Honors English I double Entry Journal Template Mrs. Evans/Mr. Sparling


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Honors English I Double Entry Journal Template

Mrs. Evans/Mr. Sparling

Please read and follow the directions below to complete the double-entry journal assignment.


The left side of your table must contain at least eight quotations from the reading with page numbers noted. Should you wish to refer to a particularly large selection, you may paraphrase it.

The right side of your table must comment on each of these eight points. Your right side can respond to questions such as:

  • What strikes you about this?

  • What was your first thought when you read this? And then? And then?

  • What does this passage/idea make you think of or remember?

  • Do you want to challenge or qualify this author’s claim? In what ways do you agree with it? Disagree?

  • What else have you read/heard/experienced that connects with this author’s ideas?

  • Does something confuse you or lead to further questions?

  • How do you feel about this?

Using the template below, type out your responses (or print and hand write) and have completed assignment prepared to turn in the first week of school. This assignment is meant to help you analyze the text – similar to textual annotation AND prepare you so that you are able to talk about your selected passages in class; keep track of which passages you wrote about.

When we grade these, we will be looking for detail. The best way to guarantee earning full credit for this assignment is to comment fully on your passages.



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