Homework from Ms. Tipaldo

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Homework from Ms. Tipaldo

DAILY ASSIGNMENTS - Date Assigned: 10/26/2017 Date Due 10/27/17


Book or Worksheet



Fictional chapter book

For each night, read a fiction book of your choice for a minimum of 20 minutes and log reading time into reading log in HW folder.


HW sheets 3.6

Do all problems. Show work.


Computer paper for plan
Yellow Paper for draft

Heading – School heading 10/27/17

Title: Saturdays and Teacakes

Directions: After listening to the story Saturday and Teacakes. We thought about a story we would like to tell from our own lives that took place on Saturdays on an ongoing basis. Students were supposed to brainstorm a story idea with table members; then plan out the story to be told; and last, begin to draft the story on yellow paper. We began this in school, and it needs to be completed at home.


2-letter blend sounds

Homework Notebook Word List should be glued into notebook
Computer paper for tree map

Phonics/CVCe words/short vowel and 2-letter blends 10/27
TP: I can search and discover CVCe, short vowel and 2-letter blend words that are 4th grade vocabulary words.
Directions: We have covered 1 to 2 syllable words that are short vowel sounding words, CVCe words, and 2-letter blend words. Now research 4th grade level vocabulary words and create a tree map that shows at least 5 new vocabulary words for each word family. Your subtitles should be CVCe; short vowel and 2-letter blend. Three examples of the above are: annotate is a CVCe word; insistent is a short vowel sounding words; and 2-letter blend - skepticism


Math Vocabulary Packet #2 to be given out this week

We will have a second Math vocabulary packet due on November 30th. This is for Math Topic 2 vocabulary.

Commutative Property of Addition; Associative Property of Addition, Identity Property of Addition, Counting On, Compensation, variable, algorithm, inverse operation

Parent Note: Just a few quick notes and FYIs

  • Parents can email me at lotipaldo@gmail.com.

  • www.tipaldo3cs.com is our class website.

  • Reading logs should be placed in HW folders everyday. New logs were issued to students that lost the original one. Please remember that a reading log is part of your portfolio and must be checked by me daily. Finished logs will be placed in student portfolios.

  • Math Topic 2 Vocabulary Packet Due November 30th.

  • Science/Math/Social Studies Project – Maps and Math due Tuesday, October 31. Students received a rubric/checklist.

  • My workshop was canceled today. I was in school.

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