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CMS Release Notes

Sprint 44 Enhancements and Fixes

Effective 10/24/2011


  • Defect Fix- An issue was corrected where the EBT Account Number was not showing on the Member page if the Member page was loaded from the Patient Menu. (Etool #4515)

Billing Files
Billing Files

  • Feature Addition– The passport billing file has been setup. It can be accessed by entering the following location into the address bar, then double-clicking on Process Passport: \\ilfile01\CDPN_LAN\CMS FileProcessor. (Story #3190)

  • Feature Addition– The passport advantage billing file (5010) has been setup. (Story #3192)

  • Feature Addition- The family planning passport billing file (5010) has been setup. (Story #3193)

Growth Chart
Growth Chart

  • Defect Fix- Growth Chart has been modified to plot only birth record and measure date instead of service date. (Story #3117)

State Tables
State Tables

  • Enhancement- A flag has been added to the CPT Code maintenance screen to indicate whether a code is preventive. (Story #3308)



  • Feature Addition- A Program Management Random Sample report has been created. This report will randomly select 5 or 10 patients in the Woman, Infant, and Child statuses for a selected clinic. (Story #3312)

  • Feature Addition- A report has been created that will display a summary of the NRCC results for a clinic and district. This is also known as the 1920 report. (Story #3314)

*** WILL NOT be included in this release.

  • Feature Addition- A Dual Participation Report has been created. This report displays a list of the patients’ information as well as the conflicting clinic. A resolution may be entered by the user after the report has been exported to a csv file. (Story #3315)

  • Enhancement- The Breastfeeding Report has been finished. This report lists the statistics by Clinic, District totals, and State totals. The report statistics include percentage breakdowns of Currently Breastfeeding, Exclusively Breastfeeding, and Percentage Ever Breastfed by Primary Race. This is also known as the 1596 report. (Story #3321)

*** WILL NOT be included in this release.

Story # - A number used by the CDP development team and other staff that is associated with specific CMS sprint development tasks.

Etool # - The issue number that is assigned to an item when it is entered in Elementool, the software used by the KY WIC and CDP Help Desks to record user calls/issues.

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