History of the Allandale Neighborhood Association Compiled by Phyllis Brinkley

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History of the


Neighborhood Association
Compiled by Phyllis Brinkley

The Allandale Neighborhood Association is a non-profit organization (501C4) which serves the area bounded by Anderson Lane, Burnet Road, 45th Street, and MoPac. The Association works to promote and preserve the quality of life, the integrity, the safety, the residential character, and the property values of the neighborhood. The Association monitors zoning proposals, legislative issues, and City Council decisions regarding the streets, park, creek, and other con­cerns of the area. It sponsors candidate forums for the City Council, the school board, and other public offices when appropriate to provide information to the public. However, the Allandale Neighborhood Association never supports any particular individual for public office.

In 1960, Bullard Drive residents organized the Allandale July 4th parade which became an annual tradition and is now sponsored by the Association.
The Association was organized in October 1973 as the 28th and largest neighborhood group in Austin. It may be the neighborhood group with the widest boundaries, encompassing 3,500 homes. Area schools include Gullett Elementary, Highland Park Elementary, Lamar Junior High, and McCallum High School. Churches include St. John's United Methodist, Covenant Presbyterian, Skyview Baptist, Grace Church of The Nazarene, St. Andrew's Presbyterian, Koenig Lane Christian, and Church of Glad Tidings. Austin Memorial Park Cemetery is located within the neigh­borhood boundaries on Hancock Drive.

The Association operates under a set of by-laws and is headed by an Executive Committee composed of eleven active members who are elected at the September General Meeting. This committee sets policy and takes necessary action subject to the approval of the total membership at the next General Meeting. There are two General Meetings per year, in January and September.

Achievements of the Association are outlined below.


Halted the proposed extension of Far West Blvd. through Northwest Park. This effort prevented the neighborhood from being divided by a major roadway.


Worked to control the water runoff from MoPac which resulted in the Shoal Creek Sewer Line Project and persuaded the City to route the line under Shoal Creek Blvd. rather than down the creek bed.


Halted the proposed extension of Great Northern Blvd. to Anderson Lane. This effort prevented traffic from cutting through a residential area and endangering the safety of residents.


Promoted safety within the neighborhood through Neighborhood Watch and Operation Identification. The Neighborhood Watch Program is set up all over the neighborhood for crime protection.


Provided input concerning the location of the Northwest Recreation Center.

Halted the proposed closing of Fire Station #12 at 2109 Hancock Drive because it provides necessary fire protection for the surrounding neighborhood


Negotiated a settlement to stop the removal of homes around the Allandale Baptist Church. The congregation wanted to expand its facilities and ultimately moved to a new location. The church is now called Church of Glad Tidings.


Delayed the widening of Allandale Road/2222 to major arterial status, and Shoal Creek Blvd., 45th Street, and Hancock Drive to minor arterial status.


Achieved a zoning rollback for 99% of all single-family residences within the neighborhood to permanent "SF-2, Single Family Residence." This was the largest rollback in the city and has prevented residences from being rezoned as duplexes, apartments, and commercial establishments.
Coordinated the Allandale portion of the "Hike and Bike Trail" along Shoal Creek Blvd.


Worked with the City to provide flood control on Upper Shoal Creek and the Northwest Park Detention Ponds, and replacement of four bridges over Shoal Creek at a cost of more than $7.1 million.


Allandale neighbors revived the Candy Cane Lane tradition started in the 1960s by residents on Bullard Drive. It grew to include streets bounded by Northland Drive, Great Northern Blvd., Anderson Lane and Shoal Creek Blvd.
Opposed construction of five office buildings, six-stories high, over the detention ponds along MoPac between Anderson Lane and Steck Avenue. Members of the Steering Committee spoke before the City Council and received some compromises on the height of the buildings and the need for filtering runoff. The developer canceled the building plans.

January 1985

Beginning of the planning process for Sector 3 of the City's Comprehensive Plan. Sector 3 encompasses the area bounded by MoPac, U.S. 183, 38th Street, and I-35. The neighborhoods are Allandale, Central NW, Crestview, North Shoal Creek, Rosedale, Wooten School, Highlands, Alta Vista, Tonkawa, and Ridgelea. Dr. Elmer Hixson represents Allandale.

October 1985-1986

Northwest Park detention pond is completed. New bridges built for flood con­trol are at Greenlawn Parkway, and Shoal Creek at 45th. Also Far West deten­tion pond, Upper Shoal Creek detention pond at MoPac and U.S. 183, Upper Shoal Creek channel improvements, Silverway pedestrian bridge, and creek improvements between White Rock and Northwest Park have been completed.

October 1985-1987

Allandale gave input into the City of Austin's and Texas Department of Highway's new bridge at RM 2222 over Shoal Creek. Final approval was granted by the Federal Highway Administration.

November 1, 1985

Started publication of the "Allandale Newsletter".

November 1985

A large Roadway Town Meeting Panel met on November 18th to hear views of the Austin Transportation Study Commission (ATS) presented by the consulting firm of C. R. S. Sirrine. Speakers were Mayor Frank Cooksey, Monica Walden (Sierra Club), Larry Deuser (Save Austin Neighborhoods and Environment), Bill Oakey (member of City's Electric Utility Commission), Jay Frank Powell (Austin Planning Commission), and Dave Dobbs (Texas Association for Public Transportation). This ATS plan included a 3.1 mile freeway through Allandale from Airport Blvd. to MoPac.


Garage Sale was held to raise funds for the Association. Items were contributed by many Allandale residents. Garage sales continue to be held as needed for fund raising.

Tried to move Missouri Pacific Railroad Company's passing track be­tween RM 2222 and Anderson Lane because of noise and air pollution. Resolution passed by City Council addressing these concerns. Track remains.

Opposed the site plan for a three-story office building at 5046 Bull Creek Road. We spoke before the Planning Commission and the City Council, and the site plan was rejected. A new architect was chosen and an at­tractive two-story building was planned for the site, but was never built. First test of Austin's Compatibility Standards.


Opposed the Austin Transportation Study (ATS) Plan, the regional Metropolitan planning body, which includes a freeway along Koenig Lane/Allandale Road. Plans put in effect to file a legal suit against the ATS Plan and the City, County, and State. The lawsuit requested a judi­cial declaration that the February 24th plan is not a "transportation plan" as that term is defined by federal law.



Many Allandale residents attended public hearings on the ATS roadway plan. Started raising funds to oppose Koenig Lane freeway.

February 14, 1986

ATS approved the expansion of Koenig Lane to a freeway.

March 1986

Town Meeting sponsored by Allandale and Koenig Lane Business Association. Featured an open panel discussion with ATS representatives, City department head of transportation, and sponsor members, concerning ATS proposed plan for Koenig Lane freeway and outer loop (a proposed 82-mile loop around Austin).

April 5, 1986

Mayor Frank Cooksey dedicated the rebuilt Northwest Pony Colt Field. Original little league baseball field was built in 1955 on the same site.

April 23, 1986

Allandale votes to become a plaintiff in the ATS federal litigation.

May 17, 1986

Travis County Democratic Convention voted to oppose the Austin Transportation Study Plan to expand Koenig Lane into a freeway.

May 21, 1986

Lawsuit filed before U.S. District Court for Western District of Texas, re­questing a judicial declaration that the ATS February 24, 1986 plan is not a transportation plan as defined by federal law. It requests an injunction against federal funding of transportation projects that are not consistent with the ATS transportation plan that was in effect prior to February 24. Lost this suit on April 23. Appealed in 5th Circuit Court in New Orleans.

September 23, 1986

State District Court lawsuit filed due to lack of notification to make the planning process public. This suit alleges that ATS has been in violation of the Open Meetings Act during the entire public hearing process. Preliminary hearings were held in Judge Harley Clark's court on October 10, 13, 17, and 31.


Discussions of proposed Koenig Lane freeway were held by Allandale with members of the ATS Policy Advisory Committee. Meetings were held with many neighborhoods. Interviews were scheduled with television and radio stations. Sector planners voted against a freeway status for Koenig Lane.
Shoal Creek flood control project: replaced sewer line on Shoal Creek; detention pondings at MoPac & 183, Far West Blvd., Northwest Park, Mopac & Steck; bridge replacements at 45th Street, RM 2222/Northland, Greenlawn, at the Pony Colt field on Shoal Creek; upper Shoal Creek channelization improve­ments, and various other Shoal Creek channelization improvements.
Allandale adopted Lamar Junior High School in the City's Adopt-A-School program. This continues each year if endorsed by the Steering Committee.
Erosion control downstream of "Blue Hole" on Shoal Creek.
Participated in City-sponsored Project Greenscape.
Started recycling in Allandale (early in the City process).
Met with U.S. Corps of Engineers concerning channelization project for Shoal Creek from U.S. Highway 183 to Town Lake and tunneling to Lake Austin.

Lee McGuire, residing at 5900 Shoal Creek Blvd. (453-4185), started a scrapbook of all the Austin American-Statesman articles about Allandale and continues to add to it as of 1994.

April 28 & June 7,


Planning meetings were held with Parks & Recreation Department regarding the children's playscape, landscaping, circulation walkways, and footbridge in Northwest Park which was destroyed in the 1981 flood.

June 1, 1987

Barton-Aschman Study on RM 2222 (widen lanes to 5 lanes, straighten bend in Allandale Road, automated traffic signals, continuous left-hand turn lanes) presented to Urban Transportation. Action taken on June 20, which would cost $7.5 million in TSM improvements. This plan has never been initiated except for automated traffic signals.

July 1987

City Council public hearing to prevent Koenig Lane from becoming a freeway. Approved by the Council.

August 3, 1987

Federal Court appeal: ANA, et al., filed an appeal against the City, County, and State regarding ATS violation of Open Meetings Act.

December 1987

Began participation in Christmas tree recycling and continue this practice each year.


Allandale's RM 2222 Corridor Study was made to supply additional data regarding areas not covered in the Barton-Aschman report. No need for continuous left-hand turn lanes. Need for left-hand turn lanes at intersections, widening of inter­sections at RM 2222 and Shoal Creek Blvd., Arroyo Seco, Woodrow, Grover, Guadalupe, and Avenue F. Reduce driveway cuts along Koenig between Burnet and Lamar (create shared driveways). Sidewalks proposed on south end of Koenig Lane between Burnet and Lamar. Review of fiscal cost related to level of service needs to be correlated. School zones will be 15-20 m.p.h.; 35 m.p.h. elsewhere.
Gave input into Mueller Airport public hearings, the storm drainage concrete channel project near Pegram Drive, a drainage project at Skylark Drive and Great Northern Blvd.
Worked with subcommittee of State Lands Commission to maintain compatible development on state land at 45th Street and Bull Creek Road.

Investigated and prevented the proposed closing of the North Loop Branch Library at 2210 Hancock Drive. Temporary branch opened November 23rd at 2222 North Loop Drive. Permanent branch library leased building had been constructed in 1977 and vacated May 15, 1987. Earlier libraries were located on the east side of Burnet Road from 1956-1964, in the Allandale Shopping Center from 1967-1977, and at 5230 Burnet Road from 1977-September 19, 1987.

January 5, 1988

Northwest Park Master Plan completed. Parks & Recreation decided to help with ordering playground equipment, walkways, drinking fountains, landscaping, and drainage work. Available City funds amount to $51,000. The new footbridge across the creek cost $33,000. Only $18,000 now available. Allandale has to raise $35,000 to complete the playscape area.


Northwest District Park: neighborhood raised $20,000 for sidewalks, playscapes, and the City came up with a $10,000 letter of credit, and provided the rest ($50,000), for a total of $80,000. NWDP is the third most used park in Austin (behind Zilker and Emma Long).

February 3, 1988

Lawsuit (roadway litigation) appeal won in the state appellate court in Austin, declaring the ATS is a "governmental body" and therefore is bound by the Open Meetings Act. This decision reverses the trial court decision that the ATS did not fit into any of the categories the legislature had defined to be "governmental bodies."

March 23, 1988

The court denied the ATS appeal and dismissed Capital Metro's request on the ATS litigation. On April 5, ATS decided to ask the Texas Supreme Court to review the decision of the Court of Appeals. In March, Judge Nowlin dismissed our federal lawsuit.

October 26, 1988

In the Texas Supreme Court, our litigation against ATS was upheld when the court agreed with an appeals court that the transportation commit­tee was subject to the Texas Open Meetings Act. The ATS, in drafting the plan in 1984, 1985, and 1986, failed to post notices of meetings at Secretary of State and Texas Register.


Donated funds for Mayfield Park restoration.

January 17, 1989

ATS pulled Koenig Lane from its transportation plan at the first of the year, and put it back in again.


ANA's proposal for Koenig Lane is to widen it to four 11-foot lanes, with a tree planted median, and left-hand turn lanes. Lights would be synchronized and curb cuts reduced by shared parking.

Donated $500 to Austin Crossroads for roadway lawsuit.

June 21, 1990

Allandale had three booths at the Northwest Recreation Center Carnival to raise funds for neighborhood beautification projects. The Northwest Recreation Center is used for meetings, for elections, and various exhibits, summer camps, and carnivals.

July 4, 1990

30th Anniversary of Allandale's July 4th parade.

August 30, 1990

North Loop Branch Library expanded and renovated at 2210 Hancock Drive; doubled in size to over 6,000 sq. ft.; the largest leased branch in the city (7 year lease). The North Loop Library is #1 in cost effectiveness of branches with number of staff, square footage, and book collection.

November 27-

December 6, 1990

Jury awarded $146,300 to the attorneys, David Frederick, Phil Durst, Dave Richards, and Richard Gray, in the lawsuit against ATS (state, county, and local) for violating the Texas Open Meetings Act. Austin Crossroads re­ceived $7,630. The ATS (state) has not yet paid their third. That is still in court.


Parks & Recreation replaced trees that were killed by the freeze. They completed the sidewalk from the last parking lot past the playscape all the way to the restrooms. The Northwest District Park Fund purchased trees and plants worth $1,000 for the flower beds next to the playscape. Trees were planted by Friends of Northwest Park and others on June 2 and July 28. Four crape myrtles were planted by PARD.
ANA was honored by Lamar Junior High for their services in the Adopt-A-School program.
Participated in City of Austin zoning and permit devel­opment process which streamlined the procedure and weakened the neighborhood response position to proposed projects.
ANA was involved in the City's streamlining process where changes include: (1) neighborhood groups excluded from notice of and the opportunity to appeal staff decisions on site plans which do not require a variance. Only adjacent property owners will be notified and permitted to appeal and appeals are no longer heard by the planning commission; (2) roughly doubles the size of small projects which can be approved without public notice or approval; (3) greatly reduces the number of traffic impact analyses done by staff; (4) permits "fast track" construction to begin before City review of a pro­ject is finished.
Parks & Recreation is working on plans to upgrade landscaping at the Shoal Creek and the Northland Drive bridge. ANA will donate honeysuckle and landscaping materials to be planted between Austin Memorial Park Cemetery and Hancock Drive to provide a fenceline buffer between the cemetery and the street.

Met and planned the neighborhood Koenig Lane proposal with numerous other neigh­borhood associations, Austin Crossroads, and City Council members.

The Urban Transportation Commission adopted a resolution supporting Transportation Systems Management (TSM) recommen­dations for neighborhood to increase east-west traffic capacity.
Donated $500 to North Loop Branch Library for tables and chairs.
Members attending the General Meeting adopted the neighborhood Koenig Lane proposal (4 lanes with tree planted median).

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