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The Pad Lock

Alot of files on lock picking say that it is not possible to pick a lock in less than a minute. Well it is if you apply this method. I have a demonstration lock that I use to show people how to pick and I can usually do it in under 15 seconds. I find the smaller locks are easier to pick than bigger ones. It is possible and just requires a little practice.


The standard padlock is simply made of a square metal body, with a armature over the top and a hole for a key in the bottom.


This takes only a few days to master. Firtsly you can't really pick these lock if you don't have some knowledge on how they work. All that is required to know is that when you put in the key it moves a number of small pins, or 'sliding doors', into a specific position and thats what enables the lock to open. The first of these can be seen if you look into the key hole. So it stands to reason that all you need to do is move these pins into the required position. This can be done by taken a piece of hacksaw blade that will fit into the key hole, not too small. Place it into the lock with the flat edge aginst the pins and push it up, wiggling it, and turning at the same time. It may take a while at first but once you've mastered it, it can be done extremely quickly. I have also found that this works on some car doors. The best that I've found so far are the Silver mini 25th aniversary special edition, and the Vauxhall caviliers and orions. It also works on lockers and the like. For these lock, I tend to use the fishing net weaver thing on a penknife. Its the piece of metal on the back that looks like an outstrectched diamond shape with a hole in the end.


If ever there was a time in this country to make yourself scarce, this must certainly be it. Consider:

(1) we are on the brinks of both an economic catastrophe that makes the Great Depression look like a Sunday picnic and a world war that's going to pale all of our previous wars. (2) Japan, and other foreign countries, are buying up America at such a frenzy - even our National Park concessions and our great institutions -that the prospect of America being turned into one huge post-World War II POW camp is indeed a reality. (3) Credit bureaus have taken snooping to new levels to violate personal privacy and to oppress the people. (4) To make up for all of the money ripped-off by the politicians and their big-shot friends, governments, through their tax collection entities, are becoming increasingly oppressive and dictatorial while taxes soar beyond even what would have been tolerated just a few years ago. (5) Efforts to register and confiscate firearms have reached such a fever pitch that our Founding Fathers must be turning over in their graves. For example, California recently made it a felony not to register an "assault-rifle" - a state that been under continuous Republican domination since Reagan was Governor. In the UK rifles must be declared and liscenced, pistols are banned. Does the government have something so sinister planned that they do not want their very own citezens to have the means to defend themselves? (6) Our basic industries are only a shadow of what they were in the 1950s and 1960s, particularly in the processing of metals. And our system of transportation is shot. The railroads and airlines are dilapidated and failing at ever- increasing rates. Without a massive repair effort in which there is no money for, our interstate highway system will last another decade at most. (7) Virtually every type of financial institution is being ripped-off enmasse by insider fraud and has either collapsed or is on the verge of collapse: S&Ls. banks, credit unions, retirement funds, insurance companies, Wall Street. (8) Politicians have always been corrupt. But in the last decade, this corruption has reached a new level. You know as well as I do that Bush and the government is being paid off by the Japanese, Germans, and Arab Sheiks. None of his four sons are going to die in the desert. Thank you, but they are all doing very well financially, especially Neal. When you got guys like John Glenn selling himself to the highest bidder, you've got to know that there is no peaceful prospect that the system an ever be corrected. (9) We are only a few years from a new millennium. You can bet the old millennium won't end without the rivers running red with blood.

The Soultion

Need I say more? Clearly if you try to live your life like you are a member of the Leave it to Beaver family, you are bound to be screwed bad, and your chances of survival are nill. You'll be taxed to death, your loved ones will be shipped off as cannon fodder, you'll probably lose your job or at least get your retirement and benefits stolen from you, and what little property you have will also be ripped off.

The only solution is to join the underground economy, to travel as light as you can, and to make yourself as scarce as possible. In the final analysis, if they can't find you they can't harm you. We provide much good advice in this direction in our "BY AN ORDER OF THE MAGNITUDE" book. Other excellent sources are available from Loompanics Unlimited, Paladin Press, etc. Of course, virtually any living you make thru the underground economy -even if it's selling rosary beads - is strictly illegal, but that's a judgement you'll have to make.

Many people who own a lot of property and who are well known by a lot of people make some-to-all of their income thru the underground economy. Thus, they are still vulnerable to attack. They still can't fart without an entry being made at a credit bureau. In fact, in some respects, they are in greater danger than people who make identifiable livings, because eventually the tax entities will ferret out the discrepancy between their lifestyles and their identifiable sources of income, and react accordingly.

To be truly safe, you must not only make all or virtually all of your living thru the underground economy, BUT also make yourself as unidentifiable as possible. You can do the later using a combination of means:

(1) Obtain and use alternate identifications. This is discussed fully in many alternate ID manuals, including EDEN PRESS "THE PAPER TRIP", and CONSUMERTRONICS "SECRET & ALTERNATE IDS" and "BY AN ORDER OF THE MAGNITUDE". (2) Travel and live incognito (this information is provided for educational purposes only):

Travel And Live Incongnito

There is a subtle distinction between using an alternate ID and living incognito. "Incognito" means, "To live under a disguise or with your identity concealed," whereas to use an alternate ID means to make yourself known under a different name . The implication is that the incognito person wants as few people as possible to know his name - real or false - or to recognize his appearance. In other words to stay low - even physically hidden. The alternate ID person may have a very high profile, and may do nothing to alter his physical appearance.

I've been told that it is almost impossible these days to live incognito in the United States. I always respond that, 'Then how is it that Los Angeles has about a million more people than anybody knows who they are?' If I were to guess, at l east 10% of the adults living in the United States today are doing so totally incognito, and that at least another 20% purposely maintain a very low profile as a partial form of living incognito. Ironically, we are one country in which a serial killer can go around and kill hundreds of people and no one will have even the faintest idea who he is, but if he bounces a $2 check, that will stay in his credit bureau files for seven years and plague him every aspect of his life!

There are several methods of living incognito, but whatever method you use, pay for things with cash as much as possible, and live with as few possessions as possible.

(1) Travel constantly by whatever means you can devise. (2) Live in an isolated part of the country. For example, Appalacia, the northern most Western states (excluding coastal Washington and Oregon), and the deserts of the Southwest. (3) Live in Mexico and Canada. Or in another country. (4) Live as a near-homeless person and-or as a slightly crazy person. (5) Live in safe houses. (6) Live in hiding places.

Constant Travel:

Many people today who don't want to become identified stay on the road constantly. This not only makes you scarce but can also help you considerably function in the underground economy as a courier or transporter of contraband. it is also an ideal way to live if your type of living will quickly bring attention to you if you start to hang around too long. However, to survive this way, you have to be very physically fit - capable of fighting or fleeing as required - mentally sharp. And very street-wise, as you will be dealing with many strangers, many of whom are predators. You should be able to assume regional accents and understand regional customs, and have an excellent understanding of geography, topography, and meteorology, as well as of the various transportation systems you will encounter. Means of transportation should vary as required and range from thumbing it to flying first class. The fewer times that someone sees your face or hears your name, the less the risk. Biking and walking long distances are a plus. You should know how to drive just about every kind of vehicle, as short stints in a stolen vehicle may result as opportunities arise. Generally, except near the Mexican border, buses are safer than commercial planes - you get far less scrutiny. Near the Mexican Border can be a problem because Immigration officials frequently board and inspect buses. Private planes are the safest per mile traveled.

Live In Isolation:

Remote and isolated parts of this country exist all over. You an even find them relatively near very large cities. However, some parts of our country - Appalacia, the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest have the most such places. Some advantages of living like this:

(a) Your exposure to government and commercial snoops is minimal. (b) It's usually not cost-effective for the government to send someone out to get you unless the wrongdoing is very serious. © If someone does try to make the moves on you, you an usually spot them coming some distance away and will have time to prepare yourself for concealment, flight, or fight. And if you end up having to kill them in self-defense, there will be fewer witnesses and more places to get rid of the evidence.

There are major disadvantages to living in a remote area:

(a) Many people can't tolerate the isolation and boredom. (b) Living conditions are usually primitive. © The chances of dying from a medical emergency are higher.

Live In A Foreign Country:

In many ways, this is the ultimate means of escape. If you are out of reach of our government, they can't mess with you, and won't even try unless you are an international terrorist. There are still nice retirement areas in Mexico and Canada . However, the Mexican situation is getting very much out of hand, and I would tend to steer clear of it. Wherever you live, you will be under the jurisdiction of that country - that sometimes can be worse than living here. However, once you've become established, and you've greased the right palms and made the right friendships, living abroad can of ten become much more safe and secure than living in a typical American city. A great method here is to contact seasoned travelers club members, and say something like, "Well Mildred and I are in the process of planning our retirement. We want a change of scenery. If you were going to retire today to a foreign country , where would you go and why?" If their advice looks good, you might then ask them for the names and addresses of contacts in their suggested area.

Near-Homeless/Crazy Person:

This is probably an ideally safe way to go if you've made a decent score and you need to go underground. Or if you are living on retirement, interest or investment income. Buy a wardrobe at the Salvation Army. Rent a cheap furnished apartment with all utilities supplied. Stash your cash in a bank across town. Rent a mail box in one of those mail drops. Draw on savings as you need it. The only time you need to reveal your identity is when you make a bank transaction, and unless you are receiving checks to your name in the mail, even then it an be done so totally under an alternate ID. Your landlord need never know who you really are. Just be punctual at paying him. You can even avoid contact yourself when you must make those personal contacts with your bank, post office, etc. Simply hire a wino to do those things for you while you remain concealed outside. He doesn't even have to handle any of your cash . Whatever cash you need, you can withdraw from your bank's ATM. If you decide to spend much time on the streets, it helps to appear to be a bit crazy. Not crazy enough to get the police involved, but crazy enough so that people will go out of their way to avoid you. That way, you may be noticed but you will never be recognized as someone actually wanted by anybody.

Live in Safe Houses:

During antebellum days, escaping slaves from the South frequently availed themselves of the "underground railroad" and "safe houses" to escape to the North (even Canada) and to live in freedom. More recently, thousands of draft dodgers and deserters spent the Vietnam war hiding out in safe houses. Today, foreign refugees seeking safety from brutal governments there and economic opportunity here, as well as abused women and children, routinely make use of safe houses to stay hidden. In every war-torn society, whether your talking about World War II Europe or Kuwait after Iraq's Invasion, a reliable safe house an spell the difference between life and death, and people spend years in them. A "safe house" is a home or other building whose occupants are close friends or relatives, or who are sympathetic to your plight, allow you to live with them without becoming known as a member of the house. Especially for women and children, this is the safest way of going. But remember, a safe house is only as safe as its occupants are reliable for keeping secrets. Safe houses an be operated alone or in a network. In the network situation, you stay a short time at one safe house, then move on to another and so forth. That way, you have more freedoms and are less likely to suffer from cabin fever, but by the time your neighbors begin to get overly curious about you, you're gone. Networking is most frequently done with relatives and churches. Safe houses can take other forms. A common form is that of the "shack job." Here you live with someone usually about your age, usually for romantic reasons, while not being married to them. The house, car, etc. are all in their names. You just occupy their home. Shack jobs are so common these days, that almost no one except old biddies will even remark about them. It is an excellent way to hide out while still maintaining a relatively normal life. Another form of safe house is the live-in or domestic servant. This works particularly well in richer neighborhoods and around the Mexican border, where almost anyone with a middle class or above lifestyle has at least one domestic. There are many incapacitated men and women who live alone or semi-alone who would give almost anything to have someone around. Perhaps to nurse them. Or perhaps as just company and a form of security. And if you have some special skills - handy with tools, great at gardening, a super good cook - you can almost write your own ticket. To get on with someone, just refer to the Personals in your newspaper or write your own ad. When the person interviews you and shows some interest in you, you might say something like, "You know, I've given you my true name. When I used to live in LA, there was this person constantly bothering me for money. Just to be sure that he doesn't find me here to bother me again, it is important to me to live with as low of a profile as possible."

Live in Hiding Places:

This is more akin to the horror movie about the mutant twin that lives in the attic then living a "normal" life. Many homes have attics and-or basements that can be easily adapted to hiding a person or people. And other places in a home an be modified to at least temporarily conceal a person. If the home has a crawl space, a trap door can be made so that a person can quickly slide underneath the building for a short period. Another excellent method is to wall over a closet, and then to build-in some secret means of entry. For example, many homes with hallways have hall closets. However it's not unusual to not find a hall closet in a hallway. If you have a hall closet, pull off the door and door frame. Then construct framing and wallboard over it to match with the hall's wall construction. Then paint/panel/paper the entire hall so that all evidence of the hall closet disappears without a trace. An entry to the hall closet can be made from the attic, basement, outside or from the room on the other side. The ideal method is if there is a sink and cabinet on the other side of the hall closet. Install a sliding door at the back of the s ink cabinet that will take you to the hall closet. Sprinkle around a lot of dead roaches, some white powder that looks like it's deadly poison and a few rusty mousetraps. Then slap in an old mop bucket or basket filled with bleach, drain cleaner and other foul containers to conceal the back of the cabinet and to discourage further inspection. Just below the top of the cabinet, you might run a 1/4-inch copper water line into the closet and put a little faucet on it so that the occupant won't get thirsty. Add a stool, a spare bulb, some reading material, some ready-to-eat food, and possibly a floor drain to handle wastes and a person can stay concealed for days if he has to. The floor of the closet might also open up to an escape tunnel to the outside, particularly to the perimeter of the property. For example, it might open up at a hedgerow, beneath a garbage can platform, etc. An escape tunnel is difficult to implement but often well worth the effort for these reasons:

(1) If someone attempts to burn you out of the house, you can slip into the escape tunnel for safety, and then later at night exit the tunnel and escape. (2) If your home is taken from you (ex: the banking big- shots steal it from you), you can return to ive in it, even if other4 people later occupy it.


This file is meant to instruct how to order merchandise for free. Otherwise known as the art of carding. The method of carding is invaluble to the assassin as it is a means of acquire the necessary equipment needed for precise operations.

Step 1: Getting Credit Card (CC) Information

Getting CCS is not the easiest thing in the world to do, however, it can be down with some patience. How you want to go about getting them is totally up to you.

Choice A: Trashing

Always been meticulous about your appearance? Don't like to get dirty? Then the primary method of getting credit card information is not going to appeal to you. The best way to get the carbons is by rooting though the dumpster of a store. This process is refereed to as trashing. When a customer buys something at a store or restaurant (with a credit card of course), several carbons are made. The store puts these into their files, and throws them away a week or so later. The best place to trash depends on the time of year in which you are looking for carbons. For instance, during the Christmas season: toy stores. During major temperature changes: clothing stores, etc. Basically go wherever there is the largest buying attraction during that period of time. Whenever there is no major buying attraction, try independent clothing stores or department stores.

Tips for Trashing:

1. Go on the first day of the month. (In alot of stores this is the 'clear the files day.")

2. Go to the mall. That way if one trash can is empty, you have a hundred or so more.

3. Stay away from food stores. Putting your hand into last weeks friend chicken is too high a price for a lousy credit card.

4. For convenience, look for florists, video stores, and the like. Video stores especially, since every transaction they make involves a credit card. Florists because the worst thing in their dumpsters is usually sweet smelling flowers. Other places to hit are: Travel Agencies, Hallmarks, Record Shops, places which don't have much other garbage. Shoes stores never have a lot of other garage. Also try stores like FIM or Hardware stores. Usually you can find their carbons with little ease, and often times find other goodies in the dumpsters. If you goto insurance places or car dealerships this can land you computer printouts with TRW and CBI information and account numbers on it, which are very valuable to an experienced hacker. Look out for half- carbons. They are carbon paper that have perforated edges down them so they can easily be ripped in half and discarded. What most places do is to throw one side into one can, and the other side in another. So take both bags and put them together at night.

5. The best time to trash is at night.

It would be very handy to have a small, compact flashlight that you can use to go though the dumpster instead of feeling around etc. If you see someone keep low in the trash. I have found myself in trashcans many times, and when I get caught in there I go "Uhh, have you seen my baseball?" They'll usually take you for stupid. Or act like a bum...that will work.


I suggest that you were some really grubby, old, etc. clothing when you go trashing, because you never know what some of these stores are gonna throw away. If you are kind of squeamish, wear rubber gloves and those pant covers that framers- use. I am not sure what they are called, but there're made of rubber and will keep the nasties away from you when you go trashing

Choice B: Phone Scamming

Trashing not for you eh?? Well, don't worry there are more ways to skin a cat (and to obtain a CC number.

Number 1: Visa Security

Call someone up and say: "Hello, this is Visa security and we have a report that your card was stolen."

They will deny it and you will try to get it out of them from that point on. You could say. "It wasn't stolen? Well, what is the expiration date and maybe we can fix the problem. "OK and what is the number your card? Thank you very much and have a nice day." Or something to that degree.

Number 2: Stupid Housewives

This is so easy. You go though someone's garbage (or recycling bin) and look for bank info and stuff like that. Anything that will have the name of their bank on it. The next day stake off school or work: whatever and give the house a call. Make sure you get a house where the man goes to work and the wife stays home and cooks and cleans: Like a real woman (very sexist, eh?) Call up and do this:

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