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1) HOTEL RESERVATIONS (ON YOUR OWN)  $115 Single/$125 Double
(2 night minimum) Call Holiday Inn @ (217) 328-7900 and specify "Beta Sigma  Psi" group. Deadline for Hotel Reservations: OCTOBER 1st
(15 Single rooms and 15 Double rooms available)

2) FOOTBALL TICKETS $30/Person #____ $_________

3) BANQUET TICKETS $30/Person #____ $_________
    TOTAL $__________
Phone___________________________Graduation Year___________
Send Reservation form and check payable to Beta Sigma Psi  to:
Dave Johnson,  2 Barton Ct. ,  Champaign,  IL  61821    (217) 333-8221


NOTE: Paying your dues gives you the right to vote,

hold office and to make Homecoming reservations.

Send this dues form with you check payable to:

Greg Treichler

1804 Rita Avenue

St. Charles, IL 60174

ame :______________________

2004 Dues ($15) $______

Lifetime Member ($150) $______

Chief Illini Print ($15) $_______

Non-profit Organization

U.S. Postage


Permit No. 114

Champaign, IL 61820

Address Service Requested

Alpha Alumni News

Spring 2004

Spring Business Meeting

April 3, 2004
At the chapter house
Inside this Issue!!!

Page 1 President’s Report

Page 2 Officers

Page 3 Active Report

Page 4 Good & Wellfare

Page 5 President’s Continued

Page 6 Fall Minutes

Page 7 Missing Alumni

Page 7 Donation Form


October 29-31


As I sit down to write the first of what I hope to be many newsletter articles as Alumni President of Alpha Chapter, I must begin with much thanks to John Schweizer for his years of extremely hard work toward restoring Alpha Chapter to its glory. I can say without a doubt that Alpha Chapter would not presently exist without the efforts of John. I believe that each and every future Beta Sig owes him a debt of gratitude for his role in the preservation of Alpha Chapter. In saying this, I must also acknowledge the many others who also lent their time and financial assistance. Should I begin listing names, I fear that I would exclude someone, and for that there could be no apology. For this reason, I only say thank you for your efforts. You know who you are, and so do the other Alumni.

I feel that it is appropriate to introduce myself to all of you. Many of you know me, however, some of you may not. I was activated in 1996, and I have been actively involved with Beta Sigma Psi since that time. Why did I accept the position of Alumni President? I can only answer with this…..During my early years at 706 West Ohio Street, I found guidance, assistance, and friendship in the halls of Beta Sigma Psi. I can honestly sa y that I would not have graduated had it not been for my Brothers who guided me through difficult times. I owe much of what has occurred in my life both personally and professionally to Beta Sigma Psi. My closest friends are all Beta Sigs, and when I think back on the good events in my life, Beta Sigma Psi is always present. So to answer the question, I accepted this position because I desire a future for Beta Sigma Psi. I want college men to experience wonderful times that I experienced during my college years and beyond.
A NEW BEGINNING? – You may wonder why I chose these words to serve as a title for my first article in this newsletter. As we emerge from the joy of the holiday season, I know many who use this time to formulate a new beginning for themselves.

(continued on Page 5)

Alumni Chapter Officers

President 2003-2005

Mike Nolte

2720 Winchester Woods Apt. J

Wooster, OH 44691

(330) 264-4550

Vice President 2003-2005

Steve Eggerding

2421 S. 11th Ave

Broadview, IL 60153

(708) 343-5820

Secretary Treasurer 2002-2004

Greg Treichler

1804 Rita Avenue

St. Charles, IL 60174

(630) 762-8575

Alumni Advisor 2002-2004

Tim Norsen

1305 Cambridge Dr

Champaign, IL 61821

(217) 355-4731

Publications Editor 2003-2005

Alan Schweizer

719 N Pleasant Hill Rd

East Peoria, IL 61611

(309) 566-4691

Director 2002-2004

David Johnson

2 Barton Court

Champaign, IL 61821

(217) 352-2477

Director 2003-2004

Dave Ward

P O Box 91

Hennepin, IL 61327

(815) 925-7539
Director 2003-2005

Dale Durfey

6541 Terrace

Downers Grove, IL 60516

(708) 960-3352

Director 2002-2004

John Garlisch

806 S. Grove

Urbana, IL 61801

(217) 344-4152

Past President

John Schweizer

159 N 2540 E Rd

Rankin, IL 60960

(217) 397-2314

Active Chapter Officers
President Jason Braun Active Chapter

Past President James Treichler 706 W. Ohio

1st Vice President Mark Wilson Urbana, IL 61801

2nd Vice President Scott Albers (217) 344-0676

Treasurer Aaron Dubas

Rush Chairmen Brandon Zobrist Beta Sigma Psi National

Andrew Blobaum c/o LCMS Southern Illinois Dist.

Financial Secretary Bryan Petzold 2408 Lebanon Av.

Social Chairmen Tim Slazinik Belleville, IL 62221

Brent Gieseke (618) 235-0014

Active Report
Things are beginning to look up at Alpha Chapter. For the fall, six people were recruited, three of whom are legacies, one from Alpha and two hail from Delta. For the spring semester five new guys will be moving in house. The new pledge class has contributed to the house already. The pledge project this fall consisted of fixing up the chapter room on a sparse budget, but the improvement has been big. With new officer elections for the fall, a few of the new guys have stepped up, and it looks like we have a strong group of officers. For spring recruitment, things are already underway with another Alpha legacy moving in house. Spirits are good, and we look forward to building upon the Alpha tradition.
Jason Braun

President Beta Sigma Psi

Beta Sig E-news

I have started a new thing for the Spring 2004. In the name of saving money for cash strapped Alumni budget I am introducing Beta Sig E-news. You can now receive your Alpha Alumni newsletter through email in the form of a Microsoft Word document. If you are interested in receiving the newsletter this way, please let me know. To date I have 30 people signed up with the possibility of signing up to 450 more. Every newsletter that is sent through email will save the Alumni $1. Please consider receiving the newsletter through email. I can also add you to the Alpha Alumni email list that allows you to receive fraternity news in between newsletters. The information sent to the list is informative but it won’t fill up your inbox either. If you would like to sign up, please send an email to

Don’t forget to sign up for Homecoming today! The fall business meeting and elections will be held at 8 PM on Friday night. Then watch the Illini take on Iowa at Memorial Stadium. A diverse recruitment class will be featured this fall including two new quarterbacks. A couple top 100 recruits have signed on to play for the Illini.

Don’t forget the Spirit Award will be up for grabs. Last year’s winner, Steve Meyer, will be selecting the winner and presenting the award at the banquet. Steve showed great enthusiasm even during a dismal game last year against Minnesota. To be eligible you must sit in the Alumni block and go to the dinner/dance and you must return the following year to pass the award on the following year.

Dave (DJ) Johnson received the Distinguished Alumni award for his years of service to the fraternity. Dave has been organizing the Homecoming events with Brian Bunte for many years, including the Alumni mixer, tailgate, banquet, and football tickets on the 50 yard line last year. If you get the chance please thank DJ for his dedication to the fraternity.

Good and Wellfare

(Pass the gavel)

Brad Davis (F88) was engaged to Margie Marrow. They will be married on July 3, 2004, in Damascus, MD.
Bob Goetting married Sally Gartrell on 12/27/03. All Beta Sigs are invited to an Open House for Bob and Sally on June 19, 2004 from 2-5 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church, 701 E. Florida Ave., Urbana.
Bob & Sally's address is 410 North Main (PO Box 421), Saint Joseph, IL 61873, and their phone is (217) 469-2092, if anyone is in town some time and wants to get together with them.
Honorary Beta Sig (Paul Simon) Passes Away

From Rod Thompson
One may agree or disagree about the former Senator's political views.  Senator Simon was certainly a memorable person in Illinois and national politics.


What may not be widely known amongst Beta Sig circles is that Senator Paul Simon was an honorary Beta Sig.  Paul Simon was initiated as an honorary member of Alpha Chapter during his early years as a politician in the 1960's.  As the story goes, he would commute to Springfield and "crashed overnight" at the fraternity house so many times (free lodging) that the brothers eventually made him an honorary member. 


Paul Simon was a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and the son of a Lutheran Pastor who was involved in missionary ministry.  At the time of his death, he was a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church, 700 S. University Ave., Carbondale, IL.


Per aspera ad astra for an Honorary Beta Sig. 

Officer Elections

Several offices will be up for election again this year. Two director positions and the alumni treasurer position will be up for election. If you would like to be a part of the alumni board please contact Mike Nolte. Contact information is on page 2.

Alumni Rush Chairman
Things are looking up at Beta Sigma Psi. A quality recruitment class was initiated this spring and several new members moved into the house at the semester break. But now is not the time to sit on ours laurels. While the numbers have climbed, we must build upon the success of last falls recruitment class. Most of the in house members are underclassmen and very few will be graduating this spring. This gives us the opportunity to have an even stronger house next fall. Don’t forget to talk to your Pastor or send along names to the active chapter. This year the alumni board will be more involved with the recruitment process. At times we may ask you to help out on a home visit. If you can, please take the time to support the recruitment effort. If you have any names of potential members please send them to This will send an email to the appropriate people.

(Continued from Page 1)

It seems that everyone I know decides to use this time as a new beginning, making New Year’s resolutions that will often times be broken before we have a Super Bowl champion. With these thoughts in mind, I am asking each of you to make a New Year’s resolution. One that will not be broken, one that will never end, one that will fill each of us with pride when we see what we have accomplished. I am issuing a challenge to all Alumni. I challenge you to take one hour each week and donate this to the success of Beta Sigma Psi. I would like to see this of everyone, if you have not participated in several years, begin with one hour, if you are one of the diligent workers that already donate countless hours to Beta Sigma Psi, find one more in your schedule. Many methods exist for this donation, and I will leave it up to each and everyone of you to decide how to use this for the good of Alpha Chapter. All that I ask is that you do something. We must continue to build upon the foundation that has been laid during these past several years.

To keep all of you updated on the status of the Active Chapter, there is a good group of men living in the house most of us once called home at 706 West Ohio Street. Through a successful recruitment campaign, numbers are beginning to increase. However, recruitment is one area that always needs assistance. Each of you can help in this arena by simply making your own Church congregation aware of the presence and mission of Beta Sigma Psi. Financially, we hope to be able to increase our assets with additional income from a strengthening Active Chapter. We have several fundraising campaigns underway to aid in maintaining the financial strength of the Alumni Chapter. Despite the poor showing of the Fighting Illini football team, Homecoming 2003 was again a success. I encourage all of you to persuade Alumni from your time in the house to attend next year’s celebration. I also encourage each of you to make an attempt to attend the spring business meeting of the Alumni Chapter that will be held at the house.
Finally, I encourage you to contact me personally for any and all questions that you may have. While I have recently relocated, my new contact information is inside this newsletter, and I am always available to answer questions or receive feedback. I encourage you to contact me with questions, suggestions, or your willingness to become more involved. I know that I don’t have all the answers, but I am surrounded with a group of willing Alumni that I am very confident can handle any situation. I want nothing more than to write an article one year from now telling of an overflowing house due to our efforts. I know that if we work together, we can achieve this goal.

I would like to close this article by answering the question posed by the title of this article, NO, this is not a new beginning. It is a continuation of the events that have been responsible for keeping Alpha Chapter alive during the past several years, a continuation of the resolve shown by those members who were able to see their dream come to fruition with the re-activation of Alpha Chapter, and it is a continuation of the vision and desire of nine college men and one Pastor whose purposes and ideals will remain in the hearts and minds of us all.

per Aspera, ad Astra

Mike Nolte

Alpha Alumni Chapter of Beta Sigma Psi

Homecoming Meeting

Meeting called to order at 8:10 PM
Dave Ward opened the meeting with prayer

Active Reports

President The focus of the house is Rush

Overall morale is improving in the Active Chapter

Rush Chair The house has 6 Associate Members for the Fall Semester

Looking for help from the Alumni to make follow-up calls from the church mailing

Treasurer There are 11 In-House Member, 20 Total

Hoping to make 1 rent payment in the Fall and 2 in the Spring

Alumni Reports

President Very enthusiastic about the current Active Chapter, but the financial situation is not good
Treasurer See Financial Report
VP The Distinguished Alumni award will be presented to Dave Johnson this year
Homecoming Review of activities during the weekend
House Impr. Looking to implement a new fundraising effort. Possibly “50 for 50” or “80 for 80”
Old Bus. None
New Bus. Steve Eggerding moved that we accept the minutes and Treasurer’s report

Mike Nolte seconded. Motion Passed Unanimously

Kirk Meyer moved that we open officer nominations

The following nominations were made:

-President Mike Nolte

-VP Steve Eggerding

-Publications Alan Schweizer

-Director - Dale Durfey, Steve Meyer, Kirk Meyer, Dave Ward, John Garlish

Steve Meyer moved for a white ballot of the following officer elections:

President Mike Nolte

VP Steve Eggerding

Publications Alan Schweizer

Tim Norsen seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously

Alan Schweizer moved for a white ballot for Dave Ward to finish the year of Mike Nolte’s Directorship created by his election as President

Ralph Folkerts seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously

Elections followed for the remaining Directorships with the following results:

Director Dale Durfey

Director John Garlish
Kirk Meyer moved that we create an “80 for 80” fundraising Committee

Greg Treichler seconded. Motion Passed Unanimously

Good & Welfare The membership present at the meeting recognized John Schweizer for his service as President. Please keep the Bunte family in your prayers. Bill Bunte’s Mother passed away earlier in the week. Please help in locating “lost” Alumni. Alan Schweizer has a new position at Caterpillar. The National Phone-a-thon will be November 16th-20th in St. Louis
Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM

Missing Alumni

If you know the whereabouts of any of the following please contact Alan Schweizer.

Dan Arnold (84)

Matthew Baddeley (82)

Otto Berg (82)

Curtis Bergmann (83)

Kevin Black (80)

Josh Brown (86)

Steve Brown (83)

Jay Bruhl (84)

William Curtis (81)

Brian Ebert (88)

Thomas Esch (81)

Tim Ferro (87)

Bruce Flachsbart (87)

Roger Fliege (86)

Timothy Fournier (84)

Brent Fransen (83)

Timothy Gjerde (82)

Curt Handley (83)

Tim Holtan (86)

Matthem Homann (84)

Ron Hulen (80)

William Klavon (87)

Kurt Koenig (84)

Ken Kroeker (87)

Kevin McMillan (81)

Kevin McReynolds (85)

Erich Mees (84)

Don Metzler (80)

Bryan Miessler (84)

Jim Nelson (82)

Brad Petersen (85)

Ralf Schneider (84)

Jeffrey Soufal (87)

Eric Thompson (88)

Dean Voelker (82)

Jim Watt (83)

David Wiese (88)

Mark Zachgo (83)


Enclosed is my donation to the NEXT 50 of $__________
$1000 contributors will receive dinner/dance and game tickets for 2

$500 contributors will receive choice of tickets for 2

$1000 pledges to the house renovation (4 annual payments of $250)

dinner/dance tickets for 2

City________________ State____
Graduation year____
Send checks to:

Greg Treichler SPGH

1804 Rita Avenue or to: PO Box 2764

St. Charles, IL 60174 Champaign, IL 61825-2764

*Please note: Beta Sigma Psi with your check when sending checks to SPGH.
The NEXT 50 campaign has been very successful to date with over $11,000 contributed by the alumni membership. Additional contributions of $14,000 are needed to reach our campaign goal of $25,000. Your contribution to the campaign insures the immediate future of Beta Sigma Psi as we embark on a new beginning for the active chapter at the University of Illinois.
A special thank you to all who have contributed to date, your giving is certainly appreciated.
Over the next several months the board of directors hopes to unveil the 80 for 80 campaign that will restart the renovation of the chapter house with a few specific projects including the chapter room and front entry.


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