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Federal Register Notices


Notice – Revised AmeriCorps*VISTA Concept Paper and AmeriCorps*VISTA Project Application. View PDF


Notice – National Senior Services Corps Project Progress Report. View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – Peer Reviewer Application. View PDF


Notice – Closed Meetings of the Board of Directors. View PDF


Sunshine Act Notice – June Board of Directors Meeting. View PDF


30 Day Public Comment Notice – Volunteer and Service Recipient Survey Components of the Senior Corps Performance Surveys. View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – Next Generation Grant Application Instructions. View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – Voucher and Payment Request Form. View PDF


30 Day Public Comment Notice – Project Director and Station Supervisor Survey Components of the Senior Corps Performance Surveys. View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – Parent Corps Evaluation. View PDF


Notice – Emergency OMB request Performance Measurement in AmeriCorps and Learn & Serve America Performance Reporting System. View PDF


Notice – Final Rule – Retired and Senior Service Program - Amendments. View PDF


Notice – Final Rule – Senior Companion Program - Amendments. View PDF


Notice – Final Rule – Foster Grandparent Program - Amendments. View PDF


Notice – Final Rule – Reinstatement of 45 CFR 1206. View PDF


Notice – Spirit of Service Awards. View PDF


Notice – Revision of the Schedules of Income in the FGP and SCP Programs. View PDF


Notice – Inviting Preliminary Informal Public Input In Advance of Rulemaking. View PDF


30 Day Public Comment Notice – Renewal of Corporation Enrollment and Exit Form. View PDF


30 Day Public Comment Notice – Accomplishment Surveys of NSSC Programs. View PDF


Sunshine Act Notice – President’s Council for Service and Civic Participation meeting. View PDF


Emergency request for OMB approval – Peer Reviewer Application. View PDF


30 Day Public Comment Notice – Presidential Freedon Scholarship Application. View PDF


30 Day Public Comment Notice – Learn and Serve America Grantee Performance Report. View PDF


Final Rule – Change to 45 CFR Parts 2531 and 2533 (Innovative and Demonstration Programs on National Service Fellowships). View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – Financial Management Survey Form. View PDF


45 Day Public Comment Notice – Amendments to the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. View PDF


45 Day Public Comment Notice – Amendments to the Senior Companion Program. View PDF


45 Day Public Comment Notice – Amendments to the Foster GrandParent Program. View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – AmeriCorps Alumni Profile Card. View PDF


Notice – Availability of 2004 AmeriCorps Application Guidelines and Technical Assistance Calls. View PDF


30 Day Public Comment Notice – President’s Volunteer Service Awards, parts A, B, C, D and E. View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – Performance Measurement in AmeriCorps. View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – Parent Corps Evaluation. View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – Program Reporting and Performance Measurement Form. View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – Performance Surveys of Senior Corps Programs. View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – Renewal of the AmeriCorps*NCCC Team Leader Application. View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – Reinstatement with change of NSSC Project Progress Report View PDF


Comment Request – Renewal of Two Currently Approved Information Collections; Correction View PDF


Common Rule Notice – Governmentwide Debarment and Suspension (Nonprocurement) and Governmentwide Requirement for Drug-Free Workplace (Grants) (45 CFR Parts 2542 and 2545). View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – Renewal of two information collection activities: National Service Enrollment Form and the National Service End of Term/Exit Form. View PDF


30 Day Public Comment Notice – Renewal of a currently approved information collection AmeriCorps*NCCC Service Project Application. View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – President's Volunteer Service Awards, parts A, B, C, D, and E. View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – Reinstatement with change of previously approved collection for which approval has expired - Accomplishments Surveys of National Senior Service Corps Programs. View PDF


Notice – Submission for OMB Emergency Review re: NSSC Project Progress Report View PDF


60 Day Public Comment Notice – re: Learn and Serve America Progress Report View PDF

Index of Federal Register Notices published by the Corporation 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003 regarding NOFAs, grant proposals, Board of Directors meetings.

Archives of past notices are available at the GPO Web site.

AirTran has also announced a major fare sale as well. Fare Sale

Domestic summer and fall sale fares on AirTran from $44 ow

Last Minute Vacations from $199 R/T

JetBlue announces LaGuardia flights, new Florida routes from $69 O/W

Fare Tool: Compare fares at several major travel sites at once

More Travel Deals:

Benchmark your fares at

*Please note travel specials do not include government taxes + fees


America West via orbits: 

$126 per person


View seats  


Tuesday, Jul 20

America West 858

1 stop



Washington, DC (IAD)

Economy | 4hr 48min
Airbus A319



Las Vegas, NV (LAS)


Change planes. Time between flights: 1hr 6min

America West 374



Las Vegas, NV (LAS)

Economy | 1hr 24min
Airbus A320



Oakland, CA (OAK)

This is an overnight trip.

Total duration: 7hr 18min

same as below

Wash (IAKD ?) to OAK on flight United Airlines 1549    2 stops 9hr 37 mins



Washington, DC (IAD)

Economy | 5hr 5min
Airbus A32S



Las Vegas, NV (LAS)

America West 372 



Las Vegas, NV (LAS)

Economy | 1hr 29min
Boeing 737



Oakland, CA (OAK)


Tue, 20 Jul 04
  Flight 315


6:45 am


Washington, DC/Dulles (IAD)

9:20 am


Oakland, CA (OAK)

Hawaii fall sale fares from Hawaiian as low as $248 R/T*

--- Last updated: 06/30/04 at 12:47 pm ET    The reference number for your question is '040712-000115'.

You should receive a response by e-mail from our support department within 30 days. to

Hawaiian has lowered its prices on its fall Hawaii sale. Prices now start at $248 round-trip from the West Coast, and departures are valid from August 23 through September 30. October, November, and December departures are also available at different prices.

Hawaii is a good year-round destination, and Hawaiian is offering sale fares for both the fall and winter, so you can plan your vacation early. The sale fares are the lowest available on every route we checked, offering savings of more than $200 on some routes. Before you book, shop around to ensure you get the lowest fare on your route, however.

See below for a list of sample round-trip fares to Hawaii, not including additional taxes and fees:

  • $248 from Los Angeles to Honolulu

  • $348 from Las Vegas to Honolulu

  • $348 from Phoenix to Honolulu

  • $348 from San Francisco to Honolulu

On Aloha Airlines from Oakland to HNL 364 RT

Booking Buddy:

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Children's Bureau has

released Child Maltreatment 2002, the 13th annual report of national

statistics regarding child abuse and neglect.  Included are findings at

the national and State levels on victims of maltreatment, perpetrators,

CPS workforce workload, and preventive and post-investigation services.

Print copies are available by calling the National Clearinghouse on Child

Abuse and Neglect Information at (800) 394-3366.


PDF <>


<>Developing and Sustaining Prevention Programs in Tough Times

Child abuse prevention programs are exploring a variety of strategies to

garner community support and ensure long-term sustainability. A new

section of the Prevention Initiative website, "Developing and Sustaining

Child Abuse Prevention Programs in Tough Times," offers resources on

collaboration, marketing, Federal and private funding sources, evaluation,

and conducting cost analysis of prevention programs.  Links to National,

State, and local examples of successful efforts in each of these areas are

also included.

National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information

Phone: (800) 394-3366



<>National Organizations With Information on Child Abuse and Neglect

This resource listing provides descriptions and contact information for

select national organizations that are concerned with child maltreatment.


PDF <>

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Nice day for a green wedding -- how to marry your sweetheart and love the planet -- in Earthly Possessions


The Volunteer Centre North Lanarkshire is the first volunteer

organization in Scotland to offer PC Passport, the newest

national computing qualification, to unemployed volunteers.

From: Volunteer Centre North Lanarkshire



UK’s Home Secretary David Blunkett recently launched a "Community

Newswire" to help volunteer and community groups publicize their

activities to the regional press.

From: The Guardian


A study shows that the US State of Utah leads the country in the

number of volunteer hours, with nearly twice the national

average. A research conducted by the Points of Light Foundation

and the Indiana University reveals that the state also ranked at

the top with the most number of adult volunteers.

From: KSL TV



Volunteering a few hours of your time, lending a hand and

improving the plight of starving people in the developing world,

may seem like a good idea. But in between picking the kids up

from school, impressing your new boss and slotting in a session

or two at the gym, the truth is that you just don’t have time.

From: Volunteer Development Scotland


By Thomas W. McKee

How can a group of volunteers, with no money, power or influence

change laws in California, USA? It's no mean feat. This article

illustrates how a volunteer group, the California Association of

Safety Education (CASE), succeeded through the power of focus and


From: Volunteer Power




By Abigail Trafford

The article cautions the volunteering sector as it anticipates a

deluge of "baby boomer" or retiree volunteers. In her commentary

on the paper on Baby Boomers and Civic Engagement by the Harvard

School of Public Health, Trafford believes that "the potential is

huge" but argues that looking at this generation's dismal civic

engagement, volunteer-involving organizations have to change the

way they work to get baby boomers involved. (Free registration


From: Washington Post



Volunteering drives development and upward mobility

Need help in organizing national volunteer initiatives? Learn

from Jaime Ulloa's story, a social entrepreneur from Peru who

built the country’s first extensive system for volunteering, the

Asociación Trabajo Voluntario or Volunteer Work Association.


Baby boomers and civic engagement

According to this study (PDF, 800 KB) by the Harvard School of

Public Health, the oldest of the baby boomers will turn 65 in

seven years, with an average life expectancy of 83. As some of

the demands of mid-life recede, boomers have the potential to

become a tremendous social resource by actively participating in

the life of their communities.

Effective finance practices of volunteer organizations in Canada

A database of case studies on best practices in financing and

resourcing conducted in six regions in Canada by the Volunteer

Sector Working Group on Financing. The studies present the

creative ways in which volunteer-involving organizations raise,

access and utilize funds.



A paper written by members of UK's voluntary sector to help non-

profit organizations achieve their targets by providing tools in

creating more effective performance and marketing strategies

(PDF, 1 MB) .


Volunteer management mistakes to avoid

A simple guide for volunteer coordinators on how to avoid the

pitfalls of engaging volunteers and non-profit organizations,

specifically when tasked to create web sites.


European Commission proposal for youth volunteer activities

The Commission proposes to develop, facilitate, promote and

recognize volunteer activities at all levels, to enhance active

citizenship and solidarity of young people. The proposal was

adopted on 30 April 2004. Available in English, French, Spanish

and other languages.



Draft concept paper for US volunteer management capacity study

The Corporation for National and Community Service, The UPS

Foundation and the USA Freedom Corps are inviting US-based

volunteer-involving organizations to review and comment on a

draft concept paper on volunteer management (PDF, 75KB).


Open Source as a model for volunteer engagement

Volunteers are now motivated more by altruism and egoism than

collectivism and principlism, according to a study done in 2003.

But Mary Merrill argues in her article, Being a Gatekeeper, that

collectivism is not completely dead. The Open Source structure,

which displayed collectivism in action, could inspire volunteer

recruiters and managers on how to engage new generation of

creative and innovative people.



Free volunteer administration software

A software for volunteer recruitment, scheduling and reporting,

the NFP toolkit, is available for free to North American non-

profit organizations for a limited time, on a first come, first

served basis. The licence fee (US $2,000) is waived until 30 July

2004 but an annual maintenance fee will be charged.



London, United Kingdom


The Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (N-TEN) is co-hosting

a Circuit Riders conference in London, with the theme "A New

Approach to Voluntary Sector ICT Support and Development". The

conference will address issues faced by Circuit Riders and other

ICT staff working in small to medium-sized voluntary


From: Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (N-TEN)




Developing and Managing Volunteer Programs


This is a library of resources related to development and

management of volunteer programmes. You will find resources about

a wide variety of topics, arranged in the order in which they

might be needed in an organization that is starting a volunteer

management programme.

This collection of resources is part of the Free Management

Library (<>), designed, developed

and maintained primarily as a volunteer effort by Carter McNamara

of Authenticity Consulting

(<>) with assistance from

the Management Assistance Program (MAP) for Nonprofits,

(<>) in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.


The designations employed and the presentation of material in


newsletter and the web portal do not imply


expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the

Secretariat of the

United Nations, UNDP or UN Volunteers programme concerning the

legal status

of any country, territory, city or area or its authorities, or


the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.
Continental and regional groupings of nations are based on the


Nations Statistics Division's classification, available here:

Put into FAVS When should you toss out that old fridge? -- astute advice on all things environmental -- in Ask Umbra

ARCHIVE , THEN Delete from Yahoo mail, if there

Peppler, Brian

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Friday, July 16, 2004 8:41 AM

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"Sophina Aryvz"

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RE: Who is your Inspector General






If you have any other questions let me know. 


-----Original Message-----

From: Sophina Aryvz []
Sent: Thursday, July 15, 2004 6:43 PM
To: WebMaster
Cc: Sophina Aryvz
Subject: Who is your Inspector General


Please respond to


Dear CNS/AmeriCorps:


Do you have an Inspector General as Peace Corps presently has?

If not, who is filling this job description, please provide that contact information.

Thank you for your reply.

New Phoenix routes on JetBlue from $99 O/W
Domestic summer and fall sale on American from $68 R/T
Last minute vacations from $199

Western U.S. sale fares on America West from $113 R/T

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