Historical Fiction Book Project

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Historical Fiction Book Project

  • You will select a historical fiction book to complete this book project. The chosen book must be at least 100 pages in length, and students will need to have the book to show on the day of the presentation.

  • You will have three weeks to work on this project. This project should be worked on and completed by April 16, 2014.

  • The finished product should reflect hard work and an understanding of the book.

The written portions should be:

  • Well thought out and DETAILED (use specific references from the book)

  • Free of grammatical and spelling errors

  • Typed and glued on neatly, or written in your neatest handwriting

  • Of adequate length (one or two sentences WILL NOT be enough)

    • This is your only copy of the instructions; I will not provide extra copies.

    • For the oral presentation portion of your report, you will have a maximum of 5 minutes to give us an entertaining review of your person. Be creative! Include information from your project, however, you may NOT read directly from the project during the presentation. You may use a few note cards, if needed, for reminders, but you should have your presentation well-rehearsed and memorized.

For this project, you are going to create a number of thinking maps about your story. Remember the goal for each thinking map and how it is used.

Create a tree map for the story elements-characters, setting, problem, and solution

  • Brainstorming-Circle Map

Create a Circle Map describing the events, characters, what you know about your story.

  • Describing-Bubble Map

Create a bubble map describing your main character. Your bubble map should have at least 8 bubbles to describe your person. These must be adjectives.

  • Cause and Effect-Multi-Flow Map

Create a multi-flow map with one main event in the middle. The causes go on the left side of the box and the effects go on the right side of the map. Be thorough in your list of causes and effects.
Choose 1 additional map and relate it to your story:

  • Analogies-Bridge Map

Create a bridge map with analogies; don’t forget to include your relating factor.

  • Part to Whole Relationships-Brace Map

Create a brace map for a part to whole relationship within your story. The words included in your brace map are only nouns.

Choose two things to compare and contrast in your story. You must include at least 4 bubbles for each part.
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Date ____________________
Historical Fiction Book Project

10 points for each
Oral Presentation
Eye Contact/Posture _________

Look at audience, stand straight

Engage Audience _________

Use verbal cues, facial expressions, gestures

Volume and Clarity _________

Speak loudly and clearly

Pacing _________

Not too fast or slow

Expression and Fluency _________

Using clear, thought out words, not um

Well rehearsed _________

Prepared and not read


Written Portions _________

Detailed, specific references, no grammatical/spelling errors

Poster _________

Detailed, neat

Typed or Written Neatly _________

Total (90 points possible) _________

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