Hiroshima and nagasaki atomic bombings 70th anniversary peace commemoration ceremony manchester Museum, Oxford Road, the University of Manchester

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Manchester Museum, Oxford Road, the University of Manchester,

M13 9PL, Thursday, 6th August 2015, 6.00pm – 7.30pm

Order of Service
6.00pm Museum artist-in-residence James Brady and artist David Haley will be performing a Japanese haiku poem Gingko time in the entrance to the Living Worlds Gallery.

6.15 pm Assemble in the ‘Living Worlds’ exhibition space by the ‘Peace’ exhibit.

6.20pm Official welcome from Will Spinks, Registrar, Secretary and Chief Operating Officer, University of Manchester.
6.25pm Explanation of event by Sean Morris, Manchester City Council and UK & Ireland Mayors for Peace Secretary.

6.30pm Why are we here today? Reading by Julie Ward MEP.

6.40pm The Hiroshima Annual Peace Declaration 2015 read by Afzal Khan MEP.

6.50pm Laying of memorial wreath by the Lord Mayor of Manchester and two minutes silence for all innocent civilian victims of war and terrorism.

6.52pm Reading of the Hiroshima gingko tree story by the Lord Mayor of Manchester, Councillor Paul Murphy.

6.55pm The Manchester ‘Project G’ art & poetry competition.

7.05pm Readings of Hiroshima poetry from the ‘hibakuska’ (A-bomb survivors).

7.25pm The Manchester City Centre Peace Trail by Catherine Roberts.

7.30pm All read the UN Peace Affirmation, event ends.

This event is organised by Manchester City Council, a Vice President and Lead City of the Mayors for Peace; in association with Manchester University, Hulme Community Garden Centre, local Manchester peace, social justice and faith groups. All are very welcome to attend.
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