." Kadina dropped to her knees sobbing.

"I know who is responsible for this," hissed Ivan between clenched teeth, "Heaven help his soul when I track him down..."

Kadina looked up, her face stained with tears. "Who could have done such a thing?"

Ivan stared into the distance, "Maxwell and Sierra...."
*scene fades black*

Far out over the ocean waters, a small ship sails out towards the horizon. *camera shoots across water, following the ship as it tosses to and fro in the waves.*

There is a scuttling sound as a creature emerges from below deck. He is tall, possessing irredesent green scales and a large dorsal fin, he is a cross between a barraquada and a lizard. Effortlessly scaling the main mast, the creature perches in the crow's nest, sheilding his eyes and surveying the island from afar. He speaks aloud to himself, his voice a deep, hoarse rasp.

"Master Siokyu will not be pleased with us..."

There is a stampeding on footsteps below deck as two more figures emerge on deck. Komodo Joe and Komodo Moe glance upward at the crow's nest.

"What in the name of ssssushi are you sssssaying?" hisses Joe impatiently.

"Anything Garrengatch ssssays can't be of much value," Moe chuckles. Both brothers laugh, hissing and spitting in the process.

Garrengatch leaps down from the mast, growling and making low, gurgling sounds in his throat.

"Shut up you bumbling idots! This is all your fault that we have to make a getaway!"

"He'ssss the one who ruined the entire plan!" snaps Joe, shoving Moe to one side, "he can never do anything right!"

Moe shoves Joe and pokes him in the eyes, and Joe retaliates by picking up a plank of wood and bashing Moe over the head.

"I went to get the rowboat and it wassss your job to bring the kid along!" Joe growls.

Moe slaps him in the face, "Well if you hadn't russshed me sssso much I wouldn't have gotten distracted and left the cat behind!"

"ENOUGH ALREADY you Stooges!" Garrengatch grabs both their heads and knocks them together. "Thanks to your bumbling we are all in deep you-know-what. We must locate the missing "Chosen One." Once we find her we shall think of a way to steal her powers from her body and trap them within the spirit stone forever."

"And onccce we ssssteal her powers...then what do we do with her??" Joe inquires with a hiss.

"We DESTROY her!!" hollers Garrengatch. "And then... we do away with the old man..."

*scene fades out then shows two silouttes running through the misty jungle. The camera zooms in on them, following them as they dodge tree trunks and hanging vines.*

As the sunlight pierces the canopy, the figures of a male and female bandicoot are revealed. The male is dashing after the female, glancing tentatively over his shoulder, his green eyes wide with impending doom. As he ran, his torn, brown pants flap in the wind like bat's wings. The muddy brown shoes he wore clunked heavily as he exerted his weight upon the ground.

The she- bandicoot slowed and glanced behind at her, momentarily losing track of where her mate was. She cried out fearfully, her tattered pink skirt clinging to her knees.


"Sierra! Keep running, don't wait for me!!" Maxwell's voice rang out in the foggy, dense air.

Sierra turned and dashed into the depths of the forest. Her heart was pounding like a drum as she realized she no longer heard Maxwell's shoes crunching along behind her.

Suddenly, a scream rang out...Maxwell's voice.

"NOOOO!" Sierra shouted, blazing back down the trail she had run.

A horrible sight met her eyes.... the sight of Maxwell lying on the ground with his foot clamped in the jaws of a metal trap.


Sierra ran to him and leapt, grabbing the trap in both hands, desperately trying to separate the steel jaws. Maxwell hollers in pain and Sierra backs away, realizing that tugging would only injure him more. Looking at her hands she winced at the sight of her husband's blood covering her hands.

A sharp pain jolted through her back as she collapsed to the ground, a tranquilizer dart lodged in her back.

"Sierra!" gasped Maxwell in pain.

Several figures lept from behind the trees...it was then Maxwell realized that he had fallen into the trap of the bounty hunters. One of them stepped forward...carrying a net. It was Tiny Tiger. Koala Kong, Pinstripe Poterroo, and Dingodile followed.

"Well looky what we have 'ere mytes!" Dingodile snarled.

"We got you now you puny bandicoot!" Tiny tosses the net over Max and Kong prys his foot loose from the trap and slings the struggling bandicoot over his back like a sack of potatoes.

Pinstripe and Dingodile carry Sierra along as they make their way into the forest.

"Why don't we kill them now?" inquires Tiny.

"Cause the boss ordered they be brought back alive..." Pinstripe snapped, "now keep movin' ya lug!"

"I thought he wanted 'em dead?" Dingodile puzzled.

Pinstripe grinned, "he did...but the Animal Rights Commision is on his trail. Afta all, It'll be easier to dispose of da bodies once they is de- evolved. He won't be charged wit murder that way..."

*scene fades black*

Night has descended upon the small, native village. The starry sky blankets the rows of huts in darkness.

*scene now shows the inside of Aku's hut*

In the darkness of the room, the kind spirit sleeps peacefully, hung on the wall, his eyes closed, yet even in his deepest sleep he watches over the tiny basket where the three babies sleep soundly. Crash snores slightly, whistling, but Coco and Kitty are not awakened.

*outside of the hut*

From the dark forest on the outskirts of the village, a shadow sweeps across the land, concealing itself behind a large tree. The figure slowly approaches the tiny hut and gently pushes aside the animal hide covering the window. Cloaked all in black, all that can be seen is two, snake like yellow eyes starring into the hut.

A slight hiss and a rustling of grass is all that is heard as the shadow slinks inside the window and creeps towards the bassinet.

*scene shows the sleeping babies and a shadow approaching them*

Aku's eyes flash open...

"W...w...what is going on?"

Suddenly, a blast of energy is emitted from the figure, smashing Aku, knocking him down from his resting place.

The babies awaken crying as Aku retaliates with a shot of optic ray.

"You are no match for me!" scowls the figure, his voice dark and foreboding.

"Go away and leave us alone!!" shouts Aku, firing a blast of power.

There is a massive collision as Aku screams and is dissolved by a beam of purple light cast from the figure. The babies are crying fearfully as the figure approaches them.

"Yesssss.... at lassssst... the Chosen One!"

A beastly green hand emerges from beneath the cloak and grabs the yarn tied to Kitty's neck. The kitten claws at the figure fearfully as he clasps the power braclet in one hand.

"The ssssspirit ssssstone.."

Severing the yarn effortlessly with his black claws he holds the braclet, then presses the stone against Kitty's forehead as she cries. The kitten begins to glow a bright white as the stone surges with energy, slowly it drains the power from Kitty's body, absorbing all of her energy. There is a burst of light and a thundering sound as the figure holds the braclet towards the sky.

The stone now glows brighter than ever, and white mists swirl from within it as the inside wavers, bending the light like water.

"The sssstone isssss mine!"

The cloaked face stares down at the terrified babies as they cry.

"And all of you shall die..."

There is a clammer of voices approaching from outside the hut as the rapid speech of native tongue is heard and torchlights glow nearby. The figure turns and flees out of the window and into the night.

"OOaglanagah haah, tikkkah tooga!" (A stranger lurks within the witch doctor's home) a native calls.

"Dooga, goobba babba?" (Hear that...the cry of young children?) another whispers.

As the animal hide covering the doorway is pushed aside, the natives find the three babies in the basket.

*scene fades black* Music plays- Course of Nature- 'Caught in the Sun' and music fades.*

*scene now shows the village at dawn*

A native tribesman makes his way over towards the jungle where the mysterious figure had fled from Aku's hut during the night. A weary Aku Aku follows and nodds as the tribesman points to the muddy ground where a pattern of large footprints lay fresh in the soil. The footprints are long, with three long, clawed toes and are spaced far apart.

"If I am not mistaken..." said Aku "those are the footprints of a large lizard...namely the komodo dragon. He possessed great power...I sense that whoever the theif was, he was highly skilled and had a great knowledge of the supernatural."

The tribesman nodded solemnly, and spoke in English, but with a heavy Aboriginal accent.

"Yes...only highly skilled warrior would have such power. Could it be warrior of Uka Uka?"

Aku thought for a moment, "It is possible that Cortex is behind this... we MUST find out. The Spirit Stone has been stolen...and so have the Chosen One's powers. With the Ghostfighting Powers in the wrong hands...horrible things could happen."

Suddenly, from the jungle, two mist cats appeared. The male had his arm around the female's shoulder as he spoke reassuringly to her.

"Don't worry dear... maybe someone here could help us."

Ivan and Kadina approach Aku and the tribesman.

"Have you seen two bandicoots around here by the names of Maxwell and Sierra?" Ivan asks Aku gruffly.

Aku glances at Ivan warily...

"No....may I ask who you are?"

"I'm Ivan Catt and this is my wife Kadina. We are looking for our daughter, Kitaria, who was kidnapped from us and we have reason to believe that they are behind it!!"

Aku's eyes widen...

"Oh...bless your souls...you are very fortunate, your daughter is here..safe within the hut!"

Ivan and Kadina burst into the hut and cry aloud with joy upon seeing their daughter in the bassinet. Kadina rushes over and scoops baby Kitty into her arms, crying tears of joy.

"Oh Ivan!! Thank God we found her...she's safe!!"

Ivan hugs and kisses his tiny daughter as she giggles happily. "Mamma, Daddy!"

Suddenly, Kadina's face becomes worried.

"Kadina, honey, what's the matter?" asked Ivan with concern.

"The...the Power Braclet...it's gone!!"

Ivan turns to Aku, "Where is Kitty's braclet?!"

"I don't quite know how to say this...but...someone has stolen it and....they stole your daughter's powers and trapped them in the stone...."

Ivan and Kadina look hearbroken.

"The ancients told us it was her destiny to be a great fighter someday...without her powers how will she fend off evil...what will become of her?!" Ivan shouted, "without her Power the dark spirits will kill her!!"

*scene fades black* Music Plays- Incubus- 'Defy You' and music fades.

1991- In Sydney Australia...

*scene fades in showing a large city street. Kitty's voice is narrating as two figures are hurrying along the sidewalk in the middle of rush hour traffic.*

"My family moved away from the island and I never remembered anything about Crash or my powers. We went to live in Sydney after my father lost his job with at the Castle. Dad turned against Cortex, realizing how he had been used by him. He refused to kill anymore innocent beings...including Crash's parents."

*The figrues moves along the sidewalk, surrounded mostly by humans.*

Kadina hurries along, grasping her six year old daughter's hand as the cross the busy street filled with traffic and pedestrians.

As they reach the opposite sidewalk, they encounter a flood of people moving along the sidewalk. They glance at Kitty and her mother with slight sneers, brushing past them...to the humans they were only two animals...beneath them.

"Mom!" Kitty calls as a man walks by, knocking her over.

"Hey!" shouts Kadina at the passing man, but he dosn't even acknowledge her.

Helping Kitty to her feet, she takes her hand once more.

"Stay with me, ok honey, mommy has to go deposit some money at the bank."

"Can we go in the candy store?" asks Kitty eagerly.

"If you are a good girl in the bank, we might." replies Kadina as they enter the building.

Kitty sits in a small waiting area as Kadina stands in line. Amidst the crowd of humans, a tall figure enters the door of the bank. He is a dingo with dark, black eyes, dressed in a gray bussiness suit. He stares at Kitty, who is looking at a magazine. Another figure enters, he is a Komodo Dragaon, dressed in a black suit.

"Ssssshe's the one..." the dragon whispers to the Dingo. "Demetry, can I trussst you with this one?"

"Leave it to me," the dingo murmers, staring at the child coldly. "You go distract the mother..."

The Komodo approaches Kadina and purposely bumps into her, causing her to drop her purse.

"Oh, I'm sssssory, Ma'm. Here, let me get that for you..." he grins, bending down to pick up the purse and watching his partner approach Kitty.

"Hello there," Demetry greets Kitty in a friendly tone. "Say, that's a cool magazine...video games. So, do you remember me? I'm a good friend of your mom...."

Kitty pauses, then looks up at the smiling dingo. She squints, trying to recall if she knew him or not, but she soon realizes that she never remembered seeing him before.

"No sir, I'm sorry, but I don't think I remember you." replied Kitty politely.

Demetry stared at her, a grin on his face. He was handsome and friendly, but there was something about him that gave Kitty a very uneasy feeling...perhaps it was the way he just seemed to keep staring...

"Well...that's ok Kitty...allow me to introduce myself. My name is Demetry Dingo, I used to work with your daddy, Ivan."

The dingo extended his hand and Kitty smiled slightly and shook his hand rather timidly.

"Pleased to meet you Mr. Dingo."

"My aren't you a polite young lady," smiled Demetry cunningly, "say...how would you like it if we went to the candy store while we wait for your mom?"

Kitty paused, she always remembered her mom telling her never to go anywhere with strangers. She glances over at Kadina who is bending down, picking up loose change scattered all over the floor.

"Oh, I'm terribly sssssory about that," the Komodo dragon was hissing as he was waving Kadina's purse around in one hand and money was spilling out. Several people turned around to help her pick up the change.

Kitty turned to Demetry...

"I had better ask Mum first..."

"Oh, that's not necessary...it looks like your mom is very busy right now...besides, I already asked her before and she said it would be alright."

Kitty glances tentatively towards Kadina who happens to glance up and smile at her.

"See," coaxed Demetry, " Mom dosn't have a problem with it."

Demetry takes Kitty's hand, glancing at the dragon with a cold stare and a wink as he exits the bank with the child, unnoticed by Kadina.

*scene fades black*

Within a large, clinical laboratory, Dr. Neo Cortex stands at a table, mixing chemicals in a flask and slowly pouring them into a beaker. Dr. Nitrus Brio stands beside him, nervously knitting his fingers together and trembling as he watches the yellow and blue chemicals mix together and form a green, foamy substance.

"There," grins Cortex evilly, "now the syrum is prepared for the next set of victims. As soon as Siokyu-Ryu and Demetry return with little miss 'Chosen One' we can infuse her with the formula and put her through the machine."

Brio pulls out a notepad from his pocket and begins to rapidly jot down notes.

Cortex lifts the beaker, laughing madly as Brio grins proudly.

"I t-t-t-told you the f-f-formula would be a success!" Brio stammers with exitement. "It contains approxamately 1 fourth amino acid, 1 fourth bandicoot RNA, 1 fourth DNA and a quarter of Dark Echo infused with Plutonium."

Cortex grins, his eyes glowing with fervor, "YES! Just think how successful we have been with Tiny, Kong, Pinstripe and now Dingodile!!"

"Yes," said Brio, "but we m-m-m-must be careful...remember what happened with Ripper Roo and those other animals. And the joint evolution of the Komodo Brothers didn't go all that smoothly....and then...there is Maxwell and Sierra..."

"DON'T EVER MENTION THOSE NAMES AGAIN!!!" hollered Cortex, red in the face as he smashes his fist on the table, rattling the beakers and nearbly upsetting them.

"I don't EVER want you to mention those names EVER AGAIN!! Is that understood?!!"

"Y-y-y-y yes Master Cortex," Brio grovled at his Master's feet. F-f-f-forgive me for my blatent insolence."

Cortex grumbled, "Hmmm, yes yes, of course...now prepare the evolvo ray."

*scene fades white*

*scene now fades in on the present time, once again showing Kitty curled into the armchair in the dark room*

*Music plays- Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera- 'Nobody Wants to be Lonely' (instrumental)*

Kitty slowly stands, drying her eyes and strolls forlornly towards the window, gazing out into the darkness of the night.

"It would be years later before I would regain my memory of these events I tell you of. Those final moments after I left with Demetry are still a blur. Perhaps it is because my mind dosn't want to remember what happened. I recall what happened only after I was evolvo-rayed...but sometimes I have visions of things that happened that have been erased from my mind."

The year 2000- On the island location of Cortex Castle

*scene fades, now showing the inside of the laboratory*

Dr. Neo Cortex is sitting in a chair, facing a figure siloutted by the shadows of the dark room. A lamp on the lab table nearby casts light upon the evil doctor's face, revealing his eyes burning with the madness within, his face contorted in a sick grin.

"So how are you feeling now?" inquires Cortex in a low tone, leaning forward in his chair slightly.

The figure across from him remains motionless, then stirs slightly....

"I....I....feel....strange...kind of dizzy..." replied the voice of Kitty.

Cortex leans back in his chair with a slight nod of his head as he opens a folder and shuffles through several papers. He holds one paper under the lamp...

"Mmmmhmmm," he mused. "Yes...I see that the last time you were put through the evolution process was about nine or so years ago..."

"Nine or so years??" Kitty asked in a vague and confused tone.

"Yes," smirked Cortex, "it seems as though it were only yesterday...my how things have changed since then....haven't they my pet??"

Kitty grumbles angrilly, folding her arms and her siloutte turns away as she lowers her head.

"Don't call me that.." she stated flatly. "I'm not your pet."

"No, you are my little minion," smiled Cortex. "Someday, Kitty, you will fulfill my dream of attaining world conquest."

Kitty slumps in her chair, moaning painfully, holding her head.

"I feel sick.." she mumbled foggily. "I have this terrible pain in my head..."

"It's all part of the side effects of the ray, it's quite normal. You should feel up to par within a few days. For now you shall rest...you will need your strength for the job ahead of you."

"What is the job you have for me?" questioned Kitty.

Cortex grinned evilly, rubbing his hands together.

"In the deepest, darkest heart of the jungle lies a hidden temple...for thousands of decades it has lain in darkness and no living soul has ever ventured within it's walls. You, Kitty Coot, are the one whom I have chosen to venture there."

"Why?" asked Kitty, trying to prevent her voice from quavering.

"Within this tomb, known as 'The Temple of Souls,' lies a power source greater than any in the entire cosmos. It is called, 'The Power Stone,' and only our friend the Ulmighty Uka Uka knows of this...with the exception of his medling brother Aku, that is.
Uka Uka agreed to let me know of this if I sold my soul to him, so of course I obliged...provided I knew he was telling the truth after researching the location myself. However, I nor any other living being can unlock the temple....except for you, Kitty."

Kitty's eyes widened as she gazed at him is disbelief.

"Me?! Why only me?? What special power do I have to be able to do such a remarkable thing?"

"Kitty...I have never told you this...but..."

Cortex pauses momentarily, lost in deep thought, then glancing at her.

"But what?!" demands Kitty.

"Oh...never you mind that now...you must go rest...when the time is right I will tell you...I should consult with Uka Uka first."

Cortex presses a button on the lab table to summon in his assistants to help Kitty to the recovery chamber.

"My assistants will be here shortly...you remember what I have told you. Promise me, Kitty, that you won't breathe a word of this to a single soul!"

"This I promise you, Master Cortex." replied Kitty solemnly.

Cortex reaches forward and grabs her hand.

"HAHAHAHAHAAAA!! Excelllent!!"

He grabs a razor blade and stabs Kitty's finger with it.

"Oww!" she cries, shocked, pulling her hand away.

"Why did you do that?!!" she yells.

Cortex flings a paper in front of her on the table.

"I want you to sign this promise in blood!!"

There on the paper is a sloppily scrawled signiture in dried blood.

"That's my own signiture," whispers Cortex, "now you seal this agreement."

"I want to read this contract first!" demands Kitty, grasping her bleeding index finger."

"OH, THE HELL WITH YOU!" shouts Cortex, tearing up the contract and throwing the bits of paper at her. "Get out of here...and if you fall back on our agreement you SHALL PAY!!

The lab assistants enter and Cortex watches with an evil stare as they exist the room with Kitty.

"Destiny is within my own hands." Cortex chuckles under his breath. "The Ghostfighter belongs to me..."

*scene fades black*

Music plays- Debra Gibson- 'Been Down that Road'

*screen fades in *

Kitty is strapped down on a bed in the small room off the side of Cortex's Laboratory. One scientist procedes to snap on surgical gloves and takes a needle and strings it with a suture. The other two assistants stand nearby as the scientist proceeds to disinfect and sew up Kitty's finger without applying any pain killer. Kitty is seen whincing painfully and staring at the ceiling.

*scene fades and changes*

The room is dim with moonlight and everyone throughout the entire castle is silently sleeping....all except Kitty, who is still awake, strapped down uncomfortably on the bed. She struggles and the belt buckles jingle as she strains to squirm free.

"Darn it! Stupid straps!" she hisses under her breath. "They tied me down so I wouldn't go wandering anywhere, I bet! Rotten...no good...ARRRRGGHH!!"

Thrashing about angrilly, the belts slowly loosen little by little and eventually, Kitty is able to struggle out of them. She slides off of the bed and collapses upon the floor, landing on her bandaged finger. Biting her lips to prevent herself from yelling in pain, she gets up and runs to the closed door. Pulling at the handle she realizes it is locked.

"Great....just great..."

Then an idea comes to her, and grinning mischeviously, she unsheaths the claw on her good hand and proceeds to pick the lock. CLACK! It unlocks and the door slowly swings open, revealing the dark laboratory filled with flasks of glowing liquid.

"Whooaaa!" whispers Kitty, her eyes wide in awe. "So this is where Dr. Dufus keeps his little experiments hidden."

In the far corner of the room sits a file cabinet. Kitty approaches it and slowly pulls out a drawer with a soft rumble.

She smiles, "he dosn't even lock his file cabinet."

Paging through the hundreds of manilla folders, Kitty moves her way towards the back, reading each label in sequence.

Evolution Theory, Toxic Chemical induced Mytosis, Genetic Mutations in Animals

Kitty reads through each of them...then...at the very back of the archieves emerged a tab with a yellowed, old label.

1986- Case Study

For some reason, Kitty felt strange inside as she stared at the words printed on the file. Her heart began racing as she lifted the folder with trembling hands. Starring at the cover, she sees that it is labled 'top secret'. Cortex's handwriting is scrawled in the bottom right hand corner reading, "Burn this document."

*Kitty's voice begins narrating*

I then realized that in this folder was the answers...the answers to the mysteries that Cortex kept from the rest of civilization. All of the skeletons in his closet, all of the dark deeds of the past...all here on these pages. I didn't know whether I wanted to know.....but....I had to...."

Kitty slowly opens the folder and within is a thick packet of yellowed papers, all hand typed. At the top of the page read...

Top secret- Confidential

Kitty slowly sits on the floor as her eyes begin to scan across the page with great concern. Browsing through the pages, she suddenly turns one and a bunch of photographs spill out onto her lap.

Music Plays- The Beatles- 'Yesterday'

Kitty shuffles slowly through each photo, she gasps...

One photo shows a family of humanoid bandicoots. One is a strikingly handsome male with a firm build and green eyes. His brownish-orange hair is combed back and he has sideburns. He is wearing a blue collared shirt, brown pants and brown leather shoes. He is standing with his arm around a female bandicoot with shoulder length, wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a pink sundress and a white apron. They are both smiling happily and it back of them is a bright beach filled with blankets and umbrellas.

Another photo shows the female cradling a tiny bundle in her arms. It is a tiny, boy bandicoot, the spitting image of his father.

"Who are they?" wondered Kitty. Probably just more of Cortex's many victims, long since forgotten, she thought sadly.

Then....she came across a photo of a young, cat girl with blue hair and golden- brown fur. Kitty drops the photo...her eyes wide as she suddenly has a flash back..."

*scene is blurred and the voices echo as images fade in and out*

A voice shouts out, "Yessss, the Chossssen One!" There is a flash of light and then Ivan and Kadina are seen standing together, hugging eachother and crying. The image of a tall, evil looking dingo looms before her. Kitty is in a moving car, tied down in the back seat and the Dingo turns to look at her.

"What's the matter Kitty...are you a fraidy cat?? This is only the beggining of what will happen...."

"Say hello to your familly," Cortex laughs. Young Kitty's face is seen screaming as she runs to the bodies of her dead parents, lying on the table in the laboratory.

Then, another image flashes before her, one she has never seen before...it is the face of a demon with glowing yellow eyes, laughing madly. He is a ghost.

*scene blurs*

"Aaaaaaaggh!!" Kitty awakens from her trance, startled...everything begins to come back to her. Suddenly, it all makes sense...it frightens her and she bursts into tears. The walls seemed to be caving in on her and memories of horrible things in the past came back to haunt her.


*scene blacks out*
*Scene flashes, showing the hallway of the castle*

Lights flick on as there is a pounding of footsteps and the clammer of voices.

"Dr. Cortex...someone is in the laboratory!" called Dr. N.Brio fearfully.

Tiny comes running out of a bedroom wearing a pair of bunny pajamas and carrying a teddy bear, whining...

"WAAAHHH! Scary noises wake up Tiny! Tiny think there is monster in there!"

"Shut up you baby!" growls Dingodile grabbing his flamethrower. "I'll roast 'em out o' there!"

Dingodile kicks in the door and Kitty scrambles into the next room as flames shot from the door way. There was no way out of the room, the rest of the minions stormed through the door, followed by Cortex in checkered pajama's.

"There's the lil' imp who made all that racket!" shouted Dingodile, pointing directly at Kitty who is slowly backing away.

"YOU!!" shouted Cortex in disbelief. "HOW DARE YOU!!"

Kitty backed into the wall as all of the evil minions approached her.

"You snuck into the lab and went snooping around didn't you??!!"

Cortex moves through the crowd and stares as Kitty in utter fury. Kitty averted her eyes and stammered, trying to find the words.


"YES!" screamed Kitty at the top of her lungs, I READ EVERYTHING AND I SAW THE PHOTOS OF MY FAMILY!!"

"CURSES ON YOU!!!!" Cortex's voice slashed through her like a bolt of lightning.


Cortex's face suddenly fills with terror...

"No....no...you mean... no...don't say it...."

The other minions backed away slightly, shocked at Cortex's reaction.



Cortex screams as lightning flashes outside the window and thunder shakes the walls of the castle.


The minions attack Kitty, put she leaps over them and spins into them, clawing furiously and fleeing out the doorway.

"AFTER HER!!!!'" bellowed Cortex.

Alarms rang out and red lights began flashing all over the castle. Kitty dashes towards a window, the dark sky and the turbulent sea opening before her. There is an earsplitting crashing sound of broken glass as she feels a terrible dropping sensation. She is free falling, then hits icy coldness...

*scene blacks out*

The scene now fades in as the calm tide washes ashore. The sunlight beams down as a shadow moves across Kitty's closed eyelids.

"Bless my stars!" a voice exclaims.

Wearily, Kitty opens her eyes and hovering before her is a wooden mask.

"EEEEEEKK!!" she shrieks in shock.

Leaping to her feet she runs away into the forest in fear.

"Wait!" shouts Aku after her. His voice fades as Kitty runs further and further away, then collapses to the ground in exhaustion, drenched and her clothes tattered and soaking wet, her fur clinging to her body.

*scene now shows Aku on the beach, looking quite perplexed*

"Oh my...." he floats away towards the house quickly. "It has to be her...it must be...for Mirragan predicted she would return to the island someday."

Aku enters the house and floats into his meditation room, opening a small, carved wooden box where a golden bangle lay, it's stone gleaming. The wise spirit levitates the relic, his face full of pride and joy as he gazes into the stone.

*scene shows his reflection in the stone*

"It is time."

*scene fades white*

Music plays- Mariah Carrey- 'Hero' INSTRUMENTAL-and the scenes from the three Ghostfighter Series show and fade one after another----


Her Dark Past- A Ghostfighter's Destiny

--- Starring---

Kitty Coot

Ivan Catt

Kadina Catt



Demetry Dingo,

Komodo Joe

Komodo Moe

Dr. Neo Cortex

Maxwell Bandicoot

Sierra Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot

Coco Bandicoot

Tiny Tiger


Pinstripe Potteroo

Koala Kong

Dr. Nitrus Brio

Ahrim Ahrim

Aku Aku
------Featuring the special voice talents of----
Jessica Alba as Kitty Coot

David Spade as Crash Bandicoot

Thanks to all fans who have read and supported the Ghostfighter Series...thank you for keeping the spirit of the Ghostfighter Alive.

(All chars are (C) to Kitty Coot. All Crash chars (C) to Naughty Dog. (2002)


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