How can we rent space at an airport?

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How can we rent space at an airport? 


Hawaii's Statewide Airports System is comprised of fifteen airports and  is operated as a single system for management and financial purposes on behalf of the State by the Department of Transportation.  


If you have  specific airport(s)  in mind, please direct your written inquiry detailing what location, space requirements and type of business to the respective Airport Manager with a courtesy copy to the Airports Administrator. 



I have a product and/or service that I think the travelling public can use.  Who shall  I contact?


Please write a letter describing the product and/or service and a brief description about your company to the Airports Administrator.   



I have a product and/or service that I think the airport can use.  Who shall  I contact?


Please write a letter describing the product and/or service and a brief description about your company to the respective Airport Manager with a courtesy copy to the Airports Administrator.

Honolulu International Airport is the major aviation gateway for the State of Hawaii.  It is the primary hub for domestic overseas and interisland flights and is currently one of three State airports accommodating international flights.  Honolulu International also functions as a joint military-civilian airport sharing airfield facilities with Hickam Air Force Base.

The Airport occupies 2,216 acres of land and 2,210 acres of water about three miles west of Downtown Honolulu, and seven miles from Waikiki.  The airfield consists of two parallel east-west runways, two parallel crosswind runways, associated taxiways and navigational aids.  Facilities include a complex of general aviation, air cargo, and airport support facilities at the south Ramp near Ke'ehi Lagoon and the passenger terminal complex at the North Ramp.  A complex of maintenance and air cargo facilities, principally for the interisland airlines, is located west of the terminal complex. 

In ancient times, Oahu was called the 'gathering place'. Voyaging canoes from all other islands would meet on Oahu's shores. Today Oahu is again the 'gathering place' that includes visitors from around the world.  The voyaging concept, therefore, is particularly appropriate as a metaphor for travel in the Honolulu International Airport, the major airport of entry and departure for the Hawaiian Islands.  It provides a link between the travel of the early Hawaiians and the visitor today.

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