Hi! I´m Sofia Miguel Cidade Cabeça Barros. I´m 12 years old and my birthday is on 29

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This is me!

Hi! I´m Sofia Miguel Cidade Cabeça Barros. I´m 12 years old and my birthday is on 29th May. I’m tall and slim. I have got big brown eyes. I have got long wavy brown hair. My nose is big. I’m an intelligent, quiet, happy, nice and sincere girl. My favourite colours are red, black and white. My favourite food is pizza.

My favourite sport is basketball and my favourite hobby is playing cards. I play basketball at André de Resende school, but I attend EBI / JI da Malagueira school. I like my school very much. My favourite teacher is Mr. Correia but my favourite subject is French.

I think that friends are essential to life. We can’t live without our friends! So, when a friend betrays me or when I argue with one of them, I become very sad. I love being with my friends, playing cards and basketball.

I have got two brothers. Theirs names are André and Pedro. André is 17 years old and Pedro is 19 years old. They are cool, nice, intelligent and happy. I love my parents! My mother’s name is Maria José and my father’s name is José Antonio. They are excellent parents.

I live in Évora in a little farm but my house is very big. I have got 3 dogs, 3 birds and 1 rabbit. Theirs names are Pitoca, Coca and Minnie. Minnie is very small. My rabbit is called Sisi. The birds are called Simão and Saborosa. The birds are very beautiful, but the dogs and Sisi are very friendly. My favourite city is New York, but I love the Caribbean Islands, too.

I love my family and my friends. I also love my pets and basketball.

My big dream is: GOING TO THE MOON!

Sofia Barros, 7ºB

Hello! My name is Mafalda Oliveira. I’m 12 years old, I’m Portuguese and I live in Évora. My birthday is on 6th September.

I’m tall and I have got brown eyes and brown hair. I’m nice, intelligent and cool.

In my free time I like watching TV or playing computer games, but I don’t like drinking tea or playing football.

I live with my parents. I have got one dog. Its name is “Pituxa”. My favourite colours are black, purple and white. My favourite food is pizza. My hobbies are playing computer games and watching TV. My favourite subject is Physical Education and I hate Geography.

My best friend is Mafalda Silva because we have got many things in common. My favourite singers are Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne and my favourite band is Tokyo Hotel. I love this band!

Mafalda Oliveira, 7ºA

My name is Ana Beatriz but my friends call me “Bia”. I’m 12 years old and I’m from Évora. I have got brown eyes and long straight brown hair. I’m young and beautiful. I have got a small nose and I’m short and slim. I’m happy, nice, good, honest, sincere, intelligent, quiet, friendly and shy.

I have got a fantastic family. My sister’s name is Filipa and my mother’s name is Cristina. My sister studies at the University and my mother is pharmaceutical sales representative. My sister and my mother are young and beautiful. Both of them are tall and slim. I have got three cats, three dogs, two bunnies, one fish, one turtle and two birds. My house is big with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one back yard, two living rooms, one kitchen and one balcony.

Ana Carrapato, 7º B

Hi! My name is Maria, Maria Abramova. I’m 13 years old and my birthday is on the 9th November. I’m Russian, but I live in Portugal with my parents, my sister and my grandmother. I like living here. I have got good friends, but I have got two best friends. Their names are Mafalda Oliveira and Mafalda Silva. They are great!

I like playing computer games, reading, watching TV, writing, drawing, listening to music and doing sport. My favourite sport is basketball, but I like other sports, too. I dislike eating soup, watching football on TV and I detest homework!

I’m an intelligent, good friend and eccentric girl. I have got green eyes, long straight blond hair; I’m tall and a bit fat. My favourite colour is black.

I enjoy going to the cinema with my friends. I love animals, but my favourite ones are cats, tigers, lions and panthers.

And ... in the end I must say that I like playing with my friends and family.

Maria Abramova, 7ºA
Hello! My name is Mariana and I’m 12 years old. I’m from Sintra, in Portugal, but I live in Évora. I have big blue eyes, a small nose and long straight brown hair. I’m also short and a little bit fat. When I’m happy I can be nice and friendly, but when I’m sad I can be bad and unfriendly. I’m also very shy.

I have got one best friend. Her name is Maria and she lives in Sintra. She is funny but very shy. She is very tall and thin.

I love food and I like my friends very much.

And this is all about me.

Mariana Moniz, 7ºB

Hello! My name is Precila Fernandes da Costa. I’m 11 years old and I was born on 1st February 1997 in Évora. My parents are from Guinea but I was born in Portugal, so I’m Portuguese. We live in Évora.

I’m tall and thin. I have got a normal mouth and a normal nose, but my mother says I have got a “potato nose”. I have got brown eyes and short black hair with plaints.

I’m honest, sincere, funny and nothing shy! Oh, and I’m a little bit crazy, too.

I hate having nothing to do and I love reading, writing, watching TV and playing computer games.

Precila Fernandes da Costa, 7ºA
This is my family!

Hi! My name is Catarina Roque and I’m 12 years old.

In my free time I like being with my friends and doing different things with them. I like watching TV or playing computer games with my brother.

My mother’s name is Mariana. She is very nice, sweet and funny. My mother and I are good friends. We talk about everything and it is nice spending some time with her.

My father’s name is Domingos. He is funny and friendly. I like playing with him. He has got one brother (his name is António), a sister-in-law (her name is Clara), a niece and nephew. Their names are Soraia and Guilherme.

My mother’s parents are very funny. They always have a sweet to me and my brother. My father’s parents are very cool. They also have sweets for us.

And this is all about my family.

Catarina Roque, 7º B

Hello! My name is Margarida Espanhol. I’m thirteen years old and I was born in Évora on 20th November 1995. I live in Évora with my family: my mother, Domingas, my father, João, and my brother, José.

My father is a businessman and my mother works in our shop. My father works a lot, at weekends too, but he is always present. My mother also works a lot, but she is always available to help us. My younger brother is a boring boy, but I like him very much. He is a good partner!

My grandfather, José Espanhol, and my grandmother, Bernardete Espanhol, are my father’s parents. They are very cool and have got a big house with lots of history.

My mother’s parents are Maria and António. My grandfather died but my grandmother is alive and she cooks very well.

We have another member in the family, an adopted cousin. He is very sweet and intelligent. He has got blond hair and big blue eyes. He is a very beautiful baby! My uncle says “He will be sportinguista!” and we all say that “He will be benfiquista!” Let’s see!

Margarida Espanhol, 7ºA

My family is very cool! I have got a sister. Her name is Vera. She is 25 years old and I like her very much. My mother’s name is Joana. She is 47 years old. She is very cool and funny. We have got a very strong relationship. My father’s name is João and he is 56 years old. We don’t have a close relationship but I like him very much because he helps me when I need.

I have three aunts and one uncle. My aunts’ names are Ermelinda, Maria and Cesaltina. Cesaltina is very important to me but she doesn’t live in Évora. She lives in Estremoz. My uncle’s name is Joaquim.

I have got one grandmother, but I don’t have a close relationship with her because she is very distant. I have got five cousins. Their names are Rita, Cláudia, Pedro and Helena. Rita is my favourite cousin. She is very cool! My godmother’s name is Elisete. She is also a very distant person. And that’s all about my family!

Ana Sepanas, 7º B

My parents are Paula and Helder. They have got three children: Leonor, Ana and Me. Leonor and Ana are my sisters

Eugénia and Arménio are my mother’s parents. Josefa and João are my father’s parents. They are all my grandparents.

My mother has got two sisters: Marisa and Cláudia. They are my aunts. Marisa’s husband is José and he is my uncle. They have got three children: Beatriz, Mariana and Gonçalo. They are my cousins.

My father has got two brothers. Their names are Rui and Luís and they are my uncles, too. Rui’s wife is Fátima.

I love my family!

Inês Mendes, 7ºA

Hello! My name is Ana Ferreira and I’m 12 years old. I’m tall and thin. I have got brown eyes and my hair is long and dark. I’m nice and a good friend.

In my free time I like watching TV or playing computer games and I love spending my free time with the most important people to me.

My favourite animal is the dog and when I grow up I want to be a vet because I adore animals. My favourite programme on TV is the soap opera “Morangos com Açucar”.

I have got many friends and two older sisters. Their names are Cátia and Marta. They always help me when I need and we do lots of amusing things together. I also have a beautiful niece and I like her very much.

My parents work in the same place but they don’t have the same timetables. I adore my parents and my family! Without them my life would be horrible!

Ana Ferreira, 7º B

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