History Drama ‘One Stormy Night’

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History Drama

One Stormy Night’

History Learning and Teaching Exemplars

(Student’s Version)

Rationale of the Design

“Seeing the big from the small,

the plane from the dot;

Tracing the past from the present,

the distant from the near.”

To get a glimpse of the Chinese elites in early Hong Kong t

hrough the story of the Guan family;

To shed light on attitude towards revolution and reform

with the spectra of the characters;

To pursue historical heritage

via traces of human interaction nowadays;

To trace long gone historical space and time

from things and events close-by.

NSS History Learning and Teaching Exemplars

Outline of Suggested Activities


Activity Chart




Decoding the plot – main characters


Activity 1

What memorable dialogues are there?


Activity 2

How much do you know about the history?


Activity 3

Did the characters in the drama support the revolution?


Activity 4

What are the contributions of the Guan family in the modernisation of Hong Kong and mainland China?


Activity 5

How did local Chinese elites participate in the modernisation of Hong Kong and mainland China?


Activity 6

What role did Hong Kong play in the 1911 Revolution?


Activity 7

Were there people from Hong Kong among the martyrs of the 1911 Revolution?


Activity 8

In search of the footprints of our martyrs


Activity 9

Decoding a photograph of the Four Desperados


Activity 10

Which is better, revolution or reform?


Appendix 1

Profile Chart


Appendix 2

History: Appendix 3

ap of East Asia – Political Situation


Teacher’s version and student’s version are available in e-version only. They can be downloaded from disc ‘Resources’ or EDB website.
Learning and Teaching Resources – Senior Secondary



Major Events in the mainland of China


Major Events in Hong Kong

First Opium War (First Anglo-Chinese War) broke out in 1840.


25 January, British troops landed on Sheung Wan’s Shui Hang Hao, which was then called the Possession Point.

Treaty of Nanjing was signed.


Britain started to administer Hong Kong Island.

Rise of the Taipings.


Second Opium War (Second Anglo-Chinese War) broke out. Treaty of Beijing was signed.

Beginning of Self-Strengthening Movement


Britain started to administer Kowloon Peninsula.

Tongwenguan was set up in Beijing.


Pastor James Legge founded the Central School。

The Qing Court sent the first batch of boys abroad to study in the USA.


Chow Shouson became one of the first batch of boys to sent abroad to study in the USA.

Tung Wah Hospital was founded.

Sino-French War


Sun Yat-sen joined the Central School。

First Sino-Japanese War broke out.

Xingzhonghui was founded in Honolulu.


Guan Jingliang graduated from the College of Medicine for Chinese.

Outbreak of plague.

Treaty of Shimonoseki was signed.

Canton Uprising failed.

Lu Haodong was killed.


Xingzhonghui, Hong Kong Branch, was founded, with Yang Quyun as its first Chairman.

Next year, Sun Yat-sen was forbidden from carrying out activities in Hong Kong.

Hundred Days Reform and 1898 Coup d’etat.

Scramble for Concessions.


The Second Convention of Beijing was signed.

Sun Yat-sen ordered Rong Xingqiao to participate the revolt of the Army of Self-independence as representative of Xingzhonghui.

1900 Boxers Uprising.

Revolt by the Army of Self-Independence in Hanzhou failed.

Huizhou Uprising failed.


Chen Shaobai became Chief Editor of the anti-Qing newspaper China Daily. The newspaper office was also the place for Xingzhonghui gatherings.

Boxer Protocol was signed.


Yang Quyun was assassinated. He was buried in Hong Kong Cemetery in Happy Valley.

Tongmenghui was set up in Tokyo.


The Qing Court made preparations to draft a constitution.


Guan Jingliang founded the Association of Cutting the Pigtail but Keeping the Costume.

The Kowloon-Canton Railway began operating.

10 October, Wuchang Uprising.

Republic of China was set up.


Information for Better Understanding the Story

Characters in the Drama

Mrs Guan

(1840-1902) Full name: Guan Li Ya Mei; Guan Yuanchang’s wife; age: 61; retired teachers of Ying Wah Girls’ School; Head Nurse at the Alice Ho Mui Ling Nethersole Hospital; court Interpreter.

Husband & Wife

Guan Yuanchang

(1832 – 1912) Age: 69; retired dentist; first registered dentist in Hong Kong; Renowned as the Founder of Dentistry in China; Elder of the London Missionary Society. In 1888, he participated in founding To Tsai Church, the first Chinese self-managed churches in Hong Kong.

A Fang*

Domestic helper of the Guan family.

Guan Jingliang

(1869-1945) the 7th son of Guan Yuanchang; age: 32; registered doctor; fellow student and dorm-mate of Sun Yat-sen; often discussed revolution with “the Four Desperados”.

Rong Xingqiao

(1865-1933) Yueying’s husband; one of the third group of Chinese children sent to USA; member of Xingzhonghui; compradore for a Russian tea company in Hankou.

Husband & wife

Guan Yueying

(1870-1962) Guan Yuanchang’s 8th daughter; age: 31. teacher, midwife, Rongxingqiao’s wife.

Guan Yuexia


Guan Yuanchang’s 10th daughter; age: 27. Church preacher. single.


Zhou Zhaoyue

Member of Chinese Patriotic Mutual Improvement Society and Xingzhonghui

* All characters in the drama, except A Fang, are genuine historical figures.

Activity 1What memorable dialogues are there?
Figure 1.1 shows a few dialogues from the history drama ‘One Stormy Night’. Read the dialogues carefully. Then select 2–3 of them that you consider to be memorable. Write the dialogue codes in Figure 1.2 and give your reasons. Share your selections and thoughts with your classmates.

Think about this: Why are they memorable?

Fill in the dialogue code first. Then think about why they are memorable, and put a ü in the appropriate box (may be more than one box). Write down your own thoughts if you tick “Other reasons”.

Dialogue Code


Easily Understood




Speaks my Thoughts

Other Reasons

Figure 1.2

Activity 2 :

How much do you know about the history?
Tell how the dialogues reflect the history of the time. Study the table below. How much do you know about the historical figures and events that are underlined and bolded? In the table below, write a concise account of the relevant historical event with 20 – 40 words.



Historical conditions at the time

Guan Yuanchang

I didn’t intend to watch it. At the moment Li Hongzhang is in Beijing, negotiating with the representatives of the Eight Power Joint-Expedition Army. Don’t know what’s going to happen. How can I enjoy it? ...

A Fang

That’s true. Those Boxers claimed to be bullet-proof just by worshipping a few statues and reciting a few chants. That’s not going to deceive me! Cixi’s the worst. It’s she who caused the Powers to launch the Joint-Expedition. She’s such an evil!

Guan Yueying

While people believe that the concessions are safe places, they are very dangerous indeed. Since everyone thinks that it’s out of the control of the Qing Court, they would do anything there.

Rong Xingqiao

My respectable in-law, We’ve been trying to reform for a long time! We’ve tried to reform since the Self-Strengthening Movement, and it’s been several decades! What reform have we succeeded?

Guan Yuexia

The Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan was by no means peaceful! He was a fake Christian. All his words belonged to weird magic. But Elder Brother Sun and Elder Brother Yang are true Christians. They don’t just want to overthrow the Qing Court. They even want to end monarchy and set up a republic. That’s so right, so insightful.

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